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  1. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Well some cables and cocktails Spending the empty house time rebuilding the home network. Ubiquiti gateway, 16 port switch, Cloud Key and access points. Learning is a good thing but I am slow. Terminating new cat6 cables to custom lengths is a PIA. Darn good thing the wifey is at her Mom's for month as this mess would not pass for more than a few minutes....might be days.
  2. My Mc275 quit working!

    if these are MK VI version it is supposed to identify faulty tube by color of LEDs around the tube (if you have the lights commanded on)
  3. Analog 7.1 and HDMI for Video Only

    I have a situation where a device and prepro do not like each other for audio. When I want to use that streamer I use HDMI in to prepro and then back feed from TV to prepro with optical and it works fine. I would loose anything above 5.1 with optical. I did use use hdmi / analog out a few years ago from a Oppo -95 to an Denon or Onkyo receiver from grins once. I would think that if the projector and source shook hands all would be ok.
  4. Analog 7.1 and HDMI for Video Only

    The Oppo will be (could be) doing all of the audio processing but I THINK that with all of the Oppo's "controls" centered / nulled then the Sunfire should have control. Won't hurt to try it.
  5. My Mc275 quit working!

    Are you using a trigger to turn on? If so remove it and try the manual switch. Is auto off engaged?
  6. Dammit Travis

    that might be a little subjective..........
  7. Forte III

    Sad that the military Exchange system USED to sell Klipsch and you could get what you wanted. I bought two pair from them (unaware that sequential serial numbers made a difference in looks only and the employees didn't know or care). Where in Japan?
  8. slow internet / STREAMING INTERNET TV

    Kodi info:
  9. slow internet / STREAMING INTERNET TV

    I have been using Linksys FOREVER and have the newest. Seriously thinking going https://www.ubnt.com/products/#default to the point of having these in the basket mounting the AP on the 20' ceiling at center mass.. I have intermittent issue with my Ring camera / floods due to Wifi crappola
  10. Juicy Music Peach

    My Peach was extremely quite / zippididty with no mods.
  11. OPPO owners fess up...

    Rarely use u boob on the Oppo but haven't experienced any of the above issues on the 105D
  12. slow internet / STREAMING INTERNET TV

  13. slow internet / STREAMING INTERNET TV

    Whatever is in this thing
  14. slow internet / STREAMING INTERNET TV

    The Tablo tuner for the Shield is nifty may have to try one.