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  1. Empty Chorus Cabinets - Portland, OR

    Finally finished your search for Chorus! Now start searching for La Scalas! It never ends. A nice pair of LS matched with the Chorus will sound great together, just as the Corwall/LS combo you got to hear.
  2. Klipsch lascala pro's in Atlanta 1000 obo

    Thought you were holding out for splits! Have fun with them. The block parties just got a little louder!
  3. Chorus ii - missing passive radiator magnet

    I would guess you are thinking of Matthews. Redid several LSs usually with cane grills added. He did rebuild a set of Chorus with ports but they were Chorus 1's. I wouldn't go against Chief Bonehead but if you are trying to get by on the cheap, you could try cutting two 3" ports into a round piece of plywood and cover the back hole left by the passive removal. Not much of an investment, might work. Not a sure how the rear firing port would sound compared to the front firing ones, Matthews sounded very nice.
  4. lascalas very little bass

    I know I am late to the party but just wanted to add yet another 2 cents. LaScalas are not bass shy. There is plenty of bass if operating properly. They do drop off at the very low end but where the "meat" of the spectrum is, they kick. Last week I auditioned a pair to a forum member (who is a self proclaimed bass-a-holic) and the first words out of his mouth were "these aren't lacking in bass at all". Step one is get rid of the AL's. You will never know how good the speakers can sound until these are out of the mix. The ones you have are similar to the ones I pulled from a beater pair a couple years ago (they were adopted by another forum member when I threatened to wash them then burn them). I put in recapped AA's and (almost) everything worked great. I am not saying you will be blown away by them (I still am) but you need to hear them working properly. You may still want a sub but if you are driving with those other speakers, you may not. For me, if not using for HT, no sub works great. Note: Just saw Peter's post. When I auditioned the LS for @timdog5000, it was in a 65,000 square foot warehouse. Old AL next to AB (equally undesirable)
  5. Grill-less HBRs in Houston

    Could be Crites, ask to see under the hood (inside the cabinet)! It would be a good thing if it is Crites. My Hereseys are only one year older and the woofer looks like the ones avguytx posted.
  6. Tube Sound From Your Solid State Amp ?

    Going for that "tub" sound is a lofty goal. Even my singing sounds good in the tub. Sorry, couldn't resist!
  7. Adding sub to (my) "Belle's"

    Don't know! I read many favorable reviews (some not as favorable) on pairing with horn loaded woofers. I had tried direct radiating subs with my Belles and did not like the results. I built these mostly because it looked like a challenging woodworking project (had to use math too!) It seems to work for me. I stood them up in various configurations but settled on using them as stands as originally intended. Took some time to tweak, but got them dialed in (by ear) to my liking.
  8. Adding sub to (my) "Belle's"

    I was short of space a well and wanted to extend the low end of my Belles (actually didn't know I needed to until I read it here, I was happy with the bass, but....) I decided to give the Lil Mike anarchy tapped horns a try. They fit neatly under the Belles and don't take up any additional floor space. They are a little tricky build but would be easy for you based on the way your Belles turned out. They also bring the mid and tweet a little closer to ear level of my listening position (without creating a void). They aren't for overly large rooms or for the extreme low end db's of home theatre, but do seem to blend well with the horn loaded woofers at my normal listening levels. You can even add more of them to increase the low end even further if so desired (I use two now). Not everyone agrees, but they never do. Works for me. You could even make them out of some nice plywood and stain to match (or come close) to your Belles.
  9. Klipsch Belles--West Virginia

    Carl has a mini van you could ask to borrow. Heard it goes from zero to sixty in four point somethin' something'! At least that's what Tarheel said. Could really cut down on your travel time. BTW: four Belles makes perfect sense to me.
  10. WTT 3-RF-7 ii for 3- La Scalas( gauging interest )

    Tim, Have you had the pleasure of hearing LSs? I sure as heck wont sell you any, but would gladly let you have a listen to mine. I don't have an LCR set up be have enough pieces and parts to put one together, for a test drive. I have 4 Belles and 4 La Scalas. I'm in StL as well.
  11. My first photo is from 88 Belles and the second are from the grills that were on my 72 Belles. Like Dave, I can email higher resolution if needed.
  12. Poll & Prediction: Autonomous Car Equipment at 5k by 2019

    Make it "idiot proof" and then they will build a better idiot!