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  1. willland

    NFL 2019

    Good point/s. Bill
  2. willland

    NFL 2019

    Possible but here is an important fact. Of the 4 games the Chiefs lost this season, the points difference was never more than 7. Bill Week Date Opponent Result Record Venue NFL.com recap 1 September 8 at Jacksonville Jaguars W 40–26 1–0 TIAA Bank Field Recap 2 September 15 at Oakland Raiders W 28–10 2–0 RingCentral Coliseum Recap 3 September 22 Baltimore Ravens W 33–28 3–0 Arrowhead Stadium Recap 4 September 29 at Detroit Lions W 34–30 4–0 Ford Field Recap 5 October 6 Indianapolis Colts L 13–19 4–1 Arrowhead Stadium Recap 6 October 13 Houston Texans L 24–31 4–2 Arrowhead Stadium Recap 7 October 17 at Denver Broncos W 30–6 5–2 Empower Field at Mile High Recap 8 October 27 Green Bay Packers L 24–31 5–3 Arrowhead Stadium Recap 9 November 3 Minnesota Vikings W 26–23 6–3 Arrowhead Stadium Recap 10 November 10 at Tennessee Titans L 32–35 6–4 Nissan Stadium Recap 11 November 18 at Los Angeles Chargers W 24–17 7–4 Estadio Azteca (Mexico City) Recap 12 Bye 13 December 1 Oakland Raiders W 40–9 8–4 Arrowhead Stadium Recap 14 December 8 at New England Patriots W 23–16 9–4 Gillette Stadium Recap 15 December 15 Denver Broncos W 23–3 10–4 Arrowhead Stadium Recap 16 December 22 at Chicago Bears W 26–3 11–4 Soldier Field Recap 17 December 29 Los Angeles Chargers W 31–21 12–4 Arrowhead Stadium Recap
  3. I based my original reply by the height given of 41" which was most likely measured minus the little feet. Bill
  4. @sbcoffey42, Welcome(back) to the forum. I owned a 2252B for a few years and it powered everything(Quartets, Heresys, RB-5s) I threw at it with fluidity and control and was a joy to own. I never felt 52w/ch was too much for anything. Bill
  5. I am in the neutral camp as well. Glad all is working out for you. Bill
  6. @nfboats, Welcome to the forum. Those would be KLF-20s and beauties also. Bill
  7. I figured the difference in input sensitivity and input impedance of the two amps may be the culprit. Just guessing. Bill
  8. Maybe some of the specs below contribute to the difference. Marantz PM6006 Power Output (8 / 4 Ohm RMS) 45 W / 60 W Frequency response 10 Hz-70 kHz Total Harmonic Distortion 0.08 % Damping Factor 100 Input Sensitivity MM 2.2 mV / 47 kOhm Signal to Noise Ratio MM 83 dB Input Sensitivity High Level 200 mV / 20 kOhm Signal to Noise Ratio High Level 102dB (2V input) Anthem 225 Input Impedance 30 kΩ 'Pre-Out' Output Impedance 560 Ω 'Rec-Out' Output Impedance 100 Ω Rated Input 1.0 Vrms Maximum Input 7.6 Vrms Minimum Load 5 kΩ Rated Output (100 k1 load) 1.0 Vrms Maximum Output (100 k1 load) 7.6 Vrms Headphone Output 500 mW into 32 Ω at 0.03% THD+N Channel Separation (at 1 kHz) 75 dB Crosstalk Between Inputs (at 1 kHz) 72 dB XLR Pin Configuration Pin 1: Ground; Pin 2: Positive; Pin 3: Negative Frequency Response and Bandwidth 20 Hz to 20 kHz (+0, -0.1 dB); 1 Hz to 170 kHz (+0, -3 dB) THD+N (at rated input and output, 80 kHz BW) 0.003% IMD (CCIF at 15 kHz and 16 kHz) 0.0005% Bill
  9. Don't know what this Denon sounds like but the three 80's Denon integrated amps and preamp/amp combo that used to drive my Heresys, Quartets, and Fortes all sounded incredible. Good luck with your sale/trade. Bill
  10. Are your fronts placed in the corners at near the 13ft distance? If so, toe them in so they shoot to a point directly behind your ears/head. As mentioned, pull them out from the front wall to maybe 18 inches. Can you scoot your main listening position up some so it will be part of a equilateral triangle(13' x 13' x 13' or 12' x 12' x 12')? Bill
  11. They do but mine lasted from 2008 to 2019. Worth repairing though. My SVS SB13 Plus amp dumped after 6 years but they fixed it for free even though out of warranty. Bill
  12. I feel you. I am not a drummer or a musician but I can sure recognize greatness/talent. Glen Frey, David Bowie, Prince, Tom Petty, all took a part of my heart but this has cRUSHed it. Bill
  13. I am holding that book right now. "Ghost Rider" Bill
  14. Shocked! Had no clue. Brought me to tears, still. Bill
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