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  1. mark1101

    For Sale: ALK ES500 & ES5800

    I can vouch that those will sound great on the right setup. Of course they look great as well.
  2. I can't believe this beauty is still around. Very nice amp for the $$.
  3. mark1101

    WTB 1 pair TAD 4002 drivers

    You'll have them for a long time.
  4. mark1101

    WTB 1 pair TAD 4002 drivers

    I have had three different styles of TADs and internally they were all different with the same Be diaphragm. On the outside all the same. These look to be still different and most probably newer with a simpler assembly than I have seen before. TAD has changed them several times internally apparently. The curves I did were almost all identical and I have 2 different ones now that are paired up and you'd never know it. They curve and sound the same.
  5. mark1101

    WTB 1 pair TAD 4002 drivers

    Those are genuine Be. Good deal.
  6. mark1101

    Bob Carver's New Tube Amp 75x2

    Listens to the room? First I ever heard of that.
  7. mark1101

    WTB 1 pair TAD 4002 drivers

    Now you have enough new toys to be dangerous.
  8. mark1101


    I believe that amp was from a vintage Baldwin organ. I have seen these and other Will Vincent amps and they are works of art.
  9. mark1101

    WTB 1 pair TAD 4002 drivers

    With my systems I have the ability to quickly change back and forth between the TADs and 691s.........non-scientific........two different systems. But you can clearly hear a smoothness in the TAD midrange and especially voices that the other drivers don't seem to have. It would be a matter of opinion how much this is worth. Some would say not much of a difference and some might dish out the $3K for it. My opinion is that there is no $3000 difference by any means, but there is a difference for sure.
  10. mark1101

    WTB 1 pair TAD 4002 drivers

    I am a little surprised how good the 691 is. I have those on my Jubs at the moment and am enjoying.
  11. mark1101

    WTB 1 pair TAD 4002 drivers

    Of all the drivers I tried on the K402, the BMS 4592ND coax was the only one that came anywhere near what the TADs sound like. A very nice sounding driver.
  12. mark1101

    WTB 1 pair TAD 4002 drivers

    The used TADs I bought were sold on Ebay with pictures with the covers off and ohm meters connected. When the cover is removed it is immediately clear if the diaphragm is the Be or aluminum. They look completely different and the Be has the perforated metal shield and is much darker in color than the Aluminum.
  13. mark1101

    Four K47 woofers from 684 subs - Update: ALL SOLD

    Two sold..........two still available.
  14. If the big JBL drivers are canabalizing the horns, then I would consider going with something lighter like you mention. If you really play it loud the bass cabinets will vibrate as well. So a lighter driver might not be a bad idea to protect the horns. If it comes to that, you should be able to sell those big JBLs pretty easily. On the other hand, if you can build some reinforcement into the horns that may be all you need.