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  1. Those are simply a couple 12" Dayton drivers in some home built cabs. One is the RSS315 and one is a Titanic IV. They are normally in my basement, but I brought them out for the event. They do a good enough job of filling in the very lowest end. They don't quite keep up with the LS but do to a point and did help out. Not ideal for this application, but were all I had. It did sound very nice, never got "cranked". I keep threatening to build a fully horn loaded sub and will eventually.
  2. Unfortunately, you have the AL crossover which is better to replace than the normal recap. I would suggest new AA x-overs from Bob Crites. But I would first test what you have. If it ends up you need new tweeters as well, I would suggest the A4500 crossover and new tweeters also from Bob. (cant use the A4500 w the K77 tweeter) Contact him and he will steer you right. There are other options that are more expensive and may be worth it in your home, but for a mobile system, any improvement may not be noticed. Hope you have a strong back, moving these around can get ya. I just aired some of mine out this weekend and can definitely feel it in my back, and neck, and knees.... but it was worth it.
  3. Yeah, probably best to walk away. Price/condition and need for further updates probably is too much to get past even if he does come down on price. Unless it is a typo and he meant to put $300! There are ways to replace the diaphragm on the K55M (see Crites website) but probably not worth the extra effort. I do encourage you to keep looking though. I love that LS sound.
  4. Going to take more than a blink. Currently way to high. He will find that out.
  5. Are they local to you? If so, wait it out. Right now they are over twice what they are worth. He will have to come off that price or decide not to sell. Check back on occasion. But, keep looking. Those are not bad upgrades (I had to say that, I've done similar). Would really need to see the cabinet condition. Be patient.
  6. Mine got hacked this past weekend. (That's my story and I am sticking to it!) Oh, sorry wrong router.
  7. How many "likes" can you do in one day? I have a tendency to like everything and everybody when on pain meds. I get over it quickly after my stash wears down.
  8. well......not THAT heavily.
  9. I get a new knee in two weeks. I would imagine while I am laid up, I will spend more time here. (confirmed workaholic). I hope since I will be heavily medicated, all this stuff will/might start making sense.
  10. Looks like a fun project. Let us know how they sound. Me personally, would rather cut my own wood and have someone else assemble the tiny little amp parts for me. Old eyes and fat fingers just don't work well with the small parts. I noticed they fast forward through that part in their video. Still should be a nice build out.
  11. +1 This has gone on for far too long and pushed too many boundaries and buttons.
  12. Nope! but play your cards right and you might get added to the list!
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