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  1. Off topic: @The Green Hornet, what is the story behind your avatar. I actually had a bottle opener that had that same four eyed dude. Never figured out the meaning. On topic: I have small tapped horns that seem to play well with my Belles. Adds to the bottom end nicely. I have only heard one true horn sub and that was a THTLP that belongs to @codewritinfool It was very nice. Filled in the lower octaves with authority and never drew unwanted attention to itself like many DR subs that I have heard tend to do.
  2. We do consider catfish to be seafood, so maybe we are "coastal"! I am on the West side of the river, so still mid-west!
  3. I apologize for apologizing on your behalf. No coast near here. Riverbank maybe.
  4. Sorry Chuck, we midwesterners normally have better manners than that. We are known to be polite and honest. Richie was out of line. I apologize for his behaviour. And yeah, she could kick you a$$!
  5. Your nearfield speakers blew you toupee off again! Stop leaning in front of them.
  6. Yes, his son Michael is running it. Sorry to hear about your dad.
  7. That is a great thread. Back when people actually talked about speakers on this forum. Hmmm Michael Colter asked the exact question that I had in my head, should you not use a 55M with an AA. I have two pair of LS both with AA. One has a 55M the other the Atlas PH-5VH. Bob doubts we can hear it and I believe him. Still curious. I have a A4500 that I might try in my LS just for kicks if I get real bored one day. As suggested, doubt I'll hear a difference, I rarely do.
  8. I could be wrong (it happens) but the PD-5VH rolls off steeply long before the 6000 hz crossover point in the A or AA. Did the original 55V do that as well.
  9. Listened to it on my Belles. Sounded nice to me. Never heard of her before. Pleasant voice for sure. I can't help but think something is not working quite right in your Belles.
  10. Yeah, but I will get the itch to build something else and I sure as heck don't need any more speakers! Will have to wait as we are crazy busy at work and just stared a reno project at my daughters house that will take several months......
  11. The boxes are tuned to 37 hz +/- and the crossover is set at 30 - 106hz. (30 is as low as the amp allows, 25 is what Eminence recommends to "protect your investment") That could explain the lack of movement. (xmax is 11.8mm) There was no lack of spl though. I know you and Code will probably talk me into folded horn subs someday, but I made it through last weekend without hurting myself, so I am considering it a win as that was my main objective.
  12. I have two pair of each and love them all equally. As Richie said, the physical differences are the K400 mid horn is longer than the K500 in the Belle. The Belle is not as deep but is wider. The Belle is prettier. The LS is a work horse. I have Belles in my living room and basement. I do not think the LS have been in the house. I use them in a warehouse and outdoors. They shine in that application. l would be hard pressed to notice any difference in sound at normal listening levels. I think the LS are better when you want to piss off the neighbors. I would not pick one over the other, just use them for different purposes. The Belles aren't that much harder to move around except that you have to be more careful cuz they are purdy. The new LS II and newer have combined the best of both worlds as they have the larger horn but are now made to look nice.
  13. Can also be used as nearfield speakers.
  14. Ok, back to the listening session. When the rain stopped, we were ready for a jam session out by the bonfire. Setup is about 35-40 yards from speakers to lawn chairs. The project was a huge success. These two subs driven with a crown amp with a bandpass DSP set @ 30 hz and 106 hz were more than capable of keeping up with the LS at very high volume levels. Outdoors and at that distance, you don''t get the punch in gut bass but you do pick up that low end thump. I really think that we used to turn the volume up to try and achieve the thump that just isn't there in LS although they always sounded great. Now with the bottom end filled in, you can listen at lower overall volume and not feel like anything is missing. Don't get me wrong, I have sat at that bonfire with two and sometimes four LS and was very pleased. This just was icing on the cake. May have to find another way to transport these speakers but plan on doing it again soon with four LS and the two subs.....even more icing.
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