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  1. willland


    We are good. Not much more than a a little past breezy(20mph) with intermittent downpours. At my house I have seen summer afternoon thunderstorms that kick up 60mph winds and drop 2 inches rain per hour. I guess we were blessed this time. Thanks for asking. Bill
  2. willland


    Prayers and safe wishes for our friend @billybob with his encounter with Idalia. Not sure of the exact location but I am sure he will see some impact.
  3. @renegade, Welcome to the forum. Will this work? Not sure if they ship to NZ. https://www.simplyspeakers.com/klipsch-replacement-speaker-tweeter-1011978.html Bill
  4. willland


    Now that I am a bit "overstocked" with straps for my HC 39, decided to add a couple for my Edox Skydiver Military Bronze. Also, after a year owning with no natural patina change with the bronze, I "forced" it with the saltwater and ammonia method and it aged several years in about an hour. Bill
  5. I have enjoyed my "bottom of the barrel" A-S1000 for several years and am still amazed how quiet, punchy, neutral, this integrated amp is. I could only imagine what the upper tier 2100, 2200, 3100, 3200, with their discrete circuitry would sound like with my Klipsch speakers. Bill
  6. Just about any Steely Dan especially the album Aja.
  7. @louis77, Welcome to the forum. Considering the fact that the AW650's are outside speakers designed for patio/porch music listening, I think your plan is just fine. Most patio systems are for background music and not for critical listening stereo imaging. Keep the music volume level confined to you and your guests enjoyment and not blasting for your neighborhood to rock out to and you should have no worries. Stick to what I said in bold print and you should be good. Bill
  8. willland


    Yes it would but I am a strap guy. I have one watch with a bracelet and quickly switched it out for a provided vintage leather strap.
  9. willland


    A couple of new sailcloth straps for my Longines HC 39. I think I am up to 13 straps now. Beats(cheaper) giving in to my obsession of buying every cool watch I come across. Bill
  10. If I did not have a pair and was local, they would be gone. Bill
  11. Very nice. Good luck with your sale. Bill
  12. I guess us two should be members of the Central Florida chapter of the RB-75 Fan Club. Bill
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