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    2.2 Music System: Mains: Klipsch RF-7II Cherry Subs: DIY Dayton Audio Reference HF 15" subs (X2) Powered by Pioneer Elite and Crown K1

    Makeshift Home Theater: RF-82II's, RC-7, RF-62II surrounds powered by Rotel amps and Outlaw Audio 976 processor fed by Dell computer running Linux and an Oppo player

    Dinning room: Dynaudio Audience 122 speakers fed by an Emotiva XPA amp and Emotiva USP-1 preamp running an Audio-Technica AT-LP120 turntable and Dell laptop

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  1. I don't know if it's a myth or not, but consuming this beverage while listening always helps my speakers/music sound better 100% of the time! (And it's a lot cheaper than interconnects that cost a mortgage payment, wooden pucks that keep your "perfectly insulated cables" off the floor, gimmicky tube connectors, etc) Plus, the more I consume, the better I can sing and dance.... coincidence?
  2. Hello all, I am the original owner. Always used with subs in my 2.2 system. As for the condition, the pictures speak for themselves. Everything works perfectly. Pet free and smoke free home. Everything works perfectly. Of course I will audition these for you. (I have a small selection of bourbons you may sample while auditioning if you like!) Bring your own gear or I have some equipment with which to audition... we can chat about the details if interested. Feel free to ask any questions. $1500 for Forum members Located in 60511 (Western Burbs of Chicago) Not interested in shipping.
  3. sorry, it sold a couple of weeks ago.
  4. How about $160? I recently picked up an RC-7 (Thanks to dtr20 who helped out a great deal with picking them up from the seller, packing them perfectly and shipping them to me!!!) and I'm trying to stick to my "one speaker in, one speaker out" policy.
  5. Thanks everyone. I'm always into trying new speakers. I'm not afraid to refinish them, replace a driver or two and perhaps beef up the cabinet if it makes sense to do so. (I even bought a pair of Bose 10.2's a while back...insert gasp here!.... just to see what they sounded like. I remember a lot of hype around that speaker back in the day. Well, I bought them for $200, cleaned them up a bit and had a listen, Then, sold them for $200 a week later! Needless to say, I wasn't wowed!) I am looking for some interesting garage speakers... right now I have a set of polk monitor 8t's paired with a small 8" sub. They sound great, but I was thinking of moving the 8t's back into the house, as they are in perfect condition, and I don't want to ruin them in the garage.... relatively hot/humid summers and cold winters here in Illinois and my garage is not climate controlled. I was thinking of trying these RF-5's if I could get them for a decent price, but I think I am going to pass. I believe it would be more of a headache than anything else. The damaged drivers on these wouldn't bother me (too much), as they are going to be in the garage. However, I would worry about the sub amps going out... and them having to get creative with a work around like I have done with many Klipsch subs in the past. I never did find a replacement. But that really didn't matter, it wasn't that bad and I had fun refinishing those speakers. They went to a friend of a family member, and they didn't care about the woofer as they are a fan of speaker grills. (I guess I like things to look as good as they sound) I was going to use those RF-82's as garage speakers, but they were a little too big and heavy for the shelves... as well as they would be positioned on their sides about a foot from the ceiling.... so not ideal at all with the horn tweeters!
  6. I know the damage to the drivers appears cosmetic, but still, it's hard to justify the $400 price, as new replacement drivers are currently going for around $90 each.
  7. Thanks. The damage is to the 8" woofers, not the larger side mounted subwoofer. Here are the pics...
  8. Has anyone owned or heard these speakers? Thoughts? I'm always trying different speakers, but I have never heard these. I know they most likely will have subwoofer amp issues, as every Klipsch sub I've owned, except my rsw-10, had issues! Some guy is asking 400. Both woofers have damage and from the pictures the cabinets seem to be okay for 20+ year old speakers. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated. If they are awful, please don't hesitate to let me know! Thank you!
  9. Thank you! That makes sense and is good to know. (..and according to GI Joe cartoons from the 80's, Knowing is half the battle!)
  10. This is the one that says "A" at the end.
  11. I just saw a set of RP-5's come up for sale locally. (The ones with the built in subs on the sides) The label says "RP 5 Black B" and I asked the guy what was the reason that it was a "B" stock speaker. I was thinking most likely a laminate issue or something simple. He said they aren't "B stock" speakers and that the "B" stood for black. (Seemed redundant...right?) Then, I looked up some images online and noticed the labels said "RP 5 Black A" Am I missing something here? I have owned many Klipsch speakers over the years, but I have never run into a label I couldn't decode. Any help is always appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Sorry, That sold. I don't know if you want to try these, but this is what I replaced the drivers with and had very good results. Direct drop in with no modifications needed. https://www.parts-express.com/Dayton-Audio-PA255-8-10-Pro-Woofer-295-030 Unfortunately, like everything else, these used to be around $45 two years ago, now they are $58. Still a decent replacement option. Then, you could recoup some of the cost by selling your old driver to a forum member that may need a replacement.
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