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  1. Yup fully horn loaded. I have a pair in my living room. Love em. My second pair. Won' let it go again.
  2. The money is in the Western Electric driver the history is in the cabinet. Please don't trash the cabinet. The museum would love to have it!!!
  3. Don't listen to them the coin base are perfectly fine. The base makes no difference. I tried those when I first got into tubes because they were a bargain.. Buy them at a discount while you can...
  4. WOW! An amazing piece of history. Maybe Jim can chime in on this one. A survivor... @JRH
  5. Maron was kind enough to sell me his K403 prototypes. I will be forever greatful to him..
  6. One electron UBT-2 4800 - 8 ohm. The power transformers and chokes are potted paeco from some HP test gear. I wish I had more of it..
  7. Two 816s two 1625s two 6j5s. I hadn't heard of 2c22's before this thread. Interesting.
  8. Yes as drivers for my 1625 set amp with led bias for the 6j5gts. They are basically half a section of a 6sn7. Not as expensive. They are great. It doesn't get much better than 6sn7 6j5 for preamps. Love em... Not familiar with 7193 but will check it out.
  9. You can't go wrong with Slagle aka Intact Audio iron... I used 816's in a 1625 amplifier and will use them in a 112a preamp..
  10. seti

    New Amp

    I dig the look... Awesome...
  11. Oh I have all the Sound Practice magazines. Good stuff. I have a couple SET 2a3/45 amplifiers and a psuh pull. Going to scrap the PP and rebuild it better.
  12. I know some that claim a 211 never sounds as good a s a proper 2a3 amplifier. With 107db1w speakers I got headroom with all of it in my room.
  13. What do you think about 211 vs 2a3 ?
  14. Interesting I'll have to try those sovtek and EH 2a3s. A friend left a dozen RCA or GE 211 tubes at my house but we haven't done anything with them...
  15. I saw your comment in another thread about 2A3 amp. What 2a3s are you using? I have a bunch of 2a3s like vintage biplate RCA 2a3 and modern single plate sovtek, eh, and even a fake mullard... I didn't even notice they were monoplates. The EH are pretty nice porcelain base and gold pins. Now I gotta compare...
  16. You guessed it.. Actually I have some 6SL7s in military boxes or VT229's. They don't appear to ever have been opened.
  17. This thread got weird quick.... Probably not going to do a SETH. I've seen it. Power supply will be beefier than the JFL. Input will be alot different as well.. I was also looking at Feral Eye but likely won't do that either. I have lots of parts on hands and will likely use what we have available.
  18. I had the toaster mac and wish I had kept it. I've always wanted to have a Next system as well...
  19. Always loved that Apple case I liked the G3 and G4.. Too cool.
  20. I'll share design when we get it gets done. My friend does the design work I try to follow but I am mostly solder monkey. I prefer no feedback.
  21. We were talking about this last night. We are going to do dual power supplies with slow start 6D22S instead of 816 tubes. They come up to full voltage over 30 seconds. The 816s would not get us enough current with what we have on hand. Major bummer. We are going to use 6SL7 differential input with CCS but still working on other details. I have a bunch sovtek and eh 2a3 tubes which I didn't notice till today are monoplates. Then I have a stash of jan rca 2a3s... Certainly enought to test some stuff out.
  22. I love that. Yeah I like new guts old shells and also the rat rod mentality.
  23. The struggle is do I semi restore it or keep it as is.. I kinda like the rat rod look.. I have to build a stand for it because the front cover hangs. It was meant to be on a wall.
  24. I wouldn't be opposed to Interstage 2a3. A modern input but will see what works out.
  25. Love the Klangfilm. I have a stack of old large HAM chassis style cabinets. Going to get them sand blasted and painted.
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