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  1. Sub for Jubilee's

    Yes it did Christy!!! Thanks very much for sharing, I missed the previous thread that Rich just referenced. I have not been through the subwoofer section lately, but with today being our Thanksgiving up here in Canada I had some spare time to do some reading and then subsequently dragging my F-20 sub out of the HT room and putting it in my 2 channel room with my Jub-wannabes. The F-20 looks like a small toy compared to your guy's new set-up... VERY
  2. Sub for Jubilee's

    Christy... If there are no pictures, it never happened.
  3. Preamp Owners....What Are You Using?

    Since I am a PROUD Canuck, I use a Sonic Frontiers Line 1 for my preamp. Back in the day, I previously owned a Line 2, which I always regretted selling. So when I came across a listing for this preamp being sold by the Parts Connexion (former owner of Sonic Frontiers) while I was just completing my "Jub-Like" build, I figured it would make for a great front end of the soon to be active set up. The SF Line1 feeds the Xilica 4080, then to my Classe CA-150 and Triode Labs 2A3 amps to speakers. I primarily play my Mac music server to my Musical Paradise MP-D2 tubed DAC then to the Line 1, all via XLR. Thanks to ChrisA and his help "TUNING"... sounds F!#n$ GREAT!
  4. Put it this way, when I went down to Detroit in 2008 (I think) to purchase Claude's KHorns, I did loose sight of him for a bit when he went to the back side to hook up the speaker wire.
  5. And they sound better than the few of Chris's examples that I have heard. I listened to both the big chrome KEFs as well as a pair of the big Avantgardes last fall at the Toronto audio show and neither did anything for me. I would never consider trading my Jubs for ether of those loudspeakers. I will say the big JBLs (I think they were the JBL Everest DD66000) sounded pretty nice, but still not the huge soundstage that the Jubilee delivers.
  6. Help! Balanced Tube Preamp

    I would suggest... http://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649359029-sonic-frontiers-line-2se/ Fantastic preamp and can still be serviced / updated by Chris Johnson at Parts Connexion. I am running a Parts Connexion upgraded Line 1 with great results.
  7. VOS Valvess VRDs

    http://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=150509.0 I just came across this classified ad over on Audio Circles.
  8. Yes, I can fully endorse the high value of Chris's kindness in lending his expertise!!! A few months ago Chris helped me set up my home brew Jubs and Xilica Xover. As it turned out, just as I was getting ready to set the Jub'likes up, I noticed my bass amp (Classe CA-150 ) was acting up to the point were I needed to send it out for what turned out to be a major repair. Anxious to hear the fruits of my labour I swapped in a Crown XLS1500 and with Chris's help we got things sounding pretty darn good. A couple weeks ago I finally got my CA-150 back from my tech, as good or better than new. I dropped Chris a line and we did a couple more sweeps to adjust the gain differences in the bass amps, as well as some value added adjustments to the Xover profile and I can say I that these things are sounding truly fantastic!!! Thanks again Chris!
  9. Md5150, I was a complete luddite with the active crossover thing. More than a bit lost, and at the risk of coming off as a bit of a pest, I decided to drop Chris a line and asked for some help. Once armed with the proper tools... REW software and a miniDSP UMIK-1 USB Measurement Calibrated Microphone, and Chris's expertise, I was able to get things sounding very good after and afternoon of running sweeps and emailing the results to Chris. Chris did his magic making the crossover profile and sent me back the settings and then I entered the data on my XP-4080 via the XConsole. I am very please with the sound and can't thank Chris enough for all his patience and help!!!
  10. Wall of Jubilee's

    Mike, Thanks for bumping this!!! rigma's original Jub build is what originally inspired me to build my clones. Simply amazing Marion... still
  11. I am a little late to this party... I hope just fashionable late. Some of the sonics that you originally described are what I experience when I first plugged in my 2-way Jubs (like). My beloved Corncalas sounded much more enjoyable at first, I attributed it to ported bass vs. horn loaded bass until Chris helped me dial in my Xilica crossover. NIGHT AND DAY difference! Don't get me wrong, there is a difference in the 2 types of bass presentations and personal taste will dictate which is preferable. I am strictly 2 channel music, so my measuring stick may be different than yours.
  12. Jubilee advice needed.

    Thanks diamond. They did turn out pretty well and sound great to my ears, even though they are not the real McCoys like the beautiful Cherries that RSVRMAN just took delivery of. Congrats RSVRMAN!!!
  13. Vintage KHorn kit?

    I agree Matt. They are interesting though, more so the description than the actual speakers.
  14. Vintage KHorn kit?

    http://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649344388-klipsch-corner-horns-1950s-vintage-klipschorn/ These look interesting?
  15. Jubilee advice needed.

    I did think about veneering the whole thing, inside and outside, but figured I was pushing my luck/ability just to build these bins. i am glad it is over, glad they turned out "ok", and very happy they sound great. I did take a bunch of pics along the way but did not want to pollute our site with too many "non Klipsch" things. I may have posted this shot already, but here is a Full Monty...