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  1. What or whom?
  2. If I can't afford next to pat, then oldenough might be the next choice.
  3. You mean there is a difference between a=b and b=a? Fascinating.
  4. That will go a long way to getting citizenship. I'm thinking of getting a place next door to patontheisland just to see who can piss off the other most. The neighbors are a given.
  5. Evidence that Canada isn't as bad as some say...
  6. see you there.
  7. Sounds normal enough for Texas.
  8. Told ya so.
  9. You are the best Carl.
  10. Apparently you have no experience with aircraft. The subject of the thread is completely way back machine.
  11. Carl and I like to rip on each other. He is in the bizz so he knows the deal. It kills me when people say oh the maintenance on those foreign cars. Then their ford or chevy breaks down and its towed to the shop. I have seen the parts cost on dodge. Folks, there is little difference and if anything euro car parts are cheaper in many cases. And they just last longer. Look at any 20 to 30 year old euro car compared to the same age from other countries. One is still on the road, others are being restored. And modified to make up for their deficiencies.
  12. DC-3
  13. Alright. if you want to be an idiot about it. 20 plus years later, my 164 had fewer quirks than my E30. Both were extremely reliable. If you want to compare apples to apples.
  14. Damn you are observant.
  15. You're Ok I'm OK. Wasn't that popular in the 70's?