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  1. You decide....

    Never have they...
  2. You decide....

    I think it's Bright, IN.
  3. You decide....

  4. No More Browning Hi-Power

    Did you see the Tom Selleck movie "Runaway"?
  5. No More Browning Hi-Power

    Eating Raoul??
  6. No More Browning Hi-Power

    No offense, but I don't trust USA Today for objective news.
  7. No More Browning Hi-Power

  8. No More Browning Hi-Power

    Does that mean that non-residents and constitutionally carry too?
  9. A Very Lucky Guy!

    That use to happen to me in my early years of skateboarding. I was going too fast on a board that was too narrow and too short. Used to call it speed-wobble back then.
  10. Legends You Have Seen Live?

    My Ding-a-Ling is on rotation in my car....
  11. Legends You Have Seen Live?

    Kenny Loggins (??), The Eagles, Roberta Flack, George Winston (X3), Warren Zevon, (Been to Marge Schott's house a few times...), Joe Walsh, I guess "legend" is subjective.
  12. Can someone translate this for me, please?

    My family has a picture of our great, great grabdmother reading a book in her lap. We have the book but we don't know what it says. Any help?? THX!!!
  13. No More Browning Hi-Power

    Wonder if JMB and PWK ever crossed paths since PWK had some artillary pattens.
  14. Well......almost. :)

    There used to a place around here called "Just Do Me Nails".
  15. No More Browning Hi-Power

    An interesting tid-bit about the BHP P35: This was a sidearm that was used by BOTH sides of WWII depending on who occupied Belgium at the time of manufacture.