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  1. I have a pair of old vertical cornwalls and they drop right in. I imagine they would be the same for the horizontal versions. A nice idea for those interested in such.
  2. Great idea. Of course I'll be wanting at least a couple of copies.
  3. exterior dimensions are 6 7/8" x 11 3/8" at the mouth.
  4. RIP Bob. Thanks for all your help.
  5. mark1101

    Bob Crites RIP

    RIP Bob. Was always helpful and quick to serve.
  6. Price lowered. Nice project parts.
  7. Price lowered. These are just like brand new.
  8. If I got these new drivers I could eliminate the mid bass module on my MCM setup and reduce it from almost 9 ft. tall to just over 6. If I decided not to have a tweeter it could go from a 4 way plus subs to a 2 way plus subs and be shorter than my Jubs. Just saying.......
  9. Well this has been a fun thread to read and learn some things.
  10. Those look to be about $1k apiece. I only paid $600 each for my four TAD drivers.
  11. I bought my TADs at high discounts. I would not pay the ridiculous prices some ask on Ebay these days. So for me they were a huge bargain and I am enjoying. If I was looking for drivers today, I'd be looking at what Klipsch uses. They are always able to get great performance from not so expensive parts. Before I installed the TADs on my Jubs I was using K691s with Roy's settings (2-way) in the Xilica processor. That is a very hard combo to beat. Sounded great with all types of music. The 691s are now my tweeters.
  12. I have had both BMS 4592ND coax drivers and TAD 4002 beryllium drivers for years. I sold the BMS drivers long ago in favor of the TADs because overall the TADs were clearly the smoother sounding and more realistic sounding to me and required a lot less fuss (DSP). I ended up buying a second pair of the TADs as well. I use them in a 3-way on my Jubs with a 6K crossover, and similar on my MCM setup. The TADS do not need a tweeter and can run out to almost 20K themselves. I have just always preferred a tweeter. YMMV.
  13. When we were in Hope for Roy's class I am pretty sure this is the amp he had running the Jubs in the listening room in his lab.
  14. These are the same tractrix horns as in a Chorus II. However, they have the treaded throats so you can screw on a K-55. Originally, these came out of some pro Klipsch model. I'm not sure which. Maybe the drivers are a give away to that. Anyhow, I bought these to upgrade an old pair of Cornwalls so they'd have tractrix horns and still be able to use the original K-55s. Project never materialized. Drivers are working. Horns / gaskets are in nice shape. $165 plus ship for all.
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