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  1. Are we to assume you are attending?
  2. The Tentative Attendee List is definitely a record high. Hoping everyone starts paying registration and gets confirmed. Still will be record high attendance in my opinion.
  3. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/168925-71st-anniversary-tshirts/
  4. There's a link above @Jeff Penley
  5. @Trey Cannon tell us your mileage. Adding this up to figure total mileage traveled by attendees to attend Pilgrimage
  6. Klipschpilgrimage@gmail.com for payment of registration at $50 per person. There is also a thread on how to order Tshirts. The itinerary is still very "fluid" but I will post a Tentative Itinerary this evening. @Maccagirl83 you can also PM me or call me at 601-799-8350.
  7. April 26-30. Just get in to town when you can. @Maccagirl83!!!!
  8. Received!!! Thank you. Hoping to see you!
  9. Maybe 15 minutes!!! Lol
  10. Putting this here for visibility! All the info to order is here: pm me for additional info!!!
  11. Received!!! Thank you! Still hoping to see you at the Pilgrimage!
  12. Received!!!
  13. Are you attending the Pilgrimage? Sure would love to see you there!
  14. These are now available for ordering. Details here: Putting this here because so many of you follow this section!
  15. No problem! There's no way dtel would keep up with all this Pilgrimage/tshirt "stuff"! He's a huge help...but when it comes to Pilgrimage/tshirts he backs out!