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  1. Company history is interesting. They went from radio in the 20's to hifi through the 80's. They were high end until some corporate bozos ruined the company by selling to Alpine which cheapened the brand name. They still had some good products but damage was done. This is when Mr.Miura left Luxman as audio designer to form Airtight. Airtight I believe went beyond Luxman. Very nice gear...
  2. I like Luxman over McIntosh preamps but I may be a freak 8-)
  3. Yeah get em cleaned up and see what you think...
  4. What he said... And are they in corners yet?? Khorns must be in corners...
  5. The Clinton Center next door sees I think 200,000 visitors a year!!!!
  6. Here is the donation page!! https://www.klipschmuseum.org/donations
  7. seti

    NEW or NOS?

    To my knowledge no one is makeing a 12A?? tube that can come close to the tele or amperex or siemens or insert vintage name here.
  8. seti

    NEW or NOS?

    This sounds like a problem with amplifier or speaker design and or pairing or major room problems. I've run old ST and Globe 45's and 2a3 mono and biplate without any of these characteristics. If this was the case I would never run a 45 of any type. Glad I haven't run into these issues.
  9. The best I heard was at Fox And The Hound in North Little Rock. They had a quad of Heresy's in a custom enclsoure hanging over the bar. Then lots of smaller klipsch all around. I'm sure with Roy's skew horn it would be easier to do now adays.
  10. seti

    NEW or NOS?

    My 45s aren't NOS but test strong at least.
  11. seti

    NEW or NOS?

    I have the EML 45 meshplates and the construction is amazing. I should compare to my stash of vintage 45s.
  12. seti

    NEW or NOS?

    I'm just saying that you don't rebuid that kind of knowledge, technique, and tech overnight. Why else can't they build a proper GZ34? Isn't it just a tube? Why can't they duplicate the performance? Technology just evolved and made things cheaper and easier to build. Just sad it all didn't sound better..
  13. seti

    French Press

    I have about 8 cofee presses. The best of them all is a double basket filter I bought at Williams Sonoma. The coffee from this is ground coarse and is so so clean. My wife bought me a Breville 750 espresso machine so I don't press as often. I also get whole bean La Colombe delivered every week. I'm not addictied I'm just sure withiout it I'd die.....
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