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  1. My neighbor was cutting grass in this beauty. I couldn't decide whether to be offended or laugh. Saw this thread and thought of this one. Went next door and asked if I could have a pic....Sure! If this is tasteless I will remove it............NO OFFENSE thumbnail.jfif
  2. My first car was a 1971 Mach 1 Mustang...GEEEES that a long time ago.
  3. Eat Burger King at home and tell me how long it takes to get rid of the smell. I think the most horrible odor is a dead carcus(human or otherwise). Once you smell it you'll never forget it. Or getting behind a pig hauler......NASTY! D
  4. when your mom is (calling) yelling for you using your middle name.....uh oh!......Harcourt Fenton Mudd
  5. I can remember as a youmg lad. I would go to the drive-in with my mom and dad. She had the hots for Sean and it was the Bond girls for dad. After a rousing double feature and being way passed my bedtime(playing possum), They would slip around to side 2 (X-rated). I remember learning about the birds and bees from peeking between the seats of my dads Galaxy 500. Sir Sean Connery. You will be missed.
  6. Sunny Sunday- Joni Mitchel Do what you want. be what you are- Hall & Oats(remastered) When it's Love- Van Halen Move This- Technotronic
  7. This may work well. I would spray it. Prep will be critical. For best result I'd use DTM primer. It's expensive but can be color matched up to 50% of the formula (if not to dramatic) and retain it's sealing properties) . Will need a couple of costs. It goes on kinda heavy. Allows for good sanding(150/240/320) and a smooth finish. You can roll the primer but I would spray the finish. Big D
  8. Not to mention the fact, pearl white is a pain to work with. it uses a clear base and will take many coats to get a good finish. it appears sometimes it won't even cover it's self. If I were you i'd go for another white. I've done paint and wallpaper for 40 years. had one designer who used pearl white as her signature trim color. never less than 4 coats, more if the wood has no finish to start with. D
  9. Been taking gabapentin 400mg 3 times daily for about ten years now. Lower leg pain from type 2. No side effects. Only issue with hearing was a bout with pneumonia a few years back. A 10 day hospital stay and drains in both ears. Cleared it up in about three months. Wouldn't wish that on anyone. D
  10. Sold my 1982 Ford F-100. Loved it. That's the last year they were made. My grand dad willed it to me.
  11. 1974 Junior in high school I went to work at our cities High end audio store(Sound Systems inc.).If you were in the military and stationed at Fort Bragg during that period, you'll know it. They had a sound room with all the Heritage models powered with Mcintosh. One time in I was hooked. Boss was nice enough to let me bring my own music and stay after closing. Good times...Good times. I've owned Klipsch ever since. D
  12. I've been using the ALK universals in my K-horn clones since the 90's and I couldn't be happier. wow almost time to change out the caps.
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