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  1. Maybe we all would like to see another pair of "smurf" LSs. 🤔
  2. I would run an Orbital sander over the old glue and then your new gasket tape should stick, nice and flat.
  3. Well played @MMurg... Well played! CONGRATS 👍👍
  4. Hey Arron, A couple of years ago I was in the same spot as you and I chickened out, mainly because of the interior. I decided to stick with a very Industrial look... https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/193068-rags-to-riches/#comment-2517434 On my previous project, I went with a bit of a hybrid approach and veneered the exterior and painted the interior with Black Duratex... https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/193992-jub-peavey-for-sale/#comment-2529585 I have seen a few complete veneer jobs here on the forum, but I did not want to tackle those inner folds of the doghouse.
  5. Thanks Ya, I veneered all round in Tigerwood. But I also know how to do Walnut. 🤓 You are a very patient man, but I am sure the wait will be well worth it!!! 👍
  6. MM, Have the new Jubs sent to me without veneer and I will veneer them for you, while I break them in for you. 😎
  7. Nice Dave. We will all want to see pics once you get your LSs refinished!
  8. I don't think you have ever steered me wrong Claude! But I am sure that's what all us junkies think about their pushers. 😉
  9. I kind of figured that flush mount would be the optimal position. Is there any sonic preference between the wood version vs. the aluminium version? If not, I think the wooden version would be easier to paint black. I like the pro look as well, although mine did not start out as Industrials...
  10. Thanks for those pics guys! With the way I rounded my cabinets, and more specifically the horn openings, I am not sure how nice the SMAHLv2 lenses will look in my opening? Maybe if I was to pull the lens back a bit with something like a 1/2in spacer, it would keep to the look I have now? Or @ClaudeJ1 @Dave A might that compromise some of the sonic benefits of Dave's lens, not being flush with the front of the motherboard?
  11. Hey Dave, Do you have any pics of the front of your LSs showing Dave's lens in place? I have been thinking about ordering a pair for my rebuilt 1982 LSs.
  12. HPower


    Those are probably... not, quite close enough? 🤔 So now I want to hear your typical statement we all read for all these years when someone was selling something: "If they were closer, they would be mine!" Now that it's "free" I'm sure you'll find way now, won't you!
  13. As some might like to say, "This election... I mean draw, was stolen from me". Congrates Schu! 👍
  14. I just threw a hundy at the Museum so I could have a kick at these! If I was lucky enough to win, my road trip would be a hour or so longer than rplace, at a little over 18.5 hours.
  15. A few years ago I looked at the possibility of sourcing a pair of Unicorns... I mean, TADs and realized even if I could find a pair with original diaphragms that they would be much more than my bank manager would allow. More recently I considered the BMS 4592ND, but they are not exactly cheap, especially if you factor in another 2 channels of amplification. I have noticed at times PE has had the Axi2050 on sale ( I want to say at about $800 each), but these obviously would not have Roy's magic phase plug. So, it would be super cool in the future if Klipsch could be offering the Celestion as an upgrade for current K-691 (K-69) users?
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