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  1. Last 8 hours re-installing the kitchen sink. What a PITA.
  2. You must be talking to the folks in east Texas, it's dry and three digits here
  3. There you go. i don't think i will ever figure out my options
  4. Picture? I don't see one either but I do like Mexican food.
  5. If you stand upright rather than upside down are you still confused. I was just publicly thanking Jeremy for a private deal where he went over and above.
  6. Got anything laying around (DVD player) that has optical out and media that has 5.1 audio so you can test the input? Only thing I see with your AVR is that optical 5 & 6 are 'special' for 2 channel recording. Page 46 of manual says DD and DTS available via optical and coaxial.
  7. @tigerwoodKhorns I use optical from my TV to my Mc prepro (I only use OTA). I get hit with 5.1 when the broadcast is 5.1 but most aren't.
  8. Thank you @Kalifornian , thank you!
  9. Roger
  10. Sweet taste of success! But I have been told that I shouldn't celebrate easy sh$t
  11. ONLY if Jim or Michael says to
  12. over
  13. Roger I'll go eat one; you can pay me Tuesday
  14. I'd trade 1 of my todays for 2 of your tomorrows but I pick
  15. I use this but my headphones cancel the noise