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  1. GeorgeK

    Walnut tweeter lenses

    Wow! Very nice
  2. GeorgeK

    College football 2018

    Go Dawgs Somebody beat Alabama
  3. GeorgeK

    428 CD's for sale under 1.00 each SOLD

    I'll take them. George
  4. GeorgeK


    Joe, Will take 1st 3 lots. George (Would have taken all 1400 but my wife would kill me)
  5. GeorgeK


    Hi Joe, I'll take the first 3. George
  6. GeorgeK

    CD's For Sale Lot 1 ( SOLD )

    I'll take them with the cases George
  7. GeorgeK

    SOLD Misc CD's - less than 2 bucks each!

    Hi Cameron, Cds arrived in good condition Sat. thanks for the great deal. George
  8. GeorgeK

    SOLD Misc CD's - less than 2 bucks each!

    I'll take them George
  9. GeorgeK

    (Lot 4) 50 Discs Jazz and world music (SOLD)

    Joe, I'll take lot 4
  10. GeorgeK

    Rock Cd lot of 50, 25.00 for all (lot 8)(SOLD)

    pm sent
  11. GeorgeK

    Classic / Alt Rock CD Lot 50 discs, (Lot 6) (SOLD)

    pm sent George
  12. GeorgeK

    CD Collection

    Gary, Cd's arrived safe and sound. Good packing job. Thanks for sharing the stoke. George
  13. GeorgeK

    CD Collection

    Pm sent
  14. Would like Item 22&23 White Ki 172. Would need to be shipped to 32503. Sent email this am. Forgot how to pm. thanks George
  15. Good morning. I joined. Thanks for the cool mug. GeorgeK