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    • Dave, in case you're unfamiliar with that recording I mentioned, I found this.  Speaking of the CD pressing, they say "And if anyone can assemble a system that will reproduce those sounds cleanly, and without attenuating their low end, I would not at all be surprised to hear about broken windows."
    • Alright here is the story with these. I have had a set of 510 horns for some time now so I started accumulating parts to make a bastard set of 904’s. Here is the breakdown K510 B&C De75 compression drivers (These have a EAW label on them but they are indeed B&C DE75’s) KPT-904 LF cabs KPT-904 crossovers (New)   These stomp most everything in the consumer line. I will put a fresh coat of black duratex on them for you before delivery. I’m located in Murfreesboro just outside of Hope so if your coming to the festivities this weekend here is your chance to snag a pair. Price is set at 1375.00 firm.
    • Tonight is the 40th Anniversary release date of            
    • I made the appointment at the halfway location. I will post here again Thursday of my hopefully successful transaction.    Just so everyone knows, you may still contact me if you have one of these players for sale. I am still interested in purchasing.
    • Cool stuff and I wasn't out to hijack the informative intent of the article.  It seems that many like a PP amp of that nature (thanks for the great pic Mike and others!) and then there is the very present school of SET aficionados, which, I'm sorry to say, often sound more like proselytizers than who have already found the sound they like, and will brook no argument, rather then seekers after the holy grail of magic amplification.   Thanks to Maynard, I've built several SET's of various flavors, and I have a solid collection of 35 to 50 watt Push Pulls, my slightly modified Marantz8b being to me is where true magic resides. In other words, I feel it is my reference amp to paraphrase a line of Klipsch speakers.   Being my busy and tired all the time of the year, I've only been able to do a cursory internet search of schematics for amps that fall into this range and most seem to be cobbled together DIY which is not what I'd be seeking.  Now, the Brook schematic is intriguing, yet Ian (Seti) found it lacking somehow.  I guess I'm seeking some solid suggestion vis-a-vis commercially built and proven designs with schematics and maybe a picture or two of the undersides.  Your suggestions would be welcome for a Fall build. It's been almost 16 months since my last build and it's time for another!
    • Yes, I think he was Russian.  I bought a 103 and 203 from him.
    • Congrats! 5 years is way too long to wait. I got railroaded into a similar pair by another member just like you did. Still have them and still use them. Good Luck!!!
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