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  1. WTB Cornwall grills or naked grill boards

    Bob could probably make you some...
  2. It's 2018; what audio gear do you want to buy this year?

    I would love to get: McIntosh MEN220 VPI Scoutmaster or Classic 2 TT Mcintosh MCD500 Mcintosh MVP901 Is it going to happen?? .........uh....... ....no.
  3. Cap Question

    That's o.k., no need to go through all that. When I got them home I was really surprised how well they blended with a pair of KLF-20's with Bob's networks.
  4. Cap Question

    Hey ya jimjimbo!! Do you remember what caps you put in those H1's I bought from ya??
  5. Link to "Made In America"?

    My apologies, I should have been more specific. There was a TV show hosted my John Ratzenberger that only did stories about companies that made products here in America. Klipsch was one of there spotlights in one episode.
  6. Link to "Made In America"?

    Does anyone have a link to Klisch's spotlight on "Made In America"? TY!!
  7. I miss Radio Shack

    Well, I miss what they used to be. I had no problem about NOT going in there and immediately being offered the sales pitch to buy a cell phone. Locally, the closest place we have is Parts Express in Springboro, OH.
  8. Klipsch ownership

    I'll pick up my Mac MC2301's in a couple days...😁😁
  9. Another Bose victim

    Wouldn't make it sound any better......
  10. What I Got Today!

    Trolling...just wanted to be the 6,000th reply...LOL!!
  11. Early Klipschorn manufacturing "oops"

    One of the last times I was at Indy, we were shown a 5 1/4" floppy disk that had a whole lot of similar records saved to it. Not sure what happened to the original written records but that floppy was then the only source. Someone there took the disk at stuck on the side of a metal shelving unit for the time being.........with a big magnet. ERASED!!!!
  12. what about the 2018 pilgrimage?

    I don't think I'd try it. That's not paint on your speakers but yet Black Ash veneer. You would probably have a better looking result by removing the veneer and replacing it. But even that won't be easy. You may look into putting veneer over the top of the black ash.
  13. Klipsch Belles--West Virginia

    Says no manufacturer's mark but yet the cabinet says, plain as day, ALTEC on the back....(roll eyes).
  14. Frys - RB61 II and RC 62 II with free shipping

    Did a road trip last night. With dinner and poking around the store a bit, it was 6-hours round trip. Nice drive! But, I will say....for Christmas shopping season, the store was virtually void of any customers!!!
  15. Frys - RB61 II and RC 62 II with free shipping

    Hmmm....I just order a pair of 61's but they wouldn't ship to my house. Said I had to pick them up......in Fishers, IN! .....still making the trip tonight.