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  1. I will be auditioning today; this sale may or may not be happening after I listen to some B&Ws
  2. So I was just made an offer on some speakers (not telling just yet) but I simply have no room. IF I were to list my 2015 walnut KHorns (w/AK-5s and Dean's Super A both included) and my center Rosewood Belle with the same DeanG xover and Volti / BMS / Beyma for sale at $3700 cash pickup in 78418 THIS WEEK would there be any takers?
  3. This b it
  4. Lots of miles. One owner (mid-twenties female going back and forth to college in north Texas) got her Masters and a job near the Canadian border so an AWD for her. Serviced every 3,000 miles with records. New tires and the interior is spotless. Flaws? Front and back bumpers' clear coat peeling. We bought it for $9k. Searches show about 15-18K with fewer miles. The boy is stoked.
  5. Sold local
  6. Honey? Man
  7. Here's to my fellow Texan; Happy Happy old dude!
  8. Son, turns 16 tomorrow. He wants a car of course. First desire was 2013 Scion FR-S, over his budget and would have to wait until next year. This popped up..2013 Hyundai Genesis with some strangeness in ad vs research. Ad says it's an R-Spec, automatic and grey interior. My searches reveals no such animal; all R-Specs were manual and red interior. R-Spec gave posi-trac, better brakes and lower suspension; we don't care. the mislabel might work for price haggling.We are viewing car Saturday morning. Female one owner, mileage on the higher side, claims full maintenance per schedule. Any past or current owners in this breed or mechanics that know it?
  9. Someone bring this to me pony express
  10. For coffee?
  11. Here we ask questions and yell "I'll take it" BUT no haggling on price or speaking ill of the item or price in public in the garage sale. PM for any negotiations. Different story in the alert sections since those items are not member owned...let'er rip there.
  12. Weekend bumpity for the G1 Emo XPA-5 for $550 + 1/2 shipping.
  13. Wish I had gas! over to you boys.........
  14. Citie?