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  1. That's nothing. Great deal for someone. Bill
  2. Toed in(slightly) for my sweet spot and toed out for multi listeners all purpose area. Bill
  3. This here is a really good deal from a very reputable seller. A big step up from the A-S1100. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisa2i6c-yamaha-a-s2100-solid-state Bill
  4. @aceinc, Welcome to the forum. Good karma my friend. It pays to do the right thing. Had a similar thing happen when I bought my Heresys about a decade ago. Son liquidating his deceased dad's beloved Klipsch speakers. I pretty much told him the same as you. Way too little $$$ for your dad's speakers. He told me after I called that his phone and emails were lit up with buyer's. Called me back the next day and indicated that his father would have wanted the speakers to go to someone who would not just flip them but enjoy them and I could have them for the price listed at $70.00. Still have them. Enjoy those new toys. Bill
  5. Either of these should do the trick. https://www.svsound.com/collections/1000-series Bill
  6. I think you mean the A-S801 and I bet it's topology is not much different than your R-S700 except with an onboard DAC. The A-S1100 should be a considerable improvement. With the new Yamaha analog integrated amps(A-S1200, 2200, 3200) out now, the A-S1100 should be discounted. Bill
  7. My 63s are as good as I thought but room for improvement? Maybe I'll go this route also in the future. Bill
  8. @Jperes, Welcome to the forum. First make sure it has not already been performed. If able, ask the previous owner if they had this done already before you open those babies up. Which A-S specifically? Bill
  9. It's amazing to see from 48 miles as the crow flies. Especially at night. I could only imagine from that close. Bill
  10. Better yet, just change the title of this thread. Bill
  11. Maybe post in Technical/Modifications Forum, title it "Philly Member Needs Hands On Help With Forte IIs". Bill
  12. Under $200.00 for an HDMI pre/pro will be a tough find but I guess possible. Look for an Integra DHC-80.3 but probably not for near $200.00. I have a 10 year old NAD T175HD pre/pro that I have been more than pleased with. They pop up occasionally on the used market. I think it is HDMI 1.3a. Bill
  13. @gwestra@gmail.com Probably not still available but worth a shot. https://palmsprings.craigslist.org/ele/d/palm-desert-rare-klipsch-rb75-bookshelf/7114565218.html Bill
  14. @RedMoss, Welcome to the forum. Where is your location? I ask that because there are some really good folks on this forum who would be delighted to give you a hand with trouble shooting and repairing/refreshing your Forte IIs. Bill
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