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  1. I'll take the xovers if available. George
  2. I also signed up in March? and got no notice either way. I'm holding out for a signed edition.
  3. Acetone is very bad for kidneys if you get it on your skin.
  4. Glad we didnt get it. Glad it lost intensity. Sally was a bad dream
  5. Good morning I'll takeThe Smiths Best of, Cowboy Junkies, Bob Mold Workbook, and Beta Band H to Z . Balance? George
  6. He's a full time flipper.
  7. GeorgeK

    Double Shotted!

    My second I was tired. My wife ran a 102 fever 6 hrs after second. Fever lasted 4 hrs. She was tired also. No big deal.
  8. I buy 1/2 4 ply cdx normally for $10-$16 per sheet. Right now its over $50
  9. Cds arrived safely Friday thank you George
  10. He was very helpful and friendly on the phone. Saddened by his passing. RIP
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