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  1. K-402 2 way LF bass

    Could just be in my head but having listened to both, the DBB bins walked away from the 904's. ????? More impact to my ear.
  2. I had heard mention of KP-600's for some time. Always assumed that they were just another big nasty outdoor PA speaker. Then a few years ago I got to listen to a pair in an audio room. They blew my skirt up. Impact was like a boot in the chest! Mid bass was very tight and accurate. Mids were lovely (was surprised) and top end to match the rest of it. A well done mixture of strait horns for mid bass and top end with a reflex sub. WAF would be a hard sell, but hell when did that ever bother us? What's not to like? They get my vote as well tc
  3. Lafayette lrk 1600 any good?

    Always considered Lafayette to be "Mid-Fi at best. What Bruce said.........
  4. Buyer Beware

    I was fortunate enough to listen to the Encore Kenzie preamp. Pin-drop quiet. VERY transparent sound. Solid build quality. Made Cornscalas and Bell's sing. I would love to own one. tc
  5. Sold. Two KPT 684 subs

    Man, You are going to love those monsters! The best impact (slam factor) of any sub that I have heard. I remember the first time I listened to them. Seti was standing about a foot away and I could see his pant leg blowing around! Congrats tc
  6. FS: JBL 2482 Pair

    You Dog..........
  7. Halloween Music, your favorite Death and Dying tunes!

    Ahhh! You beat me to it! The very best.....
  8. CD Lens Cleaners

    You might need to replace your transport..... tc
  9. KP600

    Who designed or worked on the KP600? thx tc
  10. Cornwall III vs. Forte III

    I don't know what to say. Only what I listened to. Heard them in the Klipsch listening room in Hope. I should think that they would give them a fair shot in a demo. ???
  11. Cornwall III vs. Forte III

    How clever...troll
  12. Cornwall III vs. Forte III

    Another try..... Both were placed 8-10' from the wall. No corner or wall gain. The Forte sounded more subdued. Top to bottom. A little "polite" for my taste. Like a speaker that I would use in my office or bedroom. The CW was robust. Much larger sound. Tight and fast LF. Top to bottom "in your face". Can't comment on Imaging for ether. CW having a larger soundstage. Detail was nice in both speakers. tc
  13. Cornwall III vs. Forte III

    Bill, Can't respond. Seems to disappear after a few lines........ How could that be? Is Marketing looking in ???? Just kidding. Will try later. tc