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  1. I joined and my memberships shows auto-renewal on, but the welcome email says I expire 12/14/2019. Did I do something wrong?
  2. Brac

    Craigslist Safety

    So, WHAT you buying?
  3. Brac

    Craigslist Safety

    anyone can sell/ accept money. Some people may ask that you send as family/friends (this takes away any protection). As a seller I worry more about using pp than as a buyer. pp will always side with the buyer even when the buyer is a crook.
  4. Brac

    Craigslist Safety

    Forum member in the area would be my first choice, second would be an actual conversation on the phone. I find I can read people that way
  5. Only pair of these I've ever come across, business is growing and I need the space. These are in Dexter, ME $2500 CP-1 Pro.pdf
  6. This is a great pair, with Dean G Super AA networks. I love them but need more room in the shop so a few things gotta go. I built one false corner that can go with these. $2750
  7. That was a killer deal, I thought about it even though I picked up the CP-1's last week
  8. Killer deal not mine, yadda, yadda https://nh.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-cornwall-ii-speakers/6706142792.html
  9. Was able to pick these up as a part cash part trade. Gave up a pair of HWO's of course, as I was showing the guy how to test drivers with a paper towel roll, come to find out I brought a Heresy with a bad tweeter to the party. I know I have a K-77 diaphragm around here someplace, but it's gonna stay safe I guess, so I'm sending him the Tweeter out of my Center (bummer) . Anyway a quick pick till I have a few minutes to play with them.
  10. I agree, they had set the Bar REALLY high, this call was a fail if there never was a bar.
  11. Sorry, this comment belonged in a different thread
  12. Damn, never noticed that and you're the first to point it out. Now I gotta move, or fix it. Where is Maime anyway?
  13. I'm in Dexter, kinda right in the middle of the state, cost of living isn't bad but the winter-surcharge is a *****
  14. Yep, the shared space and acting upon each other was in my mind the concern.
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