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  1. mark1101

    K-510 horns ... driver recommendations?

    I have the 691s on my Jubs and I have been enjoying. I can hear their limitations when it comes to clarity when comparing against my TAD 4002s across the room. They are not as clear nor as smooth as the TADs. But still, they are fine and I think they are the best 2" Klipsch driver I have heard in my systems. I can listen to them all night long and they sound great with any type of music. I am funny about drivers on Klipsch horns. You can surely find what you may say is a better sounding driver, and a driver that measures better. Yes you can. I have tried several. I have rejected a few because to me (my opinion), they stray from what I consider to be the "Klipsch sound", or the "right" sound. What is the "Klipsch sound"? I have no idea how to describe it. But I know when I hear it and when I don't. You can't go wrong with 691s and they are inexpensive.
  2. mark1101

    FS - Capacitors - All new, never installed

    The purple ones sound really good. I have them in my Jub networks. Are you sure yours are genuine purple ones? 🎵
  3. mark1101

    Advice for Beginners....

    What I would say to a beginner is to go and listen to a few systems before buying anything. Learn about equipment. Hang with someone that you can learn from and that can explain differences in what you are hearing. Take your equipment outside for an afternoon and hear what it really sounds like.
  4. mark1101

    New 20 watt amp from Schitt Audio

    Also for comparison I just bought a McIntosh MC-402 (400 wpc) power amp to power my Jubs, which are currently using passive networks. I was surprised to find that at about 4 watts on the meters the volume about drives me out of the room. So I have a few unused watts left over I guess.
  5. Well thanks for the explanation. It makes sense now. The way you posted it both language and curves confused me.
  6. Better check your crossover. Flat to 2K? How?
  7. So, with the unchanged factory crossover as stated above............you have tweeter curves virtually flat down to 2K. How do you get that?
  8. Well someone on this forum has got a couple of "gently used" Jupiters in their equipment. I was kidding and I did not mistreat them. Would not do that. But they are very heavy and well built. What they did was make my equipment sound vintage. Rolled off highs, huge mids. Just not for me. I could see how in the right system they could be enjoyed. They were very clear sounding.
  9. First I used them as paper weights on my bench. I couldn't believe how heavy they were. They are actually so heavy I enjoyed just farting around with them. Juggling them. Tossing them around. Dropping them. Then I sold them.
  10. It sure is..........until you get it just right. Then.........it is no fun. Nothing left to fool with.
  11. Guys, just get yourself a nice digital active crossover, set it up, and drink beer. Sell your passives.
  12. I read it as well. I still use mostly metalized film caps. Can't argue with the sound. I hated the sound of those copper Jupiters. Couldn't get them out of my equipment fast enough. Not for me. So quality of part is only one characteristic to consider. You still have to listen to them.
  13. I've been around for many of the capacitor wars. I spent a small fortune on caps and crossovers over the last 15 years. Couple of things I noticed. 1) The quality of low priced capacitors (that we would use in crossovers) has gotten WAY better. New brands, better products, much better sounding. You can't just generally say low cost caps suck anymore like you could 10 years ago. 10 years ago these selections weren't there. Back then, the "cheap" caps really were not very good sounding. 2) Now they make caps that purposely alter the sound in certain ways............like with cables. Tune your system with caps now.........and PAY for it. Just don't ever change your amp, preamp, and cables anymore. Ut oh. 3) Active crossovers are your friend. All this BS goes away and the new headache is purchasing many amplifiers.
  14. mark1101

    Matching surround bipole for KPT-535

    https://www.audioholics.com/loudspeaker-design/surround-speaker-dipole-vs-bipole I had to look this up to understand myself.
  15. mark1101

    Finished with Cigarbum's Klipschorns

    Nice to see how those have been given new life and will be enjoyed. Great job. Hope you enjoy. By the way, have't seen an FM antenna like that in some time. Edit: Hey.............Is that Bob's reel to reel as well? How does it sound? I heard it once at his house and really don't remember much about it.