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  1. Act of War by China.
  2. Colt AR15A4, AR6720, &/or LE6920?
  3. Tolerable. It’s a long term illness.
  4. Sancho Panza


    That one has a pink interior.
  5. Wuhan virus finished off my aunt, the nursing home gave her a roommate who was already down with the Wu-flu. I’ll miss talking with her; she was my last connection to my grandparents, & great grandparents. She was young. Only 96.
  6. Can’t breathe with one on my face; & have to ride the buggy. But, with Kendra in the nuthouse, had to go there when the Sav-a-little was closed. No electricity, a vehicle hit their power pole, again.
  7. Wore mine on my wrist t’other day at Wally World.
  8. They also considered Mice a treat. Pass the hot sauce, please.
  9. She may get out Monday. I’m I’ll. Too sore to drive, except for emergencies. Plenty of groceries, supplies, cigars, & pipe tobacco in the home.
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