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  1. I have a single K-33 woofer from a pair of 1969 Klipschorns. It has the square magnet. Sell for $100 or trade for k700 squawker/horns
  2. Are there any horns I can use with a K55 for a Heresy build? Parts Express, Madisound, etc...
  3. I am building a couple pairs of Heresy’s for my Dad. I have a single k-33 15” woofer. Wondering about building a ported box for the Cornwall woofer. Or is it a waste of energy and just use a standard sub? i have a spare 250 watt plate amp. Even if I just tune it to 30hz? just pondering
  4. I may get some more, if anyone has them. Dealing with a reinfection of Lyme. I have VA health care and a Dr that is far too old school. Building a couple pair is a good distraction. You can get Heresy’s for $3-400 pr locally but I enjoy it.
  5. All set. Got them. i have built a couple Heresy and Cornwall speakers periodically for friends and family. i have them pay for parts and I enjoy putting them together. So, being impulsive, dont be surprised to see me asking for parts or selling them back time to time. Its not for me, just part of the hobby...
  6. Building a pair for my Dad. Need a pair of Heresy 1 squawkers and k-77’s
  7. Im in Winthrop, just outside of Augusta. A little out of my budget:). What a nice amp
  8. Sorry guys. I have been away camping with cell service. The oppo sold
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