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  1. Thanks for the info! How far from the back wall to behind the speakers (that is convoluted)? Moved forward or comfortably close? Distance between side walls? Listening seat distance from plane of the Jubs? Sweet spot width? I am used to exact center sweet spot or lose of all imagining by moving L/R a foot or less with other setups THIS IS ONE OF MY MAIN ATTEMPTS TO FIX. Reminder, not in the new place and never Jubs but past experience with KHorns, LaSacala, Belles, Cornwalls, etc all in less than perfect or just pitiful rooms.
  2. Potential rooms; don't know how to fix that out of order Schiit. Not my furniturehiit
  3. Obviously I have read these posts but yet have a question. Let's say it's a given (not taking sides) that the Biforst betters the Oppo 205 DAC for 2 channel. What does that say about the other Schiit DACs (diminishing return on investment?) and / or the Bifrost multibit upgrade in a normal room with SOME ability to use front wall corner bass traps first side wall reflection dampening?
  4. Not really, I have a couple of months to return the Pany if the Oppo doesn't 'play' out. For the Oppo I have owned most every variation since the 83. I had the 105BD when the 203/205 came out. Had the 205 in the cart but hesitated and lost out so got the 203.
  5. Yo, Schu. Thanks, looking. Will have to see how the Parasound DAC is.
  6. Speakers and electronics are sitting at the dealer paid for and awaiting shipping to my new place when I close so the answer is no I have not. Hope to have the truck here soon after closing scheduled for 1 week + 1 day but there is no guarantee I will close then since the FFFIIIINNNINNNG appraiser has not been there yet. Original appraisal due Nov 4th, bank never followed up and then at last minute there was no appraiser available. I paid bonus money to have appraisal TO THE BANK by Nov 19th but as of now (17th) the seller's agent has been been contacted for access. One thing you most know: I have a black cloud over my head at all times, nothing goes the way it should. This has been attested to by many long standing forum members. I have a wet dream and wake up with VD.
  7. Budget <$1000.00 Use: in a two channel setup with Parasound P6 preamp and A23+ amps thru DSP to Jubilees. Other source is a bluesound Node 2i for streaming and from NAS I might have a TV between the Jubs for the occasional video but I have some input that the TV reflection would degrade the sound. I have an OPPO UDP 203 but plan to use that in another room for surround HT but I could swap that in and get another Blu Ray for the movies. What say you?

    What I Got Today!

    Took 11 months of lawyering (grand total of $208.00 from me since I can see the future and signed up for the company sponsored legal benefit; her attorney's fee was considerably more) but is offset by the new home and the Cory truck arriving soon. No H E double L here Kiddos are mine and the 1/2 interest in pension, 401 and haunted house equity is a small price to pay.
  9. See if you can find Cowboy Junkies' Trinity Revisited DVD in 5.1. One of my favorites A two disc DVD/CD package. On November 27th, 1987 we set up a single microphone inside the Church of the Holy Trinity in Toronto, Ontario and in one day recorded what would become the Trinity Sessions. In 2007, 20 years later, we returned to the Church of the Holy Trinity to re-record our most famous work with the help of special guests Ryan Adams, Natalie Merchant, Vic Chesnutt and Jeff Bird. This time we brought along some extra mics and a camera crew, and the result is a very special two disc set (CD and DVD) filmed in high-definition video and mixed in stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound which captures the essence of the Cowboy Junkies and our landmark album as never before. A bonus documentary about the making of the original album is also included on the DVD. The Trinity Session SACD Reissue This is an audiophile SACD re-release of the Trinity Session remastered from the original session tapes by Peter Moore and Cowboy Junkies. The disc is also compatible with a regular CD player.
  10. I am supposed to be boxing up garage but instead I watch this counter move FLAC files from external HD to NAS prepping for the new system.
  11. USNRET

    It's On

    employee of very large company that does most of its business with DoD in US and around the world
  12. USNRET

    It's On

    No, left them several years ago when they doubled our auto and house rates with no claims but the kids started driving. I use an independent broker out of Katy, Tx. She was able to cut the auto premiums in half while vastly reducing deductible on windstorm. Might be worthwhile to check back with them. Wouldn't mind the photos so much except I don't close for a couple of weeks and it's a hassle working the two agents / seller. Interesting side note is that when I removed the x Ms. Mike and her van from my policy the premium went up. I think, but need to verify, that it was because my agent had the kids driving the mom-mobile van and without it they are now in their own cars. Too much to compute at the moment; will check USAA when crap stabilizes. I am pizzed that my current company offered a 6 month severance with the WARN Act upon my retirement until they were informed that the successor company made me an offer. Working to use vacation for 2 days in order to get full annual employee incentive bonus. If I leave on 31 Dec I get rated as achieved expectations if I leave after 1 Jan I get bonus based on my significantly exceeded all expectations.....not a trivial amount as the difference pays for the Jubilees.
  13. USNRET

    It's On

    To tell the truth, I haven't tried it. I bought in order to take up to family get together over Tgiving for all to sample but late news is I will not be able to attend. Just another black cloud hanging over. Company loses contract, I put in to retire, new company makes an offer I can't refuse, gotta sell the haunted house so that the soon to be (hopefully VERY soon, been in the lawyers' hands for 11 months) ex can get her half. and it keeps adding on. Have you ever heard of a insurance company wanting photos of complete kitchen layout, chimney, pool, fence, dog, plumbing under all sinks, water heater labels, a/c equipment, circuit breaker panels, outdoor kitchen, pool...on and on. This is what's being required on new home purchase and I have until noon tomorrow to produce photos. Oh, never mind, you asked about the hot sauce.
  14. USNRET

    It's On

    Did someone refer to this, whatever it is, as a taco? Chef couldn't even keep the Cali4nigha lettuce on what appears to be a humus tortilla
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