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  1. Yes.......Not me. But it is now on page 1 here.
  2. mark1101

    More K-1132 and K-1133 driver questions.

    Does anyone have any pics of an 1132 and an 1133?
  3. Well if I am reading you right then there are no Klipsch bifurcated horn woofer speaker systems that would meet those expectations. But you have Jubs. I can only imagine your pain from the beaming.
  4. Well it is almost impossible to get more than a few degrees off axis in my room.
  5. Your speakers eat Khorns for breakfast and Jubs for lunch.
  6. At one point I recapped an old pair of Lascala AAs with those 1% Dayton film caps that cost like $3.00 a piece. Dang........they actually sounded pretty darn good. I enjoyed those for awhile until I made an additional change that eventually removed them. I also put them in a friend's Cornwalls and also his lascalas. He likes them as well and continues to use them. Honestly, 6 or 7 years ago I would never have considered components like this. Caps seemed to have come a long way in a few years.
  7. I can understand the concern. It would be very difficult to keep children/people/pets away from all such RF devices. Cell phones in particular, but also BT, wifi and all the wireless components everywhere as well. How about the wiring in the walls. We live in magnetic fields.
  8. mark1101

    Cigarbum Reference basement System

    Those are some good prices. Shouldn't be too long now.
  9. mark1101

    Be driver...

    Why? What speakers and crossovers are we discussing?
  10. mark1101

    Be driver...

    If you would accept using an adaptor so a bolt on driver could be screwed to a horn.........then yes. Check out Radian. They have a 1" exit driver that can accept one of their be diaphragms.
  11. mark1101

    FS: KP-600s with KP-682s

    I saw and heard this second setup of JC's of 600s, subs, and the rack of driving equipment. It is all in fantastic condition and sounds awesome and as it should. This is the same speakers as JC is using for his main system. Although used, someone cared for these incredibly well. They were all covered. In fact, I think the price is less than half of what it should be for what you get. If I didn't have a house full of Klipsch this rig would have been mine last summer. I have never seen a deal like this anywhere.
  12. mark1101

    Cigarbum Reference basement System

    Bob is a fine craftsman and audiophile. When he was into it he did it big and he did it right. Unfortunately, he walked away from the hobby and some of his equipment has sat awhile. Don't be afraid of a little dust. Look close. Good stuff. The backs on the Khorns are stout. Very tight bass. Cabinets in good shape. Fine wooden tractrix horns well built and large JBL drivers. He built his own ALK networks. No one touched anything but Bob. Make a deal.