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  1. seti

    More on.Corona Virus

    Not sure where you are getting such bad info. They have covid in our prisons already.
  2. Hey Marty do you have an o-scope? This could help look around and actually see what everything is doing.
  3. Not what meant... They go way way way down the rabbit hole 200pages and that is what I believe is the short version. I switched equipment around recently and all of a sudden had crazy hum. It took me hours of troubleshooting but now quiet as can be from every source.
  4. I can't say I'd worry about everything they write about but their discussion on ground is great.
  5. Thank you for the link. Superb.
  6. Reminds me of a dixielander.
  7. If it is hidden and not seen doesn't matter. Vetor cans are my fave. They come in round and square. I also dig these tube socket turrets.
  8. I had some spare pieces of high quality MDF leftover from project. I left them out on the side of the house in a scrap pile for 2 years. They got wet frozen baked in the sun. I only tossed them in the trash last week but not bloated ot deformed. They were discolored. Not sure how or what the crap I bought but I can't say MDF is inferior. As for material use just use what is best for the project.
  9. seti

    More on.Corona Virus

    I knew a guy who made absinthe locally. Crazy stuff.. This was in the 90's. Not sure I would take the risk today...
  10. I've done this three times now. I've also started using vector cans but they are rare so I use on special projects only.
  11. seti

    More on.Corona Virus

    Same thing in Little Rock. The trader joes freezer section was emptied.. I thought it might be a good idea to limit exposure to restauraunts as they may be the last to send someone sick home. The good news is flight prices are at all time lows. I can get to Bahamas or CostaRica for 300. I believe some forum members owe apologies for over reactions to Klipsch closing Pilgrimage 8-)
  12. Need better pics but I'd hazard to say shorthorn or rebel... More pics please!
  13. How silly is not what my friend in Italy is saying right now...
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