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  1. FWIW, the Stereophile review of the RP-600 from March, 2019 suggested a measured sensitivity of 89.6/2.83V/m.
  2. I suspect putting any tube amp on a sub is going to quickly tell you which tubes are microphonic. What height is the ceiling? I seem to recall the Heritage manual recommends a minimum ceiling of 8'-0"....
  3. One nice thing is PC hand carries items across the border and ships from Buffalo. Even now, during the pandemic.
  4. I did that when I got my pair of Heresy III on a smoking Adorama deal. Priced them 20 percent more than I paid, thinking no one would bite. Actually got two serious inquiries. But more importantly my sob story CL post convinced my wife how much I liked the speakers and she relented.
  5. it would require either require adding a hole or simply skipping one screw, but I used the following Subwoofer Speaker foot on my KG4 pair: https://www.parts-express.com/subwoofer-speaker-foot-2-1-16-h-x-2-3-8-d-x-2-3-8-w-black--299-4038 $0.50 each, so $4.00 for eight of them is half what I paid last fall.
  6. Took some squinting, initially thought it was an RC-3 with the drivers replaced, but then checked the early synergy line and behold, what I thought was an "R" was an "S". That and the local used market in Boston is full of poorly annotated listings so I'm kinda used to deciphering speaker tags.
  7. Zooming in the sticker on the back looks like SC-3, and the drivers look about right for that model.
  8. Back in the fall of 1992 I was a sophomore at New Mexico State University (what used to be New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts) when the Paul W. Klipsch Lecture Hall was unveiled in the EE building. I had my Transistor-Transistor Logic class in that lecture hall and the professor was so happy with the K-horns installed in the lecture hall. Blew me away. It took me about 23 years before I picked up a pair of RB-51s, and two years later in 2017 I got my Heresy IIIs for a steal. I've since also picked up a set of KG1 and another set of KG4. Mr. Klipsch visited in either 1994 when the Department was named after him or 1995 when the school was named. I was smart enough to head over to the dedication ceremony got to walk by the man and was too young to recognize greatness in my midst but smart enough to keep my mouth shut. Youth, wasted on the young. Couple notes: The obituary for Mr. Klipsch at the NMSU website indicates the lecture hall was dedicated in 1993, but the hall was refurbished and the K-horns installed the summer of 1992 and ready for classes that fall as the TTL class was my last as an EE before switching to Civil Engineering, which was in a different building and therefore, that class was the last opportunity I had to hear K-horns once or twice a week. Once I got my Heresy's my dad - now in his mid-80s and still sharp as a tack - came to visit and was checking out my Elekit TU-8200 amp. He starts into talking about single-ended pentode amps, folded horns, high efficiency speakers. Turns out he built a set of folded horn, not really K-horn speakers back in the late 50s while in the Air Force and assembled a few amps himself. He was pretty despondent remembering those amps and his folded horn speakers. But one listen to the Heresy system took him back in time. I just wish I got a chance to enjoy his system at some point. Go Aggies!
  9. To answer your first question: most of the non-branded tubes are junk, but anything from a reasonably established brand will be good - if not great. I prefer JJ Tubes for a number of reasons and run them when I can, but other brands are fine too. It is waay to easy to spend insane money on tubes (in my opinion). In terms of amps, the OP states they have a budget of 1000 quid ($1,200 USD), so I'm not sure there are non-kit 2A3 or 300B amps available in that price range, particularly if you also want a headphone out. The MP-301 is a reasonable, well reviewed choice as an entry level Tube Amp. The Jolida FX-10 is another choice at a higher price, as are the lower-end Elekit and Bottlehead offerings. If you're not certain of the tube game the APPJ Miniwatt (around 130USD) performs reasonably well with my Heresy IIIs, KG4, KG1, and RB-51 II speakers but lacks headphone out. The stock tubes in the Miniwatt are junk but once changed out for around $30 total I'd say it gets me 70% of the way to my heavily modified and upgraded Elekit TU-8200 at less than 1/6th the cost. PS: As I've said before, don't get into DIY to save money. Get into DIY because it is a fun hobby that has the side effect of giving you cool audio toys. But I certainly haven't saved money in the DIY game considering how my kids know that a package from Digi-Key means dad is going into the workshop with a soldering iron for the next couple of hours.
  10. Awesome and congrats. The KG series are really fun speakers. I use a pair of KG4s in my basement system (where I've been working for the past four weeks, so lots of time on them) The KG4s were abused in a past life so I picked them up for $50. Recapped the crossovers through Parts Express (cheap money), added cheap plastic feet. They're driven by a Kenwood receiver from the early 2000s I got for free at a yard sale. The source is an Echo Dot using the audio out from Pandora. Truth be told, some days it just seems like the KG4 system is more fun than my tube based, dual subwoofer, external mid-fi wtih FLAC files DAC Heresy system. At 1/40th the cost of the whole system.
  11. Thanks for the link. When first introduced (at the time of the post) they were, and with a standard bottlehead 15% off sale a few times a year they'll hit that price point.
  12. Likely correct. My Cherry IIIs have the same SRB designation, and yes, I have SRBs.
  13. That is my guess what is happening. If using the built in phono preamp (the Pluto), the line level input should be used. If the Pluto is defeated, then use the phono input on the Sixes. The Vali is a line stage.
  14. Sounds like you may be confusing a phono preamp (with RIAA equalization) with a line level preamp (the Vali, which does not have RIAA equalization). First question: did you get a built in phono pre (Pluto) on your Orbit, and if so, is it active or bypassed? Second question: what cartridge are you running? Third question: what input are you using on the Sixes?
  15. He has nothing on the world's largest horn :
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