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  1. CS-1 build

    It wont set you back anything. Get me the dimensions and the next chance I get, I'll route em out for ya.(may be a week or two)
  2. CS-1 build

    @Shaun K the front motorboard can be knocked out fairly easy from the back side. Be gentle and you wont harm anything. Try to cut for the new horn configuration. If you ruin it, I'll cut you a new one (or two). No charge. Now you don't have an excuse, get to cutting.
  3. Walnut Chorus in Denver CO

    Still building "stuff" everyday. Not always as cool as a speaker build, but.......
  4. Walnut Chorus in Denver CO

    How are your Chorus' doing!
  5. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    With that much cash, you can get one of those cool Porsche mini-vans!
  6. Sansui G-22000 Monster receiver

    @Woofers and Tweeters James, I've only met you once, but I have to call BS on this one.
  7. Picking up my new sub tomorrow

    I've met him! More like 4'8"! There's only like 9 or 10 people in St. Louis. We were bound to run into each other.
  8. Picking up my new sub tomorrow

    @timdog5000 sorry to hear about the injury. I knew they were big but that photo of you standing next to it really illustrates the massive size of that bad boy. I will add that photo to my collection of pics to show others (mostly my wife) to confirm that there are people out there crazier than me.
  9. Anti- Intellectualism

    It saddens me that you had to post this too. It saddens me even more that I read it. You do have some good points, but I hope for humanity's sake that you numbers are exaggerated. I am afraid to google the 25 million stat for fear you are right! I am going to put my head back in the sand now or better yet, follow your lead and crank my Belles
  10. Value of Belle Klipsch other questions.

    No expert here by any stretch of the imagination but I have heard many versions of x overs in Belles and LaScalas. I replaced the dreaded AB in my first set of Belles with the 4500 from Crites along with the tweeter upgrade from him as well. I cannot tell you how much the improvement was due to the xover and how much was due to the tweeter, but it was a very noticeable one. They sounded good before the upgrade and great afterwards. As for the 200hz "shelf", I don't notice it at all, but am an admittedly lousy "critical listener"! I rarely turn my sub on, but I did build a pair of Lil' Mike's 25hz tapped horn subs and cross them over just under 100hz. Very exaggerated bass if I go any higher. Leads me to not buy into the 200hz concern. Just my 2 cents. Get them in and get them set up. Then listen more and read less.
  11. Picking up my new sub tomorrow

    I would think that 3 LS's across the front and that new sub would be hard to beat. Did that guy end up selling them or did you get cold feet? Regardless, your system will still be great.
  12. Picking up my new sub tomorrow

    What up Tim Dog! is this the sub your kids plan to bury you in?
  13. Value of Belle Klipsch other questions.

    Belles and La Scalas do sound almost identical. I have two pair of each with one of the LS pair being industrial splits. All good and hard to distinguish any difference. The room they are in makes more of a difference than if you use LS or Belles. LS II may be a step up but at a big price upgrade. If you are looking to pay that kind of money for Belles, and then pay for high priced veneer, you may want to go the LS II route. I over paid ($2200 w/ AB x over) for my first pair of Belles but don't regret it for a minute. The sooner you get them, the sooner you get to start enjoying that beautiful sound they produce.
  14. Speakerlab 7?

    Not sure who they were using in 1980. My 6's had a mid driver shown in this pic. By the time I built my 7's, they were the Super 7's, without horns.
  15. Speakerlab 7?

    I was a Speakerlab fan for years. I discovered Klipsch first and that I couldn't afford them second. Speakerlab offered "klipsch-like" speakers in kit form that I could actually afford. I probably built a dozen pairs. My first pair were the 6's in 1980. Much like the drivers you see in yours but with just the 12". They had also modified their horns to be "Wave Apertures" which I can't explain fully. The next year, I wanted to build the 7's but they had switched to a 6.5" cone mid and a leaf tweeter (the 10" woofer also switched to poly cone). Still built a pair and loved them. Later on I added a pair of Cornwalls that I ended up selling to a friend and kept the 7's. Probably favored them simply cuz I built the cabinets. The sixes are still rocking, with a few repairs. I have 4 of the 12" woofers (W1208R) and two of the 10" (W1008R) just sitting around if anyone is interested. Some might still work.