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  1. Couple of good videos by Klipsch on yourtub.
  2. Coffee with Chicory this morning. Happy Birthday to General Robert Edward Lee, Sr.
  3. Sancho Panza


    Your father’s stereo Blows.
  4. 17 points is not crushed. 44-16 is getting close...
  5. For certain young ladies, no shirt, no shoes, no bottoms...
  6. No shirt, no shoes, no problem.
  7. ^^^ Wrong. aOSU would’ve been curb stomped by LSU.
  8. See, I told y’all Tigers Win.
  9. PAC12 finally made the playoff... Referees, anyway.
  10. Game is in 4K. Comcast: Push Mic button & say “4K”. Scroll down to select between game & Skycam. 4K box Req’d. Beginning 6:55 Local. DirecTV: 105 & 106 (Skycam)
  11. I’m hedging my bets.
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