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  1. seti

    Converting khorns to 2way

    Thanks for posting. Two of the most trustworthy guys out there. Not sure if you've heard but DJK passed away. Very sad. One smart dude.
  2. To help with false enclosed backs?
  3. That new Khorn build is superb. Most exciting list of changes in a long time. Way to go ROY!!!!
  4. Gawd dang those are incredible!!!!
  5. seti

    Refurbished 1977 Heresys for sale

    Incredible price!
  6. seti

    400k on khorn upgrade

    Dang I got censored... Just curous can we type Bullshit ?
  7. seti

    400k on khorn upgrade

    K55 is a kick *** driver.
  8. I've only had trouble with two tubes since 1998. That is not bad. You can upgrade tubes pretty easily but if you have solid state that is all you get 8-)
  9. seti

    "Shorthorns" on Craiglist ... nice pair!

    Funkyhambone has a threeway Shorthorn system with a Model T as a center channel. It sounds superb and way better than I thought possible.
  10. That is what I was thinking... I did not know PWK was into early country swing.
  11. seti

    1954 single KHorn in DFW

    Klipschorn Jr.... Weird!
  12. seti

    1954 single KHorn in DFW

    I've seen them in a few klipschorns. I believe it was a customer choice.
  13. My first pilgrimage was one Tony Reed started and we basically tailgated the factory. Trey got us a museum and lab tour. It was the coolest. I believe that was when I first meet Dee and Fini with many others. Good times.
  14. seti

    Iteresting Ad Craigslist SF

    I found four of them locally but no drivers. The cabinets are 1/4inch and flimsy.
  15. I usually remember such details but I don't. It did appear to be all new. They had a good cdp a tube amp and some solid state. They would switch between tube and solid state. Chris Williams had a good selection of tunes and Matt Sommers played a very interesting and dynamic disc.