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  1. How would they work with belle k500's and k77 and a cornscala base bin. ?
  2. When you say northern Colorado where exactly? East, west or by Steamboat?
  3. Hey I got a rack just like that. GLWS
  4. The 3400 looks interesting especially since it has DTS:x. The 4100 doesn't have it just a little more power. Thanks for your input
  5. I have an older system, Denon avr 3805 with no HDMI inputs. It is pushing RB 35's front center and surrounds 5.1. I would like to up grade and was wondering what you folks were happy with. Kind of like to keep it in the mid range of pricing between 500 to 1000's. I'm happy with the Denon sound but would like some HDMI connectivity, possibly some blue tooth and wifi. This isn't my best system just what I use in the family room to watch TV and a few of the netflix series.
  6. Where you located? Or better yet where are the subs located?
  7. I'm giving my son some RB5's , RS3s and a RSW 10 and an old receiver for a computer set up. He asked me a few months ago if I didn't have a couple of old speakers he could hook up to his computer. The speakers were purchases from History Kid and Rivernuggets. He is in Colorado working in Keystone being a ski bum.
  8. I ripped all my cd's to apple lossless on Itunes. I know that is pretty lame but the transfer to my Ipod classic 160 gb and sound pretty good in my car and on my boat. I also use music bee which is free on another pc. I got a file convert program and convert them to flac for the music bee.
  9. merkin

    Belles SOLD

    I have the belle's with the Volti upgrades and they sound fantastic. I believe Mike contacted me when he was going to up grade his. Mine aren't quite as pretty as the rosewood on those, I just went with the light oak look. They are definitely great sounding speakers you will NOT be disappointed.
  10. Well I pulled the trigger. 3 seats section 106 row 10. I probably could have bought an old pair of khorns for the price. It may be one of his last in the US and hopeful that there might be some special guest show up. Well it will be fun to see him and in that venue.
  11. Thanks alot. Maybe I'll check some of them out. We are always up for trying out new restaurants, maybe I'll post again when the time gets nearer. Thanks again
  12. Thanks Stephen I'm thinking about pulling the trigger today. The only time that I've seen Clapton was back in 78 when I was in school. He had Muddy Waters open for him. At the time I didn't appreciate his talent. Thanks for the heads up on were you bought your tickets. My wife and I are going there to visit often and she always wants to see Broadway shows. I usually scan the internet to see if there are any live music show going on while we are there. My Daughter lives in Brooklyn now (the edge of bedford stuy) and I'd like to check out some clubs in Brooklyn and Manhattan. If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them.
  13. That looks like a very fair price for the Khorns. If I only had some corners I'd be tempted. I run modified Belles with a sub so I don't think I could really justify them. You must be located around the Iowa City area going by you distances to different towns. Good luck on you sale.
  14. Thanks Jim, I was looking at the 100 sections, just didn't know if the straight back from the stage 102 would be to far away. There are some on the sides about half way up. As Jimjimbo said this may be his last. He only has 2 dates in NY and then 2 in LA. Then he goes back to London and do 3 shows at Royal Albert Hall. The bill says that Jimmy Vaugh and Gary Clark Jr. I would bet that he might have some other special guest Join him.
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