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  1. The master plan was to refinish these speakers. The drivers are all in excellent shape, but the time it will take to make these cabinets look like something that I can be proud of would take too long.... with a 2 and 4 year old. Plus, space is at a premium... I knocked my old shed down (before it fell down!) with the idea to rebuild. After I designed my new one, I looked at the price of lumber.... instead of $2 for a 2x4, they are in the $5-$6 dollar range... and I need over 100 to frame out the new shed. So, I will just wait until the prices come down. Needless to say, all of the junk from my shed is now squeezed in a 2 car garage... along with 2 cars! So, I thought I would see if any member here wanted them for free.
  2. Last call before they get dismantled and repurposed?
  3. Iteachstem


    Your sole.... I corrected it for you. Yes, my mistake. $150 is even more outrageous. How would you even begin to know my intention? You are speculating. Incorrectly I may add. I'm done with you. I have been on the Forums for about 15 years. I created a profile and thought it was interesting to learn about Klipsch speakers from enthusiasts. Then, I started a family and had no time, forgot my password, etc. Then, during this Covid craziness, I found a little more time to get back to the Klipsch community. So, I created a new profile. I had no problems with anyone, and then you popped up. You are the only person who I have found to be rather irritating.... and that speaks volumes because there are people on here who think propping up their speaker wire off of the ground on silly little pucks will actually make an audible difference in the sound of their speakers! Arguing online is like wining the special Olympics; even if you win, you are still special. And you, well, you are very special!
  4. Iteachstem


    I read just fine, I couldn't believe what I was reading when you were asking $125 for a single passive radiator. I came to look, and then I wanted to clarify the price, as this would be a high price for even 2 used passive radiators. Wrong! When I ask for clarification about what you are selling...how is that out of line? Hmm... very sophomoric. And you say I act like a 10 year old?
  5. Me too. Unfortunately, I think we are dealing with a lot of people losing their jobs and eventually their homes, so I think people are putting off non essential purchases. I've seen things in the Chicago land area really slow down as far as the purchasing of "fun" stuff.
  6. Iteachstem


    I would appreciate it if people priced items accordingly. Pricing items unrealistically high just starts the ball rolling and other people see ridiculous prices and think their old stuff is worth top dollar too! I know people are free to ask what they want, so good luck with your sale.
  7. Iteachstem


    What are you blathering about? A simple, "Yes, it's for one passive" would suffice.
  8. Iteachstem


    Just to clarify, this is the price for a single passive?
  9. The cabinets are rough! Great for a garage system / rebuild project, etc. I purchased them in this condition with the thought that I would make a fun project out of them...and then I had two kids, so these are available to someone who actually has time to do fun things!
  10. A little pricey for the RSW-12... there is one listed for $395 currently online with a new OEM replacement amp... as we know this is the weak point of all Klipsch subs.
  11. I saw that they were going to have them on sale for $169, and it caught my attention. Then, Costco came out with the $149 deal, and I thought about it again....so I did a little research. The reviews were not good. Just like the old KSW series, very boomy and non-musical... so I decided to pass. Even at this price it's not a deal if it doesn't sound good. It's just supporting the creation of cheap subwoofers. I call it the Walmart mentality.... people continually demand the lowest prices, and in return, they get cheaply made products that don't last! For example, Instead of spending $500 on a decent sub that will last 10+ years, they would rather buy a $250 sub that will most likely only last a couple of years before the amp goes out or the speaker burns up! And what do we have, more junk in our landfills rather than quality gear in our homes! I'll save my money and spend it on something better.
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