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  1. Looks pretty good. How do they sound?
  2. Are you concerned about the monster cable starting to corrode internally? I had Khorns of that generation and the monster cable eventually turned green with considerable internal corrosion. You can see yours have started that situation.
  3. I won't argue about if the speakers will sound noticeably different after some use or not. But if you really want to exercise them in I would consider using Pink Noise instead of music. This way you hit the entire spectrum evenly and continuously.
  4. I have TAD 4002 drivers on all my 402s (4 of them). You still need plenty of EQ for those CD horn/driver combos. When I was using passive networks I used an Ashly 31 band analog EQ on the tape monitor loop of my preamp. That was a very satisfying solution and was able to successfully flatten the response. I eventually did introduce a digital crossover but that is another subject. If you are using 402 horns you need EQ...........or some other horns.
  5. Crown Drivecore XLS line up. Perfect for your application.
  6. You could have purchased it all and sold the amp. Missed opportunity.
  7. I bet the schematic is somewhere here on this forum. I got one from an old forum member "Father Bill", who used to build them. I eventually sold it. It is like 3 resistors, a pot, a terminal strip, and a couple of RCA jacks in a small enclosure. He charged me $20 I believe.
  8. I use QSC PLX2 amps on bass cabinets and subs. but I was not satisfied with them on the top end in active systems nor for use with passive networks due to the top end. They are just not as resolving as better amps. I have a Crown XLS 2002 that easily bests the QSC amps for every application I have tried it on. It is a class D with plenty of power. You could get away with one of those on the mains and probably be happy. Decent amount of detail.
  9. https://www.heyboertransformers.com/tubeamps.shtml I got a power transformer for a 1960 HH Scott LK-72 from this place. Works great, sounds great.
  10. My cornwalls have very prominent bass. So something may not be right with your setup or room. it may also be that nothing at all is wrong and your other speakers just had more bass.
  11. Are you able to take any frequency response measurements? You would be able to spot the issue pretty quickly that way.
  12. I agree. There's a guy looking for an NBS for like a year now. That could be gone later today.
  13. I wanna see a sasquatch.
  14. Yes, Pfohl's many times. I really liked the original Hurricanes with Mark Bosch (guitar), Arthur Nielson (guitar), Renny Xosa (bass) Dan Hickey (Drums), Duane Evans (keys), and Linda Miller (vocals). This was a damn serious rock band. Later, he got a less serious group together...........a bunch he could control easier. The group above were seasoned professionals that wanted to be paid like professionals. I was at Longbranch Park and Weedsport Speedway where it all started, then Landmark Theater, and everywhere else he went. Pfohl's was the start of every summer. Then there were the Christmas shows.
  15. A Syracuse staple. Saw this guy and his "hurricanes" many many times over the years. Great live performer.
  16. Interesting. I have never seen a 402 clone. Will you tell us about them?
  17. mark1101

    Done sold

    Really nice!!
  18. Those are what I have in my corns from probably 10-12 years ago. Still excellent.
  19. It sounds like the complaint is ear piercing from the top end. The speakers looked original and probably nothing wrong with them. One thing you could consider is replacing the AA networks with a pair of ALK Super X networks which drop the tweeter and squawker a few DB to enhance the bass and balance the speaker in situations like you have. Look at the ALK Engineering site and read about them. See what you think. My GUESS is that there is nothing at all wrong with your speakers now that you replaced the crossovers with new parts. It is probably the synergy of your recordings, source, amp, and room producing a blaring top end which is not uncommon. The SuperX crossovers would change that significantly. I have run those in my lascalas for years after fooling with a lot of different things that didn't change much to my liking.
  20. Nice.......We don't see these very often. Someone will enjoy. GLWS.
  21. Here is a picture of forum member Cigarbum (Bob Greene.......with forum member JWC..........from 10 years ago). This thread was the start of some fine times..........us guys getting to know Bob and going to his house (for this party...........and many times after this party). Bob took to audio and Klipsch quickly and in heavy doses. He was very smart, an excellent craftsman, and an all around great guy. He built some great two channel systems as well............and to this day the very best pair of Khorns I ever heard. I learned some things from Bob. Unfortunately............tonight Bob's wife Teresia called to inform me of Bob's passing on June 6, 2020. The last time I saw Bob was last summer and he was doing pretty well at that time. He was diagnosed with liver cancer in January this year. Very sad............ Bob...........we had some great times that I won't ever forget. Thanks for it all. It all ended too soon my friend.
  22. I would give the bias pots some attention. My ST-120 did the same thing. The pots were very touchy, measurements jumped around. Not sure what Bob uses these days but mine were just inexpensive plastic and turned so easily I considered them loose. Had to be careful setting the bias. Still, when things were right, it was a fine sounding amp and had good power.
  23. All mentioned...........plus High Hopes (Division Bell).
  24. Sorry Jimjimbo..........Last one. Dean, I didn't use Audyn caps. But, yes in 1977 lascalas I am very happy. Sounds more pleasing to me than some beefed up AAs in those speakers. I have Dave's wooden tractrix mid horns and I replaced the worn tweeter and mid drivers with all new same Klipsch drivers. I'm done with those.
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