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  1. If you decide to replace the 1132s I would look into 691s. Not expensive and the benefit is that you can pop Roy's settings into the Xilica and be done with it.
  2. I didn't see anything wrong with the very first sweep. It was good to the mid 20s. That will loosen drywall in time
  3. Man the mouths on those things are big. I like the matching lascalas too.
  4. I have had an LK-72 for many years and use with cornwalls. Very nice in deed. Highly recommend. I would pay $950 for that unit. Looks like they even went into the tone controls.
  5. I don't listen in mono but I use it whenever I am troubleshooting, tuning or re-tuning a setup, listening for something specific from a part of my system that I can isolate, etc. Mono as a tool.
  6. Ah.................Thank you very much!!
  7. Interesting..................how did you come up with those dates? Actual days they were built? Please explain..............
  8. Well they have push button K55s, and push button K42s. Alnico soldered K77s. Aluminum jack plates. They arrived safely and with the changes I made they sound terrific and they are the coolest looking Heresys I have ever seen.
  9. Congrats Mike. All good..........As usual we are going to need some pics when they arrive.
  10. Dave is dangerous now............he is fast becoming a Xilica guru. The man is a natural at programming. He's got 'em playing.
  11. Well, what I did was convert Heresy stage monitors to home Heresys. Not the same thing you have here. But when I look at these networks I would not be happy with electrolytics and all that tweeter protection. I removed fuses and tweeter protection (Zeners) in just about all the Klipsch I ever owned. I have never blown a driver either in 40+ years. Basically for the small Klipsch like this I always preferred the simpler home networks.
  12. Fair enough..............but it is a question that we must ask.
  13. So are you going to use subs? Sounds like maybe you don't need them?
  14. The K42s are already sold. Sorry.
  15. OK, thanks for the info. I asked the historian.
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