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  1. My goodness, both inlaws reported testing pos with it yesterday. They are in their 70s and isolating at home with symptoms similar to having the common cold. No other symptoms at this time. No fever.
  2. Yeah, that was it. Congrats to the Dawgs! Georgia wins it! They played a heck of a game. Bama just couldn't compete without those 2 best receivers. Always next year!
  3. My family and friends are so weary with it all. No answer and no end in sight apparently.
  4. What about Antonio Brown, did he graduate?
  5. That's really messed up right there.
  6. JL Sargent

    Most overrated?

    ND has a great history of it. Year after year after year they seem to get favorable rankings. Then manage to get owned in most big bowl games. Is it the money, the alumni, or what? I don't know the answer, but I do believe it's real.
  7. That was a crazy game. I think OSU led the game for about 8 secs. That's exactly what they needed.
  8. grabbing right up next to the tight bend in it with the smallest pair of needle noise pliers might allow for bending back to original angle of that tightest bend.
  9. My dad was a barber. There was a nickle Coke machine in the back of the shop just for paying customers. I did get to buy a few nickle Cokes there in the late 60s.
  10. Congrats to the Wildcats on a great season. Heck, even made it to the big dance!
  11. We have a couple of big games on tap for today. I'm thinking the Tide and the Dawgs both get it done. How do you see it?
  12. Wow, Spartans seal it with a 80yd pick 6 against Pitt with about a minute left! Great game to watch.
  13. That can't be right. Herbstreet always picks against em.
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