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  1. You are not kidding. The amp alone is worth that much. Bill
  2. willland

    Musical Fidelity Integrated Amps

    No experience with Music Fidelity but would not hesitate with this one. Bill
  3. willland

    Brand New Cambridge Audio CXA60 Integrated Amp

    Those folks hear that think their AVR does great for stereo music, and it may, should give an integrated like this Cambridge Audio a shot. Bill
  4. willland

    NFL - 2018

    Very true. Bill
  5. willland

    NFL - 2018

    Maybe but he did not play last night. Very exciting game. Many errors prompted by very aggressive defenses. Crazy isn't it but 3 int's may have helped them get the L. Bil
  6. willland

    Marantz PM8005 or NAD C368 with LaScala

    Dead solid quiet is one of the things I like best about my Yamaha A-S1000 integrated amp. Bill
  7. willland

    RP-600M with Adcom GFA 555se

    I could not have said it better. Bill
  8. willland

    Marantz PM8005 or NAD C368 with LaScala

    Tough call between the two with the LaScalas. Bill
  9. willland

    NFL - 2018

    He may just be the MVP candidate to beat. Bill
  10. willland

    Looking for feedback on the Denon X6500

    You would be hard pressed to find many better pairs of 2-way Klipsch for stereo music. Just move to a stereo rig in another room. Bill
  11. willland

    Klipsch RS7s, RC7, RF7s and RSW15

    Dan, Welcome to the forum. This sub forum(Alerts!) is for notifying others about a for sale ad that is on another website and does not belong to the OP. I will notify a forum administrator to move it to the main "Garage Sale" forum. Good luck with your sale. Bill
  12. willland

    Looking for feedback on the Denon X6500

    It will run cooler but remember a good bit of the heat is generated from the CPU so a fan may still be in order if in an enclosed space. Just give it plenty of breathing room and you should not have problems. Bill
  13. willland

    Chorus II How to Power

    I think you are right. Remember to bob and weave. Bill
  14. willland

    Best Childhood Memories

    Trekking through the woods and along the railroad tracks/trestle like in "Stand By Me". Building forts, playing army/war in the pine forests of Georgia. Riding "mountain bikes" along the power lines before they were called mountain bikes(late 70's, early 80's). Pickup football and baseball games. "Rafting" down the creek(storm runoff). Not a real care in the world or fear. Bill
  15. willland

    Looking for feedback on the Denon X6500

    Though I have never owned a Denon AVR, I say if you have been happy with your Denon 4311 and like it's GUI, reliability, sound quality, etc, then why not get another Denon. Bill