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  1. I have a hunch most modern tubes especially rectifiers can't hold a candle to originals.
  2. Nice going from modern production to NOS your distortion went down.... Very interesting.....
  3. That is funny. There was an article years ago with the Foxgate tube surround sound he built for his own use. It looked pretty close to that.
  4. That is a crazy rare piece.... More info please. Is that his surround sound piece???
  5. And of course except for the Heritage Wireless....
  6. The Belle looks so cute in there.. Wow.. Talk about dwarfed!!!!! There is some content that can't sound good because it isn't good. I don't think you can fix it with EQ. I have learned to live with it. These things are true to your source material like nothing else. A good problem to have me thinks. Congrats again. Just an amazing setup.
  7. I've had both Scott, Fishers, and Sherwoods but my preference is Fishers. That being said you couldn't go wrong with either choice and that is a good place to be 8-)
  8. I have a massive collection of tube rectifiers so that is what I use. Honestly I love the look of the tubes as well. I like the small MV rectifiers and the GZ34's. I even have some old ST16 bottle shape 81's. If your on a budget or space constraint I could see using SS rectifiers or if ya want dc filaments.
  9. I'm a freak but I prefer Fishers to most vintage gear especially the El84 or EL37 amps.
  10. I wouldn't mix and match recrtumfriers as it could go south quickly. For scratch built power supples I like the tv damper diodes ike the 6DM4 as they have a slow start of about 30 seconds. There are so many great damper diodes and pretty cheap. Then there are ancient rectifiers like the 80 81 82 83. Since I have 5 81's I might do a full bridge for a DIY PP2a3 amp. For MV I really like the little 816's. Its all fun till something catches fire.
  11. I was supposed to go down Friday morning to show Jim a new scanner I have been testing. Work got in the way. I'll maybe make it next Friday. I did some work on a Bogen DB230 for the museum and will be returning it. Nice little piece 6DW5 outputs with DC filaments. Do we know an expert Ampex restorer? These need a special touch for sure. The PWK mods should be well documented. Next time I am in Austin I would love to see your RTR stash.
  12. That is a hell of a job. How many Ampeces do we have that need to be restored?
  13. Well they would still come form the same place lol.. I'll make a deal with you. You can have all my Klipsch speakers when I'm dead 8-) All donated to the museum unless Stacey wants them lol....
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