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  1. HPower

    2-way Jubilee CD?

    Dave, you are so right about the amazing sound that the K402 delivers. IMHO, it is what makes a Jubilee so incredible. And for some to question the merits of a Jubulee system either cannot hear or need to listen more carefully. I was using the HF-200 on my Jub-likes and was very happy with this 2-way set up! That is the driver that is currently on the back of my 510s, so I do have those available to me. With the Peavey cabinets only being about 25-26 inches tall and then the 14 inch tall top hat I built for the 510, I am only about 42 inches of total height so I could be able to fit a 402 on top to make a 3-way.
  2. HPower

    2-way Jubilee CD?

    I am not sure who the most recent "happy camper" is that has taken delivery of a pair of 2-way Jubilees but would be very curious to know what CD came with their system and if there was dialog as to which Klipsch driver to go with. @Dave A Dave, how and where did you decide to purchase this combo K402/K1132? Just to update everybody on my journey, I built a pair of "Jub-likes" a couple years ago and then "lost my mind" and sold them to Claude last spring. The bass bins where pretty darn close to OEM and I drove the 402s with a pair of Faital HF-200s. By far the best sound I have had in my home!!! Anyways, I have just completed a Peavey FH-1 (Crites cast woofers) and K510 (Faital HF-200) that sound very GOOD thanks to Chris's help setting up the Xilica XP4080. But with that said, I am not getting the magic that the K402 delivered to my room. I am now thinking about acquiring a pair of new K402s to place on top of the FH-1s (for now) but I am not sure about what Klipsch CD would be best. Since I do have my K510s with the HF-200, I could go 3-way by adding the K1133 to the K402, or stick with what I know worked with the Jub-likes as a 2-way. As I mentioned, I thought the K691 was the 2-way driver but I only see it listed as the tweeter driver in a 3-way and the K1132 as the 2-way driver. Unfortunately, the Klipsch web site does not outline a 2-way Jub on their commercial section of their web site.
  3. HPower

    2-way Jubilee CD?

    That's what I also thought Tom, but looking at the configuration on the KPT-942, it shows the K1132 as the driver on the 402. https://www.klipsch.ca/pro/cinema/behind-the-screen/2-way I think that DaveA has the K-1132 on his 402s that he is planning to use as 2-way with his "soon to be" Supper MWMs... not sure how to ping Dave to this thread. I believe the midrange driver for the 3-way Jub has the K-1133 for the compression driver on the 402.
  4. HPower

    2-way Jubilee CD?

    What is the compression driver that comes with the most current 2-way Jubilee? It looks like all the 2-ways that use the K-402 horn are spec'ed with the K-1132CD, I always thought it shipped with the K-691?
  5. HPower

    Super MWM

    Of my 8-10 speaker builds, I have exclusively used PL glue secure via Kreg Jig pocket screws. I rarely have need to use clamps.
  6. https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649498420-klipsch-pro-industrial-split-top-la-scalas/ This looks a little fishy to me. The top hats look legit, but not so sure about those bass bins? πŸ€”
  7. HPower

    How to: New Grills, grill cloth, etc...

    Ya, like a lots of the older posts here, the pics have not servived. It's too bad because there is and has been some much valuable INTEL on this forum! But, colterphoto1 did add a bunch of pics that start on Page #6.
  8. HPower

    How to: New Grills, grill cloth, etc...

    I thought I should bump this up, it took me a bit to find it after realizing I lost my bookmark for this thread. I used this tutorial to help make the grills for my Cornscala build back in 2011 and cannot thank both Marshall and Michael enough for this fantastic "how to". Now that I am about to build some grills for the K510 top hats on my new Peavey FH-1 project I needed to refresh my memory. Bad news for me, I could only find half of my grill stretcher clamps out in the garage. πŸ˜–
  9. HPower

    Low power amps on speakers

    Ya, but my speakers are rated at a minimum of 800 Whats per channel. 😎 Look at sensitivity, and let logic dictate
  10. HPower

    Juicy Music pCats $2300 obo

    I must commend you on your circle of friends!!!
  11. HPower

    Amp recommendation - back after 15 years!

    Welcome back Bond! "About to go read your in the 2252b suggested above"... you might be surprised at the price of admission for some of these great old vintage receivers, Marantz, in particular.
  12. HPower

    Low power amps on speakers

    Typically this is true, you do have a more likely chance of damaging "speakers" under powering them with a lower powered amp that gets driven into clipping while trying to achieve greater output. But with something like your 904s with a 105db sensitivity I would doubt much more than 10 or 20 wpc would be needed to generate an output that would satisfy most without worrying about clipping the amp. Klipsch does say 904s minimum power requirements are 800wpc but lets put that in the context of what these speakers are designed for... 200 seat auditorium with a 2800 sq ft room, that would be a room approx. 60ft x 46ft. "Headroom" is always nice to have, but with our speakers we do not need a ton of that for any sane listening levels. 1 watt will make 105db output, 2 watts will make 108db, 4 watts will make 111 db, 8 watts will make 114db... etc. 105db is pretty loud, at least to my ears.
  13. Bump, I would also like to hear Erik’s longer term feelings on the MP?
  14. HPower

    My new K-horns setup needs your help.

    I would lean toward the Cary combo, but I would not be to quick to pooh pooh on the MP-501. I have not heard the 501 but I do own a Musical Paradise MP-D2 DAC and believe it to be one of the great performing tube DACs. Your MP-501, in stock form is reported to be nice... modded up, it is suppose to be great!
  15. Thanks Dave, that's what I thought. πŸ˜• Fantastic work on the lenses, and it seems that everybody is loving how they sound! 😎 I think when I get further into the refurb on the LSs, I will look at getting Bob's CT-120s.