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  1. Oh yeah, that just last week and it was snowing. Starting dumping during the concert. The photo is after the show and we were parked by the locked bike on the curb. It belonged to a theater employee who didn’t look too enthused about the situation so we gave him a ride home and saved him from a slog through the slop. I think we got about 6 inches of snow that night. All gone now, almost 70 today and I was able to get in a nice bike ride.
  2. Great show the other night. Photos below. Formed in 1933, the Sons of the Pioneers may be one of the oldest bands still performing (with the exception of symphony orchestras) - there have been 47 members over the years. “Dusty” Rogers (son of Roy Rogers) is lead vocalist still singing their standards including Cool Water, Tumbling Tumbleweeds, and Ghost Riders in The Sky. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sons_of_the_Pioneers
  3. Front row tickets to see The Sons of the Pioneers tonight.
  4. A couple of vintage Jo Mora posters. The “Cowboy” one is an advertising piece from the 70s and may look familiar to any Byrds fan. The “Indian” one is from the 1930s I think.
  5. Another piece from our weekend place. Very cool 3D Montana map metal sculpture - completely done with different welding rod and flux for coloration.
  6. A piece of 1930s colored-pencil ledger art at our getaway place.
  7. Got this painting on silk at a tourist-trap in the Forbidden City
  8. Here’s a piece of silk embroidery that I bought when I got stranded in a small village in the mountainous area of the Guizhou Province - home of the Miao native minority.
  9. Your painting reminded me of of a shot I took several years ago. I was working in rural SW China and would stay over in Hong Kong for a few days on my way home - dazzling city, especially in contrast with the remote areas of China.
  10. ‘Nite GW. I’ve never evolved from the Duals - I have another 701 stashed away and a 1219 somewhere. Another “J” as in Joni and Jazz
  11. Sticking with the letter “J”
  12. A different JJ.
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