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  1. My bank would have cashed it but ultimately I would have been on the hook to repay my bank....
  2. I have one of the checks. They are printed on legit paper but in this case the bank and address didnt align. I called the bank and sent them a copy to determine it was fake (I knew it was but it was a great fake).
  3. Sold A handful of change and a bag of cheetos. I def got the better of the deal😂
  4. Will also trade for a receiver, stereo, or integrated
  5. They arent cheap. Very nice subs. Cant help but think they get crossed off some people’s short list due to the seller. “Monoprice just sells cables!” I think all the Monolith subs are quite nice.
  6. So these are like new. What is that price (shipped) that will sell these tonight🤷🏼‍♂️ There must be someone out there that just need a pair😂
  7. I bought these on for a total of $250 shipped. Not sure they have ever been used. They are perfect. 230 shipped anywhere
  8. Our doggos love to camp. They have their own camp chairs.
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