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  1. Not sure where you are Ryan, I am in the GTA. My work is only a bit over a hour drive from Niagara Falls, NY so I "normally" would have stuff shipped there and drive down and pick it up. With no cross border travel for the foreseeable future, shipping directly to Canada should ONLY be done via USPS/Can Post! Shipping may take a bit longer than UPS, FedX, etc... but CanPost will not rape you with brokerage fees like UPS, FedX will. I agree with MC, sourcing caps for your Type Es is easily done via Canadian vendors such as Solen, Parts Conexxion. But if you need new ATs, Bob is probably the way to go.
  2. Up here in Canada, everybody lives in an Igloo and knows everybody, even if one lives in PEI and one lives in Victoria. Another tongue in cheek, huge wink 😜. I was just kidding Ryan on his name that made me think of a Canadian cult classic TV show, called, "The Trailer Park Boys" Mr, Jim Lahey was a very memorable character in the series.
  3. Hey ryan, are you from Down East... and is it Jim and you changed the spelling from Lahey to Lahay so no one would recognize your name? Huge wink 😜 Love me some Trailer Park Boys!!! As I suggested in your other thread... Crites 😎
  4. The way I see it, Bob is one of the three or so go2 guys around here for crossover help. He is also probably the one that stays closest to the OEM Klipsch formula. The other two gurus are Dean and ALK, who try to extract more out of their networks. Bob's Xovers are Klipsch designs, just updated with modest caps that are new and not old and tired like the 20, 30 , 40 year old worn out ones that came from the factory.
  5. Ya, and a couple or so years ago when I built my 4Pi speakers, I think I paid about $200 each, plus shipping for 3 used ones from sales baron on FeaBay. So, this is a very good price on these primo JBLs!!!
  6. I am not sure about Crite ATs matching exactly what is in your Xover, maybe shoot Bob a call and ask. Allow me 😇 to spend some more of your money Ryan. If you are going to the time and expense to refinish the outsides, I would suggest redoing the crossovers by either: Buying 2 new autotransformers, and Bob's repair kit. Model 3636 $38.00 each. REBUILD KIT FOR THE KLIPSCH TYPE E CROSSOVERS: $48.00 pair. Or, for the more expensive and lazier route: New pair of TYPE E CROSSOVERS: $191.00 pair.
  7. PS: In case you did not go to Joe's web site yet, here is a link to his helpful page for Tips, Tricks, and More. https://www.joewoodworker.com/veneering/frequently-asked-questions.htm
  8. As per Bob Crites website for his risers: Dimensions of these risers. 14 inches wide, 12.25 inches deep, 2.5 inches tall at the front, .75 inches tall at the back.
  9. Hey ryan, If you want to cut off the front edges to turn your H1s into a "Designer" look, I would suggest using a router with a Flush Cut bit. https://www.amazon.com/Freud-Bearing-Flush-Shank-42-114/dp/B0000225YC/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=router+bit+trimming&qid=1592479123&sr=8-4 If you look closely at the 1st pic in my post with my cabinets in the raw birch construction stage you will see my panels are all over size in one direction. this is on purpose so that I can then flush cut with router to get a perfect corner. After routing a bit of sanding with an orbital sander and you are ready for the veneer. Same technique with the veneer, cut your veneer pieces slightly oversize and trim them after you iron on the veneer. I trim with an Olfa cutter for the veneer as the router can be a little heavy handed. https://www.amazon.com/OLFA-1072198-Fiberglass-Heavy-Duty-Utility/dp/B000GIO2TG/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=olfa+cutter&qid=1592479980&sr=8-6
  10. I would suggest sanding all the sides down and filling all the bad spots with a good plastic wood, then order 1 gallon of this: https://www.veneersupplies.com/products/Better-Bond-Heat-Lock-Veneer-Glue.html and, one of these: https://www.veneersupplies.com/products/Veneer-Glue-Roller.html And a 4 x8 sheet of paperback veneer of your choice, birch if that is what you like. https://www.oakwoodveneer.com/birch-veneer-white-flat-cut.html Then pick your poison as for the finish you want. On my Heresy3s, I did not refurbish the cabinets, I built new cabinets from scratch and then veneered with Flatcut Walnut. I used Rubio Monocoat oil plus 2c, Pure (which has no colour tint) to finish mine.
  11. I am using Bob's, CW1526C 15 inch Cast Frame Woofers. There is no complaints by me for bass performance with the FH-1/CW1526C combonation. I "think" bass is a bit better with the Peaveys vs my La Scalas, but the LSs are up in the garage getting a make over so they are not currently available for a side by side comparo.
  12. About 4 years or so ago I got it, first in my left foot and then in both, I feel your pain! I never went to the doctor either, just the internet doctor... Dr. Google. 🤓 I did a lot of what bpphoto and other have suggested, but it still took the better part of a year to go away. The only footwear I could walk in for months was Birkinstock sandles, I eventually got a pair of Birkinstock inserts for my softball turf shoes. The best thing I did was change my daily footwear exclusively to Asics, Nimbus. If you can get away with a running shoe for work, your feet will thank you!
  13. HPower


    As per "Ballroom Blitz" Ready Steve... "Are you ready Steve? ...Andy? ...Mick? ...Alright fellas, let's gooooo!"
  14. What I did when I did my Jub build was, I bought 2 of Bob Crites's brackets and then built a little platform to go under the bracket. Also built a little trough to hold the bottom of the front of the lens. https://critesspeakers.com/crites-speaker-style-c.html The brackets are $24 for the pair.
  15. PS: I was getting frustrated keeping my eyes peeled for the right amp, so I followed the suggestion of a buddy to put a "Wanted ad" in Canuck Audio Mart. Much to my surprise in the first 2 days I got 3 responses! The one I bought, another that was very much the same and then a 3rd that was not quite as nice but still may have been acceptable. If you can narrow it down the the make and model that you want, you should maybe try the same thing... US Audio Mart in your case. Just be specific what you want as far as condition and what amount of tech work done, you are looking for. Meanwhile lets see that 2nd speaker all spruced up!
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