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  1. Is your plan for 2-channel only? If so, definitely look for a nice integrated amp or separates. Bill
  2. What amp do you have in mind? A little scary between 100Hz and 300Hz but not too bad elsewhere. http://www.stereophile.com/content/klipsch-palladium-p-17b-loudspeaker-measurements#LFRdou3cO2eTQlrc.97 Bill
  3. Looks pretty legit. Keep watching and bidding. Bill
  4. Anthony, Welcome to the forum. I saw the ad and they sure look nice. Send seller a PM and feel him out a bit more. Ask does he have feedback on another selling sight you could look up. How far are you from him? Bill
  5. Monday bump with a few incentives added to sweeten the sale. Bill
  6. One of my demo discs, CD and BD. Nothing wrong with John Mayer, he is an incredible guitarist. Bill
  7. SteveAV, Welcome to the forum. Nice speakers and stealthy too. Good luck with your sale. Bill
  8. Worth a shot. Good luck with your sale. Bill
  9. Matty, Welcome to the forum. Don't quote me on this but I imagine my cherry RT-10d's would go for around $450.00 each if I was to sell them so the cherry RT-12d should fetch near the $550.00 to $600.00 range. Black slightly less on average IMO. Bill
  10. A little more info here. The CA 751BD is basically an Oppo BDP-95 in a BDP-93 chassis. Both Oppo and CA use the same Mediatek chipset for video and user interface. They use they own audio tweaks though. Bill
  11. Found an RC-52 in your "area". https://sacramento.craigslist.org/ele/6054366256.html Bill
  12. Best is one of those words that is too subjective especially in the audio/video world. As far as flagship BD players go, your Oppo 95/105 and CA 751/752 and a few others from Sony, Denon, Marantz, and Pioneer, are built to last and do all the things that they are expected to and do them well. Great build quality, great onboard DACs, fast loading, etc. On the other hand, your run of the mill $80.00 and 5lbs BD players do play BD's well, have streaming features/apps, but from my experience are noisy and struggle at times with some discs. Those are not ones I would recommend for quality music playback. Just my experience. Bill
  13. DCRT08, Welcome to the forum. I can't say which is "better" for 2-channel but can say I love my Heresy I's with my NAD T773 AVR(similar to your B&K in many ways) as well as my Heresy II's with my Integra DTM-40.4 stereo receiver. As far as 3-way vs 2-way, I equally love my RF-63's and RB-75's for music. It is more about the implementation and component/speaker synergy than it is about 3-way vs 2-way.
  14. After a bit of research, a little price reevaluation was in order. Bill
  15. I have for sale a Cambridge Audio 751BD universal(BD, CD, SACD, DVD, DVD-A, etc.) player that has performed flawlessly with all disc formats and network music streaming from my PC for the last 3 years. Overall condition is very good. Reasons for selling: Eliminating components from TV stand for better access and heat dissipation. Using new Oppo 105 as DAC(from SMART TV), network music file streaming, and multi format disc use where before both Cambride Audio 840C CDplayer/DAC and 751BD both were needed. The shipped price of $675.00 $625.00 includes Bill's personal touch "packing to withstand bomb blast", Fed Ex Ground shipping, and I eat PayPal fee as always. Local pickup price is $650.00 $600.00. Original MSRP was $1249.00. A little info about the 751BD below. http://hometheaterreview.com/cambridge-audio-azur-751bd-blu-ray-universal-player-reviewed/ https://www.crutchfield.com/S-u3BT8mjXWMI/p_779751BDB/Cambridge-Audio-Azur-751BD.html Bill