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  1. Doubt those are really "industrial" LS. Just regular LS that someone added handles to. If Industrial, they would have the K43 not K33 woofer. Lots to build on there. I did a pair very similar a few years ago. Sound great now. Every bit as "rough" as yours. There is a serial # stamped into the wood on the rear. Part of it can be seen in one of your photos, just below the cross over. Good luck with these. You'll get plenty more advice, I'm sure.
  2. I did not save a cut sheet. I modified the one I used for the other Super H. Parts were: CT 120 (may switch to Dave A's SMAHL lens) Atlas PD 5V mid driver K700 Recapped E x over and the Eminence woofer I mentioned earlier.
  3. E, I can get it part way. Heading to Denver in June. Texas in October, maybe
  4. Yeah, didn't measure, but they sound wonderful. They were build from scratch so no before / after comparison. I do have a set of stock Heresy that are very nice sounding but these are head and shoulders above them. The woofer used was Eminence 12LFA and they dig deeper than stock and shine in the vented cabinet. These also have upgraded tweeters too which helps round out the full spectrum. Really, really nice sounding speakers. They are exactly like the S Heresy you see behind it in the first photo, only difference is rear 4" round port and front slot port.
  5. Slot port a little easier to see here.
  6. I did that with using Claude's Super Heresy recipe (kinda). I had already built a pair but inherited a set of HIP aluminum trim so built another pair using the front slot port like the HIP. The 1" x 14" slot was roughly the same volume as the 4" round used in the Super H. The cabinet was only 3/4" taller than a standard Heresy (not including the trim) and everything had to be fit in there with a shoehorn, but it fit and these are wonderful speakers.
  7. miss those guys, Carl a little bit less, but miss all of them.
  8. Those guys (and many others) are way ahead of me.
  9. I have built two pair of Super Heresy and built all four cabinets from scratch. I just like building stuff so it was not like creating a lot of work for myself. The boxes are very simple to make. I think it comes down to how many components from a pair of old Heresy do you plan to use. For me, I only needed the K700 horns and the E x-over. That made the decision easy. If you plan to use the old tweeters and mid driver it makes the decision a little harder. With the prices they are getting lately for used Heresy, I would opt to build. But that's just what worked for me. The speakers are wonderful.
  10. Whats up Dude? I have the same amp powering two sub and I use it in stereo and feed one channel to each sub. My subs aren't as efficient as yours but will crank out the low end nicely with this amp (Eminence LAB 15's in home built ported enclosures) BUT I needed to boost the signal to that amp to get it up to par with the other Crown amps in the system. I tried both input sensitivities with no luck. I don't use a pre amp, so added a Art Cleanbox from PE and that did the trick. Now everything is on a level playing field. One question is why the Mini DSP and not just the DSP built into the amp. I use the bandpass setting at 25 -110 hz and the subs work well with two pair of LSi. Not sure if any of this helps but is my experience with that amp. Good luck.
  11. I agree, the SMAHL v2 w De120 is a very noticeable upgrade. By a wide margin. Very happy I took the plunge.
  12. Great set up there! If I wasn't trying to downsize my collection, I'd grab them. Almost did a month ago. Somebody is going to get a killer system.
  13. I'd sell my LS for $12,000 and throw in a second Pair for FREE!
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