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    I am French and my English is approximate, bear with me, thank you !
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  1. mustang_flht

    Are You Strictly Tubes or Solid State?

    No 😀 I use both, a McIntosh C504 preamp with its fabulous phono section. Then in passive biamping McIntosh MC2125 in the bass for the K33E and then a beautiful Cary SLi50 of the beautiful era, 1996 for mine. I use 5U4G SED Svetlana NOS tubes, then Psvane, and finally EL34 Mullard (JJ 6CA7 on pics). The solid state provides a large and powerful bass and then the tube amp a warm and suave sound for the Klipsch horns. 😜
  2. mustang_flht

    New Klipschorn AK6 coming out?

    J'adore, veinard 😜 I love, lucky 😜 😍 AK6
  3. mustang_flht

    Cornwall III’s + MC275 + C22 = Pretty dang good

    I love this configuration 😍
  4. mustang_flht


    You will give ideas to the Klipsch factory 💡 They will make a white version of the CWIII 😍
  5. mustang_flht

    Sold-1976 Klipschorns

    Very very nice KHorn 😍
  6. mustang_flht

    New Klipschorn AK6 coming out?

  7. mustang_flht

    Forte III arrived damaged, WWYD

    Yes there is a problem with the pair, especially for the matching veneer with the other speaker. It would have taken 90060 with 90059 or 90058 with 90057 For Klipsch : MATCHED PAIRS Each pair of Heritage Series loudspeakers is grain-matched using wood veneer panels that come from the same timber. Each cabinet is carefully matched so that each speaker in the pair is practically indistinguishable from the other. The speakers move seamlessly together through the factory. Each finished product is inspected and labeled with sequential serial numbers, ensuring that the Heritage series speakers leave the factory as a meticulously crafted set.
  8. mustang_flht

    McIntosh - Great American Audio Factory Tours

    As far as I am concerned, I am in passive bi-amplification. A Mc 2125 in the bottom and the fabulous Cary SLI 50 (version 1 : 2 x 30W in class A) and I am happy like that since 1998.
  9. mustang_flht

    McIntosh - Great American Audio Factory Tours

    In 2016, I had done the same thing by contacting the technical support of their site to ask them about changing the valve rectify on my SLI50. He had fussed that I do a relaunch on the commercial contact of their site after ten days and the technician then quickly answered me.
  10. mustang_flht

    Custom Plaques

    You can do like me, having your plates made by a local craftsman
  11. mustang_flht

    Custom Plaques

    Thank, for this info williamss 👍
  12. mustang_flht

    McIntosh - Great American Audio Factory Tours

    Here in France, I have a SLI50 for 20 years, what a beautiful amplifier very reliable
  13. mustang_flht


    Here we use linseed oil for wood, do not put too much and wipe with a soft cloth the rest. To listen to Robert Wyatt on your Klipsch, I recommend this LP from 1974 https://www.discogs.com/fr/Robert-Wyatt-Rock-Bottom/release/388615
  14. mustang_flht

    Klipschorn 5 digit serial number?

    I do not have the answer, but I'm curious to know what is this mystery !!! The big plus is that the 2 numbers are consecutive : 35501 and 35502 ! And then it's a nice up for Milk
  15. mustang_flht

    Klipsch Forte I midrange horn buzzing

    It may be your buzz problem, read this topic