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  1. We are going to build some LP storage units next year. I hate reading spines. I just won't do it. Maybe I can't do it lol....
  2. They were never as good separately as they were together as a group. John has always been my fave. If John had lived longer there is no telling what would have happened I'm sure we would have had another album or two but they went out on top.. Go read the book The Beatles Sessions. It is an eye opener on how much they collaborated which was a lot. It also shows the influence of Martin and the EMI engineers. Together they were unstoppable and built a catalogue of work unequaled in such a short amount of time.
  3. Thanks for the kind words. Jim Hunter got the #1 Khorn operational. I just bought a woofer off of ebay which we aren't sure is optimal but appears to have worked. Lucky us. The museum still had some PWK Western Electric 555s left so Jim had to make a stand so the weight of the driver didn't hurt the horn. This also required a field coil supply of about 7 volts @ 1.5 amps. Then it was ready to roll. This all started when Jim and someone found an amplifier carcass in the basement. The original idea was to do a delicate restoration but this amp wasn't safe by any modern standards. This thing ran just under 400v across the room to the speaker. This is when I noticed the gain goes to 11 so eat your heart out spinal tap. Then we found late 1940's articles that mentioned his Push Pull 6a5g / 2a3 amplifier with integrated electronic crossover. This was the amplifier parts we had on hand. I didn't feel right changing the artifact. We decided to leave the amp as an artifact in the museum and build something from scratch based on the artifact, schematic, and the articles PWK left for us. This was a group effort I just paid for stuff and was the solder monkey 8-) . Dave Slagle of intact audio helped figure out all the custom iron for the electronic crossover. Not only did Dave figure it out and wind the parts but he donated them to the museum. This project would never have worked without so much help and expertise from Jim, Chris, and Dave... BTW the tubes in this amp were PWK's and were in the original they still tested good so we used em... I hope PWK would be ok with some of the liberties we took. Oh BTW this is a 5 Watt amplifier. Some parts are different just because we had better parts available. This is what started it all. Here is the artifact...
  4. If we took any pictures there was a big guy that took our cameras and smashed them to pieces. The bonehead classes are a should have been there events. I can't wait for it to hit the fan. Roy has a winning recipe of whoopass.
  5. It would be worth more if you had two. There are DIY guys that use these. I have no clue what they are worth but they are fun.... My friend Dave used them for whacky creations. These are scary AF to light up and not for the faint of heart 2.5v 16a. I am in favor of overbuilding and doing stupid things but these are insanity. The diy crowd use them as rectifiers the grid as a plate and leave the plates alone. Jeffrey Jackson used them for a field coil supply.. If they don't find a home let me know.
  6. Send pics when you get snails going. Oh man I hadn't heard. Hope your doing well. I've only dropped in forums now and again..
  7. Congrats guys 8-) My wife has bought Belles for our living room and approved new Jubilees for music room... Better than a motorcycle 8-)
  8. We thought of a few ways to make these even quieter so we are going to do further tweaks to these and then put them back up for sale. These were completely gutted and rebuilt. My friend Chris Hornbeck guided me through this one as it drove me crazy. Have been tweaking this over the last 4 months after the major rebuild. Deviations from stock are we added adjustable bias, added bias test point/pots, improved potted choke, snubbers, zobels on outputs, high graded medical power cords, and removed 12AU7 gain stage but otherwise stuck to schematic. Oh addded bottom plates and fet. They are composed of the following tubes 2 x Chatam 5AR4, 2, x EH KT90, 2 X Sylvania 6SN7GTB, and 2 X GE 0D3. The caps are orange drop, solen, nichon, JJ and Hayseed. I dig the light show the 0D3 puts off. These amps are overkill galore for klipsch. I can throw in extra quad of EH6550 but I prefer KT90. I have been listening to these carefully for the past two days on Belles with a Mark Levinson LNP2 preamp and a digital streaming source. They sound good but have way too much power I run gain at 1/4 on the amps. These just have too much power for Klipsch IMO. I'd love to run these on some modern electrostatics. I think they were better suited to some B&W's I also tested them on. Anyway... Ain't shipping these but could take to subfest in Hope in November. They are available for demo in Downtown Little Rock, AR. Forum price $1200 outside forum $1500.
