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    Music. Concerts. Motocross, and atv's...
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    Jubilee's in Walnut, powered by 2 Crown D75A. DX 38 Active. LaScala's in family room, KSW 15 Yamaha MX 2 amp, C-60 pre amp.
    Chorus 2 in Bedroom, powered by Carver TFM 35x, CT-7 pre amp.
    Yamaha M-60 amp, waiting for a project...

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  1. Speed

    College football 2018

    Washington Huskies, I believe... The vicious teams in Oregon, should have live animals for mascots. Ducks, and my fav. The Beavers...
  2. Speed


    I do. It's 3.5 miles down the hill from me. That's just a good lesson... I'm going to forgive my beer, right now!
  3. Speed

    F'ing mosquitos

    30 miles east of Reno. Small town named Fernley... Family and friends went on a three day float trip, in 3 six man rafts down the Rogue from Grants Pass. The jet boat trip up the Rogue from Gold Beach, is incredible. You go 52 miles up river in a 35 to 40 foot aluminum jet boat, and back. It's an 8 hour trip. Lot's of rapids, and you will be wet ! Jerry's Rogue Jets.com.
  4. Speed

    F'ing mosquitos

    Them's gonna be good eatin, Pa...
  5. Speed

    F'ing mosquitos

    So interesting. I lived outside of Reno, and I could not be outside near dusk or dawn. We did have a Mormon Cricket invasion, I thought it was the end of times. I'm an hour north of the Rogue River, I've had a couple skeeters land on me in the last three years, that's it.
  6. Speed

    F'ing mosquitos

    I've lived in the desert. Mosquitos were 100 times worse there, then in the lush forests of Oregon. I can't figure that out... Please have your skeeters spayed, or neutered...
  7. Speed

    College football 2018

    I gave up on ESPN, a few years ago. I like the College Game day picks, only. Their NFL Countdown show is abysmal...
  8. Speed

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    I am going to "text" my ten dollar donation to the Red Cross, if anyone wants to join me... Like I do with every disaster.
  9. Speed

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Let me approach American education from a different perspective. I've lived in foreign countries, and have witnessed how other cultures work. There is waaaay too much competition for education in America, K-12. Here are a few examples. Almost every kid here has 200 channels of TV, countless movies and music,stereos,school sports,cell phones,internet,Facebook,YouTube,video games,skateboards,bicycles,dirt bikes,ATV's,UTV's, boats,skiing,fishing,hunting,guns,camping,backyard playground items,pools,animals to play with and take care of,cars,trucks,toys,K-horns-Haha,all of our major sporting events and great entertainers,both parents working. Most countries don't have all these luxuries and distractions. The kids just go to school, come home and study...
  10. Speed

    NFL - 2018

    Owner and GM. Most of us have known this for about 17 years...
  11. Speed

    RIP Burt Reynolds

    Or was it before Sean Connery?
  12. Speed

    RIP Burt Reynolds

    RIP Bandit. So many great early movies. White Lightning, is an absolute hidden gem ! He turned down being James Bond, after Sean Connery left. Hmm, that would have been interesting...
  13. Speed

    New Khorns???

    I'll never understand why a warning label, makes people freak out. Geez, it's just a warning label. They are on almost everything we buy...
  14. The amp rack is really cool. I think I may need one...
  15. Clearly the Bose Wave Radio, is the choice here. With it's Wave length, it beats any horn with ease...