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  1. Enough receiver for now?

    @dtel that makes perfect sense. In terms of processing, I would expect constant advances. So the less expensive current system outperforming a more expensive older system is understandable. What I question is the difference between a $500 and $1500 speaker today. Assume that they have the same features. Is DTS:X going to sound better on the more expensive one? I do not know enough to have an opinion, but I assume that DTS:X has both a hardware and a software component. If one is better, which is it? There might be different levels of quality in the hardware components, but that just seems odd. We are not talking computer processors here, so wouldn't they all be the same? If it is software, who controls it? I am just trying to actually under the "better parts and design" thing. What exactly does that mean? I think that audio equipment is also having a bit of the problem that computers do. As things get better, the differences between the good and the excellent tend to diminish in practical terms. SO it becomes more a marketing thing. All of the receivers today are amazingly impressive compared to a decade ago. So our perspectives become a bit clouded. All of this reminds me of something a friend in the computer business told me. He said that men buy computers based on specs - RAM, hard drive size, processor speed, etc., while women identify what they want to do and ask for something that will do that. When it comes to audio, I am a big fan of the "good enough" school. I doubt that I can hear the difference between great and exceptional, so good enough is great for me. To pick the 6011, I went to A4Less and just kept clicking the check boxes for the features I wanted, and then looked at the least expensive 3 or 4. FEATURES 4 Ohm Stable(19) 100-120 Watts(4) 121-Up Watts(15) Airplay(19) Dolby Atmos(19) Bluetooth(19) DTS:x(19) HDCP 2.2(19) HDR(19) Heos Ready(5) Mulit-Channel Preout(19) Multi-room Audio(19) Multi-room Video(18) Networking (wired)(19) Phono Input(16) Sound & Vision Top Pick(3) USB input(19) Wi-Fi (wireless)(19) Yamaha Musiccast(3) An this left me the Marantz SR6011 ($730), Pioneer Elite SC-LX701 ($800), Denon AVR-X4300H ($900), and Yamaha RX-A2070 ($1200). I trust Marantz over Pioneer, so it was an each choice. I don't think that any of the others would have given me a better experience.
  2. Hey @Koadog I just thought of something. Maybe you should look at this as an opportunity and try going in a totally different direction. The opposite of what you had before. It is a clean break.
  3. Frankenspeaker to the rescue

    Love it @dtel and yes I am learning. Can't wait till I get the vertical RC-7.
  4. Poll & Prediction: Autonomous Car Equipment at 5k by 2019

    Not sure what your experience with Martinis is, but anyone in the top 1% of Martini Shakers has my sincere admiration and a standing invitation to some to my place for drinks. There is a certain Martini Magic that defies description, but I know it when I taste it. So I am thinking medal more than merit badge.
  5. Frankenspeaker to the rescue

    Hang on just a second. I figured that I better stock up on RC-7 crossovers, so I looked them up, and all of a sudden, I am reading about alternatives and "upgrades." Can an RC-7 be made better than an RC-7?
  6. Frankenspeaker to the rescue

    Nothing a jigsaw couldn't cure.
  7. Poll & Prediction: Autonomous Car Equipment at 5k by 2019

    How long until the last child is born? Some say 300 years.
  8. Poll & Prediction: Autonomous Car Equipment at 5k by 2019

    He'll no that is prime development real estate. Apartments mostly.
  9. Frankenspeaker to the rescue

    Could the true compression driver from RC-7 be moved to RS-7. I don't even know what the RS-7 has, but could RS-7 be turned in bipolar RC-7 minus a woofer? Hope that makes sense and I need to learn what I have.
  10. Frankenspeaker to the rescue

    Thanks @CECAA850 will run that by @jjptkd. Nice to know that others had same idea. Now my question is whether the same could be done with my RS-7.
  11. Thanks @JohnA that was helpful. I know people like certain woods for musical instruments. Must be for their resonance. Maybe I could make a koa speaker that used resonance to make or amplify sound.
  12. If you appreciate that offer, you are way too generous. For wall speakers, you might check out a recent post with a good discussion If it were me, I would go for something bigger, as in huge, i.e., RS-7. They are on the big side but what would you expect with an 8 inch woofer? Excuse the mess, work in progress
  13. Enough receiver for now?

    Call me crazy or a cynic, but I suspect that there also is an element of self-fulfilling prophecies. Anyone who buys the crazy expensive preprocessors also probably buys crazy expensive speakers and spends crazy money making sure their room is perfect. Why is sounds "better" if it does would be hard to pin down, and they have an incentive to think it does after spending all that money. The better component thing never made sense to me. Better components can be reverse engineered and duplicated in a few hours in China, and then the same quality is available for less. The only thing I know of that keeps an edge is a patent and royalties. Largely analogizing to the computer world. here. But as soon as the right to charge a royalty goes away, then poof! everyone has it. I don't know the royalty situation here. Unless the components for the less epxensive models are intentionally dumbed down, I really question how much difference exists. I will get my 6011 next week and be thrilled with it.
  14. WANTED: Marantz SR6011

    I could not see a difference between the 6011 and 7011 that justified the price difference. At $729 the 6011 is sort of a unique deal right now.
  15. Jeff wood klipsch poster

    No but it is OK. He has a towel.