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  1. I use a H/K 430 on H3s, love it. So much so I 've been the unsuccessful bidder on a handful of other amps in the line (730 or a 330c) along with some of the H/K quads (75+). I've also been exploring some of the Pioneer SX-X50 amps and the Onkyo TX-X500 line as an alternate given their relatively high damping factors but have yet to come across the right one (a combination of non-working features to drive the price down but not so destroyed that they're a boat anchor). I'll admit you might need to turn down the treble, which I had done when running the H/K 430. Lately I've been biamping using the H/K 430 for the woofer and a TU-8200 for the squwaker + tweeter. I find that the combo either tamed the harshness of the amp/tweeter or there was some serious confirmation bias justifying the renewed use of the unused Elekit.
  2. As much as I enjoyed my Schitt Mani (original, not the 2), as soon as I built my Bottlehead Reduction + Integration with a few upgrades the Mani went on the chopping block. But....you have to be willing to DIY, live with tubes, and given the price increases over the past 18 months and lack of sales from Bottlehead I'm not sure the value proposition still exists with the Reduction, particularly if you don't already DIY.
  3. If you check a particular slick deal site you can get a pair of RP-600m for $300shipped. https://slickdeals.net/f/15867283-klipsch-reference-premiere-rp-600m-bookshelf-speakers-pair-300-free-shipping
  4. Highlighting my shame Main two-channel system: Heresy 3 with Martin Logan Dynamo 700 subs being driven by Harman Kardon 430 with a Elekit TU-8200 on standby Office System 1 (the spouse): Design Acoustics PS-6a driven by APPJ Mini 2013 Office System 2 (mine): Martin Logan DM-12 driven by Yamaha A400 Theater System: KG4 + KG1 + KV2 + RW-12 subs driven by Onkyo TX-NR509 Workbench System 1: Klipsch RB-51 II driven by Lepai LP-168HA Speakers on the shelf: Scott 206D Speakers
  5. The Nipper in the original advertisement bears a near perfect resemblance to the Design Toscano resin/stone recreation, available everywhere online including Amazon and Home Depot for $113.90. https://www.amazon.com/Design-Toscano-Nipper-RCA-Statue/dp/B005EIWSYY?ref_=ast_sto_dp
  6. Per the above, I used listening position but did an average of 9 or 10 measurements across the listening area (width, height, front to back).
  7. I used listening position measurements exclusively; but my usage is to develop a response curve for a MiniDSP HD to apply to my subwoofer feed. Helped immensely.
  8. Stealing from something I once read - there is a reason music sounds best with the lights dimmed late at night - without the distraction of sight, our sense of hearing gets to focus on the music, not the inputs in the room. It's the same reason why PowerPoint presentations are horrible ways to convey information - the presence of words on a slide causes the viewer to read the slide (visual) instead of listening to the presenter (audio). Because of this - I agree with others - focus on the music aspect and let the movies fall where they may because when there is a movie on, you're going to be focusing on the visual. When you're just listening to music, you'll truly focus on the audio.
  9. I love that these "found" a good home. Every time I fire up the Heresy system in my smallish room I wonder how the Belles would have performed...but I'm glad you're keeping them! If you're ever driving down 128 to Boston shoot me a message. I'd be happy to meet up, get some BBQ or something and give you a chance to say "yeah, his listening room is too small!"
  10. Won't make a difference. I find a mini flat blade screwdriver is the way to pop the caps. Sometimes a box cutter blade.
  11. Good news is EHX claims to have resolved the export issue, bad news is there are additional costs on both the export and the import end, as such, expect price increases. https://www.guitarworld.com/news/electro-harmonix-tube-supply-resolved
  12. Just adding fuel to the fire - I placed an order at Eurotubes over the weekend for some JJ tubes, just received an email indicating that while sufficient inventory exists, order volume is such that they're currently running a 3 - 4 week lead time on shipments.
  13. I dug this up from DIYaudio, supposedly from the original ad copy on the Schitt site (original webpage is down). I have no idea if this answers any questions or is marketing with few answers: Okay, fine. We see how it is. What’s inside are two depletion-mode MOSFETs, together with minimal support circuitry to protect them against static, and to set the gain necessary for our products. There’s no “triodization” or other tricks applied to make them act like tubes, or have curves like tubes. They’re just good, linear, solid-state devices…in a can. When used in Mjolnir 2, they provide essentially the same topology as the original Mjolnir’s high-voltage JFETs, now simply at a much higher voltage, for even greater linearity.
