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  1. I have had 4 sets of VRDs and MANY pairs of different Klipsch. Here is what I have found. If you have lascalas..............these are the amps for those.
  2. Pics of internals? Are these the point to point or the earlier PCB?
  3. With that budget, Benchmark DAC-3. It does EVERYTHING. I love my DAC-3.
  4. Can't believe this is still here for the price. Awesome sounding unit.
  5. These are injection molded parts. The tool costs big bucks and these are obscure parts to say the least. I doubt very much someone copied or built a tool to sell a few old horns. My guess is these are parts made from the original Klipsch tooling somehow............would love to understand how they came about knowing the past of the seller. They may just be leftover parts he got somehow or was able to get some made.
  6. I bought some Ashly EQs from ZXPC (same seller) and one had an issue. I sent it to Ashly in Rochester, NY to be repaired. They came back with an unbelievable response. The versions of the models he was selling were supposed to only be sold in China. I bought them because they were less than half price of anyone else's same Ashly models sold here in the US. Ashly went after this seller. I don't know the outcome. They repaired the unit for me for free and shipped it back free but were not happy at all about it. I don't know where this guy is getting these horns but something smells fishy.
  7. I have heard this unit and it is clean, quiet, and musical. Very engaging.
  8. I have 510s and use them as tweeters on Jubs and MCM setups. I was told no mumps required because I don't even use them below 6K. As I understood it the mumps were only to support the horn playing lower and still holding it's pattern. Klipsch has used the 510 in some 2-way applications and other midrange horns like Cornwall IV have mumps to play better at the lower frequencies. Plus they look cool and Klipsch marketing likes the mump horns.
  9. Dave, You have the fever big time. Enjoy.
  10. I have never had any of those. But I would go with 3 of the Pappy's to see if the giant price increase is worth it. 12, 20, 23
  11. I have been going to this place for years and had no idea about the back room being so stocked. She pulled a Weller 12 out in about 10 seconds.
  12. I would have to sell some speakers first
  13. Wait.............Nancy Pelosi will be president later tonight, remember? Trump and Pence will resign and THEN the market will drop. C'mon....... And OP thanks for the rude message you sent me for no reason. I have been polite to you even in the face of these wild claims. I gave you the benefir of the doubt that you got me confused with some other YAHOO on this board.
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