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  1. Oh no, that's not the problem. If this turns into a hassle, Rodney will just hand these items off to a random kid riding his bicycle by the house later in the week. 😂
  2. We have a little upstart band.
  3. Veering out of lane? Happens all the time, rarely gets called.
  4. Awesome! Congratulations Elden. Precious moment for sure.
  5. Just got home from seeing this movie with my family at my 15 year old son's insistence. It was a lot of movie to take in at about 3hrs with all kinds of action, story lines to follow, lots of characters from previous Marvel movies . The theater had Klipsch speakers and it sounded good. Go see it on a rainy afternoon like we did. That way, you don't feel like you should be outside doing something.
  6. JL Sargent

    What I Got Today!

    If you want a mate for it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/ARCO-WHITE-or-BLACK-MARBLE-FLOOR-LAMP-ADJUSTABLE-ROUND-NICKEL-PLATED-STEEL-STEM/283422095636?var=&hash=item41fd45f914&enc=AQADAAADAFjVrDbVsZ8oH%2F8PNHtt9VX4%2Fw7FZcmMuqsX8uaFEduVAfJlOIkIbpWAk5m6h1lNuiQ1QY%2FLCMJYnwtvJu9CWQgx2DGQT608x5UcA4vvuqLH4cnb6Q0sFKIcAGr8M0MnozaGOsweLnRieKond%2BBzitwMZbDw7z1WPo0iKYyZYBAsE0znaN3VZ3%2FGxO0P4Pc6xwQU1bZmDkzh2VbIZW7gPddw0XmvVE6d3oj0qrRZf62ZK4To%2B1BJouIG9xWRx%2BETKw0P%2FBMe2%2FAtZnZlHyMzRactbUUSxp5SHZ3goEHRX%2Fbz7v%2B3baa0HOdhBzF5Azt2P81y9ZcknbNKzpQsrQPe3vSIO7eo772J0QQnsMstAZ4EVDVGpwWP%2FyF4AnT0GvfD5d8fYY7b89cMfqK6tR%2BF9aSGe5Dsfl9VDekpdyksrY1QYBMKsVFdzqbf%2FAt5ZLSkikxwv4%2B0vl9ZAwPM4MJFMSS5Tvj%2F8Oz9lE2e93yOU6ItM0Wp09wJFZRvRv9bHHty3exFw34rhm2WZjhZXbsBtPnFD9mBP%2BDEj69PbFyF7tJzTGoagc1bUwCgi6vLpH7kp0kXlqa5IkFYLCQUD8SjBxLElafbd0nsLB22eQgVdBTh25uj9%2B04cpqm7maURFdhoX%2B82mEMOfSuqvGzIVc%2BeCH0aeU1rNBRoUqjWH%2B9HX%2BEf1rxvD%2Fxo6UTRg0WM2fJ%2BnNx9sRFEK8ibdTKLGBoy4U5XrTh3aI9IdSjItXRa9kafvYhrz5at7PpIC9yfNQ3Qtc%2FLgO6yC6UkLbr9r%2BzDRZvJhiLRXLX17K8xho7URKG4j9qVntVaCJKAOggSIOdGfK40%2FkiwhTnbsVigAkHrP%2Bwivsw93tfEhMxXEkbvXUUB2motdc1xNMyt5L7zQhloUjJuOvW1bUJbhD4ZOgCaEsQ02yXeV%2Bzi0qmmFwoTDMsiw8QziQ23LwuG2pNfolKL9gXMgo44UQ68d8Gp%2BwXSoKpgwd2CXngUos7OQP8NJHMXVj%2BB5Xz9%2Bf7zW0E248x0g%3D%3D&checksum=283422095636685f536c6f0c493b9b728551f36d5446
  7. There are different versions of the watches. One can take a simm card and talk directly to the carrier network without the phone. The other cannot and bluetooths to the phone.
  8. This one made our local news paper. Not my best work.
  9. Man, must be some awesome fishing out there.
  10. Same one? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Cambridge-Audio-Azur-640A-V2-0-in-excellent-condition/273827800319?epid=92324666&hash=item3fc168a4ff:g:3RwAAOSwxBNcyGH6
  11. This happens. My best friend lost his wife on Christmas day 3 years ago. We all loved her. Now he and his family share Christmas with us and we take a moment to share a special memory or two of her on that day. It's healing for us and I hope you find a similar thing to do.
  12. JL Sargent

    What I Got Today!

    If only it were that simple. I have tested some high ESR caps that still sounded mighty sweet. Paul was very good at what he did and those old oil can caps did something almost magical for the speakers where they were employed. Especially the A and AA networks it seemed. Yeah, I've replaced several of them over the years with newer cap technologies like Sonicap, but believe it or not something was lost in those changes.
  13. That can be as simple as a small grate sitting on 3 rocks. I got the idea and those photos off the net. Simplest ceramic cooker ever!
  14. OK, I broke down and got my own egg.
  15. I have painted various utility trailers, outdoor equipment. I use a cup brush mounted on a grinder like you mention to remove any rust/loose paint. It can certainly cause damage to those surfaces also, so be careful. I then try to sand all the surfaces to be painted to a dull version of the previous color. The palm sander idea is fine for this. In my experience if I do not at least sand the old paint finish down some, it will peel eventually! The more time you spend sanding and prepping the project, the better it will look when done. Sand blasting is a great way to strip those body panels, but this is best done off the machine of course. After blasting or sanding, prime, lightly sand again, paint, etc.
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