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  1. Amazing system. GLWTS.
  2. codewritinfool

    What I Got Today!

    Amen to that. I remember when this baby's mother was that tiny. Reminder to love your kids, no matter what, and make sure they know it. Life is too short for nonsense and conflict.
  3. codewritinfool

    La Scala Split Project

    Post for today, a pair of HF sections completed!
  4. codewritinfool

    Heresy III

    Wow, I bet that sounds fantastic. A few La Scala's thrown in too. Unbelievable. Thanks for posting these photos!
  5. codewritinfool

    Belle: an unrequited love...

    You haven't said exactly what you find lacking. You know, like "if only they had more ......." "If only the ...... were better", whatever. Those are beautiful Belles, by the way. And cool artwork.
  6. codewritinfool

    GREAT K-Horn Project for 1200.00 near Sea World, Ca.

    My 68’s have pie logos.
  7. codewritinfool

    Heresy III

    Here it is. I bet that sounded fantastic: Here's an article about the "Lucky Cloud Soundsystem": https://www.residentadvisor.net/features/3123?comments=1
  8. codewritinfool

    Heresy III

    Pretty sure he had 7 Klipschorns in a room. He removed the top hat and elevated it about 6-8 feet to get the squawker and tweeter above the heads of partiers. Groovy setup. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. codewritinfool

    What I Got Today!

    5th Grandbaby Eleanor Louise, born at 10:05 last night:
  10. codewritinfool

    Happy birthday Eldon!

    52 here. Happy Birthday, @dtel!
  11. codewritinfool

    La Scala Split Project

    Today I got the trim cut for the 2nd HF section, and dusted off the remaining LF section. I'll post a few more photos as those two get done then a few of all four together, but with the completion of one full stack, this thread is largely done. Thanks are in order, and the big three are these: Thanks to @Hornographic for driving and helping me load up those original beat-up factory cabinets. We spent the good part of a full day retrieving them and shared one (not so good) meal at Waffle House, so he took time to do this for FREE. He's been a good friend, mentor and sometimes coworker over the past almost 20 years, and is fully bitten by the Klipsch bug. He's on the borrow-approved list. Thanks to my buddy Dave, who is also a Klipsch fanatic with a set of La Scala's. He's not on this forum, but helped me with a few decisions with these beasts over beer and music, and has also been a good friend for almost 35 years. He's also on the borrow-approved list. Thanks to @MookieStl for design ideas and 16 beautiful corners that he took the time to design. He fabricated them from raw stock, cutting, forming, welding, drilling and polishing, all for FREE in his incredible shop. This project would have stopped for a long time and maybe for good if it weren't for him. I've only known him for a few months, but I consider him a friend. He is of course on the borrow-approved list. Thanks to a bunch of others in this thread for kind words and advice along the way. And finally, I'm sitting here tonight in beautiful Missouri September air, awaiting the imminent birth of our 5th grandchild Eleanor, while tending this fire with my canine sidekick: That wood on top is the old top section (complete with hideous handle cutout) from one of the factory La Scala's. I'm tipping a glass to PWK. I know it is just plywood, but it came from Hope and was maybe once touched by the man himself. Thanks to PWK for designing the speakers we all love, and, in a way, making this project possible too. Thanks, everybody!
  12. codewritinfool

    La Scala Split Project

    Thanks all, one more set to go! Far cry from this mess. Look at the nasty moldy gloss paint and the hacked side handles:
  13. codewritinfool

    La Scala Split Project

    How's this?
  14. codewritinfool

    La Scala Split Project

    Yep, coming up!
  15. codewritinfool

    La Scala Split Project

    Good idea. What I could have also done was to paint the side white, put the vinyl on, then paint the side black over the vinyl. Then peel off the vinyl, revealing the white.