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  1. This is very sad news! I got a few things for my KLF-10 refurb from Bob back in December and the few emails I got were from Micheal, but one was from Bob himself. Bob was a tremendous help to me with my Cornscala build, among other projects, and they never would have turned out so great with out his guidance and parts. RIP Bob.
  2. Well, this unicorn lost value with a paint job and modifications done. 🙄 With some of the previous dialog, it might be hard pressed to call it a Corvette. 😉 .
  3. A 1952 Corvette would be priceless, as most unicorns are... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chevrolet_Corvette
  4. Would this comply with Moray's suggestion? Epic CF-4 .
  5. Ya, me too, The rich just get richer... eh Jim. 😉
  6. Hey Mick, My AU-717 is in a secondary system driving either La Scalas or Heresy3s, and maybe a pair of KLF-10s that I just refurbished. The 717 sounded pretty good before I had the complete overhaul done, but after it sounds great! Leestereo did a fantastic job, replacing no less than 154 components. Sansui (and I believe other companies) used a glue during this era to attach caps to the boards that over time broke down and became corrosive. This corrosion can effect anything that the glue comes in contact with so the only way for a proper restoration is to get in there and remove all that old glue before even starting to replace anything. Here is a link to a 717 Leestereo did where he documents a lot of what goes into a proper restoration, might be worth a read to cross-reference what your tech is doing to the unit you are looking at. https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/leestereos-restoration-upgrade-of-a-sansui-au-717.641945/ My restoration cost a lot of money, but this thing will be making music long after I am gone. 😋
  7. I have had 2: HK930s, 1: HK730, I 2: HK630s, 1: CR2020 and all have been very good with various Heritage that I have had. One of my HK930 was fully recapped and it showed. My Yammy was untouched and was very nice to listen to! So far the best vintage amp with Heritage is my current Sansui AU-717 that was completely redone by leestereo over on AudioKarma. The refurb on the 717 cost well over what I paid for this mint 717, but totally worth it! The Piggy 717 drives either my H3s or LSs with ease and huge dynamics. Very happy with it!
  8. I am currently running K-691s on the back of my 402, which are on top of my Peavey FH-1s and sending fantastic. On my previous DIY Jub-likes, I had the HF-200s on the 402s... this set-up also sounded great to my ears! Ziggurat, I believe I still have this set-up somewhere on my hard drive or XP-4080 that Chris did the calibration for. Would you like we to email that .xdat file to you to give a try with your Jubs / Faitals?
  9. That is 🤔, I find my sweet spot on the volume control is right in the 13-16 range as far as musical loudness goes. I have notice the clicks/pops, but again, where I find myself mostly on the knob it is not a big issue for me. Yes, the remote is VERY cheesy, the upgrade remote "looks" much nicer, but I think it is about $300usd. 😳 When I got my used STP, my long term goal was to do the same and send it in for the Stage2 mod, but sonically I really can't complain about how it sounds... Maybe one day if the Canadian Dollar strengthens enough to make it a little more affordable.
  10. Ziggurat, My compliments on your choice of the W4S STP, I am using the same preamp. It is very quite!!! And between my XP-4080 and the STP, all my connectivity needs are a piece of cake. For powering my outdoor patio speakers, I send the signal out from the 2nd XLR outputs on the STP to a pair of Crown D-75s (each in bridged mode). Works like a dream, especially with being able to adjust the gains on the D-75s. I run my bass cabinets with a Classe CA-150 and then my 402s with a Triode Labs 2A3 SET. My ears like this amplifier configuration!
  11. https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649655729-1972-harman-kardon-930-twin-receiver-amplifier/ same seller... https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649655743-1976-harman-kardon-430-twin-receiver-amplifier/ Not sure what speaker you have, but I can say that either of these will work great with any Heritage Klipsch. Seller says shipping is not an issue, but may cost a bit if you are south of the 49th parallel. On the other hand, 750 Canadian dollars is approx. only $550usd.
  12. There is no such thing as a bad JH album, all are great to listen to and typically the recordings are top notch! I have a copy of Bring the Family - MFSL Gold Audiophile CD, this really shines for the music and the sonics. Listening to Lipstick Sunset, blows me away every time!
  13. I have not been lucky enough to have seen Robert Earl Keen in person but have seen Lyle 5 or 6 times. Last time was a couple years ago with John Hiatt, were they played a couple hours together trading off tunes. FANTASTIC show!
  14. HPower


    I just stumbled onto the listing for what some might consider the Holy Grail of 2A3 amps. https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649685226-moth-audio-s2a3-sealed-serial-26-exceptionally-rare-new-in-crate/
  15. And then there is Robert Ear Keen...
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