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  1. willland

    Chorus II Too Big?

    It's the best place to list them. Sealed cabinet. Acoustic Suspension Loudspeakers Acoustic suspension (sealed box) loudspeakers, which are also known as infinite baffle loudspeakers, use cabinets that are sealed enclosures to shape the frequency response of transducers (drivers) with appropriate "parameters." In an acoustic suspension design loudspeaker the volume of air in the sealed cabinet is used to control the motion of the cone and to shape the driver's frequency response, particularly bass response. Bill
  2. willland

    Chorus II Too Big?

    As much as I liked my Fortes and Quartets and the Chorus 1s that I heard pretty often, I really do like the acoustic suspension Heresy 1s and Heresy 2s better. First make sure this has not been performed yet. Experiment with toe-in also. Sometimes just a few degrees to the right or left can make a huge difference. Bill
  3. I think you meant Onkyo. Nice room by the way. Bill
  4. willland


    That's right, same amp as in other thread. Bill
  5. willland


    What a beauty and a beast. Good luck with your sale. Price, unless I just missed it? Bill
  6. willland

    Looking for 3 or 5 channel amp ~200 WPC

    That is a great deal. Bill
  7. willland

    Pair of Heresy II on Craigslist

    A bit on the high side but maybe there is something special about them. Bill
  8. willland

    Is Atmos up-firing speakers a gimmick?

    If it was a gimmick, I don't Klipsch would invest any R&D to design a speaker like the RP-280FA. Maybe they would but I highly doubt it. Now that could get a bit tricky. Careful placement and aiming would be important here. Bill
  9. Cool. My philosophy, better amplification for front soundstage. Let AVR drive the rest. From my understanding yes. Bill
  10. @lupp5214, Welcome to the forum. If I was in the market for a multichannel amplifier for a very reasonable price and was buying new, this is where I would look. https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=15594 Built by ATI and in the USA. http://www.outlawaudio.com/products/5000.html Buying used, look here. https://tmraudio.com/components/power-amplifiers/anthem-pva-5-5-channel-power-amplifier-pva5/ https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lis9cfi8-anthem-mca-5-five-channels-ht-power-amp-multi-channel-amps Where are you located? Bill
  11. willland

    New toy thanks to youthmans contest

    Let's talk some more about this. I have used NAD gear(T773) in my main HT rig for close to 8.5 years. The T175HD pre/pro for the last 7 years. I have been totally pleased with the results for HT and music and have never really considered switching to another brand with the exception of Anthem and that is really a neck and neck race with another NAD. My T175HD is still going strong but have lately thought about getting something that will pass 4K and have better room EQ. Switching to Anthem has led me to an MRX710/720 or the AVM60 pre/pro and their fantastic ARC room EQ. Staying with NAD, which I would prefer, leads me to the next generation pre/pro T187 with 4K module or the T777v3 with Durac Live. Please keep me updated on anything that transpires, good or bad. Congrats on the win and the new purchase. Bill
  12. willland

    RB-61 II vs RP-600M

    Have not heard the RP-600M but will definitely say that the RB-61/61IIs are fantastic speakers. Very lifelike with great punch and detail. With the right sub in the right room, they could easily pass as a pair of well designed full range floorstanders. Bill
  13. willland

    Chorus II Too Big?

    In a room of that size, I say Chorus Is would be a better fit than Chorus IIs. Front ported as opposed to rear passive. If the price is right, give them a try. Bill
  14. willland

    FS:Oppo BDP- 83 200.00

    I owned this exact player and it was rock solid reliable, fast loading, and picture quality was fantastic. Jeff is a stand up guy so no issues considering dealing with him. Jeff, good luck with your sale. Bill
  15. willland

    Onkyo A-9110 Integrated Amp

    I have told this story before but the best my Heresys ever sounded was paired up to a legendary Luxman R-117 stereo receiver. It just did everything right. I sold it, with much regret but was immediately pleasantly surprised when my not currently in use Integra DTM-40.4 stereo receiver was plugged into the Luxman's place. The sound was phenomenal. Fast and punchy, very neutral midrange, and great detail. It did not possess the raw power and limitless dynamics/headroom of the Luxman but in the room it was setup, it did not need it. None of this surprises me at all. For some reason Onkyo/Integra often gets a bad rap for music sound quality but my experiences have been far from that. Enjoy your new toy. Bill