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  1. I went away. Did not read the whole thread. Will prolly still be scarce...
  2. Coffee with Chicory, a Biscuit, & a Sancho Panza Non Plus for Breakfast.
  3. Good news: Your QB lead all Running Backs & QBs in Rushing in the SEC. Also, he lead the SEC in Total Offense & Your Team Rec'd a Bowl bid to Sunny Florida. Tell me more. You sure? OK, you asked for it: Your team finished 5&7 and backed into the St. Petersburg Bowl, Never Heard of it, based on Academic Progress. Your kicker is challenged with Extra Points; don't even think about Field Goals. Your Defense thinks tackling is optional...
  4. Adiós, boys. Had posts removed without warning, or explanation.
  5. Popeye's are pretty good. Just don't ruin them with ketchup.
  6. You've led a sheltered life. It's a meteorological term, right Sancho? :-) Mornin' In Line Freeze
  7. Naming Winter Storms = Hyping Weather as News
  8. Nismo, the wife declined to watch Cindy. Sez what she saw of it while I was watching made her think she wouldn't want to watch.
  9. LOUISIANA Cops kill 6 year Mississippi boy, in Louisiana.
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