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  1. I love the older Denon stuff. I have an 80 watt stereo from the early 90’s.
  2. Trades? Anyone? I want it gone. It sounds like garbage. It looks cheap. Barely works. I mean I wouldn’t trade a pair of Sony bookshelves for it-well maybe the ones that are $30
  3. Anyone willing to ship Heresy’s? I want a beat up pair to restore. Will buy parts as well.
  4. These are pretty rough. Are they worth $900? I’m tempted due to the rarity... https://maine.craigslist.org/ele/d/scarborough-klipsch-short-horns-pair/7046479164.html
  5. I can’t believe nobody wants this. Perfect for a stereo setup with Heresys or whatever, while maintaining all the benefits of 4k hdmi functionality
  6. I got a nice deal on some Rotel separates, otherwise it would stay
  7. I would add up to $300 for a pair of Heresy speakers. Older the better. Condition not important if drivers are working
  8. To me the klipsch name def has more cache than panny. I’d buy car audio with klipsch on it. Copper coned drivers...
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