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  1. Great to hear your are hearing a significant improvement. Have you noticed a more rhythmic pace and punch to the music along with the detail? Bill
  2. @aunttieem, Welcome to the forum. IMO, with that size room, RP-450C all day. At 7150 ft^3, you also need some serious subwooferage. IMO, very weak for that many speakers and that huge of a room. Bill
  3. RVX-42. Wall mount kit

    @Alexander_Sem, Welcome to the forum. From Klipsch website: "The RVX-42 goes well with 42-inch or larger plasma and LCD screens. It also features keyhole mounts (sized for a single-gang electrical box) two 3/8"-16 threaded inserts for optional wall mounts and a pedestal base. There are two insert locations on the RVX-42 where the pedestal can be positioned - one in the center and one on the bottom so the loudspeaker can either serve as a center channel or bookshelf. Another key feature is a bass compensation switch for the best possible sonic performance either on-wall or off-wall." You could also put screws in wall and hang them using those + sign holes on the rear. I have the entire RVX-42 system(below, stock photo) in my bedroom and just love it. I just use the little stands and not wall mount. Bill
  4. CD player question

    I used to do that with all my deliveries until I had this ingenious idea to have gear shipped to my place of work. No more taking time off to "meet" Fed Ex or UPS driver and guaranteed signature at delivery. Patience my friend, patience. Bill
  5. Wattage vs Speaker Rating

    Absolutely no worries at all, period. Ditto. Bill
  6. FS: onkyo tx-nr1010

    I am totally blown away that this is not sold. Bill
  7. Home Surround System for sale

    Ed, Welcome to the forum. I wanted to let you know that the center channel speaker in the photo is either and RC-35 or RC-25 and not an RC-3. Good luck with your sale. Bill
  8. Parasound Halo A52+ Amplifier (Lots of Photos)

    That Parasound is a monster. No issues with sound pressure with it. Bill
  9. Parasound Halo A52+ Amplifier (Lots of Photos)

    Yes it is, or you can select lossless PCM stereo sound. Bill
  10. FS Parasound A52

    I had one shipping disaster about 7 years ago with a pair of RB-5's and was determined for that to never happen again. And it hasn't. This is how it's done when you don't have original packaging. White box is lined with three inches of foam. Every possible square inch of space in box was filled with bubble wrap, foam, crumbled newspaper, you name it. Absolutely no movement inside box from Central Florida to Southern California. @dmraupp, Sorry about your misfortunes and hope it all works out in the end. Bill
  11. Opinions on Heresy ii

    Love my walnut oil HIIs in my bedroom. Been driving them with a Cambridge Audio 640A V2 integrated for about 2 years and could not be more pleased. I will eventually get the crossovers recapped and install some "Crites Tites". Those look beautiful. Bill
  12. Why not just get the Onkyo A-9070 since you do know how it sounds with your RF-82s? Bill
  13. Marantz 2330 B bass issue with Hersey Speakers

    When I had my Marantz 2252B(52w/ch), it unnaturally boosted the bass in my Heresys and had to turn the dial to about 10:00. Maybe these 70's Marantz receivers are designed that way. Maybe your office has more "bass traps" than the room in your home. Not sure. Bill
  14. Dude, your videos are becoming more professional-like with each one you post. Keep it up. Bill