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  1. Oh wow, man. https://www.msn.com/en-us/foodanddrink/foodnews/ann-arbor-just-decriminalized-magic-mushrooms/ar-BB19jtQ9?ocid=msedgntp
  2. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/nypd-officer-accused-of-acting-as-agent-of-the-chinese-government/ar-BB19gZwQ?ocid=msedgdhp
  3. Annually, of course. All hail the Klipsch Queen!
  4. oldtimer

    USPS slow

    Everything slow, and it has everything to do with the corrupt postmaster. My wife's pension arrived 5 days late. Not cool.
  5. No. Those would be ******. Interesting. OK----g u i d o s
  6. No. Sometimes they are paying to put their dogs or cats in the seats. I have also seen penguins.
  7. Shouldn't those kids be in school? And get off of my lawn...
  8. There are no oaks on the big rocks.
  9. Mclaughlin is a wild man. Loved his work with Cobham.
  10. I have tons of oak leaves, so, no.
  11. Dates stuffed with blue cheese, wrapped in bacon, which is then rolled in brown sugar. Bake to cook bacon.
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