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  1. Ohhhh 😜 sorry i hadn't seen the T instead of the X 🤩 And There you go https://audioxpress.com/news/eminence-new-n314x-8-compression-driver-leads-the-way-with-textreme-diaphragm
  2. A test https://audioxpress.com/article/test-bench-eminence-n314t-8-with-h14ea-horn-and-n320t-8-with-h2ea-horn 👍
  3. For those who understand French
  4. Yes, Profesor Raoult is a very serious and competent scientist. It is one of the largest European scientists in exercise, it is recognized by the international community https://www.mediterranee-infection.com/le-pr-didier-raoult-est-le-chercheur-europeen-dont-les-publications-ont-ete-les-plus-cites-par-la-communaute-scientifique-internationale-dans-le-domaine-des-maladies-infectieuses/ https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Didier_Raoult
  5. yes, I agree with you @Bosco-d-gama I am not a doctor, but: Professor Raoult, who found the chloroquine treatment administered with other drugs and following a rigorous protocol, has treated many people here in my region (I live 50 miles from his hospital in Marseille). He even treated public and political people, they welcomed being treated. Professor Raoult says that you should not be treated at the hospital while being close to resuscitation because it is too late for use Chloroquine, but before during the first symptoms. Here the medical world of Paris is in opposition with Professor Raoult, because the husband (Professor Yves Levy) of the former Minister of Health Agnès Buzin (Who left his post as Minister of Health in the midst of a crisis around February 17, 2020, to be a candidate for the election of the mayor of Paris: this is a national scandal that is not over: complaint filed for after the crisis of Covid19)) Well the husband Levy is the director of INSERM and it was not they in the capital who found it, so they are jealous , it is a war of service and people. they may find another drug or vaccine later, but in the meantime, now and instead of nothing, treat this with it. Here in France the former Minister of Health, Doctor Douste Blazy and the famous Emergency Doctor Patrick Pelloux (he is known to have denounced the management of the heat wave crisis in summer 2003 and he is a journalist member of Charlie Hebdo present during of the attack to treat the victims) have made a petition which meets an incredible success to support Professor Raoult. Many French people agree with them ! https://www.nouvelobs.com/coronavirus-de-wuhan/20200406.OBS27123/une-petition-en-faveur-de-la-chloroquine-lancee-par-douste-blazy-depasse-les-200-000-signataires.html https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patrick_Pelloux
  6. Et en français ❤️ And for music, did you listen to all the Italian records (and video) that I put on the previous page? 👍
  7. Miss Ornella Muti in your video
  8. Great great and very best italian group Arti + Mestieri, I love this 🤩 The musicians are great, divine music, why they haven't had more international success, it's just a question of marketing Venegoni is a musician from Arti + Mestieri, composer, singer, synthe
  9. Yeahhhh ! super Sensation Fix is excellent
  10. Il Volo, my favorite italian group ❤️
  11. All my MPs are originals bought new over 40 years ago 😍 Demetrio Stratos, the Singer, died in New York in 1979 !
  12. Hi! I have a nice collection of Italian prog LPs: Area, Il Volo, Sensation Fix, ... I will have to have the courage to take some pictures
  13. Dude! If you had an early 1950s K-Horn that had a blown driver and you could get the original driver fixed cheaply or buy an aftermarket driver you "THINK" might be better, would you put in an aftermarket driver ?? Answer; You would be a fool to put in aftermarket driver, being old and early is what makes it collectible... Paul Wilbur Klipsch oversaw the build on these personally and they are a custom veneer, if the veneer had a missing piece, would you scab it in with a piece of Oak ?? Paul oversaw the build on these for a friend, you sure as hell don't go replacing parts with aftermarket parts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roger Hi, In my opinion, original parts or mod parts, that is discussed and it is a personal choice. For me the 2 are good 😉
  14. If your K77s are no longer ok, you can replace them with MAHL tweeters from @Dave A https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/184084-k-77-zee-bracket-drop-in-machined-horn-lens/ https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/187152-daveas-fabulous-new-improved-super-tweeters-20/page/3/ For your networks, I advise you to ask @Deang
  15. I saw Roxy Music live in spring 1980 in Annecy! Awesome wow especially Phil Manzanera who was stratospheric
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