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  1. Yesterday I came across 4 used Eminence LAB 12 drivers that I ended up getting. It's not that I needed them but at $400cnd for the quad, I figured, what the hey. I first thought I might build 4 of Wayne Parham's 3Pi subs... they are a 20"x20"x20" box with a 4" round by 16" long port. Then I did a little reading on the LAB12 and it seems they might be well suited to a horn loaded cabinet. I already have one F20 sub and two Exodus Anarchy 6.5" 25hz tapped horn subs, that really work nicely, so I do understand what horn sub base is all about. Anybody with any experience with the LAB12s... Calling Carl, Claude, Jason ?
  2. And, Ash makes for a great ⚾️ bat as well. Looking good Dean!
  3. HPower

    World Series?

    I don't think there was enough mustard in Washington to accommodate Mr. Harper. 🌭
  4. HPower

    World Series?

    It's go time, 9th inning.
  5. HPower

    World Series?

    Not last night, although Strasburg probably could have pitch a complete game victory.
  6. HPower

    World Series?

    The kid SOTO beats the WIFE BEATER for an RBI to make 4-2, ya!
  7. HPower

    World Series?

    Oh, here comes the wife beater... allegedly πŸ™„ When he was in Toronto, he was great but I don't want a guy like that on my team.
  8. HPower

    World Series?

    2 run shot... That's what I'm talking about!!!
  9. HPower

    World Series?

    "to boot"... that is VERY Canadian!
  10. HPower

    World Series?

    I must pipe in again... Jim, it's Expos! But you are right, they will win, I hope.
  11. HPower

    World Series?

    Sorry Carl, The Expos will be beating your guys tonight! ⚾
  12. He is coward then!!! Or maybe smart, imagine what it would cost to veneer 2 or 4 MWMs in that beautiful Etimoe.πŸ€”
  13. I suspect that the "PoPo" will be at your door any minute!!! Congrats
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