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  1. codewritinfool

    Crites CT125 Tweeters

    I think the forum got changed out.
  2. codewritinfool

    Last of Google's CHROMECAST AUDIO - now $15

    Ya know, when you power this thing up, sure looks like a laser shining out of the 1/8” hole for a bit. I haven’t tried it yet, but I think it is a TOSLINK optical out connector too. If it is, you can use your higher-quality DAC with it for even cleaner audio.
  3. codewritinfool

    how much burn in is needed

    Dave, The thing I'd check for is the presence of microphonics. Lightly flicking a tube with your finger may produce an audible result in the output if the tube is really doing something. I'm hoping that someone with a ton more experience will comment on this.
  4. codewritinfool

    how much burn in is needed

    Be careful. I was excited about this inexpensive amp and told @Hornographic about it, and he pointed me to an online forum warning about potential fakes. Not this model, but apparently someone ordered a tube amp from China, took it apart, and discovered that the output transformer was hollow. Inside was a small solid-state amp board and associated regulators. There was a filament supply to light the tubes up, but no high-voltage supply anywhere. The audio path was wired in some way to use the tubes as path components. The tubes did nothing, other than when you removed a tube, the audio stopped for that channel. I'm now curious to see if anyone has disassembled one of these enough to see the socket wiring, check for high voltage, etc. Mind you, it was not this model (I don't think so, anyway), but if this is true it isn't cool. Edit: One of the sites talking about it is here: http://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/nobsound-fake-hybrid-tube-amp.706645/
  5. codewritinfool

    3x La Scala Needing Love

    Harp guitar... first time I ever saw that, it was Michael Hedges playing it (RIP). He was awesome. His was 10 string, I think.
  6. This seems gray enough that you should probably ask Klipsch directly.
  7. History in the making? Lol. What are you trying to do?
  8. codewritinfool

    Elekit DIY kit - experience/evaluation?

    I agree with the above. Maybe there’s a ham club near you; those folks will have many members that can solder properly and help out with checkout of the circuit or that can teach you how to solder.
  9. codewritinfool

    Top half of the Jubilees (Not cheap)

    One of the folks at Klipsch did that.... https://www.klipsch.com/blog/mini-klipsch-la-scala-speakers
  10. codewritinfool

    Chili and Klipsch

    Can I tag along?
  11. codewritinfool

    Hafler XL-280, super nice amplifier. 140watts per channel

    This is a solid amp with good reviews. I can’t believe it is still available. I’d grab it but I don’t need another amplifier!
  12. codewritinfool

    2019 Goals - what do you want to accomplish this year????

    Help my wife get better. Help my education get better. Stay on the wagon. Fix my bicycle and ride it often. Continue on my weight loss plan until I hit 200. Stay at 200. Stay employed. Listen to more music.
  13. codewritinfool

    how much burn in is needed

    Nevermind, found it. It is $549 on Amazon and $509 direct from doukaudio. Sweet amp!
  14. codewritinfool

    how much burn in is needed

    That’s a beauty. Which model is that?
  15. codewritinfool

    YouTube Music sound quality? Khorns

    Steven’s music is consistently well-recorded.