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    Cornscala DBBs/BEC Cast frame Woofers ESN DBB 450 networks, 'Walnut 75 Cornwalls, Walnut '90 H2's

    AH! Cd player with up-sampler and Siemens CCA tubes
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    2 Bridged Luxman M117's for LF
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  1. In '04 I had the 511b and 902 driver perched on top. Baby-cheeks tweet. Called them Alcorns. My wife was out of town came back the next day. She asked " What have you done to my walnut speakers"?
  2. Thanks . That's Right!! I saw some in the 60's. I once asked Hunter about them and he said they were called the Klipschorn Jr. Being old sucks
  3. Seti, it is my understanding that PWK didn't approve of bent mid horns. ??? Anyone?
  4. IB Slammin

    Marantz 15

    I believe the 15's were Saul Marantz first SS amps. Mono blocks bolted together behind a plate front cover. Had a pair in the early '70's. with the mod 14. A mono block used as a center channel amp. Ran his 7T preamp. Sweet sounding gear back in the day. tc
  5. I run dual 15" drivers in reflex bins with horn loaded mids and top. My ear tells me to keep the LF in the bins and not to allow it to creep up into the mid horn. And don't want the cone drivers to produce any of the mids as well. So I use an ESN design on my bass board. Could be just me.....or only apply in a bass reflex unit ??? tc
  6. I don't believe that you will find one in the US. AH! products are sold only by Upscale Audio. You might try calling AH! in Holland but I expect that they are very guarded due to their contract with Upscale. tc
  7. Tom, I have read your posts for years and have always respected your opinions. I must disagree with this one and run the "fools bi-amp". Use two bridged Luxman M -117's (refurbish) on the bottom through an ESN circuit for the LF. And two McIntosh 100's on the top. I switched the setup around and listened for mouths. The passive Bi-amp sounds much better that the other configurations. Regards, tc
  8. People can't get a mask so they wrap their heads in TP.
  9. Those are great looking decorators!!!
  10. I have never seen damage that bad. Destroyed! I would demand my money from seller. PS: I'm very sorry!
  11. Outstanding choice!! With "boot in the chest' LF I love it as well...
  12. Unsatisfactory look ??? I always kept mine with the back to a wall or a corner....Didn't look at the back unless moving
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