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  1. Of all my Martins i enjoyed playing the '54 00-18 the best. Played it everyday for hours---just because it is so good for the soul! I will miss it dearly, but life has to keep chugging on and a room full of unplayable guitars was going to be a drag!
  2. Is that permissible? I didn't know if that was ok. I'll put something up tomorrow morning.
  3. It is. I have some other vintage Martins too that I must dispose of. I lost my ability to play due to severe arthritis in my hands. Time to move on, and take up new hobbies. I've sold about 6 vintage Martins this year and have 3 left plus one Gibson.
  4. Yessir! If anyone has interest it is over on the" Vintage Martins for Sale" group on Facebook.
  5. Parlor guitars? I have a mint condition '73 Martin 0-16NY I'd like to move on to someone else.
  6. I'm quite attracted to many of the ideas Rupert Shelldrake advances - especially morphic resonance. His challenge to "conventional mechanistic science" is also quite brilliant.
  7. One of the largest is "STRIDE" - - NYSE: LRN See financials here: https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/LRN/financials?p=LRN Looks pretty profitable to me.
  8. That's funny. The controversy at hand wasn't the definition - simple enough - but rather the application. The offense being called out as censorship centered around the WHO, not the WHAT. Anyone on Earth can proclaim themselves a "fact checker," and then, by arbitrary authority (government selection, let's say), declare a particular claim to be "disinformation" and have it removed from the public sphere. This process renders the dictionary definition moot. And there lies the controversy which is easily uncovered by anyone spending a day pursuing the bones and learning the context of the controversy over "misinformation."
  9. I must have missed an important post. Who blamed the government for their problems?
  10. Interesting. In the last 6 months, I have eliminated several prescription drugs. That, combined with radically overhauling my diet, resulted in my overall health improving markedly. I will not be taking more vaccines now that I have taken a deep dive into the sloppy science and corrupt politics driving this industry. (Ref: Try "Turtles All The Way Down" as a primer: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0B6S1ZNLC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Any arguments around the history of the pandemic and its outcomes will necessarily "net" down to simple "personal beliefs" because the crucial informational evidence: actions, results, meetings, data, memos, and discussions by those involved are being sequestered by the use of standard government secrecy practices such as redaction of nearly every scrap of evidence one could ask for in a FOIA request, and the participants aren't about to publically investigate their own actions. It is just another failure stalemate for the public. The Pandemic now falls into the same black hole occupied by every other colossal failure and ensuing coverup. There will be no day of justice, no reckoning, no repercussions. All the players get to retire with their pensions, Golden Parachutes, and reputations intact. Just a lot of dead people - as usual. It won't be long until the next challenge strikes, and the whole game starts all over again.
  11. YEARS have now passed since the beginning of the pandemic and it appears that many people haven't performed a post-pandemic review to discover all that went wrong, all that could have been prevented, and all the absolutely unnecessary deaths that resulted from the errors, the corruption, the propaganda, and the denial of human rights. For those still stuck in mid-2020 that entire worldview promoted by the government and the mass media has been proven to be FALSE. There is plenty of emerging data and evidence now that is readily available to those who are stuck in June 2020.
  12. FDA regulates the testing and sale of drugs and devices, approving them to be marketed for specific conditions or “indications” specified on the label, but the agency does not control how doctors use a drug once it is on the market. Doctors are free to prescribe any legitimate approved medication in the process known as "off label" use. In the case of Covid-19, doctors found Ivermectin to be extremely beneficial for early treatment of Covid-19, and they began collecting and distributing this information to other doctors. QUOTE https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34375047/ Furthermore, my posts were referring to the period in 2020 well before any vaccine had received EUA. In other words, the while NIH, CDC were waiting for a vaccine to get EUA, people were dying for lack of any viable therapies. As doctors are won't to do, they screened all the available on the shelf meds for treatments that would provide some benefit in this period. It turned out Ivermectin + steroids was one of the useful therapies. Interested parties can learn more here: https://www.amazon.com/War-Ivermectin-Medicine-Millions-Pandemic/dp/151077386X
  13. But in fact, the censorship I refer to regards the early treatment protocols developed by specialists in viral disease such as Peter McCullough and Robert Malone, Pierre Kory, and so many others worldwide. This has nothing whatsoever to do with "conspiracy theories on Facebook." For the FDA to issue an Emergency Use Authorization" for a new drug, there can NOT BE an existing treatment for the disease in question. Since all focus was on a EUA for a new vaccine, it became imperative to shut down any and all currently available treatments for COVID-19. That included Ivermectin at the top of the list. Thus, all mention in any media - including medical journals - were censored, and doctors promoting it were censured, fired, blacklisted, and canceled from the medical establishment. And, another area of massive censorship leading to more unnecessary deaths was The Great Barrington Declaration. It's a gross error in scale to equate the censorship of these life-and-death issues - which caused tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths - with silly junk on Facebook feeds.
  14. Well, not really. Unless by "oriented," you mean that they understand their revenue will be extracted from consumers. What all private enterprise is "oriented toward" is making a profit. In the business of "educating children," the goal is to get kids to pass government-constructed "standard tests" as profitably as possible. That's a far different goal than "providing the most useful and productive education to children." Most of what is referred to as 'education' is just indoctrination to the desired kind of citizenship the system thrives on. That has nothing to do with properly educating a human being.
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