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  1. Are we reaching the point where we say "I'm tired of this, Let it wash over me. I'll take my very good chances."
  2. Nah, everything I buy needs a "break in" period from trucks to sewing machines to gasoline outboard motors, to speakers. Just like people, relationships between parts of a mechanism take time to get to know one another. My wife and I had to have a little break in period in our relationship. That was 20 years ago. Who said it wouldn't last?
  3. Why? We really do seem to give and take advice on everything else here. I'm just curious why it wouldn't be ok to give a stock recommendation for example.
  4. I had a Sharp Aquos too. Wasn't its fault that lightning came to visit. Good luck with the new TV.
  5. I'm about 1/2 through this thing. More than I ever wanted to know about this man. Lot's of great info, but loooong.
  6. JL Sargent

    What I Got Today!

    Those are pretty big watch bands, but I don't know exactly how long. I do know they make a solar/atomic version of this watch. I don' know if it's available in the US though. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Casio-G-SHOCK-GWG-100-1A3JF-MUDMASTER-Atomic-Radio-Solar-Watch-from-JAPAN-F-S/274427235271?epid=27014378824&hash=item3fe5234bc7:g:e-QAAOSwdBlapT8J
  7. The PC is king of gaming these days it seems. In a world where NVIDIA has created superior G sync technology. It's a system where the PC and the monitor work together to create the fastest video generation possible. I don' think a TV reliant system stands a chance across multi-platform games. The technology supports real 144 frames a second. Can any TVs even really do that? I know some advertise 240hz, but that's really a lie as I understand it.
  8. The media seems to be churning those stories up every day now. Just wonder how true some of these are. As for Covid, we now know 1/2 a dozen people who have had it. All were/are nearly asymptomatic. No real health problems to report.
  9. JL Sargent


    Hey Amy, we've missed you. That photograpy thread is still going strong. Do you still take pictures? Post some there if you do.
  10. Is that where you keep the hot tub Mike?
  11. That's the best picture you have taken of your daughter yet! You might just turn into a photographer if your not careful!
  12. You can keep working the lance making the hole as big a diameter as you want. On a 1.5" pin I would want to go an inch or so at least.
  13. Hey Coytee, an oxygen lance might be the way to go on this. With that tool you cold cut a hole all the way through the pin. Then let it cool and shrink. Then drive it out. It does require a welder and a bottle of oxygen. Check out this video for how one works.
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