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    my Twin Sons: Lee & Jackson

    Klipsch Walnut Oiled

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    Toshiba 4K 43LF621U19, Pioneer ELITE VSXLX102, LG BD670 3D NETWORK Blu ray, TOSHIBA HD-XA2 HD DVD, SAMSUNG BD-UP5000 Blu ray/HD DVD, Apple iPad (Latest Model) 9.7” Wi-Fi 32GB Space Grey, iPod nano 8 GB, COMCAST 4K DVR, KLIPSCH La Scala, 1980, Crites Rebuilt Type AA Crossovers with Sonicaps (THANKS to Forum Member snailtrax) FRONT, KLIPSCH HERESY II "SIGNATURE EDITION" SURROUND (Thanks to Forum Member Craig List), HERESY II CENTER (eBay) & SURROUND BACK (Thanks to Forum Member Craig List), RW-12d Subwoofer, km-rsw

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  1. Sancho Panza


    Needs Ketchup.
  2. Old Bay is Bland. Blue crabs are blue crabs.
  3. Sancho Panza


    ^^^ I like a collage of college girls. Welcome, Henry. Anything free to give the collage girls?
  4. Sancho Panza


    Good morning, ladies.
  5. Mullet from clear water is delicious. Mullet from muddy water is trash fish.
  6. A little rain here, cooled down the temperature nicely.
  7. Sancho Panza


    We've already established that; now we're just negotiating the price.
  8. Actually, she's a northEast Coast woman...
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