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    Music. Concerts. Motocross. Oklahoma Football. Wuffers. Soul Train Bro and STB Beyond music reaction videos.
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    Jubilee's in Walnut, powered by 2 Yamaha MX-2 class A amps, Onkyo receiver used for pre amp and DX 38 Active.
    LaScala's in family room, powered by Carver TFM35x with Carver CT-7 pre amp. KSW 15 sub. THTLP hopefully someday.
    Chorus 2 in Bedroom, powered by Yamaha M-60 power amp and C 60 pre amp.
    1 Crown D-75, 3 Crown D-75A waiting for a project...

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  1. 1985-Korea-Hooking cargo to a Chinook warms my heart...
  2. How I would love to go back and do it all over again. Banzai board, half tracks, red Kryptonics, good times... The address on the Big O card is very close to both of my grandparents homes.
  3. Here is a bobcat. Some neighbors on my road don't care for them, apparently they like chicken too...
  4. I bought a trail cam to see what roams my property, it's been very interesting and I set it and check it every week. This is 12 feet outside my back door, the red fox is sniffing where my dog goes tinkle. Probably looking for a date...
  5. I had to run really fast to get a pic of this bumblebee. Lol
  6. 21' X 13' Jubes on the long wall. Ceiling is 8' ascending to 10 foot.
  7. Do any forum members watch music reaction videos on YouTube? I find them very interesting, it's fun watching younger people listening to our generation for the first time and hearing their opinions, especially if they grew up listening to other genres other then classic rock. I've included a link to my favorite reactor, and the songs I recommended.
  8. Full ocean view. Just taken with cell phone camera...
  9. Wow, at that price put me in the Queue! Even with shipping that would be very reasonable. Unfortunately, I can't cross cut a 2X4 straight. Lol.
  10. I think it's great. I'm not disappointed at all, I think it's all positive...
  11. I find this to a very interesting topic, also. Jubilee owners have been "somewhat" quiet on the new Jubilee's, is my impression. If the used price was respectable, I could be tempted. I would just put my LaScala's back in the living room and buy a horn loaded subwoofer...Maybe. Lol...
  12. I don't consider my Jubilee's speakers, they are my most attractive living room furniture...🙃
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