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  1. willland

    Should Mickelson WD?

    If Jack is humble enough to recognize Tiger's greatness then as a huge Nicklaus fan also, I sure can. I was at The Masters on Sunday in 86 when Jack won his 6th and new I was experiencing a historic sporting moment. If healthy, Tiger can and most likely will win another one at Augusta and maybe even another major. Will he tie Jack with 18, maybe. Bill
  2. willland

    denon Poa2200 amp for forte II

    I have driven my Fortes with a PRA-1500/POA-1500 as well as a couple of Denon PMA integrated amps and the combinations have been wonderful. Great punchy fast bass drive with neutral mid-range and detailed highs. Bill
  3. willland

    Should Mickelson WD?

    Kind of like a safe space crying booth? Bill
  4. willland

    Should Mickelson WD?

    The US Open historically has been the toughest Major and maybe even of all pro tournaments. Is Shinnecock Hills ridiculously tough this weekend? Absolutely. Is it a level(pardon pun) playing field? Absolutely IMO. Today is all about survival. Bill
  5. willland

    Your first?

    2006 at 42. Now I may have experienced Klipsch at an earlier stage of my life but just did not know it. Bill
  6. willland

    Should Mickelson WD?

    Tough call. As mentioned in yesterday's broadcast, this was way out of character for him and he seemed to have just snapped in frustration. I do think if rule 14-2 applies, he should consider withdrawing. Who knows how far the ball would have rolled and how many puts it would have taken to sink the ball. Though "mathematically" I don't think he has an honest chance to win, he could have a brilliant round and end up in the top 20 which would pay out more and benefit his Fed Ex Cup points and his world ranking. The noble thing would be to withdraw, IMO. Bill
  7. willland

    Heresy III Walnut Pair

    @loddie, Very nice. I am interested and hinted to my bride what a wonderful Father's Day gift these would be. She did not even blink, just shook her head. Good luck with your sale. Bill
  8. Yes you did. Bill
  9. willland

    Onkyo 8160 Rp-160m bi-amp

    @Kahless, Welcome to the forum. Looking at the rear of the Onkyo, I see no preouts to ad an amp nor any other way to bi-amp. Just hook up the conventional way and enjoy. Bill
  10. willland

    Denon PMA 1080R, TU 800, and DCM 440 $300

    A bump for my friend and his fantastic Denon rig he has for sale. Bill
  11. willland

    Will Fortes sound better if...?

    This is not "high end" but very well respected and drove my Fortes better than anything before or after. Bill
  12. @loddie, Welcome to the forum. Very nice, kind of like mine but with a stain and lacquer. Good luck with your sale. Bill
  13. willland

    RP-160M vs Heresy III vs Subwoofer

    Your Yamaha is a nice piece and will probably sound great with HIIIs. Bill
  14. willland

    RP-160M vs Heresy III vs Subwoofer

    Define better? Seriously, never heard the RP-160Ms or Heresy IIIs but have the HIs and HIIs and RB-61s. IMO, they all sound awesome in their own right. I am a huge Heresy fan as well as Reference bookshelf speakers and they have their own "strengths and weaknesses". As far as low end with Heresy IIIs, they will not over power you smallish room and as a matter fact you most likely will benefit from some boundary gain and get a little more low frequency extension. Bill
  15. willland

    Home Theater set up for TV...?

    Yes that is with 1 channel driven at 6ohms at 1kHz at .9% THD. Drive 5 speakers at the same time and you "may" get 30w/ch at 6ohms. Amplifier Output Details Output Power / Channel 100 Watt Output Impedance / Channel 6 Ohm Frequency Response at 1 kHz Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) 0.9 % Bill