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  1. That it is. Listened to the 415/ 402-510 combo. Just outstanding!! tc
  2. I thought you Texas boys only listened to cowboy music? Love to poke a fellow Texan when I can. smile The jazz I do not like is a cut where they never play the same note twice. And then there is Dixie Land. Liked Chicago when they were Chicago Transit Authority. But that was rock. IMO After that they were lite top 40 radio cuts to make money. BS&T where somewhat more jazz inspired. EL&P hit some Jazz licks but had a classical flair as well. Great live! Liked Fusion such as very early Jeff Lobber. Big band Swing? In my early 30's a friend and I went to a supper club called Zigfield's; With hair down our backs and in 3 piece suits we were the only people there under age 70. Cocktails and Count Basie live? We were floored!!! Got to spend some time with him afterword. Still have his autograph on a cocktail napkin. Under the radar is Art Pepper. "Miss Who?" is killer!! George Duke on keyboards. (Zappa) Will listen to the hotter cuts of snooze jazz in background when reading.
  3. If I were looking for a beater pair to refurbish they would be great. $600.00 for the pair......max
  4. Love my old Lux. But not a receiver. I run two M117 power amps (bridged) with that same tubish quality sound. Bi-amped on the bottom. MONSTERs. tc
  5. You bet! Still loving my bridged Luxman M117's
  6. Good thread guys. Can we now discuss speaker wire? Or maybe IC's..... tc
  7. Congrats! So glad you were able to use those killer JBL's tc
  8. Ah man, over a time span of 46 years? Don't know quite know how to respond other than to guess there were dozens. Most with upgraded networks and expensive caps. Some with ESN boards, one with Altec 511B/902 drivers and even one with a Cobraflex horn, but most were stock K55/K400 or K401 mids. It sounds like you are concerned with harming the wooden horns. All that needs to be done is to remove the load of the driver from the horn. Once you have the driver mounted just lean it back and measure from the bottom of the driver to wood below. Most anything will work. Pieces of plywood. I even stacked up books to do that with JBL drivers 5lbs more than yours. No need to miss out on an outstanding system by overthinking the prob. Not long ago forum member SETI built some stands for his monster JBL drivers. Send him a PM. I'll bet he would send you pic's. Regards, tc
  9. Bob's Khorns easily rank in the top three Khorn systems I have listened to. (starting in 1972) Build the supports.....You will love those mid horns!! If not, I think I have an extra K55. No charge tc
  10. Maybe I was just tired? Tim, Thanks for posting the pix. I lost mine in a crash some years ago.
  11. Well.... JWC and I had consulted on the concept for over a year I think. A shape that would hide the 12cf in a corner, networks to accommodate the second woofer etc. He built them and I had never heard them. It was only natural I wanted to run them up a bit. Dr.Who was working on the outdoor system and walked past the door with an SPL meter that read 130db as I recall. A year or so later he drove 13 hrs. in a cargo van to bring the cabinets to me. WOW! The DBB's are in my LR today. They have undergone many changes over the years as to mids, tweets, and networks. (K400's. K510's, Altec 511b"s and Mark 1101 had K402's on his. ALK designed an ESN circuit for the LF. I sent a truckload of parts to JWC and he built the final networks. (with my touch of a lumberjack they would have been on a 4x8 sheet of plywood) Thank you so much! I wish I could post a pix of them. They are a work of art to my eye. I think that I am finally finished because they sound exactly the way I want them to. Crites cast woofers Daves 280htz wooden Trax mid horn / Altec 902-16A driver JBL 2404 tweeter tc
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