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  1. Pats3of4

    Klipsch RC-7 Center Channel SOLD

    Pm sent. I didnt get the other center. I will buy the components like we talked abour
  2. What can I do to get this in your hands?
  3. Pats3of4

    Klipsch RC-7 Center Channel SOLD

    Would you ship and sell just the components?
  4. Im in Maine. I would buy the center if you decide to ship
  5. I bought this amp on Ebay many years ago. It was a well know kit at the time. I have no idea now who’s design. Very intricate and very expensive. Works great. 500 watts at 8 ohms and it is 4 ohm stable. No definate wattage given. I would use this as an audiophile amp with a 10 or 12 Dayton Reference woofer. I did both. $175. This has well over $500 in parts.
  6. Pats3of4

    Klipsch RB-35, cabs have water damage

    Just not good for living room duty:). I thought of making cabs for them
  7. Pats3of4

    Klipsch RB-35, cabs have water damage

    I knew they would be damaged. I have had these awhile. Used them in my workout room.
  8. This is a 6x50watt amplifier. Strongest 50 watts you will hear. I put a silent fan in it. Was $1500 new. $225. Cool led lights for each channel.
  9. I bought these on Ebay. Both cabinets have some swelling on the bottoms. They are solid but not ready for living room duty. I paid like $165 on ebay and had to buy a new woofer as one was blown. The new woofer was $88. Grills are decent. One emblem missing. $195 pics coming
  10. Pats3of4

    Wanted RB-75’s. Maybe RB-5’s

    Thanks Guys. I am interested in RB-75’s. They are increasingly more rare. Some of the asking prices have been higher than Im willing to go. I will do $4-600.
  11. Pats3of4

    Firestick with Kodi. $70 shipped

    Sounds good. sold
  12. Pats3of4

    Firestick with Kodi. $70 shipped

    $56 shipped. Kodi is installed