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  1. This is what I have been doing for years. EQ the speaker to the room. Works fine. But I will get one of Klipsch's new ported subs. That will be a major breakthrough.
  2. Why port the lascala? Klipsch will soon be selling the ported subs with the DSP and amp included. You can't go wrong. Those things will bring lascalas into the 20s fully engineered. You can use these subs with other Heritage as well.
  3. Can you tell me what it feels like?
  4. I have a used K55-V diaphragm. Used but still works fine. If interested PM please me. It is $40 plus shipping.
  5. I use a laptop, and audioquest carbon cable into a Benchmark DAC3. Sounds fine to me. I haven't tried it any other way so I have nothing to compare to. I also have Fiio streamer with Sabre DAC for bluetooth and that sounds good for bluetooth but not as good as the laptop and DAC.
  6. Arto, I have two of the same amps on order. I intended to use as monblocks, but balanced. Are you running balanced? If so, did you get the required cables (for balanced) pre-made from Decware or did you have to make them? Can you share what the cable requirements are to monoblock them? I know, two different things. But it is good info if you could share. Thanks
  7. I bought a pair of SE84UFO. I bought these on 4-10-22. At that time I was around number 1200 on the real time build sheet. Today I am at around number 380. Doing the math Decware builds around 400 to 450 amps per year (all types included). It will be close to another year for me. So around a 3 year wait. Right now I see over 2400 on the list. That would be over a 5 year wait (closer to 6) the way things are presently going. Enjoy fellas. I feel like if I eventually don't want these amps I could double my money in about an hour. By the way I can use them on any of the Heritage in my signature. I had planned on the lascalas. I require near silent equipment. Anything else and it won't be in my house.
  8. Can we hear -68db? Seriously, I am waiting on two of these amps.
  9. Yeah..........don't forget the sub. Every bar needs a sub. 🙂
  10. I miss bowling. When I worked at Lockheed Martin in the early 90s our team was named "Four lean hounds". We had some awesome times. Those were long seasons, like 10 months.
  11. Rough! But I see potential. Be prepared to spend significant $$ after the purchase if you want all this to be right.
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