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  1. seti


    Only Dave would have Belle in the Kitchen, 50's mahogany khorn in the den, Ken's La Scala in the living room, cornwall in thegarage, and industrial la scala in the basement and all his kids have heresy's in their bedrooms. He does need bathroom speakers LOL......
  2. seti

    Blueberry Extreme pre-amp issues

    Blackie Pagiano is extremely good and a cool dude. He is in NY. https://www.blackiepagano.com/
  3. seti

    Blueberry Extreme pre-amp issues

    Have you had the tubes tested? Where are you located?
  4. seti

    This is better than rap!!!

    To us it sounds that way. Its just not our bag. The only thing I have against rap is that it replaced funk. They use lots of funk samples but Funk was a milllion times more interesting than rap or rock.
  5. seti

    This is better than rap!!!

    Good is in the ear of the hearer. One mans crap is another mans good and one mans good is another mans crap. I like a mix of the weird and different. Different is good.... sometimes.... This is just hilarious AF.
  6. seti

    This is better than rap!!!

    I totally understand some people not liking a genre of music for instance I am sick and tired of 97% of classic rock and rock music. Classic rock and rock is over played, old, tired, warn out, and boring AF! What is the point of listening to the same crap when there is so much music in the world. This is better than Rap? At least RAP is a newer genre than rock. Don't get me started on the eagles I'd rather clean my ears with knitting needles than listen to them one more time. So I totally understand being tired of a genre right there with ya just in a different way.
  7. seti

    The Fisher X-100 Friday Score

    I am just a solder monkey a good friend who has already helped me convert a Knight KB83 and another amplifier to PP triode over pentode does the design work. I need to get proper measurements for most of my builds/rebuilds. They sound great so far so I haven't questioned them. He has been a builder / tech for 30+ years or I wouldn't be monkeying with any of this. I will be ripping out tone controls and extras and putting in a nice phono stage. I dig the looks so won't do anything cosmetic. Ian
  8. seti

    This is better than rap!!!

    Your warping my fragile little mind.
  9. seti

    Under the Hood Shindo Pre-Amp

    I love the layout. That is beautiful.
  10. Scored this Fisher Friday and had it delivered. There has been some work on it that will have to be undone. Most phono sections will be removed, tone controls removed, and converted to PP triode EL84's. The tubes are all amperex... Good stuff. I love the sweaty worn in look like a little rat rod. Amperex GZ34 8-) This little resistor is smoked.
  11. seti

    Strange AA crossover

    That is an example of go home and try again.
  12. seti

    Roy Clark RIP

    One of my favorite clips is Roy Clark on the Beverly Hillbillies... Boy Blue And His Electric Zooo
  13. seti

    Greg Roberts of Volti likes Border Patrol amps

    I am jeolous of his woodworking skills an incredible craftsman.
  14. seti

    Greg Roberts of Volti likes Border Patrol amps

    Hogwash! No originality but spin offs of La Scala and Cornwalls. He started restoring Klipsch speakers and just happens to produce klipsch like products. In the voices of Click and Clack BOGUS! Looks like a duck quacks like a duck although it is a beautiful duck perhaps a beautiful stolen duck. If you think that is cool more power to ya. I'm not jealous I just think it is
  15. seti

    Greg Roberts of Volti likes Border Patrol amps

    He is a brilliant woodwooker and craftsman but selling Klipsch modified speakers... Is that cool? At least not very original.