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  1. Brook 12A Clones

    I didn't think the bottom plates looked right so I went with black and I think it looks much better. These took a very long time. I'm only just learning to build amps and only just learning woodworking. I am master of none but interested in all lol..... Now they are both done and tested. They are heading to one of the big systems this weekend.
  2. Belle Review

    I had the exact opposite when I owned Belles for several years. There must be something wrong with them.. If you were closer I'd love another pair.
  3. PWK Amplifier Schematic

    Mkes me feel better about my builds LOL 8-)
  4. Brook 12A Clones

    True. It really ain't pretty. Layout and neatness is my main focus moving forward.
  5. Brook 12A Clones

    It is hard to scavenge time to and tools to get projects done. Next is a crazy 112A preamp....
  6. PWK Amplifier Schematic

    Kerry thanks for posting Jim was telling me about that amplifier. That is seriously cool. I might have to build one of these as well. Very nice.
  7. Brook 12A Clones

    I was wrong the mic cable was mogami. https://tubedepot.com/products/mogami-w2582-low-cost-high-performance-superflexible-balanced-microphone-cable I don't like working with it...
  8. Brook 12A Clones

    They have sounded ok on an old crusty EV 12" coax. They look good on the scope. Not sure if they will sound good but I hope so.
  9. Brook 12A Clones

    I bought the metal chaasis then once all the holes were in it I didn't like the way it looked. Then I thought no prob I'll wrap it in wood. My woodwork was square the box wasn't so lots of fixing.. Next time I'll just build a wooden box as it made it really complicated. I think it was some belden cable from tubedepot.com which is in Memphis so they ship super fast to my house. I don't like working with the mic cable.
  10. Brook 12A Clones

    I've been working on these for so long lol... I made minor changes to the original Brook schematic build. I did a more modern ground scheme and used shielded cable for input and feedback. The orginal chassis was pretty small and as this was my second scratch build I made them much bigger so I could have room to work around. The parts are much higher quality than the original brooks as they used fairly crappy components back then. I am going to finsih the bottom plate to match the top. I had some gremlins on first power up but no smoke pops or bangs just horrible noise out of speakers lol.. My friend Chris helped me tweek the feedback and all was well with the world. One more once over and check up and they go to the big speakers. These are Push Pull 2A3's so after these we are going back to SET. Lessons learned: Use real hardwood not plywood. Don't wrap metal chassis in wood. Don't trust Sams Photofact. Wear pants while soldering. Wear pants!
  11. The Latest in High End Audio

    I wish I could have sold them to him.... 8-)
  12. Bias of SET amps

    I ran both of these sceneraios. I biamped when I had the WLA12A and also tried with a sub. Very cool preamp.
  13. Penguin Paaaaaaaaaaaarrtaaaay!

    Hard to hide 1.5 milliojn penguins.
  14. Bias of SET amps

    The switch on the back is different gains. Voltage Gain: 12 to 20dB, switchable on back This is what I got from George on the WLA12A Tube Compliment 2 x 6SN7 1 x 6EM7 1 x 6X5 Specifications Very Linear 6 SN7 voltage and driver stages Frequency Response: Better than 20 Hz to 20 kHz , plus/ minus 1 dB Distortion: Less than 0.4 percent total harmonic distortion Input Impedance: 100 kilohms, nominal Output Impedance: 2 kilohm, nominal; will drive loads down to 600 ohms with some loss of output level Voltage Gain: 12 to 20dB, switchable on back Noble Audio Mastering pots Hovland Musicaps© in line stage Tube rectifier and regulation for truly quiet operation Output Level: 1 volt PP nominal; will drive up to 20 volts PP Stereo-mono-stereo reverse switch Output level control: 0dB- -10dB- -Full mute Tape record and playback compatible Size: 6 x 10 x 5 inches