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  1. I wanna see two autonomous car driving robots get out of there cars and beat each other.......
  2. A good friend of mine was on the show around 2000. Even got up on stage, but didn't get past the big wheel. She told me she went to hug Bob and he was the most frail thing. She afraid she might hurt him. She went again a couple of years later with her mother but dudn't get called. She and I went to the traveling version MC'd by Jerry Springer, but again didn't get called. But in watching the show....MAN... you talk about something that's rigged!! The big wheel would gain speed 2 revolutions after it was spun! (HINT: When you're in line to get your name tags (or stand outside the studio), there are people watching you to see if you's be suitable for the show.)
  3. Last week I broke my glasses right in ths middle of the nose bridge. My insurance only covers a bunch of doctors that typically had the word "Mobile" in their practice name, so I went to Wal-Mart for an exam. (100% covered) The lenses, however, were $335!! And that's using the frames from a back-up pair that were at least 13-years old. A friend used to work for the eye doctor at Costo. So, I took my presccription over there and ordered lenses for my old back-up frames. $185. But no insurance coverage because I was ordering no-line bifocals, photochromic, anti-glare and anti-scratch.
  4. Wow! If this is the same thread I was reading last night, most of it us now gone.
  5. The last time I moved, all of my tools and supplies were unavailable to me for a long time. I found a pair of HIP's for cheap and couldn't wait to recap them. All I could do was borrow a soldering iron and a pair of finger nail clippers for wire cutters and a really dull pair of wire strippers. I ordred the caps from Bob. Didn't even have a work bench or table to work on. Just the livingroom floor. Here's the result.....the mess that it is......but it works.
  6. Figures........ I just unburied my GL1 to see if it still works, but the tape drive is fubar. The DV out still works so it would be fine going to an external recorder such as a laptop. Even before that, it was getting bad with upcutting. Sorry. 😯
  7. I don't think the tape cartridges are interchangeable. You'll have to find another camera to play them back.
  8. Hi8 is a different format than Mini-DV.
  9. I held a 45 Gold Cup once in the early 90's. I will admit it was one of the worst feeing triggers I've ever felt on a gun that expensive. Ths trigger creep felt like I was trying to skateboard in a gravel driveway. Thank you United Auto Workers Union.
  10. They get their sights from Elliason(sp)?
  11. Mighty Favog

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