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  1. I have a couple of systems set up in West Chester, OH if you want to stop by!!! Tromprof is right down the street too!!
  2. I don't plan on buying either or any for that matter. I was just looking for opinions between these two only.
  3. For whatever reason or utility you want. Is one heavier duty than the other? Does one sound better for your preference/genre of music? If one more suited for critical listening vs. live venues? Let's hear it!
  4. I would just make sure they have the k-42 (?) woofers. Mine do. Got em' for $250/pr. + recapps and Duratex.
  5. My biggest question would then be how old is Klipsch's replacement driver which would also lead me to question how long till the surround on IT would go bad. Cost is another concern too....
  6. On the TV show Elementary, there is a quite nice McIntosh system.
  7. If only I needed them..... :D https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/278204966438662/
  8. After spending $175k on a Porsche 911 Turbo.....you're worried about fuel costs?? LOL!!!
  9. The resistors, inductors and transformers either work or they don't. And it's rare if they don't. The electrolytic paste inside the caps can also dry out and change their value over time making the HF sound dull. So, yea, if money isn't that tight right now get a whole new build. But for about 1/2 cost you can just put in new caps.
  10. I've got all of the DVD's from the previous Guitar Festivals. Even before it was called what it is.
  11. I'LL BE THERE!!! .......a week too early at a different convention.
  12. Fuzzy, there are quite a few members here that build replacement crossovers as a side hobby/job. I chose a man namd Bob Crites at Critesspeakers.com. if you don't see your speaker listed on his web site just give him a call, he's very personable.
  13. Fuzzy- The fact the speakers are 20-years old points to the caps needing replacing. It's usually not much cost and pretty satisfying if you can do it yourself. I bought a pair of nearly 30-year old Cornwalls that, in my opinion, sounded pretty dead in hf department. I ordered a new pair of aftermarket crossovers and they brightened right up. If you don't want that kind of expense, you can order a kit to replace just the capacitors. Plus it's a bit satisfying doing it yourself. 😎😎
  14. I doubt it. My HIP's are fiberglass coated 3/4" birch.
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