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  1. Got my selections this week; everything was packaged very well (much better than Amazon packages) and in CDs were in great shape. Thanks for the great communication, Rich!
  2. But...they have the fancy new badges. That has to add $2500 to the price.
  3. I think the S-shaped horn is an engineering masterpiece; it was the Klipsch original design, but turned out to be too expensive to mass produce. This set is simply producing the exceptional sound, as intended originally. 😝
  4. Man, I'm only an hour away, but have no space for these beasts...or method of transport! I know it's a year old post, but good luck with the sale.
  5. Short walls aren't necessarily kind to Klipschorns. But, 15' shouldn't be awful. For transport, take off hte top hats, and side grills, and have plenty of padding around them. And you'll need some help.
  6. With Magnepans and Belles up front, I'd say the seller probably has different speakers for different types of music (??); he can't be using them at the same time.
  7. Thanks...I'd agree that there probably aren't too many "local" forum members, although there are a handful of us in Maine and even more if you extend to NH, Mass, and VT. I do like my theater set up, but wish I had a bigger space (and wish I had more free time to spend using it!). It is fairly big, but home theaters could always use a little more room. Southern California is a bit of a travel, but if you're ever around, feel free to drop a note and you can stop in to listen.
  8. Ok, time for a price reduction and a little more marketing effort on my part, based on zero interest! No rush to sell, but I also don't want them taking up space. $450, obro I know the CF-2s are lesser known, but they sound great and based on the price Forte's, Chorus, RF-62, and RF-82 go for, and even a single KLF-C7, I think the price is fair on a "price per sound" basis. I encourage someone to give them a try.
  9. No, Local pick up only. I don't want the hassle or cost of packing and shipping, and risking damage.
  10. (SOLD) I don't have great pics, but at least I have some pics. If anyone is interested, I can try for better ones. I have been the only owner of these, and they've been well cared for in a smoke-free home. The cabinets are in great shape; no water stains or dings or scratches. Medium Oak. Grills are in great shape as well. I don't have the original boxes, though...the cardboard got damp in storage in the basement at my first house, so I threw them away instead of moving them. I know CF-2's don't come up for sale much, and there isn't much reference on prices. I think they're comparable to original Cornwalls in sound. With that in mind, I'm putting them out there for $500, but open to offers. Local pick up in Farmingdale, Maine (near Augusta). They'll be going on CL soon.
  11. So, I didn't get these today, but I haven't posted about it yet. A pair of CF-3 v1. I didn't realize until I drove them home that they smelled like smoke. So, after a few weeks of cleaning, they are in my living room. To get the smoke out, the grills were pretty easy (soaking in dish soap/water, one time). The wood was a little more, using many applications of mineral spirits, Murphy's oil, baking soda, vinegar, Odoban, and finishing off with some Watco Danish golden oak oil. Here's a pic of them next to my old CF-2's. Sorry for the low-light bad pic. They are labeled as light oak, but comparing with my medium oak CF-2's, they look the same. On a side note, my CF-2's are going to be going up for sale soon.
  12. Also to the OP, the "S" in the serial number means they were built in 1978.
  13. @Jirachi, Yours don't appear to be decorators. What we all consider decorators look like the OP. However, CDBR Builder has pointed out that the cornwalls without the mitre'd corners were also considered decorators, I believe. Since he built them, I'd take his word for it, and I don't doubt your labels say CDBR... but for everyday discussion, decorators have a wooden front with no grill, while anything with a grill counts as not a decorator version. Coincidentally, I have 1980 cornwalls without mitre'd corners, and they just say CBR (rather than CDBR).
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