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  1. Pics of the progress... Top water damage All gone... Filling A little bracing added
  2. No longer going this route. I'm refinishing them. If they don't beat out any of my current speakers, I will post a new listing for them.
  3. How about $15 for both ports plus whatever the ridiculous shipping amount will be? I sold the KLF 20 woofers a bit back, but I do have 4 of the KLF 30 woofers if you are interested in those... Let me know.
  4. I'm still searching for the oval logo.
  5. Anyone interested in the ports?
  6. Decent condition KG 3.5's with original boxes. All of the drivers are in excellent condition. The grills are excellent with the original badges. The cabinets are in very good condition with several small visible marks viewable only when you are up close. These are the real wood veneer cabinets, not the cheesy vinyl wrapped ones. Garage audition upon time of purchase to verify they work perfectly and you are happy with their sound. Location Chicago Burbs 60511 Price $200
  7. What size is your room? I have two Ultimax 18's each in a 4.25CF sealed cabinet powered by a Crown K2 (800 watts RMS to each sub) I have one in the front and one in the side/back area to smooth out the nodes. In a 22 by 18 foot space, there is more bass than anyone would ever need.
  8. Try coming down on the price if you need them sold sooner than later. I sold my k-79's for $50 for the pair, and even at that price they didn't fly out the door. (Same diaphragm, as the k-75's but the k-79 has a tighter gap producing slightly higher sensitivity.) GLWS
  9. I don't think it's worth putting all of that time and money into a mid-grade speaker from the 90's. I have a friend who is interested, so I might sand down and do some textured paint as it will be used most likely in a commercial setting, so it doesn't have to look house-worthy.
  10. That's why I bought them. I've never owner a pair of 5.5's. I like to buy ones that need a little TLC and refinish them. Then, I compare them to my current line up. If I like the sound better than something I already have, I keep it and then let something else go.
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