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  1. Emile, I have heard them and thanks to Chris's Xilica settings, I can flick easily between the 2way 402 and the 2way 510. The 510s are no joke, but the 402s need to be heard to really understand what they do. It is just that the 402s are the punchline!!!
  2. Yes... but not forgotten. She was a beaut!!! 🥰
  3. That's a tough one to compare as it has been 6 or so years since adding the Regen, initially to the JKenny, Ciúnas DAC USB DAC, and then very briefly to a Chord Hugo DAC before settling on my current Musical Paradise MP-D2 DAC. I would never claim to have a Golden Ear, but I am very happy with the Regen/MP-D2 combo. It looks like the OG Regen has been replaced by the ISO Regen. https://uptoneaudio.com/products/iso-regen At only $325 for a brand new one, or maybe finding a used one at a discount... it's not a huge chunk of change to give it a try. Experimenting with different music players might also be worth while, most have free trial periods.
  4. I have been running my Mac Mini server for about 8 years or so now and I have always toyed with getting an audiophile USB cable but was sure if they justify the price. I just run a decent computer grade USB cable (Gold Plated Belkin) out of my Mini into a Uptone Regen which is connected directly to the back of my Musical Paradise MP-D2 DAC. I have exclusively used Audirvana Plus as my music player on the Mac Mini. I did try a couple other players but A Plus seemed to be my preference on the Mac, not sure if it would work as well with your PC? I have been very happy with this set up and have had many compliments on how the Mini / MP-D2 play music.
  5. Too many Moosehead... give you Moosehead! 🤕
  6. Good call tigerwoodKhorns!!! 👏 I have worn Thorlo socks for over 40 years, best socks ever. 😎
  7. Congrats from me as well Rich. I am running the same system, but actively (XP-4080) and with K-691 and can strongly echo Rich's description on how this set up can sound. Prior to this I had my DIY Tigerwood Jub-likes and can say that the Peavey/402 combo is not a huge distance behind the Jubilee. And also congrats to the new owner, who I am sure will be very happy!!!
  8. HPower


    I kind of like these ones better... https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649711241-very-rare-set-of-belle-klipsch-speakers-100-all-original/ No affil.
  9. You know you have a problem when... My name is Sancho Panza, and I am a Klipschaholic. 😉 Congrats on the them speaks!
  10. I would bet that it is like MM said, loose crossover board or one of the components on the board. Years ago I had a PMC speaker with a similar symptom and we tracked it down to a capacitor that was loose on the Xover. The really strange thing about this... lately all the buzz has been on the new Heresy IVs. 🤨
  11. Parts Express says that the UM18-22 18" Ultimax can be used for both sealed and vented enclosures. Not the 18in, but for the 15in, Bill Fitzmaurice recommends it as the premium driver for his 24 inch Tuba... "The RSS 390-HF-4 lacks a gasket on the front of the frame, so if you order it get speaker gasket tape as well. An inexpensive choice is the Dayton DCS 385-4, a premium driver is the Ultimax 15." I was going to go with the Ultimax 15 for the empty Tuba TH that I just bought, but they are out of stock, as was the RSS 390-HF. Solen had one RSS 390-HF in stock, so I went with it.
  12. I should have also suggested CDT Audio. CDT is what I went with in my old Civic back in 2006, my front doors had 6.75in for the OEM front for speakers so I replaced them with ES-062 Braxial. https://www.cdtaudio.com/braxials/braxials/es062brax.php These were a very nice sounding speaker! After looking closer at the 2005 Camry I see that it did use 6x9s in the front doors, this could be a very nice drop in replacement... https://www.cdtaudio.com/coaxials/es0691cfx.php
  13. I would suggest reading... For example, line 7 of the original post.
  14. I agree Carl, but that is what Dynamat and a volume control with a big amp are for... to drown out those pesky noises. 😎
  15. It has been a while since I did any aftermarket car HiFi, 2006 Honda Civic. My last 2 cars have been top trim level VW Golf and GTI, no need for aftermarket stereo in these, the Fender systems are fantastic! But, back to my Civic era. I would suggest doing the front speakers first and if you get good speakers from either Focal or MB Quarts (both top tier, at least use to be). Rear speakers would be unnecessary, other than ambient fill. 6x9s were more for old school North American cars with huge rear decks when we all thought music should come from the rear of the car. IMHO, music should come from in front of you, just as we typically listen to our home 2 channel systems. With a good speaker from either of the 2 brands I mention and a good installation, you should get a beautiful wide, full soundstage from the top of your windshield to your knees.
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