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  1. Totally, and I actually agree with you that having a good single set up is worth more than two inferior setups. But know what else dilutes the funding for good audio? Kids. Anyway, to the OP: don't have kids. For the price of a year of daycare you can get a pair of NOS WE300B tubes. Just saying.
  2. Honey? Is that you? For me - my home theater system is in the basement because it is where I can send the kids to play video games/watch movies. My two channel system is in the main living room so I can listen to music while others are watching movies. My kids really don't need to watch movies through Heresys and a tube amp, they're perfectly fine with yard sale ($50 for the set) KG4 / KV2 / KG1 surrounds and a couple of B-stock RW-12s from the sale last summer.
  3. Don't you dare tell my wife that. It might not be needed, but sometimes it is wanted (Tube amps vs. SS, etc). Heck, sometimes two separate two-channel systems are needed.
  4. Why not two separate systems? One for music, one for movies. Also having moved my Heresy III system from the short wall (where it resided for three years) to the long wall I just have to say I should have done that years ago.
  5. Look fantastic. Took every ounce of strength I had this weekend not to add these to my system. https://boston.craigslist.org/bmw/ele/d/marlborough-beautiful-klipsch-cornwall/7318404587.html
  6. Cruising around the internet it seems like there was a firmware update pushed down in February than is causing some apps to revert back to a 5.1 signal, overriding the global setting on the tv, and I have yet to find anyone indicating that the issue has been resolved. That does not mean it is without hope, though - again, I own neither the speakers nor the tv. 1) Try updating the firmware. Settings -> Support -> Software Update -> Update Now. 2) Note that there is an item in the manual (page 20) that indicates "You must turn on the external audio device before connecting the audio cable" which is 100% opposite what I suspect everyone on this thread normally does. Give that a shot. 3) In another strange thing in the manual on page 20 it states that Digital Audio is only available with 5.1 channel broadcasts (considering you can set 2.0 sound...seems odd). While playing audio, Go into the Advanced Sound Settings. Settings -> Sound -> Expert Settings. From there, change the Digital Output Audio Format to Optical and PCM (if it allows - I love manuals that just tell you to do something without showing the menu). It may be set to "auto" right now, and if on auto it may default to 5.1 even for 2.0 broadcasts despite all other settings. 4) Worst case: Does Bluetooth audio work? Give that a shot. Yeah, Bluetooth sucks (true), is a lossy format (true), sometimes drops out (true), why doesn't the optical cable work (true) and this should be plug and play (true). This might be a work around until Samsung pushes an update. 5) Ok, Bluetooth is the worst case. Does RCA work? If so, I'd use that over Bluetooth, but I have a giant box of all types of cables in my basement and surely have an RCA cable. You may be a better person and not have that box, in which case, Bluetooth it is. Me? I'd go RCA if it worked. Good luck. Hopefully this works. If not.....buy a new tv. I've bought new tvs and audio gear on worse excuses.
  7. 1) The reference above was for the line/phono selector on the back of the Klipsch speakers. I suspect that the optical input bypasses this switch but sometimes engineers get creative. Make sure it is set to "line" 2) What make/model TV do you have? Some tv's are known for quirks (like my 6-Series TCL is known for turning on the 'soap opera effect' when a firmware update is pushed down to the tv), someone here might have the same model and can provide some advice.
  8. I think those last two sentences are the key as the manual (page 7) has footer that indicates that for the optical out "Your TV will need to be set to PCM (or Stereo Only). Based on your description it sounds like the tv is outputting a 5.1 mix to the speakers and you're only hearing the front L, front R, and subwoofer and the R-41PM is discarding the excess channel information from the PCM stream, which would include the majority of the dialogue except for the faint center channel volume sent to the front surrounds to increase the image width. If that doesn't work, try disabling the Dynamic Bass EQ (page18) - I don't think that is the issue but worth a shot. Also make sure you're set to "line" (I believe the Klipsch Quick Start Guide may contain an error and have the settings reversed). Disclaimer: I neither work for Klipsch nor own this product.
  9. I hope someone here gets these - I agree with Steve, these look quite mint for the age (1987) and the asking price ($600). If I wasn't saving up for a half-dozen toys and still kicking myself for passing on a pair of Belle's a few months ago I'd have driven to Westford last night.
  10. Phew - wrong side of the state for me, dodged a project I'll honestly admit I wasn't keen on taking on. Good to know though, hopefully some of the RI or eastern CT Klipsch fans jump on these. Good luck!
  11. I'd be interested but I need another audio project like a hole in the head! That said, where in Massachusetts?
  12. I broke down sobbing when I got the J&J on Friday. I'm a nearly 50-year old guy who lost a couple neighbors to Covid. Two kids at home. Chickenpox nearly took me out at age two, Whooping Cough nearly got me a couple years after that. I tell my kids they don't know how lucky they are with the progress we've made in society that two diseases that nearly killed me as a toddler are an afterthought now. I told the pharmacist that she made a very real difference in my life and it was the best day of the past 14 months of my life. Yeah, science!
  13. The OP said he had some Lore Reference that didn't pass the WAF. If Lores didn't pass the WAF I'm not sure Klipsch Reference/Reference Premier would...
  14. What about the Lore Reference failed the WAF test, and how do any of the Klipsch speakers address this? Just curious....
  15. There are two possible options both of which operate in a similar manner but require different approaches. 1) Select a subwoofer with speaker-level throughputs. This will have a pair of speaker level inputs and another pair of speaker level outputs. Wire amp->sub->speakers. Done. 2) If the subwoofer you select does not have speaker-level throughputs obtain what is called a "speaker to line level convertor". These are readily available through most on-line sources named after South American rivers, or if handy, you can make you own. This gets wired in parallel off the speaker taps (one set of wires to the speakers, the other to the convertor). To be honest I don't believe any Klipsch subwoofers currently on the market have built in speaker-to-line level convertors so if you're wanting to stick with Klipsch you're going down the second road. Which works perfectly fine in my opinion as I'm a similar position in that I'm running two subs off the speaker taps using a speaker-to-line level convertor that cost all of about $10 US. The effect on the audio signal to the speakers is negligible in both cases as the power draw of the convertor is negligible - I didn't notice a change in the least when I wired the subs in parallel, and it should be the case in your scenario as well as the convertor impedance is so low it simply draws an infinitesimally small amount of power compared to the Heresys. Just be aware in doing so you've now connected two powered devices with speaker wire so you may end up with hum due to ground loops/different ground plans/lots of electrical stuff that frankly I never bothered to understand - I use wireless subwoofers which eliminate the electrical connectivity. Good luck and enjoy. And oh yeah: always go dual subwoofers.
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