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  1. Moved him there this weekend. He was offered the One or the KPTs with Sansui but wanted a Dot. No accounting for taste or the fact that he is clueless about mechanics...searching for the mailman circa 2000. He does listen to 60, 70, 80 and country though on that Spot thing
  2. Just yesterday, while driving back from moving my son off to college, I heard a comedian's skit about this on Sirius radio. He's take was the terms dog face, jarhead, squid, etc were reserved for use by people that have or are serving whereas others, who have not served, should not use the terms and just be thankful. @BigStewMan just roll your pants legs up so they don't get damp.
  3. Cool looking, checked the price and reviews...pass
  4. Set a record for yesterday 101 with 116 heat index
  5. Mesquite smoked beef. Today is 5th day this week the base has been under a Black Flag. 15 minutes per hour for outside work; we don't follow their rules.
  6. No truer words ever spoken
  7. Interservice BS and other service BS picking at each other Naval aviation: mechs are nose pickers; electronic technicians are coneheads, electricians are one wires..... Air Force guys performed one job....one to take the wheel off and another specialty to put it back on. This is / was true to some extent. No cross training When I interviewed for a job on the Air Force F-22 program I was asked what system I had experience with. My answer was all aircraft systems...engines, hydraulic, airframes, electrical, etc. The hiring manager (zero military experience) who had been interviewing Air Force folks just couldn't understand why there was such a difference in training/learning/experience between the services. Simply look at the number of personnel assigned to maintain X number of aircraft in the AF vs Navy. I got the job. Joke here was that the Coast Guard never sailed out further from shore than they could walk back if sunk. Not true by any stretch but......
  8. Wasn't tall enough to walk back to beach.
  9. One plane at forward operating site chasing bad guys aborts in-flight for a banging, clanging cracking sound. RTB safely and maintenance crew can find nothing. Launch relief aircraft from home base to continue missions with more mechanics and equipment to enter fuel cells for inspection. Relief aircraft lands with major oil leak in turbine area Of course they are at a place with zero parts / support. Just transferred control over to my relief...time to drink.
  10. I'm just poor as I get only 5.33333% of that per hour.
  11. good, that eliminates some amount of Carlisms
  12. Condolences. I lost my much younger brother several years ago.
  13. The corners are nice. Have you heard the speakers? Klipsch is very revealing so any "noise" in the chain you will hear and be disappointed. Common thought is any capacitor in the crossover more than 20 years old should be replaced. Depending on your personal DYI skills it can be an inexpensive exercise of soldering in new ones or buying new expensive ones or sending them to a recognized forum member to do the work for you. Don't jump into changing just yet; build the system in your room and listen to see if you have specific degradation. Spend some time with it first. Will they be used in a stereo system or in a home theater surround setup? If two channel stereo system it is better to go with a receiver / integrated amp / separate preamp and amp for that purpose. My short search on your receiver's specifications would indicate that it does not allow you to reach the full potential of the KHorns.
  14. I say keep but a question...does your new space have 90 degree corners with ~4 feet down each wall from the corners? There are ways to adapt but this would be ideal. What would you power them with (system)? When you say cost to ship do you mean ship by themselves or included in household shipment?
  15. Different part number exact same dimensions
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