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  1. Shipper files the claim unless you used your own UPS account#. I am sorry about your misfortune. Hope all works out in the end. Bill
  2. Are you certain that these Heresy IIs have not had their crossovers refreshed already? Bill
  3. @Ericksg, Welcome to the forum. I think you will be just fine with the M22. Huge amounts of power on tap. What preamp are you considering? Bill
  4. @MisterMaa, Welcome to the forum. RP-8000Fs, very good speakers. RF-7III, incredible speakers. If you will eventually use theses speakers in a multichannel home theater setup, the an AVR is a way to go. If you are going strictly 2-channel(stereo), then I suggest a quality integrated stereo amp or a stereo preamp/amp combo. You will extract the best(for stereo) your speakers have to offer if you consider these ideas. Bill
  5. @CuriousJim, Welcome to the forum. Saw your post over at audiogon.com. I would also say that $800.00 is a bit high for Heresy IIs but they are great speakers. Make sure that the crossovers refresh has not already been performed before you buy more parts. Good luck. Bill
  6. Very fairly priced deal. Love those Marantz monoblocks and the price too. Good luck with your sale. Bill
  7. One piece of advice, be patient. Very doable but may take some time and effort to get it right. Bill
  8. Would you stop that? It is making me nervous. Folks, this is a crazy deal. Bill
  9. Brother, I am so sorry. Prayers for you and your family. Bill
  10. Congrats, you should be very pleased. If needed. Previous owner/s may have already refreshed the crossovers. Absolutely. Never heard of that but be careful with the volume, those babies get loud. Bill
  11. Nothing says you can't like both equally. I can't say between my main pair of speakers, RF-63s, Heresys, Heresy IIs, RB-75s, which I like "best". Bill
  12. Very good deal. Good luck with your sale. Bill
  13. @the5chord, Welcome to the forum. What are you driving them with? How large is your room? Are you saying on the new or used market? Bill
  14. I am a huge outboard amp proponent and my system went to new heights when I first added a B&K Reference 4430(200x3) to my front soundstage(RF-63--RC-64--RF-63) in my 5000ft3 room. Now before the amp I was driving my 5.1 system with a mid level Onkyo TX-SR705 which may be considered upper midlevel today with it's 28.4lbs weight. Not here to say you will hear/feel an improvement but I sure did and have never looked back. Bill
  15. All you mentioned look to do the trick and do it well. The Anthem AVM 60 would be my choice. It has been near or at the top of my wish list for quite some time. Bill
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