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  1. @BigStewMan nice to hear from you again shipmate.
  2. In the no tell motel have a cocktail while my son is out meeting his incoming freshman virtual (until today) new friends at the new student conference.

    What I Got Today!

    ...finally got a home A/C that works...or has for 4 1/2 hrs. much better that the 11 minute cycles it was on for the last 8 days
  4. Good thing it hasn’t been hot here (115 heat indices), after 6 days we got the a/c working again. Two year old $$$$ unit had the run capacitor and fan fail. 10 year warranty but the capacitor is deemed consumable. $50 cap and $75 service call. I just ordered a spare cap via ammmazon prime for $12. Crappy contractor grade unit on the kiddos side purring along for 9 years. Luther, who was the non stranger? FFFFF****CK IT JUST FAILED AGAIN!
  5. According to page 34 of your manual you can select "audio system" to turn your TV speakers off.
  6. F-22 engine on test cell double image with vectoring nozzle up and down
  7. I was there at the Naval Air Test Center Patuxent River in the 70's when a funny car raced an F-14 off the land based catapult. The aircraft was extremely light loaded with fuel and the funny car had no traction on the rough runway so the F-14 was timed from launch to airbourne and the funny car went to a nearby dragstrip (Budd's Creek??) and timed over that distance, the F-14 won but know that it had the catapult assist. During the acceptance flights of the F-22 from the factory (I was test coordinator) the Raptor had a chase F-16 so that ATC could see them on radar. The F-16 would take off, build speed and come back around, announce 10 seconds to the F-22's stationary hold position on the runway then the Raptor would go to burner (only one burner takeoff for LM and one for customer due to noise abatement) and the Raptor would outrun the chase from a dead start. We had to change areas where supersonic, non-afterburner, "supercruise" flight was tested due to complaints from cattle ranchers.
  8. F-22 Raptor; note the dual engine humps between the vertical stabilizers, shape of intake and canopy, diamond shape APU door inboard of the left wing as a few visual clues
  9. I changed my menu, 3/2/1 baby backs on the pellet grill. Cheap tamale casserole: Chile, tamales, chili, cheese and onions and bake it.
  10. tamale casserole here
  11. USNRET

    What I Got Today!

    A soon to be emptied bedroom.
  12. USNRET

    Way OT fishing

    I would like to take my son who is leaving home for college soon fresh water bass fishing. Looking for private stock ponds between Corpus Christi and Texarkana that a member would allow us to cast a line in June. we don’t have a boat so pool / lake bank fishing a must.
  13. I use this to maintain the wife’s freezer at the temp she wants to store food. I was concerned about short cycling while maintaining 34-35 degrees but it’s been running for 4 years.
  14. Son off to senior prom and his posse. This group headed off to Texas A&M this fall. Should I expect disturbing phone calls?
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