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  1. Travis!! We need to catch up. Hope all is well.
  2. Hey there Jay! All is well here. Just hanging around getting older and wiser....older at least (turned 60 last week). I was working from home 4 days a week before all this began so that part is easy. Not hanging out with the grand kids has been the toughest adjustment for me. Stay safe my friend.
  3. What's up everyone? Nice to see my old pals posting! Back to the subject at hand... I haven't made any major changes to my main system in probably a decade or longer. I honestly can't remember when I bought any of my gear but it has to be at least 10 years since Craig sold me NBS prototype #2. My room has changed a few times and my Khorns now sit more than 20 ft apart which was a massive improvement.
  4. This is like a reunion....
  5. Hey Allan. Glad you finally have something to play all those crappy records on!
  6. garymd


    Hahaha...didn't think anyone noticed. I try to post at least once every 3 years, even if I don't have much to say. Thebes actually sent me a link to this thread. These are the only other pair of factory zebrawood I've seen in many years although I haven't paid much attention lately. I hope all my old forum friends are doing well!
  7. Fits mine perfectly....in case you were wondering.
  8. Hey Mark - You have a pm!
  9. Yeah Russ...don't make me feel any worse than I already do!! Yes, I sold them to Dhar along with a bunch of other great stuff way way way too cheap.... I drove 6 hours to Syracuse for those CWs and they were gorgeous!!!
  10. Hey Tom! This is also my first post in ages, maybe just my 2nd or 3rd in the past 3 or 4 years. If these are still available, I might be interested. Just moved into a new house (post-divorce) and looking to set up the HT again. All I need is a center channel to go with my zebrawood cornwalls and there is no longer a need for WAF. I sold a beautiful pair of NM '74 CWO's a couple years ago way too cheap that look exactly like yours..wish I still had them. I'm in MD but not totally opposed to a road trip. Might be a long shot but shoot me a pm or email if you want to discuss. Gary
  11. garymd

    Four Birthday Boys

    Five, but whose counting. Thanks
  12. Hey Jay! What's new mi amigo? The "Aqua-bung" reference was from the actual set list Travis snagged from the keyboard player. I didn't forget the songs (not all of them anyway), just the way they had them written. I seem to recall "Heavy Whores" was also on the list....
  13. It's in a box somewhere! I'm getting ready to move so it'll probably turn up. The only song I distinctly remember from that set list was "Aqua-bung." I guess you need a sense of humor after 40+ years of touring!!
  14. Hey gents!! Its been ages..... I hope everyone is doing well. Like Larry, I'm also a tad confused. Is this a question? A recommendation? Food for thought? I also agree with Larry and Travis that any version of the Vector is a better mate with a Basis than the Graham. I also agree that the original pressing of Thick as a Brick could very well be the best out there, especially for the money. I broke the seal on an MFSL a few years ago and was sorely disappointed (very thin sounding - nice detail but no bottom end), unlike the MFSL pressing of Aqualung which is a real showstopper. I received the new box set of TAAB I & II as a gift last year and it is just awful. Rick - If I had to guess, I'd say you are underestimating the potential impact of a decent LOMC cart. I know it's a PITA adding a step-up and all that but I have always found it more than worth the time, effort and extra $$ with every table I've owned. Just my 2 cents....
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