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  1. You finally got to hear them outside. That's awesome. 👍
  2. You could have a mismatch between the Yamaha and the Klipsch. Some solid state equipment just sounds like crap with Klipsch. Ever try tubes? Softer driving electronics will change for the better. You could even give one of those low cost Class D amps from Parts Express a try.
  3. Honestly, this is par for the course these days. Klipsch could probably make substitutes to get things out the door faster, or cheapen the product. But it sounds like they don't/won't do that. I do remember Roy stating that the plant could not do both the 75th Khorn builds and the Jubs at the same time. Maybe there are a lot of Khorn orders.
  4. I'd erase the pics too if I had to run K's in the center of my living room. Two corners, 4 speakers. What's a man to do? 🙂
  5. I honestly don't remember having that setup. That combo like that. But there it is. I still have those DBBs and 684s in fine condition too. I do remember when I got those DBBs from Bob I also got those VRDs from him over on the right. I have since sold those VRDs and have another pair in Hickory. That's an HH Scott LK-72 sitting below the VRDs. Still have that too. The room looks quite different now with treatments, Jubs, MCM, Corns (you can see on left), heresys and lascalas........all in there.......Yeah, and all the Mcintosh. A lot changed in the last 5-6 years.
  6. So you have Jubs plus those new Ks?
  7. There will always be doubters. But it's OK.
  8. I had been looking at SE84UFO for a long time. Never had a set amp. I ordered a pair to try. See you guys in a couple of years.
  9. What are you using them in? I have a matched quad of EH 7591. They are not as small as the JJ or Tungsol. They touched my transformers in a Scott LK-72 but I ran them that way for a while and there were no issues. Anyhow.........used but test good, for $65 shipped.
  10. Great pics. Incredible history. There are speakers I had no idea existed. Man, PWK tried everything. Wish I could have been there. Outdoor Jubs.......the videos actually sound pretty good on my laptop. I hope it wasn't too cold out.
  11. Lots of good ones mentioned here. For me it is McIntosh..........Solid. I have old ones and newer ones. Of course they have clean power but the most important point for me is that they interface with both home audio and pro audio equipment seamlessly. They bridge that gap wonderfully. With systems that require pro digital processors and higher powered amps for big subs, but that also use home audio source components jumping to McIntosh was one of the smarter things I did.
  12. Christy, That looks like a really hard hit. We hope you are OK. Don't worry you will have another car. Thanks for all you and Elden do. Hope to see you guys again soon.
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