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  1. Awesome Question and Answer with Paul.
  2. Beautiful pic @picky! I'm with you...wish y'all were here.
  3. This is chief bonehead please put Michael and matt down for the 11pm slot. Thanks.
  4. Ok. I'll tell him tonight. Roy grounded me to his house today. I'm sick as a dog.
  5. Rodney's in the bus with Kevin Harmon and Lisa.
  6. Worth quoting! So cool!
  7. Yes!!!!
  8. Car is loaded, except for our luggage and our bodies!
  9. Usually 7-7:30. Y'all can get there anytime you want. I would say around 6-6:30.
  10. Thank you for understanding @Coytee Big difference between a Jubfest and a Pilgrimage @Chris A A lot more people and a lot more activities scheduled. Roy is swamped with projects and activities for this event, especially since it's four days this year. Maybe if you attended @Chris A you would have a more positive understanding. It's NOT a big loss since most folks aren't there solely for Jubs.
  11. @jwc we have a tour leaving the plant via bus Thursday morning that will visit PWK's gravesite, the Menorial Gardens and Historic Washington with lunch available for a small charge at Historic Washington. The tour will return in time for the Mseum Transfer Ceremony.
  12. Will arrange this while in Hope.
  13. @CECAA850 back gate by clubhouse.