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  1. Nice amp, plenty of power. Looks like you got a pretty good deal if in good condition. Enjoy. Bill
  2. willland

    Marantz HD-DAC1

    Very nice. I have eyed those for some time. Good luck with your sale. Bill
  3. I have driven my Heresy 2s with many different brands over the years and currently using a Cambridge Audio 640A v2 integrated amp. Plenty of power and a very neutral sound signature. Bill
  4. I(me) would get a ported version from either brand and run it ported(extension, SPL) for HT and sealed(punch, speed) for music. These preferences are based on my experience only and by no means am I saying this is best for you or anyone else. My experience is with SVS so I would look for a PB model with the option of plugging ports for sealed applications. Bill
  5. Nothing wrong with 5 subs either for HT but could not ever get it to blend "perfectly" for music. Bill
  6. I agree. At least offer them with matching veneers with the RF-7III. Bill
  7. Sorry you have to liquidate but "priorities" 1st. Good luck with your sale. Oh, where is your location? Bill
  8. I would place the RS-62 as side surrounds and the RB-81IIs as rear surrounds. Bill
  9. You have a very nice setup. I think your room size will accommodate rear surrounds just fine, and the RB-81IIs will match perfectly. Your NAD M25 will drive all speakers with authority. Bill
  10. @EinarZ, Welcome to the forum. Not really "needed" but "can" offer noticeable better control even with highly efficient Klipsch speakers. As mentioned in one of my replies earlier in this thread, my Yamaha A-S1000 and it's "90w/ch@8ohms" had an easy time with my RF-63s in a 5000ft3 room. Took that same amp over to @Youthman's and drove his RF-7IIIs, RF-7IIs, and RF-7s and was totally amazed how well it drove them all. Bill
  11. I think you will be okay with either. Bill
  12. @anspower, Welcome to the forum. I think the PM6004 will do just fine with the 600Ms. Before I got my Yamaha A-S1000 with "90w/channel", I drove my RB-75s with a Cambridge Audio 640A with it's 75w/ch in a 4000ft3 room and experienced no issues at all. Very nice combination. Bill
  13. @VishalJ, Welcome to the forum. I think an excellent choice. Bill
  14. Very nice stack. I am all about "matching" gear. Bill
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