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  1. I participated in this. For most of the tracks, I could tell no difference. For the couple ones I thought I could, (and my choice was confirmed by Mark), the difference I heard was in the highs. Could be coincidental. I’m almost 54, and I don’t think my hearing above 17k is very impressive.
  2. How are the wire lengths / signal path lengths to & through the 12AX7s not different between the right channel and the left, resulting in a phase shift in the output between the L and R channels when identical source material is presented at the L and R inputs?
  3. You started with phase shift and jumped right into distortion. Phase shift is defined relative to a reference. Without the animal or human knowing the reference, "phase shift" is undefined. Am I wrong on this? Are there multiple drivers involved? You say, "the speaker" so I'm assuming one driver. I'm seriously not understanding the story.
  4. Shifted in phase relative to what? How would the animals know? Why would anyone expect that 60kHz would be a natural sound to the animals anyway?
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    Wow. Heavy is right.
  6. codewritinfool


    I thought it was a movie. Been watching it for hours.
  7. codewritinfool


    Nice recoil
  8. Roger, Roger. Good price for splits I think. Especially if they don't have any holes and if the drivers work.
  9. I've used an Emotiva DC-1 Stealth and an Emotiva XDA-2. Both sound fine to me. I think I prefer the Stealth, though.
  10. Not totally the same, but I’m adding a 16” riser under my La Scala bass bins. It is a set of Tuba30s. I’m starting a project thread soon.
  11. I put this in the lounge because originally I LOLed on it pretty hard. I write firmware for devices that are way harder to reach than DVD players, and this is the kind of thing that keeps me up at night. Some very unhappy folks in this thread: https://us.community.samsung.com/t5/Home-Theater/Blu-ray-player-BD-JM57C-keeps-cycling-on-off-whenever-plugged-in/td-p/1278935 Any of you affected? Models reported to have the BluRay Bootloop Bug so far: BD-E5900 BD-J5100 BD-J5500 BD-J5700 BD-J5900 BD-JM51 BD-JM57C HT-J4500 HT-J5500W HT-J5530
  12. Same here. Tough to easily fence speakers that weigh more than 100lbs. Just last week a neighbor a few houses up from mine had his sports car stolen from his driveway in the middle of the night. Maybe I ought to take the wheels off of my Splits.
  13. Dunno if anyone mentioned it yet, but I bought Land-O-Lakes butter the other day and the package has changed. Remember this? Can't tell you how many times in elementary school I saw one of my buddies with part of that box that had been modified a bit so you could see what was behind the box she's holding... Anyone remember that? Well, it changed to this for a little while: and now it looks like this: Oh well.
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