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  1. Wow I forgot all about those. They were everywhere. I'm reading The Curve of Binding Energy by John McPhee, which is mostly about physicist Ted Taylor.
  2. Bump: $80 plus shipping. Still includes extra tubes. I won't lower it any more. This is it.
  3. That's the cardboard box the base comes in.
  4. bump, $85 plus shipping. Still includes the extra tubes.
  5. I think mine is. It's a slab. On bedrock.
  6. Well, maybe. Maybe it is because if you touch it you'll turn into a fossil.
  7. No. I'm fresh out of green sharpies too.
  8. bump, $90 plus shipping. Still includes the extra tubes.
  9. Hey, that's a nice looking THTLP laying down on the left there.
  10. FS: Miniwatt tube amp, purchased here in 2021, about two hours on it while in my possession. A good little amp to get your feet wet. Includes an additional EIGHT (8) NOS Soviet 6P1's and additional pair (2) of the NOS Western Electric 403b's. $99 plus actual packing/shipping from 63025.
  11. codewritinfool


    My K-400 and K-401 horns are no longer for sale thanks to high shipping costs.
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