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  1. He was very helpful and friendly on the phone. Saddened by his passing. RIP
  2. GeorgeK

    F22 Raptor

    Too cool. Saw one at Pensacola Blue Angel homecoming show last yr
  3. I bought 1 3015lf-4 from Parts Express and 1 3015lf-4 from Avatar, They looked and felt identical except for the lack of lettering on the Avatar. I replaced the Eminence 15C's in my 73 Cornwall with Crites B2 x. My Cornwalls have a lot more bass. I don't hear any difference between the 3015lf
  4. The refurbed has 4k and a 1 yr warranty. I hoped Emotiva has worked the bugs out by now. Audio Science review was mostly positive. I have a Umik that I've no idea how to use. Would the $100 Dirac upgrade be worthwhile? thanks for reply George
  5. Thanks for your recommendation. Tubes seem like more trouble than solid state. I noticed the Freya has a 3 months warranty on the tubes. We have terrible power in NW Florida.
  6. Copying double stack ESS threads. Have Lascall base cabs, Lab Gruppen c10:4x, Xilica 4080 and a Umik. Considering a refurbished Emotiva XMC-1 @$1200, as I would like to keep all connections balanced. I'm a total greenhorn with separates and active crossovers. Any suggestions for pre pro? thanks in advance George K
  7. GeorgeK


    I'll take the LOTR And the Hobbit.
  8. GeorgeK


    link to the LOTR $40 please
  9. I'm a roofing contractor in Pensacola, FL. We're on the the sunrise to 1pm plan. Rooftops by supplier is $50 George
  10. GeorgeK

    Covid19 redux

    Miami had 11 cases of West Nile virus last week.
  11. That's Bob Crites site. You can buy directly and save.
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