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  1. Sounds like I should I raise the price? Nah..........it is a fantastic deal meant to be.
  2. Yes, Athens, Ga. Athens is practically heaven even without audio. 🙂
  3. These beasts are in excellent condition, and these have the 1" thick heavy duty cabinets (before Klipsch reduced the thickness of the cabinets). They have the original Klipsch badges with serial numbers (important if you ever need parts) on top near the terminal strips from the factory. They have the hard to find "Klipsch Professional" badges at the bottom front of the cabinets. I installed 18" cages over the woofers for extra protection as they would be exposed otherwise. The cages look good on them. They have always been in HVAC non-smoking environment, and connected only to a QSC PLX2 1804 amp since I owned them. If anyone is serious about these I can take pics. They are pictured in my avatar. To get decent pics I have to move them around and they are heavy. Otherwise I'd have pics now. They look great. I am only selling because I have 2 pairs of these plus a pair of 884s. I am keeping one pair of each and letting this pair of 684s go. Shipping only if the buyer makes the arrangements. Anyone picking these up gets to hear my MCM and Jubilee setups, and I'll toss something on the grill. $1350 / BO.
  4. All the caps in those networks (the boards I built) were hand matched pairs by the suppliers They would always write the values on the caps in send them in plastic bags as matched pairs. None of this 5% or 10% tolerance BS. I made them match exactly. You can see where they wrote the values on at least one cap that is showing this. I always did this when I built networks in an effort to have very closely matched L/R channels. They always came out dead nuts. Whoever gets these will be very happy.
  5. Since you are asking, that is a high price. I'd say those are in the $1200- $1500 range. My opinion is that they are worth more bone stock than with any mods.
  6. Now there is some nice $hit. You sure do take care of your toys. GLWS.
  7. I'd say because of the room size and configuration, and the type of music...........if it were me.........and especially because of having subs..........Lascalas all the way. My concern would be the subs matching the tempo and timber of the lascalas. Otherwise that room looks made to order for lascalas. Wide, low ceiling, back wall treatments, carpeting. I have both and a cornwall is a great all around speaker but not as good as a lascala with louder genres, like heavy metal. If you said Jazz or lounge vocals, soft rock, instrumental, classical........then maybe a cornwall. When you get into loud rock, classic rock, heavy metal..............lascalas. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Well Boxx is unable to answer as you can see above. Sorry.
  9. Not sure if you noticed this thread is from 2010. Cigarbum is no longer with us. Not sure about some of these other forum members.
  10. Yes. Before I went digital I used those networks on my MCM setup.
  11. USPS is horrible. I can tell you about their ridiculous holiday performance first hand with items sent priority mail in early December not delivering until mid January. They are extremely under staffed and budgeted. I won't ever ever ship with USPS again. I only use UPS and Fed Ex for these reasons. They are at least reliable. Just pack well. I would bet my next pay check nothing is wrong. It is just the horrible performance of USPS. The item will show up long after it has been forgotten. Par for their course.
  12. The timing is uncanny as Klipsch is about to release the Jubilee.
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