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  1. I love you too, man. The frogs did win the rose bowl this century, and also count as one of the national champions in history. Not bad for a small private school. Of course you know its all just standard sports trash talk, no need to be sorry. Not sure i could ever understand that white crap on bbq chicken though... Oh yeah. I also actually attended and graduated there, unlike a lot of "fans" of some teams.
  2. When college football is the best a state has to offer, then good for you, and god bless your heart.
  3. Oh I love kicking cans! Happy hanukkah.
  4. What makes you think two wouldn't be in it no matter what?
  5. oldtimer


    Couldn't agree more for you.
  6. oldtimer


    We have our first candidate.
  7. Well that masquerade is over. What I want to know is how cougar high is rated 21. Yeah right. Shouldn't they stick to basketball?
  8. Maybe the dogs were always overrated.
  9. oldtimer


    So who is it? Who are the ones dragging us down to the 90th percentile? "First, this is a Klipsch Forum, which contains, on average, people who are significantly smarter than the average audio enthusiast (90th percentile maybe?)"
  10. Some recordings were just flawed at times. Others the problem lies with remastering. I have heard it on other genres as well, it can drive you nuts because you have to play something else to make sure it isn't a speaker issue. When you do, you realize it is the recording, not the speaker. I think you are listening to cd also, which older recordings were not mastered for, unless the original tapes are used. What you get is like the bible---a translation of a translation of a translation....
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