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    • Once again, comparing Forte to Belle is not playing in the same ballpark.  I am simply saying that your room and your ears and your brain play with and appreciate the Forte more.  I would wager that you will experience the same bias toward the Forte over the Belle even with a tube amp configuration.  I have had/currently own Forte 1, Forte 2, Belle, La Scala, Khorn, Cornwall 1, Cornwall 2, LSI, LSI splits, Heresy 1, Heresy 2, Chorus 2 and numerous outstanding SS amps/receivers/preamps and lots of Mcintosh gear, both SS and tube.  I have (sort of) settled on a configuration that fits my room, my ears, my brain, my music, etc, etc. and that decision has taken an enormous amount of experimentation and configuration changes.
    • You're fridge supply is too small for this.  Use 3/8" tubing.  There's no need to use flare fittings like gas pipe.  Compression will never leak and is easier to assemble.  Slide the nut on the tube, slide the Ferrell on, coat the Ferrell with pipe dope, slide the tubing into the stop until it bottoms out and tighten everything up.  Use a back up wrench on the shut off valve when you tighten the nut.  I would never use any hose, braided or otherwise in a wall.  I believe it's against code here but I haven't had a code book out in years.  The braided line would also be hell to replace if you ever had an issue down the road.
    • I was able to get the RSB-14 and the RW-1s working for a surround setup.  It took a while with the tech support, but I got it figured out.  I had a few issues.  One I had was verifying my source was a Dolby 5.1, which I was able to do.  Another was my home network.  I had to upgrade my router to a faster one that is on the DTS Play-Fi recommended list.  The DTS Play-Fi site has a lot of good troubleshooting information and explanation on how to setup your network.   http://assets.klipsch.com/files/Play-Fi-Compatible-Routers-tested-by-Klipsch.pdf https://play-fi.com/faq/entry/recommended-routers-and-network-specifications   The last bit that got me over the hump was that I thought I had installed the proper firmware on the RSB-14.  The About in the app said I was using 4.008 firmware, but the install did not complete.  I tried a few times with one flash drive, but I would get an install error.  When I tried another flash drive, the installation completed successfully.  I was then able to get audio from my rear channels when I made the surround group.
    • I believe I was able to update my RW-1s with the Klipsch Play-Fi app directly and didn't use the utility.  You can also check the firmware version in the app in the About section of settings.
    • I've worked with knucklehead for years in another forum. Great guy to work with!     Tim
    • Been a while but I think it was a Panaflow.  Just look for a 24v fan with a low dB rating.  Also be sure it's an 80mm fan and you orient it correctly.  Here's a small list but there are others.    Delta AUB0824L
      * Delta AFB0824L
      * Panaflo (Panasonic) FBA08A24L
      * Papst TYP8414L
      * SanyoDenki 109RO824H402
    • Can anyone link to the step by step to installing the backs on the Khorns?  Materials, measurements, screw locations, etc, etc?
    • love it.  unfortunately don't have a DeLorean.  I doubt it will work in my Impala.  bummer  
    • I would think the seal is the most important part, it's what I would work on if it were me.   The good part of false corners connected to the speaker is if your room shape and size put the Khorns aiming way to far in front of the listening area. False backs allow toeing the speaker to the right direction without loosing the bass.
    •   What fans do you use as replacements? We use 2 QSC DCA series amps and are looking for replacement fans which are a bit more quiet.