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  1. Going to my sisters, so whatever she serves, I eat. It is pretty much Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, plus pot luck as everyone brings a dish, usually a bunch of veggies that don't quite fit on my plate again this year. Turkey dinner is my "gas chamber meal"! If I only get one more meal, this would be it! Boring I know. I have a Thanksgiving luncheon next Thursday at work, a turkey dinner over the weekend with friends and then again on actual Thanksgiving day. That ought to hold me over for a few months.
  2. FWIW: Mine are slightly newer (SN#17xx vs 12xx) and mine have the AA network, K55V solder lug, square magnet K77
  3. Have you seen the nice lady that owns the cabana? Not a bad gig!
  4. Yes, i am using that combination and yes it sounds very good.
  5. Thanks, I'd be further along if I hadn't made some bonehead mistakes.
  6. I am going to bevel the corners and veneer the front raw edge. That's why I need the port.
  7. that's what the port is for, to let all the confused sound waves out.
  8. OK, been rehabbing the new knee for 5 weeks, time to make sawdust! Got most parts cut today and will finish up cutting tomorrow. Assembly should start this weekend as well depending on my endurance, which has been low. Knee feels good, i just run out of gas easily.
  9. Thanks, My fabric came in yesterday. Doubt mine turn out as nice as yours, but I am an easy customer. Good luck with your sale, those are beautiful.
  10. Doing those exact grills in the next week or so. Did you get the cane from Mojotone? How is the fabric attached? it gets blurry when i zoom in, but looks like staples. I know others who have used spray adhesive and one member who would use hot glue, but he would burn the heck out of his hands more often than not. Sorry for the thread crap.
  11. KHO-7 do accept banana plugs (or at least mine do). You have to remove the little plastic piece in the center of the terminal. They sometimes don't want to come out and need a little persuasion. That would be an easy way to take down and put back up without much hassle. Mine are under a canopy so i do not bother taking down. Not sure if that is wise or not, but they have been up for 4 years and still work well.
  12. Upon swapping for my first turntable, i went out and bought four (one was a double) albums. Boz Scaggs - Silk Degrees Boston - first LP Marshall Tucker - Searching for a Rainbow Allman Brothers - Eat a Peach I still listen to tracks off those albums (but digitally) It took me a few moments to remember all four. Took me half a second to remember the first time I saw a lady wearing one of my shirts (and a smile)!
  13. Samantha, my guard dog. More like Jake, napping, eating plus belly rubs make up her day. Not much of a guard dog, we have only heard her bark twice in the two years we have had her and they were poor attempts at barking. I was recently down for the count for a few weeks and she would not leave my side. A very concerned care giver.
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