  14. Rumor has it that it was bad before Friday's export ban, as the uncertainty behind Shunguang production that started two years ago still exists. Heck, I had a heck of a time just getting some JJ 6922 at the start of 2020. https://guitar.com/news/gear-news/panic-on-availability-of-vacuum-tubes-mike-matthews-future-valve-amps/ JJ might be the only reliable source with appreciable quantity for some time. That being said: “Russian tubes are now a no-go and JJ is probably crapping sideways trying to keep up with orders. That means you’re mega-boned, right?” https://www.head-fi.org/threads/schiit-happened-the-story-of-the-worlds-most-improbable-start-up.701900/page-5951#post-16859594
  15. Thanks, @Mark Z - Have to pass too as I realized my listening room is too small. My enthusiasm got the best of me. I've already contacted the seller but wanted to post this here as well - These are still available. I have the high res photos from the seller as well if anyone need better photos - let's get these to a good home before the weekend.
  16. Posting these on behalf of @Domenic. @Mark Z has called interest in this, and I'll happily buy them if Mark Z turns them down. But we all like gear shots, and like all Belle's, these are beautiful. Again, posted on behalf of the seller.
  17. One common trick to downsample photos is email them to yourself - some email editors will compress the photos to reduce file size. Or if you prefer, feel free to PM me the photos and I'll downsample them on your behalf. I'll also admit that I'm interested in the Belles and using the "PM me the photos" angle to try and get an early look. But I'll give @Mark Z first dibs as he responded with his interest yesterday.
  18. Winning bid was $320 + 20% buyers premium = $384.
  19. I believe (based on other sources) that it is on the Main Amp board (C405 and C406), not on any of the A/B/C boards. But I'll defer to others to correct me if I'm wrong.
  20. The 430 does not have a speaker relay however there is a slow start circuit on each channel in the the power amp.
  21. There are a number of good threads on the 430 at Audiokarma regarding a recap. I didn't worry about size for the power supply filter caps when I did mine a few months ago and just used heat shrink tubing to protect the leads. Also, the original power supply filter caps have four soldered legs - two dead legs for stability and two live legs, you can figure out the (+) and the (-) off the lettering of the original caps. Audiokarma Links: https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/dlucys-guide-to-harman-kardon-twin-powered-series-430-630-730-and-930.960074/ Also, be careful when working on the preamp board - while the main amp board is NOT mirrored about a common axis (my initial downfall, swapping the +B and -B when rewiring one channel, blowing a diode, only took about four hours to figure that one out), the preamp board is mirrored - so watch the orientation of capacitors and transistors. Also note that the parts list in the tech manual and the PCB call out C407 and C408 as 470uF / 16V; the circuit diagram in the same manual shows 1000uF / 16V; but the installed part is 1000uF / 25V.
  22. Going from memory here so use Google to check me and listen to others, but if your multimeter has a diode function, test between any two legs, and then swapping leads. Do all six possible combinations using all three pins, of which two and only two will measure a 0.6V drop. I had my 430 open today as I was swapping out the input/output jacks and completely forgot about this post. Will likely have it open again in 10 days or so for another mod and if you're still having problems I'll poke around and see what I see. But others on this thread are smarter than me so I suspect you'll be sorted well before then.
  23. Methinks scam. These have been posted and reposted on a regular basis for the past three-plus weeks on Boston Craigslist at $300. Similar ad is a Marantz 2270 up in Augusta, Maine, which I suspect is the same scammer based on the similarity of text.
  24. Anything smaller will be the same size once placed on a stand, so why change.
  25. Go Aggies!!! I previously posted somewhere on this forum that I was at NMSU when the Khorns were first installed in the redone EE lecture hall in the summer of 1992. Shortly thereafter I learned I enjoyed structural engineering more (fewer integrals) but fondly recall how my digital logic professor loved cranking up the Khorns my last semester as an EE. He particularly enjoyed cranking them the last 5 minutes of an exam.
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