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  1. Assuming that marriage, children and employment allow USNRET's relocation to said coordinates at the designated date/time he will be bringing nothing but a desire to hear your systems, drink your booze, eat your munchies and receive donations to cover his trip.
  2. Good idea. Comes with software and I believe it is Win 10 adaptable based on Ms Google.
  3. never found a player except $$$$$$ I have placed a bid for a camera on the goodwill auction site
  4. @Marvel Bruce, I have 34 tapes and I THINK they are 60 minute tapes but not sure. One issue I have is not knowing if the tape video quality is still good enough or has degraded to a point I would get nothing. I have found the cost, assuming the charge is per cartridge length not actual content time) runs between $350-$550. May try to buy a used camera.
  5. My Oppo 203 specs says it will play dvd+/-r
  6. 18 years ago when my son was getting ready to view the world my wife wanted a video recorder; I bought a Sony GL-1 and recorded about 40 tapes. I tripped over the digital cable and broke the camera's digital out port. It seemed overly expensive to have the board replaced so it was tossed. Now the wife wants those tapes digitized for viewing. The cost is several hundred dollars so I am looking for some way to transfer the files to my computer. The "players" I find are way too much for a one time us. Ideas?
  7. I never could get past the smell of sardines or ANY fish. I leave the house when mama bear does her thing. Strange, I know, but the only "fish" I will eat is fried, breaded shrimp. Off to South Cak-o-lacky for a week tomorrow; a work thang.

    NFL 2019

    Many times during the game I just knew that Houston would lose. Now I am enjoying Marcia Brady’s azz on the ground. Nice the NFL has decided to delay the consequences of more NE cheating until after the playoffs.
  9. and one of the hardest trees around..my grandparents' house used stumps of these as piers on which their house sat. Built 60 years ago and still level.
  10. He laid off the slushies for a couple of days and realized where the quality is. Can't work for GM and make better commission money than MOPAR
  11. Son's car was due out last Friday and got a call that it was delayed until Monday because the color didn't match. It was ready by noon and when we picked it up the match was perfect. According to the body shop guy the mismatch was due to the hood having been repainted at some point. Nothing on the carfax prior to purchase. Either way, this painter does a great job at honest prices. @cecaa850 it'll buff out!
  12. I found some things about the Hopper. Sent IM for him to switch the Hopper to PCM.
  13. DD is set but tried PCM Fixed and variable tries and results do not change (well there is that volume change Firmware was not checked as far as I know. It seems that the TV's optical out does not work with the Hopper no matter which HMDI input is used. But Optical from Hopper to Soundbar works. If all else fails he may try an Optical splitter / selector.
  14. Moved from GA to TX and switched to USAA without shopping. Next year I shopped and saved a lot going to State Farm and then the rates kept going up every year. One claim for stolen tires. Son turned 16 and bought a car so now we have 3. Rates now quoted at $2700 / 6 months which was double what were were paying Folks at work bragged on an independent agent in Katy, TX; I called. Homeowner's premium stayed the same but deductible was lowered by 3 percentage points 3 vehicles now at $1250 / 6 month Renewed a couple of months ago and the premium went down 100 bucks every 6 months. The agent found best deal at Progressive but when I tested them personally on line the quote was quite a bit higher.
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