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  1. My guess is that it is engineered and tuned to optimize dialog in movies. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voice_frequency The voiced speech of a typical adult male will have a fundamental frequency from 85 to 180 Hz, and that of a typical adult female from 165 to 255 Hz. Thus, the fundamental frequency of most speech falls below the bottom of the "voice frequency" band as defined above. Bill
  2. willland

    Denon PMA 1080R, TU 800, and DCM 440 $300

    This totally amazes me. Though my bride would not give me the go, I am very tempted to buy this rig back. Bill
  3. willland

    Your Top 3 Receivers and Why?

    No experience with Dirac. I own and have owned many NAD pieces and would say their sound signature is more warm than bright but really close to neutral. If 1 is warm and 10 is bright, then I would say 4 is NAD. Very balanced sound that has mated very well with all my Klipsch speakers. Bill
  4. willland

    Your Top 3 Receivers and Why?

    I would go with the NAD or Anthem based on my experience with the brands but I am sure the Marantz and Arcam will do the music and HT trick also. Bill
  5. willland


    Crazy how he upstaged Justin Rose but both deserve their titles. Of course Tiger definitely got some help today considering round 4 was nowhere near picture perfect. No reason at all to not think Tiger could win 3 or 4 tournaments next year and a major or two. Personally I think he is about as good as in the past but the difference today is so is the competition. Bill
  6. https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/klipsch-palladium-p39f-and-probably-the-entire-line-major-issue Doesn't sound too encouraging. Bill
  7. willland

    New set up

    @Sara@540, Welcome to the forum. Awfully nice of the previous owners. From what I can see, you have there a few sets of speaker wires with banana plug connectors, a gray RCA(could be subwoofer cable) or coax cable, and what looks like a LED light strip. They would plug into an AVR or some type of AV processor and not directly to the TV. Maybe a forum member or members that lives nearby could assist you or point you in the right direction. Bill
  8. willland

    Kansas Chorus II'S

    @Alanna1155, Welcome to the forum. Have this thread moved to the main "Garage Sale" section. This "alert" section is to "alert" forum members of ads in other forums, for sale sights, etc that are not placed by the OP. A forum moderator should see this and move to correct section. Nice speakers. good luck with your sale. Bill
  9. willland


    How about some photos of the top, sides, etc? If they are black the assumption of WB being "walnut black" sounds logical. Bill
  10. willland

    Rf 62 ii distortion

    You need to read through all of the "fluff" in the specs and determine real world power. Make sure that the AVR specs you go by are wattage/channel with a minimum 2 channels driven at 8ohms, 20Hz to 20kHz, at .1%THD or less. None of this ***watts/channel at 6ohms with 1 channel driven at 1Khz at 1%THD. For example with a higher end AVR NAD T787 power specs Number of Amp Channels: 7 Rated Power (Watts per Channel): 150 into 8 ohms, two channels driven @<0.08%THD 120 into 8 ohms, seven channels driven Specified Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz ±0.8 dB Bill
  11. willland

    Rf 62 ii distortion

    Amplifier Output Details 100 Watt - 6 Ohm - at 1 kHz - THD 1% - 1 channels More like 65w (20-20kHz, 0.7%, 8 Ohms, 2ch driven, FTC) Bill
  12. willland

    added HT amp but... not much diff?

    Try them in stereo just for kicks. The main thing I noticed when I first got my Acurus A150 was the low end punch. I was astounded. My buddy who had Cornwalls borrowed one of my Acurus A150s and believe me, they thumped like they never had before. Bill
  13. willland

    RP-450C - Space Required Behind the Speaker

    @Esch30, Welcome to the forum. I think you will be just fine. If you still feel uneasy about it, maybe get some wire cutters and cut out a hole where the rear port will be unimpeded. I think the RP450C will mate just fine with the RP-250F's. All do have 5.25" woofers. Bill
  14. willland

    Oppo Hanging up Their Hat

    Dave, bitstreaming these codecs is audio, movies and concerts on blu-ray. Bill
  15. willland

    Oppo Hanging up Their Hat

    Possibly for movies bitstreaming lossless codecs Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio and letting AVR or pre/pro decode signal. Bill