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  1. I 100% agree with Tom, to get your current set-up to sound it's best, you really need to get a decent DSP crossover (I use a Xilica, XP-4080) and dial everything in with 4 channels of amplification. I am not sure what and how close your "knock-off K-510"s are to the real thing but the Klipsch K-510 is a very good horn. I was running K-510 with my Faital HF-200 CD on top of my refurbished Peavey FH-1s and was getting very nice results. Now I currently run K-402s with K-691s. Yes the big 402s are better, but a cannot imagine most people would not be very happy with K-510s!
  2. They do not compare! Several years ago I built a pair of Jub-Like clones, with the Faital HF-200 CDs on the 402s. I had never heard a pair of Jubs and this build was a TON of work, but they did turn out nice... sounding and looking! Regrettably I sold them (momentary lack of reasoning) and now I have redone my system around a pair of beefed up Peavey FH-200 bins and another pair of 402s. Both system being directed by a Xilica XP-4080. I have owned every Heritage Klipsch (including KHorns) with the exception of the Belle and can say without a shadow of a doubt that the Jubilee (K-402) is they VERY best Klipsch system there is. I thought my previous beloved KEF 107s were great (which they were) but I do love what I am listening to as I type this!!!
  3. There are some VERY good HiFi brands based in Australia... Burson Audio Halcro Duntech Supratek And New Zealand... Plinius Perreaux Just off the top of my head, but I am sure there are others.
  4. https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649685080-klipsch-kt-1133-amp-k-510-compression-driver-amp-horn/ These are not mine, but I have dealt with the seller and he is a VERY good guy with tons of knowledge in Klipsch, and HiFi in general. For anybody in the GTA or southwestern Ontario, they should grab these, they do not come up very often on the market. For anyone south of the border, they should also be attractive, when you factor in the US / Canada exchange rate.
  5. HPower

    Chicks with picks

    Great thread EmilC! Marvel, I am not so sure Townes ever played WFLB's ever that fast, but I LOVE this version. For anybody that is a Guy Clark, Steve Earle and or Townes fan, you really must listen to: Together At The Bluebird Cafe. 3 great friends, just playing. 🎶 One of my 2 favourite live records... along with Kieran Kane & Kevin Welch, Live In Melbourne. AND, sorry for swerving you thread, just love me some TVZ😇
  6. Our Napoleon Prestige sees all 4 seasons up here and is used several times a week, all year round. From hot muggy summers to sub zero snowy winters. It has not been covered since it was brand new and the wind sent it dancing somewhere across the neighborhood. 😳 I wish it would die, so I can go and buy one of the new versions with all the bells and whistles. I love all the lighting on the new ones!
  7. I have only had two Gas Grills in my 40 years of home ownership. First was a Broil Master (propane)... was a very good grill that lasted me about a 15 years before I got tired of changing out the burners ever few years. I tried the original cast iron burners as well as the stainless steal burners. Then we replace it with a Napoleon grill (natural gas). https://www.napoleon.com/en/ca/barbecues/products/gas-grills This grill is still going strong, with only a starter replaced about 5 years ago. Not sure of Napoleon's availability State side, but if you can find a retailer near by I strongly recommend giving them a look! https://indigopoolpatiobbq.com/products/prestige-pro-500-rsib?_pos=8&_sid=0e5b47e10&_ss=r
  8. Emile, I have heard them and thanks to Chris's Xilica settings, I can flick easily between the 2way 402 and the 2way 510. The 510s are no joke, but the 402s need to be heard to really understand what they do. It is just that the 402s are the punchline!!!
  9. Yes... but not forgotten. She was a beaut!!! 🥰
  10. That's a tough one to compare as it has been 6 or so years since adding the Regen, initially to the JKenny, Ciúnas DAC USB DAC, and then very briefly to a Chord Hugo DAC before settling on my current Musical Paradise MP-D2 DAC. I would never claim to have a Golden Ear, but I am very happy with the Regen/MP-D2 combo. It looks like the OG Regen has been replaced by the ISO Regen. https://uptoneaudio.com/products/iso-regen At only $325 for a brand new one, or maybe finding a used one at a discount... it's not a huge chunk of change to give it a try. Experimenting with different music players might also be worth while, most have free trial periods.
  11. I have been running my Mac Mini server for about 8 years or so now and I have always toyed with getting an audiophile USB cable but was sure if they justify the price. I just run a decent computer grade USB cable (Gold Plated Belkin) out of my Mini into a Uptone Regen which is connected directly to the back of my Musical Paradise MP-D2 DAC. I have exclusively used Audirvana Plus as my music player on the Mac Mini. I did try a couple other players but A Plus seemed to be my preference on the Mac, not sure if it would work as well with your PC? I have been very happy with this set up and have had many compliments on how the Mini / MP-D2 play music.
  12. Too many Moosehead... give you Moosehead! 🤕
  13. Good call tigerwoodKhorns!!! 👏 I have worn Thorlo socks for over 40 years, best socks ever. 😎
  14. Congrats from me as well Rich. I am running the same system, but actively (XP-4080) and with K-691 and can strongly echo Rich's description on how this set up can sound. Prior to this I had my DIY Tigerwood Jub-likes and can say that the Peavey/402 combo is not a huge distance behind the Jubilee. And also congrats to the new owner, who I am sure will be very happy!!!
  15. HPower


    I kind of like these ones better... https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649711241-very-rare-set-of-belle-klipsch-speakers-100-all-original/ No affil.
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