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    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    any why way to extrapolate cost per sq ft? of the foam

    What I Got Today!

    I confess to have owned two pair of the 901s...gave them away in the early 90's when I bought Klipsch. My roomie had series I (or II) in the barracks in 1974. My previous roomie had JBL L-100s (I think, glass top / orange waffle grills and I didn't like the west coast bass rumble) OK, back on course

    What I Got Today!

    What can I say? I try to keep my 16 year old SSS as factory as I can. Front door speaker was wasted ala 901 foam rot.

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    because looking down from above there is quite the glare

    What I Got Today!

    Trying to stay up with @A1UC I received two of these today

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Didn't pay them enough it was only $1.2 mil

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    We just had our hanger floors re-done. Took one month each. Here is with the LED night lights on from 40’ up

    Gun safe failure - need help

    Such is life. No matter the cost for the safe burglary he needs to retrieve the contents. Lawyer up on the lifetime warranty yea that'll work.... Take the $ hit and be done. Take the remains to the firing range and have fun betting what gun / ammo will penetrate the very reason that I only have mechanical

    Gun safe failure - need help

    I don't know if your son has engaged a locksmith or not but when we have issues with the COMSEC safes on the aircraft a local company (Lock Doc) gets them open while under federal agents eyes. The safes mounted in the aircraft are subjected to heat, cold, vibration.......
  10. USNRET

    Housing U.T. Austin / A&M College Station

    @ACV92 PM inbound
  11. USNRET

    Housing U.T. Austin / A&M College Station

    If all doesn't turn to crappola, yes that would be the plan. I have experience with being a long distance landlord and I DO NOT like it but Jeffrey is a responsible kid (at least living a home). Our only blow up in 17 years has been when I was required to remain during hurricane Harvey and tried to get him to leave with sis and Mom. That got ugly and he refused to leave if I stayed. Well there is that taking out the trash daily thing...
  12. For you folks familiar with the area(s): My son is starting college this fall. He has been accepted to A&M but really wants U.T.A. whose acceptance letters are due out within the next month. I am looking into how to house him at both places. Rather than putting 12K a year into a dorm just mulling things while looking at what's around the campuses. Is it even conceivable to purchase a suitable 3 bedroom dwelling for, say, $150K and rent out two rooms to other students? I could pay cash or I could finance as I was thinking that perhaps two rooms rented might pay the mortgage with the son living "free" leaving my bank untouched. I am guessing $800/month/roommate covers me as several folks here with past grads from my son's high school who attend College Station pay $750ish per room in condo / apt setting. Again this is based on Bryan / College Station. I am just getting into the Austin research (I would bet it is outrageous). So, folks with fairly recent knowledge of that area what say ye? Anyone in either area with a living area to rent out this fall (trailers for sale or rent; rooms to let 50 cent)? Anyone with a single family home that wants to sell?
  13. USNRET

    Gun safe failure - need help

    Extra amperage to draw sticking solenoid...if it applies Be interesting to be able to hear if any clicking or humming occurs when the solenoid SHOULD be retracting
  14. USNRET

    Some laptops for sale soon...various models

    Wife needs an inexpensive upgrade from her Lenovo E440.....
  15. https://www.ebay.com/i/222841376718?chn=ps I used this back in the '70's; can't remember the exact model number Pioneer Digital Time DT-5***