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  1. Wow, the fact that you have a picture of your GG Grandfather that passed in 1923 is awesome.
  2. One of the guys on the photography thread posted some really nice pictures that he shot with a Pentax 645 I believe? Certainly med format can be a step up from 35mm based cameras. I own a med format film camera. Haven't looked at it in years.
  3. Probably burning all kinds of fat just to stay warm laying there.
  4. JL Sargent


    Lets imagine the contract that Chief's Chris Jones is gonna get before next season (from somebody). Might be the biggest for a D tackle all time. Puts the Chiefs in a tight spot. Should have paid him when they had the chance. Can't afford to lose him, can't afford to keep him.
  5. Cool, you posted that here Dec 20, 2013. Hard to believe that was just over 10 years ago.
  6. JL Sargent


    Gotta love Flacco! I'm just all about him and his story. That would be the ultimate NFL story if Cleveland could win it all. Now, with all that being said, Lamar Jackson.......He is from another planet right now.
  7. JL Sargent


    Baltimore Ravens, the best team in the NFL right now. Who can beat em?
  8. If Georgia and Washington were scheduled to play New Years day, Georgia would be a 14 point favorite I suspect. No way they are not a top 4 team.
  9. Are they supposed to pick the 4 best teams or what? They didn't do that last year and we all know what that got em. Nobody wants another 65-7 NCAA championship game, especially ESPN. Boy was that ugly. That's exactly what was brewing with Florida State and their 3rd string QB in the final 4. No matter what those people in the committee do, somebody is always gonna be unhappy, left out, and pissed off. If it's supposed to be the 4 best teams at the end of the season, they got that right. Sorry, Florida State is NOT one of the 4 best teams after losing their QB.
  10. I hope these playoff games are good games! No blowouts!
  11. JL Sargent


    Never thought Brock Purdy would be this good. I knew the 49ers were a good team, but Brock has really turned into a "Montana" looking QB. They could win it all this year. Another one Love at Green Bay. Thats an up and coming team right there.
  12. Seems they got the 4 best teams? What if we could of had a Florida State vs Alabama game this Saturday to settle things? What would the final score be on that one? 45-0 Alabama maybe? By game time New Years Day the line on Michigan vs Alabama will be even money I suspect. That's gonna be a hell of a game right there.
  13. Jriver is another one that's out there. Had that one before. Haven't hear of Audirvana so I'll look at that one too.
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