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  1. oldtimer

    Who needs delta faucet parts

    Busy Monday, but I eventually got a call back. Parts are on the way, from west coast and other from Tarheel's state. Thanks for the links for product ID.
  2. oldtimer

    NFL - 2018

    Thank you Detroit!
  3. oldtimer

    F'ing mosquitos

    stan...your name is stan….remember.... Oh wait no it isn't.
  4. oldtimer

    F'ing mosquitos

    Smokin Mary bloody mary mix was his best suggestion ever. There really is nothing like a smokin mary.
  5. oldtimer

    F'ing mosquitos

    Sounds good except the wal mart part.
  6. oldtimer

    College football 2018

    Maybe. But still, C'mon man!
  7. oldtimer

    College football 2018

    nah, I'm right with you. We are the knights who say ni, not those army knights. Think about it. The US Army academy not only has a mule for a mascot, which is fine, and could or should even be a reference to Marius' Mules from the days of the republic of Rome, but calls itself the black knights, which is a reference to royalty and service to royalty in a country that was founded on resistance to and abhorrence of royalty.
  8. oldtimer

    College football 2018

    Ironically the guy I knew from there was great at PR and communications. He has passed on at way too young of age, but we had some great laughs back in the day.
  9. oldtimer

    College football 2018

    C'mon, man!
  10. oldtimer

    Fisher 400cx-2 tube preamplifier (WA)

    you beat me to it, although I had a variation in mind.
  11. oldtimer

    College football 2018

    I love the beavers, as long as they don't spit....
  12. oldtimer

    College football 2018

    He lives in Austin. Take a guess.
  13. oldtimer

    College football 2018

    "We are the Tigers who say 'War Eagle." Sort of like "We are the knights who say ni."
  14. oldtimer

    College football 2018

    It's kind of like the logic of a kung fu movie (another Shaw Brothers presentation). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_Eagle
  15. oldtimer

    College football 2018

    A guy from there once told me. I forgot.