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  1. Cooking most anything in cast iron is the bomb. even though I love my carcinogens. D
  2. At age 16 I went to work for our local high-end audio store( Sound Systems inc. If you were stationed at Bragg in the 70's and 80's you'll know it. ). It was the first time I ever heard k-horns. there was a seperate room set up with all Klipsch. K-horns, belles. la scalas,etc. I would bring albums to work and stay after hours gettin my Klipsch on. My time there will never be forgotten.
  3. Don't get me started. I F*****G hate the tax man.
  4. Gees, at age 50 I started falling to pieces(bad back , arthritis, allergies ). Now at 61, I take 14 pills daily(high blood pressure, diabetes, severe back issues and a few others), 4 shots daily(diabetes)and 3 shots weekly for allergies. It's mostly my fault. If I'd get off my lazy arse and loose a few pounds I could drop some of these pills. D
  5. I'll probably do what I've done for the last 61 years. Go to moms and eat one of her thanksgiving masterpieces. turkey spiral cut ham corn bread dressing with and without onions mashed potatos and gravy collards(my fav) sweet potato casserole brussel sprouts homemade biscuits green beans w/side meat season apple pie cherry pie chocolate cake strawberry cheesecake Time to break out the stretch jeans D
  6. Happy Veterans Day. Thank You to all that have served.
  7. This is Geena. She is a rescue. She was a couple of months old when I got her. Think she's a pitt/sheperd/lab mix. not really sure. An excellent friend and companion. She watches TV with me and barks at every dog that pops up, even animated. Something about Dachounds gets her really riled up. Would not want to be on the recieving end of that.
  8. I am one of two Darrells in my social herd. I got the nickname Big D(6'3'' 2**lbs). Sometimes it's Big Dawg. The other Darrell got tagged with Lil' d(5'8''158lbs).
  9. Trust me, I've built a pair of k-horns and jubilees. The k-horns are more difficult. Many compound mitre cuts that have to be right on the money to achieve an air tight interior. I modeled the pair I built from a 1976 pair and the speakerlab plans. only a few differences between the two as far as the bass bin goes. 1976 model used 1/2 and 3/4 plywood. If I remember correctly, you will only be able to get about 450hz out of the bas bin(someone chime in here). Big D
  10. I can remember when I was just a kid, my mom, dad and I would go to the drive-in most every Friday night. They would watch the feature movie until I fell asleep. Then they would move around to side 2 for the adult films. I guess thats how I learned about the birds and the bees by peeking between the seats. I continued to go as I got older. then in the early 80's the drive-ins started to disappear one by one. Now we have none. I really miss them. Big D
  11. What upsets me the most is when someone calls me "SIR".
  12. I will usually hit 60 at some point in the day. I get nausea and feel a little strange. I keep fig bars handy to munch on when this occurs. It could go up 50 points or 100. We've had trouble zeroing in on the proper dosage when I'm about to eat. I've known about my diabetes for only a few years and has been a difficult road to travel. my tresiba dosage is 150 units daily and novolog is on a sliding scale depending on the numbers. Truth be told , I could stand to loose a few pounds(well more than a few). Big D
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