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  1. Doubt that as the hole would have already been cut. I am sure that some one can come by with a way to measure. BTW, I had a pair of H2 signatures that had the same issue
  2. The boss told me that we needed a microwave handle replacement NOW as she had a broken one in one of her AirBnB condos. Roger. Send me photo of make and model. Done. Ordered and then I find that the handle is a three piece unit and it is not the ~$150 handle but a $7 adapter. Too late as the best deal was the auction site with best timeframe and cost but NO RETURNS. I had done the buy it now knowing there was no return AND REQUESTING RAPID SHIPPING. Once I found out that I had ordered the wrong part I messaged the seller asking if I could cancel. Immediate response was yes and funds were restored. Thank you Mr seller. I did leave a review.
  3. I meant that ABO is drier to prevent freezing of the moisture in the gas
  4. So blood gas is monitored in order to determine the O2 concentration and the ventilator must have the capability to adjust and deliver the correct concentration of (hospital grade) oxygen as well as pressure. As an aside we use ABO (aviator's breathing oxygen) which is just a dryer gas to prevent freezing.
  5. I am clueless but I assumed that a ventilator would intake ambient air, filtrate and deliver to patient not re-cycle the patients air.
  6. My point in attempting an analogy.
  7. I read about the seat fan ventilators a couple of days ago. I am sure that in time it can arrive but sure seems like the engineers once again don't have a clue about use. Yepper this will work but its so heavy / big I can't carry it. See that all the time in aviation.
  8. Thanks for the link. Developing or producing. How long to filling the shelves? Reusable at $20-30 a piece seems reasonable base on what we pay for the one time use ones we get from DOD
  9. I see medical personnel, hospitals, mayors, governors, etc begging the federal government for ventilators, masks and shields. I would think that if there was a supply that the items would be arriving shortly. If there is not a supply in storage what can be done that has not already be done; increasing production as fast as possible. As an aside where does the buck stop? Local at office / hospital? City? County? State? Fed? Everyone screams for states' rights and independence from federal mandates but when the feces hits the rotating oscillator....
  10. Something that makes sense, good job. May I equate this to 2 people on one CPAP where one needs a setting of 3 and the other requires an 8?
  11. No argument there. Should have been re-supplied after the last event although I hear the orders were not made.....info could very well be B.S.
  12. I ASSUMED that the ventilator intake would have the appropriate filtration to prevent virus entry.
  13. If I were to gen one up it would be a splitter on the output hose with a flapper / one way check valve that allowed flow in one direction only in each hose downstream of the splitter.
  14. I saw that a couple of days ago and wondered if there were check valves involved to insure no spit swapping.
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