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  1. Good morning. Ill take them . George
  2. GeorgeK

    DIY fake bamboo

    Very slick. Looks great.
  3. Local restaurants call that Grits a Ya Ya in Pensacola. Pretty good
  4. Did you price shutters? george
  5. GeorgeK

    Single KPT-335-B/M

    It was 2 for $1200. Now its 1 for $600.
  6. So many home owners wanted the strips removed here in Fl, that the strips say do not remove on them. I'm a Roofing Contractor GeorgeK
  7. you could try 12 ft OSB. Might be less waste
  8. Joe, I picked up a Cherry Hill random orbit floor sander lists $2500 for $400 at Home Depot 2yrs ago. They're on Ebay around $1000. I use it to maintain my rental property. Seems like shipping would kill you. George
  9. Just wanted to be sure. Jimbo was mentioning Canadian shipping rates like shipping was additional.
  10. I have a set of 1976 Heresys with E crossovers. Are E-2s an improvement ? What is the difference? Does $100 shipped include shipping? thank you George
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