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  1. I would say more like the Reference III version of the RB-81. Bill
  2. Yes real wood veneer on the RB-75s not RB-35s. I bought my RB-75s before I sold my RB-35s and they are indeed better overall. At 3 times the going rate in sound quality, probably not, but the rarity, heft, larger horn, 1.75 in compression driver, and real wood veneer, sold me on the 75s. Bill
  3. I agree and on looks alone. Bill
  4. @wnabphil78@gmail, Welcome to the forum. Great price for the KG4s and if you are speaking about the Luxman R-115 stereo receiver, excellent match. Enjoy, Bill
  5. They just do a lot of things very well. Unlimited dynamics in my 3500ft3 living room. Imaging, at least in my room, is as good as any pair of speakers I have ever heard. Crisp, never harsh detail in the upper midrange and treble. Really big sound from "bookshelf" speakers. Stout at 32 pounds each and did I mention the real wood cherry veneer. Though I never plan on selling my RF-63s, but if I did, the RB-75's would easily fall in their place with my RC-64 in my main HT rig. I kind of look at the RB-75s as the Reference version of the Heresy IIIs. Bill
  6. willland

    Av receiver

    @Raja, Welcome to the forum. Will this be a minimum 5.1 HT rig or just a stereo system? Bill
  7. Speaking of cast iron. Bill
  8. Rear surrounds Computer speakers Small stereo rig with or without small subwoofer Bill
  9. willland

    Lodge Cast Iron

    Not really audio related but many of us listen to music while cooking so by default this ad is not really out of place. Crazy prices at Walmart on Lodge cast iron. Here are a few of the great deals. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Lodge-Logic-Seasoned-Cast-Iron-12-Skillet-with-Assist-Handle/5969633 https://www.walmart.com/ip/Lodge-Logic-Seasoned-Cast-Iron-10-25-Skillet-with-Assist-Handle/5969628 https://www.walmart.com/ip/Lodge-Cast-Iron-10-25-3-Quart-Covered-Deep-Skillet/6005459 Bill
  10. I think they are worth every penny of $750.00. IMO, they are that good. Don't come across 32 pounds "bookshelf" speakers every day. Bill
  11. The RVX-54s are very nice speakers that look cool and sound wonderful. I have owned the baby bothers RVX-42s/RSX-4s for about 12 years and have no plans to get rid of them. Good luck with your sale. Bill
  12. Suburbs I guess. I think 700 to 800 degrees in the oven burned it off just fine. My grandmother and mom used bacon grease, lard and Crisco. Whatever they had on hand. Bill
  13. Here they are after baking, scouring/washing, and two rounds of Crisco seasoning. Third coat tomorrow. Bill
  14. That AVM 60 runs neck and neck with another NAD pre/pro if my NAD T175HD takes a dump. Nice price by the way. Good luck with all your sales. Bill
  15. willland


    If it is longer than the RC-42II, then it is most likely an RC-52II. Bill
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