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  1. Preamp Owners....What Are You Using?

    Not a traditional preamp but I am using an autoformer volume control using Intact Audio autoformers. DIY..... Next preamp will be a DIY 112A preamp as some of my digital sources need some gain.
  2. Yeah you can't leave out George Marin's influence and also the EMI techs and scientists who invented devices for The Beatles to get certain sounds. Not many bands had the luxury to practicially live in studios while working lol.
  3. Perhaps even underrated 8-) I got this book The Beates Recording Sessions which is documentation from EMI and interviews of those working with The Beatles. What I found fascinating is The Beatles work ethic in the studio. These guys lived in the studio well multiple studios they sort of owned all the studios there for a while. Good stuff.
  4. If Paul could die then Ringo could publish the book with all The Beatles secrets.
  5. Early Klipschorn manufacturing "oops"

    That is a brialliant idea.
  6. Bought an MC250. Almost done at Tech's

    We have more than one flipper in Little Rock more like 3 or 4. I'm in LR as well. The one running all the repeat ads is the one that has done the most damage. I'm currently trying to find a pair of Heresy for a friends girlfriend. They are even selling beaters for close to $500. I'll have to score something in Memphis or Tulsa to get a decent price.
  7. Bought an MC250. Almost done at Tech's

    The local flippers have totally thrashed our local market for McIntosh and Klipsch. They keep all the prices high and scavenge everything in site.
  8. Interesting on ebay right now

    It has been up a few times. Would have been nice if it hadn't been parted out.
  9. Perhaps their switches aren't that bad but we have had terrible issues with their routers. Their WIFI stuff is A++++++
  10. I love ibiquiti wifi units but stay away from their routers and switches. I manage about 35 of their unifi ap pros.
  11. You can buy Belles if you want them. The Deans are harder to come by. There are some really cool dean DIY projects out there.
  12. Any speaker benefits from being in a corner. I gotta say B&W bookshelves do not compare to Belles. The only advantage over Belles is that B&W tweeter. There had to be something wrong with the Belles if that is your opinion. I lived with Belles for many years and are one of the speakers I regret selling the most. They have a little better bass than La Scala I's but about even with II's.... The Deans would be a cool build. Always thought they were cool but never heard them.
  13. Building a LB76 - any advice?

    This is a long term project 8-)
  14. High End Audio

    I saw where this lumber came from the last time I was in Hudson several years ago. There was a warehouse stacked with wood aging and drying. They also had a kiln. I believe they did it right and slow from the beginning. They had some issues years ago with horns being made in Malaysia and not being so stable years later. I believe this system is in a showroom in Brooklyn.