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  1. splashtop 2.0 seems to work to access a PC or laptop or TeamViewer. Loren
  2. I am in Austin and curious. What are you asking for the pair? And sounds like they are Black? Thanks Loren
  3. Great catch. I dealt with him regarding a pair fo Chorus speakers. Yes to Walmart cards and super sketchy. It was until I tracked down the address was a place for sale, and no way matched the pictures they were using. I was new to the forum and luckily decided to push back and that is when he became upset and the poor English gave him away. Too bad I was really trying to make a Klipsch purchase work but gave up and went with a Zu Audio dirty weekend for $1,000. We shall see how they perform upon receipt. Loren
  4. They are sold I guess, straight omens not dirty weekends. Just like the Forte 2 that were sold in forum here and then resold in Austin very quickly really active and things sell quickly. Forte 2 with Crites crossover and Crites tweeter sold for $900. I think they sold for $850 in forum.
  5. I probably can't get to AR anytime soon, but I am very interested. What do you know about Zu Omens? Pair here locally for $725. Thx.
  6. After getting a scam offer for Chorus II, I have decided to try and do this locally. I listened to the Kinter through a pair of Klipsch Heresy 3 and it sounded nice, but certainly, no match for the tube amp set up, but adequate as a back-up if something broke mid-party. I plan to head to the Klipsch round up and learn and meet some folks in person. I am starting to get concerned about the size of these speakers for my little house. Not to mention I am starting to appreciate my Advent Heritage speakers a bit more, but I am going to keep looking. I appreciate the heads up, the walmart money order seemed to be the first sign for me, as I recall reading something on this board. Still love the Heresey 3 sound, but I certainly noticed less bass now that I am listening closely but not enough to avoid.
  7. Just ordered the Kinter K2020A+. Look forward to playing this little guy. Thx Lorne
  8. Wow, I will keep this in mind. I am fully loaded on pre-amp and amp and happy there. I am going to go listen to some of these speakers, but that little amp is wild for the price.
  9. Lots of great feedback, thank you, everyone. Lots to learn and I definitely plan to head out to listen to some of these different options. Some great local offers to listen and check out options including Chorus, Cornscala, Lascala, Heresey, and Forte, etc. I will likely swing by Hope, AR and learn a bit more, lol in April. Great to know that the old speakers are still holding up so well. I am going to be patient as suggested, learn and appreciate my Advent Heritage speakers for now, considering the lady's birthday is coming up I probably need to shift gears from frankenmods for speakers, lol. I do like the upgrade process and uniqueness of getting the right sound for your individual systems. It appears Klipsch and Dynaco ST 70 is definitely a good match for hyper-efficient speakers. Considering my listening area is 400 SF tops, smaller will probably suffice and work with my budget. The enthusiasm is contagious, imagine what I will think after hearing some of these gems. I saw Yo La Tengo, Built to Spill, Flaming Lips, Black Angels, Bob Mould last night honoring Daniel Johnston. Makes me want a Fender Jaguar now too - the opposite of Marie Kondo over here. Again much appreciated.
  10. What do you think about damaged cabinets on Forte III? I found two unmatched with cabinet damage for $500. Total would be $1,000 for both. Would be hard to resell them but that is not my plan. https://houston.craigslist.org/ele/d/houston-klipsch-forte-iii-single/6791166308.html & https://www.adorama.com/us 1029325.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiA-JXiBRCpARIsAGqF8wVqMUR0R-PBW0SKj-SF-0MF6MYghxRu7HDNb_jO5ApZzmCCz5ygJF0aAr7aEALw_wcB I am in no hurry, and will likely wait until I drive to MN in summer to increase my area of searching. Otherwise, I will keep scouring for Chorus II or Cornscala D.
  11. Thanks for the input, I was unfamiliar with the Chorus II. Will keep my eyes open and reach out to board.
  12. Hello Klipsch experts...should I upgrade my speakers and what Klipsch would you recommend: I am running: - Dynaco ST 70 with Bob Latino mod board, - VTA Pre-Amp SP 14 Tube amp by Roy, - Rega RP1 with Ortofon Red2M - Schiit Modi DAC - Advent Heritage Speakers My cousin has a set of Heresy's III that sounds pretty amazing with a tube amp (I don't have that kind of budget). I do need to get another pair of speakers for a similar set up to one above for my brother-in-law. My hope was to find a deal on old Klipsch and rework them with Bob Crites upgrades or wait until I can afford a Cornscala new or used - and give him my Advent Heritage speakers. I do not see myself ever spending more than $1,200 to be honest. Was bummed to miss the Forte 2, updated with Bob Crites tweeters. I have found a single Forte III that has damage to the cabinet (repaired) for sale at $500, but only one speaker - seems like might be tough to match or find another damaged one? Do cracked damaged cabinets impact the sound dramatically? Given I am a budget buyer, does it even make sense to head down this road with a max budget of $800 to $1,200 max? Heresy or KG-4 seem to be somewhat reasonable and with performance upgrades might be a way to get the Klipsch sound without dropping more than $1,000. I will try and learn more. I do not really care about cosmetics, really just the sound. My system sounds pretty amazing to my ears, but it got me thinking I spent $1,400+ plus on my system but only $150 on my Advent Heritage speakers? Am I missing out on the sound envelope? I do have a small house so not sure why I feel I need larger speakers, but I do love to listen to records. Looking forward to learning more and getting more familiar with the terminology, et al. Forte 1, 2, 3, Heresy 1, 2, 3 other recommendations on vintage speakers or speakers that would run well with Dynaco ST 70. Cheers, Loren Austin, Texas
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