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  1. Lining the inside of Cornwall IIs

    My 74 Cornwalls have a 1" thick lining of an insulation . Looks sorta like rock wool? George
  2. Have you googled sonosub? They seem pretty simple. I'm on the fence about making one George
  3. Resurrecting Macassar Ebony Fortes

    Wow! Great job! Good story
  4. Sold:Dayton 1000 Watt Plate Amp ($250)

    My recently acquired Klipsch sw8 has me wanting more bass to go with my Cornwalls. I'm going to try an 18" DYI flatpack. A recent Greenday concert gave me a greater appreciation for bass.
  5. Sold:Dayton 1000 Watt Plate Amp ($250)

    I'll take the amp, if its still available. Sent pm
  6. NEW Klipsch CP-6 and Atlantic wireless amplifier

    Still available? And shipping to Pensacola Fl 32503
  7. Eclipse Aug 21st Where will you be?

    I drove 20 hrs in a 30 hr period to witness 2min and 30 sec of totality and it was worth it. I felt like I witnessed a miracle. I experienced a 90% partial eclipse in 1979 and there is no comparasion. Awesome. GeorgeK
  8. Help connecting SW 8

    Thank you that worked. Appreciate the link, I've got one on the way. George
  9. Help connecting SW 8

    I was given my first sub, an SW 8 last weekend. I got my my first avr a Cambridge Audio CX120 2 months ago and would like to know if its safe to hook the sub line levels to the pre outs on the avr . The avr has a sub1, sub2 connection but both have 1 connection ea while the sub has 2, left and right. thanks GeorgeK
  10. Blu rays for sale

    Deliverd today Thank you. George Kings
  11. Blu rays for sale

    Good Morning I'll take Little Fockers, E.T. . The Zoo , Titantic , Ted ,The Blind Side. George
  12. Heresy time capsule

    Its probably oil paint. You might try a different stripper. Or a heatgun/hair dryer. George
  13. For Sale Heresy H-700,pair plus SW-8

    Wow! I was hoping around $100 total. Thanks anyway. I wanted them for rears with my 1976 Cornwalls. George
  14. For Sale Heresy H-700,pair plus SW-8

    Hi Can you ship these to 32503? George