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  1. Oh, you're FAR from done.....(evil laugh).
  2. A "Jim Dandy" brand bought in Flint, MI in the late 70's.......so, probably not.
  3. Wish I could answer that. The range was gone long before I moved in.
  4. Oh, I made doubly sure that wouldn't happen. I had on insulated gloves for electric work AND turned off the main 200 amp breaker for the whole house.
  5. O.k., never-mind. But thanks for looking. Found the answer.................hammer.
  6. O.k., insert joke here: So, we're rehabbing our kitchen and I need to remove an old 220v 40A receptical for the old stove that is long gone. But I don't see any screws, pinch points or anything that lends an idea of how to get it off. I just want to run my my new baseboard through there and not around it since it hasn't been used in over 30-years (yes, it's turned off at the service panel). Thx!
  7. http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/music/2017/03/23/former-boston-drummer-sib-hashian-dies-67/99542378/
  8. I'm drooling over getting one of those. If it does what MCACC from a Pioneer Elite in my bedroom then I can only dream what it will do to the main system.
  9. I store mine in a cardboard box I got at our local Container Store and lay them flat. No folding flaps but a five-sided box that slides into another five-sided box. Looking for a link now....with little luck. But it would look something like this to get the general idea.
  10. Had the AFX w/ Magnatraction when I was little. To this day I can't look at a Plymouth Superbird and think of that yellow/orange color it cam in with the number 7 on it.
  11. "You KNOW there's a spy at the airport. Your job? Find em'..." - George Carlin
  12. I've wondered what a planetarium would sound like. Probably no imaging at all though.
  13. Sure is with Cornscalas!
  14. Just as a generality, I would recommend bookshelf speakers have their ports in the front. I have a pair of RB61's in our bedroom on stands and pushed into corners as far as they'll go. The port allowing a longer excursion of the woofer to reach lower frequencies and those lower frequencies now vibrating the two walls behind them, have mine sounding pretty decent. Their source is a simple Pioneer Elite 120/wpm receiver using MCACC. So those 61's from Fry's is probably your best deal. Not really sure I would put Heresy's in the "bookshelf speaker" class.
  15. Without hearing one for myself, I respect the reviewers opinion. To add to that, I would really like to see/own a unit like this that has it's own built-in AM/FM tuner. That would put it over the top with me. Enough to replace my two Tivoli Model One's.