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  1. These are official museum items and as such they are only offered on ebay. The museum is a separate entity from Klipsch Group, Inc. and is a 501c3 non profit a determined by the IRS When we start up sales of official Klipsch Group, Inc. gear in a couple of weeks it will be offered here on the forum, as well as on other social media, but not likely on eBay
  2. Let me see if I can get the still shot and ;post it.
  3. Your tshirt shipped with the others. You are not an exception. It was shipping to the Barnard Way address. Is that the correct address? You may PM me if you prefer?
  4. Yes, with the exception of two or three. All others shipped including yours.
  5. With the "auction" to benefit the museum!!!!
  6. For those of you that attended Pilgrimage and met Paul Biglane....you will know it's a true story. Here's what happened to him on the way home from Pilgrimage. You just can't make this stuff up!! Just for the record...Plain Dealing, LA is only 8 miles from the Arkansas border!!!! "top of the day my audiophile friends and klipsch fans. TRUE STORY i left out of the pilgrimage Sunday morning at 3am. running the back highway .i got pulled over in plain dealing by a local cop. he said he pulled me over for speeding took my license asked where was i coming from i told him the klipsch pilgrimage. he walked to his car about 2 minutes later he came back handed me my license and said today is your lucky day he said he use to do sound reinforcement and i have a pair of cornwalls at home..now what is the odds of beating a speeding ticket from a cop who happens to be a klipsch fanatic.. handed me back my license and said there is a state trooper 3 miles up the highway.. yes i said a prayer when I drove off.."
  7. Super8, Holiday Inn Express and Hampton Inn only.
  8. @Pete H all attendees who are not Founders for the Klipsch Museum of Audio History are asked to be present at the airport facility for 4:45 pm to 5::00 pm sharp. Thank you! Itineraries will be available at the hotel lobby desks! Christy
  9. Rodney now has a Bunn commercial grade coffee maker, courtesy of forum member @Cstrau
  10. The Moss Brothers....start at 8 pm
  11. Live entertainment Friday night.
  12. Received and your shirt will ship the week after Pilgrimage! Thank you!
  13. See the P:M I sent you. We can take care of this. Christy
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