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  1. Some ideas for you, the guy made a modification with a new tweeter placed back on the top of the speaker and a small adaptation of the filter to fill this hole at 6.2Khz on the Chorus. http://www.nutshellhifi.com/MLS/MLS3.html
  2. Hi @aceinc I don't know, you can test this modification : 3.5UF (2.5 + 1uF) on second capacitor of tweeter and I inverted the phase + on - and - on + on the tweeter K79 / K107Ti and measure with your mic and show us the curve, thank you To put pictures here, you can use a free image host
  3. RIP Mr. Bob Crites, condolences to his family
  4. @aceinc You can try to fill this hole at 5Khz. I did the simulation on VituixCAD and at home it sounds good. So to do this put a 6 or 8µF capacitor instead of the 2.5µF or 1.75µF capacitor depending on the version of your filter. Measure the curve and tell us if it's ok, but many prefer to listen to the steep slope with 1.75uF-0.2mH-2.5uF than the softer one with 6uF, even if the latter is better: in the end your ear will be the judge. nb : Thank CANT for scheme It's here If you don't want to take off the capacitor in place, you can put in // 1 or capacitors to make the desired value. For example you add 4uF to 2.5uF already on the network and you get 6.5uF. to have 8uF add 5.5uF to the 2.5uF in place. Same reasoning if at home it is 1.75uF on your network. edit : On my CWIII with the DE120 I put 3.5UF (2.5 + 1uF) and I inverted the phase + on - and - on +, and with Lpad. 😎
  5. Hi, Good job man, eagerly posting pictures and new curves! 😄
  6. I use Cordial CLS225 professional german cable 2x2.5mm² (2x14AWG) Ultraflex (140 strands 0.15mm²), first avantage the price very low for high quality https://www.cordial-cables.com/product-pictures/bulk-cable/cls-225/cls-225.pdf https://www.cordial-cables.com/de
  7. salut @ Yukon888 Bienvenue ici 😎 6L581 & 6L827 J'ai l'impression de lire sur la photo, mais je ne suis pas sûr du deuxième numéro See Jem capacitors for type C
  8. Hi, If you can't find the originals,there are nice copies here https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-KLF-Style-Speaker-Badge-Custom-Engraved-Solid-Brass-Pair-Free-Shipping-/174215060507
  9. Hi, See sticker on magnet for 4 or 8 ohms version
  10. Hi, WD40 exists in a version for cleaning the contacts, take the correct version : WD40 CONTACT CLEANER https://www.wd40.com/products/contact-cleaner/ 😄
  11. Hi @MeloManiac Congratulations on this wonderful Leben, it's one of my current favorite amps, although I haven't had the chance to listen to it. I like the possibility of using the bass boost and I find this function great. It is indeed possible to make the selector operate correctly again with specific product for the contacts. https://www.reichelt.com/fr/fr/nettoyant-pour-contacts-a-rosol-100-ml-kontakt-2010-p9462.html?PROVID=2810&gclid=CjwKCAiAi_D_BRApEiwASslbJxJu6Ft4rL5ewO9utb03Xx_NHGIE1dxJPGDRYQdBFvdl6P5anL2kIxoCLuwQAvD_BwE https://wd40.fr/produit/nettoyant-contacts/ So on the Heresys with the bass boost, is that a good thing, the bass is better?
  12. The funniest thing is that now for 2 or 3 years, there is an authorized Klipsch Heritage dealer 20kms from my home, with plenty of Heritage on display in their showroom Mine on the day of delivery
  13. Hi, I had the same problem as you in 2016. When I bought my Cornwall IIIs, no one was selling them in France, I found them in Germany at 12 o'clock (one way) from home, in addition they were not in the store, but in boxes packed at the importer. Impossible to go listen to them, I ordered the speakers on the net with closed ears. And I was right, because not only did the price double a few months later (from 3000 to 6000 € the pair) but the sound is really what I was looking for: a dynamic and lively sound, good with all music: from Rock to Jazz, and Classic, from acoustic to electric. If you are really interested then take the step, but only you have the answer to know if it is worth it. I think the biggest flaw is that the speakers take a long time to break in, and a lot of people listen to them new out of the box saying they're stiff and lacking in bass, it creates a bad reputation especially now with the internet.
  14. Yes this is my favorite from the album, but I must admit that at the time I only bought this album, because I was not an absolute fan of The The, I preferred other groups of 4AD 😋
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