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  1. Hello, What was it doing that it needed to be serviced? Thanks
  2. Update, the RB1070 I mentioned in the ad sold, I still have the RB1050.
  3. Hello all, I owned a CF3 pair V2 that was in need of refinishing. While doing research, I came across much information on the different versions. In regards to the port length, it was roughly 3 inches deep on the V2. The V1, if I remember correctly, was closer to the 5-6" length. In addition, the V1 and V2 had more grayish horns while the V3 had the black horns. As far as crossover components are concerned, I didn't do any digging into the difference. I hope this helps.
  4. Bump for the great little amp.
  5. Bump. I have it listed for $75 less than the other one in the Chicago land area.
  6. I have 2 remaining woofers for sale. Local pick up preferred 60511 Illinois $325 Pick up $375 Shipped (US only)
  7. Sorry, this sold a while back. For some reason I didn't get any notices that I had people inquiring about this. I'm sorry everyone! I still have two Rotel amps remaining: RB 1050 and RB 1070
  8. Hello, I agree with the members that say PYLE, in general, is junk. You know whenever a manufacturer puts stats like 3000 watts on the face of an amp/receiver/box/etc. that weights 2 lbs. it is a junk product trying to catch the attention of people who just look at stats to compare electronics. The only thing that I've used from PYLE that was decent was their 15" subs back in the early 90's for a car audio system I built for a friend. The subs were affordable and decent sounding and a whole-lotta bang for the buck. I would recommend looking at and emotiva 7 channel amp...their basx line is pretty affordable on the used market. As far as Emotiva amp quality goes, overall they are pretty solid, but every so often you get one that will need a simple repair.
  9. I just looked online and it looks like the MKII version has blue woven into the outside of the cable. So, I'm wanting to say that the one I have is the original Version.
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