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  1. NOSValves

    New VTA ST-70

    Passives don't achieve it either!
  2. NOSValves

    New VTA ST-70

    Actually no they are never 100% out of the circuit they always add a resistive path to ground...
  3. can really be confusing LOL!! But seriously the above posts have your impedance questions covered.
  4. NOSValves

    New caps and break in

    I have no patience for any of this!
  5. NOSValves

    New VTA ST-70

    This Triode/Pentode crap with Bob Latino and others just drives me crazy.... the amp does not operate in Pentode mode. It operates Ultra Linear which is more similar to Triode than Pentode. I have no clue why Bob calls it Triode/Pentode switch.
  6. NOSValves

    Thoughts on Jolida 302A

    Kevin deal is right just about everything in the Jolida is entry level quality.... so is the price.... thing is Primaluna is only marginal step up. What I love is he basically calls the Jolida a POS and but he'll sell you it LOL!
  7. Stop messing around and get something that will really sound good!
  8. NOSValves

    Setting Juicy Music Tercel II dip switches

    Here did a print screen of this from the manual
  9. NOSValves

    Setting Juicy Music Tercel II dip switches

    Email me and I'll send you the manual I have its named TercelmanualREv3 its too large to upload here. craig@nosvalves.com
  10. NOSValves

    SOLD: NOS Valves VRD hot-rodded amps (Magnequest Iron)

    who me and this forum software is flaky as all get out.......
  11. NOSValves

    I Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate Those Crummy...

    There is just too much hate in the world....
  12. NOSValves


    Aahhh BS your just wishy washy... hell I'm convinvced your about 3/4 deaf
  13. NOSValves


    What about the attenuators you want to talk about? You ask the strangest questions sometimes LOL!!
  14. NOSValves


    I hope you mean 7308. A Primo 6DJ8 will sound a little better than a 6H30 I don't believe Mark (juicy Music) or I ever said it wouldn't. The thing is the headache and expense in finding a quiet primo choice 6DJ8 is not a pleasant undertaking for everyone. I have about 16 nice choice vintage 6DJ8 that I used to use in my BBX's and they are all noisy a pair really nice PQ Phillips 7308 gold pins that became noisy on me after multiple years of heavy use... its a damn shame. I'm a cheap bastard at heart and often run my gear 16 hours a day I refuse to plop down hundreds of dollars on a tube I'm going to use like that. So I use the 6H30..sound almost as good and is always quiet for $30. Nope don''t believe in those 70's and 80's super tubes either... I own 2 of them and they don't sound any different then the modern $30 sovtek or $32 EH gold pin.