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  1. Of course....he says I'm right and no one wants to quote his words. I see how it is. Seriously, thank you all. It's been a long process. Lesson learned....always follow your gut instinct and always thank God for good friends. We are truly blessed to be a part of this forum and to have made such good friends. Christy
  2. No sir. They will have white writing just like the black.
  3. Received. Thank you!!!
  4. DEADLINE TO ORDER IS APRIL 3, 2017 Shirts are Gildan ultra heavy cotton. These are limited edition and we will be producing one anniversary edition tshirt each year leading up to the 75th Anniversary! Colors available: white, black, grey and red All sizes youth through adult XL are $17.50 each Sizes 2XL-5XL are $19.50 each Tall sizes are $22.50 each $4.00 shipping each shirt or you can pick up at Pilgrimage. NOTE: THESE WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL 4/15 as these are limited edition/special order. Or....you can pick up at Pilgrimage with no shipping. You can order via Paypal. Be sure to include. Your forum name, color choice and sizes in your notes. Paypal address for payment is: busy.bees.orders@gmail.com If you have any questions feel free to PM me. Christy
  5. Deadline to order is April 3, 2017
  6. Of course. All donations for auction are greatly appreciated.
  7. Thank you @dwilawyer
  8. Just come out to Rodney's. I'll take care of it.
  9. In case any of you would consider this:
  10. I was very honest with the pastor of the church when I visited him on one of our many planning/Museum trips to Hope. They have used their buses for other groups in the past, so I think it's more likely a church member objected to "alcohol". Hempstead and Nevada counties are both "dry counties" however Rodney's is private property and this is a closed event. Meaning only registered attendees and Rodney's staff will be allowed to enter the gates. Private clubs may serve alcohol. There are two such "clubs" in Hope, AR Yesterday he wrote in an email, "I have just recently found out that Rodney's place was a place to have alcohol drinks so therefore our church buses cannot be used for those purposes." I have emailed him back with our complete Tentative itinerary. I will not be deceptive and say no one will be consuming alcohol, however I do think it's important for him and his church members to know that this event is much more than "drinking alcohol". I'm disappointed that the pastor did not raise an objection to alcohol during our face to face meeting a few months ago. I was very clear on the issue at that time.
  11. I can't thank you enough for posting this @dwilawyer I'm so stressed over this latest turn of events. I've worked so hard to make sure everything was taken care of. I assure you that while we are @Chief bonehead's this weekend I will be working on this. I explained in detail the reasoning behind using buses to the pastor of the church. He assured me it wasn't a problem as recently as one week ago.
  12. Overwhelmed! Exactly. I laid it all out for the "pastor"! Some bible toting imbecile decided it wasn't a good idea. Let's just let people who are consuming alcohol drive. So much for being a 'Christian"! God forgive me. I'm not trying to be judgmental ! So ban me.
  13. My apologies. I'm going to Hope/Bodcaw this weekend in an attempt to resolve this situation.
  14. The tour on Thursday is to PWKs Gravesite, the PWK Memorial Garden and Historic Washington Park with lunch (small additional charge) in the restaurant at Historic Washington, then returning to the Klipsch plant for the Museum transfer/ribbon cutting ceremony. Bus transportation will be available for a small dontation.