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  1. MookieStl

    behold, the Wraptor ;) (truck graphics write-up)

    Four! Nice truck, even nicer graphics. I have Ford and Chevy trucks so I will stay out of that debate. Put the Klipsch graphics on it and I don't care if it is Chevy or Ford, I'll drive it.
  2. MookieStl

    What were Chorus cabinets made out of?

    I rebuilt a pair of Chorus I for a fellow forum member several years back. It sure looks like plywood in this photo from the thread - motorboard and even the sides look like plywood. I would have sworn the balance of the cabinet was MDF of some sort as the original cabinets were waterdamaged and flaking like MDF or some type of particle board. BUT I am going by memory and that usually gets me in trouble.
  3. MookieStl

    Industrial La Scala X4 Auction just sharing

    It is actually fiberglass over the plywood, so basically a little heavier (with a tough outer layer). I was shocked how heavy just the bass unit of my LSi splits was compared to normal LS. I was hoping they would be "light"(ish)! I can only assume these will jump in price as the close gets near. Good Luck Madman
  4. MookieStl

    4 - Sale / Klipsch Jubilees' or KPT-KHJ-LF

    dibs on the free Jubes! I can pick up.
  5. MookieStl

    4 - Sale / Klipsch Jubilees' or KPT-KHJ-LF

    Dang Richie, I haven't even made it by to listen to these yet!!! Hearing Jubes is on my bucket list! Guess I had better hurry over to that side of the state (actually cross the border) before they're gone. Whatever you replace them with will have to be pretty spectacular. I'm sure it will all make sense when we get "the rest of the story"!
  6. MookieStl

    Pro Aluminum trim

    I took an old beater pair of LS and did a revamp to look kinda like the pro series. I went on the cheap and just used 3/4" angle and beveled the corners. Tuned out nice for only a few bucks worth of aluminum. Not too dissimilar from the ones in the old Klipsch add above. I also have a pair of legit LSi splits, and the genuine corner pieces look much cooler, but I like them both. Finding the real deal is not easy but show up from time to time. (sorry for the sideways pics, too lazy to fix)
  7. MookieStl

    What I Got Today!

    Somebody owes us a build thread! We could us a good build thread instead of all the BS threads we've been subjected too lately.
  8. MookieStl

    T18 Subwoofer Project

    I'm getting a little dizzy looking at that build. The tapped horn was a little less complicated.
  9. MookieStl

    T18 Subwoofer Project

    Yeah, HT is not an option for the 25 hz tapped horns unless you add more of them, but that kinda defeats the purpose of them. I am using them strictly for music in a small room and they work well, not to mention fit perfectly under the Belles (no more floor space needed) I may try the T18 next time i am looking for a project. Thanks @M_Klipsch great looking (fun) project.
  10. MookieStl

    T18 Subwoofer Project

    I used two Anarchy 25hz tapped horn (Lil' Mike) for use with my Belles. (Had to use two to keep up in a small room similar to your's). I picked that one based on size and an extreme shortage of space in the room. I put them on their side and set the Belles on top. I really like the sound and the way they blend together. BUT, I have nothing for comparison other than direct radiator subs that I did not care for when mixed with the horn woofer section of the Belle. My question is, how would these subs compare? Has anyone heard both (I think Carl has). I am just curious as I sometimes build just for the fun of it and this looks like a fun project. I am not looking for coffin size subs (yet)! Anyone?
  11. MookieStl

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    This was recorded here in St. Louis. 50th anniversary party for KSHE 95 great rock radio station, stays true to the classics. People are still talking about this girls performance. Most didn't know what to think other than "how cool was that"! Thanks for sharing, I had only heard about it.
  12. MookieStl

    What I Got Today!

    Numbers don't mean anything! I built a Pinto from scratch with all 2ga wires.......oh wait, wrong thread. Sorry! Carry on.
  13. MookieStl

    What's the weather like where you're at?

    Good news is, there looks to be a warming trend! 18 by Thursday! Enjoy the thaw!
  14. MookieStl

    Thanks for voting! Our town won for Season 4!!!

    Good to hear Searcy is top of the list. Many moons ago, I used to stop in back when Prince Gardner made personal leather goods there. Always seemed like a nice town.