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  1. A pair of sequential serial number Crites Crossovers for Klipsch Chorus II. These were before they sold three versions, but these appear to be equivalent to the gold version with sonicaps and and air core inductor. The wiring is included but not pictured. https://imgur.com/a/cIHduKu Shipped CONUS for $400 OBO
  2. Hi. I have a single that measures resistance properly but hasn't been tested. They were pulled from a Chorus II pair which had one bad tweeter and was replaced with Crites Ti. I have both the bad and good one in the Crites packaging. I could send you the pair (one bad, one good) for $15 shipped. Simply Speakers also sells replacements. This guy said he had one left, but that's old. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/191728-3-phenolic-tweeter-diaphragms-from-forte-i-and-academy-15-ea/
  3. Trying to get some modded Chorus II back to stock. I have the original diaphragms but one is broken. I'd prefer 2, but one will do. Thanks.
  4. Hi. I bought some Quartets with no grills and am looking for some. I'm near Denver, CO. Thanks.
  5. gsgleason


    Hi. I'm the south Denver area. I'm sending you a message.
  6. Hi, all. I got a great deal on some KG3.5s a while back and have really been enjoying the sound. When I A/B them against my more expensive Wharfedale EVO or Polk LSIM, the high end is just so must more airy and open on the KGs. I just picked up some Quartets for $400 from marketplace today. The cabinets are a little rough, and they had no grilles, but these are for the basement listening area, not for show. They basically have the same tweeters as the KG 3.5. The horn looks identical and they have the same looking phenolic diaphragms. The Quartets just don't have the same open, airy high end that the KGs have, and I'm not sure why. I don't know if anything has been done to these, but I'm planning on taking them apart for a good cleaning and seeing if the crossovers are stock. Any thoughts?
  7. I'd recommend some chemical stripper and brash brush to get the old paint out of the pores. I'm doing something similar with my KG4 I picked up recently. Previous owner painted them white.
  8. I'm refurbishing some KG4s I picked up. I was testing the resistance of each drover with my multimeter, and one of them is 9.1 ohms whereas the other three are 7.1 ohms. This seems odd. Should I be concerned?
  9. Hello! I just picked up some KG4s that I'm refurbishing. I've read a lot of different views on the polyswitches. My understanding is that the old version of the KG4 had no polyswitch, but had ferrofluid tweeters. Mine is the newer design that has no ferrofluid and has the polyswitch. I like the idea of keeping the protection in place and thought it would make sense to replace them. The old polyswitches still measure .5 ohm which is correct. The new ones I ordered (TE Connectivity Raychem RXEF050) from parts express, however, both measure .8 ohm, which is a 60% variation. So, should I leave the old ones in? Should I find a better replacement that is in spec? What are your thoughts?
  10. @CrankysoldermeisterThe old links are all broken after the site change. Do you have the KG4 schematic still?
  11. Hi. I'm looking to sell my RF5s and RC3-ii. They're all in very good condition. RF5 has some broken grill pegs and a couple scratches in the finish, but nothing bad. I'm looking for $500 for the three, which is as low as I'm willing to go at this time. Local pickup preferred. If you want it shipped, you'll have to arrange a courier to pick them up and handle packaging, etc. https://photos.app.goo.gl/baT7zJ2i6QvGsJXF7
  12. Selling my extra set of RF5 in Cherry. They're a bit rough, had to disassemble and clean them when I picked them up second hand as they were stored in a garage. Tweeters have creases in them. Former owner had sprayed cleaner on the front, and one has drop marks on the cerametallic and black face, but they work fine. Several broken gill pegs. $400 local pickup in Denver, CO area. https://photos.app.goo.gl/baT7zJ2i6QvGsJXF7
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