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  1. That is awesome. I don't understand why they add that awful green glow when you have the beautiful glow of tubes.
  2. Very cool... The only thing that bugs me is the LED lights under the tubes... Disgraceful.. Can they be removed??
  3. That one is pretty small but could have good stuff in it. Post some guts pics. .. I'm currently restoring the first stereo console ever made an Ampex. The hard part is that it is chock full of electrolytic cans but I gotta plan for that.
  4. It is absolutely worth it. I prefer big speakers in small rooms to small speakers in small rooms. If the room is a compromise why compromise the speakers? Turn em up 8-) I think that looks great... Your scott is a great match and much much better than any trends tripath or class d.
  5. Terrible way to go for such a sweet person.
  6. I pinged Travis so he will chime in. I've seen Ian Moore play a few times over the years and it should be a great show.
  7. I'm bang'n yo! I concentrated on speed triangle for years then went to the recorder.
  8. Couldn't disagree more. Have you listened to it? I've spent a massive amount of time listening to George Wright amplifiers and preamplifiers. I've owned just about all of his 2a3 amplifiers especially these monos and they sound superb. As they say if it measures wrong but sounds right your measuring the wrong thing.
  9. Thanks. This should be really fun to watch!!!!!
  10. I believe they are considering auction format.
  11. I don't wanna crate or ship. If you can pick it up its yours for free.
  12. I'm in Little Rock if you decide you need a pair of the Bogen DB20.
  13. I got a DB20 just like the one you picked up wanna trade for the Altec lol.... I do have an extra DB20 anyway and I'll never use it.
  14. I would not hesitate to pick these up for that price. $2k is a good roached price not sure about working. A freaking bargain. These look like the rare capeheart amplifiers that were made by Brook. Look at the Brook 10C and think bigger. This is the rolls royce of amplifiers of its day. You need someone familiar with this vintage and maybe Brooks. I'd spend good money on these beauties to be made safe as a daily driver. Capeheart used top of the line everything when they built consoles or custom installs. Amazing score!!!!
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