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  1. Just got my 2nd Pfizer shot early this morning. So far, I feel completely fine.
  2. Maybe you'll get to hear another one someday, one that won't break either of our backs.
  3. Looks like I posted that pic once already in this thread and I didn’t remember. Sorry.
  4. Was originally my daughter’s dog, then my wife’s, and now mine. Great dog.
  5. 1/2 vaccinated. Sore arm. Next one is May 5th.
  6. Dr. AIX posted a recent article about MQA: https://www.realhd-audio.com/?p=7258 If you want to just skip to the video he references:
  7. we also heard some norah jones, keb mo, steely dan, daft punk, the omnific, several by the aristocrats (guthrie govan), some steven wilson, and some dire straits. all wonderful, dynamic, and spectrally rich.
  8. It was a great time. The build quality is excellent, though I had one nit with that and we laughed about it - I would have used SpeakOn connectors. So for the indoor listening test, I have to be honest, I was pretty astounded at how well @MookieStl's subs performed. They held up the bottom end really well, easily on par with the THTLP at the volumes we were listening to, which was moderate to quite loud (tough to have a conversation at 30' back). Those LAB-15's were barely moving. Way way less than I thought they would in a ported-box design... even given that the xmax is low, I still expected more travel in that design topology than what I saw for the output we were hearing. We didn't get a chance to flip everything around and aim it out the dock door and crank it way up, and I even told @MookieStl that that would be the real test - to see how well they can hold up when really tasked with lots of power outside. He agreed and is planning to do that test soon enough. code
  9. Yes. If you have the room, I think the THTLP is *fantastic* with La Scalas. I’m building a T45, also by Bill Fitzmaurice, but don’t have listening opinions on that pairing yet.
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