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  1. I love these amplifiers. I just scored a massive amount of transmitter tubes in the lot are like 20 816's. These are my faves. I also have a early 866 with out the cover over the filament. Never had a 866 Jr... Very cool....
  2. For vintage amplifiers I sometimes just use variacs but the ability to dial voltage to 115v is help. In my house I see higher voltages at night routinely 125v. Before this voltage to my house was unsteady. They put up a brand new transformer for me and everything leveled out although still a bit high.
  3. Linlai quality looks superb. I'd love to try a few of these...
  4. I've never tried a modern production 6sn7 because there are so many out ther. That being said I have a huge stash and I've never met a 6sn7 I didn't like. You can't go wrong. The Linlai bottles are really nice. I'd try those out.
  5. You can message me here via pm.
  6. @Chief bonehead I wish you could live stream so we can watch the audience reactions. That would a great Bonehead class for the Education Center 8-) I would pay for that....
  7. We shall see... I really love the JJ 2a3-40 and the JJ300B.
  8. They build quality is insane. I've been collecting them for years. k75/k42 Metal cans with glass seal end caps. Also their k71 polystyrenes are incredible. I wish I had bought more.
  9. Egads are you high. Klipsch is as strong as they have ever been. The Heritage line is amazing and the Jubilee is on the way.
  10. I heard a pair in what was called Monkey Coffins. They were great...
  11. seti

    No tubes!

    I was looking at my modern 2a3 tubes and not sure why I only just noticed they are all monoplates. The EH and sovteks are quite nice. I haven't compared to any RCA tubes. Not sure I've met a 2a3 I didn't like... I lie I have a fake Mullard labeled 2a3.
  12. I'd rather wait Some of the antics of the owners at Munich Audio Show was just rediculous. I'll stick with the EML.
  13. I would wait until the new WE guys have been out for a while and prove themselves. I'm skeptical. but There are some great 300B tubes out there that have been produced for years and have proven track records. If I were to drop a bundle of cash I'd rather go EML as their quality is staggering and beyond a WE 300b repro attempt. If I had to go with the JJ 300B I could also be very happy. They also don't break the bank.
  14. Western Electric in name only like so many other brands. If I were to pick one I'd go 421A.
  15. This video actually shows the internals before they added the second woofer but it gives you an idea. Not your average bass horn.
  16. There are two 12" drivers and some internal ports.
  17. Just checked the prices on russian tubes... KT90's are listed for $600 a quad... Will they actually sell close to that?
  18. seti

    No tubes!

    Don't think the 2000 is correct the calculation was by me and completely f'd up. I'll check em again next time I see them. Love the craftsman 500. Vintage amps run those tubes like scalded dogs. I'd rather have lower power and longer lived tubes.
  19. seti

    No tubes!

    True. I have a 845/211 stash from the same friend and haven't tested them. Never done a 211 amp. The KT66 test extremely well. I am very happy the chinese tubes keep getting better. I still need to nab a pair of 50CA10's.
  20. seti

    No tubes!

    A friend left a quad of original brittish kt66 gold lions with me. They are beautiful. I usualy say use em if ya got em but I just can't do it. Maybe if I had some old Quad II's to restore..
  21. seti

    No tubes!

    I've had great luck with PSVane. Beautiful work. Not sure why rectifiers are so hard. I just pay up for vntage when it comes to rectifiers. For instance the GZ34's never hold a candle to the original.
  22. seti

    No tubes!

    Where are PSVane tubes made? I have quite the stash of Russian tubes 8-)
  23. OK so my first bid I was thinking I just can't let these go too cheap and after the second bid I was like oh crap I gotta have em.... lol.... Psychology of auctions is real... Gotta go back to Hope to pick these up... There were some great oporrtunities at this auction. Thanks to the museum and klipsch...
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