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  1. I thought for sure someone would jump at this great little sealed subwoofer
  2. $300 and actual shipping/PayPal fees.It’s packed and ready to ship
  3. You can’t beat this price. With eBay being so inflated, you wond find a functional receiver with Atmos, 4k, pre-outs for anywhere near this price
  4. This is one of the most powerful and well built Integrated Amps Cambridge made. The power supply is a monster. This will be more than enough for demanding speakers, let alone Klipsch. This was my first expensive audio purchase. I still have the box, manual, and padded sleeve for the remote. It is in excellent shape and works perfectly. I’m open to trades with established members. Otherwise $595 is my price. That is $200 less than any on eBay. This one has zero issues and a single owner.
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