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  1. For live concert sound.........I have the big boys, yes.............Thanks!
  2. ALK tested the ES5800s that he built. One got some minor damage in shipping (you can see in the pics) not to be but from the former owner to someone else. They went to AL to verify they were OK after this happened. They were fine. I ended up buying them. They work perfectly and have his newest tweeter attenuators in them with 2db increments. Back when I built the other boards I built a few sets of ESNs (I still use them) and always ordered matched pairs of caps and spared no expense to ensure an accurate matched pair of networks, The curves at my house were always right on top of one another. Most recently using these with lascalas the curves are still one on top of the other. These networks are dead nuts.
  3. Those are supposed to be 13s and 2s........not 12s and 2.2s..........c'mon mister expert. You also need to find terminal strips with a better fit for the connections........and those can't be used with 12ga speaker wires unless they have a terminal lug. I just sold one of your ALK Jr. networks from a few years ago.........and you are still using the wrong size terminal strips. Ever listen to Jupiter caps? They don't sound real. Otherwise.......those networks.........Love em.
  4. Anyone who was lucky enough to download ALK's network designs back when he posted them all would find the parts list and suppliers for each network design. Everything from components to the trinkets you are after. Al used those solder terminal lugs as long as I have used his networks. I have a bag just like Dean from Mouser. They are handy to have around.
  5. Yes, the volume would be affected by a horn change as well as any cabinet bracing. How much does it matter? I have no idea. But I would surely install that horn and get some proven significant improvement before I would ever add internal bracing. External bracing.........there you go. The backs of my cornwalls are so fatigued I can always feel them vibrate when the volume is up. That's life with 1973 cornwalls.
  6. Personally when I see cabinet bracing mentioned.......that always surprises me because it changes the internal volume which is calculated to load the woofer.
  7. They will blow you into next week. Mine play to below 30Hz. When JC was over last weekend we had to put a low cut filter on them the RTA clearly went into the 20s. Wow........there's still some folks on this forum that don't know about 684s......and selling for below half price......
  8. I built the 2 mid and 2 woofer boards in 2006 for Khorns I had at the time. I ordered matched sets of caps and upgraded to Auricaps. The ES5800s are around 2 years old and I got them from a forum member. These were in an accident and sustained some minor crush damage to a couple of the inductors. You may or may not be able to see this in the pics. Minor and insignificant but I want to make sure this is disclosed. These were sent to AL and tested and they are to spec. Work perfectly. I have been most recently using these on a pair of lascalas shown that are to be sold. These are a dead nuts matched pair of awesome ESN networks and PRICED TO SELL. These work on Khorns and Lascalas. $1,050 + shipping. Probably 3 boxes and will be packaged for safe arrival.
  9. I don't use gaskets on Fastrac lascalas. They cut off the driver and adaptor throat which is actually pretty accurate to the size of the K55 driver's mouth. If you look at a K400 the throat is significantly smaller than the mouth of a K55 driver and you can get away with a gasket.
  10. Got mine at Mouser. Just did these.
  11. I still may do it. Mine are beater cabinets with solid drivers and crossovers. Good candidate. Unfortunately couldn't live with the horns outside in my situation.
  12. I put fastracs in my lascalas and I like em. Was considering doing my cornwalls but they are verticals and the fit is very tight and tweeter must be relocated. A lot of cutting.
  13. My experience in the past has been the pro amps do not produce the same low level micro detail as the home audio equipment. I use a few pro amps but just for bass cabinet and sub duty. However, in this case I have not tried the Crown drive core in a full range situation. My QSC 1104 and 1804 couldn't cut it full range for my taste but are marvelous on bass cabinets and subs. Still use them today for those applications. The Crown Drive Core has some handy DSP I require for my particular sub application. It seems to work well for that.
  14. Numerous advantages. The MC-250 can be rebuilt fairly inexpensively. They are compatible with virtually everything. Home audio and pro audio as well. Very little risk here when buying other components to interface with sight unheard. The MC-250 usually has considerably more power than they are rated for. The MC-250 does sound somewhat tubey, but no tube expense or maintenance. MC-250 mates with Klipsch speakers very well.
  15. I have a Crown Drive Core XLS 2502. I never tried it full range. I only use for Sub duty driving 684s at 4 ohms. Amp has nice flexibility, some DSP filtering, and seems to have decent power. Looks cool. Never heard a Hypex.