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  1. Marantz mm7055 5 channel amp

    Carl, We did with flying colors. Only a flicker or two with the power, no trees came down(in my yard), no shingles lost. How about you guys? Bill
  2. Setup for sale in St Louis area

    If this is legit, a steal of a deal. The RSW-10d for $159.00 is the best of the lot. Bill
  3. Marantz mm7055 5 channel amp

    Good luck guys. Hope you can make a deal. Bill
  4. Forte II set up HELP!

    Matt, Welcome to the forum. You have yourself some very nice speakers that can offer boat loads of enjoyment. Bill
  5. Yes if you want to add the lower octave or two and if you can afford it. I personally don't think this is 100% necessary but it sure won't hurt to add a bit more horsepower. Bill
  6. If you are at that distance, then I think the A-S301 will be just fine. Considering that the A-S301 has a subwoofer preout, I think you should add one(or two) to fill in the bottom end and take some of the heavy lifting off the amp. Bill
  7. Klipsch RF7 II amp

    The preamp is very important for it's sound qualities, processing, EQ, etc. but the amp is what is going to provide the dynamics, punch, bass drive, etc. A good many preamp/processors to choose from. From $$ to $$$$. Offerings from Anthem, Marantz, Onkyo/Integra, Yamaha, NAD, and others are available on the used, new, and new/refurbished market. Bill
  8. "The Vietnam War" on PBS

    Yes indeed. I alternated between it and the Falcons/Packers game. Actually I watched most of it and just flipped to the game for the score. I knew a bit about that but learned a ton more from this doc. Bill
  9. Nothing against the A-S301 but if you can afford it, I say step up to a minimum the A-S501 to give you a bit more headroom. These Yamaha integrateds have gotten much praise and should have no problem driving your 160Ms unless you like ear bleeding levels in a huge room. Bill
  10. Klipsch RF7 II amp

    The RC-64II is the matching center speaker. If you can afford a preamp-processor/amp combo, then that is the route I suggest. Otherwise a top tier AVR with preouts is next best. Bill
  11. WTB: Emotiva 5 Channel Amp

    @dcbrown88, What speakers are you driving? Sorry, just read this. My System Fronts: (2) RF-7 II Center: RC-64 II Rears + Sides: (4) RS-62 II Atmos: (2) CDT-5650-C II Though I do think the Marantz for sale here on the forum will work just fine, your system will be better served with a bit more grunt. Bill
  12. Non expensive CD player

    Though not always inexpensive on the used market, Denon put out some really good ones 80's and 90's. $$$ DCD-3520, DCD-3560 $$ DCD-2560 $ DCD-1500 DCD-1520 Also look into Adcom carousel players like the GCD-600 and GCD-700. Both a bit mechanically noisy when changing CDs but the sound they produce is very musical, IMO. Bill
  13. Klipsch RF7 II amp

    I think NAD and Klipsch make a great combination. Been using NAD for years. Bill
  14. Klipsch RF7 II amp

    Especially either of these beauties.
  15. Klipsch RF7 II amp

    An amp with low impedance driving capabilities does not necessarily mean it will have a high damping factor. It just means it is a high current amp that is more stable at lower impedances. Any of the amps that I suggested will have no issues driving your RF-7IIs. The NAD M3 will have an easy time with the 7IIs. Bill