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  1. Thanks Carl and Wardsweb! I have been lurking around Dude's thread here as I am still trying to decide what sub boxes to build with the 4 LAB12s that I recently picked up. Claude hooked me up with the LAB12 TH plans that he has used, they look like a very easy way to get 4 great subs in my room, which is for Stereo music only. No doubt the DST10 is a more superior sub, that will play lower, but 4 of the LAB12TH could trump 2: DST10s... ???
  2. I "think" it was one of the Danley kits? If so, did the kit come with any damping material... or have instruction to add it?
  3. The horns are Klipsch K510s, with Faital HF-200 compression drivers.
  4. But, as Tom stated, deviating from the standard will require sorting out your crossover. My 2 set-ups above, both utilize an active xover (Xilica, XP4080) with DSP to make them shine.
  5. Or, really big, and stay off the porch... Same FH1s with K402s.
  6. Go big, or go home... Peavey FH1s (La Scala wonabes) with K510s as 2way.
  7. I was lucky enough to see Richard Thompson in October here in Toronto were he did a solo acoustic show that was amazing!!! The last time I saw him was about 6 years or so ago, also a solo show, but electric. He mostly played that pastel green... I think Fender. Unbelievable player, plugged in or acoustic.
  8. I am running the Peaveys as 2-way with the K402, the K510s in the centre top hat are not being used right now. The F20 is is to the left of where this pic was taken. For the F20, I have the XLS1500 being feed from the Wyred 4 Sound preamp's extra XLR output, using the Crown's Xover, not the Xilica. I am guessing the best way would be to use one of the remaining open XP4080 outputs to run the sub amp(s) You may notice, on top of the HIP, you will see a Crown D75A. I have a 2nd one sitting on the shelf, but I doubt these 2 would have enough power to drive the 4 LAB12 subs? Could probably pick up a 2nd XLR1500 for a couple hundred bucks on FeaBay.
  9. Here is how the system sits as of right now...
  10. Hey Claude, Not sure how well you remember my basement room, but at 15'x20' I think I could probably shoehorn four of the designs you suggest into the room. With my current F20, I have it running with a Crown XLS1500 bridged and crossover'd around 60 along side my FH1s / K402s. The Peavey / 402s are xover'd via my Xilica XP4080, thanks to Chris A's guidance and setup. What do you think might be the best way to Xover and power 4 of these subs in my room?
  11. My memory is not what it should be, sucks getting old, but was the Spud and or Super Spud built around the LAB12 driver? I did a google search, but I did not come up with plans for either of those.
  12. Thanks guys for the suggestions so far! I agree that the Tuba 60(s) would be killer subs, but the size of these B#ggers might be an issue for my room. And my room is in the basement, which is a chore to lug big boxes down into. My F20 was a struggle and then my Jub clones were a real B!t@h to get up and down the stairs, even with four guys! Claude's plans look to be much more manageable to build and transport to the basement. The multiple sub technique is also what Wayne Parham endorses, hence why I original thought of going with 4 of his 3Pi subs.
  13. Yesterday I came across 4 used Eminence LAB 12 drivers that I ended up getting. It's not that I needed them but at $400cnd for the quad, I figured, what the hey. I first thought I might build 4 of Wayne Parham's 3Pi subs... they are a 20"x20"x20" box with a 4" round by 16" long port. Then I did a little reading on the LAB12 and it seems they might be well suited to a horn loaded cabinet. I already have one F20 sub and two Exodus Anarchy 6.5" 25hz tapped horn subs, that really work nicely, so I do understand what horn sub base is all about. Anybody with any experience with the LAB12s... Calling Carl, Claude, Jason ?
  14. And, Ash makes for a great ⚾️ bat as well. Looking good Dean!
  15. HPower

    World Series?

    I don't think there was enough mustard in Washington to accommodate Mr. Harper. 🌭
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