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  1. Will suicide numbers spike, with cabin fever?
  2. They may rediscover that sunlight kills viruses.
  3. Only scared my beach vacation may be postponed...
  4. Many countries got the virus, but China got it right off the bat.
  5. How about those who want to shelter in place, do so; those who don’t...don’t?
  6. 1. Klipschorn Fund, 2. Habanos, &/or 3. Extra Vacation
  7. Sancho Panza


    Sorry for that post.
  8. https://littlerock.craigslist.org/ele/d/little-rock-klipsch-super-heresy/7098049473.html
  9. As a mod for 20 years on another board; that’s a good one.
  10. Good, no irate husbands, or Lyme disease.
  11. “How to separate three jackasses from five Mohammedans, and still have two Englishmen left over.”
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