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  1. You're the third person I heard say that so far today. He must be a jerk.
  2. Slapped a piece of alum angle on a (kinda) similar color stain to get a feel for it.
  3. Going to do it again in two weeks. We do a few projects on the house to help his kids with the upkeep before kicking back at a bonfire. It is an oasis for several of us. You can almost hear PF playing in the background. We wait for the fire to burn down some before cuing up "Wish You Were Here"!
  4. took a little longer than I thought, but happy for you and the buyer
  5. I don't want to bring the discussion down, but my favorite PF song is now "Wish You Were Here". Lost my best friend to cancer last year, a close friend for over 50 years. He had a place way out in the wood that we would go to and listen to music at sometimes very loud levels (4 LSI can do that especially outdoors). We had many favorites and that was one. Our old group still goes out to his place and crank the stereo while sitting by a bonfire. This song for obvious reasons bring us all to tears as we will raise a glass. No one speaks (probably because we can't) Goose bumps just typing this. Great song.
  6. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Please alert me if you ever do it again. Thanks in advance.
  7. Did you just say there is something (anything) we can all agree on?? Are you sure?
  8. I've only seen that in pictures but looks very nice. I have a pair of LSI splits, maybe i should build new cabinets in Birch and put the trim on........nah! too much work. They are fine they way they are.
  9. I really like the alum trim. I like it with the black texture and I am a big fan of it with the birch, but not sure about the darker veneer. Don't see why not, just cant visualize the end result. I threw some trim on a natural set of H1's just to see prior to putting it on the black duratex one it was intended for. Should have slapped it on the darker set just for kicks.
  10. If you are sure it works, I'll take it. PM payment details and I'll let you know where to ship. No rush.
  11. If I trade all my stuff to Pete for all of his stuff, that only upgrades my collection not his!
  12. I need to purge as well. I have just as much "stuff" as you do! Your stuff is nicer though!
  13. If there is one thing I cannot stand, it is when someone gives me a gift, then wants to borrow it!!! 😀 He should have been more than happy to let you use them. The fresh duratex was a bonus. Nice Klipsch tags too.
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