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  1. Mine will hold +/- 3-5 degrees with 225 set and a 30 degree outside air temp change and rain over 18 hours. Proven in use by me. This is one case that you get what you pay for.
  2. I have been a Weber guy forever; steaks over direct and ribs indirect. Had a side burner stick smoker until the movers “lost” it between Atlanta and Corpus. I now use a RecTec 700 Bull pellet grill. Great item and will do grilling steaks using their accessories but I prefer the Weber for steaks. I have not done pizza but have done smoked deviled eggs and jalapeño poppers in the side “cold” smoker on the Bull. I really like the RecTec ($$$) and their customer support is second to none.
  3. Hey boys, still in S Cackalacky extended to 3 weeks now. Have fun in Hope.
  4. We had a little thunder bumper roll through this morning. Bob Hall pier Padre Island
  5. Select, choice, prime prices here are about $1.00 / pound more as you go up. Brisket is the most difficult cuts to cook properly. Skirt steak used in fajitas used to be tossed out as scrap. Best at H.E.B is $8.49 a pound today.
  6. If you say so. Frankly I have traveled the world and I have no desire to live anywhere but the U.S. of A. regardless of crime rate. I live within 2 hours of the Mexican border and will never travel closer by choice. My work requires that I go to certain places south and way south of Texas but the eh, conditions are not like living there as the protection is better. I refused to allow my teenage daughter to spend 2 months in Europe with a school group this summer as my travels there have not been enjoyable; shot at, hit by stones, intentionally served bad food yada yada. I am a picky eater, do not have the ability to learn languages, want my creature comforts (electricity with heat and air) etc, etc. While I would love to find a place to retire that meets the above at a significantly lower cost of living I ain't found that place yet. Thankfully you seem to have a different take....good for you.
  7. Reporting Crimes in US and Mexico If an assault or murder happens anywhere in the U.S., people are likely to call the police and tell them what they saw or heard. Investigations are conducted, evidence is gathered, suspects are apprehended, and trials occur. Fundamentally, if you get hurt at Disneyland or in the Grand Canyon or on Waikiki Beach, the authorities will help you. In Mexico, only 25 percent of crimes are reported and only 5 percent are successfully prosecuted because everyone is afraid of (often fatal) retaliation by drug cartels and criminal gangs. Reporters in Mexico don’t use their names in bylines or report the names of suspects. News blackouts are common, and corruption rates within Mexican municipal governments and police departments are sky high.
  8. In my job I get daily reports of the issues there.
  9. but not your life
  10. Let’s do brisket. Coffee was hours ago and since it’s a work free Friday a cocktail is in order.
  11. I put a bid in; edit:not coming to me.....reached my max
  12. Atturds just ran fiber down our street. Used the utility easement and asked no one...…….
  13. New contracted aircraft technology does not result in better detection. Sure, latest patrol aircraft make it easier for the pilots to transition from military to civilian jobs (P-8 to 737) but.. Consider fuel efficiency, time to climb, loiter time on station at 200' over the water turbofan vs turboprop Now add in the cost to maintain an obsolete avionics suite when no parts are available vs. an avionics suite that doesn't work and the mission system down time...decades old while techs try flashing eproms to catch up Fund the spare parts for an aircraft that has done all these multi-missions that actually work and puts folks to work making new panels, flight controls (rotting in sea salt environment forever), mission systems that we write new software daily to patch new international requirements to fix outdated hardware. Do you want sexy or stuff that works? You know that Boeing P-8 /737 that was bought to replace the Lockheed P-3? A 2 engine turbo fan aircraft at 200 feet above the water at max endurance time on station is? Time to climb? Glad to know the pilots of the P-8 are getting the hours required to get hired by airlines since that's all they are doing......marking time
  14. AMO Crew Makes $76M Drug Interdictions Release Date: March 18, 2019 CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Over a two-day period, agents from Air and Marine Operations (AMO) foiled an international attempt to smuggle nearly three-tons of cocaine across open waters between Feb. 28 and Mar. 2. These suspects were transporting over 3200 pounds of cocaine when an AMO crew detected them. These efforts resulted in the capture of three suspects, the interception of the illicit narcotics valued at $76,456,839 and the seizure of two vessels. Flying aboard a P-3 aircraft, the AMO crew was patrolling the Eastern Pacific ocean as part of the Joint Interagency Task Force-South when they detected and tracked two go-fast vessels in a two-day period. The crew detected the first vessel Feb. 28 as it sat in open water. The AMO crew, based at the National Air Security Operations Center – Corpus Christi, Texas, monitored the vessel as it began moving at a high-rate of speed. The crew alerted Costa Rican law enforcement agencies who pursued the vessel as its crew began dumping bales of cocaine overboard. The vessel was later found abandoned. Costa Rican authorities were able to recover the go-fast vessel and more than 2600 pounds of cocaine valued at $34,474,930. The P-3 crew was again patrolling the open waters on Mar. 2 when they spotted another go-fast vessel traveling at a high-rate of speed. After coordinating with Costa Rican law enforcement agencies, they dispatched two vessels to intercept the suspects, the cocaine-laden vessel and packages that had been thrown overboard. This interception resulted in the arrest of three suspects, the seizure of the vessel and more than 3200 pounds of cocaine valued at nearly $42,000,000. Bales of cocaine float in the water. The crew threw them overboard after they realized they had been spotted. “Our personnel execute complex aviation operations in some of the most challenging foreign environments to interdict the transnational criminal organization’s smuggling efforts,” said NASOC-CC Acting Deputy Director Scott Peterson. “This interception illustrates why the P-3 program is the single most successful counter narcotics program in history.” The National Air Security Operations Center—Corpus Christi is a division of Air and Marine Operations and operates the Lockheed P-3 Orion conducting counter-drug patrol missions over the Eastern Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Together with the National Air Security Operations Center in Jacksonville, Florida, Customs and Border Protection P-3 crews seized or disrupted 261,939 pounds of cocaine in various operations conducted in 2018. AMO is a federal law enforcement organization dedicated to serving and protecting the American people through advanced aeronautical and maritime capabilities. AMO interdicts unlawful people and cargo approaching U.S. borders, investigates criminal networks and provides domain awareness in the air and maritime environments, and responds to contingencies and national taskings. With approximately 1,800 federal agents and mission support personnel, 240 aircraft and 300 marine vessels operating throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands, AMO serves as the nation’s experts in airborne and maritime law enforcement.
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