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  1. Stay on the platform. You ain't missing much here on land. We will call you if we need you.
  2. Good luck, hope you have a quick recovery.
  3. Tim, Sorry to hear about your health issues. As stated above, get healthy, stay healthy! Haven't seen you since you stopped by to listen to LS at my shop. You mention specs being somewhere, but I don't see them listed. Not looking to buy just pointing it out. If you or a potential buyer need any help shipping, let me know, I will help if I can. Mike
  4. I was assuming his LSi splits. I think they reside full time on his patio. If you think that is overkill for a patio, you haven't seen his garage.
  5. It is my final move that usually pleases them the most. I leave the room. I can sometimes hear a faint "thank god" in the background.
  6. I am unaware of that sound. I always please.
  7. Klipsch designs for the masses (and do a great job at it). Many speakers and horn loaded ones especially, react differently in different environments and positions within that environment.To tweak your speakers once in place to your situation (and in Carl's case, age) is not claiming anyone got it wrong. There just may be a better setting for your set of parameters. Plus, it is a hobby, have fun with it. I for one like the midrange where it is and my ears are older than Carl's
  8. If accused of a crime, it is better to be rich and guilty than poor and innocent.
  9. Today, I did what any responsible business owner should do. I roll out a pair of La Scala and played music all day in the shop. We are deemed essential so about 65 out of 75 employees are working, many from home. We have several seeking unemployment and a few on the the extended FMLA getting 2/3 of their normal pay while they are stuck home with their kids. I still paid 100% of everyone's health insurance for April to ease the burden. Will help out more if the system fails to deliver. It is going to get interesting.
  10. To one of the true "good guys" on this forum. Get better soon. Good vibes heading your way.
  11. I ain't getting a dime, but my kids are. Not so sure about a big bad wolf, but it will come back to haunt.
  12. No free money. At first I worried about burdening the next generation, then I saw the spring break videos. I'm ok with it now. I also heard them refer to the virus as "boomer remover", so now I'm ok with another trillion or so.
  13. I cannot and will not read his entire post. AND you can't make me.
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