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  1. I have experience with the old ears portion, the rest is not in my scope of expertise. How's that for not contributing?
  2. I had HER pegged as the normal one and you......well..... Congrats on the 20 something (so far) number. That might make a good thread! Wait, nevermind.
  3. Interesting approach. Sounds like fun. I was 18 in 1976, so that was a very good year for me too. I have a pair of Belles from 1988 and from 1972, so can't help in that regard.
  4. well, the ad's down, hope you got them and they were worth the drive.
  5. You definitely need to stretch the material. The trick is to do it evenly so the grain of the fabric is consistent. I usually tack the four corners first then work my way around. That's why I suggested a trial piece on scrap. It is not difficult, just need a little practice.
  6. 3M makes a great spray adhesive sold in most any hardware store. That is what I use. I do tack with a few staples but as few as possible. You may get away with just tacking and then removing the tacks. Good luck If at all possible, use some scrap to test with.
  7. Good luck! hope they live up to your expectations. Is there a reason for looking for 1976 version? Is it a personal number/year or a particular set of components. If the glass doesn't work out, but two large (plastic) plants and set them on top strategically. If something unexpected comes up while in StL, give me a shout out.
  8. MookieStl


    Try cooking them longer at a lower temperature. If you do it right, they can be tender as possum. yum
  9. That Heresy turned out nice. keep going. If you set your low out at 100hz that means you are using that bass bin as a SUBwoofer when it is intended to be a woofer. That bin will not play much below 80hz so you are feeding very little to it. The design really shines at the frequencies you are cutting off 100-400. Grab a cheap low pass filter from Partsexpess ($10) and try running it full range from the amp and see how it sound. You may like it much better. https://www.parts-express.com/800-hz-low-pass-8-ohm-crossover--266-450 Building the top hat would also be a great choice. I just wasn't looking to spend your $$$ @codewritinfool built a top hat and it turned out nice. I will look for that thread.
  10. Sounds like a fun project! You can go many ways with these but if you are happy with the set up, polish them and enjoy. I am not sure exactly how you are hooking these up to you amp/receiver, but that bass bin has no crossover of it's own. It relies on the x'over from the top hat to limit it to bass only (usually 400hz on down). You may want to incorporate some type of cross over or low pass filter to restrict the signal the woofer in the bass bin is receiving. Just my two cents. enjoy
  11. Also, let me know if you see the trim or beaters with trim for sale on one of the many selling sites that I do not go on. I check ebay once in a while and never see anything. Never look elsewhere. This stuff usually finds me without me looking around for more things I dont need.
  12. You can use the K55M with the AA crossover. I have done it and liked it. But that was because I had a pair laying around. There are better options, but if you have the 55M go ahead and use it. As Dave said, it will be hard to replace the diaphragm if it goes out. As far as sounding better. I do believe the 55M is better than the push terminal single phase plug 55V. But either driver will be fairly old and the sound will probably be dictated by the abuse or lack of abuse for the past 25-30 years. My K55Ms still sound nice.
  13. thanks Really hope to make it into a pair. Probably should have built two like @codewritinfool said above. and hoped the trim appears some day. It's fun either way for me. Just like building stuff.
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