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  1. I currently have the Paradigms with matching center. I have owned a few prs of RB-75’s and REGRET selling both prs. I have never done a side by side comparison. it’s just opinion. What are some thoughts? I have a Rel HT1003 subwoofer for the low end. I essentially sold some RF-7’s to get the new Paradigms. The RF-7’s were to big for ideal placement
  2. I bought it about 4 months ago- so no it can’t be returned
  3. This is sitting in the box. I never opened it as we got caught up with life. I paid $429 as a refurb from Amazon. I opened the lid and everything looks good. I went higher up the food chains. $300 shipped
  4. Thanks. That’s a bar but our kitchen table is made with the same live edge slabs
  5. Still available Thought it had sold 2x on the forum. Didn’t work out. Open to trades
  6. 1979 Pioneer SX-880 stereo receiver. Untouched. Sat in the same place by the same owner it’s entire life. Needs nothing. Zero issues. It’s not mint. It has signs of use but nothing glaring. 60 watts per channel. Has the black faced meters. listed on Audiogon for $600. Will do $500 if you cover Venmo or PayPal fees. You pay for shipping. Trades welcome. Two channel amp, RB-5’s + $, RB-35, etc. Whatever….
  7. I do have an Onkyo Integra DTR-30.7 for sale as well
  8. I have a nice Denon AVR-x2100 with remote for sale. Missing the mic. Works flawlessly
  9. It’s in the box ready to ship. It’s mint. Guaranteed $100
  10. Bought it new and it’s been in storage. Used it maybe 4 hrs. Will ship in the original box. Mint. $100 add shipping
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