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  1. ago I will be using Bob's CW1526CF woofers in my FH-1s.
  2. Hey Chris, All I can say, about what you say, is: BIG WINK 😉
  3. Resent!!! I am currently noodling a pair of Peavey FH-1 bins that will be mated to a K510 top hat. My last noodle was a pair of Jub-likes in Tigerwood (Claude is now the guardian of these), I decided to go with Flatcut Walnut for these new ones. The Rosewood on the above Heresies is gorgeous, whether OEM or noodled.
  4. I resemble that remark... Some of my best noodling has been done on the weekend!
  5. HPower

    Cornscalas for sale... Toronto area

    I listed in Canadian funds with the hopes of finding a buyer somewhat close to me in the Toronto area (ie. Canadian). Mainly as I do not want to ship these guys. As you guys can see from the post in front of this one, I do have about 2 Grrrr USD into these, so I think $2000 CND ($1,525 USD) is pretty reasonable for what is in these, not to mention how great they sound.
  6. HPower

    Cornscalas for sale... Toronto area

    Hey Randy, thanks for the bump! I had the lumber store that I purchased the 1 inch thick Baltic Birch from cut the panels for me, although I had them cut everything about 1/4" oversize. Then with my table saw I cut to exact sizes needed. I also used a flush cut bit on my router and then sand to get nice true joints at the corners. The following components are used. Pair of Selenium D220TI Drivers… $98 Pair of Selenium HM 11-25 Horns… $12 Pair of Selenium B&C DE85TN midrange drivers… $480 Pair of M2380 horns… $170 Pair of midrange horn/driver support brackets and pair of 2 inch gaskets… $24 Pair of CW1526CF woofers… $275 Pair of ALK Engineering CornScala-Wall Economy Universal Crossovers… $320 2 yards of Grill Cloth… $80 1: 4’x8’ 1 inch Baltic Birch… $120 1: 4’x8’ .75 inch Baltic Birch… $90 Shop supplies, misc… $250 Approx. Total Cost… $2,000usd
  7. HPower

    Cornscalas for sale... Toronto area

    New BUMP!!!
  8. I "over built" my Cornscalas, and I think it was well worth the extra cost and extra weight. See my classified for what I used for my construction... With the thicker Baltic Birch and strong bracing, these cabinets have ZERO resonance and the knock test results in nothing except a sore knuckle. If building from scratch, I highly recommend to "over build", no brainer as far as I am concerned.
  9. HPower

    Cornscalas for sale... Toronto area

    Thanks buddy. I am sure whoever ends up taking them, will really enjoy them.
  10. HPower

    Cornscalas for sale... Toronto area

    Ya, as I mentioned in our PM, I have had about 5 long distance parties wanting to purchase them if I was wanting to ship. I am still hoping to find someone with in driving distance to take them. I would not even mind meeting somebody that was say 10 hours away at a halfway point which would cut their travel time in half.
  11. HPower

    Cornscalas for sale... Toronto area

    Bump for some fresh looks.
  12. HPower

    Cornscalas for sale... Toronto area

    The new Forte IIIs are suppose to be a nice speaker, although I have not heard them yet. I will say, I previously had a very nice pair of Chorus IIs that did not really measure up to my Cornscalas. If you are down to Leaside, you would be welcome to drop up to Newmarket for a listen, with either hi powered SS (Classe CA-150) or lo powered tubes (Triode Labs, 2A3 SET).
  13. HPower

    Cornscalas for sale... Toronto area

    How about some more looks at these babys.
  14. HPower

    Cornscalas for sale... Toronto area

    Get back to the TOP!!!
  15. HPower

    For Sale… Harman Kardon HK930

    Of course a local deal would be welcome and would be good for a hometown discount, not to mention the elimination of shipping costs that I build into my asking price.