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  1. Different markets are also priced differently. In the north such as NY where lascalas are plentiful I see the prices much lower than in the south like Ga. where they are harder to come by. You may be surprised at what you can get as the prices have been going up, and those look really nice.
  2. That tweeter looks more like corrosion than paint. It is hard to remove. I have had this issue before. Since you already have one other bad tweeter you may want to consider replacing the guts of both so you have a matched pair or close to a matched pair. Bob Crites sells the replacements for those.
  3. I have a pair of K55V with new diaphragms and a pair of K401 horns all from 1979 lascalas. All in nice condition.
  4. So she is the lead singer of Electric Citizen..............Hmm. Better than that old Khorn.
  5. So what's the outcome of this? Is she keeping, selling, donating?
  6. Still available............shipped for $1100. Pictures coming.
  7. Glad things worked out. I do all the payroll and book keeping for my wife's business. We have the exact same type of account setup for the taxes and any other payments we wish to isolate. We have had similar incidents where mistakes were made and isolated to these accounts so nothing affected where the real money resides. A very good idea.
  8. Still available.
  9. I agree with what you are saying. I did time align the drivers using physical measurements and square wave generation at the crossover after EQing. Got things as close as I could.
  10. You are correct that this has been something I discovered and have mentioned numerous times over the years. Not new in my book. I'm fine with the fact not everyone hears the same or encounters the same experience. Cool by me. I'm sorry to have distracted this thread. Honestly, I am happy to see the excitement of someone who hadn't heard Jubs before and got a first class implementation right off the bat.
  11. You guys are correct that the manual does not contain what I said I read there. I must have been mistaken and so I apologize and not to mislead. It is in my notes and power points that I created in 2010 when transforming RACE into Protea curves with my own settings and getting an approvals and tips from Ashly tech support to minimize the number of filters. This is what I was told. I could have sworn I read this but it must have been from just the tech support unless it is in something else I read. I figured this out a couple of hours ago reviewing things and already contacted Ashly tech support to verify once again. I have been using these processors for years and I am very sure about how they work and how they sound best. I've in either direction with them. Mike, the only way you can prove this to yourself if to try creating another profile/preset with less filters, but that comes as close as possible to the target response. If you haven't tried and experimented with this then you surely can't relate to what I am saying. When you say that filters properly applied lift veils.........compared to what? What is reference? How do you know a veil has been lifted? Do you have some A/B test with a reference you can compare to in close to real time? You could just change presets to compare. You could also ask EV tech support.
  12. To trentster..............I'm seriously glad you are happy with your Jubs. That is what this is all about.
  13. Chris, I've probably done just as much testing and experimenting as you. Not exactly the same as you though. I've stated that what I am saying is not my opinion and is in the Ashly manual and confirmed by tech support. Yet you seem to want to argue about it. That it's not so. I think that's funny. This bothers you. My system is a 5 way, 2 processor, MCM Grand with subs............and the only potential commonality to the 2-way Jubs is from 600-6K.......MAYBE. So my settings wouldn't be like anyone else's anyhow. All I was doing was stating an obvious operating characteristic about digital processors. Now don't be stalking me. You are quite a creepy dude.
  14. I'm not saying anything. Read the manual on the Ashly Protea processors. Call Ashly tech support and get the full technical reasoning behind their claims. Read what others say about practical use. You know most folks do not use these processors in high end audiophile systems in a home. They were designed more for pro audio sound reinforcement systems where these type of details don't necessarily get noticed. I definitely noticed at my house though. Maybe I just have inferior equipment to what you guys have. I could accept that. Mike, Can you explain what you have done to prove to yourself this is not true? I will tell you what I have done. I input Roy's settings into RACE and got the response curve of the total filters just like above in this thread. However, an Ashly Protea processor can't do some of the shelves specified by Roy. So I used the the Protea software to reproduce the RACE response curve as closely as possible. I found through experimentation that there are multiple ways to come up with virtually the same response using the different filters, Q, and gains. So I made a few different presets. Some were very similar to one another. Some had a few less filters per channel to achieve virtually the same curve. These were the ones I preferred the sound of. I also found that using extra filters to drive the FR flat where minor excursions existed resulted in a more veiled sound. Less was more. When I turned those off and returned to the basic EQing of the 402 horn that was what sounded best to me and what I use today. Again, don't take my word for it...........PLEASE contact Ashly and get their feedback. Read their manual. They went over my settings (long time ago) to verify what I was using to replicate Roy's curve was well within the envelope for the Protea firmware in the device.
  15. I am happy the OP has his Jubs operating the way he likes. That's what's important here. Not going to ruin this thread. Do some Googling Chris.