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  1. I have used Denon, Marantz and Emo in the last 10 years and several others prior to that. I currently use, and would recommend, a McIntosh MX 151 with it's Room Perfect correction. This would be for 2 / 2.2 channel and 7.2 channel WITHOUT 4K. I see that used 151s are on the market at or below your budget. I found mine NIB with 5 year Magnolia transferable warranty for below your max. If you want Mc with 4k then you have to double the budget. As for as 2 channel your room is certainly more refined than my all use cavern that I am required to use but in this crappy CRAPPY room I heard zero difference in stereo with this MX compared to the Juicy Music Peach and VRD NBS pre amps on Belles, KHorns and CWall IIIs. Edit: another point of 2 channel reference I forgot about is that alongside the MX151 I had a McIntosh C2500 tube pre, sold it and just use the MX151.
  2. Our current "buzz words" C.O.A. Culture of Accountability. Always stay 'above the line'; below the line is blaming others, making excuses, claiming mis-information. Above the line is seeing an issue, accepting responsibility to fix it; do it and provide feedback to anyone raising an issue. Diversity: embracing all age groups, ethnicities and all other subsets of humanity as they all have a voice and different ways to approach a problem that you may be subconsciously bias toward. In our corporate resumes and S.T.A.R interviews: Situation Task Action Result I absolutely enjoy working with a company who values diversity as I have found through my experience that different viewpoints often lead to the best solution. I have always promoted a culture of accountability where anyone that hears of an issue accepts the responsibility to take it on board, does what is necessary to correct the issue if possible (if not send it up to the next level) and provide timely feedback to the individual that trusted me to hear the issue. I strive to be the person who the team members trust to bring issues to.
  3. My military career and county government position have proven my dedication, ability to work as a team member, being precise while following policies and procedures and outstanding customer service.
  4. I read a LOT of resumes and agree with Jim. For each "required qualification / experience" bulletize the strong ones under that heading how/where /successes For each "desired qualification / experience" simply state the ones you have. Mine is two pages and I would never go more. Make me interested in speaking with you to get the granularity. One thing that sticks out to me is the use of non-professional email addresses. Hot1@gmail gets trashed without a read.
  5. I had one with my Basis. Today they sell for $300.

    Where's Amy Now?

    Thanks OT; just treading water until May 2020 when SSA is not affected by income. At that point I want to get away from what I have done since 1973 and explore (in my walker).

    Where's Amy Now?

    Actually I got snail mail today that corp removed the old cap and now I can continue; not that I will but it was by a good amount. I heard rumors but wait and see; it happened. Last year my paygrade was added to the incentive plan based on performance / rating that was worth $13K lump sum. Can't biatch much but there are times where I reach my corporate limit of BS.

    Where's Amy Now?

    Fire me at will; topped out on retirement. I have worked hourly at a union shop twice. Never again. Did I forget to mention that the employees covered by a CBA at our location does get the option or mandatory 4/10 days. We serve at the demands of our customer which is 7 days / 16 hours. We cover that with 3 shifts. BT BT

    Where's Amy Now?

    One is here but only for hourly employees unlike Boeing we salaried folk are not covered by a CBA and frankly I wouldn't want to be. I prefer to advance (or not) based on my credentials not the amount of accumulated time breathing air at work.
  10. USNRET

    Where's Amy Now?

    My company just announced a 4 day work week....alas, not for us in the "field", only at the mothership.
  11. Well I was having a cocktail so I guess it counts: So I am sitting on the couch, watching TV, listening to our H.S. football game and attending to the puppy's belly rub when the back door is thrown open and my Aggie son appears unannounced. First visit since he departed in August. What a nice surprise!!!
  12. USNRET

    Who is this??

    How did you get a photo of me mate? We try to avoid the paparazzi googlie photo search russian reddit site
  13. In the 60's, on the ranch, we were taught to take a razor blade, cut an X across the snake bite and suck out the venom (spitting it out).
  14. Welcome. Here is the setup I used but was switching between amps into one pair of speakers. Works both ways.
  15. I have used Niles SPK-1 with great results using a 12v triggers on-board Pre-pro, stand alone 12v power supply and network controlled using Global Cache devices.
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