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  1. Very nice. Someone will surely enjoy this.
  2. I know you are busy, but this is good stuff if you can find time to share. So what other controls were you able to squeeze in if any? Balance, loudness, stereo/mono/reverse stereo, CH A, CH. B ? Any of these original Scott controls? Is the circuit the Scott LK-72 preamp circuit or modified?
  3. Nice. I like the amp but I really like the miniaturized preamp.
  4. Well it would be 4 MWW singles. Much easier to handle and place.
  5. Interested in a modern MCM.........same top end as Jubs, but MWM bass cabinets?
  6. Well I discussed this already on page 2 here. But I don't have an answer for many things people do in audio and say they make better sound. I just got a $250 carbon USB cable for "improved" streaming. I swore I would never try such a thing (pricey cable). So what do you think I will hear? I have been using a $25 mono price USB cable and have been happy.
  7. I was always aware of bypass caps and that theory they improve the sound (somehow). I never tried doing that. It just does not make sense to me based on the science of how caps work and wanting to have a single clear signal path. Obviously, some folks hear an improvement apparently.
  8. When you ear tells you that it either matters or doesn't. I have my lascalas which are electrically excellent (and use passive networks) connected to the same McIntosh preamp as my Jubilees (digital processor). When I A/B them I sometimes wonder why I even own lascalas the difference is so great and they sound so smeared compared to the time aligned Jubs. Listening to just the lascalas again by themselves after a few days........hey these speakers sound darn good. Crazy hobby.
  9. It s not "length" as in a distance path. It is length of signal time travel due to charge/discharge based on differing capacitance and resistance values.
  10. As long as you stack caps with the same values the twin paths (assuming 2 caps) should not be a problem. It is when you mix caps of significantly different values you provide two paths with different timing. That is where the smear occurs.
  11. I used to stack caps all the time when I was building crossovers. I used to build the ALK ESNs which have huge cap values. That invited the stacking. When you stack caps of different values you create uneven time constants which adds smear. Until I started using active systems with time delays I didn't realize how "unclear" passive networks can be..........and how you can screw them up even worse by messing with someone's design.
  12. This is true.........my room is 16 x 26. You do not need a big room. The MCM system sounds much better than any of the Heritage even in a smallish room. I have heresys, corns, lascalas, and had Khorns. All toys by comparison. No disrespect, I still listen to the others. But there is no comparison to the sound stage and quality of sound from those others. The only caveat is my Jubs and 884 subs on the other side of the room. Depending on the music, they can sound better than my MCM..........and Roys new Jubs will certainly sound better than any old MCM setup as well.
  13. Yeah..........I have mine.........still..........always.
  14. MWM singles, fiberglass, aluminum trim. Unobtanium. The rest is a bonus as there are updated horns to use in an MCM. Someone stop your life and go get these.
  15. Sorry long gone. Will change the title to SOLD.
  16. mark1101


    Nice cabinets for 1979.
  17. mark1101


    I lucked out and found 4 singles...........long time ago.
  18. I agree with DTEL, it's best to have the front 3 speakers the same and not mix Heritage and Reference. You will definitely need a sub.
  19. I am the original owner and purchased new. 4 inputs and 8 outputs. These latest Ashly Protea digital processors are really nice clean analog sounding units. Very easy to use this unit from the front panel or with free downloadable Protea PC software and USB cable. Unit is in mint condition and comes with all original packaging and documentation. $650 / BO includes shipping to the lower 48. I will also offer 12 quality XLR to RCA adaptors for an additional $80. I used this processor with multiple RCA jack equipped amps with no noise issues whatsoever.
  20. I don't have any lighting behind my horns so you are correct the holes are not obvious.
  21. I'm originally from Syracuse. 40 winters up there. Been everywhere up that way over the years. Used to go to Canada just to buy beer. Now I hate snow. I don't to the snow very much. 🙂
  22. Steal of the century...........even if not a genuine Klipsch product. These are excellent networks.
  23. Yes 1978 is correct, my mistake. Several letters were skipped in the serialized process. I, O, Q, V, and Z. My count was off.
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