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  1. Ok guys. This is just taking up space, it is a really nice looking receiver that can handle UHD, and HDMI 2.2. Very musical. $199 and actual shipping. Add 3% for pp and a 22 pound box from Maine (04364) to get an idea on shipping . Actual shipping charged. Packing materia ready to go.
  2. Oh man, I wouldnt call those rough. With just a little work, they would look amazing.
  3. The KV-4 matches the the cf-4’s. Comes up every month or so on Ebay. Way better than the kv-3. Dual 8” woofers and matching horn
  4. I had a pair I regret selling. I am tempted. I just bought a pair of Polk LSIM703’s and its prob a lateral move but....
  5. Receiver is in super nice shape. 8-10 on Audiogon scale. Everything works. Face is mint. The remote got stepped on. The volume up and power buttons do not work. All the buttons to access the setup menus work fine. Just did a firmware update so it has Dolby Vision, HDR, etc. i will get pics $225 shipped
  6. I sold the 4k projector as well. I just couldn’t justify having an extra projector just sitting. For the outside movies, I wouldnt spend a lot. We only did it like once a year. This projector is perfect for that or someone just looking to get a proj On the cheap.
  7. A 4k projector. Quite an expense over this one.
  8. No dents, nicks, scratches, etc. Not mint, but looks very nice. price too high?
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