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  1. Bias of SET amps

    I'd hope so I bet they both sound great in their own way.
  2. RCA 12sn7 GT pre amp tubes any good?

    Yup 5 miles inland. Shop has barely Klipsch Frankenscalas, my living room has stock Bells except new Type A crossover with Vcaps from Dean. I also have a garage/shop that will have Tannoy Studio Monitor in it when it's done. My upstairs office will have some small single driver bass horn cabinet speakers I don't recall what they are called bought in the garage sale section a few years ago and still haven't heard them LOL!!. The garage and the upstairs office are a work in progress. So much to do and so little time/energy! Getting old really sucks!
  3. The Latest in High End Audio

    First things that come to mind..............Butt ugly and way beyond diminishing return...
  4. Leeds Radio NYC- tube dealer

    cardomatic tube tester at the opening.
  5. Bias of SET amps

    2 set active outputs are used for power subwoofers or when bi-amping. Not all that unusual at all. I think you will be able to use both set of amps as long as you're careful. I would confirm that having both sets of amps attached is not causing a load down/impedance problem with the preamplifier by pulling the RCA cables from the preamp for the UNUSED set of amps while you are listening to music to see if you can hear any audible difference or sound level when you lift the inactive set of amps from the preamplifier. If pulling the RCA cables while listening gives you pause then your going to have to use your ears and AB the setup. Craig
  6. RCA 12sn7 GT pre amp tubes any good?

    I was moved to a larger home in the exact area I grew up in. My house is about 7 miles north of the town of Oscoda. I'm now just a few miles off Lake Huron.
  7. Bias of SET amps

    Rich, Should be pretty easy to figure out what the switch does get me a close up shot of the switch area inside. Also if your using the preamp right now and only have one set of amps attached flick the switch and see if the sound goes out to the attached amps.
  8. Tube amp mods

    You don't need to do all that math.... I'm sure the amp is designed to be bias between .40 to .60 at the 10 ohm resistor on pin 8. THAT PIN 8 VOLTAGE IS THE BIAS CURRENT MEASUREMENT. When you adjust the bias control you are actually adjusting the negative voltage on pin 5 which causes the current to change as you measure it at the pin 8 10 ohm resistor. If you are truly getting a measurement of 15 volts on pin 8 you mostly destroying your output tube/tubes you should not be recklessly adjusting those controls up and down. Adjust them to keep the measurement on PIN 8 in a safe range (between .40 and .60) The only other thing you should watch for is red plating on the main inner structure of the output tubes. If you see any lower the bias measurement at PIN 8.
  9. RCA 12sn7 GT pre amp tubes any good?

    I know all too well what it's like to be busy.. but if your making trips to Omer you're well over half way to my place. I'm located about 7 miles north of Oscoda.
  10. RCA 12sn7 GT pre amp tubes any good?

    Dave, I used one of those mapletree preamp for few years way back when maybe that is how you ended up getting one? I think if you ask loyd the owner he would tell you get a pair of 12SX7's if you can find them. I know someone that has a pair...maybe you need to take a trip north sometime.
  11. I haven't read the entire thread yet but had to ask about this 13 volt bias setting. Where are you measuring? After giving it some thought I bet your 13.0 volt is a typo error on your part and you're setting it to 1.3 volts which makes perfect sense.
  12. Tube amp mods

    In many ways it is....they may work okay in that amp or they may not. In the end my advice is to investigate never assume. It all depends on how the amp is biased and how much adjustment is available.
  13. Tube amp mods

    That not a sure thing 6L6 require less negative bias voltage than 66 too
  14. Tube amp mods

    Dave, It's not totally unusual for KT66's to not bias in an amplifier designed for EL34's. EL34's bias with -34 to -45 volts applied to pin 5 control grid while KT66's usually take well over -50 volts. Oh and realize the more negative (higher number) you adjust the pin 5 control grid voltage the cooler the tube is biased (pin 8 will go down).
  15. Tube amp mods

    Dave slow down and read more carefully. I never said measure at pin 5. I was explaining why changing then 10 ohm resistor would not work....I did tell you to return the tubes they bias to hot in your amp.