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  1. MookieStl

    2019 LaScala AL-5 ME Edition (Coming Soon)

    I like the manufacturing techniques being used. They look like efficient ways to make strong square boxes. The inlayed boards (fitted into the dados) are very strong. The lining up of the veneer is obviously spot on. All good with me if it helps keep them being built in the good ol US of A. I am in manufacturing and get the importance of keeping cost in line and still producing a high quality product. I would imagine the number of FDs (factory defects) is way down as well. A couple lifetimes ago, I used to travel through Arkansas working with the many shoe manufacturers in the area. Most are gone now due to manufacturing costs of labor intensive products that were an easy target for imports. Sound quality and aesthetics are as good or better. For normal use, as strong as needed. Don't drop them, but that is good advice for any build. Just one man's opinion. Enjoyed the video, thanks for posting. Stay warm Richie.
  2. MookieStl

    CF3's in Minnesota, Nice Price Too.

    Good to see those Chorus again! I will be interested to hear your take on them compared to the CF3s. Shocked to see that the 3's are actually larger than the Chorus (knew the 4s were)! Hope they aren't getting squeezed out!
  3. I've driven further for less (a lot less)!
  4. MookieStl

    What to do with this?

    Pretty sure PWK couldn't drop the crossover to 4.5kHz as long as he wanted to use the K77. Judging by the number of speakers he put the K77 in, I assume he liked that driver. But I really don't know, I wasn't there. Now that they are using a different HF driver in the LSII they dropped the x over to 4500. But, I'm sure you know all this.
  5. MookieStl

    Purchasing Chorus ii or Cornwall ii???

    I have had Cornwalls and rebuilt a pair of Chorus 1s for another member here and liked both very much. Chorus slightly more. I do think the LS would trump either by a wide margin. Bass not as low but very present and quick hard hitting as well as room filling. After seeing the size of your room, K horns are in order. In my opinion, light years ahead of Chorus or Cornwall. If the pair you are looking at for 2400 are decent, grab them. You wont be disappointed. If you want to change after that, they would hold the value easily.
  6. MookieStl

    What to do with this?

    If you have any loose / flaking paint on your horn a small wire brush then a good hard powerwasher will help. I have it easy with a paint booth at work, but have used rustoleum in the past with good results.
  7. MookieStl

    K-510 pic needed of "broken" horn

    get the real deal and help the museum as well. https://www.ebay.com/itm/PWK-Klipsch-Coffee-Cup/382708425279?hash=item591b33223f:g:7CYAAOSwcW9boA0j:rk:1:pf:0 I did!
  8. MookieStl

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Thanks Gia!! Hard to pee without freezing your "naughty bits"!
  9. MookieStl

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Oh, we don't believe any of our own BS, we just don't stop anyone and interject facts into a good story. Our real lives were/are way to boring to not put a little jam on the bread.
  10. MookieStl

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    It's not "work" if you love what you do!
  11. MookieStl

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    I still get together with guys I've known since kindergarten (1963), plus a few honorary members. We have a rule that if you tell the lie consistently, long enough, it stops being a lie. "when the legend becomes fact, print the legend"! (Man Who Shot Liberty Valance) The older we get, the better we were (pick a topic)!
  12. MookieStl

    What's the best tweeter?

    You also claim that the best sound you ever heard was from a "Bose radio thingy" in a different thread, so I don't know if I should believe you. The crossover I am using allows for dropping the mid or tweeter be incremental decibels which may help balance the new parts out.
  13. MookieStl

    What's the best tweeter?

    I cant speak for all of the ones mentioned, but I do have the Beyma CP-25 paired up with that same BMS driver you are using (slightly much different mid horn) in a pair of Belles, and they sound very nice together (IMO). I would definitely think either of the two you have would work well. What x over are you using?
  14. MookieStl

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    You lucky son of a gun. Congrats! I am not a greedy person, so you go buy yourself something nice. I will take you old system. I'll even pick it up early to make room for your new gear! Pick a time.
  15. MookieStl

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails