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    Jubilee's in Walnut, powered by 2 Crown D75A. DX 38 Active. LaScala's in family room, KSW 15 Yamaha MX 2 amp, C-60 pre amp.
    Chorus 2 in Bedroom, powered by Carver TFM 35x, CT-7 pre amp.
    Yamaha M-60 amp, waiting for a project...
  1. Legends You Have Seen Live?

    Rush was my first real concert, so that was really cool. The Scorpions, on their Final Sting Tour. It was awesome, I never thought I would have the opportunity to see them... I got a guitar pick thrown by Matthias Jabs.
  2. Crown D-45 schematic

    eBay buys. I do see new ones on occasion. Do amps develop problems more with age, or usage ? That would help determine if a new one is worth buying. Not sure when Crown stopped making them...
  3. Crown D-45 schematic

    I bought 3 of the D-75A amps off eBay, to go with Jubilee's I ordered. The amp I use for the LF, has been great. The first amp I used for the HF was fine for a while. Then the Red IOC light started coming on periodically, on the right channel. Followed by a static sound on the right channel like the singer has a bad lisp, you could even hear it on cymbals. I replaced that amp, with my third. It played great until the other night, when the left channel red IOC light started coming on. I'm getting a bad feeling it's going to start acting up, as well. I never play louder than 100bd, usually closer to 80-85db. Any ideas on what I should do ? I have xlr to rca cables, and I am tempted to use my Yamaha consumer amps, and hope I don't have noise issues. I wish active Xovers had rca connections !
  4. I still have figured out Ginger or Mary Ann?. Monica or Rachel ? I either can't make a decision, or have commitment issues ?! I am keeping them all...
  5. New RP-280F or Used La Scala's?

    Ouch ! I have had 901's, you will love the LS1's. I would do whatever it takes to get them. Just add a good sub, and you'll be lovin life...
  6. NCAAF

    I'm a hopeful Oklahoma fan. I do route for my conference rivals in the Bowl Games, like most others. I just can't route for " that conference " ESPN could not stop promoting for the last decade. They totally affected College Football Recruiting. It's great to see a little more balance, now...
  7. NCAAF

    Gee Jimbo, you wouldn't hate the Buckeyes cause you're a Michigan fan would you ? Lol...
  8. How loud can Klipsch speakers get?

    Hey Cory, What amps are you using for your Jubilee's ? I'm getting the urge to experiment, a little. I don't have a facebook account , to view your system. Thanks...
  9. Malcolm Young: Rock in Peace

    Wow, So young, sad day. Luckily I seen them play in 86 in Portland, on their Who Made Who, tour. Great rock band... They have a great album, it's a hidden gem. Flick of the Switch...
  10. All the Ashly's I looked at on Ebay, said Made in USA right on the back. Not sure about new ones, tho. I just believe in buying from the USA and our allies, and not our adversaries. That's all. Wasn't trying to make a big deal about it, it's just something I believe in...
  11. No component in my system says, " Made in China ". I know my Crown amps, ect. may have parts made in China or other places. It certainly doesn't stop me from trying...
  12. Canadian firm is fine, if they made them in Canada I would be all in. I believe their products are all "Made in China".
  13. I like my Dx38, now that I've adjusted to the Jubilee sound. It took me a while, after listening to Heritage (LS 1's)for so long. I'm a little disappointed the Jubilee gang, has embraced the Xilica actives. I have nothing made in China in my system, and plan on keeping it that way. Wigglewam, would be a great name for a fishing lure, tho...
  14. It's a shame most Rock is recorded badly!

    Acoustica, by the Scorpions is a fantastic DVD. It's an unplugged concert, that is one of my fav's...
  15. I've heard the Wigglewam active crossovers, are dope ! I went cheap with the DX 38.