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  1. 10cc. Yes I remember falling asleep to that.
  2. That's Chad.
  3. Maybe the Redskins will get their logo back.
  4. http://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/supreme-court-ruling-leads-to-offensive-trademark-requests/ar-AAoFpCU?ocid=spartanntp
  5. I loved my 13" Sony Trinitron. It even had a stand with wheels.
  6. You really need to wean yourself from all that G band stuff...
  7. I'll eat;em raw. Any seasoning is also good by me. I have been nursing a bag of California almonds, on that subject, that are the best almonds I have ever had. They are raw, and phenomenal.
  8. So that's why they have been on sale a lot lately. I have taken full advantage of the supply.
  9. You can never imagine my disappointment way back when....when they didn't.
  10. OK now that's funny. Just like Hansel and Gretel? That witch was really nice until she had them for supper.
  11. Thanks. You're really difficult to figure out.
  12. That must be it.
  13. How could we forget?
  14. The other 13% is getting stoned and listening to loud music.
  15. They don't look very snake proof.