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  1. I have a trio of Cornwall IIIs in walnut. Located in 78414 Corpus. $3K or a pair of KI 396s or a pair of underground Jubilees
  2. After requesting an approximate delivery date over and over with zero response I decided to live with my undergrounds. Was ready to write the check. Our other member that has them on order either needs to be knighted or labeled a fool. APOLOGIES MY FRIEND.
  3. http://www.purewatergazette.net/blog/the-mysteries-of-mip-and-fip-august-13-2013/
  4. Niles SPK-1 to switch between VRD tubes and McIntosh SS as long as one of your amps has a 12 volt trigger
  5. Or quicker than a DWI’s lawyer to have witnesses ”dis-reminder”
  6. Da, the person who posted the time span I copied; you know the post just above mine. And you are correct taking that long to reply to a purchase order from any company is acceptable to no one
  7. sent an order on the 26th of November and I got a response on Dec 7th so 12 days to simply acknowledge a purchase is acceptable to you; not me and this is to purchase not support…..sad
  8. Not answering calls or emails so perhaps a whiteboard in the lounge. The white board is populated with questions once you contact Vox and the question makes it way to Indianapolis. It goes into a bingo hopper and every day at lunch it gets a spin and one request is picked. That request is placed in a Wells Fargo saddle bag and makes its way to Hope. Occasionally a temporary employee will open an envelope and send it through a vacuum tube connection to a collection point that closely resembles a paper recycle bin. I will leave it to you to follow the path from that point.
  9. All you have to do is make your last, best and final offer that I can’t refuse via PM. Walnut,78414, no boxes, 1 year old +/-
  10. Too expensive for me. Under patio I used a 55" Vizio cheap enough to replace every few years. One year in all good. For the pavilion I am building the following for a 65" Samsung. TV $400, lift was about $250 and then the 2x4s and vinyl laminate flooring. https://www.firgelliauto.com/blogs/tv-lifts/how-to-build-a-tv-lift-cabinet
  11. First thing I had done on my new wheels was to PPF (paint protection film) from windshield forward and ceramic coat the rest. SOOOO easy to wash but man this thing makes brake dust.
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