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  1. I did a similar thing but used a Speakon. I also did a round on the edges with a router.
  2. I left part of the HF front panel behind to cover that area of the peak. It was ultimately covered with trim in my case so I knew it wouldn't show. Essentially a 3/4" shim. Since I was rebuilding the tops anyway, it didn't matter that I lost part of the front panel.
  3. codewritinfool


  4. RIP Moving Pictures was the first CD I ever owned. Still my favorite Rush album. If you can, please donate $21.12 to your favorite cancer research organization.
  5. For those of you who know what this is, Micro-Cap circuit simulation software is now free. http://www.spectrum-soft.com/download/download.shtm From their website: Numerous features contribute to Micro-Cap 12's power. Among them are: Integrated schematic editor and simulator. Dynamic analysis updates waveforms and curves as you edit Native digital simulator Worst Case analysis to find the statistical and extreme limits of performance Smoke Analysis to assess how close the circuit is to violating maximum operating limits. Integral circuit optimizer with multiple optimization methods. Integrated active and passive filter design function Device library with over 33,000 parts. Analog and digital behavioral modeling Schematic waveform probing. On-schematic voltage/state, current, power, and condition display During the run plotting Smith charts / Polar plots. Multidimensional parameter stepping. Monte Carlo analysis. 3D plotting. Performance functions and plots Measure functions to measure circuit behavior Optimizing parts modeler Gummel-Poon, Mextram and Modella bipolar models Berkeley BSIM 1, BSIM 2, BSIM3, and BSIM4 MOSFET models The latest Philips device models, including MOS 11, 20, 31, 40, and PSP 102 Hefner IGBT model IBIS model translator Animated LEDs, switches, bars, meters, relays, stoplights, and DC motors Lossy transmission lines Jiles-Atherton nonlinear magnetics model PCB interface to popular packages Transient analysis - for investigating time domain circuit behavior AC analysis - for investigating small signal behavior DC analysis - for plotting static DC variables Transfer Function analysis - for calculating the DC transfer function Stability analysis - to find the stability limits for linear circuits Harmonic distortion analysis Intermodulation distortion analysis Extensive mathematical operators and variables.
  6. Is anything from the heritage lineup at CES this year? Like La Scalas or Klipschorns?
  7. Why can't we have a gofundme for a new server, if @Chad specs it?
  8. Your link is broken. This is the correct link: http://www.itishifi.com/2012/08/klipsch-tscm.html
  9. codewritinfool


    I have kind of a budget setup for my splits and THTLP. I used the DCS385-4 coupled with an SD100 plate amp. For my little outdoor rig, the SMSL Q5 Pro (35W / ch into 8 ohms) has a "sub out" (single RCA) that crosses over at 200Hz. The SD100 has its own level control and its own crossover control. I usually set it to around 100Hz, sometimes lower. I exclusively use my setup outdoors. @Schu is right. The trick is to balance it with the LS. Repeated listening and walking around will help get it dialed in. You don't want to notice the sub by itself. You want to hear the entire thing as one cohesive unit, without holes and without peakiness.
  10. Yeah and hopefully a party at your place someday too!
  11. You are completely missing the point of the box. You don't "listen through the darn Null Box". AT ALL. I'll let someone else explain, since I'm not capable. Have a good 2020, Jeffrey. code
  12. Thanks, guys. I was hoping to get a photo of the production log for my Klipschorns.
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