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  1. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/663162744612577/
  2. Yes, I can. The tinnitus is still, I think, just a tad louder than before so I'm hoping will diminish over time (love to get rid of it all together). The doc even said my right (damaged) ear has better hearing than my left in some upper frequencies. The hyperacussus is going down too. When this first started, I couldn't stand to listen to music above 20% of volume (McIntosh preamp) where 40% is my personal limit to not go above. He also said he's not known of any of his patients to get this more than once but don't hang my hat on it.
  3. O.K., so this might be getting a little long in the tooth, but today was my final visit to the ENT for the comparison hearing test.
  4. 4 for $200 ea. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/707767219808101/
  5. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/326460225045098/
  6. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1516123988595958/
  7. Mine did gave a warning label on the box for some sort of harm.
  8. That missing box spot is mine.
  9. I moved about 3 years ago and have since set up my old computer set up to like I had it. Today I got another ProMedia 2.1 since my original ones took a dump (rotten surround and then the amp went down). for the life of me I don't remember how I had it set up to play 4-channel stereo; 2 to the ProMedia's and 2 to a stand alone 2-channel stereo in the same room. I've looked in the manual and it said nothing about multi channel stereo (not 5.1, etc.). I run the test noise through all 4 speakers and that's fine. But the music only plays through 2 speakers. The card is an Auzentech X-fi Bravura 7.1.
  10. Got the last shot of steroid into the eardrum this morning. The doc likes the progression and said thing will more than likely get better over time. He asked about what percentage improvement do I think I have since this started. I said about 50%, that made him smile. Also got the MRI done this afternoon. They said my doc should have the results in a couple of days. An hour after I get home, I got a call from the ENT's office and said everything was normal. I was kinda hoping SOMETHING was wrong so I can justify all the goofy crap I do.....😄 Next week is another hearing test for the comparison.
  11. SA-500 for $150 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/357359601955338/
  12. That sounds about right. I bought a set from Micro Center for about $120, on sale, many years ago.
  13. ProMedia 2.1 for $99.99 !! R-12SW sub for $189.99 !! Starts 9/2 to 9/27
  14. Round two with the eardrum injection. The injection was still painfull even though he used the same hole from the first one. Hearing is better in that ear compared to before. Not as much kazoo playing either. The doc was very pleased to know of any improvement after only the first injection. The hyperacusus isn't as bad either, but then again, I've been spending the week with a cotton ball in that ear to attenuate it. One more injection and the MRI next week and a hearing test the week after with the MRI results. This is what I was feeling like:
  15. When I burn compilation CD's for myself, I check this option.
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