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  1. Anyone here still using AudiogoN?

    I think selling on Audiogon is reasonable and opens your audience to worldwide. I found it is simple to ship to Europe for instance. The Euro is pretty strong and so I got a higher price over there than I could here or eBay. More attention from Europeans...........of course only certain items.
  2. Anyone here still using AudiogoN?

    Yes. I use it.

    I have used nothing but Paypal for the last few years. Now my kids are using Venmo. So I do that now too with them. But I prefer the paypal.
  4. I have some old lascalas that I run a graphic EQ on tape monitor loop of preamp and handle that issue plus other general EQ for that setup. I am using ALK Super X, Jr. Cum Laude passive networks. Edit: Just to clarify, the correct name for the networks in my 1977 Lascalas are Super AA. They are not the nonsense name above. Sorry for any confusion.
  5. FORTE III as a 2 WAY !!!!

    Sounds like you might have an equipment synergy issue if the Fortes are too bright. What are you using?
  6. Ultra-drive Pro 2496DCX plus free mic - SOLD

    PM sent to first responder. Rockhound is second.
  7. Ultra-drive Pro 2496DCX plus free mic - SOLD

    Price lowered to $100 + shipping...........Free mic. Unit is brand new in box. Nice toy for X-mas.
  8. FORTE III as a 2 WAY !!!!

  9. New Monolith Subwoofers!

    That's good drama.

    This is a classic case. I agree with adding a second sub. Solves coverage issues with least amount of compromise and facilitates true stereo. I was never satisfied with single sub coverage in my systems and rooms over the years. I always run stereo subs now.
  11. Klipsch Jubilees and Roy's brand new Xilica Settings

    It's hard to not have things from China when talking about electronics. You may not even know. Components, wire, boards, enclosures, hardware, molded horns, even some Klipsch parts and speakers are made there. You may think there is nothing in your system from China............. By the way +1 on the Xilica. A+++++
  12. Finally pulling the trigger on a Bob Latino VTA 70

    Get the cap upgrades and the stepped attenuator.
  13. Active Bi-Amping/Tri-Amping FAQ

    It is helpful to have amplifiers with gain controls which will help to optimize the gain structure, levels through the processor, and reduce noise. Not absolutely required but I found beneficial.
  14. 4 x K-55M adapter (K-4M): uses?

    The KP-600s use these manifolds as well. You are talking some serious output.