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  1. Hi Great deal. Where did you get that price? $440 at Parts Express. George
  2. The stainless steel supply lines are required by code in FL. George
  3. Good morning. Ill take them . George
  4. GeorgeK

    DIY fake bamboo

    Very slick. Looks great.
  5. Local restaurants call that Grits a Ya Ya in Pensacola. Pretty good
  6. Did you price shutters? george
  7. GeorgeK

    Single KPT-335-B/M

    It was 2 for $1200. Now its 1 for $600.
  8. So many home owners wanted the strips removed here in Fl, that the strips say do not remove on them. I'm a Roofing Contractor GeorgeK
  9. you could try 12 ft OSB. Might be less waste
  10. Joe, I picked up a Cherry Hill random orbit floor sander lists $2500 for $400 at Home Depot 2yrs ago. They're on Ebay around $1000. I use it to maintain my rental property. Seems like shipping would kill you. George
  11. Just wanted to be sure. Jimbo was mentioning Canadian shipping rates like shipping was additional.
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