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  1. I would note the address of the NAD and see what happens when the tv asks for an address.
  2. Can you surf to your router's interface and see all connected devices ip addresses?
  3. One thing I found with power line adapters is they did not work well if at all unless plugged in to the same power leg in other words mine had to be in outlets there were served by circuit breakers that were on the same side of the breaker box.
  4. Are both devices using dynamic ip address or are they static? If static make sure they are not the same.
  5. I know jack about them as well but with the two blue pots in the back the red points bias points makes sense with common ground in the middle; black would have made it more intuitive if that is the case.
  6. Took enough time off from work today to do some ironing of work clothes and wash my truck. I'll Weber some burgers for the family and get set for another week of work Hades.
  8. Good luck with your sale and hope you get over the bump in the road! Please list prices for the items up.
  9. I'm in!
  10. I will be turning the horns around facing in various directions so that the drivers align vertically. Just something to play with Don. The experiment is cheap enough.
  11. I was thinking of making a complete enclosure (with some sort of tilt adjustment). I have a left over 11 x 17 inch piece of Bob's black grill cloth that can be used. So as to not disturb the horn exit how should it be mounted in the baffle? Front? Back? Back with square cut?
  12. ^^Dave cruise over to my posting in tech/mods.
  13. So I just minutes ago purchase a set of K77s from a forum member. I will be using these to experiment with driver alignment. I will have a buddy fashion some walnut mounts to sit on top of the Khorns. I am thinking of having the wooden mounts adjustable in tilt. How should they be installed into the mounts? Flange on the front? Recessed on front so the flange is even with wood? From the back?
  14. Thanks, I am taking them to see whud's up. Now to play with McIntosh MEN220 room correction arriving next week and have a buddy make some nice mounts for these.