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  1. I was in a similar situation a couple years ago. Another forum member latched onto a beater pair of standard LS for $125!!! But then he figured they were too much work. He basically gave them to me (more of a barter system thing as I was always fabbing something up for him). At any rate, there was a fair amount of gluing, nailing, bondo and then duratex, but they ended up being a great pair of speakers that I use on a regular basis. Great fun to have around. I had plenty of spare parts laying around that I didn't have to buy anything expensive to get them up and running. Yeah, ditch the AL is the first thing to do. Ironically the first member to recommend this to you @wvu80 wouldn't let me burn my set, so I sent them to him. Not sure exactly what he ended up doing with them but would bet that someone, somewhere, ended up burning them. Added some aluminum to look more like Industrials. .
  2. You only need to see a few smiles like this one to remember why we enjoy this hobby! Just fun to help each other out when we can. There are lots of good dudes (and dudettes) out there. Everybody just chooses to talk about the jerks!
  3. Dean, Thanks for changing you name back and using a different avatar, it was creeping me out a little. Your sarcasm sounds sooo much nicer with a butterfly emblem than the clown.
  4. Making them prettier can be done fairly easy. They weren't designed to be pretty. Making them sound better, is the hard part. They were designed to sound good and by some pretty smart people. The port they have in there already, probably gives you as much extension in the low end as you are going to get. A passive radiator is basically the same thing. You would have to eliminate the port for the passive to work. One step up, one step back. Build three nice cabinets, put a subwoofer in one.
  5. Don't forget to stop in and see me on the way there (or back) like you did the last time. I miss you and "the agreeable Mrs."!
  6. Sending off four woofer tomorrow! Had another member looking for 8" Speakerlab woofers which I had those too. Looks like spring cleaning time. I still have (2) 10" 1008P Speakerlab woofers with polypropylene cones. Free if you pick up, or just pay shipping.
  7. Dragged them out. Not overly pretty, but I think one of the 1208Rs may be worth a try. I will test all of them tomorrow .
  8. I will take some pics in the next day or two and send to you.
  9. I have a graveyard of Speakerlab woofers! If you were closer, I would give them to you. I have (4) of the W1208R and (2) of the 1008R. They came from a pair of 7s and a pair of 6s. None of them would qualify as being in "nice" shape. Unless you want to put a little TLC into them, re coned or new surrounds. I doubt these are what you need. I'll gladly put an ohm meter to them and check to see if they work if you want to invest for the shipping cost. I wonder what @DizRotus ever did with his four K's?
  10. I would have guessed something with the input cables but you said it did it even with no input attached. How are you connecting the speaker wire? If bare wire, try banana plugs or switch to the SpeakOn connections. I have seen a few posts where this helps w some of the Crown amps. I have two crown amps (XLi series) with absolutely no issues and have an XLS 2502 on the way to me from another forum member. There should be an explanation out there.
  11. If @rockhound "needs" it, he knows what I paid for it and how to find me. He's been known to head north in search of stereo equipment. I really have no burning need for this amp, just seemed like a good deal. I have a couple other Crown amps that I like but neither have DSP. I've been itching to build some type of a folded horn subwoofer. Now I have yet another excuse. My wife (who watches our charges like a hawk to avoid fraud) asked if I spent $400. I said "yes"! She asked "for what"? "An amp" I replied. "How many amps do you have?" was the final question before I tapped out.....I honestly don't know.
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