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  1. Does either remote (TV or sound bar) have an alternate remote control transmit setting? What I mean is some have alternate transmitter frequencies for the situation where there may be one or more remotes or interference like what you are getting.
  2. I don't recall. But I remember it was massive and had all the EQ in the network. But you needed to have K69 drivers if I remember correctly. I am running all active.
  3. Klipsch did design passives for early Jubs for K69 drivers. The design was subsequently updated, but this goes back to around 2007-2009 timeframe. These ALK networks will work well with any 8 or 16 ohm drivers. They are very driver friendly. You do not need to change your drivers for these ALK networks. ..........and yes they will work fine for JWC mini punch as well.
  4. I bought these from ALK to try and simplify by using a single amp and use outboard analog EQ. A pure analog system. Worked very well and easy to adjust. Sounded very good. These networks are an aftermarket work of art. Just look at them. Typical ALK. I only sold them to return to the Klipsch supported method of running Jubs with an active crossover and Roy's settings. I not only sold the networks I replaced the 402 drivers to be consistent with the latest Klipsch Jub support. I like the control advantages and clean sound of the digital system, and so having no plans to return I sold the networks. For someone looking for a simplified way to run Jubs in a pure analog system with a single amp and easy to adjust in a room, these are a fine alternative. You will need an EQ to use these with a K402 horn. I was using an Ashly 31 band on the tape monitor loop of my preamp. Worked very well.
  5. I agree with this. Tell me if I am wrong.............but if you look at the schematic, I believe only C1 matters anyhow as the other caps are in shunt positions and not directly in the signal path. I have used Dayton caps and they are not quite as revealing as Sonic caps. But for $300 you did not get ripped off. The networks look nicely built. Replace the C1 caps if you feel the sound is not up to snuff. I doubt the others matter at all.
  6. What a great find. Congrats. I would be more concerned that they are electrically correct. They look pretty good already.
  7. I was lucky enough to get one of the 1,969 numbered boxed sets of the entire original Woodstock concert. 38 CDs along with several other pieces of memorabilia. Took me quite a while to eventually hear it all.
  8. I still have not received a notification email. Signed up long ago.
  9. I have a garage system with some Heresys and an old Harmon Kardon receiver. Listen to analog FM anytime I'm working out there. Have rabbit ears with the dial on them and it works fine for stations around Athens and Atlanta. There is still plenty of diversity of music on FM in this area. Anything you want to listen to.
  10. I took my bass bins out in the driveway stood them up and pressure washed them. Brushed the heavy deposits. There are pics of me doing that somewhere on this forum.
  11. Bingo. There's at least something a little wrong with all of us. 🙂
  12. Yeah. You would not not drink a free ice cold Bud?
  13. One of my best posts. 14 years later and I still feel the same.
  14. Summer is for big subs.
  15. mark1101


    I have a huge lawn like everyone else on our street and I am the only one that uses a push mower........and I bag it. In fact I am the only one on the street that even mows their own lawn. Neighbors drive by seeing me out there pushing and they just shake their heads. I can just imagine what they say about me. But it's good exercise. One time a neighbor stopped and said why the heck don't you get a darn riding mower? Well I already tried that. I told them that I tried two different ones at Home Depot and I couldn't push them, they were too heavy. So I just kept my same old push mower.
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