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  1. mark1101

    Mona Lisa Vito’s expert testimony

    You guys never had sole food? I should have done the spel check.
  2. mark1101

    Mona Lisa Vito’s expert testimony

    H&H is the sole food restaurant down the street from the Allman Brothers "big house" in Macon. It was started and owned by two black women that would feed those guys when they were young and skinny (and on drugs) and had no money. In later years when the success came it was said the Allman Brothers would take them on tour with them. Today when you go in the music is Allman Brothers and the food is pure southern comfort food. I would go again for sure. That day we also road the bikes to Rose Hill Cemetery and saw Greg's fresh grave and of course Duane's and Barry Oakley's as well. At Greg's grave was a pile of hair ties that ladies had been leaving.
  3. mark1101

    Mona Lisa Vito’s expert testimony

    Last fall we rode our motorcycles to the Sack of Suds bought a couple of beers and took a few pics, sat and drank at the river. This was on our way home from the Allman Brothers big house museum and lunch at H&H. Not too far to do in a day from Athens.
  4. mark1101

    Duplex emergency room ( i need help :s )

    Hair of the dog. Rotate 180 degrees and put it back under the leaking pipe for a few days.
  5. mark1101

    Klipschorns for sale - Sold

    Nice looking Khorns. But looks like the crossover wire may have corroded and turned green? I had a pair of Ks with AK-3 as well that did that.(but Walnut). Not a big deal at all. Just a little crossover work to be done. Terminal strips could be added as well. Anyhow..........certainly a nice pair of Ks. Congrats to the lucky new owner.
  6. Very nice. Is there a place that details the pricing and how to purchase?
  7. mark1101

    Equalizer Settings

    This is a funny thread for me to read from start to finish because it sort of summarizes what most of us have found........but also why I do what I do. EQ.........is good! But adding components can be heard. Definitely! But, some components are far less noisier than others and represent acceptable compromise. Cost is usually higher for the REALLY quiet units. Oh well, good sound is important.
  8. mark1101

    When I get rich

    When I get rich I'm just going to have the bands come to my house.
  9. mark1101

    New extreme-slope crossover requiring NO Zobel

    If you want the ESNs to work as designed then you will need to use a K33 woofer or a clone that has the same or very close parameters. I think this is pretty important. But AL will let you know.
  10. mark1101

    Your two BEST digital source improvements

    Benchmark DAC-3 Oppo 105 https://www.stereophile.com/content/stereophiles-products-2018-joint-digital-components-year The Benchmark DAC-3 was chosen joint Stereophile digital product of the year along with a $35K DAC.
  11. mark1101

    New extreme-slope crossover requiring NO Zobel

    I believe you are correct that you would not need to make any changes to accommodate the RH drivers. However, the ALK network designs are based on the woofer specs. I would take a look at those in relation to a K33.
  12. mark1101

    New extreme-slope crossover requiring NO Zobel

    If you read the "white paper" on ALK's website concerning the swamping resistor it explains the reasoning. It eliminates the giant impedance swings associated with using the different taps on the auto transformer, and it facilitates the constant impedance design. So..........what are you thinking about doing? Right now I happen to be listening to my 3-way Jubs that use ALK's latest ESN 500 designed for those. Just a Benchmark DAC-3, C-220 preamp and MC-402 amp pushing on them some. An example of one of the applications I found to work very well.
  13. mark1101

    New extreme-slope crossover requiring NO Zobel

    Email Al and he will help you. I have used his ESNs for years and in the right applications they are excellent. My comments are that sure you can use the terminals on the auto transformer to give you whatever attenuation you need in 1 db steps. The swamping resistor for the squawker (there is one for squawker and one for tweeter) is usually 9 ohms and that will work nicely for 8-16 ohm mid drivers and swamp the mid circuit down to the impedance of the woofer circuit which is the goal of the design. You really don't need to change it.......if you do the math of your 8-16 ohm driver impedance in parallel with 9 ohms you get something in the 4-6 ohm range which is correct for the design. Edit: Comments based on a single K33 woofer ESN design. There are other ALK designs involving dual K33, dual K31, etc. These designs use different circuits and different value swamping resistors.
  14. mark1101

    Juicy Music Peach Pre - SOLD

    I have one of Mark's original Peaches. Must be close to 15 years old now. I love it and still use it today all the time. It has been reliable and sounds sweet. The price being offered is fantastic for this item. Especially serviced. Honestly, I would never sell mine for this price.