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  1. HPower

    What I Got Today!

    That was a Xmas present from my daughter, so I figured it deserved the first play. Very good sounding LP, as good as my CD of the Massey Hall Album. Which is also an Iconic venue, a must go to building to see a show if you ever get to Toronto!
  2. HPower

    What I Got Today!

    I did not get this today, but actually last October. But today is the first the TD 160 plated some hi quality music. My tech and I did a ton of work, most unexpected due to a very dishonest seller. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ And some of the work was upgrades and some was for cosmetics.
  3. What I might suggest is to buy some 1/2in Baltic Birch and laminate to the top, bottom and sides with PL and screws. Once you route the corners and edges with a flush trim bit, sand all these edges and fill the screw holes and sand you can then veneer. I like using a paper back veneer of your choice and Heat-Lock glue. As Michael said, your source for the veneer, glue, tools, and tutorials is: https://www.veneersupplies.com I have gone this route a couple of time with some very beat up cabinets, See this link for how these rough Peavey bass bins came back to life. https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649648769-klipsch-peavey-jub-peavey/ Your Corns will look great and sound better with the cabinets being 1.25in thick vs. .75in.
  4. Hey Geoff, Barrie, so you traded the sun set for sun rise, eh.
  5. Way to go Geoff!!! Michael tried to entice me to take them off his hands last Feb. but after I did similar measurements I could not see any way of getting the doubles in my basement. โ˜น๏ธ I think ๐Ÿค” I could shoehorn 4 singles down the stairs. But you know as well as I do how rare a pair of MWMs are up here, and especially singles. I might need to drive up and have a listen to the new garage set up, Tom
  6. HPower


    Very rare up here! Now if these were 4 singles vs the doubles, I would have already been down to KW and back.
  7. I am also running the K691s with my 402s and I am not disappointed with how things sound. I also have a pair of FAITAL PRO HF200 that are currently on the back of my idle K-510s. On my previous Tigerwood Jub-likes, I ran a different pair of HF200s and they also sounded pretty nice to my ears. Maybe Claude can comment on the Faitals in comaparison to the K691 / K69s and his previous TADs? As for the Celestion at PE, is it going to be the same exact driver that Roy will be utilizing in the new Jub? I just skimmed this new, to me video, and Cory at Paducah does talk about Roy adding a phase plug at the front of the driver to give a better dispersion of the high frequencies. Just like a pair of TADs the Celestion will need to wait for a small lottery win. ๐Ÿ’ฐ
  8. I am sure you guys have both seen that PE has these drivers on sale right now. https://www.parts-express.com/Celestion-Axi2050-AxiPerodic-2-Wide-Bandwidth-Compression-Driver-4-Bolt-294-2142 I would love to try a pair on my 402s, but that sale price just barely covers the Great White North exchange. โ˜น๏ธ
  9. This is brutal, tromprof!!! But rest assured, once the 402s are replaced in one piece and you get them dialed in with your pies... you will be a happy camper! At least that is what Jackson Browne(and David Lindley) are telling me right now.
  10. Here is what you need for a big part of the puzzle...
  11. interpreting My active set up: Preamp is a Wyred 4 Sound, STP-SE. The W4S connects via XLRs to my DSP Crossover which is a Xilica, XP-4080. Great Xover which looks after crossover points and slopes, EQ, Time Delays, and Gains. The Xilica sends the Hi frequency to the Triode Labs tube amp, 2A3 SET at about 3.5-4wpc. More than enough power for the big horn and itโ€™s 2 inch K-691 compression drivers. Bass frequency goes to the Classe, CA-150 to power the FH-1s that have a single 15in Crites cast woofer in each bin. Finally the XP-4080 feeds a mono signal to a Crown XLS 1500 that powers 1: F20 tapped horn Subwoofer and 1: TubaHT Subwoofer, which are on opposite sides of the room. Note: the small horn and top hat that the big 402s are sitting on are currently sitting idle and not in use. When I initially refurbished the Peavey bins I built the matching Walnut top hats to house the Klipsch K-510 horns that have the Faital HF-200 CDs on them. This set up sounded very good, but remembering how my previous speakers sounded (DIY, Klipsch Jubilee), I eventually bought another pair of K-402s. Size does matter! But, as I mentioned earlier, most would be content with the K-510s on top. It only would become obvious how the K-402 is better when A/B'ing the 2 horns, which I can do easily by switching the Hi frequency signal from one to the other and then switch the Xilica settings that I have for each Horn/CD combo. As for those different setting, I must again thank Chris for his expertise in interpreting my REW sweeps, and then coming up with the settings for my XP-4080! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  12. Hey Claude, "built by a Canadian friend " Even thought the Bills won this aft, I was still feeling a little blue... for what ever reason. The above quote made me feel better!!! The felling is mutual. And thanks for the heads up Randy.
  13. For the OP to give his current speaker system a chance, I feel he needs to find something like a XP-4080, a UMIK-1, and a free copy of REW (Room EQ Wizzard). Then let the above hardware software do their magic... then let your ears get involved. After listening to things properly dialled in, you can then decide if your current horns and drivers are giving you what you are after. Meanwhile Coytee has given you a great invitation to hear his "properly dialled in system". I am sure a few hours in the car will make you a believer!
  14. I 100% agree with Tom, to get your current set-up to sound it's best, you really need to get a decent DSP crossover (I use a Xilica, XP-4080) and dial everything in with 4 channels of amplification. I am not sure what and how close your "knock-off K-510"s are to the real thing but the Klipsch K-510 is a very good horn. I was running K-510 with my Faital HF-200 CD on top of my refurbished Peavey FH-1s and was getting very nice results. Now I currently run K-402s with K-691s. Yes the big 402s are better, but a cannot imagine most people would not be very happy with K-510s!
  15. They do not compare! Several years ago I built a pair of Jub-Like clones, with the Faital HF-200 CDs on the 402s. I had never heard a pair of Jubs and this build was a TON of work, but they did turn out nice... sounding and looking! Regrettably I sold them (momentary lack of reasoning) and now I have redone my system around a pair of beefed up Peavey FH-200 bins and another pair of 402s. Both system being directed by a Xilica XP-4080. I have owned every Heritage Klipsch (including KHorns) with the exception of the Belle and can say without a shadow of a doubt that the Jubilee (K-402) is they VERY best Klipsch system there is. I thought my previous beloved KEF 107s were great (which they were) but I do love what I am listening to as I type this!!!
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