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  1. Klipsch Cornwall Speakers

    I could be wrong, but those look like Walnut Oil, which could use a fresh coat of oil, and which would really make the finish pop. (tags would read C-WO)
  2. Klipsch Corwall cd-br for sale UPDATED!

    And some nice laser badges.
  3. Pair of Cornwall II for sale

    Not interested, but I can put my thoughts out there. I don't know anything about prices in CA, but may raise the price a little? Having them covered in a different wood probably brings the price down (and makes them heavier and even harder to move around). Assuming all the internal stuff still works, I'd put it in a price range of $300 on the low end to $1,000 on the very high end, even for CA.
  4. Khorns Ad - just for your reading pleasure

    I don't want to imply that these aren't nice (they look very nice, with a lot of work put into them), or that they aren't worth the price, but who on craigslist wants to read a manifesto about speakers and personal history: https://maine.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-klipschorns-showroom/6267347998.html Also, some of the typos were amusing, such as painting them "satan black." I'm not sure I'd like that color anywhere around me. If Richard is a member here, thanks for the smiles, and great work on the speakers.
  5. Refurbish Black La Scalas

    From experience, trying to get all the paint off isn't worth it. I am trying to do a mirror finish with black rustoleum, and in hindsight, Duratex would have been an easier choice.
  6. First set of Cornwalls Ever?

    This guy has had them on Craigslist for a little while as well, and with a lower price...but it is still a too high price IMO on Craigslist. They're about 40 minutes from me, but I don't need a 3rd pair of CWs. EDIT - He's dropped the price to $800 on Craigslist, which is more reasonable: https://maine.craigslist.org/ele/6108317354.html
  7. Khorn Alert Chicago!!!! Pics added

    I like how it lists "condition: excellent" when the (not very detailed) pics show a bunch of scrapes/dings. I guess those add value and condition points.
  8. Strange DIY "Klipsch" Speakers with Altec + Khorn components

    I was thinking the walnut stained birch cabinets had a cool pattern to them. Then I looked at the price he was asking and fell out of my chair.
  9. Klipschorns (what is this finish? P15) maine

    Wow, great detective work, everyone. I'm impressed. I had never even heard of primavera (and thanks for pointing out it was an "S" rather than a "5"). Light stain (1S) on primavera (P) = P1S. Thanks!
  10. Klipschorns (what is this finish? P15) maine

    Not a great deal on these, but I don't know if I've seen this finish on a label before, so I thought I'd ask. http://maine.craigslist.org/ele/5983900500.html Frankly, if he/she gets $3500 for these with some water stains and a dent and a scratch, I'll put mine up for sale. Does anyone know what finish P15 is? I thought they were just Oak until I looked at the tags.
  11. WTB: OPPO BD 105

    When I was looking for a 103, I had good luck at the Emotiva lounge; there were many listed (right when the 203 was coming out), and you might have some luck on eBay. Occasionally, there are reasonably priced ones there since Oppo has come out with their replacement for the 103 and will have a replacement for the 105 soon. But, lots of good people here will help you find one, I'm sure.
  12. Belles SOLD

    There must be room for your new oak Khorns and those belles. Those are too beautiful to sell.
  13. WTB Oppo BDP 103

    I did get one from the Emotiva forum...thanks Ibiza for pointing me in that direction. I hadn't logged in a long time, and had to find my username. Budman, you have a PM.
  14. Klipsch La Scala's Black CT (SOLD)

    I'd second that...they certainly aren't mint, but also aren't beat to hell. I've seen a lot worse for La Scalas (and others). I think that they might be black originally. Blacks were just birch underneath the paint. The black was painted underneath the tag (you can see the outline of where the tag was, which is on top of the black paint). If they weren't black originally, I don't think you'd be able to see where the tag was if someone had painted over. Just my guess.
  15. WTB Oppo BDP 103

    Thanks...I had forgotten my log in info so hadn't looked here, but I did the work to recover the username.