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    What I Got Today!

    Got a contract on the HAUNTED HOUSE! No more triple mortgages I HOPE! Went on market at 8:30ish yesterday and had three offers above asking price by 5:00; signed contract this morning,,,need more toys. https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/1202-Cornerstone-Dr_Corpus-Christi_TX_78418_M82107-54030
  2. Cory suggested that I consider the ic-650 instead of the THX-5002 as in ceiling surrounds with my Jubilees
  3. She seems to be behaving well on the videos and from trainer reports but the correction for counter surfing and aggression toward strange humans and animals had darn well be worth a WHOLE lot of $$$1/2 large. At about 8 months old Riley was attacked and neck bitten by neighbor's dogs that were not leashed while we were on a walk. She has been anti-social since. I hope the trips to tennis courts, Lowes, PetSmart and several malls has greatly reduced her anxiety. And yes, I informed that neighbor that I carried and if that happened again he would have 2 dead dogs. While witnessing the act he denied it took place and the wife, also a witness, was all about apologies. He and I didn't quite come to terms but on every other walk he saw the holster. Yes, for you 'others' I meant it,
  4. https://herbiesaudiolab.com/ Butcher Block Acoustics recommended I use threaded gliders from Herbie's to move the rack on carpet and tile. They have other type glides as well.
  5. Hired an electrician. He scratched his head at the 240 wires but what he was charging I just had him go up in the attic and tap into the living room outlets run. $250 for the drop but he responded within a couple of hours on a Saturday.
  6. Off Leash Training San Antonio Megan is GREAT
  7. 2 weeks into a 3 week stint https://olk9sanantonio.gingrapp.com/front_end/click/W1XPXuyorg https://olk9sanantonio.gingrapp.com/front_end/click/TOj2KPD20b
  8. I'll have to pull the switch to get a good take on the run but it looks like 2 runs of romex running thru the light switch box and split out with two hots on one side of the switch and one on the other
  9. I think I saw one but will check tomorrow in light.
  10. Will do that in daylight. If one? If two can I open one, separate and cap then wire the outlet normally assuming I don't lose power to something?
  11. Just did, 120 each to ground.
  12. I am fairly confident however this is a new to me house with several subpanels and poorly marked. I will get an electrician in when. The cameras, NVR, HDMI baluns and extenders are to be installed first of the week so I can always run an extension cord to the UPS that is powering the rack as the extension is heavy duty and the equipment doesn't really draw much. Modem, gateway, 16 channel NVR with 9 POE cameras, NAS and 24 port POE switch.
  13. The other side of the wall is the master bathroom vanity. This is directly (2-3 ft) below the closet light switch.
  14. I have a closet where I am putting my networking and home security equipment. The closet has no electrical outlet but there is a single gang blank off that has 2 white, 2 back and a ground. The 2 whites are twisted together with a wire nut as are the black wires. At first I thought no problem either I will pigtail into the wire nuts or just connect all 4 to the available lugs on the outlet. I checked voltage and found 243 vac from neutral to hot. What's up here?
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