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    Covid19 redux

    78418 and do not believe any inner web searches for testing availability anywhere near here. Phone calls are not answered, busy, voicemail full and I have waited for two hours on hold before giving up on the national guard. Retired military but no test at the clinic on base.

    Covid19 redux

    I will be paying for a test when available here but it peessies me off that they are not reliable. Cost locally: $0 by county when you can get one, days / weeks; $200 from the franchise ERs/ days / weeks. Took 5 days for my daughter to get a test two weeks ago after exposure

    Covid19 redux

    Nothing in stock so I used a jar of sliced jalapenos. Smell and taste good for now.

    Covid19 redux

    The hardware is being worked. Either way, I am paid. No DIRECTED test until symptoms (what are they again?)

    Covid19 redux

    Call received from corporate HR a bit ago. I am hereby quarantined until 20 July based on contact with an employee who tested positive. Do you have your 2 laptops (company / government) with you so you can telecommute?} Nope, they are at my desk. Dips, chips and TV for 2 weeks.
  6. but they are located conveniently close to you https://offerup.com/p/5364026/ do a googlie mooglie for that email address she owns a lot of stuff for sale. Really nice prices.
  7. I am still wearing that T Shirt. I know how tough it is day after day after day.
  8. Great times with a great guy. Here he is with my son giving gun safety lesson.
  9. On some there is absolutely nothing to latch on to. I am thinking 1) make a hole in the vinyl just big enough to get a drift pin behind the bar, tap out until I can get purchase and then seal the hole or 2) drive the pivot bat IN and leave the old ones in the vinyl track void that they are in.
  10. Should of taken a photo of the non-existent pivot bar that I can't grab but I would rather have a cocktail then pull it out again. Spent the day at the wife's AirBnB condos repairing clothes washer and dishwasher. Vinyl windows. This place is going up for sale soon so......
  11. Living in a hot, humid and corrosive environment my house windows take a beating. The plastic pivot shoes deteriorate and now the pivot bars are badly corroded to the point that I have to drill out the retaining screw and then the bar is so corroded that they break off trying to pull them out of the sash. Anyone have thoughts on how to remove the broken off pivot bar from the sash? The bar pictured is the only one I have able to remove so far. I have pivot shoes (of course I have two bags of shoes somewhere in this house unfound) and bars on order and I really don't want to replace the unidentified 15 year old sash.
  12. Yes as long as there is no more than one body part in contact with the probe leads .......not introducing your body's resistance in the measurement.
  13. Oso Bay, Corpus Christi TX
  14. unless you miss the auto stop and release the tailgate on to a concrete block. Ask me how I know
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