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  1. New VTA ST-70

    Nice jobs by both of you. These amps are a good value and Bob is a really good guy that knows his stuff.
  2. DSP options for your Pro Klipsch Audio

    Have you ever compared the Hypex nCores to the tubes on the HF? I see you use the only on the LF? Any comments about the Hypex sound?
  3. TAD 4002

    Coytee, I think you are right.
  4. Brook 12A Clones

    Very nice.
  5. RIP Stephen Hawking

    Amazing mind. Anytime he was in the news I read the article over and over. I always thought he was the next Einstein. Especially interesting to me was how he dismissed God and that the beginning of the universe could be explained without the idea that there was ever a creator. He was so sure...........This is where I found fault with this thinking. He did not believe in anything that he couldn't prove with math. Still I always loved seeing an article about him because I knew there would be something totally wild in there. It is amazing how he dealt with his disability.
  6. Is that a disco ball in the first pic?
  7. TAD 4002

    I never took mine apart any further (cover only) but I am guessing that is a protective screen for whatever diaphragm you use. I could be wrong.
  8. TAD 4002

    Yes the beryllium is much darker. Hope you have the good ones.
  9. DSP options for your Pro Klipsch Audio

    I guess we may never know.
  10. TAD 4002

    Here are Radian aluminum.
  11. TAD 4002

    Here is a beryllium.........with a dent!
  12. TAD 4002

    Basically, you just need to do some quick research to see what a TAD beryllium diaphragm and the alternative aluminum (usually Radian) looks like. You can find these pics all over the place. Then just take the cover of the driver off and peak inside. They look completely different and there will be no mistake.
  13. TAD 4002

    I took mine apart to verify. Pretty easy and the beryllium is obvious..
  14. Klipsch KPT-1802-HLS Horn Subwoofer

    Wow, you guys really want more bass.........