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  1. Harman Kardon HK630 for sale.

    I will get off my lazy butt this weekend and take some current pics. The CAM ad in my link is from when I purchased the 630 a couple of years ago. It is in the exact same condition, other than the broken AM antenna bracket that I had my tech guy replace from a donor HK630.
  2. Harman Kardon HK630 for sale.

    I have not really paid too much attention to the going rates for these classy receivers, am I out of whack with my asking price?
  3. Cause, cats belong in the barn.
  4. Outstanding job avguytx!!! But for a second there I thought you moved the new Bella into the barn...
  5. Harman Kardon HK630 for sale.

    Thanks jim and js. I figured I might have had some action on this baby by now, not even a tire kicker yet. It is in very nice shape and works great, but it seems a waste just sitting here not getting a chance to make music. My HK930 gets a little more use, primarily when I want to fire up the Cornscalas instead of the Jub-Likes but this HK630 plays the CSs great too. Then there is my mint Yamaha CR-2020 that is in the living room upstairs driving my Cherry Frugalhorns. Point being, I have too many great receivers... so someone should grab this HK630.
  6. Hey Guys, I have a very nice Harman Kardon HK630 for sale… Asking $275 shipped from 14305. (PayPal as F&F) I bought this about 2 years ago, if not for the broken AM antenna bracket, it was in mint condition. I had my tech guy take the bracket from a donor 630 that I had and he replaced it so now this receiver shows very close to perfect. Other than the replaced bracket, I believe she is all original. It comes with the OEM box and manual, which are in pretty good condition for their age. With me also having a HK 930 in the same condition (although, it has been recapped) and then with my main speakers (Jub-like clones) being active, I find myself not using the 630 much. So it's time for someone else to enjoy it and see why everybody talks so highly of these vintage HKs when paired with our Heritage speakers. I can take some current pics tonight and email them out to anybody that is interested, but meanwhile here is a link to the classified that I purchased from: http://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649216224-vintage-hk-630-receiver-close-to-mint/ Thanks for looking...
  7. Wall Of Sound

    Nice sv! Is that a Nakamichi ZX-9 I spy in the bottom of your rack? I had one when they first came out, that was a great machine which compared very well against my buddy's Revox B77. When I read the title of this tread it reminded me of Groomlakearea51 posts on his "Wall of Voodoo". Unfortunately I do not see any of Mashall's pics in the thread.
  8. I ended up with switching from a Dx38 to a Xilica XP-4080 and could not be more satisfied. As Chris just mentioned, Xilica is a Canadian company, that gave me great customer service both before and after I purchased my 4080. As for Electra Voice, I am still waiting for a response to my several email questions to their customer service department. Mind you it has only been since Feb. 2017, so maybe EV is just backed up a bit. Both the DX38 and XP-4080 will do the trick, I prefer the Xilica.
  9. Good Radio Station, on the web

    I am glad you guys gave RP a try! Yep, they play such a wide range of stuff and still manage to segue between tracks and styles seamlessly. Thanks to RP, I have discovered lots of music that I normally would not have come across. Happy Listening!
  10. Good Radio Station, on the web

    My favorite is Radio Paradise. https://www.radioparadise.com/rp_2.php?# RP would be classified as "Eclectic", they play everything from Bach to Zappa. Sound quality is decent, especially if you use their higher bit rate.
  11. Advice on turntables

    I just posted this in the Alerts section, for those that are looking to upgrade their plastic spinners...
  12. Goldring Cartridge Sale

    For those in the market for a new cartridge for their TTs... http://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649381466-all-goldring-inventory-on-sale-40-off-retail-free-shipping/ Seems like very attractive pricing while they last, especially considering the Canadian / US exchange rate.
  13. geoff may speak some truth here, that is what I actually did. My Jub-likes were a challenge to build, but I am VERY satisfied with what I am hearing as I type this!!! But my Cornscalas are not too shabby either.
  14. SS, I agree with dtel, sounds like you might end up chasing your tail a bit. If it was me and I wanted to build a Cornwall sized cabinet, I would (and did) go with a cabinet based around one of Bob Crite's "Cornscala" designs. http://www.critesspeakers.com/cornscala.html Bob has taken most, if not all the guess work out of building a speaker that should and will sound great. I ended up going with Bob's "Style C" and I am extremely happy with their sound.
  15. Sub for Jubilee's

    Yes it did Christy!!! Thanks very much for sharing, I missed the previous thread that Rich just referenced. I have not been through the subwoofer section lately, but with today being our Thanksgiving up here in Canada I had some spare time to do some reading and then subsequently dragging my F-20 sub out of the HT room and putting it in my 2 channel room with my Jub-wannabes. The F-20 looks like a small toy compared to your guy's new set-up... VERY