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  1. Mighty Favog


    I read your pre-edited reply. The process went o.k, it was the reasons it had to be done that led me back to this young lady from my mid-teens.
  2. Mighty Favog


    Me? Oh........married and divorced. But found my growing love from when we were 16 but seperated by law (long story and not our fault). Trying to write a book about it all (can send you the draft if your interested). Almost died twice in the last year and applying for social security disability (recently filed the appeal). Diabetes drugs are through the roof at $10k/yr. Left Edwin and my cat with Sheila in the divorce.
  3. I've seen it both ways. I used to work a retail job some 30+ years ago with a guy that should have been arrested as a sexual offender. He's now in line to be the next police chief of our large city. All I can say there is that I really hope he grew up and I wonder how he got past the mental examination part of his entrance exam. Then, I've also seen good manored well respecting guys come out of the military that are total a-holes with a constant chip on their shoulder. Not to mention telling their own mother that she's a piece of sh!t after she raised him by herself when she caught his father in bed with another woman ( in the act) when he was only 3-months old.
  4. Are you sure these came from Klipsch? It might be the correct components but the arrangement looks way out of whack. I don't even see a terminal strip. Do they have Klipsch's label on the front edge? Here's mine from Bob....
  5. I think it's the crossover point from the midrange to the woofer.
  6. I'm not against the police or obeying the law. I'm against the officers that think (and act) that the only reason there is peacful law and order is because the police are feared. That would be the "power cops". They're really are people that have good morals to begin with. Then there are the officers that have a poor sense of threat assessment. The ones that just can't turn off the mindset that all people are guilty. Getting rid of these types of cops is a lot harder than people may think. For the ones that abuse their spouses, for instance. The percentage of cops that do this is quite high (40% and possibly higher). If an officer looses his/her job or is convicted of spousal abuse, it sets such a large precedent that departments will have a hard time replacing them with officers that can do the job effectively otherwise. I have a close friend whose ex-husband comes from a police family. His family has the attitude that there are two types of people; the police (the good, ruling and feared) and those that aren't (the always guilty). Where there is no such thing as someone that obeys the law and has good morals, other than by the existence of the police. The reason the TV show COPS was on the air was to show people that they (assumed criminals) can't win and the police are omnipotently powerful. When I watch, the number of times the perps actually talk to the cops (and hanging themselves doing it) is incredible! You have to give them your name and nothing else! After you do that, get a lawyer!!
  7. Al Cayola Lindsey Buckingham Kenny Loggins Have to give this some thought
  8. Do these two speakers take the same brackets?? I have KH-07's mounted now, but just wanting to know if I need to drill another hole for the AW-650 brackets. TYIA!
  9. Never mind, I misread the ad.
  10. YUP!! Came close to getting it for myself......but no room.😁
  11. Not mine... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/306370274097584/
  12. Mighty Favog

    The Other Discs

    One of my favorite Chicago bands: New Colony Six
  13. 1977 Cornwall Decorators - Birch Raw "Without cabinets" ?? Look like they have cabinets to me.
  14. That metal piece is something a previous owner did. Normally you'll just see those 2 round head screws.
  15. Just got an AC Infinity T8 for this Pioneer Elite VSX49-TXi that you could barbeque on when it's at idle. So far, so good.
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