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  1. That really would be cool. Looking out my window too but it's already here.
  2. Thanks Pat! I'm still kick'n and lurking around here. Good to see you posting too. Someday, Mrs. Sputnik and I will be making a trip out your way and would love to meet up. Did anyone mentioned kd lang earlier?
  3. All that and she did the cover artwork for many of her albums.
  4. Classic Joni Mitchell, still absolutely amazing.
  5. Check out Tidal or Qobuz. CD quality and hi rez streaming. https://www.soundstagesimplifi.com/index.php/feature-articles/63-hi-rez-streaming-tidal-vs-qobuz
  6. I got myself a Bluesound Vault for Christmas and just got done ripping my CD collection. Amazingly easy and great indexing with the phone remote app. Also streaming Tidal MQA with the Vault. Playback from the Vault library or streaming Tidal way outshines my old but decent CD player sound-wise and access-wise. I still like my trusty turntable too but in a different sort of way. Added: There is still a certain elegance to actually handling and loading the media. I always wanted a B&O multiple CD changer just for the cool factor and the fun of operation.
  7. Yes, outside Bozeman (rhymes with froze- man)
  8. Nice and clear but -28F (240K) this morning.
  9. Yesterday's forecast was off. Minus 26 last night but up to a balmy minus 12 now. Thought I'd put up a similar shot with a vehicle sporting a vanity plate for scale - looks like we're about even with MN.
  10. Just cleared the driveway again today. Hip deep snow in the back yard. Lows in the minus teens predicted for the next three nights. No azaleas.
  11. If you're the accountant, count me out. 106 billion smackers is only 1.06 billion Benjamins. I smell a scam - I'm still waiting for the 18 million smackers that your Nigerian royal family friends promised me.
  12. Some more attempts at panning blurs.
  13. sputnik

    Quotable Quote

    A few of my favorite Will Rogers quotes: "If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went." "Too many people spend money they haven't earned to buy things they don't want to impress people they don't like." "A fool and his money are soon elected." "Never miss a good chance to shut up."
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