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  1. HPower

    What I Got Today!

    Ya, those are the Rotty pics. My GT is not quite a full blown Adventure machine, it's really a slightly tall Sport Touring bike... emphasizing the sport side of things. For now I will try it just with the Healtech 'ESE' Exhaust Servo Eliminator I got at Rottweller, this makes the bike think the Servo and exhaust valve are still there and not throw any errors. There is a KTM ECU flash available at the dealer that is for a full Akrapovic system (no cat or exhaust valve), so that could be an option if the stock ECU setting can't compensate enough for my transplant operation. I might think 🤔 about a Stage 5 Rotty Intake System, which would include a Power Commander V and Dual channel Auto Tune. But this might be going over board a bit.🙄
  2. HPower

    What I Got Today!

    This is for the KTM, Super Duke GT that I got new to me back in September. Not sure what the OEM muffler weighs but the new Arrow can weighs 5.6lbs. The big weight saving is in the new Arrow De Cat link pipe, not to mention the removal of servo motor for the exhaust valve. I should have everything installed tonight for a before and after photo op.
  3. HPower

    What I Got Today!

    This arrived today in the mail, should add a little extra to the exhaust note on the SDGT.
  4. HPower

    Jubilees wanted

    Yep, those are mine. Not quite Jubilees, but these are not to shabby at all with the K510s. But, when I play the FH-1 with my 402s, they are very, very close to a Jubilee sound!
  5. Now that's a brag post if I ever heard one. CONGRATS!!!
  6. HPower

    What I Got Today!

    comfortable Of the 7 or 8 sport bikes that I have owned, the RC51 was probably my favorite. They were"ok" stock off the showroom floor, but did require a bit of easy work to bring out the big smiles when riding. And yes a statement was certainly made, after I added the Sato high mounts!!! 😎 I am planing to add the Top Case with back rest to the GT with the hopes that it will be comfortable enough for the wife to come out for some rides.
  7. HPower

    What I Got Today!

    This just landed in my garage, Something tells me a will have less time in front of the HiFi, at least while the weather is still good. I have not ridden in a few years and this is a huge difference from my last motorbike, which was a Kawi, ZX10R. I thought it might remind me of the RC51 that came before the ZX10, but also different than I remember that... 1 Litre Duck Eater!
  8. Thanks very much for the tire pumping guys! Hey Pat, they already are in a happy home, just a crowded happy home that needs some space cleared up. This really did make huge transformation and I sure they will make someone pretty happy.
  9. I have decided to list my recently refurbished Klipsch La Scalas. These are a1982 Vintage with K-77M tweeters and K-55M midrange. The crossovers were Type ALs originally and were in very rough condition… not to mention the ALs were the very worst Klipsch Xover ever. So, I found a mint pair of Type AAs and swapped them in and trash bin’ed the old ALs. I then decided to laminate 1/2in Baltic Birch to the Tops, Bottoms and Sides via screws and PL glue. This accomplished two things, gave a nice new exterior to work with and stiffing of the cabinets to help eliminate any resonance. Rather than veneering these guys I decided to give them more of a Klipsch Industrial look. I rounded all the edges, even the openings for the tweets and midrange horns. Then I rolled on some black Duratex to give a factory like pebble finish. I even found 2 pair of brand new old stock Klipsch handles that countersunk into the sides. To cap it off and complete the look, I found some nice replica Klipsch Industrial badges for the fronts. I think these now look as good as they sound! At my asking price, I would be open to deliver within a 2 hour drive of Toronto / Newmarket. If following distancing and mask protocol, a limited audition could be set up, but only for those very serious to buy. Can be heard with either Solid State or SET tubes. Also listed on CAM, more pics can be found there. https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649649369-klipsch-la-scala/ I have lowered the price from my original ask of $2600cnd down to $2300cnd. I also have my Peavey / K510 listed, I do need to make some room... so which ever sell first. Thanks for looking.
  10. Hey Guys, Surprising to me but not much action other than a few much appreciated compliments on these guys. 🤔 So, I have lowered the price from my original ask of $3600cnd down to $3300cnd.
  11. Ya Carl, those are the OG Peavey handles that I countersunk into the original spots to give a nice flush effect with the Walnut veneer. I like the look, and it does make it a little easier to move the cabinets around.
  12. Thanks wuzzzer! Thanks Shakeydeal These guys were a ton of work and they really did turn out great, and with all Chris's patience an help, they sound just as good as they look. I was also very lucky when I sourced the Walnut veneer. It took 2: 5 x10 ft sheets which happened to almost identical.
  13. Very sad!!! Great artist, different than his dad and his names sake, but still very, very good.
  14. Yes, your should! Even without a great price like you found, the FH-1 is a very good cabinet and with the right woofer inside should out perform a LS. Not the best looking box, but can be turned into living room quality. Shameless plug...
  15. Hey guys, I have lowered the price from my original ask of $3600cnd down to $3300cnd I have decided to list my active 2-way speaker system to make room for my next project. I started out with a pair of Peavey, FH-1 bass cabinets that I laminated with 1/2 inch Baltic Birch on all 6 sides via screws and PL. I swapped the drivers out for a pair of Crites cast woofers, Bob’s fantastic CW1526CF. For the hi frequency I went with the Klipsch K 510 horns which IMHO are only second to the mighty K 402! The 510s are backed with the very good Faital HF-200 compression drivers. All internal wiring is Supra PLY3.4 Speaker Wire, one of my favourite affordable speaker cables. https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/speaker-wire/supra-ply3.4-speaker-wire-per-foot-12-awg/ To house the K 510 / HF-200s, I built the Top Hats out of Baltic Birch and counter sunk the horns to give them a nice flush look. The HF-200s are a big compression driver, so I used a pair of Crites midrange horn/driver support brackets and pair of 2 inch gaskets to steady the ship. I used Black Duratex to refinish the insides of the FH-1 folds as well as coat the bottoms of the bass bins and top hats, then installed some rubber feet for each of the 4 cabinets. For the final touch I veneered the cabinets with flat cut Walnut and applied some Rubio Monocrat Oil 2C in Pure (Natural). I was able to book match all the cabinets pretty well, even looking down from the top with the top hats on the bass bins. I did take a bunch of build pics as I went along if anybody would like to see what all went on with these babies. Please keep in mind that these are designed to be run actively, I use a Xilica XP-4080 crossover with a SS amp on the bass bins and then a SET tube amp on the Hi Frequency. So you will need a similar active crossover or source a passive Xover from someone like Bob Crites or ALK Engineering. But, I really highly recommend active and I am more than happy to share my XP-4080 settings (THANKS, Chris) that have been dialled in for Crossover points, Time delay, EQ and Gains (although gains would need to be adjusted for what ever amps you use). This system is very fun to listen to and so far has only been bettered by the Klipsch Jubilee clones that I built several years back. If following distancing and mask protocol, a limited audition could be set up, but only for those very serious to buy. With the current travel bans across the Canada / USA borders, and the size of these, local sale is the only logistic sales route. So, lets hope we have a Klipsch forum member in the GTA or South Western Ontario area that would like these for their listening room. Asking $3,300cnd. Which is about $2,300usd. For more and better res pics, have a look here... https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649648769-klipsch-peavey-jub-peavey/ Thanks for looking.
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