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  1. Puerto Rico. Vietnam.. .. or some tropical location popular with other expats...
  2. I can't believe I read this entire thread... What strikes me as interesting is the lack of testing. I've started building but I am collecting and restoring enoough test equipment so I'll know how much distortion and power etc... If you don't measure you don't know anything really. In the next month I plan on testing every piece of gear I own... dharma not dogma
  3. The rooms look great I dig it.
  4. That is awesome. I've just been a crash test dummy as I've done it wrong and then done it right. lol... One day is optimistic but you are right rental is needed for sure. Do they have a rental shop around there?
  5. Yeah period colors are wild. Can't wait to see it. I've done more hardwood floors than I can count espcially old ones. There are a few ways of dealing with them. 1. sand straight to the wood, stain, and poly a few coats to look new. I only do that with the worst. 2. Light sanding almost by hand then stain to match where there are issues. Then poly a few coats. Leave imperfections for character. 3. Light sand, stain to make it uniform and poly. I've done all three and all work to various degrees. I prefer to leave the imperfections and live them. In my house it is a 120+ years old so it is ok to look lived in...
  6. True.. Victorian and craftsman color schemes were crazy. My house is 1890 colonial revival but i refuse period colors on interior..
  7. I think what he is saying that the signs for the museum are the Clinton Boyhood Home.
  8. Hmm I have a good stash of the smaller Eimac tubes. I even have a filament transformer juicy enough to light up 3 35T's per channel. Not push pull but parallell.
  9. I've heard plenty of higher octane triodes that were superb. Jeffrey Jacksons Eimac 75TL and 304TL were among the best high powered triodes I've heard. The voltages and currents used sure do make experimenting not for the faint of heart. Darma not dogma.
  10. They are triodes but not for the faint of heart. I have one but just a conversation piece.
  11. No if you live long enough you get cancer. I've talked to many docs and they all say the same. If you live long enough it is what gets us.
  12. I'm using a quad of 12AX7 bugle boys. Have trried mullards as well. Could be anything really. A phono stage designed for 12AX7 should be able to do so easily...
  13. Hmm that would be cool... Did Klipsch have cad cnc in the late 90's early 2000's? @Chief bonehead @JRH Really curious...
  14. There is a Michael Samra on the Audio Asylum forum who knows more about Sherwood and mods than anyone I know.
  15. I like Syd Floyd not so much the other stuff. Yeah I know he was crazy but my fave...
  16. Not sure the jub was designed with cad software.... But yeah easier to scale.
  17. I'm sure PWK did it... From Stories told by delgado and other klipsch employees PWK built different size jubilees. We were shown a motor board complete witjh two 6 inch drivers and a passive in the midle. I think scaling the Jubilee would be an easier build.
  18. Thanks but I was looking for the entire article as well....
  19. Don't think they built them but they may claim to have built them. Last I knew these were manufactured by Canary Audio for someone who bought the Western Electric name. These amps have Canary Audio written all over them..
  20. Yeah I used one as a iphone speaker 8-)
  21. seti

    Tube amp advice

    I bought used on audiogon and traded tube amps till I got a sense of what I liked.
  22. I've replaced a few caps but that is all. He didn't use the most expensive parts. Still love the gear..
  23. Interesting George was prone to update as he went along without writing down schematics. I have one of his last AG PHONO. I love it.
  24. I have a George Wright phono as well but not that one. I believe it is the high low gain switch. Check out this ad. https://www.audioasylumtrader.com/ca/listing/Preamplifier-Tube/Wright-Sound/WPL-20/Full-function-tube-preamp/32944
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