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  1. I always thought the Electro Harmonix 12AX7 were pretty good for production tubes and the money. Nice balance. These are what I bought the most of. I have used the Gold Lions as well and thought they sound good too. Tung Sol had high gain but sounded pretty good too. Edit: Well you asked about new production tubes. But if you want some real magic get the curve tracer matched Telefunken smooth plates from Brent Jessie. I have those in both of my McIntosh preamps and they were the final tube changes for me for those units.
  2. McIntosh 8207. All you need is a source or preamp.
  3. At Bonehead's class in 2019 he mentioned and had his Jubs crossfiring. In other words significantly toed so they crossed in front of the listening position. Edit..........and something else.........he also discussed how he tilted them downward slightly to keep reflections off the ceiling.
  4. Thank You. High demand and low supply due to shortages of everything everywhere from closures and reduced ability to produce from Covid ........plus suppliers are short handed because workers like to stay home and collect unemployment. Prices are going to go up for the foreseeable future. Take a drive on a major highway sometime and look at the number of tractor trailers. Unprecedented amount of shipping going on. Trying to meet demands.
  5. So with all due respect who's signatures can we expect to see on the signed copy? I registered for the signed copy.
  6. Those Heresys appear to have the fiberglass coating. They will clean up like new. Easily worth the $800 by themselves.
  7. Absolutely. I always called it 3D soundstage not knowing any better. The HH Scotts I have had all did it very noticeably. Right now I have an LK-72. By the way, to me that is one of the most desirable characteristics of tube audio. Some others may not like it so much. But I love it. I use my LK-72 with a pair of cornwalls that I typically bring outside onto my patio. I still get that same 3D soundstage even outside. My NBS and VRDs approach this but with less of it. My McIntosh tube preamps and s/s amp combos........not very much at all. This may be due to the digital processors. I don't even know.
  8. During one of our visits a few of us were inside the sealed chamber when Roy was doing some measurements. Sort of weird. We were laughing. Covered our ears after the first one. He was doing the same type of up sweeps you can do with REW at home. I believe the mic was 10 feet from the speaker, which was a lascala. The purpose was to hear the sound all around the speaker in the chamber to understand that sound actually is all around and behind the speaker. Hence the "bubble".
  9. I had two MC 250s, and I still have 2 MC-2100s (reworked by John Warren). Love them all. 250s are sweet, and so are the 2100s. But that's a lot of amps to be playing with, and adjusting. Bear in mind I was using them for active Jubilees and MCM setups.........not HT. They have a more vintage sound, but very pleasing and enjoyable IMHO. Also, not as clean and clear, but potentially more 3D soundstage presentation than the modern big power s/s Macs depending on a few variables. I got into the 8207s to reduce the number of amps and adjustments and up the sound quality for active systems. Worked well as a strategy. I think I have a cleaner, clearer presentation with slightly less 3D soundstage than when using the vintage MACs. No plans to change yet. I have two other "tube only" systems............vintage tubes on one, and modern tubes on the other using lascalas and cornwalls. So I have a very good idea about sound stage. These systems really have it. I just don't get anything quite like that from the big power Mac s/s I have found. I have had a few of these. Obviously, I am a two channel guy. But I have all the equipment for an awesome HT, actually two of them.
  10. May I ask about how many amplifiers you actually have at any one time? This one looks superb by the way.
  11. Check out Meadow Creek reverse flow cookers. Another that is very well made. High prices. https://www.meadowcreekbbq.com/catalog/tank-smokers/
  12. This is sort of what I thought. Rare to have to add fuel. I know the eggs have their legion of followers. Been around a long time.
  13. Every time I have looked at an egg in the store it looks like to me you have to take the food off and then the grate to add charcoal. Is there some hinged grate option like a Weber ball has?
  14. If the fire in an egg requires more charcoal how do you add it?
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