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  1. You’d also have to learn about the apostrophe. For the most part, just stop using them. It doesn’t mean, “Look out, here comes an S!”
  2. “Daisy chaining” GFI’s can cause nuisance trips downstream. I don’t understand why you’d want to do that anyway. Typically for a branch circuit, you’d identify the first receptacle in the chain and put the GFI there, then parallel downstream outlets on the circuit powered from the load side of the GFI. Call an electrician.
  3. This one is from Wal Mart. Can't remember the color name right now.
  4. Well, I've said this before.... The room is too small for them. I have a little two-seater bench seat on the opposite wall, but the sweet spot is tiny if you sit down. Standing up the sound is pretty great too, maybe better. But.... When you've wanted Klipschorns your entire adult life and finally find some, you make space for them. The only space I had was my workshop. So, for now anyway, this is their home.
  5. That entire building is sheathed with 1/2 plywood inside and out because I could get 3' x 4' pieces of it for free. No drywall present. The painted panels are thin luan underlayment, held in place around the perimeter by brads. Additionally, brads are used underneath where the foam pieces are glued down. The total plywood everywhere means every spot is a nailing surface. The exception is the small area behind the TV mount where you can probably read "no nail". The reason is that I added this outlet late in the game and just notched the 2x4 to run the romex. So, I put up the trim pieces first, then cut the luan panels to fit, then nailed them in place. I hope that answers your question.
  6. codewritinfool


    Oh man, reminds me of these: Warning, they are AWFUL.
  7. The same trim as used on the walls (1x4) is used at the tops of the walls. The corner foam is acoustical foam. The room basically sounds more dead to me now, and I know it sounds better to my ears (as good as that can be....) I can hit metal together or snap my fingers and can perceive no echo. I need to measure it; I know that isn't very scientific. I didn't set out to stagger the foam like that, but wanted to use the foam I had and still see the wall and trim color, so that spacing is how it came out. It could be better, as is often the case with home projects, and maybe my home projects in particular. This image may help you - it looks really bad blown up like this! I intend to put quarter round at the edges of the 1x4s to hide the panel gaps and the brads. We'll see if that gets done since it sounds great and I'm 90% there.
  8. 11 x 9. Too small, I know, but it is the only space I have. I will be happy to share a wider view once I get the floor and the other two walls done. Right now it is two walls and the ceiling. This is about as wide as I can get at the moment, and I had to turn the lights off to stop the glare. BTW the TV bracket is offset a bit in order to hit studs. The TV will, of course, be centered. The framed things are Klipschorn ads I found in old magazines. The ceiling trim geometry was solely dictated by the attic access panel. I wish it could have been better, but hey, this isn't TOO bad...
  9. This is a bad photo, but the stained-glass window is fake. I built it, even incorporating a piece of plexi-glas I found in mom&dad's basement. It has an LED panel behind it that is dimmable. I haven't built the circuit yet, but the idea is to have a light sensor on the outside of the workshop near the attic vent that detects the level of light, then the circuit translates that into a dimming voltage for the panel. That way the stained glass window shows the proper light level that is really outside.
  10. Well, two of them have stories for sure, thanks for asking. The radio was built by my grandfather, so my grandmother told me. I never knew him, and she's been gone 41 years. She knew how much I loved stuff like that, and even though I was a just a boy she knew I'd hang on to it. The headphones came with it. It has a single 4-pin tube in it. The terminals on the left are ANT and GND, and the terminals on the top right are for headphones, and the remaining four on the right are for A and B battery connections. The leftmost knob is a giant variable capacitor, the middle one is a rheostat, and the rightmost knob is a giant coil-within-a-coil mechanism. The tube has what appears to be a tubular diode or something attached, perhaps as a detector? I dunno. I've never powered it up, though I have the supplies to do so. The whiskey bottle was the "medicinal whiskey" from my parents kitchen cabinet in the house where I grew up. When mom died in 2018, we were cleaning out the house and I found the bottle. It was empty, lol. I kept it. In this photo there isn't, but now there is a protective pad (doily?) on top of the KHorn that this stuff is resting on. The coffee cup speaks for itself. Stolen from PWK. I'm not much of a decorator, but these things remind me of family and of home. The floor is concrete with a rug on it, but I'm seriously considering a laminate wood floor with the rug on THAT, just to give it a more comfy feel. Still working on the other two walls - more lights to hang and foam to put up.
  11. I've been busy during COVID working on my small listening space. It is in a building out behind my house with 240V power, heat & a/c, internet and phone. I will probably post more photos if there is interest, but thought y'all might like a couple of teasers. There is supposed to be a large TV on the bracket (you probably guessed that) but I don't have one yet. Ceiling detail: The foreground center ceiling panel is attic access.
  12. Mine is not really a mountain bike and not fancy like y'all's Treks, but I have a GT Timberline All Terra that I really dig. It has the weird Hobson Easyseat, but hey, if you want your junk to work later in life, look into that. I use it around here a bit on the streets and a lot on the trails. The hard ride keeps me mostly on the road. Still, I love it and try to do 3-5 miles every day, weather permitting.
  13. Tell me about it. I have two UPA-2 amps for sale and nothing.
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