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  1. Thanks Nola, That would have worked 5 to about last year. We use to spend January in Mesa and then drive to Bonita Springs , Florida on ten. We laid over in New Orleans a couple of times. I found one in Denver which I'll pick up the end of the month. I am using 2 for front height speakers in my HT. My front line is 3 belles with Volti upgrades. If I stumble into a couple more I'll use them for rear heights in a 5.2.4 system. I'll keep you in mind if I happen to head to NOLA anytime soon.
  2. I've been using Media Monkey and been happy. On my PC, Laptop and andriod phone. I paid the 60 bucks for life time gold and have 219 GB of music on it. I've ripped almost all of my CD's on it. Works well and can sync between devises.
  3. Thanks Peredoz, I'm afraid Dallas is a little off my paths. GLWTS
  4. Where is the location. I'd prefer not to ship and I'd be interested if it is possible to pick up
  5. Hi Hotrod363765, I may be interested in your academy. Where you located, how much do you want and condition. A picture would be nice. I'll try to PM you once I figure out how to do it again. Haven't used it in quite a while. If you figure it out you can PM me.
  6. If I remember correctly the academy is the speaker manufactured to match the quartet, forte II and chorus II. I still own 3 academys, 4 forte IIs and the quartets. They are all timbre matched. Go back about 15 years and read the post from the old members on the forum and those substitutes for the academy were discussed endlessly.
  7. I just gave my son a couple quartets and he would like a center to match. Doesn't need to be real pretty, but would like all the drivers to be solid. The next couple of months I'll be traveling between quad cities ,Des Moines, Denver and Mesa.
  8. Thanks for everybody's input (except for Real Duke, the way I acquired a lot of my vinyl was saving it from a dumpster at the end of a garage sale.) I've been scanning craigslist for book cases. I just don't trust the ikea stuff and I want it to look nice in the family room.
  9. I just moved to a new place and I need something to store a couple hundred albums. I'm going to need about 100 inches of shelving. The place I moved from had nice built in book case. On line all I see is the Ikea boxes and then some special album display cases that cost close to $1000. Will a well built book case that in 12 inches deep work I can't see why not. Thanks.
  10. That's what I thought but was just checking
  11. My son has a RSW 10 sub that he uses with his computer setup. He has now broken off 3 of the grill pins. What kind of glue or is there other ways of fixing them. Thanks for your responses.
  12. Hi haven't posted here for years. I just move to a different house with a different layout in the room where I have my theater set up. Here is my situation, I have 3 Belles with Volti upgrades across the front, two Forte II's for surrounds. I use to have 2 quartets for center backs but my new mancave won't allow it. They are driven by a Marantz pre amp with 11 channel with height or atmos. The amp is a sunfire TGA 400x7. I put up 2 KG 1's for height speakers up front to use the extra two channels in the amp. I have a couple of RS3II's laying around that I could hang up for rear heights if I picked up a 2 channel amp to drive them. I was wondering would it be worth it, will I notice, it is kind of a pain running speaker wire to them. I also don't know if the speakers I'm using for heights are enough (I do know that they do not timbre match. I also have a set of RB 81 II's gathering dust that I could use. I don't know much about height speakers and how much speaker you need. Thanks for any help provided. Merkin
  13. Thanks jjptkd I think I'll just leave them off. I don't really care about resale and I won't be using a crt TV.
  14. I'm refurbishing an academy and noticed that both shielding magnets were loose and just laying in the cab. Are they just there just for the magnetic field or do they have a functional role in driver performance? I could glue them back on if need be or leave them off since I'm hanging it as a surround and that would decrease weight a little. I didn't know if they effected the driver sound. I checked the forum and I couldn't get anything to come up. Thanks
  15. I just want a little touch up paint for black academy and forte II's. I've already went the new veneer route on another set. I'm giving these away and just want to touch them up for now and someday may reveneer them for my daughter. The corners are all pretty good they just need some touch up paint. What brand and color works well?
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