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  1. Bigdnfay1

    2019 Goals - what do you want to accomplish this year????

    Looking to get my shop finished, loose a few pounds(well, more than a few), get my diabetes dialed in, been wanting to build a half Jub for a center, try to survive retirement.
  2. Bigdnfay1

    What do You Listen to That's not Music?

    I have a rental next door. A couple moved in and on the very first weekend he thru open the garage door and started to thump at a pretty good volume. about 20 minutes later the wife comes out and start raising heck. I've never heard such language. She had a mouth like a sailor(no offence to sailors). Then after that was kicking and screaming. Then came the blows. She would smack him. then he'd smack her. this would go on for about an hour' then silence. This went on for about a year. Loved it. Would have coffee on the back porch most saturdays listening to the kerfuffle.
  3. Bigdnfay1

    Merry Christmas!

    Here here Tarheel !
  4. Bigdnfay1

    Favorite Christmas Tune

    Beegie Adair trio- Jazz piano Christmas Al Martino (Capital)- Christmas Bing Crosby and Burl Ives Big D
  5. Bigdnfay1

    Best Childhood Memories

    Teaching myself to ride a bike or maybe every Sunday evening my mom would drag me kicking and screaming to the couch where she would clean my ears and trim my nails for the week.
  6. Bigdnfay1

    What I Got Today!

    These came from an ad in craigs list in Fayetteville.They are satin Black. the former owner has only been in town for a few days(got stationed at Fort Bragg). He told me the last home he lived in had sweet basement for his man cave. The house he has now has no room. While I was there he sold his big screen tv.
  7. Bigdnfay1

    What I Got Today!

    Snagged a pair of klf-30s today from the original owner.Their about an 8 out of 10 condition wise. All drivers original and in perfect working order. They have a few cosmetic issues but nothing I can't take care of. Some TLC is all they need. I was told they were purchased in Italy while he was stationed overseas. WOW! they sound great. Think I'll do the upgrades after awhile.
  8. Bigdnfay1

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    I live just up the road from Wilmington in Fayetteville. Usually storms like this are rain event for us but this time we may catch a little wind. Planning to ride this one out. Got plenty of food and water. The geenie gased up. I just want to tell everyone in the path ...God Bless you.
  9. Bigdnfay1

    Great Song / Terrible Recording

    Stone temple pilots- No.4...Love the whole album. Production Sucks. Big D
  10. Bigdnfay1

    Expectations, where do your lie ?

    I think we've all had some sort of disappointment in our second hand experiences. I once received a 70 pound amp shipped in a ragged box and only peanuts as packing material. Thank the audio gods it was not damaged in any way. Worked perfectly. I guess I was lucky. Big D
  11. Bigdnfay1

    Your first?

    16 Heresy 26 Heresy
  12. Bigdnfay1

    What I Got Today!

    Back in the day we had 5 drive-ins in our town now we have none the end of an era
  13. Bigdnfay1

    Today is my day!

    Grey Goose Martini Dirty shaken w/extra olives.
  14. Bigdnfay1

    Wood finishing question

    With stain, you can brush it on and wipe it off or put some on a rag and work it in. do as many coats as needed to get desired results. Different woods take stain differently. Always spray top coats when possible to avoid brush marks. Many thin coats (sanding lightly in between with 220 or finer grit)is better than one heavy coat. Use a scrap piece to test on for best result(stains,pickling,etc,and finishes). Big D
  15. Bigdnfay1

    What I Got Today!

    Sam the sheep dog