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  1. We use this. https://www.ebay.com/itm/UHF-VHF-FM-OUTDOOR-DIGITAL-HDTV-ATSC-TV-DTV-ANTENNA-QUICK-ASSEMBLY/352316124406?epid=1607820827&hash=item5207ad6cf6:g:L0UAAOSw8-FaZg1Z
  2. We can learn from historical photography.
  3. I guess now he can finally walk on water.
  4. JL Sargent

    NFL 2019

    Guys, the Raiders were not ABs first choice, that's for sure. I can hear the Patriots front office now. "We refuse to trade for your crazy ***, but get released from that contract and we'll work with ya". Mission accomplished. Drew Rosenhaus does it again. That guy is a hell of an agent working for some real pieces of work.
  5. Were any of those teams ranked though??? Yeah, It will probably be Bama vs Clemson for champsionship again this year. Well, unless Jalen Hurts stays pissed, then Oklahoma has a chance.
  6. JL Sargent

    NFL 2019

    The Packers defense had a great game allowing only 3. Rogers played ok.
  7. What a game last night as Auburn scores 21 unanswered to beat Oregon 27-21 in an upset. Auburn started a true Freshman QB "Bo Nix" who never quit slinging the ball around. Oregon looked like the better team most of the game but could not close the deal. It was a hell of game down in Jerry World.
  8. Oh man, great job!
  9. Yep, that's him alright. Man he has aged recently.
  10. Was it that, or did the talent level of the student body change? I'm betting the latter.
  11. It's that time of year! HS Pep Rally was last night. This little guy was into it!
  12. You missed the point I think. Let me guess, you think you own the property you pay taxes on. Nah, Because you, me, and all this "stuff" is all just blips on the radar in the grand scheme of things. The deer that graze on my grass are much closer to being "owners" than I'll ever be and I've held the deed here about 20 years. In some ways, my grandfather was right. It's really all just material junk that will turn to dust.
  13. The idea that we own stuff is kind of an illusion I think. We can't even keep the last breath we took.
  14. Awesome, because that really puts you in rare air with most festival goers long gone by then! Hendrix had it in his contract that he would play last after Roy Rogers declined to do "Happy Trails" as the last act. That fact kinda backfired on Jimi though when weather and technical delays stretched his performance to a 9am Monday morning appearance. Interestingly enough, It would be his only major morning concert.
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