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  1. Iteachstem

    CF-4s - $2700

    Give it a bit, if inflation keeps going like it is, this price won't seem so bad!
  2. Excellent condition. 130 Watts RMS per channel, 330 watts bridged. Damping factor of 500. Built like a tank! Comes from a smoke and pet free home. I'm letting a lot of my equipment go due to growing family. Garage audition welcomed to verify that everything works perfectly. I can provide some tasty beverages while audition occurs. $400 Western Burbs of Chicago 60511 Local pick up preferred
  3. How about $250? This is a great little amp.
  4. Hello, I am interested. PM sent John
  5. Fact ^ Okay, sure, according to you. So what would you consider "Around much?" Sorry if I have a life...a beautiful wife and two wonderful daughters that I spend time with rather than constantly scouring a forum doing whatever you do.....obviously making the wold a better place with every keystroke right? Way to make a difference.
  6. What do you consider "much?" I'm not a newbie, nor am I some person who chooses to spend all day every day on a forum for speakers. I come here to learn from people and share my experiences. Isn't that what a forum is all about? If a product has strong or week points, why wouldn't it be okay to talk about them. The OP wasn't listing his items for sale, he was asking about pricing...two very different things.
  7. This is the Paudio pht-409 horn from eBay that people on the forum buy and modify. The horn is an exact fit for many Klipsch speakers like the KLF 20/30, KG series, etc. I have an extra set that I never got around to using before the family came along. It has the center diffuser removed already. This was going to go into a second pair of KLF 20's I had, but I sold them before I got around to the project. (I also have the B&C DE 10-8 drivers that I was going to pair with these if you are interested) If you check my posts in the technical/modifications section, I showed step-by-step documentation on how to use the horn and driver together. Located 60511 southwest burbs of Chicago Asking $20 Local pickup preferred
  8. Excellent condition power cable. It came with an amplifier I purchased a while back and I don't need it. I priced it lower than anything I can find online. $75 I prefer local pickup. (60511 Western Burbs of Chicago) Shipping can be discussed, but it's pretty heavy and shipping isn't getting any cheaper!
  9. Both amps are now enjoying a new home.
  10. I'm sorry you didn't like what I wrote, but I didn't write it for you. And sometimes it helps to know why a product might not demand a high price tag to some people. So, if you didn't like what I wrote, then just roll your eyes. No need to make a big deal of it, especially if it wasn't you asking for information about products.
  11. Is the subwoofer in a forest?
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