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  1. Loving this sub

    We all need to come your way soon and visit!
  2. Loving this sub

    It's my understanding they will be going into production, just a question of when that will happen. They are "under patent". The 1802s are already in production
  3. Sub for Jubilee's

    Your memory is correct.
  4. Sub for Jubilee's

  5. Klipsch Jubilees and Roy's brand new Xilica Settings

    Did you ask @MetropolisLakeOutfitters?
  6. Sub for Jubilee's

    If you are interested in purchasing talk to @MetropolisLakeOutfitters
  7. Loving this sub

    No we didn't do the finishing work this same weekend. The sub has been here a couple of weeks. Rough calculation is about 70' of edge banding. Dtel can probably give a more accurate measurement.
  8. Loving this sub

    Not yet in production. With all the interest it's gaining, hopefully soon!
  9. Loving this sub

    @mikebse2a3 I was thinking the same thing this morning. Those 396s paired with this sub would be an awesome home set up. This sub was raw birch when we started. Elden did some finishing work on it. Stained and added veneer edge banding. Here's the before.
  10. Loving this sub

    @Ole Dollar, I'm hoping these go into production soon. The finishing work was a joint effort between Elden and I. We had to mix two stains together to get the color we wanted. Of course, he did the actual finishing "work"!
  11. Loving this sub

    @derrickdj1 it's always a lot of fun when we all get together. We usually try to meet up regularly, probably once a month or so. Sometimes it's @kharmondds, sometimes here and pretty often @Chief bonehead's because we go to Hope, AR regularly to work on the museum. A huge shoutout to @MetropolisLakeOutfitters for his generosity, quick service and friendship. If you guys are looking to purchase any gear talk to Cory. He's an authorized dealer for Klipsch, as well as an authorized dealer for other audio gear! We needed help with the sub install and it was dtel's birthday weekend so it worked out great that we all got together here. Guys, this sub is amazing. It's really difficult to describe. Very musical. The bass is tight, clear and concise.
  12. Loving this sub

    It's going to my daughter's new house along with some other gear we're giving her! @CECAA850 every sub needs to grow up and become a 1502!
  13. Loving this sub

    @Chief bonehead gave dtel and I his prototype 1502 sub and came down this weekend to help with the install. While he was here he made some other adjustments to our system. I want to give Roy a big thank you for the sub woofer, help with the install and adjustments to our system. More importantly I want to thank him for the new found love I have for our gear. I am so impressed with the performance of this sub woofer. The only way to describe it is "musical". It takes bass to a whole new level. We put the sub through its paces by watching X-Men Apocalypse. The sofa was literally vibrating! We walked outside to take a break and the exterior walls were shaking.

    And no I'm not the jealous type! Love @Chief bonehead!!!

    @mikebse2a3 So, Elden saw this post. Walked outside where I was sitting and asked, "What was Mike talking about!" I reminded him of the "incident" you were referring to....he said "Yea, I thought that too, but was hoping it was something else!" I seriously was laughing... like anyone could "unsee" that. Roy did it it once and got away with it, so we set it up for the second go around when I got it on video. It isn't very often we can get one over on dtel, but that was absolutely perfect! @Chief bonehead isn't anywhere close by, but will be soon!