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  1. Let's Go Yankees.....

    Small world it is. You almost sent the Yankees to the World Series this year! Remove him from the equation and they go.
  2. NCAAF

    plus some other stuff. Penn State looks like a contender this year.
  3. Wood experts - Drying 2x4 fir wood in the desert

    Properly dried wood is taken to 7% humidity at the lumber mills I've had as customers. I specifically asked the plant managers/maintenance supervisors this question.
  4. Most of what we have are DVDs. On the 4K front, only about 15% of US households have one.
  5. Water Heater Anode Question

    None needed. On the water tank though. I don't think it is very long time wise between a worn out cathode and the tank leaking.
  6. Water Heater Anode Question

    Nah. I remember once my brother worked on his plumbing for two days because he didn't realize you could replace the stem packing on a valve. I wish he had asked me about it.
  7. Water Heater Anode Question

    If the old was sweated in, I just sweat in the new one. The rags do help but small ball valves have a low tolerance for heat. Much lower than a gate valve. Rubber washer? The gate valves I've worked with were all brass and the cloth like stem packing never a problem. Of course, you won't get that ball valve seal out except with that torch.
  8. Water Heater Anode Question

    Could just be iron in your water. On valves, there is always a compromise. The old gate valves and other metal sealing valves can take high heat when sweating them in. Very easy to cook a ball valve with its teflon/nylon type seal.
  9. The next American Idol?

    That's awesome! Best of luck with it! We will be watching and looking for her. WOw. Post a picture here of her singing here.
  10. Show us your great photography thread!

    Yes, that football stadium basically in an earthen bowl.
  11. NCAAF

    That's pretty funny. Remember Tom Osborn's Nebraska? Some of those teams were very good indeed. Right now you have to bet $125.00 to win $100 on Alabama winning the Title this year. That's just crazy.
  12. Show us your great photography thread!

    My kid scoring a touchdown last night!
  13. Chainsaw Question

    The secret to correctly sharpening a chainsaw is "correct and consistent cutting edge geometry". I personally can only achieve that level of accuracy with a chain grinder. How that is possible with a hand file is beyond me.
  14. Chainsaw Question

    When it's all done correctly, the saw literally pulls itself through the wood in a straight line. When I see somebody doing all that pushing and rocking with their saw, they really need to sharpen. Once I've felled a large tree, I then prune it with a pole saw which is so much faster than a typical chainsaw.
  15. Chainsaw Question

    Here is a good video on how to use one. I have not picked up a chainsaw "file" in 20 years. It's a good idea to sharpen before your chain gets too dull.