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  1. I have a couple of DBX 1231 EQs in "as new" condition if you are interested. https://dbxpro.com/en/products/1231
  2. Could a 510 support the weight of a TAD 4002 driver when used as a tweeter above the 402 with no other support than the mounting baffle?
  3. Now THAT was the stuff that turned green. Mine were 1990s when there were no terminal strips and the speaker wire from each driver was soldered directly to the networks. My monster cable turned green.
  4. Well to be fair I said it was cheaper than speaker wire which can get pricey. 🙂
  5. The low voltage outdoor lighting power cord at lowes and Home Depot had exactly the same 12 ga. stranding as the 12 ga. speaker wire and was a fraction of the cost. Also has a very durable jacket as it is meant to be buried.
  6. I had the same issue with risky forward tilt on my 402 setups. I removed the front brackets (that don't bend) and installed door hinges from Home Depot. Look and work just fine. Can tilt safely forward/backward without fear of breaking the horn plastic.
  7. Sure. If they don't feel comfortable with F&F it's my asking price "net" to me. So they get the PAYPAL protection and THEY pay the fee. No issue. It is still free to me, and good for them. Ebay has gotten out of hand with the seller fees. Agreed.
  8. What's wrong with PAYAPL? I get paid via family and friends, and immediately transfer it to my bank account. I pay nothing. It is also an excellent and very secure way to pay others and buy products. I don't see the issue. I have had deals go bad and PAYPAL got me my money back every single time. My kids like Venmo and I use that too. Basically PAYPAL for kids.
  9. Were these built by Gary Shinall?
  10. When I installed the new JEM caps in my cornwalls I remounted the woofers using T-nuts from the front of the cabinets. All the bolts were loose and stripped and just in the wood. They are original woofers from 1973 and still sound really good. I may have done a rotation previously once but I can't remember. Maybe a good idea for a K33 that old?
  11. Yes the alnico tweeters are original both out of 1977 lascalas many serial numbers apart. They were singles I had purchased.
  12. I replaced the drivers with the the newer square back.........reused the horns. Long story. But these are good functioning alnico tweeters. Look down a few pages and you'll see the new horns I took the square drivers off of.
  13. I have two of those drivers (no horns) available now in the garage sale. Would fix you up cheap.
  14. Pretty speakers but not underground Jubs. 🙂
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