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  1. OPPO owners fess up...

    The 203 and 205 also do not have HDCD support. Virtually my entire Dead collection is HDCD, so I stuck with the 105. The only time the 105 has locked up on me was interfacing with a PC using TRU RTA audio tools. If I stopped the stream for some period of time (not sure how log to trigger the issue), like a minute, then restart, the thing locks up.
  2. OPPO owners fess up...

    Do you have the latest firmware in the Oppo?
  3. Juicy Music Peach

    Yes, I believe the main source of hiss was the tubes. The preamp design is also no feedback. That played into it as well especially if you had noisy tubes. But also the Juicy sound came from that no feedback design too. Way back when I used to buy lots of the NOS JAN Philips 6922s (pretty low priced NOS) and weeded them out for noise and microphonics and had very few good ones. But the good ones were very good. Had some bugle Boys that were very good too. All in all never was quiet like with the 6h30 though.
  4. Setting Time Delays in active crossovers

    Yes, that sounds right. I will have a new PC in a week or two. We purchased some new ones for my wife's office and I will wind up with a hand me down of either Win 7 or 10 depending on what comes out of there. Thanks for the help.
  5. Vaping

    I used to run the sound board for the band at the church we attend. Did this for several years. There would be two of us in the booth. The other guy would be doing all the video for the projection screen and monitors around the campus. The dude would vape right next to me in the church in the sound booth during the service. I never thought anything of it. But thinking back, I can't swear what was in that thing. Also, his "vaping bong" was this big thing. Looked like a big flashlight. I think this might have been early in the vaping craze before the cool looking smaller sleeker ones came out. Don't even know what you call those things.
  6. Setting Time Delays in active crossovers

    Looks like I need a new PC. It's time for sure. I have Win XP Home edition 32-bit. Yes, old. But only use for music server, surfing, and audio tools. Issue with downloading REW was the java 1.7 or 1.8 which is required. I don't have that and REW tries to automatically download it and it says JRE file corrupt and stops. I try to go find Java 1.7 manually (I learned 1.8 won't work after some research)..........well that is as old as the hills and Oracle site doesn't have it anymore as far as I can see (very confusing what they have, a ton). Other "commercial" download sites get flagged by my virus protection. Don't trust. Not even sure you can get the download the way they lead you around. Unless a small miracle in further searches as I have time, I will just get a new PC.
  7. Juicy Music Peach

    When mine was 6922 it had a little more "3D" effect on the sound stage. But the preamp had significant HISS. I believe that was one main motivator for Mark in going to the 6H30. A good buddy of mine had his reversed and went back to the 6922............I was over his house (earlier this year we did this) and a couple of us just basically told him to turn it off. The hiss was that loud. I used to listen to that and just deal with it. But now it jumps out at me. Stray noise in an audio system drives me crazy. Not acceptable. I think the 6H30 is way better, a clearer quieter presentation as well and one reason I have enjoyed my Peach all these years. It's still very competitive for what it is at the price point. The other change Mark made was to Auricap output caps. I did not have Mark make that change to mine. I am an Auricap freak. All my stuff has them. But in the Peach the Hovlands are fantastic IMHO, and so I have left them in there.
  8. Vaping

    This is interesting that vaping has helped people successfully stop smoking. I do neither. But it seems clear that making the change has improved quality of life in various ways for those that quite smoking.
  9. Vaping

    Try firing that $hit through a K400 so you can do group vaping...........party on.
  10. Juicy Music Peach

    It also looks like some diodes where the tube rectifier used to be. This must have been a change Mark made later in the life of the Peach. This Peach is just like mine, and appears to be one of the earliest. While I still have tube rectification I did send mine back for all the available upgrades at the time as well. Mine is 11 years old and I'm listening to it right now with some VRDs and lascalas. This is a great preamp. Should last for many years and price is very fair.
  11. Juicy Music Peach

    Do you know whether the power supply was modified? I do not see a tube rectifier.
  12. Setting Time Delays in active crossovers

    Chris, Thanks. This is very complete. I have been using RTA. Have not seen REW yet. But I am going to give it a try as I find time. It has more advanced features.
  13. So how do you do it? Measure and determine the correct time delays on the various drivers. Brief description of your procedure and equipment used. Thanks
  14. Klipsch KP-600 Eye Candy

    Well that's what I have (actually 5-way if you include the subs). It's badass too but I wouldn't put it up against the 600s and all that power he has. Nope.
  15. Klipsch KP-600 Eye Candy

    I was fortunate enough to pay a visit and see and hear the 600 setup in JC's listening room and another setup of 600s in the garage area. He has a marvelous room and I consider the acoustics excellent for music. The 600s and all the equipment are in fantastic shape. They were obviously very well cared for. This is a very special setup, and there is a LOT of it. Can't say enough about it other than whoever gets the turn key system in JC's garage will no doubt have the baddest sickest setup in the neighborhood. Guaranteed.