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  1. Hey Andy, I know your sub line says, "Forum Ultra Veteran", but 1784 would really date you. πŸ˜‰ Of the 2 pairs of Cornwalls that I have owned, I liked my first pair that I purchase for member tuned4life (Doug) back in 2007. They where 1984 vintage, and yes they were made of BB, and smothered in oiled Walnut. 😎
  2. Claude, Way to go Mr buss kill... this was getting good.πŸΊπŸ•. And you know as well as I do, the best Cornwall is just south of Montreal but I am not sure what year it was built.
  3. https://www.parts-express.com/parts-express-speaker-gasketing-tape-1-8-x-1-2-x-50-ft-roll--260-542
  4. My buddy who is the one that introduced me to horn speakers via his Model 19s, has both the Citation II and the Citation V and he preferres the Citation V and uses it as his daily driver on the Altecs. They both sound very nice to my ears!
  5. Looks like a couple of Arizonas and maybe a Jupiter... Could you please outline the components and give us an asking price? Coils and Autotransformers?
  6. I don't know what to say. I just typed a good two paragraphs about how I feel about Mr. Stringbean, and just deleted it all. I wanted to try and convince any doubters to what Bruce has meant to music... me. But just like HiFi, let your ears be the judge. Some people like Horns and some like Magneplanar speakers... I like both. 😎 I'm aint going to drive no used car again.
  7. Hey Chris, welcome to the forum! I have owned 2 sets of Cornwalls , built a pair of Type C Cornscalas as well as a trio of Wayne's 4pi speakers. For "my ears", my Cornscalas easily sounded better than the others. Mind you my CS build was perhaps a bit over built, see link: The 4pi turned out very nice for me, but A-B'ing with the the CSs, the Cornscalas win. I think Wayne's 2 ways would have benefited with a pair of his flanking subs as he recommends but I never built a pair. Both the Cornwalls and Cornscalas were easier to power than the 4Pi, I think it takes a bit more to get that nice JBL 2226 going. I would also bet the amps you are thinking about would be best suited to the Cornscalas.
  8. You will be a lot closer to 1200 watts to power the above nice speakers than you ever will need to power a pair of Klipsch Pro. I run my Pros with 150 watts on the bass (overkill on my part) and 3.5 watts for my 402.
  9. Falcar, As to your original question, I stand by my vote for the La Scala... plus a sub or 2. As for where this thread has deviated to, Pro vs Heritage, you should browse through the list on the first post here: and find a forum member that is near you (hopefully one that you have not alienated) and see if you can invite yourself over for a listen. I would bet that after hearing a pair of Jubilees, or JubScalas you probably will discard your preconceived notions on Klipsch Pro Gear. If you still have the same thoughts after hearing in person, so be it, but at least you let your ears make the decision and not what you have read or guessed. After all, not everybody has the same tastes... that is why there are so many different types of speakers to choose from.
  10. I cannot speak (pardon the pun) for any pro speaker other than Klipsch (Jubilee... K402 horn... K510 horn)... oh, and my Peavey FH-1 bass bins that are currently mated with the K402s. But the previous Jubilee and current Peavey/402 set ups are the most "real" sounding and cleanest sounding speaker systems that I have had in my home. Previous systems: Energy Connoisseur, KEF 107s, PMC OB1s, Magneplanar 1.7s, Totem Shamans. Although the Jubilee... K402 horn will play very load (with very little power) that is not what they are about in a home environment, for me it is about realism, low distortion and a live sound. This discussion will never resolve it's self on the inter web, but hearing is believing and if by chance you are in the Toronto area you would be welcome to listen to both my La Scalas and my Peavey/402s.
  11. Hey Falcar, I do not regularly listen to Rap and Hip Hop but do have a little bit in my library and every so often I will give my system a work out with some Dre, Snoop, MM... Since finding the virtues of hi efficient horns about 12 years ago I have had every Heritage model in my house, other than the Belle. For me, the pecking order would be much as the Klipsch catalog is... KHorn>La Scala>Cornwall>Chorus II>Heresy. Just as some have mentioned, there is for sure a difference between the ported bass of the Cornwall and the horn loaded bass of the KHorn and LS. The Cornwall will play lower bass, but imho, to get the most out of well recorded Rap / HH, a good sub (or 2) would be ideal with either LSs or CWs. For Heritage, my suggestion would be La Scalas with a horn sub or 2. I think most of us that are "Klipsch Pro" users know that they really shine sonically, but I agree the aesthetics are not for everybody's living room. And just to stir the pot up a little (more), lets not forget what one of the original uses of the La Scala was... PA speaker.
  12. Great review JC. I "think" πŸ€” you use to have the JuicyMusic Merlin Preamplifier, how would you compare it to your Kenzie Encore?
  13. This morning I did add "SOLD" to the body... and now just added "SOLD" to the title. You are probably right Travis, this is the better way to make the status clear. Thanks
  14. My apologies, I should have marked these sold 4 years ago. ☹️
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