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  1. Depends on which sites pay the top dollar to Google to be tops in the list of hit from the inquiry. I went through that with my company.
  2. Is there anyone out there that has a site that supplied as much as Needle Doctor?
  3. I decided to put my turntable through its paces a few weeks ago. My "go to" ctg is the Shure V15VxMR that I bought new about 20-years ago. After playing one or two albums the sound was less than appealing and not what I remember. At first I thought it might need a new stylus and probably a record cleaning machine (Okki Nokki ??). I then gave the tip a good cleaning with some Clear Audio stylus cleaner and brush to make sure before buying anything. The clean stylus did it's job and lent some improvement. But the more I played it the better everything sounds. Granted, this is after the table getting maybe 4-5 albums in the last 7 or 8 years. So, my question is, could the better sound be due to the internals of the cartridge (magnets) loosening up again?
  4. How far back can we search our own posts? I don't remember what I titled it as but is was at least 15-years ago.
  5. What do the little blue rockets mean?
  6. Aw man!!! 20+years of post count too! <<< oppps....just saw it there, but have to tap/click on it to an exact number....
  7. Hey Y’All! Last weekend, Lorrie and I had a guest spend a couple of nights with us so we all could attend a Hot Wheels show about 30-miles away. He's a real nice guy and about 10-years younger than us. It was his first time here but Lorrie has known him about 15-years or so (he's from Knightdale, North Carolina). After they looked over her collection and planning strategy for the show, we all started to relax after his 8+hour drive up here to SW Ohio. Something Lorrie told him about was that I still have a working turntable (Yamaha PF-800 / Shure V15 XmR) with a few cartridges to choose from. Well, he was just enamored over the fact that the turntable worked much less was this versatile. He actually enjoys the minute clicks/pops in the vinyl. It was amusing to watch him stand there close to the TT watching it turn. In my own head, I was being critical of witch cartridge I had on hand sounded best and swapped out a couple for comparison (Orotofon VMS-30MkII and Stanton P888 w/D73-S stylus). Our guest said they all sounded fine, but me being more of the audio-fool than he was, I couldn’t help it. The Stanton rode very low almost as if it would not support the weight of the tonearm and cartridge at its prescribed tracking force. But I concluded that it was just because the stylus is nearly 40-years old and the cantilever’s suspension had no more elasticity. The Orotofon usually had a relaxed sound to it. The Stanton had nothing going for it from when it was new. The tip looked like it was for 78 rpm records only as it was huge. We referred to it as the Godzilla Bicep Claw (good for trying to take skips OUT of records). But I bought the Stanton long before the Yamaha for my first TT; a Technics SL-D300 that was only $150. The stylus and cartridge for the Shure V15 was only about 20-years old so that had the best chance of sounding good and is still my favorite bang for the buck. I have an older Shure V15 Type V but the stylus had way too many miles on it. Shure even had an offer in the late 90’s to early 2000’s where you could send them your worn out stylus and they would sell you an exact replacement for $20!!! Thankfully, they let me order two new ones. So, our guest went back home Sunday night and I started diligently trying to get back the sound I once had. The Shure stylus is what I’m working on most so I took it off of the tonearm still attached to the headshell and started applying some Clearaudio stylus cleaner using a Discwasher stylus brush only moving in the outward direction. I then looked at it again with a lighted magnifying glass. The sides of the tip again were sparkling with the reflection. So, from there any improvements would have to come from either a new Jico stylus (@ $250) or a record cleaning machine. Up till now the only thing I’ve used is a Discwasher D4 brush a fluid set that was a birthday gift from when I was 19-years old (I’m 56 now). Someone I once knew said they had surprisingly good luck with an Okki Nokki unit a friend of his owns and those run about $600. Is there any others that would be comparable to performance and maybe a little less cost?
  8. Markie Post, TV veteran actor of 'Night Court,' dies at 70 news4sanantonio.com/news/entertainment/markie-post-tv-veteran-actor-of-night-court-dies-at-70
  9. Mighty Favog


    I bought some used paint......it was in the shape of a house.
  10. Fetta cheese.....smells like feet.
  11. Mighty Favog


    I put spot remover on my dog.........now he's gone.
  12. At 7-years old, mom bought me a skateboard for my birthday because my (then) best friend had one. I think she paid $7 for it at Woolworth's. It took about 6-years to get good enough as to get compliments from people I didn't know. Lord knows I didn't get any from my narcissistic mother. All she wanted to hear from people was how great her children were and that she was the reason for it. But skateboarding got me where she wanted me to be; out of the house. I not only learned how to ride, it got my body in really good shape. Just not body-builder material. In high school during gym class, it stepped into the weight room for the first and only time. With me being 5' 6" and only 117lbs, I foot pressed 780lbs. One of the coaches saw it but I told him I was under contract to ride for Coca-Cola (and I was). After meeting my girlfriend's older (and hotter) sister, she later said to my girlfriend "He's got a butt!!!!" 😂😂😂 But riding also taught me a few other things. How to quickly read the terrain I was riding (sidewalk cracks), be aware of all of my surroundings and to get maps from the back of the phone books. It wasn't uncommon to wind up 25-miles from home on a jaunt. And then make if home in time for dinner. Riding also proved to me I didn't need alcohol or and other drugs. Riding got be high enough.
  13. LOL! My Dad (30-year twice decorated Cincinnati firefighter) would laugh at that show. He said some of the things the show presented just DON'T happen that way.
  14. Years ago I used to work in an office building downtown that was a few blocks away from the Flam Building (fictional name) and I, on occasion, had business in that building. It's at 617 Vine Street, across the street from Fountain Square. The real name of the building is The Cincinnati Enquirer Building that was the first location for that newspaper. The tornado episode that blows Andy over a desk was very possible as the corner of the building the B-roll footage sees the South West corner of the top floor. Also, the episode of The Who concert tragity shows Mr. Carlson and Andy looking out of the window at a candelight vigil on Fountain Square. The Square is very visible from their vantage point in the building. The turkey bombing? I gave no idea where that was supposed to be at.
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