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  1. congrats @chassell I have a pair very similar, only splits. Built like tanks. Great sounding speakers especially outside. May need a little TLC but worth the work.
  2. MookieStl

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    Want a second opinion?
  3. is that what the kids are calling it these days?
  4. I ended up with a pair in worse condition. I went the bondo / Duratex route. Invested maybe $100. Turned our nice if you like that look. Veneer is very expensive currently but coming down a little. Can't help you as to how much someone would charge to do the work. In the end I also added some alum trim.
  5. The Dayton amp is nice but be careful not to overload. Don't let the load drop below 4 ohms. Been there fried that. I still have one and like it very much but..... With those speakers you would have to run the voice coils in series or the drivers in series to avoid problems. It is very hard to get the smoke back into the wires. The Crown XLS amps work well and handle the lower loads better. I have one of them that I abuse.
  6. MookieStl


    best of luck. you got this!
  7. That horn and the tweeter do look familiar! Come to think of it, so does his avatar! Hmmmm Good looking system bluesboy!
  8. MookieStl


    good luck Neil, hope it all turns out well.
  9. those are beautiful! I am a big fan of the trim and with the natural color of the wood (+/-) it looks perfect. Enjoy them.
  10. I remember liking it!
  11. The HIP is slightly taller than a normal Heresy is my experience. When I got the trim, I test fit it on my existing Heresy and the trim was too long on the height, correct on the depth. This came in handy when I built the boxes because there is barely enough room for the drivers after you deduct the 1" tall port and the additional board for the top of the port. I made it in but not much to spare. If I need to remove the tweeter, I have to take the top handle off first as it extends down just to the rear of the tweeter. I have used a version of @ClaudeJ1 super Heresy but that puts the port in the rear of the cabinet which is not ideal for PA use. Also had to switch woofers for best results. The slant monitor's shape makes the internal volume much less than the standard H1 or HIP
  12. I can't speak for the Academy, but have used a Heresy for a center between a set of Belle and liked the result. Very close in overall tone.
  13. I would suggest rehabbing them. I only inherited a set of alum trim for one HIP and built from there. You have (almost) all the parts. Polish the trim and put a fresh coat of duratex on the cabinet. (you can re anondize the trim but then you're getting expensive.) The smaller cabinet of the slant monitor makes good deep bass a little tough but someone might have an idea how to port. The HIP has a slot port at the bottom but the size of the cabinet comes into play. Post more pics. If the handle is the same as what I had, you can find the exact (minus the logo) handle @ PE! Have at it! Looks like fun to me.
  14. Sorry to hear of Dave's passing. He will be missed. Condolences to his family and freinds.
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