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  1. Not even an Alice's Restaurant Massacre movement??
  2. Having never heard them before and as much as I see written about how good they were/are, should there be an RB75 II ?? I mean, it's been done already for the Forte, Heresy, LaScala, Cornwall (twice), etc. Should we start a movement on this?
  3. https://www.crutchfield.com/S-crnsT1pENgr/p_714H3CRBCH/Klipsch-Capitol-Heresy-III-Capitol-Blonde.html The reason I ask is because I though Crutchfield was known to sell last year's models of items
  4. These won't fit the Cornwall-based Corscala. These are K-401 horns. They will fit the Original Cornscala that Bob came up with, but not the Cornscala II.
  5. You could make them Corncalas with Dave Harris' Fast Track horns, but that would necessitate the cutting of the motorboards with a router. Very worth the effort and can be installed and ready to go in one day/night. AND nothing has to be changed on the crossover.
  6. I was just thinking about laser optical pick-ups for CD/DVD players.
  7. Ah, my line of work. I've had more than a few domestic relations cases with Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. posts used as exhibits. Good to hear you guys are O.K.! 12-years ago, it was getting kinda late one night and I was sitting in our living room watching TV. Behind the TV are couple of double hung windows covered by some curtains. I looked up and saw a faint orange glow next door. First thing I thought was that the neighbors beyond that house were having a bon-fire (common around here). But this looked a bit too close. I got up and went to the kitchen but still couldn't get a good look. I walked out on the deck and took a peek around some bushes. That's when I saw the neighbors' back side of their house on fire on the outside. Just as I was about to jump over the fence and started banging on doors and windows, another neighbor saw the same thing and started doing it too. I ran back in my house and grabbed a fist full of phone and called 911....."I have a 2-alarm structure fire at **** ***** **. We're working on getting everyone out." (the house was a ranch style about 1,100sq ft.) When all of the EMS crews got there the house was pretty well on it's way. I grabbed my garden hose and started hosing down the side of my house and tree to keep it from spreading. But the fire crews had yet to put enough water on it to put it out! They had used up the pumper truck's 500 gal. on board tank but they weren't getting any pressure from the hydrant! They asked me where the next nearest hydrant was but it was a good 250yds. away. Seeing the truck was already connected to the hydrant and pressurized, you can't just disconnect the 5" line and go down to the next hydrant. You have to get rid of all that pressure first. So, they did out of the snorkel and went to work on the hose couplers. When they did they discovered that there was a big kink in the 5" line cutting off all of the flow. This all took about 15-minutes and the house interior was toast and the back had a huge hole in it. So, I stayed out there to console the family and make sure my house wasn't the next victim. What I didn't realize was the T-shirt I was wearing "C.F.D." on the back and our city's logo on the front (Cincinnati Fire Department). I was getting some oddball weird looks from some of the firemen and I actually got asked by their captain who I was. I told them my father is a retired ATO for the CFD (Ariel Truck Operator). Always wondered if the insurance company could sue EMS for incompetence. The cause of the fire was they cooked with their charcoal BBQ earlier that night and, later, the wife took the hot coals out of the BBQ and put them into a plastic/rubber garbage can up against the house.
  8. "To a New Yorker, like you, a hero is some sort of weird sandwich." - LOL!!
  9. If he ever has a chest cold, it would kill 'em.
  10. https://youtu.be/zPLZHU0BZ3M
  11. Be REAL careful about how much bracing you put in there. Remember, every cubic inch of material put in that cabinet also decreases the needed internal cab volume.
  12. A little pricy though... https://cincinnati.craigslist.org/ele/6170007510.html
  13. I'm pretty much asking about an analog active unit.
  14. Naw, it's not the name of the shop. It's just a sign that hangs there, I'm assuming they sell it there. I'm not sure since I don't drink. It's in a small sandwich/grocery store called Sunshine Fine Foods.
  15. "BULLSHIT" O.k., that one was too obvious.