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  1. Mighty Favog

    Moving La Scala II upstairs solo?

    I carried my Cornwalls down to the basement to do the Cornscala conversion by myself. And I only weigh about 135lbs. ......oh, yea.... I gutted the cabs first. 😁😁
  2. Mighty Favog

    Anyone knows what HIP's retailed for??

    Hi ya Frozen. I've posted requests and did some sesrches but maybe I'm not using the right search words. Mine are fiberglass coated with no stainless trim.
  3. Mighty Favog

    You've GOT to be kidding......

  4. Mighty Favog

    Interesting Fraziers.....

  5. Mighty Favog

    1985 Cornwall issue

    The CW1's could either have the K55 or K57's. The latter CW's were K57's but from 84' on there was a mish-mash of components used. If it were a CW2 then it definitely woild have the B-3. But the K55 would have had the B-2 network as the B-3's cross point is higher between woof and mid.
  6. Mighty Favog

    Quotable Quote

    Keep thy shop and thy shop shall keep thee. - Ben Franklin
  7. Mighty Favog

    1985 Cornwall issue

    Being that age, getting the crossovers recapped couldn't hurt at all. Kits are available from www.critesspeakers.com and it's something you can do yourself. If it were a bad midrange, it would most likely just need a new diaphragm. Available from the same website. But those are going to cost more probably. Again, you can put them in yourself.
  8. I havd a pair of 84' Cornwalls converted to Cornscalla Style A's. When I bought them, they came with cane grills and I'm glad they did. Since then I, made a pair with the traditional black material to match the room decor. So, the question is, has anyone here done critical listening comparing the two? I don't favor one over the other as I swap them out occasionally per my mood. To keep the Velcro from wearinv out, I retrofitted and the cabs with magnets.
  9. Mighty Favog

    At a funeral home???

    Probably is. It didn't look to be no more than 2 1/2 ft. tall and I could only make out one woofer of the two.
  10. Mighty Favog

    At a funeral home???

    The funny thing is that I've known of this funeral home since I was very young. My pediatrician's office was next door and I used to practice my skateboard in the school yard across the street!
  11. Possibly Forte or Chorus.
  12. Mighty Favog

    After 1 1/2 years in storage....

    YUP!! First one I put on was The Carpenters' last album. Can't find the Discwasher D4 brush.....
  13. Mighty Favog

    After 1 1/2 years in storage....

    ...it was time to bring it out again!
  14. I asked this before but got crickets on it. Hoping some other people see it....