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  1. Thanks. This should be really fun to watch!!!!!
  2. I believe they are considering auction format.
  3. I don't wanna crate or ship. If you can pick it up its yours for free.
  4. I'm in Little Rock if you decide you need a pair of the Bogen DB20.
  5. I got a DB20 just like the one you picked up wanna trade for the Altec lol.... I do have an extra DB20 anyway and I'll never use it.
  6. I would not hesitate to pick these up for that price. $2k is a good roached price not sure about working. A freaking bargain. These look like the rare capeheart amplifiers that were made by Brook. Look at the Brook 10C and think bigger. This is the rolls royce of amplifiers of its day. You need someone familiar with this vintage and maybe Brooks. I'd spend good money on these beauties to be made safe as a daily driver. Capeheart used top of the line everything when they built consoles or custom installs. Amazing score!!!!
  7. That is too high 400-600 is the range you have to work with. I would trust Roy's passives above all else.
  8. Thanks I didn't know that was the case. Interesting....
  9. Ya know I never really thought too much of the k69 but after hearing Roy's Jubilees in the listening room I was gobsmacked and blown away. It was the best I've ever heard them and that is a lot. How did he get the K69 to sound that amazing? Of course Roy just grins and says it sounds ok.
  10. I'll take that challenge. If you could front me 250,000 I'll slay that sysem no problem 8-)
  11. One could do so much better for so much less. It does look like he had fun putting it together. I wonder what the true cost is with components that didn't work out lol....
  12. seti

    Which Variac?

    A friend has left this on my bench for me to use for the time being. I'm getting attached 8-) This was given to me. It is three phase but can I use each section seperately?
  13. I respectfully disagree on the pc traces and wire stuff. That is why its called do it yourself lol.... Have fun.
  14. I wouldn't bother to use a Slagle product for a crites 3636 or whatever klipsch used. The klipsch and crites are fine for the application. I use Slagle AVCs as pasive preamps or attentuation for amplifiers, preamplifiers and the likes. The modules and traces are fine. I see no problem with them. I've wired them myself without the traces on earlier versions. They all work great. I plan on building another amp with all Slagle interstage transformers, nickle chokes, and his top of the line outputs. Gonna be fun.
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