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  1. How high a temperature were they exposed to?
  2. I basically use PAYPAL for everything material.........and mostly only accept PAYPAL. Venmo for cash exchanges to my kids. Never an issue.
  3. I checked out Dave's samples in Hope and the workmanship is exquisite.
  4. Yes, a DBX drive rack would do the job. I have used the DBX Drive rack in our church to run a biamped setup with subs.........and it has a lot of features. However, I would not be happy with it in my home setup as it is not what I consider resolving enough and audiophile for home use. Edit. Sorry Bruce. Our posts crossed as I was answering his DBX question. But that is my experience with the 260. I programmed it and tweaked it quiet a bit. I used if for other stuff too like compression, feedback removal, pink noise generator..........like I said has a lot of features. Just not really a great sounding home audio tool.
  5. That's cool having a wife that can fix your tube amps. A++++++++
  6. I can't believe these are still around. Virtually new and priced low.
  7. I have used a few different drivers on my 402s and 510s...........and by comparison I would have to say the TAD 4002s SURELY are worth the money. First of all what you see are high asking prices. I have purchased 3 pair and usually I get the them down to 50% of the asking price because it seems no one offers those high prices. In fact recently I purchased a pair from Canada for around $900 (eBay). There were several different version of those drivers. They all look alike from the outside. I would wind up with mixed versions but EVERY TIME they curve virtually identically and every one has had the original beryllium diaphragms. You can't tell them apart by measurement or sound. The bottom line is that there are some very good drivers out there that come close. But you definitely give up a little performance that you can't get back any other way. I had a pair of BMS 4592NDs. I think those were about the closest. Sounded very nice, but I did not prefer them and sold them. As well as they could measure, they never sounded as smooth as the TADs and were more difficult to EQ in my room and system. YMMV.................but don't be afraid to go after used TADs. I have never been burned.
  8. I did have an all analog setup with my 3-way jubs using passives and a quality 31 band graphic eq. That setup was simple, sounded good, and I enjoyed it for several months. My current setup is all digital and uses even less equipment than the simpler passive solution. I replaced my passives and eq unit with a xilica processor and replaced my MC402, 2 channel amp with an MC8207, 7 channel amp. So I still have only one amp in the system for powering all 6 channels. I am really enjoying this setup as the overall control capabilities are outstanding and the sound is closer to my end goal. Both setups were clean sounding but the digital sounds more pleasing to me at this point and is significantly more adjustable.
  9. Are you kidding me? I am in the same boat as he is. I need room for some other new toys coming. But it did cross my mind for some easier to lift outdoor speakers. Just have to fight the urge. Hopefully they are gone.
  10. Man................I never got to hear those.
  11. One thing I need to mention and it is a big one.............a Big thanks to Cory Harrison for powering the Education Center for the duration.......with Cornwall IIIs (very nice), Forte IIIs, tubes, solid state, vinyl, Cds, streaming hardware, a DAC.......and "The 3". Cory was pretty quiet and kept busy..............but generously brought all that equipment to share and for everyone to enjoy. I really enjoyed the evenings with all this great stuff to see and hear. The 3 was just sitting on a table. and that little 3 filled a freakin' building. I was amazed. Whoever came up with that deserves a bonus. Travis played DJ and flipped records at a high rate.........like it was the 70s. Hadn't seen anything like that in years actually. Fun to watch.
  12. I remember we were not quiet. We were talking, hooting, and hollering...........did not seem to upset the measurements.
  13. Yes............I remember that. A very weird experience. Roy did not seem to care and kept curving away even with people in there. Funny you remember that.
  14. For me...............I was astounded at how wonderful the Jubs sounded in Roy's listening room. I have heard Jubs in that room 3 or 4 times and this was clearly the best. 691 drivers on the 402s. Seamless sound..........Sparkling things dancing off the slanted ceiling. Vocals jumping out front.........Clean clear bottom end with extension. While the Heritage demo was striking and very impressive and interesting to me (no need to describe as Mike already did).............the Jubs stole the show for me while at the same time flying under the radar it seemed. Regardless, Roy's fingerprints are on all of it. He is so calm about all of it, but this is clear. He's got a great FAMILY of toys for every kind of listener. Also of interest to me was the quality of sound of the amp Roy was using which was a QSC DCA 1644 Digital Cinema Amplifier. Excellent...........best sound I have ever heard in that room. Obviously we listened to many speakers. Finally, the room itself. I took notice of that right away in fact. A step up from my situation. My room is by comparison slightly over damped. While the Jubs were playing I texted my wife and told her............ "The good news is I don't need to buy any more speakers. The bad news is we need a new house." Hey..............we all went for different reasons. These are the things that jumped out at me based on where I am in this hobby. Finally..............seeing all the people I have known for many years and hadn't seen in 10 years...........and meeting some new people as well. Jim Hunter............What a great job at everything he does. Great presentations on the Klipsch and PWK history, and a great guy to talk to. Travis, Christy, Elden, Ian, Richard......and Company (I apologize to those I am missing)............the museum staff is a hard working dedicated group. They put on an excellent event. I am so glad I attended. Highly recommended.
  15. I attribute the different mid horn and tweeter in the lascala to contributing a noticeably different sound than the progression of Heresy/Forte/Cornwall. Not any better or worse per se but a different sounding unit and different control of directivity. I agree with Mike that the lascala would sound better up against a wall or in a corner. Still it offers a choice which is a good thing.
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