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  1. Pretty sure I heard you coming through my area when you left Tim's.
  2. Lol, oh, I meant "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" on Amazon.... and "Angie" is a gangster dude.
  3. Season 3, episode 4. There's a Klipschorn (B style) in Angie's office. Just in case anyone cares.
  4. Just get them back? Way easier than building new ones.
  5. I talked to Jimi's father once over the phone. Sent him a CD jacket to sign and return and he did. Talked to Billy Cox in person a few years ago, that's as close as I ever got to Jimi.
  6. I dig Jimi. Why’d you post Stevie playing Little Wing and not Jimi, though?
  7. codewritinfool


    Because your browser possesses a cookie to authorize viewing the hotlinked content, having visited it yourself first? Just a guess.
  8. Ivy Mike! Liquid secondary, and those are ports and tubes to facilitate measurements.
  9. Yeah, they're different but I was thinking that Chris had several sets and is in Monroe, so I thought maybe they might be part of the same group of speakers. And BTW, I won't be getting these for a myriad of reasons. I wish I could, though.
  10. Oh man I want these. Anyone know who this is or the history of this set? Here's a recent post also from Monroe, LA: Is this yours too, @Chris Kidd ??
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