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  1. When we were in Hope I could not believe how the stereo image came to center. At one point I was in the center of the couch in the front row and David Lee Roth was singing in the center of the room. Clearly. So I agree, with your spacing you may find that for music you may not need a center channel. For movies maybe different?
  2. The Belle tweeter is most definitely attenuated by the bad caps. Replace the caps and the tweeter will come back. You will never be happy trying to match top ends until you get the same top end as your Jubs. Nothing sounds like a 402 horn. Ask me how I know? 🙂
  3. I bet that Belle would sound better if it was recapped with the latest Klipsch cap upgrade kit. But I agree you need another top section like the Jubs to do it right.
  4. Roy released settings for K402 with 691 drivers and Xilica processor. Those were however for Jub bass cabinets. Roy also released settings for the MWMs being used with K402 and K69 drivers. Between those two releases I was able to put together an excellent setup for the 402/MWM in 2-way as you have it.
  5. Sorry to hear about your wife Dave. Hope she is doing better.
  6. Those look awesome. Congrats. From your description they sound fabulous and all you ever expected. Right out of the box. Just awesome. 🙂
  7. Somebody should buy those.
  8. Yeah, sounds about the same as what happened to me. I think you may find those woofers just can't get down there like a K22. They might even be worth more as is for their intended application. Fun to play with though.
  9. Dave, I wound up with a pair of those virtually identical inside. Mine are clear lacquer and per "The Historian" were from 1979 and an employee gift apparently given to employees as some sort of bonus or reward for something special. They look really nice still. The reason for my post was because they are stage monitors and not "heresys" per se. They only play down to about 90 Hz. After I recapped mine, they sounded like $hit and were pretty much useless when I compared them to other Heresy 1s that I own. They had no bass and could not really be used as a full range speaker. So...........I replaced the woofers with K22s and recapped them again...........but this time as E networks..........and created a pair of Heresy 1s very simply. Now they are at least listenable as a full range speaker. I use them outdoors on my patio with an old HH Scott LK-72. Just wondering how yours sound to you as they are now. How do you use them?
  10. Congrats Michael. Long time coming. Certainly worth the wait.
  11. You are funny. 😂 Buy the real ones and try again my friend. I have my own curves till I was blue in the face and Roy's from the chamber as we all do. Basically most of what you stated above is incorrect in my music room.
  12. I have measured mine plenty over the 10+ years I've owned them 🙂. I never said they were flat to 30 but easily achieve the 30s. You said they "can't create frequencies below 60"..........which of course is not right.
  13. My UJ seem to make it down into the 30s no problem. What do you mean 60?
  14. Mark Deneen had a fix for the noise. It was a grounding improvement he made on anyone's unit that got sent back. I had an early unit and probably sent it back to him 3-4 times for upgrades until all was solid. Then I ran it for almost 16 years with no issues whatsoever. I sold it to a guy in California and he blew it up the first week. I sent him the schematics and he ended up getting the rectifier circuit replaced and then sold it to someone else.
  15. Wow.......didn't even skip a beat. A year is not that long I guess.
  16. Well, there you go. A Brent Jessee special.
  17. Well, I have them both set up in the same room. Both are excellent in different ways. I'll just say that the underground Jub is a much newer design and leave it at that. But this setup offered for sale here will outdo pretty much everything Klipsch ever made with a few exceptions. I never thought I would see an almost brand new version of what I already own. My stuff is old. Someone needs to grab this up at $4K which is a great price. Find the room later.
  18. I had hiss too. I agree playing with the gains could affect and minimize it. I loved my Peach for many years. But what made the hiss go away almost completely was that I had Mark convert it to 6H30 from 6922/6DJ8. The 6922 family had more 3D/holographic presentation (but noisey tubes), and the 6H30 was cleaner but less imaging. if you could find a really clean sounding 6922 that was the way to go. Better imaging.
  19. On the Peach I had the volume control was Alps (nice!), but the channel gains were just basic pots.
  20. This is a beautiful setup. Looks brand new. I reduced my own MCM setup to a 2-way like this (plus subs). Awesome to say the least. Somebody needs to grab this setup.
  21. If someone installed stepped attentuators they should be better (less distortion) than the original pots.
  22. Something's weird about the boxes. Look at the boxes in the very first picture. One says "4592 middle", and the other says "coaxial". Weird.
  23. Minor correction. I don't believe those are 4592ND (midrange and tweeter coaxial). I believe they are just 4592 (midrange only).
  24. You finally got to hear them outside. That's awesome. 👍
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