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  1. Any interest in a McIntosh MX151? I had the C2500 and 151 and just kept the 151 as I couldn't hear the difference.
  2. How does the gravity feed “gate” work? Any issue with clogs? I currently use Weber charcoal and RecTeq Rt700 pellet.

    Lets see your pets

    8 weeks and 2 years
  4. They are in just need to install the tight azz grills
  5. This will be different than most opinions but in the same room and same equipment with stock xovers I found the Belles to be more mellow in the high frequencies so I preferred the Belles.
  6. Sale of this item has been put on hold for a forum member while we investigate shipping / meet up / pony express options.
  7. I used the mounting backup ring as a template to draw out the hole and enlarged it with a DeWalt cut out tool. I have one completed but now that I know how to get the existing P.O.S. out of the ceiling the next should be a cake walk.
  8. The house has some existing no name ceiling speakers that have 6" cutouts. I just received some Klipsch IC-650s that require a hole size of 10". How would you enlarge the hole?

    What I Got Today!

    Anti-mosquito screens finally arrived https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Ffb.watch%2F4ODJhrhOnR%2F%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR2ZXDY7v-yE_uE_jreO7g0NEkFZb8gpIRTmrWo94nMisbHx_MhUjKoRKaU&h=AT1qQ-IIleog2LD_qDiqFQLYqlaLWfhGRUqQvWpHRzADGVH2wgN7h49b2H548hxS19HUraaYQV_0J9gOZtsrn0oETY5rdiHoC2Sxyd6DQaF8ADw4aTY6PfsxJ0-Nk82yv7Lp&__tn__=-UK-R&c[0]=AT1w8mYchZjW_Bl9B53uhxwsBbnd2hJacAzzJuPvTkILDgmA742GRh_X5B2MsINf6Ri6s53fdFmahUZeXy3YsFNwEx-CY3tuMqnoACaMClUT8kil6Jnc7rdYiPG0Iupk5gWUbjwCmQ9QC-mZxEJR-obL4Q
  10. No, that was incorporated into the Mc / Klipsch HT.
  11. Asking price $3000.00 plus shipping When I bought the new house I envisioned separate 2 channel and HT rooms with the Parasound and Jubs in a room by themselves; that didn't work out. I put the preamp, amps and Jubs on furniture dollies and wheeled them thru the three available rooms, connected, powered up and listened for about 5 minutes each. Turns out that I selected the family room and combined the 2 channel and HT. It is what it is. The Parasound preamp and amps have about 15 minutes on them from a 5 minute test in each room. This is a condemnation of rooms not equipment. I can't justify using the Parasound to power outdoor speakers for the pool if I can get some $ back on a sell. Any interest?
  12. For instance earlier C-130s were equipped with Allison T56-A-15s and the gas generator (engine and turbine) was mechanically connected to the prop thru a gear reduction gearbox to the propeller. The latest C-130s use a "power turbine" that is not mechanically connected to the gas generator but extracts thermodynamic energy from the gas generator via a power turbine connected to the propeller. This system was used in many instances in the past in many helos such as the UH-1
  13. That type of turbo prop engine allows the prop and power turbine to freewheel. Those are tie downs to prevent rotation due to wind.
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