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  1. Mighty Favog

    What I Got Today!

    Know what you mean. I bought an SB120 and loved the sound. Only problem I had was keeping volumes synched up between the 120 and what was displayed on the TV. The two units didn't always get the signal from the remote at the same time. Yes, the TV speakers were switched off, but their display level was displayed. Oh, well.
  2. Mighty Favog

    KP250's in Springboro, OH

    At the MidWest Audio fest. Thing is he wants $500 and the have a fair amount of road-wear. No idea what he wants for the mideange drivers...
  3. Mighty Favog

    What I Got Today!

    Picked these up today!!
  4. Mighty Favog

    These look interesting

    Seriously though...I could gave sworn I saw those in Audio Advisor years ago.
  5. Mighty Favog

    Refurbished 1977 Heresys for sale

    O.k., would Jackson, TN o.k.? That's 2-hours shorter for you. If that's all right, could I ask if you could hold them for a few days? A friend of mine has a family emergency and has to fly out of here asap to Pheonix. I can PayPal you a deposit if you want to hold them.
  6. Mighty Favog

    Refurbished 1977 Heresys for sale

    I can meet you in Nashville if that's o.k.
  7. Mighty Favog

    Refurbished 1977 Heresys for sale

    Oooo!! Ooooo!!! Let me see if I can get some gears in motion!!
  8. Mighty Favog

    Interesting Altec set up...

  9. Mighty Favog

    KPT904's in MO!!

  10. Mighty Favog

    These look interesting

    Sure they're not out of a DAK catalog??
  11. Mighty Favog

    Best / Strongest speaker Cabinet design

    Is dovetailing possible with MDF??
  12. Mighty Favog

    K55V and K700 pair in MO for $225

  13. Mighty Favog

    Shorthorns in CT for $1k

  14. Mighty Favog

    Refurbished 1977 Heresys for sale

    I might be interested if you could you meet me in Nashville, TN. Coming from Cincinnati, OH: that's the halfway point(?)
  15. Mighty Favog

    Heresy I Lacquered Zebrawood 90713 SOLD

    For a second I thought you were going to say KG1's.....😁😁