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  1. Bump. PM for pics but they are in mint condition. And by mint I mean...mint.
  2. Hopefully this weekend I can post some pics. These Heresy3's really are flawless. With the Hope Pilgrimage coming up, surely a forum member will be driving past my house...lol
  3. Good morning. I haven't heard the Omens, sorry. For the money, Heresy3 are hard to beat.
  4. And here's the thread when I bought them.
  5. I have the Zu Soul Superflys. They are a 16 ohm speaker and are a little more efficient for my 6 watt SET amps. Anyway, I will try to put up some pics tomorrow night. Cheers.
  6. I thought SRB was Slant Riser Base....
  7. Unable to load other pic. says I'm only allowed 2mb total. Other serial number ends in 0011. Is 2mb a daily limit?
  8. Neither tag says B-stock. Trying to resize the pics now to <2mb
  9. Bought off this forum about 2 years ago from Rlink. How would I tell if they were A-stock? They do have consecutive numbers. Yes, killer sound but I just bought some ZU's I like a bit better.
  10. Guys, I have a perfect pair of black Heresy 3's for sale. Not many hours, sound great, and they come with the original boxes...but I don't want to ship them. Corners are perfect and risers intact. They are located in NW Arkansas and I'm asking a very reasonable $900 for the pair. Pickup only and Paypal is ok but buyer covers the 3% fee. I will add photos in a day or two. Thanks!
  11. Great looking stands! Could you PM the builders info? I'm looking for 16" to 18" stands to elevate my Heresy3's and I use a sub also. Cheers!
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