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  1. I do not use a case with my unit. The Tung Sols are about as tall as the transformers. Not taller. The case should fit just fine.
  2. The Euro model gives you 8 inputs. Very rarely needed for home audio. Xilica has a 4x8 with XLR which is usually plenty for anyone in home audio.
  3. Get a Xilica with XLR connections and get rid of that POS.
  4. I have EH, JJ and Tung Sol...............but my unit is an LK-72 (299C). The EH sound good and fit but are huge. They are tall and also sit against the audio transformers in my unit. I could not use a case with them due to height. Still, I continued to use them because the JJs are unimpressive to me and the Tung Sols were not available. Since the Tung Sols became available they are clearly the better sounding tube and they fit perfectly in my unit. I am happiest with the Tung Sols.
  5. Why did you purchase the model with the Euroblock connectors? I am interested in that. Did you need 8 inputs?
  6. While I'd really like to sell as a pair.........If someone wants just one I may be able to make that work. I already have someone looking for a single. As long as another single shopper shows up we can do that. Otherwise I really don't want to separate. Pop these on a 510 or 402 and use Roy's settings in your processor and be done. Turn key.
  7. Nice outdoor system. That must kick some butt........
  8. Working properly. Great condition. $250 + ship.
  9. I do not have a cover and run naked just like the very first pic in this thread. The thing gets hot as heck. Very hot...........
  10. I have the latest Tung Sols installed and just checked. The tops of those tubes are about even with the top of the audio transformers.
  11. I am actually pretty impressed with the 1132 from a measurement standpoint. I saw some of Dave's measurements not posted here. It has good extension in both directions. No radical peaks. And both measured almost the same. Not bad. I never heard those though. By the way this last plot shows that classic 402/driver hump from around 600-4K. Edited: I noticed the crossover was already lowered to 400 on the 402. Seems to hang in there pretty well.
  12. Yup. Equipment synergy. I would be careful just buying another without listening first.
  13. I'll take the toilet brush. I will give to my neighbor so he can clean his Bose.
  14. Definitely looking more like I expected after the initial results.
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