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  1. Klipsch Heritage Cornwall IV -Black Ash **Trade in** | Full-Range | Fairfax, Virginia 22030 | Audiogon I want to buy one as a center for my LaScalas. I am local to Fairfax so I will pick mine up. You could probably cut the shipping in half if you are out of town. $2500 for a Cornwall IV anyone?
  2. Genres I prefer are rock and rap. However, these LaScalas really make me appreciate a piano like in my misty mornings or haunting vocals like Hello. Recordings? Whatever Apple music gives me I suppose, though I like to buy my music and sometimes the Apple version seems to be of shoddy quality compared to those found elsewhere. Also, Apple music purchases tends to disappear at times... While I know I need it for movie dialogue, I have not really considered/experienced how a center channel would affect my music... 🤔
  3. Very good perspectives, but this brings up another issue. 😭 As I mentioned earlier, I am using a Denon Receiver which is powered. It also has pre-amp outs, which I thought I could eventually use to combo with a Decware tube amp for the LaScalas, which would be nice for music. If and when I add a center channel, I don't have another pre-amp out for that channel. In other words, eventually, I would have two LaScala's on a tube amp, and a third center speaker on the Denon stock power. So, I could keep all speakers on the Denon and skip the tube amp (probably the easiest). Hard to say if that is worth it, since I would need to try the tube to see if it makes a difference to me. Any other options, how odd would it be to mix and match L/R and center with different amps (even if it was a third LaScala or other heritage speaker)?
  4. Can you describe why/what the Cornwall lacked or did not do well?
  5. A Denon x3700H. It also has some pre-outs I may use to try and play around with a Decware Tube amp for the LaScalas at some point...
  6. I was also thinking about this, a third large foot-print and expensive speaker seems like a bit overkill (from my understanding), would a center channel really take advantage of the large size and bass capabilities of a LaScala or hard-to-find Belle?
  7. Alexandria, VA. Size is not really an issue since I will be mounting the TV slightly higher than the La Scala.
  8. So I have a budding HT set up, and the LaScalas are not sufficient for some dialogue whereas my old cheap soundbar excelled. I want to add a center channel, and wanted to get guidance on what would make a good match (aside from a third La$scala). Maybe a Cornwall, Hersey, or Forte? The audio shop guy suggested a reference center channel, but that didn't make sense to me and wouldn't match very well anyways. Ideas?
  9. I feel like I am getting a better sense of what the setup may look like. I am trying to map out the two and see where they connect. Streamer > DAC/pre-amp > Amp > Speakers Streamer > DAC/pre-amp > powered sub (for now just using the one I have until I could upgrade) Blue ray, cable box, etc, via HDMI > HDTV via optical? > DAC/pre-amp > amp > Speakers? DAC/pre-amp > powered sub Hypothetically this kind of Soncoz SGD1 DAC might support this set up, although I suppose a DAC with and HDMI 2.1 eARC may be ideal. The powered Sub should have line input, and I can use a DAC which has balanced and line outputs (RCA) in order to feed the amp with balanced and the sub with line output, unless I am confused..
  10. I also confirmed it only comes with a 90-day store warranty since it is a trade-in 🤷‍♂️
  11. I knew deep down this would be the answer 😭 How about we say music is the focus, and hopefully find a set up that doesn't involve a parallel system or a system requiring manual switching things/connections around to simply use these same 2.1s for movies, is that reasonable? If dialogue ends up just decent, I will be no worse off than I am now with my Kilpsch Fives. The more research I do, the more I realize I don't know. For music (where I don't use physical media such as vinyl or CDs) what are the optimal choices available to use as sources? I was reading that I could use some type of high-end dedicated streaming device, or build a no vibration PC and put my music on there, then connect that to the speakers.
  12. I paid 8k flat. That seemed good assuming they are in like new condition, those are what 2018 prices?
  13. I was at a decware zen triode tube amp and denon AVR-X3700H. That way the zen could power the Lascalas through the pre-amp connections. I am not sure if running this tube amp through the denon makes sense from an "audiophile perspective?" Would that degrade the quality of the tube amp powering the lascalas? Then I could also play with expanding to subs/center/surrounds later. My source would be FioS cable TV, Netflix/app Streaming, and a 4k BluRay player for HT. For music, likely airplay 2. I like owning music and casting it from the phone is just so convenient, but I might consider a HiFi subscription service if it would make a significant difference. I likely won't ever use a turntable or CDs.
  14. I plan on buying my first OLED TV this year, and hope to use these LaScalas for double duty, music and home theater. This is my first time trying to coordinate all these components and frankly it is starting to get confusing, so please forgive any foolish questions that I may have failed to find answers to researching on my own! I bought a pair of gently used AL5 trade-ins and am picking them up next week from the store. Any tips on what to look for/ask when inspecting them? This and the TV are the are breaking my bank so the rest of the setup is going to be budgeted as best I can. I think it makes sense to hook these up to an AV Receiver pre-amp, then hook the AV Receiver with HDMI eARC to the TV's HDMI eARC. I will also connect a 4k Blu-ray player, FiOS cable box, and 4k Apple TV using HDMI to the (Receiver or directly to the TV), not sure which is optimal? Back to the LaScalas, I will use an amp (~$1,200 budget) to power them because it should be better/worth it to match a stand-alone amp quality/watts the LaScalas versus using the AV receiver powered channels, right? Will connecting the LaScalas to an AV receiver degrade the experience, or cancel out the benefit of using pre-amps and a stand-alone amp? Basically, am I an idiot for trying to spend big bucks on nice speakers and a matching amp only to hook them into an AV receiver? 🥴 Lastly, in terms of Home Theater, what is most critical to me is adding a subwoofer for bass and also considering a center channel (budget permitting). I have a 10" monolith powered subwoofer I plan to use for now (I know it is probably not worthy of the LaScalas but I am broke now) and also some Klipsch fives I could cannibalize for surrounds perhaps. My main issue is that dialogue these days seems shoddy so I was hoping to add a center and don't know where to start. I read THIS from Paul but my bank account slapped me (and I have no room).
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