  9. Price drop. Also uploaded video.
  10. The Heathkit AA-151 has a cool aesthetic but it was the worst EL84 amp I have ever heard. It was blasphemous. This amp created a ton of gain and then used it up all through the amp very inefficiently. It was also noisy. The tone controls were horrid. The phase switch caused issues as well. What a way to abuse top-notch tubes and transformers. We removed an entire stage. We cut loose all tone controls and removed phase switch. The input wiring is now Mogami shielded wire. The power cord is a medical grade three-prong. The phono stage was replaced with a generic RCA phono stage. Caps used are a mix of orange drops, solens, polystyrene, nichons and in power supply Hayseed caps. The tubes are top notch Mullard GZ34 and mullard EL84. It does not have as much gain but sounds much more like an EL84 ultralinear amp. It is quiet at idle. This was rebuilt to be a daily driver. This was built for me to keep forever so I did not watch my spending but now I have an opportunity to buy something I've always wanted so I am liquidating gear. I will have a monster pair of monster mono amps for sale as soon as we get the final tweaks done. If you have ?'s message me. Thanks $600 to forum members. I don't want to ship, but if you're in central Arkansas, you can audition on Belles. I can also deliver to Hope at the SubFest in November.
  11. Those are great! A friend is a faux painter and he has helped me with my Belles. They can work wonders with trouble areas.
  12. Oh man this one is cool. Doesn't it also function as a crossover.?
  13. I just got a really nice Intact Audio Stereo Autoformer Volume Control....
  14. My friend and I finished another pair of amplifiers. These were a real mission. I spent so much time on these. They are supposed to be 90wpc which they are but they clip like crazy. They are super clean up to 75wpc. 2 x 5ar4, 2x od3, 2 x 6sn7, 2 x kt90..... There was a 12au7 preamp stage but we ripped it out. We add JJ and Hayseed caps and also two test points and pots for setting bias. They are still pretty much Allen 90 organ amps but with a beefed-up power supply.
  15. If it is the EL84 101 I would have it restored. I did mine and it might be the best sounding vintage piece I have. It is so good and stable. The only thing left are those nast ols rca jacks. Good luck that is a great piece of gear.
  16. You were the first to push me towards DIY. THANKS!
  17. The hum could be circuit or transformer laminations or maybe both. Yeah we still got some work to do. I'm optimistic we can knock the hum down. You know how it is when you just finish a big build and your just amazed any sound comes out at all. That is how I am anyway. I'm curious about the actual power rating and distortion measurements. That should follow.
  18. I don't think it is being pushed too hard as it is running lower voltage and current than spec. It was over 600v now it is 550v. The 0d3 cuts the voltage to the driver stages to around 300v. We even removed a preamp stage then installed a larger potted choke. All the caps are cool after an hour of running. All the transformers and chokes not even warm. We are going to do some distortion and power testing and then try to find the hum. I can't tell if it is 60hz or 120hz right now. I've never had a tube amp this powerful. My bench speakers are 84db1w1m if I hear hum on this I'm scared of 107db 1w1m..... This was something I had to get out of the way. If I can get it to a point where I am happy with it I might ebay or audiogon it so I can buy parts for other projects. Thanks!
  19. Thanks I also forgot to mention they are dated June 1958. 65yo....
  20. I bought these monoblocks many years ago from a Little Rock Central High School teacher. I sent them to hot glass audio for a rebuild. Anyone who remembers that con knows it was a miracle I even got them back. He broke all NOS tubes in shipping. I sold them to my brother because I was frustrated but he just sold them back to me. The nightmare continues. I completely gutted them and rebuilt them from scratch but I did have professional help. I added bias adjustments removed a 12AT7 preamp section and upgraded power supply with a beefier choke and caps. The power tubes switched from, 6550 to KT90's which are from the collection I inherited from Daddy Dee. Thanks again to Daddy Dee. The tube compliment is 2 x KT90, 2 X 5AR4, 2 x OD3, and 2 X 6SN7. They sound really good when turned up but still a little transformer hum to work out. I need to tighten them down. Not sure I need freaking 90 watt amps.
  21. Just looking at the position of the speakers and the substance of the room. That room is hideous. Speakers not in corners. Pathetic setup.
  22. For what it is worth Sovtek and EH are monoplate 2a3. Price a vintage 2a3 monoplate and you will understand lol...
  23. The sale and liberal use of old tube brand names is disingenuous.
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