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  1. codewritinfool

    Lung cancer

    Wow, get well and get out of there!
  2. codewritinfool

    Bevel cuts with a Cabinet saw

    Well, let’s not rule out that I might be an idiot.
  3. codewritinfool

    Bevel cuts with a Cabinet saw

    The problem in my experience (with a Kreg) is that you end up sawing into the track itself once you go beyond a certain angle.
  4. codewritinfool

    La Scala ii Minnesota

    So did we decide these were bogus?
  5. codewritinfool

    LaScala Manufacture date

    Dying over here.... did you get to see them?
  6. codewritinfool

    LaScala Manufacture date

    No, I don’t know who that is, But I’ve wondered the same thing Please let us know how they look and how they sound, and be careful.
  7. codewritinfool

    LaScala Manufacture date

    Someone here pointed out to me that there's a near duplicate listing posted that says the original listing is a scam. @jackrcoxdid you have any luck talking to anyone or seeing these for yourself?
  8. codewritinfool

    Identify Klipsch Speakers

    Promedia GMX https://www.klipsch.com/products/promedia-gmx-d-5-1-computer-speaker-system
  9. codewritinfool

    Best Childhood Memories

    I had hand-me-down everything growing up, from clothes to bicycles. With 4 siblings, a "homemaker" Mom, and only my Dad working, that was the norm. I never needed anything and had a great childhood, but I wanted lots of things. We had a Western Auto store (remember those?) in my home town and their bicycle display had about 3 bikes. The same three bikes for YEARS. Whenever my Dad and I went there, I would eye up one of those bikes. I wanted it badly. One day my Dad and I went there and I went right over to the bike. He came walking over and said, "You think you could ride that all the way home?" "Huh?" "Do you think you could ride that bike all the way home?" "Yes." "Well, get on it and go." "What?" "Get on the bike and ride it home. I'll be along in a bit." I searched his eyes to see if he was serious and he was. I was grinning from ear to ear as I walked that bike out of that store. Didn't even stop at the register. The lady behind it smiled back at me. I got on it and rode it home. We lived on a really low traffic road, and I passed a tractor on the way, but no other vehicles for the 1.5 mile distance. I looked behind me and there was Dad in his truck, keeping pace. That day was the best. I rode the heck out of that bicycle for years.
  10. Also https://www.partsconnexion.com
  11. codewritinfool

    LaScala Manufacture date

    Ah, the St. Louis La Scala connection. Those are beautiful. I would listen to them as-is for a long time before changing anything. Let us know how they look in person. That Adcom amp is pretty sweet, too. That’s a Nelson Pass design.
  12. codewritinfool

    AA Crossovers

    To be clear, what are you selling? One or a pair for $50?
  13. codewritinfool

    Oh stop me now!!!

    I think that is a good deal. South County too.
  14. codewritinfool

    KHorns in Portland O

    Looks like someone added thick trim.
  15. codewritinfool

    KHorns in Portland O

    I’ve never seen front veneer like that before.