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  1. Very nice, Dave!
  2. And a concert hall...
  3. I go just for the artist and the sound nowadays. I am done with the party concerts. I try to seek out more intimate venues where you can generally enjoy the performance and sound a lot more. Then of course there is always that jerk that has to stand up the entire show, blocking my $100 view! Or those doing the kumbaya clap and sing-along! C'mon, people, I came to see/hear the artist, not you! Interesting your comment about the sound we get on our home systems. It seems we are always striving to reach that "live" sound, but in most cases we will never get there; too many variables and differences. Sure, you can get close to duplicating an intimate, in-house acoustical performance. But a large concert, not so much. And the sound we can experience with our high-end gear at home can be a much more pleasurable experience. I will say, however; I was third row in the pit for the Allman Bros at the Pavillion in Houston and that was the absolute best sound I have ever experienced! Talk about near-field on a grand scale! A few years ago there would be a lot of chatter on this post...lots of pro-audio experience.
  4. Not sure where this post would best fit, so I am putting it here. First time to the new Sugarland (TX) venue Smart Financial Centre to see Boz Scaggs and Michael McDonald. Heard from a few folks about the awesome sound quality. As usual, I take that comment with a grain of salt until I hear with my own ears. I was disappointed! Our seats were on tenth row, about fifteen-twenty feet left of center. I could obviously see the flown line arrays with the subs behind, on either side. There was the occasional audible hint of units at stage level; if there were, they were behind curtains. Most of the sound I heard came from the left-side line array! I heard virtually no sound from the stage! McDonald played first. I was seated directly in front of his piano, so I heard it directly occasionally. The sax was behind and left of him, and didn’t appear to be miked, so it was prevalent where he was at. The drummer was at far right in the back, and I heard the tink of his large symbols quite often. Other than that, virtually all sound came from the Sound Reinforcement System. The guitar amplifiers were relatively small; this may or may not correspond to the size of the venue; I don’t know. But the whole setup appeared to be “by design”, to send everything to the “SRS”. Boz Scaggs setup was pretty much identical, although his drummer was using a shield; thus no sound directly from his kit! I have seen these shields used in small clubs but never in a concert venue! So, you pro-sound guys, is this the norm for the way it is done now? Is this a mixing problem? I bet it would have sounded a lot better in the back of the venue, but still, why not use the instruments for what they are intended, and use the SRS for just that; reinforcement? For you techies, I found this brief description of the sound system:
  5. I returned it. Probably would have been too complicated for her anyway. Maybe try again later on when Klipsch works out some of the bugs.
  6. Does the AVR have a 2-channel, or Pure/Direct setting? If so, make sure you are switched that.
  7. Yes, he was no help. It was surprisingly easy to get to talk to a human, however!
  8. Ha! It is very suspect, isn't it? Honestly, it was for her; she has complained since the digital file age started, that she just don't know how to find/play music anymore. She is soooo not tech-savvy. I thought this unit would make it easier for her. But probably not, so I returned it! Returned it. I think karma is telling me I should have ordered from Corey!
  9. It's about 5.5 hour drive from your house. Maybe we can carpool. Rick
  10. Finally getting around after back surgery and getting (Mother's Day gift) "The Three" up and running. Darn thing will not power on! At least I don't think it is. There are no LEDs lit up, nothing audible with my ear up to the unit while rotating input selector and volume, etc. Not visible as a Wi-Fi device from the App. I measured 120VAC at the end of the power cord. Anyone have a clue? I have already had one return on this order; they sent The One instead of The Three! Rick
  11. Dang, just bought the wife The Three. She is not going to like that it doesn't have a battery! Hey Jerry, missed you at the Pilgrimage! Rick
  12. And vertically...LOL
  13. I have forgotten what they sound like on the floor, with the risers, in the corner, like EVERYONE SAYS THEY SHOULD BE; because I have been using them on stands for a long time. Yes I do use a sub. I think you need a sub regardless of position. Getting them off the floor took them to another level sonically. Rick
  14. Also scored a vintage Sansui reciever from a neighbor. It's a 5000A, for you Sansui fans. The FM section sounded a little lifeless but plugged in my phone with some FLAC files and it sounded pretty dang awesome!