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    I am French and my English is approximate, bear with me, thank you !
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    Teac TN550, AT VM740ML & Stanton 881 VividLine, Tascam CD-200SB + DAB Internet radio Majority + DAC SMSL 6Th Sanskrit, McIntosh C504, PAS audio 2002 PCA, Cary SLi50, KLIPSCH CORNWALL III

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  1. Hi, As @jcn3 👍 Me too : look "T", not "L" L = 1973 T = 1979 😉
  2. Hi, Like @Deang and @Chief bonehead, Ask here https://reconingspeakers.com/products-page/klipsch-k-33-e-woofer-121501/ 😇
  3. Hi, @net-david The value of the capacitor of the second filter cell in parallel on K53Ti is also missing. Normally it will be around 1 or 1.5µF at this location.
  4. Wire, Pink Flag 😜
  5. Anyway and whatever the height, it's still weird to put a logo in front of the tweeter. The lateral position is better, like on the old Heritage. It's just my opinion 😜
  6. Here, in the South of France, it is also the Indian summer, it is around 28°C/82.4°F during the day and the most surprising are the records at night which were broken for the end of October: 21.9 °C/71.4°F in Marignane, 21.4C°/70.5°F in Arles (City that you know, in particular, by Georges Bizet's stage music with l'Arlésienne) and 20.8°C/69.5 in Aigues-Mortes (City of departure of the seventh crusades of King Saint Louis). At this time of year it's more like 20°C/68°F during the day and 12°C/53.6°F at night. Goood CDs 😍
  7. Hi, Yes, Italian sofa is an Italian-made piece of furniture made by hand by craftsmen, it is 22 years old from the year 2000, so it has a little patina. But it's still comfortable, the leather is solid and beautiful, yes it's buffalo leather. Arrrrggg ! I don't have a photo where you can see it in full and here it's the night, just a few discs on it, not CDs sorry, but vinyls: MicroMara will like this German group, one of the best
  8. Hi, Five CDs in small light cardboard sleeves imitating LPs, but the music is great for only 15€ (about 15$ at home) if you can find them: a tip, treat yourself. Kevin Ayers' first 5 solo records after Soft Machine. There are great musicians with him: Robert Wyatt, Mick Ratledge, Lol Coxhill, Mick Oldfield, Hug Hopper, David Bedford... and many more
  9. The brush of LPGear ViVidLine are wrong and hard 🤮 not original and best and gentle Stanton Brush 🤩 & 😍
  10. Mine, 881S with LPGear ViVidLine Stanton 😍
  11. Dublin Ireland group, shoegazing style 👍 Mine, first pressing Lazy 04T: https://www.discogs.com/fr/master/5986-My-Bloody-Valentine-Sunny-Sundae-Smile Original press, Only 2000 copies of the 12" were made.
  12. I listen to this on my new 1995 Cambridge DACMAGIC 1 too. I bought it used this weekend for €220 (~ 215$), it's almost new and the sound is 😜 & 😍
  13. Hi, A 1995 record, a former Happy Mondays band from Manchester, UK. Geffen Records reissue of 2016 in box set 1 CD + 1 Live CD + 1DVD and above all a very beautiful packaging https://www.discogs.com/fr/release/9338625-Black-Grape-Its-Great-When-Youre-StraightYeah 😍
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