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  1. I'm hoping you sold these by now, but I came across this listing while looking for a set of rf-62's...
  2. Here are come replacement woofers: https://offerup.com/item/detail/887573806/ Those were my drivers, but they are sold! It's getting more difficult to find those original drivers(rf-3/rf-5/rc-7/rf-35/rf-82, etc) I bought a set of rf-3's a little bit back and they had 2 damaged cones, so, I thought I would replace all 4 because I didn't want to wait forever for 2 of the original style ones, so I bought new ones ($69 ea.) from here.... https://www.simplyspeakers.com/klipsch-replacement-speaker-woofer-1011974.html Unfortunately, like everything else right now, they are out of stock. But, if they do come back, they are great. (They are genuine klipsch speakers, still made in china of course, but the name is molded into the frames) They have different dust-caps, thus why I bought 4 so that they would all match. I attached my pics so you can see the difference in appearance... I hope this helps.
  3. Excellent condition. $15 Plastic cases included. Local pickup preferred. (Will ship for an extra $15 and I'll cover paypal fees)
  4. That may have been a pair of my drivers. I bought a set of RF-3's and 2 of the 4 drivers were dented/creased. (Same drivers as the RC-7) So, I bought 4 new drivers, and listed the 2 good drivers on here a little while back. (I still have the 2 creased ones.... would make a great driver set for a DIY garage speaker for someone... or perhaps a set of compact subs for a bandpass box so you wouldn't notice the slightly jacked-up cones!) Here's the link to where I bought the replacements... $69 each + shipping. However, they are currently out of stock... go figure. https://www.simplyspeakers.com/klipsch-replacement-speaker-woofer-1011974.html New vs. Old drivers. They sound identical, however, I'm sure there are some minute measurable differences that people would love to argue over...
  5. Then I cracked the top tube of my frame.... and I was bummed.... until I found out that Jamis has a one time replacement warranty on their frames. Woo Hoo! So, this is my current frame/bike for the last bunch-o-years!
  6. My first mountain bike was a GT that I had back in college( 90's) I destroyed that when I started getting airborne for more than a little curb hop. Then, I bought a trek 4900.... I replaced just about every part on that bike before retiring it to just an easy trail riding bike. Then, I built up a Jamis Komodo Frame (pictured).... that could actually handle what I was trying to do!
  7. Why would you pull everything if you have the original box from Klipsch? If anything, pack everything in the original box, and then put that in another slightly larger box with some extra padding and you should be fine. (And meet the UPS double box requirements for insurance if it is damaged in shipping.) The only entity that benefits from shipping everything separately is the shipping company. Plus, you have that many more packages that could get damaged/lost/stolen/etc. I shipped my old black RC-7 (when I found my Cherry RC-7) this way and it made it from Illinois all the way to Oregon without any issues.
  8. the wall poster to the left of the piano
  9. Iteachstem


    You gotta love the cheap amps Klipsch used in their subs! I purchased my first new sub when I was in college,(1990's) a Klipsch sw12 from United Audio in Illinois. It was great, until the amp started to make loud humming noises. It was covered under warranty, so I got it fixed and eventually sold it to my friend (Yes, he knew about the amp replacement!) Then, I had the opportunity to buy a lot of 4 Klipsch SW15's for pretty cheap... thinking that even if one or two of them worked, it would still be a good deal! (allegedly they came from a football players house around Chicago...so, I expected them to be well used!) When I fired them up, 1 of the subs buzzed loudly, two of the other ones had loud pops occasionally, and one worked fine. So, I called a respected local electronics repair shop to inquire about getting the amps repaired. He said he was fairly familiar with the amps in Klipsch subs. He said that a surprisingly substantial portion of his klipsch warranty repair work was fixing them! He shared that they are very cheap Chinese amps and we both agreed that Klipsch made a huge error in choosing the amps for their subs, because other than that, these subs were pretty decent. Anyway, it wasn't worth getting them repaired, so, I decided I would do a little Frankensteining and put together 3 subs that work out of the 4 that I purchased. After some testing this is what I did: The one with the loud humming noise had a bad amp and a blown driver, but a good passive radiator. So, I removed the passive and used it on another one that was pretty badly damaged.I gave away the cabinet to another friend to use in his project after pulling the amp and blown driver. I sold the only properly working one after replacing the pushed in passive with the good one that I removed. I sold it for what I bought all 4 of them for, so it wasn't a loss! I turned the remaining two with the popping noises into passive subs by removing the amp modules and fabricating plates with binding posts to fill the void. These were my main subs for about 5 years until I built something better. So, needless to say, I will never buy another Klipsch sub again. (NEW OR USED) There are just so many better options available today. (Although my brother has never had any issues with his RSW15 and he always has music going, so they did something right with that model!)
  10. Has anyone tried the new hybrid amp from partsexpress? If so, what are your opinions? Thanks. (looking to pair it with either my KLF20's or my KG 4.2's) https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-hta100bt-hybrid-stereo-tube-amplifier-with-bluetooth-usb-aux-in-sub-out-100w--300-3842
  11. For clarification: I wasn't referring to the Chorus as older junk speakers... the older junk speaker was just as a reference in general regarding the plethora of stuff I've seen posted for sale online lately.
  12. I am amazed at what 15-30 year old junk gear is being sold for these days. For example, I see may cheap pioneer 3-way speakers from the 90's online listed for sale for more than they were new! Are people trying to play the nostalgia card? These sounded mediocre for the time period and would be considered pretty bad by today's standards. It's funny how the price of everything goes up, but somehow our paychecks seem to stay the same! Just wait for the hyper inflation to kick in full force..... ugh! I knocked down my old shed this summer... it needed to be replaced years ago when I bought my place! ( I focused on remodeling the entire inside of my house first) Well, my design calls for just over 100 8 foot 2x4's. Traditionally these have always been around $2. Well, when I went to home depot, I did a double take when I saw the same lumber is now $5.17. So, needless to say, I turned right around and went home. I know many factors are causing the price hike, such as the mills being closed for a bit, distribution issues and temporary shortages caused by continued demand etc. But hopefully the prices will return to normal after a while!
  13. I just smile and shake my head when people spend thousands on power cables the size of fire hoses.... They mustn't think about what's actually behind the plug on the wall. Yes, that's right, 99.9% of the time it goes into 12 gauge wire (and sometimes 14 gauge, if someone wired it wrong) for varying lengths...sometimes runs nearing 100 feet depending on the size of your house. Then, usually into a rusty and often damp breaker box, through a $5 single pole circuit breaker, etc. But hey, that last 3 feet from the wall to your power conditioner or amp really makes a night and day difference.... just ask the guy who spent a mortgage payment on their power cables... they'll tell you all about it using fancy words!
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