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    Single 1954 KHorn Dallas area $500

    so load up tree fiddy and go see
  2. https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/ele/d/vintage-1954-klipsch/6681690364.html

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    We would say East Texas Trash

    MC 257 MKVI humming

    Do a search for ground loop.

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Omen? Just discovered that my son's license plate is my employee number and my truck's plate is my mother in law's phone number....no, not a special order. Had my plates for 9 years since relocating and the son just got his. Wife says she knew about mine since I got them...RIGHT, okie dookey then; you just never mentioned it


    I also used the aforementioned Niles SPK switcher to switch between 2 channel / surround. Powering up the 2 channel pre-amp triggered the Niles. I used this method across the front using 3 Belles, KHorn / Belle and 3 Cornwall IIIs at different times. Top two and middle left was the 2 channel and the bottom two are the pre-pro and 7 channel amp. The Niles pictured only had the default amp channel "A" connected at the time. Different amps connected to left side "A" and right side "B". Left and right speakers connected to the L/R connection in the center.


    forgot the jalapeno

    Who needs delta faucet parts

    @oldtimer I took a picture, sent it to Moen and they answered with a couple of days. I got the model and parts breakdown from them.

    F'ing mosquitos

    Couldn’t get a real size required but I ordered large. 6’ 170 lbs. I figured that thick shirt, jeans, SHOES, thin gloves and some space ‘round da face provided by pith helmet might help.
  10. USNRET

    F'ing mosquitos

    WTF; ordered it just to see if it works. ATE UP today. Also included a six pack of Miner Mark's Repel
  11. USNRET

    F'ing mosquitos

    I took his advice and it works great unfortunately, I am out and there had been a run at the local stores. Shelves are empty
  12. USNRET

    F'ing mosquitos

    I am low on blood. Hope the rum is a suitable replacement. Been out 4-5 times today to mow and weed eat. Horrible. Stores out of After Bite and all things bug spray. Still have areas holding water or stinky mush. Swating mosquitoes while spraying wasp nests is a thrill.
  13. USNRET

    When your teen chick wants to try new chick stuff

    Korean American but my son looks more Asian than my daughter. Yep, not granddaughter; started late in life.
  14. USNRET

    When your teen chick wants to try new chick stuff

    Black liquid paste crap that dries and you then rip it off to make you more beautiful. She lathered me up as I was chilling. in my case, a waste of money, as perfection can not be improved upon.