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  1. I knew we could get this topic to tubes.
  2. In my opinion, this is the correct answer. Leave the La Scalas alone.
  3. Can you post a photo? I'm interested because I don't think I've ever seen or heard of a "runt LaScala".
  4. I thought you were having a seizure and was worried.
  5. I wonder if / how they affect the radiation pattern?
  6. I can see it. I would LOVE to go to this but I cannot. I can't believe people aren't jumping on this.
  7. Mr. Medwin, I'm not the one making outlandish and pseudoscientific claims at every turn, you are. If you make it your business to state fringe beliefs, you should expect to be challenged. I have no idea what the "Null" photo you speak of is. If you mean the "null test" video, that's not me, and that man is neither trim nor healthy, so this seems like you're inferring a personal attack. I have plenty of challenges in my life. Saying I "might have some attention deficit, or a combination of physical and mental challenges" IS certainly a personal attack. I asked a simple question about your so-called "level 3" transformer. You replied suggesting I purchase a device to improve my health. I'll take my public apology now, thank you.
  8. Are you talking about this contraption? [Moderator: I removed link, your post was a reasoned response to the off topic post you were replying to, I am just trying to save everyone from wasting their time. I am leaving the reminder of your post.] What does that have to do with a transformer? Are you suggesting that if I used one of those things I might be able to hear better? You have way too much money on your hands if you're shooting lasers up your nose.
  9. What does level 3 mean? I don’t have that kind of money; not sure I could appreciate those.
  10. That is cool. I plan to do that too. I’ll post pics when I do.
  11. Brisket and pork smoke tomorrow. A few beers too and if the weather cooperates, I plan to wheel the LS splits outside and crank them up for hours while I mind the smoker. It really takes care of itself but it is an excuse to drink beer and listen to music. Monday I dunno what I’m doing.
  12. Yeah I'm familiar with that DIY mod, but when did Klipsch ever offer it?
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