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  1. That is so cool.. Wow. I am going to be building a three tube stereo amp with dual triodes using the WE 421A as output.
  2. It sounds great and the new tweeter is really good.
  3. Everytime I put it back in rotation I am pleased. All it needs is a 1802 or 1502 HLS 8-)
  4. I wish I knew more to chime in but I just know how to listen and feed horns...
  5. His schematics confuse me. I've never seen so many interstage transformers used. He built with his ears and passion not what was acceptable. Would love to build on of his designs. A total out of the box thinker. My fave!
  6. seti

    Deal of the century

    This ad has been up for many months. This is what has become of the klipsch market in Arkansas.
  7. Elrog is really cool but top of the bill for me is EML. http://www.emissionlabs.com/html/products/products.htm The build quality is among the best. It is nice to see so much go into this antique tech whether it is eml or elrog or whatever. Good stuff..
  8. Weird works for me... http://www.vinylsavor.com/ I removed the https in case that was an issue. Thomas has more experience with Elrog than anyone out there and works closely with them.
  9. That looks like I would have to take a two year course.... I wants it.
  10. Those machines don't grow on trees. It is amazing they are still around. The restoration work on them looks really good. If they have good documentation or at least someone from the old factory that would make it very possible.
  11. How do you know if a tube is decent? You can't trust even new tubes imo. I inherited a collection of great tubes vintage and modern. If you want to roll vintage tubes you should have a tube tester. If you start having issues and want to rule out tubes a tester it is quite handy. Not sure I could live without one. It is nice to know if the tubes you have been using are still in a good range... In the collection I inheritage was a box of about 30 6550a tungsols. After testing I was able to put them into matched pairs. There were 5 that were unusable.
  12. I've been using a friends TV7 for a few years after using several others. It is my favorite so far.
  13. Check out Thomas Mayers work with Elrog tubes. https://www.vinylsavor.com/
  14. Yeah it isn't the same without ya. See you next year!!!!
  15. seti


    No worries I just love giving you a hard time about it 8-) That has been well worth the price of admission.
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