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  1. Yes! This^^^^^!!!!
  2. Not really feeling the "warm and fuzzy" thing!
  3. Yes. I've never heard of this organization until a few days ago. I thought maybe some of you were familiar with Team National. Another MLM!!!
  4. Have any of you heard of this organization?
  5. Yes! The MWMs/402s get much more playing time!
  6. We have an all forte/forte II surround system. ....it's not forte IIIs though. It's pretty cool!
  7. Are you selecting the "always keep me signed in" feature?
  8. Loved those peppers! They were awesome!!! i also would like to purchase some!
  9. The Forte III excels in all areas. I will allow someone with more technical expertise to reply. I can say that I've heard both and in my opinion the Forte IIIs excel. No, I don't have "golden ears". I will add, IMO there is a reason the Palladium was discontinued and the Fortes were improved upon. @MetropolisLakeOutfitters may be able to better answer your technical questions since he is a Klipsch dealer.
  10. No I didn't. I'm waiting on someone to tell me how to handle the "bookkeeping" to make the change. Let me see if they figured it out.
  11. Mark, It has literally taken a small army to accomplish this feat. We have had so many people that have been indispensable to this effort. I can't even attempt to list them all, because I would certainly miss someone in that process. The support of forum members, Klipsch corporate employees, former Klipsch employees and members from @MetropolisLakeOutfitters Klipsch Owners Facebook group has been overwhelming. We have had attorneys, CPAs, and other non profit entities all step up and give advice. The Executive Committee for KHMA meets once a week to plan, organize and direct every detail, including each and every financial expenditure. It's been a true learning experience for all of us. I can tell you that we have a very diverse Executive Committee which has greatly enabled us in "leading the charge"! It has not been without its ups and downs, however at the end of the day each of us realizes the importance of what we have been tasked with. Our Board of Trustees meets quarterly with Special Meetings when necessary. Our annual membership and BOT meetings will be held in conjunction the annual Pilgrimage. It is truly an honor and a privilege to work on this effort. As a start up 501c3 we have accomplished more than we imagined possible when we were still in our "working group" meetings. Our efforts during those nine months (leading up to the official transfer in 12/16) in the working group gave us a firm foundation in establishing our vision and mission. Every decision we make as an Executive Committee and ultimately as Trustees always begs the question, "Is this decision furthering our mission and vision?".
  12. Forte IIIs...hands down.
  13. We have installed new sump pump, will be installing awning on the north end of the building next month, bathroom is operational, parking lot sink hole has been repaired, secured shorthorn from west coast (Khorn prototype), planning for work week in August. Fill dirt to be delivered to do grade work during work week. Museum now has wifi! Planning booth again this year during Watermelon Festival in Hope, AR. Watermelon Festival will fall during our scheduled museum work week. Still looking for volunteers to come in that week. Membership perks are being worked on. Still need shirt sizes from a few members. Working on design for Founders' Wall in Museum. Museum officially opened today.
  14. That will definitely improve the canning process. They are going to LOVE it!