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  1. mark1101

    WTB: NOSValves NBS preamp

    I have one of the two line stage NBS preamps along with a pair of black transformer VRDs...........all in matching Hickory. The NBS is the only one Craig installed a tape monitor loop on after heavy begging. So it can be easily used with an EQ or processor.
  2. You can never have enough ALK crossovers.
  3. mark1101

    FS:2 Klipsch KPT-684 subwoofers 1200.00

    JC helped me retune my MCM over the weekend and I need a couple more of these.
  4. mark1101

    McIntosh MC-250 - SOLD

    Unit is SOLD.
  5. mark1101

    FS: McIntosh MC30 pair (consecutives) SOLD

    Those are wonderful. I like..........
  6. mark1101

    Out with the old, and in with the new.

    Wow.............I guess I can't be in your club, but you could be in ours.
  7. mark1101

    Out with the old, and in with the new.

    Wow..............An MCM and Jubs. Let's start a club. So far I think it is just the two of us.
  8. I use K69A drivers on the 510s in both my Jubs and MCM.
  9. The answer is that it does not matter what Klipsch mid and tweeter drivers are used. The networks are for any 8 or 16 ohm mid driver and tweeter, and have 10 ohm swamping resistors for each driver to support this design characteristic. This set of networks with a decent 31 band analog EQ is all you need.
  10. mark1101

    Yagin Tube Buffer......SOLD

  11. mark1101

    McIntosh MC-2100 #1

    Just to be clear this is a 105 wpc stereo amp that is bridgeable. So you can use in stereo at 105 wpc or as a 210 wpc monoblock unit.
  12. mark1101

    McIntosh MC-2100 #2

    To be clear this is a stereo amp that can be bridged. So either use as a 105 wpc stereo amp or a 210 wpc monoblock.
  13. mark1101

    McIntosh MC-2100 #1

    Updated with pics
  14. mark1101

    McIntosh MC-2100 #2

    Mcintosh MC-2100 #2 used daily in my Jub setup as a 210 wpc monoblock along with its sister which is also for sale (#1) in a separate ad. Updated by John Warren of North Reading Engineering. Complete output transistor set, power supply replacement, full audio path, gold RCA jacks and power cord. John's website. http://www.northreadingeng.com/ Unit is in great condition for its age. All lettering intact. Has some minor scratches. CLEAN sound. No buzz or hum. Works perfectly. Sounds excellent with Klipsch speakers. Only selling because I replaced with an MC-402. Moving up to more modern Macs. I do not have the original boxes but will ship double boxed in substantial packaging. $1800 + shipping. Paypal, family and friends.
  15. mark1101

    Yagin Tube Buffer......SOLD

    Yagin Tube Buffer in excellent condition with all original packaging. Can't see any marks on it and it works fine with very transparent sound. Craig at NOSvalves Auricapped the whole thing. Around $450 invested. I used to use this with my Benchmark DAC1. Took the edge off and produced a slightly warm and smooth sound. Will ship double boxed. I will include EH 6922 and JAN Philips 6922 tubes. $160 + shipping.