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  1. I have used the smaller 10" version of the Ultimax several times. This one keeps up with my Hersey with 250 wpc plate amp. The 15" with your amp should be able to keep up with your LS (to a point).
  2. Driving those subs with the crown amp I got from you, @Emile
  3. I was playing around today with adding some low end to my LS quads. (I use these outside or in my warehouse) These two subs were yanked out of my basement. They are the 12" HF versions of what you are looking at from Dayton. (I actually swapped one out with a 12" Titanic driver I had just for kicks) Anyway they hold their own but don't keep up with the LSs after a point. I would guess that if you are talking near field (not sure how near) it is a fairly small room and they should do just fine for you. I agree w Jason, port them and don't put the amp in the cabinet. I am by no means an expert, just know what has worked for me (and not worked). Still plan to build a good horn sub someday. Good luck, have fun with it!
  4. I worked on a pair of Chorus I with @Matthews a few years ago. He too added the port extensions. I'll look up that thread, having just worked on a set, you would find parts of it interesting. Photo of his ports:
  5. Yours if you want it. I wont be messing with anything until my mini DSP gets here and I am out of town next weekend. Once I get everything broken down, I will give it a once over and send it off to you.
  6. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed your build thread. I just re read it from start to finish. I really like build threads. Thanks for sharing again. I find it odd that when you posted the link to your thread that you had many many photos on, it used a photo I posted on your thread. What are the odds?
  7. Have you tried it yet? I just bought one yesterday. I had been doing some renovations at my home and when I put my basement system back together this week, the SA1000 Dayton amp fried. It had been temperamental for a while now so it was not a huge surprise. I really like the convenience of it and like the high pass filter as most of the speakers down there are small (except for a set of Belles that don't mind being cut off at 80hz since they don't do much in that range). I was going to get a new SA1000 but thought they were a little on the pricey side for what you get. So i got the miniDSP 2x4 on the way. I will use a small Crown amp (which has a lot more power than the Dayton does) for the two subs i have down there. I will report back when up and running.
  8. I like the patina look too but that wasn't going to happen with these beaters. I actually got them from another member that rehabbed many LSs and he decided these couldn't be brought back. If you look closely, there is a fair amount of bondo in many places. The duratex is hiding a lot of sins. I have a couple pair of Belles that look pretty. These spend time in a warehouse, outside, riding in a pick up, parties, etc. Sound darn good outside.
  9. Very cool. Post more pics! We love pics!
  10. Well done No.4!! Impressive build!
  11. Oh, she's a beauty. Pure bred, used as a breeder then kicked to the curb (that's where we came in). Could not be any nicer, doesn't bark, a little needy when it comes to petting, sheds like 3 dogs. I'll keep moving, never been one to sit around.
  12. I would assume it does include the can. I also assume there is a couple thousand dollars stuffed into the can.
  13. Jake, like you, hides his age well. My girl, Sam, turned 10 a couple months ago. She still looks good but is slowing down. Our morning walk this morning was about a half mile and took 45 minutes! I am going to get a knee replacement (or two) in the near future, so we both have the same top speed. I make better time without her cuz I don't stop and sniff every darn thing in sight. Plus I stop a pee considerable less than her.
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