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  1. One of the kg2s you sold me was ruined by Hurricane Roof caved in. Roof replaced. I can post you back those badges, NC, for you ONLY. e-mail if interested...
  2. 😋 I love to eat Canadian...
  3. Same way an umbrella with fool you on sugar sands...
  4. Sancho Panza


    I volunteer to stimulate 😉 that for her.
  5. How is that racist? Look up Atlanta Cra...
  6. Yep, if he’s a relative, a US Grant* will do; in not a Jax (not the beer.) Or, perhaps he had mercy, bc he couldn’t afford insurance, et C. *US Grant Presidential Library is at Mississippi State University.
  7. The bro was a white cracker, in this instance; you read way yonder to much into it, perhaps I should’ve used the Louisiana term of brah. iIrc, he had an expired tag, too. Police turned the blind eye. I do remember the truck was borrowed, too. Bet the owner was verjoyed.
  8. Old NO is above sea and river level; with help from the levees...
  9. Parts of the O French Q are like parts of Charles Towne. Two cities every American should visit, at least once.
  10. Some people, looking to be offended, read something into words, ignorant of the meaning, or lack, thereof, in my word.
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