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  1. seti

    Greg Roberts of Volti likes Border Patrol amps

    He is a brilliant woodwooker and craftsman but selling Klipsch modified speakers... Is that cool? At least not very original.
  2. Dammmmmmm!!!!!!! I have been wanting to come up for a visit for a long time. I'll be in rural Bahamas or I would be there.....
  3. seti

    ‘82 Belles (were) available

    Beautiful Belles. In my top 5.
  4. A friend of mine had some giant scratches in his khorns. A friend of mine who is a great carpenter and faux painter fixed it so it didn't even show anymore. If they were mine I'd find a local experienced veneer and faux wood grain painter. They have crazy skills.
  5. seti

    Klipschorns $5000?

    If you are putting a value on speakers than veneer finish matters a lot. If you have oak or walnut expect to get up to $2500. If you have Rosewood or Ebony or something rare expect to get up to $4k. It isn't form over function but rarity or value of veneer. Go shop some veneer then say that 8-)
  6. Oh I didn't take any pictures because they ain't purdy. It was a PITA... Your way will end up being better than mine but the JBL 2482 on a mid tractrix horn is a thing of beauty. I listen to them almost every day.
  7. No they do not reduce resolution. I also notice he sells no tubes. In his interest to tell this story. Midrange is where the magic happens. I've lived with Belles and La Scalas wich have amazingly clean bass but don't go super low. I'd rather have quality over quantity. Not many subs are as clean or can keep up with Klipsch fully horn loaded systems.. I tried many subs and it just muddied the waters. I may hate subs short of Roy's HLS subs and Edgars Titan but not much else.
  8. I scored an Ampex A423 years ago, It was full of cool tube gear. The preamp and tuner share a faceplate but are seperate units. The 6V6 PP amps are developed specifically for the JBL LE8 which were run full range. This is the one unit I could not gut but plan to restore. It is one of my favorite scores. I have since found another in the neighborhood just like it would love to buy it. love these consoles.
  9. seti

    Industrial Las 4 Sale

    Maybe for past pilgrimages not just 06. I have a crap ton of pics.
  10. seti

    Industrial Las 4 Sale

    You mean like these 8-) Pilgrimage 2010
  11. seti

    Industrial Las 4 Sale

    Not a cleaner pair of these out there.
  12. seti

    Converting khorns to 2way

    Thanks for posting. Two of the most trustworthy guys out there. Not sure if you've heard but DJK passed away. Very sad. One smart dude.
  13. To help with false enclosed backs?
  14. That new Khorn build is superb. Most exciting list of changes in a long time. Way to go ROY!!!!
  15. Gawd dang those are incredible!!!!