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  1. not at home at the moment, but i think they are RM600's. with harmon kardon receiver. I figure this will be like any of my other hobbies.. start small and then get obsessed and keep upgrading over time lol
  2. Thanks! I think to get my feet wet perhaps 2k is good. That was a detail I should have added but always worried about newbie posts lol. Some forums tear people apart. A few other notes that may help my case. I’m comfortable with electronics (replacing parts, wiring soldering etc). Also, I have a well equipped wood shop and metal shop. Wood shop has fairly precise tools including 3 Cnc routers. I was thinking of getting a nicer used set that perhaps needs to be loved. My only worry about “that auction site” speakers would be determining if real or not.
  3. I have Klipsch bookshelf speakers at the house, was sold on the idea of Bose "back in the day" but love the improvement since changing to Klipsch for center channel and bookshelves. For the big question, whats next? what are good resources to learn the difference in Klipsch speakers so i have an educated idea about what to buy. I know of the Heresy, LaScalla and Klipschorn but really clueless in terms of quality, price etc. my end goal is to upgrade from the bookshelves to something nice for music but that can also work well for home theater use. I feel i should make apologies for being such a noob. lol.. I am a technical person (just networking, IT stuff, IoT etc) so i like learning about the specs etc but still early in this journey. thanks in Advance! Mike
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