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  1. The current replacement in MicroLine is VMN40ML, beware the new VTF becomes 2g. If you prefer Shibata it will take VMN50SH, but it is more expensive.
  2. In my opinion an auto bias valves amp is ideal for beginners. As you have the budget, you could ask MATT FORMANEK if he has this for you. His amps are guaranteed for life, it's a good thing for the beginner Euphoria Penthode is great for Forte https://www.toolshedamps.com/euphoria-stereo-amplifier-details Matt is on the forum : https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/profile/61896-toolshedamps/ 😎
  3. Hi, I also use a SLi 50 first version 2x30W class A of 1996 with my CWIII, it's a perfect wedding! πŸ‘ I love the look of P.W.K amps. Edition, Euphoria Stereo 2a3 / 45 of ToolShedAmps 😍 I'm sure their sound is great 😎
  4. I also have CWIII and I use modern Mullard Russian EL34 on my Cary SLi 50 first version in 2x30W class A, it is also automatic bias. The other tubes are Svetlana NOS 5U4G / 5C3S rectifiers, Psvane 12AU7 T Mark II and finally Psvane UK 6SN7. The result of listening with the Cornwall III is very soft and never aggressive, in my opinion Klipsch speakers are not the problem at home 😜 A picture of Cary when he was equipped with the same set, but with 6CA7 JJ, it was also very soft in the treble I agree with everyone, try to change the input tubes for better results
  5. Like that πŸ‘ https://youtu.be/2uOvO0yiF3s
  6. If you are meticulous, it is possible to replace the dust-cap. First you have to take off the first dust-cap and then pick up the new one with specific glue. choose the right model https://www.parts-express.com/cat/dust-caps/327 https://www.parts-express.com/parts-express-speaker-repair-glue-1-oz-bottle--340-076 The second solution is to cut the first dust-cap close to the membrane. Then paste a new cache but slightly larger than the original, so the old collage will be invisible. The only constraint is that you have to do the operation on both speakers so that it is balanced visually. Warning ! do not drop dust in the coil, when cutting, you can use a small vacuum cleaner with open exhaust to prevent the tube from sticking is deforming the membrane. 😜
  7. I just had an internet radio / Dab + / Digital yesterday. I found a radio that I love: DETROIT INDUSTRIAL UNDERGROUND I am here in France and I can listen to you, the USA, as if you were next, this technology is great. Here we have a great radio on FM, world music radio and Jazz: 3DFM. But I do not know if there is the internet version, if yes I will give you the link so you can listen to some of my country http://www.radio3dfm.com/ 😜
  8. And do not forget the news turntables Technics SL-1200 MK 7 (899$) and the SL-1500C (999$) 😜 https://www.gear4music.com/news/article/NAMM-2019-Technics-Re-Launches-the-SL-1200-DJ-Turntable/7NA/2019-01-16 https://theaudiophileman.com/sl-1500c-turntable-from-technics/
  9. In the $ 1000 (799$) in the USA you have the excellent Audio Technica AT LP7 with belt drive πŸ‘ Here in Europe we have the Magnat MTT 990 direct drive, I do not know if it is sold at home, but it is also a good candidate for the budget 😍
  10. Here the Gold Note turntables have very good reputation. They are beautiful and the range starts with the 425 until the splendid Mediteraneo. I find their arms splendid. They make the turntable for Bryston. πŸ‘
  11. I have a new TEAC TN 550 optimized with some options: mat cover acrylic, granite support, presser puck Millenium, African black wood headshell Yamamoto HS1A ... and with an AT VM740ML. The result very very good and not too expensive: 1000 € here for turntable + cartridge and accessories. The TEAC TN-550 is very good with this Jelco Arm, it's great because you can change the VTA. In the past I had beautiful turntables: Linn Sondek LP12 with Dynacector Ruby, French Turntable 80kg with unipivot arm LurnΓ© and cell AT33E, ... 😜
  12. Hello ! Great your research on my region πŸ‘πŸ˜œ In Beaucaire there was a huge fair, one of the largest in Europe, from 1217 until the 19th century. There were up to 170 boats per fair on the RhΓ΄ne. https://www.persee.fr/doc/geoca_0035-113x_1953_num_28_4_1380 In Beaucaire there are also Roman remains of Via Domitia and around less than 12 miles away, there are the arenas of Nimes and Arles, an ancient theater in Arles and of course the Pont du Gard. There is also known the medieval castle of Beaucaire and that of Tarascon in front. And then not far from Les Baux de Provence and Arles where Van Gogh painted many paintings. Sorry for this long "off topic", so back to Forte III 😁 I agree, it's better to play the tone controls rather than changing the speakers.
  13. Yes ! It's Right πŸ‘ And for upgrade our actual heritage : Heresy III, Cornwall III, La Scala, AK, ... That would be good, no?
  14. No πŸ˜€ I use both, a McIntosh C504 preamp with its fabulous phono section. Then in passive biamping McIntosh MC2125 in the bass for the K33E and then a beautiful Cary SLi50 of the beautiful era, 1996 for mine. I use 5U4G SED Svetlana NOS tubes, then Psvane, and finally EL34 Mullard (JJ 6CA7 on pics). The solid state provides a large and powerful bass and then the tube amp a warm and suave sound for the Klipsch horns. 😜
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