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  1. The criteria is based on how it affected MY life. No other episodes count in my little world.
  2. My dad had season tickets to the Rams back when they were in St. Louis and way back when they were good. Twice he won the drawing to get SuperBowl tickets. The first year it was in Atlanta and my brother has in-laws there so he went. The next year they were going again (the year the Patriots cheated) and that was in New Orleans. No one was willing to go, so I bought the tickets, sold them for enough money to cover the season tickets for the entire next year so my dad didn't have to come up with the cash. That was the last year he had tickets.
  3. @codewritinfool did the same thing to a pair of LS a few years back, only he was building splits. Good luck with your project. I don't have the guts to cut the top off a pair of LS! Apparently you and Code do!
  4. As I mentioned earlier, mold/mildew need moisture to grow. I was assuming your moisture source was mouse urine, but since you brought up bachelor pad, it may be something worse! 😉 I would have tried the vinegar and not water, the water would reactivate the mold spores. But you should be fine and I doubt that was what caused your "blubbering". I too like to tell people that the drivers are from the 70"s (or 80"s for one pair of my Belles) and when asked why they sound so good, I say "physics"! That always impresses people, unless they ask me to explain that.
  5. My first guess is the surround signal it is being fed. That screws up more often than a k33! (in my little world) But I am curious as to the "mold /mildew" on the cone. That would not surprise me except for the clean dry doghouse. Mold will not grow without a food source and moisture. I am going for the long shot here. Remove the woofer to make sure your dead mouse didn't have a friend that may be on the other side of that cone. Would not be hard for those little rascals to find there way in that spot.
  6. Rehab going great. Just got back from a 2.5 mile hike. Cold weather held off for a day, into the single digits tomorrow so walk today, bike tomorrow. Should have done this years ago, but.....
  7. Mine are a much more manageable size. The Denver Airport was quite a feat, I know a few people who worked on it. WOW
  8. yeah, I had four surgeries prior to the replacement. Two on each knee. The right knee will need to be replaced too but not for a few more years, I hope. I never let it slow me down much, but did not play soccer after the first major blow out.
  9. I first blew this knee out playing soccer in 1986. I have been gimping around without an ACL in that knee since then. Finally got to be too much.
  10. My home is almost 100 years old. Lots of good thick glass block in the building. This one was covered for about 75 years (+/-). I only knew it was there because I could see it from the outside (2nd floor). I just tore down a wall to get to it a few months ago. There was actually another wall behind the first one I tore out, so I had to tear down two walls. I was hoping for exposed brick as it is a solid brick home, but the wall had been plastered over. Came up with the slat wall idea and you see the result. Time flies by when you sit down, turn up some tunes and veg out.
  11. Bad weather heading in later today and then down in to single digits over the weekend. I'm going to plant my happy *** on my stationary bike and crank tunes all weekend. (still rehabbing my store bought knee)
  12. St. Louis is lovely that time of year. Is that far enough north?
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