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  1. Sometimes I cruise Audiogon, just for a laugh.

    yep, the wave guides might be wavering on this one https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waveguide_(electromagnetism)#/media/File:Southworth_demonstrating_waveguide.jpg
  2. FS McIntosh MEN220 Room Perfect

    Updated photos
  3. Multiple deletes images

    Really? One at a time? Me or software stupid? Yea, I know not the first one n this.
  4. Forte III listening fatigue

    Too cold in AR to fish?
  5. SOLD McIntosh MC 275 MK VI

    That was me holding up the line; girls say I am slow. Is that a slam?
  6. Internet slowing down on several sites

    I have never had luck with Chromecast..ever. I have several Roku boxes / stick and 2 nVidia shields (why I bought the new Shield I don't know) the 'old' pro model is glaring at me as I type. Original AppleTV gathering dust along with the original Fatboy PS3.
  7. Internet slowing down on several sites

    I was with DTV since 1993 and dropped them last year. I now do OTA and SlingTv. Rest of family does Netflix and Amazon (a little)
  8. Internet slowing down on several sites

    $60 bucks now; offered 1GB / 50 for $10 more
  9. What I Got Today!

    Thanks. I wish I could take real pictures; it is quite nice.
  10. Ma 6450

    Are you using this to power the sub only or using to power the mains and sub? What model sub?
  11. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    I hate to disturb the 0000 shown on my LES. Few will get that.
  12. SOLD McIntosh MC 275 MK VI

    Now someone needs the MEN220 for room correction and sub setup.
  13. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Morning. Seems to be some testy folks around lately. Last day of work before setting sail to Cozumel with flamenco dance lessons, Legionnaires Disease, engine room fires, bilge water and EXPENSIVE beverages.
  14. SOLD McIntosh MC 275 MK VI

    Sold pending pickup / payment tonight.