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  1. I wonder if I’m the last guy in the world still using a Balckberry. 🤔
  2. We once had a nasty shoot-out here on the Klipsch forum involving Ennio Morricone in one of Thebes’ pre “Right This Minute” threads. I’m only here posting this because I won - sorry Willy. Also this is one of his most beautiful works. Conducted by the composer.
  3. sputnik


    Awwww. Now, that’s just adorable.
  4. Congratulations. Bet the yard likes nice, all leafed out and green now. Got a lawn mower?
  5. Yeah, the winds can be pretty stiff. Blew some of our roof off a few years ago. I’ve been able to put my Yukon in neutral and let the wind push me a good part of the way to town a few times. The snow drifts over last couple of winters have been especially challenging. Reminds me of the Arctic sometimes. Then, there’s the flooding in the low areas. Then, there’s wildland fire season that seems to be getting worse each passing year. Been seeing grizzlies out here too recently. It’s wild country and can see some extremes - I love it. Thunder and lighting tonight.
  6. It’s just under four miles to town from our place. There are a lot of big ranches but there’s also public land and a game range to explore back toward the mountains and then Forest Service land, and then the Bob Marshall and Scapegoat Wilderness areas both straddle the Continental Divide.
  7. A couple more shots toward the mountains and the last one looking back toward town. Flood warning in town for tomorrow.
  8. It was a beautiful afternoon here yesterday Two views of the same rock
  9. That looks like a classic 60’s coffee-shop folk music/poetry scene. Looks like you had few adoring women listening in too. I think that I had glasses like that but they looked better on you.
  10. Thanks Bruce. Looking forward to seeing what you share. There are some good photographers here but I hope that anyone will feel like posting their best shot. On photography forums, people can act pretty proud of themselves and get kind of snooty (maybe like certain audio topics here) but since photography is off-topic here, we can just share our best images without critique. I think one of the very best photography sites is 1x.com (sounds like porn but no). You can only submit one image per day (1x) to be approved by the site curators to be posted - amazing images and no attitude. Check it out.
  11. It just sort of looks like an area where my old girlfriend and I hung out a lot and the couple looks like us but would have to have been ‘82 or later. Anyway, it reminded of happy times.
  12. Do you know the date that shot was taken?
  13. Nice. Smith Rock - beautiful place and rock climbing Mecca.
  14. Bump. C’mon, let’s see your best photo. Gotta be some cool and interesting images stashed away in old slide carousels, shoeboxes, or SIM cards. Bring on some beauty.......
  15. Glad you both made it through the latest episode. I have a friend that went through the same thing multiple times with his wife. Last year was very hard on his family. You’re not alone.
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