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  1. Me too. Looking forward to this. How long has everyone waited for dedicated subs for the Heritage models? I would not miss this opportunity to learn and listen all about these.
  2. Here are the ones I saved over the years. Straight from the man. Roy's Jub settings.pptx
  3. Yes. Just hasn't been seen in about 21 years.
  4. Honestly, I liked the cake pan. I never thought to do anything like that. It was a neat implementation.
  5. Nice job Seti. Those are cool as heck. 1958 and back to life.
  6. They are roughly the size of my MCM setup with MWM bass cabinets. Pretty darn close. Good luck my friend.
  7. I'd think twice about mounting an AXI on a 510. Can't you buy another 691 from Klipsch?
  8. I bought one of these devices last week for a garage system that has an older Harmon Kardon receiver with no digital or wireless capability. So same application. The little Fiio aboslutely breathed new life into the setup. Last night I streamed A Dead and Company concert from Nugs.net. So I used a USB cable from my laptop (which was wifi streaming the concert) to the Fiio and Fiio RCA outs to the Harmon Kardon. I was just using the Sabre DAC in the Fiio. Worked flawlessly all night, and with respectable sound. The Fiio is a darn swiss army knife. Does just about everything with D to A, BT (send or receive), USB, coaxial, Toslink. Worth the money.
  9. Me too. Everything is for sale if the price is right. I'll tell you they will be very expensive. Mine are 3-way and have 691 drivers on the 402 and 510. Bass bins are black. Zip 30677.
  10. Don't send any money and pay in person when picking up.
  11. If I'm reading the article in blue correctly, that connection was suggested back in the 30s. Although the article never specified how it changed the sound. Just redirected the secondary electrons back to the plate.
  12. I may be wrong but it looked like the cinema 3-way PC board version. If this is what it is then it was probably designed for behind the screen. On my 3-way underground Jubs I have the 2-way passive PC board version for just the 402/510 and that is what it is. I never used it so I don't know how it sounds.
  13. You could have just bought a pair of Klipsch powered Bluetooth speakers and been done with it. No other electronics.
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