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  1. I have felt this way... many times. 😳 Some fantastic pieces in your room, VERY nice. I give you a round of 👏 👏 👏 .
  2. Hey Rick, ... Was suppose to infer a joke. I am sure they work fine. I was really trying to be sarcastic, our Heritage Klipsch are so bloody efficient the meters do not do too much dancing. Again, great price, great receiver... someone will be very happy with this beautiful 2040!!!
  3. Rick, Great receiver and very fair price. I had the earlier CR-2020, also very good. But I hope yours does not have defective output meters like mine did... with my Klipsch speakers, they never moved. Edit... The meters will work, once you turn it up a bit. 😎 GLWS!!!
  4. Anybody very close to Gurney? I am looking at a FleaBay item that does not offer shipping to Canada so I may need a go between. LMK
  5. I have been building mostly with Kreg pocket screws. The main reasons is not as much clamping is required (hardly any) and there are little if any external screw holes to patch. In retrospect, with a large cabinet like your TT.... If you used pocket screws for all panels except the very last panel (the top in above pic) you could simply designate that panel as the bottom. Out of sight, out of mind. When I build larger cabinets
  6. I like that idea as well. Maybe add 4 short legs at each corner and then add some accent trim along the horizontal edges and vertical corners. You could leave the body of your cabinet natural blonde like you are, and then have the top, legs, trim with a darker finish like Walnut for a nice contrast.
  7. Here is my German herding dog... and other things he is. And the Monocoat...
  8. Nice French Hunting Dog!!! And nice job so far on the TT. My last few projects I have been using Rubio Monocoat for finish. https://www.rubiomonocoatusa.com/en?reset&country=us Amazingly easy to use and apply, made the Flat Cut Walnut pop on the trio of H3s I just finished. I will post a couple pics when I get home.
  9. Right now I am listening to a pair of H3s and they are surprisingly satisfying. I had a pair of very beat up H2s that I bought a couple H3 kits for. As I got into them I soon realized the amount of work required to bring back to living room grade, I would be better off just building new cabinets from scratch. Anyways, I thought I would play them a bit before getting to the veneering. Playing some Allison Moorer, Show (Live)... sounding great!
  10. I do have both and would not say like a toy. There is no doubt the 402 sits atop the mountain but the 510 is no slouch. With that said, I first got 402s a few years ago, never even hearing a pair before. to go atop a pair of Jub-like bass bins I built. After dialing in the Xilica Xover, I was blown away with what I heard. I made a huge mistake in selling these Jub-likes! Later on I decided to refurbished a pair of Peavey FH-1 bins and built top hats to house a pair of 510s. This combo sounds VERY good... but after experiencing what the 402 can do I felt myself missing just a bit. So, I purchase another set of K402s, as seen on pic. The 510 has manny of the same virtuous of the 402, but the big horn does have a much larger sound stage, in all four directions. It also seems to deliver the music with less effort... size does matter. My room is 15ft by 20ft with speakers on the short wall with about 8ft of space between, I sit approx. 11ft away from the centre.
  11. HPower

    F20 braces

    Hey Carl, He says, he can't remember but I bet your guess would be close. I would suggest buying 1 gallon, and a roller. If you keep the bucket sealed up good, your left over Duratex should last, ready for your next project. https://www.parts-express.com/acry-tech-duratex-black-1-gallon-roller-grade-speaker-cabinet-coating--260-101 https://www.parts-express.com/acry-tech-9-textured-roller-for-duratex--260-113 To get a slightly smoother finish, I usually mix a very small amount of water into the Duratex. Tips-for-Storing-DuraTexR.pdf
  12. HPower

    F20 braces

    Yep, Duratex.
  13. HPower

    F20 braces

    I braced my F20, it's not that much extra work. And it's not like you can go in after the fact and add them.
  14. I am guessing you probably saw this in the "Alert" section. I little on the pricey side IMHO, but i driving distance for you... I bought my La Scalas for $600 Canadian, but they are very rough. They play fine, and will look great after I get to refurbishing the cabinets.
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