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  1. Yeah, I went by what W&T had told me. He had already swapped them out when I was looking at them. He'll have to confirm what tweeter was in those. I also noted one set had K53 mid (1985 model) mounted to the K701 and the ones from 1984 that had the adapter to the K700 were actually K52H. I'll tap out now and let Bruce have his thread back. sorry
  2. Don't forget these had the K77 tweeter too. The other H1.5 you had the K76. I have Heresy' from 1982 (x) and they were true H1 (until we swapped parts) but these were from 1983 (y) and the other set you picked up a few weeks back were from 1984. Working their way through the inventory or waiting on the new parts to arrive. Either way, all good fun.
  3. This would be a cool project! Thad a good dude (a bit snarky) to deal with. Good luck on a great deal.
  4. MookieStl


    Great speakers, very good guy to deal with. Good Luck with your sale Rockhound!
  5. Very generous, Code. I have seen and heard them. There do exist and are as described. Usually something this good is not true but here lies the exception to that rule.
  6. Did the same with my Belle's. Fits perfect and adds that little missing bottom end.
  7. Always like to see items repurposed and put to good use. Unlike the tools in this far to clean "workshop" Nice set up there Rocky
  8. Looks like fun IF you get the right bunch of people there!
  9. Many ways to go about it. Always fun to experiment. The trim I had for an HIP was beat to heck so I buffed it out with a wheel and finished off with scotchbrite. Didn't go crazy, just clean up 80-85%ish. If you do polish, wear a mask as it is not good to breath in the anodized dust. My LSi splits only get used in my warehouse or outdoors, so I never touched them. Not beat up but not exactly pretty either.
  10. Well said Neil (and others). It used to be a "community". Like minded people helping each other with our little hobby (loving our Klipsch speakers) Now its google info answers instead of real world experiences. Met many good guys here, had several to my shop. Time marches on. Just disappointed to loose what was a good place to visit. Even more disappointed that Neil didn't mention me in the OP, but hey.....
  11. Just for giggles, I was going to try a little elbow grease on a couple K700s I have laying around (that may end up being a lamp someday). But after inspecting them, I do not think they are the same type of alloy as the K400. Much smoother, less porous (to the eye). Not sure it would be apples to apples. Maybe try a small area on the outside of the horn??!!
  12. You are right, cast aluminum will polish up. I have seen some nice looking auto parts. My point was the horns (in my experience) will not. Not sure if it is the type of aluminum used or the process. I had a member here bring a couple k400s to my shop to run through my paint booth. They had casting ridges in the throat of the horn possibly from the mold being made in sections. We worked like the devil grinding them down and sanding etc. The metal never looked "polished" and the tight access was a pain. I also refurbished a pair of HIPs and the extruded aluminum angle polished up nicely and the cast corners did not. There are many alloys with varying degrees of Magnesium etc. That may play a role. I predominately use 6062 or 6063 which is good for extrusions which is what we buy. Normally tempered to T6 and it will polish up. By all means give it a try. I hope it works out for you.
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