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  1. Still for sale. Works perfect. Yes remote and mic included. $250 firm with shipping and paypal fees extra
  2. Well, I just bought 1/4” oak furniture grade ply. Gonna overlay that
  3. They are going in the man cave above the addition. As you can see from the Heresy pics we havent got the floor dow but its close to a done room otherwise. Got the projector in.
  4. The back piece is in great shape outside of needing a patch. The tags are in great shape. They were never stained so i lightly sanded them and will probably just clear coat. I kind of like keeping that original to show their origin.
  5. The Heresys were built to exact size, they just look bigger due to the trim pieces. The baffles are new and I bought them from Bob. I traded for the Cornwalls. I tried staining them and it looked terrible. I should have chemically worked to remove more of the original stain. The damage to the top I could not help in any way. i sanded them again and sprayed them black. I hated the look. Looked like someone painted them black to hide defects. yesterday i sanded the paint off and the glue from the velcro on the front baffle. i have no experience with veneer and it scares me. Its a lot to spend and ruin. Soooo, looks like Im going to buy 1/4” or 1/2” birch ply and overlay the sides and top. These have the rounded trim pieces brad nailed to the front. I may use the same trim i used on the Heresy cabs I built. The damage on top is or was a hole. There is an exit hole on the back plate. I think someone shot them, lol. Its clearly an entry and exit hole. I have no veneering experience but have overlaid several older speakers. i will spray the front baffle black. The grills are mint but Im not putting them on right away. i have nickel binding posts with the metal plate and have upgraded the caps.
  6. I can sell the rear backs with tags and input as well
  7. If we sell individually i will ask ebay prices minus 15% for forum members:)
  8. I have a complete pair of 1977 Cornwalls that Im gauging interest for parts. I have everything. The crossover networks will come with new Dayton Audio upgraded caps. Same values. Two k-77 tweeters Two K55 mids with push spring terminals and cast k600 horns Two k-33-e woofers with square magnets. One doesnt have the round Klipsch metal tag in the middle of the magnet. I dont know if it fell off or it was a replacement woofer. Looks identical otherwise maybe $550 shipped?
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