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  1. I have used the Delta Pro 12LFA several times with good results using both a 4" round rear port or a 1" x 14" front slot port (HIP). I don't have a lot to compare it to other than a sock set of Heresy with the K-22 and the bass response is night and day different (better) IMHO
  2. Is that a "supplement/enhancement" joke? I take that every day, but just so I don't roll out of bed.
  3. I can fake it for a loooong time. But I was thinking your pool area for my winter home when I retire and that looks like it might not be a good plan.
  4. Does the pool come with them? I'll start being nice to you if it does.
  5. This would have been a perfect time to implement the BS button they keep saying they are going to add to our "like" options. Your story, tell it your way.
  6. Did so, as suggested but only through my Super Heresy not any of my big boy speakers. It did kick hard and a good test of a speaker. Not a favorite song (although I do have that album somewhere) but a cool song when you are listening to your system and not the music. I have a handful of songs that I listen to regularly on my gear but push the button when they come on in my car. That will make sense to the people here but nowhere else.
  7. she watches crime shows, knife is too obvious.
  8. I was in the basement and my wife yelled down the stairs, "do you feel a sharp pain in your back like someone is stabbing you?" I told her no. A short time later, she said "How about now?!?!" Should I be scared?
  9. Just having a little fun. I've heard both and like them both. I am never one to push my preferences on anyone. I have friends with Bose that are very happy. I am happy for them, just can't hang out with them anymore.
  10. I was enjoying your hunt and was following along until you posted that your Chorus 1 sounded better than your La Scala. now you've lost me 😀! I guess that is why Baskin Robins has 32 flavors!! Enjoy your new speakers.
  11. MookieStl

    What I Got Today!

    I'm in for the fourth
  12. MookieStl

    Big Cold

    "all where drive"??? If that is the same as "all over the place", my wife drives like that too.
  13. I've been using the Eminence 12LFA woofer in my last Super Heresy and HIP builds with great results. Just found out they have pushed the backorder to 3/15!! Was due to ship by today. Guess I will have to wait. Still looking for trim for this one. Can use old beater set from a doner HIP or can modify a set from a bass bin of an LSI! Keep an eye out for me. I am only on this forum and watch ebay. Might be something out there I am missing.
  14. Well happy birthday!! Put another drink on Chucks tab from me!!!!
  15. I bought a pair of LSi splits from a member that had been using them as rear surrounds!!(WTH??) I do believe he was going larger!!
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