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  1. Cast iron grill pan on the burner. Rarely do I do anything al forno.
  2. It is what is known in the trade as a "folly."
  3. I see both regularly. I still prefer plasma simply because any led, including oled looks cartoony by comparison. I realize it is a moot point by now, but I will be sad when the plasmas bite the dust and I won't be able to replace them.
  4. Life sized cardboard effigies are great tools for defeating spying.
  5. I went to graduate school for this. Guess what very stable genius was not worthy of study? Guess what I do since I don't make a living from other people's investments? That's right, low cost index funds. Unless you have the time and expertise to do it yourself, then study after study shows that low cost indexing all things considered beat on average the pros over any significant time period. Back in my foosball playing days we had a saying: "race me chase me." So do you feel lucky?
  6. I live a short drive from Texas Motor Speedway. Big screen not needed.
  7. Did you mean to say, instead of "did you meant to say?"
  8. Thanks for verifying my instincts. I will stay at home while the rest of them go see it tomorrow.
  9. Genre---Hard Rock LOL.
  10. The dark chocolate ones are fantastic.
  11. oldtimer

    NFL 2019

    Best post of the year. It brings tears of joy to my eyes. Thank you Stew, thank you very much. Oakland Alameda County Coliseum is seeing its last days of glory.
  12. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/where-wild-turkeys-are-so-bold-they-knock-on-the-door-for-food/ar-BBWHDw8?ocid=spartanntp
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