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  1. seti

    2-way Jubilee CD?

    The 402/510 is an amazing combo if you have enough ceiling 8-)
  2. seti

    Jubilee advice needed.

    Yes but what a ride around the parking lot it is... Of all the speakers I've had the jubs are just the best I've heard in my room. The detail is unreal. I wouldn't go back to anything smaller... Just doesn't make sense. My room is small so it is amazing what a 2a3 or 45 can do.
  3. seti

    Jubilee advice needed.

    My room isn't huge maybe 15x13x12 still feels like nearfield 8-) I've run Belles, La Scalas, Khorns, Heresy's and Jubs. Every room is a challenge but why compromise the speaker? If it fits it ships. Jubs will be fine in that room just let em rock!!!!
  4. seti

    BS from PS Audio Paul McGowan

    I think Paul McGowan has learned a valuable lesson about Klipsch fans....... NO BULLSHIT!
  5. seti

    Low power amps on speakers

    I've run .5 to 12wpc on Belles, Khorns, and Jubilees. Never hurt them. What if I tried them on some POS 85db speakers... Perhaps. My fave so far are .5 to 2 wpc 45/2a3 on jubs.
  6. Unless your sitting on a hoard of speakers 8-) lol I quit going to the estate sales as the employees are yanking vintage electronics and preselling speakers. I've been the first in the door and they have told me they just sold. I said I am first in the door how can this be? *crickets*
  7. They have ruined the market for speakers in Little Rock. Glad I got what I want 8-) Those are beautiful khorns.
  8. seti

    tube guide/manual

    Collect tube manuals. I don't think just one wil get it. I have sylvania, rca, tungsol, and many others from different time periods.
  9. seti

    2019 LaScala AL-5 ME Edition (They are here)

    Questioning a speaker made since 1963 with how many still in operation???.... I'm pretty sure they know what they are doing 8-)
  10. seti

    1802 sub port experiment

    Ahh... I might have to try that sometime but seriously how much lower do you need to go lol....
  11. seti

    1802 sub port experiment

    HELLO AND?????
  12. seti

    1802 sub port experiment

    Did anyone ask Roy the ramifications of these changes as I'm sure they are there for a reason...?
  13. seti

    Critique this 2A3...

    Good eyes! Chassis looks like it could be a landfall.
  14. seti

    Wright Wpp100c Tube Phono Stage

    I've listened to the WPP100 at a friends often and haven't noticed humm. I have the later version AG Phono which has the same controls. I am using a Denon DL110 nothing fancy but no hum at all and I can really crank. Hmmm I have no step up. The only hum in my system is when I switch to my mini pc for streaming audio. Gotta get rid of it some day. Wish I had something more useful but love the Wright gear.