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  1. I can't really say. It was a new build and I was going by the advice of some others.
  2. When I took mine out, I poked through with a screwdriver and tore them out in one piece. Yes, they could no longer be used but they were a commonly found Atlas PD5-VH.
  3. My favorite underrated song from him:
  4. I need to find this cat game for an Android tablet. I had it a year ago and it was accidently deleated. Since then the cat won't leave my tablet alone! It's the first pic in the list: https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-try-to-turn-your-android-tablet-into-the-best-cat-toy-ever/
  5. Awsome Jim!! Thanks a ton for your time!! 😎😎😎
  6. That would be great, Travis. Thanks!
  7. Nah....GMC is McIntosh. 😂
  8. Just don't forget that the industry standard frequency to get to that number is 1kHz. That sine is coming from the midrange so I really don't see why this measurement is being applied to the woofer.
  9. No, at the angle tilting them downward, they would have been too unstable. The picture above was before I tilted them.
  10. There wasn't just the impression of a wider soundstage, there really was one. And the woofers on the inside was to control excessive bass at my seating/listening position. MCACC cound only take care of so much.
  11. I put mine on their sides on the credenza of my desk then tilted them down with some cork drink coasters. It worked out great and even matched with the KLF20's in the same room. This is about 6 1/2' to 7' up.
  12. If anything you extended their life by over 20-years having not to replace them later.
  13. It was about 10-years ago and I drove from SW Ohio to get them. I did, later replace the tweeters but ordered all new networks. I didn't include that in the price I quoted above. Remember, the extra cost of the factory veneer and the cane grill option added to the cost of mine.
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