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  1. No, just three identical, which in fact could be "LCR" specific speakers. L-C-R meaning Left-Center-Right. Bill
  2. It seams to test much higher than spec. You should be good to go. Marantz PM 7005 According to the manufacturer's specifications, the predecessor - PM7004 - had a much higher power than the new PM7005, which, at least "in papers", looks modest, because what is 60 W into 8 ohms and only 80 W into 4 ohms. However, the power of the tested unit is much higher, reaching 86 W at 8 ohms and as much as 121 W at 4 ohms - when one channel is driven; two channels driven simultaneously also look good - respectively 2 x 83 W and 2 x 109 W. Bill
  3. You know, I was just thinking about that the other day. They have them both in stock. https://reconingspeakers.com/products-page/klipsch-1000329-rf-63-rf-83-tweeter-k-71-g/ https://reconingspeakers.com/products-page/klipsch-1000265-rf-63-woofer-k-1205-nb/ Bill
  4. Until I find a 2 way tower that sounds better, but I ain't looking. Bill
  5. @Bertuzzi, Welcome to the forum. Yes first version of RP line but from my understanding, voiced very similar to second version RP speakers. I doubt you could hear a difference. Bill
  6. These are fine reliable players that will perform very well. I second that but will be pricey. Bill
  7. Me too. @BluBitRates, Wow, long time no hear/see from. I hope all is well. Bill
  8. Yes, and the Denon 3805 is an upper midlevel/near flagship AVR and pretty potent for and AVR. Bill
  9. @Wm McMillan, Welcome to the forum. They look to be a pair of KG4s. Pull the front cover off so we can confirm. Bill
  10. This may be a problem. Your Yamaha is entry level or near entry level and just may not have the horsepower to properly drive your THX system. Bill
  11. If you can afford to get that deal without selling your RF-5/RC-35 combo first, then that is what I say do. Maybe do a few comparison demos for a week or so and sell the ones you like least. That would truly be the only way to know which combo is best, to your ears. Bill
  12. Wouldn't that be an equilateral triangle? Bill
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