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  1. Gorgeous pictures of beautiful women. I'm liking every single one of them. Sometimes a thread this long can get kinda slow.
  2. I didn't take it, but it is reality!
  3. You guys taking pictures in Maui, Jeez. Must be nice.
  4. Diesel fuel and time could help free it. I would try cleaning that ball and bore best I could, fill the barrel with diesel fuel and give it a week or two soaking.
  5. Actually saw them in concert back in the day. 🤪
  6. I was getting 5% back on Shell gas with a Shell Mastercard. When the cash back reached $1,000, I got a letter from them saying they would no longer be honoring the program with me. How rude was that?
  7. Guys, my kid graduated last night!
  8. JL Sargent


    My wife plays it about 10 minutes a day. Fun little brain teaser.
  9. That's an interesting way to look at it Babadono. If you are solvent for example, you get a lower credit score LOL. You actually NEED debt to get a good score. No thanks.
  10. "One wing of the plane came completely off, crashed, and killed both men." Wow! Crazy. Talk about timing.....
  11. How nice. So Case is Lorrie's Son-in-law? I wonder what 2 hours rental on a plane like that would be? $10K maybe?
  12. As a Costco Citicard member, I guess I can check my score anytime. My current score is 797 and its been about that for the last 6 months. The statement said I have too few accounts that require regular payments??? That makes no sense to me.
  13. Fido, it's easy to see those guys are loved and well cared for.
  14. I was 17 years old in 1980 and bought a slightly used 1980 Trans Am car at a whopping 22% interest (that was the going rate!!!). I will never do that again. I did get it paid off early at least.
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