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  1. It’s in the box ready to ship. It’s mint. Guaranteed $100
  2. Bought it new and it’s been in storage. Used it maybe 4 hrs. Will ship in the original box. Mint. $100 add shipping
  3. Wanted: pair of RB-5’s in excellent condition. Color doesn’t matter. RB-35 might be ok
  4. I have no doubt JEM cant figure out his niche. I hope he isn't offended. My suggestions are just that.
  5. Pats3of4


    Like new, remote, mic, box
  6. Pats3of4


    Tomorrow we jump to $341 shipped
  7. Pats3of4


    $275 shipped
  8. They actually are made of whiskey barrel hard wood. very cool
  9. Is that with the receiver? That receiver is awesome. There is a nice write up in Audioholics on the speakers.
  10. I had a set of Heresy’s I refinished that that had been spray painted. I did everything I could to get the paint off. They still had a black hue. I clear coated them. I liked the fact they looked like they had been through the suck. I think it’s cool to know the history
  11. Those networks have some history! I almost like the patina. Think of the sounds played through those!
  12. Pats3of4


    Thanks guys
  13. Pats3of4


    This is a great amp. Sounds fantastic as a 2 or 3 channel amp. No issues at all. The green led power on light flickers at times which is typical for all of these. 100 watts minimum per channel with three channels driven. This is a 3 channel amp. $285 shipped
  14. Pats3of4


    Ok, it’s a piece of junk. Sounds like an AM clock radio
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