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  1. willland

    Oppo BDP-105D - $800 (Albuquerque)

    When the price of the 205 skyrocketed after being discontinued, it also pulled up the used prices of the 105. Bill
  2. I think they are the best thing since sliced bread, for the price, even at the normal $35.00. Very acceptable sound quality with it's onboard DAC, even better with a nice outboard DAC. Should have bought another one before discontinued. Bill
  3. willland

    My new K-horns setup needs your help.

    If it is anything like the A-S1000, it is dead quiet, built like a bank vault(51.4lbs), and punches way above it's price point. Mosfet output transistors which offers a slightly warmish presentation. My A-S1000 has been very reliable. Did I mention the tone controls? By far the best implementation I have ever used. Now as far as mating well with Khorns, can't say for sure but it's very low noise floor sure can't hurt. Bill
  4. willland

    Need advice on HT setup and placement

    @spencersmb, Welcome to the forum. Looks to be a very nice setup. One thing if possible, move that main couch about 2ft from the back wall. Too much bass reinforcement that close to the wall, IMO. Bill
  5. willland

    Klipsch RC-64 - Lake Mary, FL

    So what are your main L-R speakers? Bill
  6. willland

    Klipsch RC-64 - Lake Mary, FL

    @xxESPEJOxx, Welcome to the forum. Very nice speaker, love my cherry 64. Good luck with your sale. What is your plan for upgrading your system? Bill
  7. willland

    New to Home Theater | Placement Question

    Actually I think that would be just about the perfect height. My RS-35s are at 6'5". Nice score with the RF-3II system. Welcome to the forum. Bill
  8. willland

    Wanted RB-75’s. Maybe RB-5’s

    Rare yes but worth the $$$ premium. I have owned RB-5s, RB-35s, RB-61s and without a doubt the 75s trump all. Keep looking locally but don't rule out other regions. When I bought my cherry pair from @darylomer12 a few years back, they traveled from Tacoma, Washington to Kissimmee, Florida a whopping 3,000 miles perfectly packed and intact. Bill
  9. willland

    SVS pb13 ultra reviews

    My interpretation is that the Chorus 2 will produce a more seamless/smoother bass response down to it's designed frequency capabilities. In other words, to squeeze out that extra octave you are seeking for stereo music may be more $$$ and work just to get there. I still think it is very possible with the twin SB2000s but do see(think I see) where @jason str is coming from. Case in point, my RF-63s are incredible sounding speakers for stereo music and I often listen without my subs engaged. For my large multi-use room, the system has been much easier to tune for HT than for music. Don't mind a little "boominess" for smash up action movies but for music, just can't have that. I had just about gotten it right for music with all four subs when I sold my twin RT-10ds. Now with the remaining two subs I have to start all over with placement, EQ, phase, gain, etc. In other words, more time, trial, and error. Bill
  10. willland

    WHOA! Hold the presses!

    I say congrats to Tim and his soon to be bride. Bill
  11. willland

    SVS pb13 ultra reviews

    I own an SVS SB-13 Plus which am very pleased with for movies and music. I have heard twin SB-13 Ultras in a stereo setup and was blown away. Never heard the PB-13 Ultra but like the fact that you can plug the ports for tuning to certain frequencies and to convert to a sealed sub. Nice feature. I say get the PB-13 Ultra and add another one when a good deal becomes available. Bill
  12. willland

    Anthem 520

    @Mizzou1985, Welcome to the forum. I can't see any reason why not. Anthem AVRs have pretty robust power supplies plus the R-820F are spec'd at 97dB sensitivity so I am sure pretty easy to drive. Bill
  13. willland

    FS: (3)Three Icon XL-23 Speakers -$300

    Darn auto-correct. Bill
  14. willland

    FS: (3)Three Icon XL-23 Speakers -$300

    Are you kissing kidding me? These are still available? Please someone scoop these up, you will be impressed. Bill
  15. willland

    Integra DHC-9.9 A/V Processor

    Dean, Very surprised also. I would guess it is the lack of 4K/Atmos thing that prevented folks from jumping on this crazy good deal. I don't "need" Atmos nor 4K from a pre/pro to enjoy my system, hence the reason for now I am sticking with my NAD pre/pro. Glad you will continue to appreciate your fine Integra pre/pro for a while longer. Bill