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  1. How about in the left corner behind the sectional sofa? Bill
  2. @jdmccall, How is the Denon PMA-1600NE treating you? Bill
  3. @SergSlim, Welcome to the forum. I really think you have things covered very well. That system will rock your room. One change if you don't mind me saying, add a second SPL-120 subwoofer or get a single SPL-150 for now. Bill
  4. One of my favorites to demo equipment. Especially "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" and Steve Gadd's drum intro. I think I ripped my copy as a FLAC and it sounds identical to the CD. Bill
  5. Another legend gone. Prayers for family. Bill
  6. I have always been very fond of older Denon gear. I have owned a POA-1500 amp, PMA-1080R integrated, PMA-700V integrated, PMA-757 integrated, PRA-1500 preamp, DCD-1500 CD player and a beastly DCD-3520 CD player. All have been rock solid reliable, sweet sounding, and fast and punchy. With these guts(monoblock topology), I see no reason not to consider the POA-8300. Bill
  7. I do think so as well as @Zen Traveler. Maybe $100.00 to $125.00? Not the price expert hear. Maybe you and @mustangerfourlife can discuss privately. Hope it works out for you two. Bill
  8. As mentioned, the CXA60 is the updated version of the 651A which is the updated version of the 650A which is the updated version of the 640A v2 that I have been beautifully driving my Heresy IIs for quite some time. Bill
  9. I have a feeling you will like it. The only AVR I have heard that sounds pretty darn good for stereo music is my 52.8lbs 2004 flagship NAD T773 driving my Heresys. Though it does have a higher noise floor than most of my other gear, it can hold it's own when it comes to music. Bill
  10. @big bones billy, Do you still have those mahogany RB-5s at your place in Bradenton? As far a center channel with your RB-75s, maybe look for an RC-7 or even an RC-64II would work great. Bill
  11. How large is your room? If under 2000ft3, I would suggest a pair of smaller subs like the SVS SB1000s. Though my RSW-10d(before the amp took a dump) was plenty with my RB-75s in a 3000ft3+ room. Bill
  12. Don't mistake "brightness" with analytical and neutral. My experience with CA has been spot on neutral sound signature in just about every room I have demoed them in. My family room is the largest and it can be a bit "bright" with 500 sq ft of ceramic tile, 10 to 12ft ceilings, and many hard surfaces, but has been noticeably tamed with thick long drapes, area rugs, and fluffy pillows. On the other hand, in my master bedroom where my CA rig resides, no brightness at all with a nice neutral to warmish presentation. Bill
  13. Thanks for the vote of confidence but I do not know. My experience with Cambridge Audio includes integrated amps the 540A, 640A v2, CD player 640C, 840C, and universal player 751BD. What I can say is they were all mostly trouble free and sounded great with my Klipsch speakers. With all that said, I would shoot for either the CXA60 or the CXA80 with your Forte IIs. If either of these previous generation integrated amps are still available NOS and priced right, then consider one. A very good idea. A couple of very nice features both of these possess are stereo pre-outs and a subwoofer pre-out. Bill
  14. Probably true but when it comes to lower frequency(100Hz to 140Hz) explosions/crashes and voices the smaller woofers "may" sound a bit tinny. Bill
  15. @1950Merc, Welcome to the forum. Spec sheet for Tangent 100 says minimum amp power of 20w/channel, max 100w/channel. Power handling 100w continuous, 500w music peaks. Bill
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