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  1. Sakuma San prime examples his stuff looks like he is having a laugh. http://www5.big.or.jp/~dh/
  2. seti

    Swimming Pool Issues

    I would join the troublefreepool forum their methods of maintain pools has saved my but a few times. https://www.troublefreepool.com/blog/
  3. I like to have some lotion in my hand and then ask the urologist where the sample is supposed to go 8-)
  4. Check out the Klipsch Museum Store page. It has all the ebay items listed. https://www.klipschmuseum.org/store
  5. I would start replacing those swollen caps.... Dang...
  6. Audiophile is what I consider a very dirty word. I've met some guys recently in town that call themselves audiophiles. They spend big money on all components power conditioners, cables of all manner and expensive skinny speakers. The conversations are mesmerizing. If it isn't stereophile or TAS blessed they aren't into it. I'm a music junkie or audio junkie but now more into DIY which is way more fun than buying black boxes and cables and believing you hear a difference. They asked if I was an audiophile and I said if I was it would be as a bottom feeder audiophile..lol..... JC Morrison clip on youtube is great he starts a rant on audiophile and hifoi around 2:15....
  7. I have tons of tube amps but when I need it I have a modern NAD.
  8. You can get some good money for the Scott LK so don't worry about it. Just sell and it get something you are comforable with... Music shouldn't stress you out 8-)
  9. Ahhh this is the most entertaining thread I've seen since the old days of SET vs PP or cable threads. Let it ride... Nothing wrong with a bit of disagreement.
  10. Rip it all out keep iron / tubes /chassis and build from scratch...
  11. seti

    45 amps

    Holy crap!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me..... You didn't dip your toes in you leaped. Thomas Mayer is one of my fave builders. Top notch.
  12. seti

    45 amps

    Yeah we can discuss it till the cows come home but ultimately just get some low powered tube amps try some stuff out and when your happy stop and listen to tunes.
  13. seti

    45 amps

    I am running a 45/2a3 direct coupled two stage amp and it has stayed in my system the longest of anything. 45 EML mesh has been my favortite tube but also run 245 globes, 2a3 RCA, and various new production 2a3's. Lots of iron hiding underneath and damper diode rectifiers in the back.
  14. If I had to choose between a WE300B repro or an Emission Labs 300B and the price was close I'd go EML....
  15. Tube Depot is solid as they come. I still find the Munich reports unsettling.
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