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  1. This city, town, burg of .4 million has ONE 30" electric cooktop in stock
  2. yep, but I wasn't gonna say that to take away from Hope. If the OP wants to find KHorns in stock and ready to ship he will let us know.
  3. I am sure that the factory is like our company in these times. One person complains of illness and they report who they came in close contact with (xx feet for us) for more than XX time and all go home. I spent 24 days due to people reporting close contact and I never tested positive. We are down 12 out of 74 people and that takes a hit on production. Yes, would be nice to have continual updates on production but it may be that those folks are out. Never fear, the will come and you will enjoy. Meanwhile sit in the listening position with a beverage of choice, close eyes, imagine, run over and fix that stay wire you saw, back to couch. Rinse and repeat.
  4. Thanks for the input; there are several rooms that incorporate different ceiling 'features'. I am told this room is 12x15 but the photo must be deceiving. Still wanting to know what that upper garage space looks like. Possibly bad as no mention of it in the listing....
  5. Found this house but have yet to visit; waiting on appointment. How would the ceiling treatment affect the sound? I was told that the place above the garage is one large bedroom and a bath. I have no dimensions. here's a zill link https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/4217-River-Hill-Dr-Corpus-Christi-TX-78410/28862841_zpid/?
  6. I have 3 CW IIIs in walnut w/factory boxes in Corpus.

    Aircraft Jobs PSA

    Northrop is the prime contractor and covers the Jacksonville, Fl site and Kay is a sub-contractor that covers the Corpus site. Corpus is union and Jax is not.

    Aircraft Jobs PSA

    Aircraft jobs Kay and Associates are hiring P-3 maintenance personnel to support CBP P-3 aircraft in Corpus Christi, TX. APG mechanics (engines, hydraulics, flight control rigging, etc) and airframes capable of O, I and some D level repairs both require an A&P license. P-3 experience a major plus but C-130 and heavy turbo-prop considered. Electricians Avionics techs with radar experience (prefer APS-145 you E-2 folks) GSE Administration personnel with some background in HR P-3 QA with IA Etc, etc Look at the Kay Inc web site. Some positions have been tentatively filled BUT with the requirement to be able to obtain a DoD secret and a Homeland Security Background investigation (sorta equal to a T.S. without the poly) could eliminate current applicants so apply anyway. I am not the hiring manager but can give some insight as I have been on the program for 11 years.
  9. Or mayhaps they moved with the X; seems she is having house issues
  10. Yes, we are constantly changing our minds (with the guvment's help of course); extend out aircraft that are deployed, bring them home, hurrivac inland..sure slows down planned maintenance
  11. Shush, mine have been eerily absent of late.
  12. Realizing that purchase price is an individual idea based on funds, wants and needs but what would this typically sell for? I mean I could make a road trip from Texas and put them in storage until I decided to really P.O. the neighbors and think I would if a bid of one G could win but that's just me sitting and no thinking. My current goal is to sell current / buy house that would support those big 402 Jubs in the next 3-4 months
  13. Just received an email from the guvment's IT guy that the network is down. THANKS!
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