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  1. I was even gonna say Symphonic or Glod Star.....LOL!!! Makes white van stuff sound good!
  2. Not a problem, here's one. Be sure the caps you find are not polarized.
  3. They do extend that far, plus some. But I had to bend them back under to reach the hole in the board AND that Audyn wouldn't fit flat on the board between the inductors.
  4. It doesn't. It wouldn't go down any more because the inductors were too close together. The lead I had problems with is the one unseen at the top of the pick. The lead at the bottom was had plenty of length.
  5. It is a KG4. The 3 caps are 3uf, 8uf (I used 8.2uf) and 33uf (1 of each). Then a polyswitch rated at 7 amp but I used a 6.5 amp Parts Express didn't have a 7 and there's enough tolerance to use a 6.5. Chances are your inductors are fine.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1219681014869738/
  7. O.k., if I didn't already have a pair of H.IP.'s I'd get em'. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/347115335973435/
  8. ....that says cap leads are too short!! That Audyn went through the board only about a 64th on an inch!
  9. On Bob's site, look at his original Cornscala design. Look at the first few pictures on this page and you'll get the idea. It still uses ports though. https://critesspeakers.com/cornscala.html
  10. Can I join the crowd that screams that cap leads are too short??
  11. I swapped out the switches too. Might be lesser quality sound but it's only a garage system while I'm working on some other project (or to annoy the neighbors). But I'd rather be safe(r) swapping them out too. They were only 50 cents each.
  12. So it's not the best of parts. It's only the garage system and, thankfully, Parts Express is not that far away for a whole $22! 😁😁
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