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  1. Crazy A4Less Integra Prices

    These are insane prices on Integra pre/pros and AVRs. https://www.accessories4less.com/index.php?page=seek&id[m]=pattern&id[q]=int20 I don't need Atmos so I may just pull the trigger on the DHC-80.3 or DHC-60.5. Bill
  2. Wanted: SS Amp For 2 Channel

    How about an integrated amp? Budget? Built-in DAC? What speakers? Bill
  3. RF7 II upgrade?

    Very very nice. Bill
  4. Kind of neat but the horn/tweeter looks more like the "other" reference speakers. Bill
  5. Bypass Receiver?

    Sorry about that. Both my NAD and Yamaha have "main in" inputs so I must have "assumed"(you know the saying) you knew that. That is the only way I know of but others may know of alternative methods. Bill
  6. Bypass Receiver?

    If the Sherbourn has two separate power supplies, one for preamp section and one or more for the amp sections, then I don't see why not. If a single power supply, them amps ain't amplifying nothing. Bill
  7. Bypass Receiver?

    My NAD T773 AVR can be used as an outboard amp with a separate preamp, or preamp processor. Same for my Yamaha A-S1000 integrated. Bill
  8. Klipsch RF7 II amp

    I have always left "soft clipping" disengaged. This pretty much sums it up. http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/what-does-nads-soft-clipping-actually-do.316284/ Bill
  9. Klipsch RF7II Speaker Pairing

    Are you open to just adding an outboard stereo amp and let the Yamaha be the preamp? If so, grab an Acurus A200, Anthem MCA-2 or MCA-20, Parasound 2250, just to name a few. Bill
  10. Klipsch RF7II Speaker Pairing

    Just curious. I am very happy with the A-S1000 but would not mind trying out the A-S2000 also. Wow, another surprise. I own an NAD T773 AVR and have owned their older 5 channel amp(925THX) and both have been more than satisfying in the bass department. See if you can find you an Anthem 225 integrated or an Acurus DIA-150. Both are spot on neutral with thundering bass drive. Bill
  11. RF-7 III and RC-64 III Are Now Online

    I had a refurbished 65" KS8000 that I sold to a coworker for $800.00 and he said that he would never step down to a cheaper TV. Totally blown away by it. I got the 8000 for $150.00 as a replacement for my 4.5 year old Samsung 59" plasma. The claim was settled with Samsung after I bought the 9500 otherwise I would have kept the 8000. Sorry folks for hijacking this thread. Bill
  12. RF-7 III and RC-64 III Are Now Online

    That is the conclusion I have come to. My 2016 UN65KS9500 is a wonderful TV and in most if not all categories tests better than the 2017 flagship Samsung. Bill
  13. Review of Cornwall III

    ODS123, Welcome to the forum. Thanks for the honest and informative review. Retro is in especially with hipster millenials. Though I have never heard Cornwall III's, I have heard CII's several times and was more than impressed every time. You have an incredible setup in a beautiful room. I think those "big old fashion ugly" speakers look awesome in your room. Bill
  14. Klipsch RF-63’s cherry $399 Syracuse, NY

    Haven't I been saying that all along? Though I usually word it a bit different. I felt the same when I compared them to my Fortes. Bill
  15. Klipsch RF-63’s cherry $399 Syracuse, NY

    Cdools, Welcome to the forum. If music is your main use, then you will be hard pressed to find a more musical Klipsch 2-way speaker than the 63, especially for $399.00. Their main use in my house is for home theater and they do a jam up job at that but when I do play some old fashion stereo music through the 63's, I am left mesmerized and speechless. Bill