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  1. As Tidal just dropped master tracks I am looking for something new.
  2. A friend bought one off ebay years ago for around $600 which he restored to like new condition. I saw another sell at an auction at Klipsch during a pilgrimage for about $300. A local Klipsch fan has a three-way system with two shorthorns and a model t in the middle. It sounds better than I thought possible. They are rare and important part of history and a cool addition to any collection. Do you have documentation that says they are a prototype? Would love to see the docs! These did see production for a short time?
  3. New out of the box. Updated. Reset. I have the app installed. They charge unevenly. One won't charge all the way. When I use them both won't play reliably one keeps dropping. Haven't been able to listen longer than 5 minutes. Any fixes? Please advise! **support replaced 8-) **
  4. It was a smaller group but very high quality. There are discussions ongoing for making changes for the next get-together. A BIG THANK YOU to Ginny for stepping up and taking command of the visitor center and taking care of the day-to-day business. She is the local we desperately needed. The new gift shop is growing and getting many different products. Thank you Ginny!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Roy and Jim for the classes and tours. The hardest working group we have is of course Craig and his crew. It is amazing to see the progress every time we go back. For all the members thank you so much because without you the PWK Museum wouldn't exist and the events would never happen. If you aren't a member please consider it https://www.klipschmuseum.org/membership
  5. If you get exact duplicate can caps made from HeySeed you just take really good pics so you get everything right and make sure you get everything on the right value. Don't do anything you aren't comfortable with but it isn't bad if you get the right parts and document properly.
  6. Caps don't look leaky. Maybe a nice cleanup and fresh wires for cosmetics if ya feel the need. If they work leave them. Mine were physically oozing or I wouldn't have touched them.
  7. Don't chicken out just replace the big can caps with some from Heyseed Electronics and that big brown electrolytic and you will be most of the way there. I love these fishers and can't get enough of them. Good luck.
  8. I am considering getting a ultrasonic cleaner from harbor freight for restorations but also I was thinking I could design and 3d print an lp holder for it. https://www.harborfreight.com/automotive/cleaners-auto-care/cleaners-degreasers/parts-washers-cleaners/6-liter-ultrasonic-parts-cleaner-59430.html The one you posted looks better.
  9. How much does an 1802 HLS cost. It will go lower than 20hz and sounds fantastic. I have one and it is insanity. After hearing the new Jubilee I understand where they are going. Klipsch is as good now as they have ever been. The road ahead is bright. IMO. The new subs are based on the HLS technology. These new subs will be game-changers because traditional subs just can't keep up with horns. I know I tried for years and sold every sub I ever heard. The only one I liked was Bruce Edgars Titan but it belonged to a friend.
  10. 1957 Ampex console first stereo console. This is a good one. I've had it for years and taken many stabs at restoration. I finally made some progress. The amps, preamp, and tuner are now functionally. I also added some bluetooth. The record changer is going to be swapped and the RTR need serious help. The belts fell out the motor needs some work. All that being said I have a tuner and bluetooth for now. The guts all spread out so we can find issues more easily. Nice little JBL 8" full rangers.
  11. Ye olde price price. I hate to ship so lets try $850.
  12. Ok it was noisier than I could be happy with so we replaced the filament transformer with a potted filament transformer. We also added potted upgraded choke. Also rerouted some input wires. It is now much much better. Don't think it can get any quieter. This is abit over the top for what I need so it must go. Forum price $850
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