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  1. Better flavor no doubt, now that I have tried both.
  2. The Trager my brother has definitely will not grill, as in it will not sear a steak. If you are going to smoke meats every now and then, but grill a lot more often I would suggest a small offset smoker that can be used as a grill, or a bullet style smoker which can be configured as a grill which most will do. Use a natural lump charcoal and/or wood for the heat source.
  3. oldtimer

    What I Got Today!

    Well, it did come from Dallas. But as a shotgun I doubt the knoll was involved.
  4. oldtimer

    What I Got Today!

    It's a Winchester 24 12 gauge, double barrel, with a story. I'm thinking 1945.
  5. oldtimer

    What I Got Today!

    Not this exact one, but... 3rd generation hand me down.
  6. Your holiday cheer is infectious. We'll keep our distance.
  7. oldtimer


    "My quote about the truth may not be true, but you have to admit, there is some truth to the lie in my fake thing about how much I get mad about lies"
  8. How many people have you killed?
  9. I never said life is easy...
  10. You might consider removing the cover and just keeping the table clean, or take it off the hinges and delicately removing the cover when using, if you dare.
  11. The sleeve is the inner piece that you store the lp inside of what is called the jacket. Some will protect the jacket with a clear cover for extra measure. There is a technique for taking an lp out of the sleeve without touching the grooved surface, where you end up with the edge perpendicular against the base of the hand, and the fingers on the label in the center. Replacing is essentially a reverse of the process. Clean hands are all that is necessary. Also, the sleeve is placed into the jacket so as not to be open to the opening of the jacket. I put mine in the up position.
  12. The Alfa Romeo 3.0 V-6 has a glorious sound, often said to be the next best thing to a Ferrari engine. I miss mine.
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