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  1. Proof that Bose people really are clueless.....

    Naw...I typed in the word "vintage" in the electronics section.
  2. Proof that Bose people really are clueless.....

    Copy and paste the whole line. Not just the underlined link.
  3. https://cincinnati.craigslist.org/ele/d/vintage-bose-901-corner/6346969561.html Select all and copy/paste.
  4. 77' HWO's in Cincy, Make Offer!!

    1977 Klipsch Heresy Speakers HWO Type E Crossover - electronics - by owner - sale https://dayton.craigslist.org/ele/d/1977-klipsch-heresy-speakers/6391298765.html Select all for link to work...
  5. Might need to buy RAA1 cable

    All right, call off the dogs. Went to go inspect the little critter and the Molex connector IS a barrier strip! Yea!!!
  6. Might need to buy RAA1 cable

    Yes, I called AC already. They have the antenna but only as a whole assembly for $150, but not just the cable.
  7. Might need to buy RAA1 cable

    Hey all! I'll be moving in the next month or so and I may need to buy the cable for a McIntosh RAA1 antenna box for my MR85 tuner. I have it fished through some walls and then I sealed the holes with either silicone or expanding foam insulation. There were at two types of connections as the RAA1 box end, one was barrier strip and the other was a Molex connector. Mine is the Molex. I just remember when I ran it through the walls it was a PITA because I had to fold over the Molex in line with the cable. And then still fearing I'd pull it off. Yes, I could also figure out what Molex I need and just cut the old one off (trip to Parts Express not too far from new home). I contacted Audio Classics and they only have the entire assembly for $150 or one on e-Pray for $100 shipped. But all I'll need is the cable alone.
  8. Retrofitting a S&W 29

    Sending PM
  9. Retrofitting a S&W 29

    Does anyone know of a way to retrofit a S&W Model 29 6" bbl. with one of those "BANG" flags that come out?? This is going to be a major gag for someone!!
  10. Will R6i On-Ear microphone work with Android?

    All right, just got my R6i On Ear's yesterday ($45 at Dealfisher on Amazon Prime)...and there's some good news. The sound and the microphone does work with the Samsung Galaxy S6 phone. I'm told the microphone picks up my voice very well. The volume controls didn't work and the track control.....well....it does work to a point. But I have to play with that some more. No critical listening has been done yet, all I've had through them is some low-grade MP4's.
  11. Will R6i On-Ear microphone work with Android?

    O.k., that wouldn't bother me. Listening and the mic is all I want. Well, maybe volume control, but that's not essential. Thx Schu!!
  12. I would like to entertain the idea of face-timing with friends that are way out of my time zone. Thus I have to be quiet about it to not wake anyone up at home. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 10" tablet that I use for the face-timing but the earbuds that came with my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone really suck rocks. So I'd like to know if the R6i On-Ear's mic would work even though the web-site only mentions Apple products. Thx everyone!
  13. This is interesting for all you gun people.

    A car like that I would expect to see at Carnaval with Brooke Burke in the back...
  14. This is interesting for all you gun people.

    Police car?