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Community Answers

  1. Depends on who is in the other chair.
  2. Saw Barenaked Ladies @ Redrock a couple months ago. They put on a very good show.
  3. i doubt cast aluminum would polish up. Kinda like the corner pieces of the trim. You can be the first to try it and report back, but I doubt you will like the look. Also getting deep into the horn would be a challenge. You can see how much of my paint was gone after the power wash. What was underneath wasn't pretty.
  4. I used an enamel paint on my horns after removing them and pressure washing them. I believe they are cast aluminum. I am not sure on the face. My guess would be any good latex. Hard to see in your photos, do yours have the fiberglass? If not, the exohyde Nick used (or duratex) would work. You can thin them with water and use a smooth roller or brush on and avoid the texture, if you don't like that. Any paint will work for the logo, even a vinyl ink for a cleaner look. I use what is easy to clean up, cuz I tend to make a mess.
  5. @nickyboy6100 those sure turned out nice. What mid driver do you have in there? @CWOReilly Not sure how I missed your question on the trim. If the damage is unsightly, just brush out the scratches and then use scotchbrite to polish it up a bit. Yes you are removing the anondize but that only keeps it from oxidizing. Will look much better when you're done. If it starts to dull, get the scotchbrite out again. Touch ups are much easier.
  6. Hope everything goes as planned Bruce. Take it easy and let everything heal properly. I never do but like to give advice I don't follow.
  7. Recognize it? That's how I knew Dave's setup would sound so nice. Your THTLP worked great with my 4 LS! I can only imagine two subs and two LS.
  8. That door seems to rattle at times. Not sure why!
  9. That looks great Dave. Beautiful room that I am sure sounds as good as it looks. Keep up the good work! I think it still might need a little more cow bell. You should be able to fit another set of LS in that room. the furniture may have to go but.......... It's a fun ride, but you have to know when to get off. Some never figure it out!
  10. Another advantage of the splits is they can be stacked like legos, just for fun!
  11. Definitely not Carl!! Plus he'd be complaining about needing a sub, blah, blah, blah.
  12. depends on who is in the other chair!!! 😉
  13. This pic used to get a lot of mileage on the Forum back in the day. The ultimate LS experience.
  14. I've said it many times (too many??) that the great outdoors is the best way to listen to LS. Good luck.
  15. Plus one on the DE-120. The Crites version is definitely a step up from the K77 and going one step further with Daves SMAHL is even better. Best upgrade I think I have ever done (at least in the top 2 or 3)
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