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  1. Those appear to be the Version 1, which are more in demand with the Epic series speakers. You can verify that by measuring the port tubes, and also with the serial number, which would show them manufactured early to later part of 1994. May not help the value much, but probably would spark more interest. They also have the 2" midrange/tweeter driver, although I do not know if it is the same driver as their big brothers, the CF-3s and CF-4s. I would also mention that. I have the 3s and the 4s and absolutely love both; one of the best Klipsch has produced to date! Interesting story about The Price is Right! I think it is a good deal for the package; GLWS Rick
  2. Well heck, got excited then discovered my Baldwin uses 12AX7.... I think the Bottlehead Foreplay uses the 12AU7 though...even though I hardly use the Foreplay any more... Rick
  3. That was me! I am in a system re-structure mode, so pics will come later on. Smooth communication and transaction with the Seller, and a sweet deal, too!; thanks @mardigraspete! He drove a ways to cut my trip some, and I got to score excellent Boudin and Cracklin! Oh and a stuffed chicken that we had for dinner tonight. #cajunfoodrules Rick
  4. Traveling to Lafayette, LA tomorrow, 02-November, from the west side of Houston. A great opportunity for potential buyers along that path to listen to this awesome amp in your system. Rick
  5. Road trip Saturday, 02-November, from the west side of Houston to Lafayette, LA; east-bound in the morning and west-bound in the afternoon. 1/2 ton pickup and sunny skies, so I can carry whatever you have. Would be a great chance to pick up the Baldwin amp I have for sale down below; delivered to your door and tested on your speakers. https://houston.craigslist.org/ele/d/fulshear-will-vincent-baldwin-tube-amp/6984273564.html Rick
  6. Gonna put this up again. Don't have to sell but would like to, to fund more speakers. Built like a tank and close to 30 WPC. Those that know, know! https://houston.craigslist.org/ele/d/fulshear-will-vincent-baldwin-tube-amp/6984273564.html Located on west side of Houston, but can deliver in vicinity. $700 shipped for forum members. Rick
  7. I agree with all of that. Like no other I have heard, and I have heard pretty much all of them in the Consumer line. Loving my CF-4s with a Parasound A21. The Will Vincent Baldwin, at 27 wpc sounds marvelous, but it can run out of gas leaving you wanting more. And these are the first Klipsch speakers where I finally experience that powerful yet toned mid-bass folks rave about. My only disclaimer is that I have not yet heard the KLFs, and I am really Jonesin to do that! Right, @teaman?
  8. Put me in line as very interested. I also can do weekend pickup, if still available. Rick
  9. Who can decipher this code on a 1988 HII? H OO SRB The seller calls them Black Walnut. They are very dark, but I'm pretty sure they were painted or stained, previously Oiled Oak. Like others have said, I care more about performance than originality, but price should reflect that, huh? https://offerup.com/item/detail/756114057/ Rick
  10. Still available...$700 shipped for Forum Members Rick
  11. Weekend bump! Nobody wants to try this fine amp? It's every bit as good as they say it is! Rick
  12. Weekend Bump! I will demo this unit with my speakers or yours, for serious buyers in the Houston area, of course. Let's make a deal this weekend! Rick
  13. Not even a chirp? I know y'all know what this is; which is a very fine amp for modest payola...
  14. Time to replenish the audio fund, and presently this Baldwin amp is the sum of said fund. I have thoroughly enjoyed it; probably the finest tube amp I have experienced here. But I do like to buy and sell and swap to get a taste of what all is out there to appreciate. This one is a keeper for sure, but I also want the next guy to get a chance. Local pickup is strongly preferred (this is a tank, and a bear to pack), but will ship to lower 48. Location west side of Houston. https://houston.craigslist.org/ele/d/fulshear-will-vincent-baldwin-tube-amp/6924091957.html Rick
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