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  1. Looks like someone turned those into a classic piece of furniture. Hard to decide what to do about all that. Restore as is or return to original?
  2. I have a pair of original good working K33V woofers from a pair of 1973 cornwalls that I have owned since the early 90s. These woofers look identical to the K33V you have pictured above with the large round magnet. If you are interested let me know. I would only sell as a pair.
  3. I use both 684s and 884s. Good subs. But the Heritage horn subs have a cleaner sound.
  4. That says it all. You are not interested in Klipsch parts. Cool by me.
  5. Looks like they're going to be beautiful.
  6. I have a pair of good working K33s and a single good working K33. If you want genuine Klipsch parts let me know.
  7. You can call Klipsch and get genuine Klipsch parts. They will request pictures of the badges on the back of your Khorns. Once you provide that they will be able to provide you the proper parts.
  8. What would be be more respectful is if Decware openly addressed the issue that there is an over 5 year waiting list prior to accepting more orders. Say SOMETHING..........I don't know what...........but it is surprising it has come to this point and they don't address this openly on their site. The other issue is I can't honestly believe that people keep ordering. I guess they have no idea. Imagine the amps that will be coming out over the next 5 years that you could buy instead. I'm surprised some Chinese company hasn't figured this out and started cranking out copies in mass.
  9. I have no idea other than the rough math I've done over the last two years. They are only reducing the real time build list by about 450 amps per year.
  10. This is a good point. I hadn't thought of that. I figured I would protect myself in case not enough power. So I ordered two.
  11. I monitor my progress about once a month and have noticed no noticeable faster performance. They are not setup at all to handle the orders they have. It's a horrible business model. Honestly, I don't expect a $1K tube amp to give me any revelations. I thought I would try them to experience a well reviewed set amp at a good price and with a lifetime warranty. The problem is waiting my lifetime. They are in a conundrum because the way they run that business I don't see a fix for the long wait.
  12. By the way 5/30/24 there are 2468 orders. 2468/~450 per year = only 5.48 years to wait. How much would anyone pay for my pair of SE84UFO amps? I upgraded the caps. Only about 7 months?
  13. Well I appreciate that information. I just checked and I am now in approximately the top third or so of the second page of the real time build sheet. So roughly 250 amps ahead of me. According to my over 2 year wait (4/10/22 original order date) I have about another 7 months or so. They build a max of about 450 amps a year of all types. So I have plenty of time to figure these things out. I have never had a set amp. So I am excited. My order is a pair of them. I'm glad I bought two. So I will experiment with mono-blocks. Thanks again. More to come..........
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