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  1. They disappear into the corner.. That is what I tell Stacey...
  2. I woldn't trust him to measure his dog.
  3. Tape is awesome. I just found vintage tape brittle and the rest of it just wasn't what I wanted to listen to. I'm not sure sound quality gets much better than tape. It is astounding. I drove three hours to pick up an Otari and they sold it out from under me for $50 more than I offered....
  4. I see it as poor form. The restorations were beautiful and top notch. Taking someone elses hard work and basing a company on it.... Sorry just one word for that... Then taking from the DIY community as well...... hmmm.....
  5. These guys get together every year and build a few systems from scratch from horns to tube gear. Then they have a friendly system shootout. No prizes just bragging rights. They also have a few lectures on audio. Good folks.
  6. I believe a well known member of this forum and Klipsch employee got tossed out of PWK's house for asking about dynamat on horns.... If you bolt down a horn it does not ring....
  7. What happens in Ga stays in Ga...
  8. That is the only picture of that Klipschorn. It was from Sante Fe.
  9. Wasn't there and Arkansas vs Georgia game? Didn't Georgia get stomped??
  10. 2007 Holiday Inn Express How much gear and people can we put in one room.... La Scala's in there somewhere...
  11. Pics from 2006 museum basement!! Hunter Fini Steve Phillips
  12. Thanks yup been here for ages. One of my favorite posts is this one http://www.itishifi.com/2014/04/stephens-trusonic-for-theater-and-home.html Gonna morph it into something different but trying to figure out how to move it without breaking anything... Might just have to break it.....
  13. Ahhhhh great pics. I have 3D pics from this weekend somewhere......
  14. Notice there is a version 1 and 2 of the SETH! v2 is the correct version.
  15. Oh cool forums let us load PDF documents. Thank you Chad!!!! Seth_2A3_s240_Manual_v1-1.pdf
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