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    AH! Cd player with up-sampler and Siemens CCA tubes
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    2 Bridged Luxman M117's for LF
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  1. Outstanding choice!! With "boot in the chest' LF I love it as well...
  2. Unsatisfactory look ??? I always kept mine with the back to a wall or a corner....Didn't look at the back unless moving
  3. I may be a freak as well. I like the Lux
  4. The back is more important than the motor board IMHO The 3/4" ply works great! To my ear it made the back side of the woofer more pronounced Just be careful and not screw into the mid driver.
  5. Great choice Jerry! Listened to them with 402/510 combo. Devastating !!! LF like a boot in the chest.
  6. I always poke the bear with a stick on this one...... Only horn loaded bass bins are effortless with low distortion???? How about the nasty old reflex speakers? Isn't the KPT 415 a 107db bass bin. And it has a Slam Factor of 10! And PS: Maroon 5 sucks big smile
  7. Can someone please explain this to me? The USA is oil independent. ?? The largest producer in the world. So why do fuel prices go up when a Saudi well gets attacked? Or if a US refinery burns, prices go up the next day when there is no shortage ???
  8. Ah come on.... I had a construction company for many years and protected my ears on the job. Saved them for music.
  9. Thanks Bill. I had not considered that. My ear hears something a bit odd when a coned woofer produces the mids in a reflex design. I want to hear the horn produce most of the midrange. I cross my DBB's at 450hz using an extreme slope circuit on the LF board. Subjective I guess. ??? tc
  10. Thanks. With the larger horn I had hoped that it would cross deeper......
  11. Deano, How dare you speak lowly of my brother Irishman!! He suffers from the Curse of the Irish just like the rest of us. God created whiskey so that the Irish wouldn't rule the earth.
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