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    Music. Concerts. Motocross, and atv's...
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    Jubilee's in Walnut, powered by 2 Crown D75A. DX 38 Active. LaScala's in family room, KSW 15 Yamaha MX 2 amp, C-60 pre amp.
    Chorus 2 in Bedroom, powered by Carver TFM 35x, CT-7 pre amp.
    Yamaha M-60 amp, waiting for a project...

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  1. I find this to a very interesting topic, also. Jubilee owners have been "somewhat" quiet on the new Jubilee's, is my impression. If the used price was respectable, I could be tempted. I would just put my LaScala's back in the living room and buy a horn loaded subwoofer...Maybe. Lol...
  2. I don't consider my Jubilee's speakers, they are my most attractive living room furniture...🙃
  3. I changed my satellite TV provider, and when I turned on my system I had a hum from my bass bins. So I started disconnecting everything from the new equipment piece by piece, even the dish outside. No luck. I measured 55db from the right bass bin, and 40db from the left. I finally ruled out the new equipment and unplugged the right channel XLR to RCA cable from the DX 38 to the power amp, and bingo! Silence. I replaced the cable and all is good, complete silence. I was going nuts, took me about six hours over two days. Talk about stress.😖
  4. I start early in the morning, or in the evening (after a few cold ones) and squish the nest with a putty knife. They are very docile at these times. Mine are Yellow Jackets that make the honeycomb nests...
  5. Me too! I've been looking for an audio rack/TV stand that can hold some weight...
  6. I understand that, but it's not always the dogs fault. My 85 pound rot/heeler mix was never around kids as I never had any. Once at the vet we were sitting down waiting to be called in, and there was a couple there with an eight or nine year old boy. He was walking around bored, and out of the blue he ran at my dog sliding on his knees right into my dogs face. I grabbed him tight and put one hand under his jaw and said, be a good boy. His parents said to me, your dogs looks uncomfortable(In my mind I was like, You Think ! and a few other words I won't mention) I said he has never been around kids much, and they called their kid back. Parents need to teach their kids how to behave around a dog, especially a strange dog. People and even kids, can't have complete immunity and take no responsibility for their actions. If I pulled a dog by his tail and got bit my dad would have asked, why did you pull his tail? It serves you right, you got what you deserved. A simple nip is not so bad. People gotta know. Sometimes when you mess with the bull, you get the horns...Lol.
  7. Luci Lew. Jube watch. Alert to all suspicious activity, squirrel's and lizards in particular.
  8. I just paid $624 for two tickets to see Heart, at the Tacoma Dome last month. My friend paid half, for his ticket. They still sound great, and it was worth it. Of course, we were in row 3 which makes a big difference. The good thing about high ticket prices, it's easier to get good seats. These musicians from the golden age aren't getting any younger. If you want to see them, pay the price and enjoy...
  9. That's why I always go with a friend, he can pay for his ticket...Lol.
  10. I still have mine. It's got the sheep wool lining. Nothing could touch Levi's, back in the day. The coolness, the quality, no comparison...
  11. Didn't know they were available. Do they have a low pass filter, or do you have to use an active crossover?
  12. Darn it, Now I need one to place between my Jubilee's...
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