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  1. Yes, but it will require a good bit of standing on your head.
  2. dtel, try Polk’s premium franks & bun length sausage; should be available at your wally world
  3. Enjoy while you can... 'cause in the morning coffee break's over. Back to standing on your heads!
  4. Since Clemson was patterned on Mississippi State, I enjoy rooting for them; especially when they play AlaBama.
  5. I love the New Orleans style food. We got 2 large loaves of NO French Bread, to go.
  6. Jackson & Lee at Sal & Phil's
  7. One Tequila, two tequila, three tequila, "Rawl Teyed".
  8. Tony, get well soon. I'm on episode 7; on Demand.
  9. https://images.app.goo.gl/MPfdzRRWfMpwxzNN7
  10. Wife may get out of physchological ward of the hospital Tuesday. Weather will still be hot & sticky.
  11. The Crossroads is near Clarksdale. Where the Southern cross the Yellow Dog, near Moorhead.
  12. Where the Southern cross the Yellow Dog.
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