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  1. Thanks jjptkd I think I'll just leave them off. I don't really care about resale and I won't be using a crt TV.
  2. I'm refurbishing an academy and noticed that both shielding magnets were loose and just laying in the cab. Are they just there just for the magnetic field or do they have a functional role in driver performance? I could glue them back on if need be or leave them off since I'm hanging it as a surround and that would decrease weight a little. I didn't know if they effected the driver sound. I checked the forum and I couldn't get anything to come up. Thanks
  3. I just want a little touch up paint for black academy and forte II's. I've already went the new veneer route on another set. I'm giving these away and just want to touch them up for now and someday may reveneer them for my daughter. The corners are all pretty good they just need some touch up paint. What brand and color works well?
  4. Not being a cat lover (I'm not a hater either I just don't like them in "my" living space) I am giving my daughter and future son-in-law a pair of forte II's . Is there any trick or hack outside of a burlap bag with a brick and river to keep that cat from destroying the grills? I already have the passives covered with a metal grill from parts express. Colterphoto suggested that 15 years ago. I know there are cat lovers on here and I will probably get hate mail, but I hope my daughter gets married, has a kid and decides to get rid of that hairball producing, butt licking furniture destroyer.
  5. Root boy Slim and the Sex Change Band
  6. Just looking for some RS 7's or maybe 5's
  7. Babadono You were not the first to PM me. I posted at 1:56 I got a PM at 2:12 from the person I am giving it to verifying he wanted it with contact information. You did not post until 2:20 and just PM'd me at 2:21 with a question. You then PM'd me at 3:29 saying "i'm interested". I politely PM'd you and said that someone else beat you to the punch and I would let you know if the transaction didn't take place. So I thought I was doing a nice thing for the forum members but I get called out for BS on the open thread for stuff that I already explained to you in a PM. GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks Marvel, I already checked that thread and all of the JWC links come up with error. What I really need is the exact size of the port platform. I remember from ancient times on here that there was a lot of discussion about those. I had some talk with Dr. Who about it once. Is he even still on the board? A lot of those old threads are missing since they made the conversion to the new forum platform. I know JWC had a very good drawing of the dimensions. Thanks tigerwoodshorns but I'm sticking with the k500 since I have them and the point of this was to use up what I have setting around.
  9. I have 3 Bells that I put in the Volti upgrades and Crites woofers in. So I have 3 K33's , k500 horns, 2 k55 m and1 k55 v and 3 k77's gaining dust in my storage. I thought I might build some boxes get some new crossovers and fire them up. They could just as well collect dust that way. There use to be some plans on here but I think they were all prior to the conversion to the new form site. I just need the base bin for the K33's without anything else in the cabinet. I have very modest wood working skills and thought I might just come up with something for my kid that is not too expensive. Any help or links would be much appreciated.
  10. Gone already. Hope they get good use out of it! I always liked it but I did keep the TGA 400 x 7 amp and still using it.
  11. I should have said you calculate the shipping cost and get me a check for the amount. I know it will be a rough estimate we can work out the difference later. The ups sight has the calculator. Once that is done just PM me and I will give you my address.
  12. I have a Sunfire TGP5 I have owned for about 12-15 years. I came home in December and the center channel DOES NOT WORK. I don't know what is wrong with it, I never checked what could be wrong with it, and I am not going to find out what is wrong with it. I bought a new Marantz 7706 and I'm extremely happy. The TGP5 has a good phono stage and HDMI video only switching. All audio has to go through optical or analog connections. All the other channels seem to work, only the center is no sound except for some scratching. I was going to take it to the electronic recycling center but I thought I would put it out here to see if any of you with electronic skills would want it or just use it as a stereo pre amp. You can find the manual on line to answer all questions about it. I have it in it's original box and I will ship it by ups your expense. I don't know what it would cost but it is about 30 lbs and 22 x 22 x 10 inches shipping from zip 61201. I live in Rock Island Ill and pick up would be fine also. I'll try to attach pics.
  13. Presently I have 3 modified bells for fronts, two forte II's with upgraded xovers for sides and 2 quartets for backs. The quartets and forte II's are slightly elevated already. I have a Sunfire TGP 5 (7channel) for my preamp that took a dump on me. Center channel is out ( scratchy and no volume) I replaced it with a Marantz AV 7706 which has the extra 4 channels for height speakers. I'd have to buy the height speakers and amps to drive them since I currently just have a sunfire TG 400x7 amp. I was just wondering if the height speakers would really make that much difference. I do no gaming at all and moderate movie watching. If anyone wants the TGP5 to repair or what ever it is in very loose hands. Don't even know what it would be worth.
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