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  1. sputnik


    Well dang, back to the drawing the board. Maybe I can figure out a way to GIF-icate that. Hope I didn't kill the thread.
  2. sputnik


    Hope this works - not really a gif. aD4pKKx_460svh265.mp4
  3. Now you have me digging around for my Graflex Speed Graphic press camera.
  4. I can top that. If I took a self portrait with my ol' Nikon FM2, the combined age would be 100 years. 😧
  5. There was a cool exhibit of scanner imaging art a while back at the Smithsonian. A decent flatbed scanner is capable of creating truly beautiful images. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/arts-culture/what-camera-153011480/ .
  6. Messing around with the scanner on the copy machine at work today.
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