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  1. I'm jealous. Would love to sell a single tube for that much.
  2. If you had real deal Western Electric 300B or 350 triodes and wanted to stretch their life out why not run them lower and not as hard. Not all 300B SET has to be 8wpc its just a popular operating point.
  3. I'm not sure. I think he removed a cap on the imput that rolled off the bass. The PWK Brook has been examined but it has also been restored by Modaferri of McIntosh fame back in 93. The feedback is different than in the original. I put these changes in my Brook clones and it improved a bit. I am running them right now. If I could build them again I'd only change a few things.
  4. That is true.... I might just do that... Thanks..
  5. I am woefully unschooled on modern Klipsch lineup for powered and bluetooth speakers. The conference room at work is in need of some bluetooth powered speekers. I'd like to stay under a grand. The conference room pc is windows 10 pro and needs to connect to speakers via bluetooth. Any recomendations much appreciated.
  6. Louis Armstrong mono on a WE16A real 555 drivers but modern GIP clone 597 tweeters... Bandwidth limited but sublime.
  7. seti

    Uh Oh

    That is just part one. Part two press ashes into vinyl for friends. https://aeon.co/videos/pressing-the-ashes-of-the-dead-onto-records-odd-novelty-or-tender-remembrance
  8. I would be Shindo from the time period Shindo was alive. I'm not sure what happened after his death. Still great looking gear.
  9. I ran them quiet and pretty dam loud.and it went from 1/4 of a watt to 6 wpc.. Pretty cool test....
  10. This was a great post on DIY Audio A Test. How much Voltage (power) do your speakers need? https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/multi-way/204857-test-voltage-power-speakers.html
  11. Bottlehead Kaiju 300B with DC filaments. https://bottlehead.com/product/kaiju-300b-amplifier-kit/ I would mod the chassis maybe add meters and use a more exotic wood.
  12. Everytime I meet life long Klipsch fans someone always has a good PWK story. How about making it official and share your stories with the museum PWK started. It is easy we have a simple form on the website. https://www.klipschmuseum.org/submit-your-story
  13. After listening to the Forte Heresy and Cornwalls a few weeks ago in Hope I don't know what ya'll are talking about. They sound great. The Heritage line future has never sounded beter.
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