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  1. That's what people say when they don't understand.
  2. I have no problem with the taste.
  3. I have no problem with coffee chicory blends, must be the heritage...
  4. It would be, but how can they turn down all of that cheap exploitable labor?
  5. In Texas though...keep what is important in mind.
  6. That is one obnoxious avatar no doubt.
  7. So you are saying the trials do not involve outpatients? Tell me more bout all the details then please.
  8. More evil, depending upon your selected programming... https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/health-news/a-potential-coronavirus-vaccine-funded-by-bill-gates-is-set-to-begin-testing-in-people-with-the-first-patient-expected-to-get-it-today/ar-BB12e01f?ocid=spartanntp
  9. Dated march 23...says the state is set to begin clinical trials...announced by the devil himself.
  10. if you want to stir up a real hornet's nest try suggesting that people change their toilets...
  11. Not exactly. https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/new-york-test-hydroxychloroquine-treatment-coronavirus-136047 Let's all keep up the demonizing, as fits our preconceptions...
  12. North central when there. West of thad.
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