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    Music. Concerts. Motocross, and atv's...
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    Jubilee's in Walnut, powered by 2 Crown D75A. DX 38 Active. LaScala's in family room, KSW 15 Yamaha MX 2 amp, C-60 pre amp.
    Chorus 2 in Bedroom, powered by Carver TFM 35x, CT-7 pre amp.
    Yamaha M-60 amp, waiting for a project...

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  1. Speed

    KP-301's (Are they worth $999?) Baltimore, MD

    Maybe they can take that 25% off tag on the KLF 10's in the background, and apply it to the KP-301's... That would be reasonable.
  2. Speed

    The last Blu-ray you watched.

    I hope I can afford a Blu ray player, someday...
  3. Speed

    70th anniversary La Scala II

    It's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. My LS1's with a sub, at 85db is impressive. My boombox on my toolbox will play 85 db, and will drive me crazy. Could not turn the volume down fast enough...
  4. Speed

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    My three Army buddies and myself, came up with a phrase for it. B ecause yoU D eserve W hat E very I ndividual S hould E njoy R egularly Ahh, to be young and dumb again...
  5. I kind of have my eye, on that sweet big wheel...
  6. I don't think so, but I don't know you that well. If God doesn't have a sense of humor, we're all screwed !
  7. Speed

    Max Volume!

  8. Speed

    Site SUCKS

    Mine is to never work a cash register. So far, so good...
  9. If mastering was this good, I would replace at least half of my collection.
  10. Speed

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Are you going to make it a selfie ? A dtel and wally gator selfie, put me down for an 8X10...
  11. Speed

    HD closes KC manufacturing plant

    Those are great goals. If you own a Harley in Europe or Asia, that's very prestigious. I seen two Korean police officers on the side of the highway, watching traffic around 1987 just south of Seoul. It was so cool, I'm sure they were on top of the world. The only bikes we would see over there, were scooters...
  12. Speed

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Might be time to switch to Decaf...
  13. Speed

    HD closes KC manufacturing plant

    Who would buy a Harley, not made in the U.S. ? Cars are different, they are practical, a necessity. Harley's are a choice, a lifestyle, an incredible loyal base who's loyalists would rather not ride, than to ride something else. 1. Tariffs on imported Harley's would be passed on to the consumer in foreign lands, and gladly paid by perspective buyers. 2. The tax cuts they received this year, would offset any tariffs easily. 3. "If" Harley moves overseas, ( I don't think they will ) I would assume it's been in the works for sometime. 4. Harley sales have been so good over the last 20 years, the used market is plentiful so you can get good deals on used bikes. This puts a lot of downward pressure on new bike sales. With every boom, there is going to be a correction. Just some random musings...
  14. Speed

    HD closes KC manufacturing plant

    Not a chance...
  15. Speed

    La Scala II's

    With your avatar, I thought that was a given ? I have to admit my High School years, were a lot like when Jeff Spicoli fell out of the VW bus in a cloud of smoke in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Good times...