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  1. Bigdnfay1

    Wood finishing question

    With stain, you can brush it on and wipe it off or put some on a rag and work it in. do as many coats as needed to get desired results. Different woods take stain differently. Always spray top coats when possible to avoid brush marks. Many thin coats (sanding lightly in between with 220 or finer grit)is better than one heavy coat. Use a scrap piece to test on for best result(stains,pickling,etc,and finishes). Big D
  2. Bigdnfay1

    What I Got Today!

    Sam the sheep dog
  3. Bigdnfay1

    Legends You Have Seen Live?

    Styx, Elton John(3 times),Heart,Cheap Trick, Type-o-Negative(twice),Genitortures(twice) and many others. My mom saw Elvis.
  4. Bigdnfay1

    Things That Spin: CD Players

    Saw the thread title and thought "Cool we're playing $25.000 Pyramid" Oh well
  5. Bigdnfay1

    Southern Barbeque? Fooled Again

    Pork BBQ with BBQsauce, I dounno dog. I live in peidmont area of NC and that is a sin. It's only vineager based BBQ pulled pork here. Once ordered BBQ in Texas and got sliced beef with BBQ sauce. Didn't see that one coming. It's all where you come from.
  6. Bigdnfay1

    I miss Radio Shack

    Had 5 in my town. Slowly closed them 1 at a time until no more. I love the minimus-7's. I've picked up 3 pairs over the years. A pair and a sub will do in a pinch.
  7. Bigdnfay1

    There may be hope yet!

    Would be nice if they'd work on something for the top of the head.
  8. I used wav lossless and stored on a Western Digital 2TB external drive. I've used about 1TB so far. Approx.1200 CD's. TO ME, the wav files sound much better than any compressed file. It's really easy to change formats and still have a good backup copy. Took me about a year(off and on)to complete them all. Good thing about my town, we have lots of thrift stores,flee markets and pawn shops. Most of them sell used cd"s(and vinyl) for 50 cents to a Dollar. On a good day I will come with 15 to 20 new(to me)CD's. Some in excellent condition and some not. Luckily I've had no trouble ripping,so far.
  9. Bigdnfay1

    WX: We don't do this down here!

    When someone that is not from North Carolina complains about the weather here, my usual response is "Welcome to North Carolina". We have some of the most inconsistant weather that I know of. I'm sure some of the guys from NC that are on this forum can vouch. Warm one day, cold the next. I must admit that winters are fairly mild compared to most, but a welcome break from the summer heat and humidity this state can produce. just my 2 Big D
  10. Bigdnfay1

    Painting R14M cabinet

    Lightly sand, repair any blemishes, prime with a quality primer(I suggest Sherwin-Williams DTM).Sand again. Then you can use any paint you like. I personally would spray them, but do what you're comfortable with. the quality of the job is all in the prep. Big D
  11. Bigdnfay1

    RIP Jim Nabors

    RIP Jim
  12. Bigdnfay1


    I also have to agree.
  13. Bigdnfay1

    My DIY nod to PWK

    Nicely Done !
  14. I used a Rane AC-23 for awhile w/Jbl 2445 on a p-audio cd horn knock-off and a JBL 2404 tweeter. For a 2-way set-up, I used an Ashley XR-1001 w/ same mid horn and driver. Then EQed with an ART 355 on both set-ups. I would agree with the Truextent diaphrams in the JBLs for some extra extension. Now I use a passive network(700/7500). Allowed room correction on my Emotiva as a starting place. Then used EQ. It's not that one sounds better than the other, their just different. Big D
  15. Bigdnfay1

    Show us your great photography thread!

    This critter was on my porch last summer.