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    • We definitely walked it off.  My phone has a pedometer and Saturday it logged over 24,000 steps.  I could get drunk and sober up before the next meal and do it again, LOL.
    • My nose was working overtime the entire stay there.  My oldest daughter and I have a fairly keen sense of smell for some reason and we're normally the first ones to notice when something is "off".  The whole time we were walking my nose would go from ecstasy to disgust.  You'd smell crab boil one moment, urine the next.  Food smells like frying catfish or steak were followed by garbage or BO from a passer by.  There was always the random pot smoke wafting around as well.
    • Sounds good, not the trip to take while trying to watch your weight, anyway It's not like you eat like that every day, good thing. 
    • The 1802 would be cheaper than adding more front speakers like you were thinking at first. Also either the 1802 or 1502 blends perfectly with the Jubs since they are both horns. Either model is something totally new, a vented horn.    This weekend and last night we tried the 1502 with both the MWM/402 and the Forte ll HT, sounds great with both. I am really surprised at the quality of the bass, it's what I first noticed. As the volume went up it never sounded strained or like it was being pushed. Last night we tried a BR movie, X-Men Apocalypse, we had the volume a little loud and when a loud and bass heavy scene came on we all were surprised. It was Roy my wife and me, we just looked at each other, I hollered to Roy if I should turn it down and he said NO, it's cool. I think Roy never heard it in a house with a movie, we were all just smiling.  A few minutes later I paused it and asked him, is it OK like this, I don't want to blow it up. He said he read the Crown XTI 1002 can put out 50 volts bridged and the driver can take 70V, so as long as I don't clip the amp i'm good. I need to replay what we did last night to see where the lights are on the crown are to have an idea how much power that was, I was distracted and didn't look, but I know there were no red lights flashing, I wonder if there is more, not sure it would even be a good idea ?    When he left this morning, he said be careful, I said no you be careful you're the one driving and he said, no I mean don't go deaf then smiled.    This is by far the best I have ever had and it's all because of Roy and people on this forum making it happen. If anyone want's to hear let us know. 
    • Of course.  We went Sunday morning early.  Later in the morning it's crazy and people are lined up down the block waiting to get in.  The pancakes were from the day before.  we ate at a place called the Ruby Slipper.  My wife had Banana Fosters French toast.  She got 3 slices that were from a fresh loaf of French bread cut horizontally.  Each slice was about 8 or nine inches long.
    • $1800 FIRM   Located in Lakewood, Southern California 90713
      Speakers are in an honest 9/10 condition and sound even better than they look. Beautiful custom stain. Must be seen in person to appreciate.  I just bought these from Justin and I must say although they sound amazing, I listen to primarily electronic music and dont have the room to pair these with a proper subwoofer.  I am used to the bass from Klipschorns .  Call or text (310) 227-0019 if you are ready to buy or have questions.

      Replaced some of the beat-up outer layer on the ply
      Dog house was re-glued for stiffness (PL90 used).
      Doghouse braces installed. 
      Stock barrier strip removed and new binding posts added. 
      Fasttrac Wood Tractrix horn installed with K55s.
      Eliptical tweeter installed with Eminence HF driver.
      Woofer replaced with new Eminence 15Cs.
      All rewired in silver plate hookup wire. 
      ALK Cornscalawal CSW450 (2nd order on bass sec) installed. 
      Rear of LS had 1/2" added and recess for top-hat cover with modern binding posts installed. 
      La Scalas lacquered in deep walnut. Front of speaker and top-hat cover in back Lacquer. 
      2 custom dolliesflush with the front of the cabinet that do not interfere with bass horn. 
    • If you are interested in purchasing talk to @MetropolisLakeOutfitters      
    • Are you allowing the AVR to do the bass-management duties, i.e. following the manual's suggested setup instructions: http://manuals.denon.com/AVRS710W/NA/EN/GFNFSYaxhqtbzr.php#OKNRMLfvunedcc  and turn the low-pass knob on the rear of the sub to max.  Set the gain to 0/12 0'clock position and the phase switch is normally at 0*; it's provided because the speakers and subwoofer sound best when they are in-phase.    Meaning their woofers move in and out in sync. To check your sub's phase, play music with bass, listen for a minute or so and sit near the sub, flipping the sub's 0/180-degree phase switch slowly back and forth. The correct setting is the one that yields more bass and when the woofers of the sub and speakers are in sync. You may have to try a few different recordings before you hear any difference (if any at all).  It might help to turn up the sub's volume level a few notches for this test. If you don't hear any difference between the 0 and 180-degree settings, leave the phase control in the 0 position.   Also, if your AVR is not already configured this way, try setting your floors to "small" and their x-over to 60Hz or 80Hz, whichever garners the best result.  Setting the x-over to 40Hz is too low, even though your speakers are rated at 37Hz if not mistaken.  A decent article here: https://www.avforums.com/threads/crossover-and-speaker-settings-in-relation-to-bass-management.1019893/             
    • That cowl is ridiculous... even if there was a plenum in there, it doesn't need that much volume does it?
    • That's the problem it seems, the better things are never good for you, did you two get a chance to go to Cafe du Monde ?    Hope y'all had a good time.