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    Car Thread

    He can tuna piano...
  2. There was a guy that lived near a family member that worked for our city striping streets. He painted his house in that reflective yellow. 😆
  3. Just for the sake of memories, I'd love to get my Yamaha K-1020 back up and running again. I've got enough NOS tape to keep me occupied for a while.
  4. Makes ya wanna go back and ride a schoolyard again, don't ya? The main one where I rode (and was discovered 😛) has been torn down for a couple of years now. It had asphalt hills at 40 deg. and a flat run of about 150 yards for slalom races. I started riding in 72' but shortly after that, our city decided to take out all the trees between the sidewalk and the street. Between all the sidewalk damage and growing up into the utility wires, it was the cheaper option. Although it killed the aesthetics of the residential neighborhoods.
  5. Mighty Favog

    R.I.P. Curly

    Harlem Globetrotters great Curly Neal dies at 77 https://local12.com/news/nation-world/harlem-globetrotters-great-curly-neal-dies-at-77-03-26-2020
  6. Up to a 10.5X30. Around here the sidewalks were/are so bad, you need something with a kicktail and keep a foot on it at all times. Even 75mm wheels aren't enough to get over these misaligned expansion joints. I lived most of my days riding on the front balls of my feet.
  7. Either a down payment on a desk for my office or down payment on a McIntosh MEN 220 from AC. ....or a reproduction 1st generation Sims LaMar Sting 5 ply (skateboard deck). This whole TP hoarding thing reminds me of when a family member used to work for Sysco Cincinnati in Evendale, OH; a food supplier about as big as Halliburton. If you wanted TP they would just ask how much you want.
  8. I had the same thing happen with Converse Dr. J.'s. I ordered a retro pair a few years ago and the leather was a LOT thinner and the souls started noticeably wearing after a month or so.
  9. I used to sell those in the early 80's. Only difference was ours had tweed grills.
  10. Choppin' wood? Shoveling snow? Steel-toed Red Wings!! Things felt/fit better than my regular shoes. Elementary school: Hush Puppy's Pro-skateboarding days: Converse Dr. J's hightops and lowtops. Now: Just till they wear out, I found a couple pairs of Van's and Van's Half-Cabs in the closet. Nike: Swore those off when every pair started squeeking after a few weeks from the footbed. When a real winter hits again: Merrell, but the soles wear too fast for me. Formal: Nunn Bush from Kohl's for $29.
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