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  1. The back plate on the K-55M has been known to get loose and vibrate. This can sound like distortion at times. A little silicone caulk will hold it in place. Quick and easy fix (IF that is the problem). Worth a try.
  2. Yeah, I was in the 100% area and the eclipse was very cool, but fell well short of the hype! We had several people take off work worried about the traffic, but that too was over blown. Glad I saw it, but once it was over it was back to work.
  3. Decided to google them and you are right, they needed a revolving door for their line up! Many additions and subtractions. Just for fun, I went on ebay and bought a copy of their third (originally bootlegged) album that CBS refused to release due to poor sales of the first two releases. I will be anxious to hear it.
  4. Neil, you got me by 10 years. I have my 40th high school reunion next month, but I was the youngest of 5 kids so your playlist brings back a lot of memories. Interesting to see how old some of those songs are. I guess some stayed on radio playlists longer than others and just don't seem as old. Maybe they just aged better! I'm sure you'll see examples of that at your reunion.
  5. I have always been a big Pavlov's Dog fan. They were a local band here in St. Louis (they were mostly from a small burb next to south StL called Maplewood). Glad to see they reached halfway across the world too. The album is very well done and every song is strong in its own right. Not sure why they never made it bigger. Signed a large two album deal and then faded away. Used to do a few reunion concerts from time to time and I believe the lead singer, David Surkamp still lives in the area. I bought an original pressing that was used for promotional purposes (given to radio stations etc) of their first lp as I had heard them in concert and loved the sound.
  6. Huh oh! I bondo'd the heck out of my LS's prior to Duratex. Seems to be holding up ok. The one in the back was worse! These babies had led a rough life!
  7. Kappa 15c. $100 each at Parts Express. Many here have tried it and like it very much. Claude has been touting it for several years now. I would say it is equal to the K33 and handles a little more power just like the k43. I currently run 4 sets of speakers (2 Belle, 2 LS) utilizing 4 different pairs of woofers, K33s, K43s, Crites cast frames and the Kappa 15c s each driving one set. I like them all and would be hard pressed to give you a clear winner. All four perform wonderfully IMO
  8. I cant decide if I should put "was there a time we didn't agree" or "well then this time you get to be right"! I normally stay middle of the road in the "this option vs that option" as it is usually subjective and based on personal tastes or experience. I will usually just state something I have tried and liked or didn't like. For some reason, this time when I looked at the photo it was clear "this is right and this is wrong"! I knew Diz would know it was tongue in cheek! Plus it is a very tame topic.
  9. Diagonal by a very wide margin! IMHO, but I happen to be right.
  10. +1 Good vibe heading your direction!
  11. There is another site you can try. They make a lot of case hardware - Penn Elcom. You might find something there that you like better. Those corner pieces used in the industrials are hard to match. I did find a slightly more interesting alum angle on this site. It has a couple reveals that make it give it a different look. I put it next to the smooth I used in my "clones" Good luck.
  12. if you do a search on this forum for "Black Betty", you will find a nice pair of black LS's that member Matthews redid. He went with a higher gloss than I am assuming you want, but gives some insight into the process he used. He also added grills.
  13. All depends on what you're after or willing to spend. When I rescued a pair of POS La Scalas, I just cut and mitered some 3/4" x3/4" aluminum angle. The project was done on a shoestring budget and turned out nice, but not as nice as the prefab trim on true Industrial Klipsch. I did not anodize mine since I did not care if it starts to oxidize over time. You would have to have it anodized after you cut the pieces or the cut edges and any spots you deburr, will look different. The correct trim does show up from time to time in the garage sale section or ebay. I am pretty sure Klipsch does not sell them, could be wrong. Parts express does have some corner treatments that also work well. I have both Industrial and Industrial wanna be's and I like both looks but the "real thing" has a cooler appearance (IMO), but will be costly. The fancy trim doesn't sound any better. .
  14. Not my garage! I have a small woodshop at my work and I like to set a good example and leave it cleaner than I found it when doing a project there. I would guess my garage and yours probably look about the same. Here is a photo taken in my garage when working on a different project. A little more "lived in"!
  15. Looks like a cool project Diz, keep us posted and you know we love photos. I rebuilt a pair a Heresys a couple years ago, it was a fun build, not too complicated and well worth the effort.