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  1. Awesome! That guy in the gray shirt looking back at you likes to tackle people.
  2. A few interesting facts about those Mark I tanks: First tank to ever see the battlefield Sept. 15, 1916. 8 man crew, 2 had a place to sit. two 25 gallon gas tanks over the driver and commanders heads. One direct hit and pow. 4 mph top speed. No shocks or suspension of any kind. 6 cylinder gas engine that was hand started. They wore chain mail masked to protect from bullet fragments flying around inside tank
  3. Thanks guys. Yes, he worked on it til he was sick of it. Looking ahead, he is leaning towards building a 1/16th of the Hunley Confederate submarine which was actually built here in Alabama.
  4. This is his history project.
  5. Awards Day at school. My son got one from the Disabled American Veterans for his history project.
  6. This video.
  7. You can expect a voicing change with those new caps too.
  8. That looks like a thin sheeting that might be used to sound proof glue joints? If it troubles you, maybe neatly trim it away with an exacto on a stick.
  9. Those are cool plants.
  10. With just a little more exposure some detail is exposed. Beautiful.
  11. These girls get together and play Bunko once a month. It's a dice game that usually involves a little money, a little food and a little alcohol.
  12. Here is a look at the technology.
  13. I thought this one turned out nice. It's my wife's Bunko ground at a friends wedding.
  14. I present you the manual! http://www.davmar.org/pdf/HP400EL.pdf
  15. Good idea Chuck. Hope everybody gets something constructive done today. As you can see in the below picture, for us anyway, it's the laundry.