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  1. I think they may be spoken for, I'll reach out if things change. Thanks
  2. Built one of these beast, and there is no place for it in the new house. Anybody ever seen one for sale, searching doesn't bring up anything. Pic isn't mine but it's the same build. Mine is all routered in, I even still have all the templates. It's fine furniture grade birch ply. The thing can simulate an actual earthquake. Birch ply is unfinished and could be stained, or lam'd BTW, any of you fine folks near Carolina Beach NC?
  3. Thanks, we have an amazing place here, but damn the winters are rough!! I have heard from one local person about them so there is hope. Really gonna miss it, but the new place is pretty sweet and I think we are getting out at peak real estate Brac
  4. Super Rare Cp-1's Moving have to down size, this are great. $2000. Located in Dexter, ME
  5. Time to wake this post up, we are finally for real MOVING!!! Goodbye to Maine winters! Hello Carolina Beach, NC These are available, let's talk
  6. Even when I was young and strong, I wouldn't have wanted to be flipping K-Horns upside down, but sure musically maybe the horn is at ear level and it's well fitted in the corner.... But wow.
  7. Or at least after the networks are done, place them right
  8. Edited to include correct Network info, and that I can deliver East coast between Maine and North Carolina, come spring.
  9. Guess I never saw this post, DHA-2 ? does the DHA stand for something? Ya, I put the price up a bit thinking I would have to deliver them, and I can always drop the price for a forum member, but didn't want to publicly post a different price then what I put on FB.
  10. I joined and my memberships shows auto-renewal on, but the welcome email says I expire 12/14/2019. Did I do something wrong?
  11. So, WHAT you buying?
  12. anyone can sell/ accept money. Some people may ask that you send as family/friends (this takes away any protection). As a seller I worry more about using pp than as a buyer. pp will always side with the buyer even when the buyer is a crook.
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