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Well I went to the PWK B'day bash but have never been to a pilgrimmage.  The bash was spread out and involved listening sessions at the factory in Roy's lab with the new Jubilees, museum tours across the street from the factory, "open" listening sessions on Friday and Saturday with several systems setup in the constantly improving Klipsch visitors center (soon to have an outdoor concert facility), concerts in the Klipsch theater at City Hall on Friday and Saturday nights with plenty of food.  There were auctions for pieces of art on Friday and for a pair Khorns on Saturday.


The Klipsch visitors center had systems setup with 1950s Khorns (w/ vintage tubes), 1980s Khorns (McIntosh MA-352) , Cornwall 4s, Heresy 4s, McClaren 905s (Mcintosh C22 /MC275), and underground Jubs were there but not setup yet.  These were all setup in different rooms in case you haven't been there.  This is a very BIG house next door to where Bill Clinton was born.


I was there in October 2021 and I can say that Klipsch is really moving forward with developing and continually improving these facilities and opening them to the public.  Highly recommended to attend events at these facilities as they are announced.  I already can't wait to go back.


Finally, with Klipsch it's also the people.  Not only the nicest people, but smart folks driven to constantly improve the customer experience and promote the life and accomplishments of PWK.

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