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  1. Just use a decent crimping tool. My julibees work fine with lamp cord. Ferules work great on some things
  2. Only positive experience is allowed here. Only this brand for the last 31 years for me but all things change
  3. And then the OP should sing out loud kudos to a vendor in these times that actually works a sticky situation out. any lawyer onboard to work a national chain / franchised furniture store that took my $32,000 order in Dec 2020, hasn’t delivered and refuses to refund?
  4. I wanted to take no chances so I used a Niles SPK1 switch to swap between my ss and tube amp on my Klipsch

    Home generators

    from the 'web' Although Generac has increased its output of standby residential generators, incoming orders have exceeded the additional production, Jagdfeld said. The company reported a 28-week backlog
  6. Good luck, signed a long time ago and have yet to receive any acknowledgement

    Home generators

    I had a 22K Generac installed. Natural gas required another larger pipe installed. Still waiting on the second transfer switch (125 amp) to arrive; the 200 amp came with the generator. Also awaiting city to install larger gas meter at no charge. I tried to talk my way out of the additional gas but the installer was adamant that in order to perform whole house duties the generator needed more volume. I can't see having the pool heater running, using the gas grill etc, etc during an outage but I did specify WHOLE home. $16k and don't know when the 125 amp switch will arrive. City refuses to sign off on another 200 amp switch which is available.
  8. SVS PB 4000. Moving the two around for placement. The window shades are 1” honeycomb cellular. The rug is 3/4” thick.
  9. @dwilawyerPlease contact the reserved list privately or publicly. I never got any confirmation
  10. Use milk of magnesia on hot section bolts when installing. Dries to a lubricating powder..
  11. Got the bike home today. After two years of storage I replaced the battery, a little Marvel oil down the cylinders, some injector cleaner in the fuel and Walla fired right up.
  12. USNRET

    What I Got Today!

    Let's just say while looking for a bike for my son I came across a deal that I simply could not refuse. The Road King had been sitting in climate controlled storage for almost 2 years and the owner no longer wanted to pay the storage fees.
  13. USNRET

    What I Got Today!

    Got mine today. Go to Houston to get son's tomorrow.
  14. A tribute to Dave; some will get it
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