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  1. I've got the Eagles winning the Super Bowl, so no. It's interesting that Vegas sports books line is Eagles by 2.
  2. Who wants one of these?🤣
  3. That laser can be had for crazy cheap on Ebay if you don't mind waiting a bit. https://www.ebay.com/itm/181847044701?hash=item2a56edb25d:g:X7AAAOSwwNVTs4U5&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoFLvFVdauHGaeJm7x4seukmpksoR6M1OAx4OLfXb%2B7WIIj3hlkPprBPZ18VcEW3KUrpoIyZRfHWF%2FzIhO364tHBg9H08Tjr6KNdz3HUIp0OwvGaRfFwJqZ2e3K5wPmjBDbMv3KZTYDoRsyZBp1%2FPcomW3CL7BRryi2FekUHqzI8BKatYlS99OuYVUG0E0Uhj1IOUA%2FTNcH97aMpaQni%2FAXc%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR8zK_8iuYQ
  4. Glad you are enjoying the 301s. Low end on the 301s is 50hz +-3db where the Chorus 2 is down to 39hz. The 301s do sound really good at higher volumes IMO. At normal listening levels though, I prefer the Chorus II.
  5. JL Sargent


    RIP Franco! Unique running style (kinda like Dickerson). Had 12K yds rushing in the NFL. Few get there. That video above shows how far football cinematography has come.
  6. Develop a bad gallbladder and then put off doing something about it for months. Speaking from experience, you WILL lose weight.
  7. Not HF, but I bought this one from Home Depot. Been good so far. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Maasdam-3-Ton-Low-Profile-Floor-Jack-with-Quick-Lift-in-Orange-MPL4699-OR-DIP/314137079?
  8. Buddy of mine owns an auto repair shop and uses a few of those low profile 3 ton Pittsburgh jacks from HF. He gets good service from them and bragged on how good they were when I asked.
  9. Found it on Facebook. Those are some big living room horns!
  10. Yeah and like 99.99% of the people out there, I've used Paypal for 20 years without a single incident. USPS MOs have worked well when needed.
  11. This guy is hard at work near my gazebo this afternoon.
  12. Do tell? Probably not where hurricanes happen.
  13. I'd rather see Jimmie than Clapton. Surely Gibson would help Doyle with a left handed 335.
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