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  1. I don't know if moving them that far is the best idea. For movies, you still want them "connected" to you screen. Too far to the right and left and sounds will draw your ears/eyes way off the screen. A foot or two outside the screen/TV should be ideal. Now if your were to replace with a 120" projector screen, then the corners would be just about perfect. At first, I had my RF-63's dead in the corners toed in a few degrees toward my ears in the center seating position and with movies it was a bit awkward with the sounds way too far from the TV. Bill
  2. If you can do without some of the most modern features of a new AVR, then by all means do this. I am all about amps with most speakers. Even the finest flagship AVRs today do not have the gusto that even a moderate multichannel amp has. This Outlaw Audio's entry level 5-channel amp is a prime example. https://www.outlawaudio.com/products/5000.html Bill
  3. High quality AVR, flagship or near flagship, with amp can be just be just about as good as pre/pro and amp combo. Bill
  4. Big room, approximately 7500ft3. Either move a bit closer to the TV/Screen, maybe 11ft away, or slide the speakers out some where they are around 8 to 9ft apart and toe them in a few degrees. As a matter of fact, if possible, do a little of both. Can you take a photo of the speakers and screen from your listening position and also from behind where you sit? Bill
  5. Alex, Welcome to the forum. Maybe try to find a Cornscala for center. Bill
  6. Okay, my suggestions are a bit varied. https://miami.craigslist.org/pbc/ele/d/klipsch-wf-main-stereo/6229915243.html These towers are smallish but sound great, look great, and would fit nicely in your room. Send a PM to forum member @Scrappydue and ask his opinion. https://treasure.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-audiophile-speakers/6195573351.html An excellent speaker for it's price. Pretty awesome bass response. Kind of a tallish "bookshelf" speaker. https://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/ele/d/klipsch-reference-series-rb/6197776602.html No hesitation at all suggesting these fine speakers. Detailed, punchy bass, great soundstage. IMO, the RB-61/RB-61II are the sweet spot models in the Reference line. Send @Youthman a PM for his opinion. Bill
  7. David, Welcome to the forum. What is the size of your room, L x W x H? How far from speakers is your main listening position? Bill
  8. @tylerstoddard368, Where is your location again? Bill
  9. The fact that the RB5 is rear ported will give you a bit more bass impact in your small room as opposed to the RB81II's front port. Bill
  10. I once had a pair of RB-5's in my 13 x 13 x 10 guest bedroom and believe me, they rocked. Surprising amount of bass/impact. Added a subwoofer just to demo and it took the RB-5's to a completely new level. Same for the RB-35's in the same room. Bill
  11. If Charles passes on these I really do think you should consider them. Real wood veneer, 1.25 inch true compression drivers, three 8 inch woofers(RF-83), and four 6.5 inch woofers(RC-64). Bill
  12. The Moab was just updated in 2017 after 10 years to the Moab 2. They did update the Reflex that I have a couple of years ago. I think the pair that I just ordered was updated in 2016. I actually have my eye on a sweet looking pair of Adidas hikers. Bill
  13. My 3rd pair of Merrells should arrive in about 10 days. $109.95 - 30% = $79.95 - $50.00 WOWPoints = $29.95 delivered. Merrell Chameleon Prime Stretch Hiking Shoe in Kangaroo(color) Bill
  14. Just got my second pair of Merrell hikers after almost 6 years. Absolutely the most comfortable and durable brand of shoes I have ever owned. These are waterproof and have Vibram soles. And I got them for quite a bargain through my employer's EPP and from www.shoes.com. They sell all day long for $119.99 and I got them for $95.96 shipped minus $50.00 of WOWPoints for a grand total of $45.96. My first pair were Merrell Reflex low hikers and they were for the most part worn daily since October 2011. Bill
  15. And??? White lettering on a white screen just doesn't work. Is anyone else seeing(not seeing) this? Bill