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  1. O.K., I should have updated this. We found the older seasons last night on Netflix. Just not AMC live.
  2. My ex would put ketchup on her french toast..... ......then put mustard on peanut butter sandwiches.
  3. I'm trying really hard not to spend an inordinate amount of time on this but..... I'm thinking about getting a Roku (already have a Fire Stick). What's more I'm trying to see if AMC if available on a Roku unit whithout having to pay ectra for it every month. Do any of their units do this?
  4. If I could only find that PSA commercial sung to "Little Darlin'".
  5. Circus Peanuts - encapsulated styrofoam.
  6. The Stadium, IMO, was over priced and then there was no support for it.
  7. It never went into regular production. Just prototypes.
  8. Must not have left under good circumstances.
  9. I've got a pair of KH0-7's that will be mouted outside. For the winter, I'm assuming, they need to be brought inside. What type of termination should be used to handle this many connects/disconnects? These speakers cannot utilize banana plugs. How should I cover the cable ends during those cold months? Real gold spades soldered maybe? Or, should I just leave them in place and cover them with something? But what?
  10. The one I saw at HQ wasn't working when I was there. Had some wires hanging ouf of the back. Then I saw a video from CES of one working.
  11. The "program saturation" that went on with the radio around me in the late 70's killed Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty and anything by Jimmy Buffett.
  12. O.k., I've never heard a pair so I trust those who know.
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