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    Main Listening Room:

    Dedicated purpose built acoustically tuned room approximately 550 sq.ft / 4400 cu. ft. Additional soundproofing with multiple layers of 5/8” OSB & Green Glue in progress.
    Speakers: Danley Sound Labs SH50
    Subwoofers: Epik Empire (four)
    Subwoofer Processor: Behringer DEQ2496
    Computer Source: Toshiba C855-S5350 Laptop. J River Media Center, 192Khz/24bit HDMI output
    Main Amplifier: NAD M32 + BluOS, HDMI, PH1 modules, Tidal Hi-Res MQA streaming
    Tuner: NAD C446 Digital Media Tuner toslink output
    Thorens TD126 MKII, SME III arm, Shure V15mr Type 5
    Linn LP-12, Origin Live PS & motor upgrade, Moerch UP4 arm, Decca Jubilee
    Phono Preamp: Audio Research SP6B
    SACD Player: Sony SCD-XA5400ES HDMI
    Tape Decks: Nakamici Dragon, *Tascam CC-222SL MK II, *Sony A7 DAT (*toslink)
    Headphones: AKG K270
    Other: Various vintage Crown, McIntosh MX135 & MC7205, Luxman MB3045 , Wright Sound Lab 3.5 Mono

    Home Theater:
    UHDTV: Samsung HU7200 55”
    Receiver: Onkyo TX-NR838
    Speakers: Klipsch RF-7 II mains, RC-64 II center, RC-7 rear/surround (vertical with horns turned 90d)
    Subwoofer: SVS PC-2000
    DVD/BluRay Player: Samsung

    Model Railroad Room:
    Speakers: Klipschorns (1976)
    Reciever: Harman Kardon AVR130
    CD Player: Denon D-600F

    Office: Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 desktop, LG Flatron M237WD

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  1. Well explains everything. I'm using four Epik Empire with two 15" each. I can dim the lights with Telarc's 1812 Overture as well as a few self-made recordings, like the 133dB SPL of fuel dragsters at Route 66 Speedway.
  2. thebes................................................................... you are so out of touch. And so wrong. In fact you've made so many wrong statements (above) that you're basically, no, unabashedly, putting your, um, ugh, dare I say "ignorance", on full display. (don't do that) 😎 I don't have time to respond to all the absurdity right now, but I shall return. In the meantime, whilst you have described "digital" as "a brash young fool speeding along in a convertible heading straight towards dead man's curve", I guess it's time to remind you of your age, and how time has passed (you by?). "DIGITAL" is no longer "young". It's been around commercially since the mid/late 70's ---- nearly half a century, thebes ------ almost as old as you? Looks to me like you're the one headed for Dead Man's Curve (along with the rest of us audio veterans). (especially the digital deniers) (who I suspect never actually heard an all digital recording and playback system even though you think you have)
  3. I've done that πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ 😜
  4. My guess is yes. According to the product promo sheet: "As part of the Klipsch Stream wireless multi-room audio system, anything you plug into the PowerGate can be selected and streamed for playback in other rooms of your house where Klipsch Stream products are located."
  5. Yes. Quite right John. And Acurus and Aragon were (are?) excellent products but they are not McIntosh or Mark Levinson (brand names).
  6. Your room is slightly smaller than mine, similar proportions. I would caution you against changing the flooring from carpet to laminate or vinyl planks. I've done a lot of acoustical experimentation with my room over the years (decades actually) and IMHO the room will be way too reverberant with Khorns. I have a thread in the Architectural section that details the history of the room including experimentation with floor coverings. FWIW the SET 2A3 amps I used always came up short on the bass. And if I played anything that required loud sustained output (like Rock, say Aerosmith) the SET amps would eventually just give up, become saturated until given a break for a few seconds. I used 50w Luxman push/pull triodes (MB3045) for most of the 35+ years in that room. Also some Crown (PSA2/275w/ch), McIntosh MC7205 (200w/ch). I recently had a McIntosh MA5300 integrated in there which sounded very nice but lacked a lot of connectivity I need. At the moment I've settled on NAD M32 (and previously had a NAD C390DD). I replaced the Khorns with Danley SH50 (100dB/w/m) about 6 years ago. The MA5300 meters showed about 20w/ch peak when the system was pretty cranked (110dB listening position).
  7. One of my John Williams favorites is Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind with Zubin Mehta conducting the Los Angeles Philharmonic (London 1978). MFSL had a high quality release of this version too.
  8. The Fantasy Film World of Bernard Hermann (Decca 1974) was a recommended "audiophile" album from one of the high-end stereo rags for a long time.
  9. Actually, that is a video of my room taken by Forum member Quiet Hollow when I first got SH50 about 6 years ago. The center channel SH50 is not sitting a subwoofer. That’s a Hartke 2x10 bass speaker. I used it to get the center SH50 center line axis approximately the same as the Belle Klipsch it replaced. I set up all 3 SH50 as close as I could to how the Khorns & Belle were set up as a point of reference. It turned out to not be so good. Everything has changed since then. The whole orientation of the room, acoustical treatment, no more center speaker, and the SH50 are now 8’-9” from the front wall and 2.5’ from the side wall, angled 30d. I use an Epik Empire subwoofer for SH50 stands. Just a quick coat of paint should make these SH50 look a whole lot better. And not be anti-Klipsch or anything (I still own Khorns and have more Klipsch than anything else) but IMO the SH50 are in another league. When you get these things out into the room and away from the front wall the soundstage depth and breadth is amazing
  10. I believe you might find what you're looking for in The Absolute Sound's The Complete Guide to High End Audio by Robert Hartley, on page 157. https://www.amazon.com/Complete-Guide-High-End-Audio/dp/0978649362 Many speaker manufacturers, including Acoustic Research & Wharfedale performed these kind of live vs recorded demonstrations. The Bell Lab experiments in "telephony" did this back in the 1930's transmitting the sound of the orchestra to another concert hall equipped with sound reproduction equipment. However, you'll find that when attending one of these live vs recorded demonstrations that the audience usually identifies the recorded sound as the live sound. As PWK said of an acquaintance of his who attended such a demonstration more than a half century ago, "the orchestra came in third".
  11. Well that's good to know. I used the "same" thing for a long time, a D60, and later a D150a
  12. Does anyone know what gear this is in the cabinet picture? What kind of hardware did PWK use?
  13. Yeah, Buffalo Milk. Creepy stuff. A young brother-in-law and his friends came up with the recipe at one of their bachelor parties. And it's true a few guys started swinging from the chandeliers, naked. And I was on my way out just as the cops were rolling up. They had a volleyball team they called The Maggot Squad. Appropriate I guess.
  14. Anybody know what equipment PWK had in this equipment console?
  15. Uh, sort of the right idea but not quite. If you really want to do this right you should use a large 40 gallon garbage can filled with ice. Similarly you could use a flushed toilet with water turned off. The original was created using the hotel room toilet. Add equal amounts of all the clears (Vodka, Tequila, Gin, etc.) for half of the mixture. For the other half add milk. For some color add a little bit of Kahlua. Within the hour people will be swinging from the chandeliers..................naked. Make sure you have your escape plan ready so you can get out before the police arrive.
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