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  1. I'm in the Metroplex as well... Flower Mound. I just tossed a set of AL-3 crossovers in the trash the other day! I guess I should have offered the for free on here. The ALK universals sound much better!!
  2. By the way, I have a JBL 18" in an 8cf cabinet for low end -3db at 22hz. I will always have something similar, so the bottom end is not of concern.
  3. Glad you revived this thread. I'm not new to Klipsch, but very new to Klipsch upgrades. In fact, just beginning on my La Scalas. After reading all of this, I'm wondering if I should sell my almost stock LS and have some base bins built, outfit them with the Eminence 15C, maybe a K-402 with appropriate driver. I'm looking at this from a cost perspective. I paid $1,200for the stock LS. If I upgrade them which would be all new drivers, mid and top horn with new xover, I would only be utilizing the original cabinet! So, basically, 1,200 for a cabinet.
  4. My Monster HDR 1800 surge protector power conditioner does not have voltage out. I plug something in the back.... no power. The unit itself powers up. Shows 123..124 volts on the front. This just happened out of the blue. Was and had been working fine. Any suggestions? Is there any reset or something similar? Thanks
  5. Chris A, I see you are in Arlington. I'm in the DFW area myself!! You are obviously well versed in the sound engineering area!!
  6. Wow! I had no idea the DSP had so much functionality. I saw a few basic crossover points in an owners manual. I thought that was it! Thank you for the information. Seems like I am pretty much set. I'll have to read up on the advanced DSP functions. Thanks again!
  7. I have Marantz PM8005 2 channel pre amp/amp (2017 model) driving La Scalas. ALK crossovers and Fast Lane squaker horns. For a sub, I have a JBL 4645b (single 18) cabinet with a Crown DSi 1000 (950 watts bridged 8 ohms). Here are the specs on the JBL 18: FREQUENCY RESPONSE : Lower Frequency limits (no EQ): -10 dB: 18 Hz -3 dB: 35 Hz Lower Frequency limits (with EQ): -10 dB: 20 Hz -3 dB: 22 Hz Recommended Crossover Frequencies: High-Pass: 20 Hz. 24 dB/octave Low-Pass: 80 Hz to 120 Hz. 12 to 24 dB/octave Enclosure Tuning Frequency: 25 Hz Now I need guidance and advice on an active crossover. My budget is around $400. I am very new to active crossovers. Any advice will be appreciated. What model. How to even wire the unit. I assume I need a x over that will sum the stereo channels for mono sub?? I have quite a bit of money invested in my system (at least for me) and not looking for jerry rigged sub unit that just gets by. I'm looking for high fidelity and good, rich, deep, if the volume is up...... controlled, pounding base. I noticed most x overs in my $ range are for live performance systems. Seems the lowest high pass filter is around 35 hz. I'm guessing most bands don't care about anything lower than that and it is just wasting amp power. If I am listening to predominately "music", do I even need the 20hz subsonic high pass filter? Also have a Marantz UD7007 CD/Blue Ray player (the Blue Ray is for music videos). Paid $1,200 for the Pre amp/Amp and $1,200 for the CD player. Also have a Monster line conditioner/surge protector. Interconnects and speaker cables are Morrow Audio Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. Does the cornwall and the la scala use exactly the same woofer. It seems impossible that the same woofer would work in a small sealed enclsure of the la scala an also the large vented enclosure of the cornwall. Thanks
  9. Yes, I will be replacing both in a set of cornwalls.
  10. Does the Electrovoice 15B or 15L sound better as a replacement driver in a 3 way home speaker? Does anyone have experience with these two drivers? Is there anotherr EV model that makes a better choice? Thank You
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