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  1. These Pileated Woodpeckers are skid-dish! Took a couple of pictures through the backdoor glass.
  2. I would love to visit Australia some day. Looks like a beautiful place on TV and the movies.
  3. I know there are aboriginal people living in this area. Did you encounter them on your trip?
  4. Durant pours in 39 and is Finals MVP. GS will be the odds on favorite to win it all again next year.
  5. "ANYTHING" seems to be the correct term for sure. If you gambled WITH what best suits the NBA, NFL, or MLB, Hell, even the NHL over the last 20 years in these situations, I wonder how you would fair? I'm thinking you might be making some good money at it.
  6. That was a weird game last night. It looked like GS had been asked to take it down a notch or two so we can more dollars out of this series. I usually don't buy the conspiracy crap but that was kinda weird last night.
  7. Sheeze, 850hp? That is a beast. Did you drive it? Addictive, that kind of power is.
  8. So is tonight the last game of the season?
  9. Kyrie is really fun to watch. Crazy skills with the basketball. Not sure where he fits in the scheme of NBA greatness though. Westbrook is king of those smaller guys if you ask me.
  10. It does, but Lebron's assignment is Durant in one on one defense so that is gonna happen a lot. I thought Lebron was still the best player in the world before this series started. Now it looks like Durant has taken that from him. I remember when Jordan had lost a step and Kobe was physically better. I think that is where we are with Lebron and Durant. It now also appears Jordan's 6 titles in the modern era is gonna continue to be the mark to beat for a long time.
  11. In one on one match ups, Durant has beat James every which a way in this series. From that first dribble drive that left Lebron sitting on the floor to that dagger 3 last night, Durant has downright owned him. It's over, Lebron looks done and Durant looks like he is just getting started. It's been something to watch. The Spurs? They really missed Tim Duncan. Yes, Leonard is an awesome player. He is a true superstar in the making if you ask me. But it is more than just him being hurt. They need some more new blood in there or something. I just don't see them matching up and beating GS with that present team. Really think Pop is awesome too.
  12. Once GS got Durant, well, can't touch that. A 7 footer with a 24" vertical and can hit 3s like that all night. Even King James can't beat that.
  13. Same for us. We were there on a Sunday. Cool place to visit though.
  14. Arash is always creating something awesome. Good luck with this latest project!
  15. 13 years old and in his first tux. I had to grab a picture.