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  1. I've tried and listened to lots of subs with horns. It is hard. Bruce Edgars refridgerator sized sub was the first I heard that was any good. Then the kpt884, 1802, and 1502 are among the best I've heard. My room is music only and the number of subs I've kicked out are numerous. You can't fight physics 8-)
  2. I'd rather not have a sub than have a sub that can't keep up with horns.
  3. Testing my GoPro360. It is a cool camera but haven't been able to use it for intended purpose... If anyone has tips for editing 360 video footage I'd love to hear it... Tricky...
  4. I like the tube books by rca, sylvania, and anything I can find. The radiotrons are also great. Then I like just reading any of the old hi-fi diy electronics magazines. It is good fun. Sound Practices and Vaccum Tube Valley are superb.
  5. That looks like a small version of it. Wish I could find my measurements. Oh well whatever it measured it sounds awesome.
  6. Just do JWC straight tractrix horns. Plans are around here somewhere. They are awesome from 500-80hz and no folds. . Here they are last time I had them hooked up. Here it is at JC's with a sub...
  7. I was going to buy it for the museum but it was sold before the sale even started. I've been waiting since it was posted.
  8. The LF is a straight tractrix horn of @jwc design. The 402 and 510 atop that. Great sounding system. I now have the tractrix and they are about to be my shop speakers.
  9. Wonton Soup broth from real chinese restauraunt. Bahamian Chicken Souse Soup
  10. The asian theater market is still boooming...
  11. If the room is a compromise why compromise the speakers.
  12. You might be over thinking this a bit. It might be beneficial but seriously you can drive Jubilees on almost nothing. I am running a George Wright Preamp and a 1.5wpc SET amp. The room is not big so that helps. Unless you are trying to run an auditorium I wouldn't stress too much about and try what you already have on hand.
  13. They really don't need much power at all. I use anywhere from 1/2wpc to 10wpc anything else is cray loud.
  14. Geek reference to Shatner in Star Trek movie explaining that Spock had too much LDS in the 60's.
  15. Yeah but with live streaming there is no one to offer up the LDS.
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