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  1. Sister lives across the street from Pope AFB....oh, the noise of those C5's coming in.
  2. Hmmm....could fly the speakers from the ceiling, maybe. Might cut down a bit on bass. Different Cosmo (Cosmic Girl):
  3. http://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/crime/2017/05/22/indycar-drivers-dixon-franchitti-robbed-sunday-west-side-taco-bell/336040001/
  4. After looking at my main system, I can honestly say that a good deal of it was made here in the states! Cornwall/Corncalas: Arkansas, California Studiotech rack: California 4 McIntosh pieces: New York MIT Speaker cables: California Kimber Kables: Utah TT, EQ, power conditioner: Japan
  5. O.K., I got them to sound a little better. I disassembled and cleaned up the L-pads. Still going through with the caps though, some time.
  6. Smack me in the head.....I found that site before and only saw a half dozen numbers......didn't know the list scrolled down! DOH! So, yes, thanks, they do list all the values. Now the bill would come to over $200 for the pair. That's probably more than I want to go. Just doing the electrolytic would be $96 for the pair. I could do them all in Daytons for that much.
  7. So if I could get away with only changing out the electrolytic I could still come out ahead? That could save me about $60, I guess. I can't say I didn't crank these things when they were my only pair. At first it was with a Technics SA411 receiver (45wpc) and then with a Carver MX150 Receiver (150wpc). And most of the time I was also running an additional pair of Technics SB3 bookshelf speakers simultaneously. When the Carver finally died, I opened it up and could plainly see burnt residue around some parts. I also had a powered sub (Yamaha SW-2) that also had some burnt parts on its board beyond recognition.
  8. I guess my reasoning would be that I like what I hear from my 84' Cornwalls (Cornscalas).
  9. Another question for y'all: I'd like to put Sonicaps in this project but I didn't see the values I need on Bob's site. Where is a good source of: 4.7 uF 100V Film Radial 12 uF 75V Film Radial .47 uF 100V Film Radial 10 uF 50V Electrolytic 15 uF 100V Electrolytic 2.2 uF 100V Film Radial
  10. WOW!! Talk about an easy piece to work on! Now I just have to make a trip to Parts Express. Only because I might order the wrong thing from Mouser, etc.
  11. Looks nowhere near the cane I have.
  12. Greaters would be a bit hard to do (without dry ice). Skyline does have gift packs.... But that thought did come to mind when we first set this up.
  13. We're breaking into HQ having a party for a few hundred friend's. LOL!!! Just teasin'. Jim's coming down for a day or so and his hotel is right next to HQ. I'm buying one of the pairs of Heresy's he has for sale and it's a good mid point between where we both live. Gonna save me about four hours of driving.
  14. Thanks Jim! See ya next week!