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  1. would have been mine already except for that no shipping part
  2. See ya soon shipmate
  3. What Tasdom says; I use two of the older version 5x1s
  4. @Chris A Played around today. At listening positioning / height. Mic pointed up with 90* cal file Ended up with Room Perfect engaged and both subs on (split monos) 63 Hz on subs / full range on Khorns Looks like the subs aren't doing much. Must be my prepro set up, still learning the processing menu. Edit: I just noticed that somewhere in my settings I lost the subs in stereo mode.
  5. Confusing Words VS. Sic Definition: to incite an attack or intentionally so written (used in brackets after a copied or quoted word) Examples: Be careful or I will sic the dog on you. VS. Sick Definition: affected by an impairment of normal physical or mental function Examples: gossip that makes one sick
  6. I can't see the pic here, I was jabbing at OT's use of sick
  7. Has he been ill?
  8. Wow, you had me hungry but when I clicked the clickety click linky I couldn't find ANY American cheese slices in bulk
  9. When I ordered some glass I was told that when a new production run was completed consumer orders for glass were manufactured. I ordered, waited a while, got a call to verify I was still wanting it and then within a couple of days I received it.
  10. Who reads the fine print?
  11. I was waiting for that response; had it 'called'.
  12. Well YEA, since that is the point but until I learn some basic buttonology here in order to replicate the tests not much sense. I do need to get some quite time, set up the mic at listening position and get an accurate sweep.
  13. Obvious I am not doing something right
  14. I have gotten to where I fill the coffee urn up with water from the under sink heater and drop a family size Lipton in it for a few then dilute to color.