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  1. HPower

    What I Got Today!

    Good score! Where did you get the player, online or brick and mortar store?
  2. Hey Carl, Very sorry to hear of your loss. Gorgeous looking KHorns, and I love that you have some Canadian content in that system!
  3. Where are you located? I would shoot Michael an email and see if he can help you out... https://critesspeakers.com/
  4. HPower

    Heitage Jubilee

  5. Ya, I was spinning the Blasters, Hard Line LP that I picked up a few months ago. It is a mint Japanese pressing that sounds great! I have seen Dave 3 or 4 times, but never with Phil. Dave with his Guilty Women line up was a great show. A couple weeks ago on Sirius, Jim and Buddy did a 2 episode interview with Dave. Well worth listening to, if you are a subscriber I think you can find in on the SXM app.
  6. I am sorry Dave, that post was suppose to be in the record spinning thread... It was late last night. 😫
  7. Dave, Phil and the boys. FANTASTIC!!!
  8. Long live Garth RIP Richard Robbie Levon Rick
  9. @JRH I just came across this thread and with me always wonder what year my HIPs are, I thought I would ask here? Serial # 5251 and 5252.
  10. As a matter of fact I am still running these as my everyday speaker system, although I am currently playing them with the K-402 / K-691 instead of the K-510 / HF-200. I might be persuaded to let them go, but with the elapsed time and inflation, I would probably need at least my original asking price of $3600cnd. From your handle, I am assuming you are a fellow Canuck? If so, where are you located? I am about 45 minutes north of Toronto.
  11. Just picked up an original copy of this, still in wrapper, with a sticker price of $3.98. I wish I could say that is what I paid. 🙄
  12. At one time I placed a single LS upside down as a center speaker. I anchored a shelf to the wall for it to sit on, and then supported the front of the shelf with 2 wire cables screwed to the ceiling. For what it was, it worked out fairly well for looks a sonically.
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