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    2.2 Music System: Mains: Klipsch RF-7II Cherry Subs: DIY Dayton Audio Reference HF 15" subs (X2) Powered by Pioneer Elite and Crown K1

    Makeshift Home Theater: RF-82II's, RC-7, RF-62II surrounds powered by Rotel amps and Outlaw Audio 976 processor fed by Dell computer running Linux and an Oppo player

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  1. MIRAGE OM-R2HB-1 surround speakers and MIRAGE CM-3-1center channel speaker. Speakers are in great condition for their age. All drivers function perfectly with no pushed in tweeters or dust caps. Grills are in excellent condition with no holes or snags. This set sounds great! I purchased the entire Mirage home theater system, but I really only wanted to audition the OM 7's, so the surrounds and center are for sale. (The OM7's might be fore sale too if they don't beat out any of my current speakers!) Audition at time of purchase to verify that everything works correctly and to your liking. I am a stereo enthusiast, so I don't sell anything that I wouldn't feel comfortable buying myself. I am asking $225 for the center and surrounds. ($25 discount for forum members as I just listed these on CL for $250)These are currently selling for very close to $400 for the sets on eBay. As I'm sure most of you know, Mirage is now owned by Klipsch. Local pick up in 60511 far Western burb of Chicago Price $225
  2. I know nothing about these. My brother, who is in the process of moving out of Illinois, said to me, "Sell this and we'll split the proceeds as I have no time to deal with idiots who like to kick the tires!" It is in working condition. Of course you are welcome to check it out, bring your own tapes and have a listen. I will provide the bourbon and a selection of speakers/electronics. Asking $300 Location: 60511 Far western burbs of Chicago
  3. Your best bet is to keep an eye open for online places such as eBay, Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, USaudiomart, etc. Occasionally you'll find a beat up pair of RF-83's that you can hopefully salvage for some good parts. You can have your woofer and help other people out on the Forum with the remaining parts. I saw a black pair locally a while back going for $600. The cabinet was very well worn, most likely due to moving around a bunch...as these are 100lbs and therefore get banged up when people carelessly move them! (These will fit in the back seat of a Prius right?!?!?!) However, most of the 8" drivers didn't have dents or creases in them. Good luck!
  4. Here's a blast from the past! It is in decent condition considering it's age. I don't know much about this unit other than what I read online. Selling for a friend who's husband passed. You're welcome to bring some tubes to test! (I do have some nice bourbon if you want to test that as well!) Asking $100 Located in 60511 Western suburb of Chicago Will not ship
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I already checked those out when I was pricing out everything... and obviously they are way more expensive per sq. ft. than the 4 by 8 piece for the convenience factor. I actually will use more than one 4 by 8, as I'm also building storage for my classroom. I would use one sheet for myself and pay taxes on it and buy at least 3 more for the school project, with the tax exempt status for educational use. Even though taxpayers will pay for the other 3, I just can't justify spending their money that way at this point. Now, if after winter the wood is still expensive with no signs of coming down in the near future, well, then it's just the cost of doing business at that point. Even at $90 a sheet it will still be much cheaper than the overpriced shelves that are marketed to schools in school supply catalogues. So, it looks like my KP250 cabinets will winter in the garage and hopefully be brought back to life in the spring.
  6. Checked in on price for a 4x8 3/4" birch/maple.... $90 locally. So, this is on hold for a bit until the lumber prices (hopefully) go back to somewhat reasonable levels.
  7. SOLD! Enjoy the UPS doggydoc10! Youch, I didn't expect it to cost $144 to ship. I guess everything is going up except my paycheck!
  8. Hello all, Any suggestions to find a replacement for the tweeter in the pro media 2.1 system. I know it's the older version, but in a quick search, I'm coming up with nothing for the tweeters. The magnet was just laying in the bottom of the cabinet. Klipsch and their glue issues!!! However, in their defense, this was used in a school setting, so I'm sure it was dropped and abused accordingly. I'm trying to fix it so I can get it back into service to save taxpayers money, otherwise, the school, will just go out and buy something new. Thanks a bunch!
  9. It's not an argument, it's just a theoretical example to prove a point dealing with inflation. It's not a real world example because inflation changes often. Why are so many people fixating on this?
  10. I never stated this was an actual representation of the last 10 years of inflation. I just picked that number and used it for an example to simplify things
  11. You can think about it like this. A $500 pair of speakers bought 10 years ago at 3% inflation (Not compounded): Year 1: $515 Year 2: $530 Year 3: $545 Year 4: $560 Year 5: $575 Year 6: $590 Year 7: $605 Year 8: $620 Year 9: $635 Year 10: $650 Now look at it with current inflation (or at least what the government is claiming it is!): 9% Year 1: $545 Year 2: $590 Year 3: $635 Year 4: $680 Year 5: $725 Year 6: $770 Year 7: $815 Year 8: $860 Year 9: $905 Year 10: $950 I'm a firm believer in a speaker is worth what it's worth to the person buying it. If you think it's a good deal, then it is. Obviously, everyone's income level differs greatly, so one might consider something a good deal while other's may feel like it's priced way out of line. Anyone can ask what they want when selling something. Just like on eBay/ Craigslist/etc.. I have seen speakers priced at twice what they should be selling for, and of course they are still listed months/years later. When pricing, I always look at what recent ones have sold for in similar condition and use that as a starting point. We all have our once in a lifetime deals... the Forte's I bought for $100 when going to this guy's house to buy a Klipsch SW12. He asked if I was interested in the pair of speakers that he used with the sub...and low and behold they were original Forte's in decent condition. He only wanted $100 for them. I told him they were worth more than that, but he just wanted them out of his basement. On the other hand, a local Illinois guy listed his quartets for $900. They are black with water damage to the tops, and over all about a 6/10 condition. I asked if he was willing to accept offers. Of course he said these are very rare and in great condition. When I sent him links to sales on the Forum for ones that are in great condition that sold for $400, etc., he lowered his asking price to $800. Obviously he thinks they are worth that to him. If you are wondering if holding onto speakers is a good financial investment...probably not. But if you think it is a "sound" investment for your enjoyment, well then heck yes! Thanks for reading my random thoughts!
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