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  1. The cheese kept it from going inside.
  2. I thought you didn't have a TV anymore. (Steve)
  3. Baba, I would be shocked if true in most other places. I can understand why you wouldn't be.
  4. Nothing could be that bad...except for maybe the women's world cup refs.
  5. As an effing moron said, it's complicated, who knew?
  6. People who happen to be poor, or people who are not citizens or legal immigrants?
  7. Here's another anecdote regarding the current system. I live in 2 places, yet only really have healthcare without a major hassle in one. Universal portability might be a good start...
  8. My wife has an older Samsung with touchscreen and backlit keyboard. I do like the keyboard, but hate the touchpad. Instead of dedicated left and right click buttons you are supposed to press on the corners and it doesn't work worth a damn. I used to think it was fast, it was faster than the same era Toshiba that I had, but now it feels slow since it is so much slower than my HP with solid state.
  9. Sometimes it just hangs up and will not respond. Nothing else is doing this.
  10. I agree we should not make the system easily accessible for illegal aliens. But when they show up at the emergency room we end up doing it anyway. We don't have to be happy about it though! And doesn't matter who is in charge at the time.
  11. It is true, one way or another. We also pay for uninsured/underinsured motorists with our auto insurance.
  12. The same is and was true for me with private insurance in one of those "really good" corporate plans. Insurance companies ration health care too.
  13. There has been made a coherent argument that while competition in the private sector is good for most business models, healthcare is one that doesn't make sense due to the nature of it. I can't recall the author nor the book, but it was written by someone in the field. It's worth checking out for those truly interested and perhaps truly knowledgeable on the subject.
  14. oldtimer

    Amazon Prime Day

    But you would be supporting Wal-Mart. I only go there if I absolutely have to, it is such a hot mess. That does seem to be about the right size for the bedroom, though, hmmmm….
  15. Just now when posting, for example---hit submit and get a can't get to page message.
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