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  1. Free shipping. It will be rolled on a tube. No folding
  2. Its not faded at all. It’s in amazing shape. Its like a nylon canvas. Like projector screen material
  3. My next project is a Heresy center for a relative. I built the box already. i would trade for any Heresy 1 parts.
  4. This was a sign from a store that closed in the early 90’s. The gentleman whom I got it from thought it was there in the 80’s. I can’t verify this.
  5. I bought some grill cloth from Bob. Wondering what you guys think the best glue to use would be?
  6. My apologies. I never sold this and had to refund. We had some friends infected with the virus and my wife had a torn rotator cuff. Thankfully they all recovered. Selling and shipping is too much of a pain right now. I still have it but will be keeping it.
  7. Receiver is sold. Heater man had actually claimed it first. Had to refund Jirachi. I’m getting this receiver shipped out tomorrow. Heater man has the tracking info. Sorry guys, we are dealing with stuff. Won’t be around for awhile. Be safe everyone
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