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  1. He told me he is looking forward to doing yard work.
  2. Many of you may know of Rescue Audio in St. Louis, run by Tim K. I know a few of you have purchased horns or cabinets from him in the past. He posted this today: "Rescue Audio is shutting down in 90 days. We’ll take that time to liquidate. I would like to thank ALL who made this thing happen for us in ‘18/‘19. It was a blast, we met a lot of great people, and together we were able to get some much needed help to many. Well done! The post covid AV norm cannot support this model, so it’s time to go. I’ll still be here on LinkedIn, and at the same physical address, but I’ll be using the space to house/maintain/operate my vintage hoard. I’m a personal buyer of pre 80s PA equipment, so if anyone runs into to anything that should be saved please reach out, I most likely have a home for it. Again, THANK YOU to everyone who assisted!!!! It was meaningful on many different levels and I’ll walk a better person for the experience." Now is your chance. I don't know if he still has any, but he DID have empty MCM cabs available.
  3. This is an amazing deal, can't believe someone hasn't jumped on it yet.
  4. Yeah that's an oddball for sure. Not Klipsch. OMG, it has lights and an awful paint job. It also has foam: Woofers have no slots. I bet that thing just sounds awful. Why in the world would someone do this? Not worth $3000. I'd give them $300 for the components inside, MAYBE.
  5. codewritinfool

    Babes on bass

    Tracy Wormworth
  6. codewritinfool

    Babes on bass

    Brandi Wynne
  7. I feel that Bezos is taking a substantially greater risk on his upcoming flight. Isn’t it the first crewed Blue Origin flight? …and he is taking his brother too? Wow.
  8. codewritinfool

    Mcm 1900

    nice system. if i only had a job and a truck and a place to put them.
  9. I'm hoping for a Klipsch pilgrimage event in the fall!
  10. Not what I was referring to. You answered my question by posting the SN label. The "C" in KC-BR means that these are indeed type C. No Collar. The "BR" is for raw birch. The "P" in the serial number is 1976.
  11. what's up with the collar on these? is this a C? GLWS
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