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  1. I do something similar, but all via USB to a single laptop. I use a USB out of laptop to send the generator signal to my system (to my Benchmark DAC). Use a USB mic into laptop to capture the readings and view. Use another USB to Xilica and use Xconsole to mute channels not being measured and to make adjustments to Xilica. This setup allows me to change settings on the fly and see the results / make adjustments in real time. Very handy.
  2. If you are looking for mobile DJ equipment, the Jubs are not it. They are hard to move and not designed to be mobile. The upper horns are fragile and expensive. Just not for a mobile application.
  3. What's with the screws around the perimeter of the cabinet face on Cornwall and Heresy IV? Are those to hold the grills on?
  4. It has a crossover and auto transformer so it is also level controlled. Your frequency generator probably can't drive all that to any decent level. I would try connecting an amp to it. It probably expects a few watts or more.
  5. Conor McGregor................what a poor idiot this dude has turned out to be. Sorry all who love him. This is a man that had nothing, drew the world's attention earning a major fortune with natural talents............and now just pisses it away one crime at a time.
  6. Are those mercury vapor street lights?
  7. Dave, This is a funny story. I especially enjoyed all the splitter criticism. Myself taking the bait, I figured you had a sprung cabinet or buzzing or loose woofer.
  8. I have always had my MWMs wired in parallel. I have K33s in them (~3 ohms per side in parallel).
  9. Yes..........I had ALK design an ESN for dual MWM (2 or 3-way). If you are interested let me know. They work very well. They are just sitting on my shelf. All Auricaps in the mid and tweeter.
  10. Bruce, Those look great. Congrats. Now you need some horns my friend.
  11. Nice review. Maybe you ought to bring that over sometime.
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