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  1. I believe clarification is needed here. Prior to 2013 or 2014 this annual event was referred to as "Pilgrimage" and was totally and completely organized by KGI and their employees. Due to lack of interest, whether KGI or forum member attendance there was a "lull" for a period of years of the "Pilgrimage" A group of folks got together, Dave included and went to Hope....thereafter the event was resurrected as Employee Appreciation Luncheon. Shortly thereafter, funding was sought from KGI with the understanding that the annual Pilgrimage would continue to include the Employee Appreciation Luncheon and various events. It was further understood and agreed between KGI and the forum member organizers that this annual event would be "forum led", or whatever term you choose to call it. Since, this time out of respect for both KGI and forum members who so generously donate their time and money, it has been referred to as Employee Appreciation Luncheon/Pilgrimage. Everyone involved is fully aware of where the funding comes from. Since the first Employee Appreciation Luncheon, KGI has continued to financially support this event and lend their expertise and various prizes to help us grow the event. I'm not sure where the confusion is coming from. but I assure you that the last two years would not have been as successful as they have been with KGI's financial support and the support of forum members. I'm hoping this did not add to the confusion here.
  2. Great article.
  3. He had invited dtel and I to come stay also...sure wish I could have met him before he left us.
  4. I miss him too! The Stones and reggae!
  5. Old Buckster had them play "Wild Horses". Every time I hear that song I'm reminded of him.
  6. How beautiful!!!
  7. @BigStewMan you will figure it out. I think it's impossible to be happy ALL of the time. It does seem as though you are getting there. Just do something you love. That's one of the keys to happiness. I'm sure the "stuff" you gave away was a blessing to those who received it. You made others happy...another key to happiness. Nothing wrong with being irresponsible sometimes.
  8. So good to hear from you @BigStewMan!!! You seem happier already.
  9. I can not thank everyone enough for their support of the Klipsch Heritage Museum Association. As Membership Committee Chairman I am pleased to announce that all of our Right and Left Channel Founders' Level memberships have been taken. We wouldn't be here without each of you. I want to personally thank @cincymat for dedicating his Founders' Level membership to @Boxx! What a wonderful thing to do. I'm sure @Maccagirl83 will be overwhelmed with your generosity. As cincymat said, "It's all about the music"! @Cstrau your membership completed our Left and Right channel Founders' Club. We have five KhornKorps memberships remaining. Our goal is to sell these remaining five memberships before July 1, 2017. This is the link to our Museum subscription page. http://klipschmuseum.org/subscriptions Feel free to PM me for additional info. The Museum is a 501c3 non profit corporation as determined by the IRS. We hope to announce our lower level memberships in the next thirty days. Thank you all again for your support.
  10. The Klipsch Heritage Museum Association would like to thank @cincymat for his generous membership donation as a Founders' Level member in honor of @Boxx. Yes, it is all about the music. @Cstrau, thank you for your membership in the Founder's Club. Your membership completes our Left/Right Channel donors! I can not thank each of you enough that have joined our Founders' Level and KhornKorps membership levels. We have five KhornKorps remaining. Our goal is to have these five memberships sold by July 1, 2017. I would hope each of you would consider joining our efforts. Here's the link to join via Paypal for these two levels. We hope to have our lower level memberships announced by July 1, 2017. http://klipschmuseum.org/subscriptions
  11. Thank you so much for your generosity! The speakers are awesome!
  12. Thank you. Should be 2017
  13. Quite a few of you have asked what you can do to help and many of you have already stepped up in various capacities. Please know your help is genuinely appreciated. We are trying to put together a work week for the Museum. The dates for the work week will be August 9th-15th, 2017. We would like to make this a fun work event with music, food, friends and fun. There are numerous and immediate tasks we need to address/complete, including but not limited to the following: We need volunteers to assist in manning the Museum booth at the Watermelon Festival August 10th-12th We need volunteers to assist in basement cleaning/demolition We need volunteers to assist in building shelves in the basement to accommodate PWK's professional library. We need volunteers to assist in inventory, including artifacts and archives We have other areas that will also require volunteer helpers. We need your help, whether it's for a day, a few days or the entire time! If we can accomplish most of these tasks we will be well on our way in achieving most of our short term goals. If you are interested in helping ANYTIME during this period, please comment below or PM me for further details. Camping is available at Fair Park (where the Watermelon Festival is being held for a nominal fee. Camping is also available at Rodney's. Accommodations are also available at Super8 for about $50 per night. FEEL FREE TO COMMENT OR PM ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE.
  14. I'm sure he would be honored.
  15. @Trippigs the guy that inspected your speakers no longer works for Klipsch but attends our Pilgrimages! Would love for you to meet him.