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  1. Thanks! What would be the constuction of the Cornwall cabinets in 1981 / 82. Plywood, Burtch or other?
  2. Im looking at a part of consecutive Cornwalls with the serial number stamped into the wood. Starts with 30X then three digit number. Does anyone have a ballpark year of manufacture. Waiting for more pics to review. Thanks!
  3. I seached for the subject wiring diagram and could not find it. Please send it for review. Also, I have two other questions for the group: 1. Are the poly switches necessary? 2. What do you folks recommend for internal replacement wire ( gage and type of wires and connectors ) between the crossover and the drivers. Thanks! Thanks!
  4. I plan to build new crossover boards and get as much done as possible before pulling the existing crossovers to reuse the Inductors. I am looking for clarification on the crossover circuit diagram attached. I have marked the 4 capacitors and 3 inductors as labeled on the diagram. I am not sure what I am looking at in the center of the diagram that I have marked up with a red circle. Thank you for clarification so I can layout my new crossover board and create enough surface area to make a clean well organized crossover. Thank you for the feedback! 19022612270.pdf
  5. I wish my ears were that young! (58 and counting)! So I am a big jazz fan and listen to others such as David Mathews, Tom Petty, Dire Straits, Steely Dan to name a few and I am critical on and really like the clarity and bright high notes in my music. I have some Norman Lab 9B's that I replaced the phenolic tweets with titanium and updated the capacitors which currently outperform my Cornwall’s. I'm hoping with the upgraded Cornwall titanium tweets and new caps I’ll get better and brighter highs. Hopefully this will lead into more narrow suggestion of capacitors for the 1.5uF and 3uF. I have attached some pics of my Norman Labs that really sound nice and the cabinets are +9 out of 10 with the original glass tops. I bought these from the original owner. He gave me the receipt that he paid $950 for the set in 1979. Norman Labs.pdf
  6. Thank you! Does anyone else have a favorite 1.5 uF or 3 uF item to add to the choices here?
  7. Interesting idea. I hope I have a more discerning taste for caps than I do for ice cream. I havn't met many flavors I dont like! Can you Cap connoisseur recommend 4 or 5 of your favorite 1.5uF and 3 uF caps for the mids and highs on the cormwallII's? Thanks!
  8. What type of caps are best for the 1.5 & 3 uF if metal is not recommended for the mid and tweet horns?
  9. What type of caps did you use from WIMA for the 1.5 & 3 uF? Also same question on the Solen.
  10. I picked up a nice set of 1986 oiled walnut Cornwall II's that are stock. I already have a new set of Crites TI's for the tweets in the mail. Looking for suggestions on: 1. Capacitor components for the 1.5 uF, 3 uF ( possibly 2 1.5uF ) and the 68uF. I want these to be nice for the next 33 years;-) 2. Squawkers any suggested modes that will improve sound quality, not that there are issues that I know of. 3. Any suggestions on the woofer? I have heard of folks rotating the woofer 180 degrees to fight gravity pull in one direction for 33 years... Thank you in advance for the advice!
  11. K2020A+ Just saw the note in the thread regarding this little amp. Can I hook up a vintage technics TT to is or do I need a preamp.
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