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  1. He was younger than I thought. https://pitchfork.com/news/shane-macgowan-pogues-frontman-dies-at-65/?bxid=616c2030ed60cb707620602c&cndid=66930675&esrc=bouncexmulti_first&hasha=96b835c05a4da880fe98fd8a855a1f01&hashb=a66538b13e912fa022cf7f3ee7bf1df07d83bc72&hashc=95a75bccfc5f35caf8294aa60f445523d713ec9c2234f05de73ace4b7a340332&utm_brand=p4k&utm_campaign=aud-dev&utm_mailing=P4K_HotLinks_113023&utm_medium=email&utm_source=nl&utm_term=P4K_HotLinks_NewMusic This tribute version was just posted on YouTube.
  2. I’m looking to downsize too but I’m still interested in the Bluesound Node….
  3. Did the F2 passive have a larger dia. passive than the F1?
  4. https://people.com/movies/raquel-welch-dead-life-in-photos/
  5. Not sure if this has been posted here already but this article appeared in a search I was doing today. Thought it might of of general interest here. Sorry if it's a re-post. https://harpers.org/archive/2022/12/corner-club-cathedral-cocoon-audiophilia-and-its-discontents/?utm_source=pocket-newtab
  6. I think fini first posted this many years ago.
  7. sputnik


    Landmark day in the world today, in case you missed it. https://www.un.org/en/dayof8billion https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/
  8. I got this diamond crystal for my wife several years ago.
  9. The last 75 years was one of the most consequential eras in world history and she was the only continuous, and universally popular, luminary throughout that time span that I can think of.
  10. Speaking of zombies, where’ve you been?? I missed you.
  11. It is in big country but only about 4 miles from town and there is a nice general store for anything that we forgot to bring from home. In the mid 1800s, there was an expedition across the northern plains to scout a route for what eventually became the Northern Pacific Rail Road. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pacific_Railroad_Surveys I was able find a plate from the published log of the survey that shows the section of the Front, seen above, in right part of the drawing. Though some of the features are mis-labled, the landscape is pretty much the same.
  12. Since there is interest in trains and train lore, I thought I’d share a bit of history about a special place for us. Augusta is a small town situated between the high prairie and the Rocky Mountain Front leading into the Bob Marshall Wilderness in NW Montana. From a historical marker north of town A bit more history of Augusta and Gilman. The Great Northern Depot still under construction as the first train arrives in Gilman. Guess which way the wind blowing. Train arrival for the short-lived September Fair and Gilman Stampede Rodeo. Looks like car parking was a novel concept back then. Depot being moved from Gilman to Augusta. Depot arriving in Augusta and preparing to be set in place. Augusta was added to the GNRR track map. By the 1970’s the Depot was pretty much abandoned. In the mid 1990’s, the Depot was purchased by a Western artist and moved, once again, to be placed on a 40-acre parcel west of town and used as a studio and horse property. It was later purchased by NYC caterer (who was originally from this area) and restored and remodeled somewhat for a residence/get-away. We purchased the Depot about ten years ago and get up there as much as we can year round. There a few more lights appearing on the horizon but it’s still a good place to star gaze. Views of the Rocky Mountain Front from the porch. Had fun finding GNRR things to decorate. Note bullet holes in crossing sign. I love old photographs of train wrecks and old steam. Found a place for some Fortes in what used to be the station master’s office.
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