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  1. I've used with subs (just what i had laying around). Nice addition. I do like the quick hitting (mid) bass of the LS all by itself though. I do have a couple tapped horns in my living room with my Belle's that do add a little. I didn't know I even need a sub until i read it here. I ain't real bright. @codewritinfool has a THTLP that i plan to audition some day, this virus thing has prevented us from doing it so far this year. @Frzninvt i apologize for Carl crapping on you thread so much, i try to set a good example.
  2. That was five years ago! Hasn't bothered me yet! Stop putting imaginary imperfections into my head! Next you'll tell me that LS need a sub!!
  3. Jerry!!! (< in my best Newman voice) @rockhoundHe is responsible for me getting a single set of trim that forced me to build an HIP!! He and @longdrive03 Almost done.
  4. Every time I sit on my patio listening to my tiny outdoor speakers and my 8" sub, i think of you on your patio with a pair of LSI splits blasting and I wonder where I went wrong in life. EV's??!!??
  5. How are those patio LS performing? Meet with your approval?
  6. no, wood and aluminum back side:
  7. no, not even close. that is simple aluminum angle I had laying around. But it is typical 6063 T5 aluminum that should be somewhat close to the material used in the OEM. The trim I showed in the post before this one is OEM trim for a HIP that I built a new cabinet for, just haven't finished yet. I do have a legit pair of LSI splits with the OEM trim as well, but have not (as yet) attempted to pretty up. They look good to me a little road weary. But don't have them in a permanent place indoors. Just use in my shop or outside at functions that need good clean music.
  8. Either pad works for this purpose. Just start gently and only add pressure if needed. I posted a piece of trim i had to DA sand first then use scotch brite in another thread. I only did half to see how it would turn out. This piece had deep gouges. Looks nice. Yes it will oxidize over time but will still look nice. If concerned, re anodize, but that adds cost. I have a set of LS that i rescued and covered in Duratex. I put bare aluminum on the edges, buffed lightly to shine up. They are not as bright as before, but after 5 years, look nice. These have been outside many times as well. If you have time, do a small patch on the bottom and see what it looks like. If you want to anodize, you will have to clean up well as it will show any blemish, but you can also pick a handful of colors if you so choose. You can also look up powder coaters in your area. They can do really cool things these day. Make it look like chrome, paint any color, even do a protective clear coat. That may be another option.
  9. Hadn't been out in my shop for a few days. When i got out there, I am pretty sure they started building a still. I'll wait to see how the shine turns out before deciding to tear it down!
  10. Sorry for your loss John.
  11. If your wife doesn't like the looks of your Escalade, you can take off all the fancy trim work and decals, reupholster the seats, etc. Then you have the Tahoe she always wanted. Makes sense.
  12. These are desirable the way they are (reserving final decision until photos are posted) to someone, just not your wife. You would be creating a lot of work for yourself to "change" these. You would be better off selling these and buying another pair (non industrial) to refinish and make look good. It may be a little bit of a hassle finding another pair but would be worth it. The restoration would be easier and probably turn out better. There's my two cents and worth both pennies.
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