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    Music. Concerts. Motocross. Oklahoma Football. Wuffers. Soul Train Bro and STB Beyond music reaction videos.
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    Jubilee's in Walnut, powered by 2 Yamaha MX-2 class A amps, Onkyo receiver used for pre amp and DX 38 Active.
    LaScala's in family room, powered by Carver TFM35x with Carver CT-7 pre amp. KSW 15 sub. THTLP hopefully someday.
    Chorus 2 in Bedroom, powered by Yamaha M-60 power amp and C 60 pre amp.
    1 Crown D-75, 3 Crown D-75A waiting for a project...

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  1. Yes, they are impressive. Sometimes he lands in a oak tree just outside my living room window, and waits for voles to move to feed on. It's so cool...
  2. Finally got a picture of the Hawk that visits my place, I placed some voles in front of the trail cam hoping he would land.
  3. Music-is a song by Madonna. When I played it with KLF 10's and LS1's with a KSW-15 subwoofer, the song was powerful and would shake the house down. If I play it on the UJ's (without a subwoofer) it sounds terrible, can't even listen to the song. It's rare, but there are some songs...
  4. Bought one in 85, and 87. I think they were $499 in the PX, I really wanted the M-80 but they were $799...
  5. That's why I love to buy quality products, they hold or Appreciate in value. That's when you know you got the "good stuff" 😁
  6. Ahh, the Heritage 1202 subwoofer. Checkbook says---It's possible.
  7. Elton 60 DVD, has a bonus disc called Live, Rare, and Unseen. It has some fantastic live tracks mostly from 1970 through the early 80's. 👍
  8. What's great about the development of the new Jubilee, is you can upgrade the HF driver for a couple grand if you have the UJ. If you have or build (one day) a great sub, you are right there with a little more low frequency control. I need that control with some of the recordings I listen to today...
  9. If the fawn had made contact with Mrs. Speed, our dog would have a little brother and I would be sleeping on the floor...Lol
  10. We were doing our daily 1.2 mile walk to the mailbox and back, when a young fawn ran right up to us. The little tike stopped about four feet in front of us, stayed for a bit and ran back hopefully to mommy...
  11. Speed

    What I Got Today!

    I live in Oregon where we don't pump our own gas, I ain't never seen a gas attendant like that!
  12. Only the one's I hit with the riding mower. Lol.
  13. A young buck cruising my property...
  14. I think momma gave birth to her fawn, under my neighbors truck...
  15. 1985-Korea-Hooking cargo to a Chinook warms my heart...
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