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  1. Not meaning here to be disrespectful, but that is a very bold statement that I don't think is very accurate. Yes the original RF-7 did have some critics but overall, it was well received then as well as now. Still in pretty high demand today. I would say the RF-7II kept what was great about the RF-7 and improved on what was not as great. Bill
  2. The RF-7 is/was the flagship model in the Reference line. Professional grade 1.75" compression driver combined with a pair of 10" woofers made for one seriously dynamic speaker that can take pretty much whatever you throw at it. Big following when they were first introduced as well as today. High demand for the 7's and the relentless "pressure" on Klipsch to bring them back into production, is what led to the releasing of the RF-7II. Even though the RP-280F is a fine speaker also, it still remains second in line behind the much more costly and better performing RF-7II. Bill
  3. I think $1200.00 is way above avg. market value today. After the RF-7II came out, many had no problem paying that much for the RF-7. I think the RF-7 performs way above it's current "market" value. It is one fine speaker, IMO. Bill
  4. Those RF-7's from South Florida are not a good deal at $1200.00 considering current market values for cherry at between $600.00 and $900.00. With that said, folks would pay that much all day long just a few years ago. I do think as far as performance goes, they are worth every penny. Bill
  5. Let me check with the bride and see if I can get the day off from work. Bill
  6. Welcome to the forum. No apologies and this is not AVS Forum so you "should" not get that from any of us. Seems like a killer deal. Bill
  7. You are not kidding. Good luck with your sale. Bill
  8. Robert, Glad to hear you are rocking again. That Parasound combo should do the trick. Enjoy, Bill
  9. "They were such good boys." Crazy times. Bill
  10. Robert, Welcome to the forum. Just saw your post on Audiogon and was about to respond to it. First, make sure no power to any equipment. 1)CD player out via stereo(R & L) RCA cables to stereo(R & L) input(maybe labeled CD) on preamp 2)Preamp RCA preouts(R & L) to amplifier RCA stereo inputs(R & L) 3)Amplifier right speaker terminals(+ & -) to right KLF-20 speaker terminals(+ & -), amplifier left speaker terminals(+ & -) to left KLF-20 speaker terminals(+ & -) with speaker wires Looks like your photo shows what I just explained. Is that mono bridged toggle switched to off? Are you certain your RCA cables are not defective? Have you tried different RCA inputs on your preamp, like video 1? Just saw this, try switching from L & R bypass to front/line to the R&L next to bypass. Bill
  11. That would be tying up $800.00. Bill
  12. If I was in the market, I would have already acted. I would buy to flip only but can't tie up $500.00 right now with son going to Boy Scout camp and church youth camp this summer. I might could broker a deal though. Bill
  13. Hey Max, what is the max you can spend? Again, if 2-channel is your thing, then NAD is up to the task. Bill
  14. Yes it is. Bill
  15. http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/intdhc803/integra-dhc-80.3-9.2-ch-thx-networking-a/v-preamp/processor/1.html http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/intdhc802/integra-dhc-80.2-9.2-ch-thx-networking-a/v-preamp/processor/1.html Been more than pleased with my NAD T175HD for over 4 years. NAD excels at stereo music. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/processors-nad-t175hd-t-175hd-preamp-processor-with-manufacturer-s-warranty-2017-04-21-home-theater-01060-florence-ma Bill