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  1. willland

    Which is it?

    I was just messing around. When I read your post, I had coincidentally just opened that page on A4Less. True, compared to yesteryear stereo receivers are not the norm anymore. Bill
  2. willland

    Which is it?

    Not that rare. https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/category/stereoreceivers/home-audio/receivers-amps/stereo-receivers/1.html Bill
  3. willland

    Which is it?

    It's a stereo receiver with a fancy name. Bill
  4. Start at the 110Hz and listen to see if you hear dialog coming from the subwoofer. If you do start dropping down from there. Welcome to the forum. Bill
  5. This below is a very good deal. A bit more than your budget but a lot of AVR for the price. https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/onktxrz830a/onkyo-tx-rz830-9.2-ch-x-120-watts-thx-a/v-receiver-new/1.html Same goes for this. https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/yamrxa1080bl/yamaha-rx-a1080-7.2-ch-x-110-watts-a/v-receiver/1.html#!specifications Bill
  6. QQQ, with or without subs? After rediscovering how well my RB-75's sound without a subwoofer, I decided to revisit my RF-63's with and without subwoofers. My family room rig(see gear profile below) is used mostly for movies with both subs corner loaded for more pressurized impact for those smash'em up action flicks, and boy do I feel it. Now for music, that corner placement leaves something to be desired. Too boomy, and a bit exaggerated. So, I moved both subs inside the RF-63's pointing straight out toward the room. Threw my Eagles "Farewell I Tour(Live From Melbourne)" BD in and planted my fanny in my recliner, set the NAD to stereo with Audyssey "NAD Curve" engaged(I know I should re-run Audyssey with new sub placement) and listened intently. The boominess was gone and the over emphasized slow midbass now had a grip and punch that danced elegantly with the very well recorded disc. Imaging was clearly better than before. I really like how this rig has evolved for music by just changing one thing, okay two things. Now to what my quality quandary is all about, with or without subs? After playing a few songs on the BD with subs, I decided to go set the NAD to "Analog Bypass"(no subs, no DSP, no Audyssey) and replay the same songs at same volume level at -28. I figured the song "I Can't Tell You Why" would be a true test with Tim Schmit's solid bass lines and Don's subtle kick drums. What I now had was a pretty raw, neutral presentation that sounded a bit flat but still detailed enough for background music but not enough for critical listening. What to do? I then pumped up the volume to -20 and had a listen. Now things got a bit louder but also fuller with some added depth but still lacked that something. What was it? Could it be that I just needed to inject the subs back into the mix? Or, just pump the bass tone controls up a few notches(+3)? That was it, what a huge difference. I use bass tone controls very sparingly but this time that was the missing ingredient. I always knew the 63's had it in them but this experiment solidified that fact. Spot on imaging was back full force with a 3D presentation that most music lovers would kill to achieve. Those six 6.5" woofers can sure thump. QQQ, with or without subs? Just flip a coin. Bill
  7. Very nice. Good luck with your sale. Bill
  8. You are correct, no verb in the title or phrase. Corrected. Bill
  9. I got home from work a little early yesterday to an empty house, worked out on Bowflex, took a shower, made some food and pondered on what to do with my free 3 hour window before the bride came home. I walked through my living room and a pair of beautiful natural cherry RB-75's began an intense stare that followed me across the room. I exited into the kitchen and quickly took a u-turn and then noticed my Yamaha A-S1000/CD-S1000 stack was staring also. What were these obvious partners in crime trying to tell me? That a Nora Jones SACD was in the cabinet on top also staring. So Nora and I had a little tryst in the afternoon which resulted in a "new" discovery how awesome my RB-75's/Yamaha rig really sounds. I have been putting off listening to my living room system due to my RSW-10d taking a dump last year but the pull from Nora was too strong. When I added the RSW a couple of years ago to the RB-75's, what was already great "bookshelf" speakers and became almost instantly a pair of one of the best sounding full range towers I have ever heard. Huge deep soundstage and spot on imaging with a slight adjustment to the left with the balance knob. I became spoiled. Back to Nora and me and my RB-75's(sans RSW-10d). As I mentioned, I was very hesitant and did not expect what I was about to experience but let me tell you, the RB-75's(and Nora) came to life with an impact I just was not expecting. I guess I had forgotten just how well the 75's sounded without my subwoofer. In my room, they extended lower than factory specs(42Hz) and were very audible below 40Hz. Combination room gain, acoustics, the Yamaha, or maybe just Nora's magic, I don't know? Oh, bass tone control was set at "0". I will eventually send the RSW in for repairs, but now I know immediately what those stares mean and I must make a move. Bill
  10. Just checking before I suggest those without native 4K. Bill
  11. That's easy, Emo on your L-C-R and L-R surrounds. Let AVR handle the rest, L-R rear surrounds and Atmos channels. Bill
  12. @kubotadave, I am sorry myself and no others responded. But with that said, a DYI horn loaded sub would most likely blend better with La Scalas. Let me give a shout out to some of our resident horn sub experts. @jason str @Thaddeus Smith @CECAA850 Bill
  13. Definitely a more accurate way but Andrew has reviewed the H3's. Remember, only your ears with your gear in your room. Bill
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