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  1. This seems like a lot for the money. What do you think? https://www.costco.com/Lenovo-IdeaPad-S340-15.6"-Touchscreen-Laptop---Intel-Core-i3---1080p.product.100485570.html
  2. JL Sargent


    Wait a minute, I thought every red blooded American did a little speeding every once in a while. Can't you always get by with 5 over and 99% of the time get by with 10 over?
  3. JL Sargent


    Why would you start smoking at 48? Just curious what led you to that decision.
  4. Gen 1 version of the generic may not be the answer for you. Gen 2 may be a better more effective drug. Point is, even generics continue to improve and may end up being just the ticket for most people eventually.
  5. Those could also be wires for a "wired" security system.
  6. The amp. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Crown-D-150A-power-amplifier-rack-mount/303214980568?hash=item4699056dd8:g:smAAAOSwxBldIORI
  7. Great photo of a beautiful bird.
  8. Most of the time the 1st movie of any series is the best one. I was there in 1977 at the age of 14. Call me sentimental but IV will always be numero uno!
  9. These are blooming here right now. What's it called?
  10. The greatest cook in the world by Rick Bragg.
  11. I would be cautious if you end up considering a truck with active fuel management or a similar technology where cylinders are turned off and on.
  12. The 2020 1/2 ton model is available with an inline 6 cylinder diesel getting 35 mph.
  13. The intent of that was concerning the discussion of "past" transactions I suspect. Simply offering an item for sale in this forum is "discussing" under your the definition you just presented. There is no rule against an "offer" per se as in this thread. I really don't see the damage in it personally, but I liked the BS forum.
  14. I want some fainting ones. Now back to these components people and no lowballing in public either.
  15. Where? Anyway, don't you have goats to milk or something? 🤣
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