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  1. Not an issue...have only one chair in my "cave". Asked the wife if she was offended that I didn't provide her a chair, she just sarcastically rolled her eyes, like, puleeeeeeze....as she wandered back to the living room to watch "Housewives" Very cool, I thought!
  2. Here's my simple solution to the issue; get Klipsch to bring back the Epic line! I absolutely love my "Ugly Betty" CF-4 V2s! Roy put some special magic on these, and you know today he could do even better! And I'm pretty sure there is a market for them. Are you listening @Chief bonehead ? Rick
  3. Cody_Mack

    DIY kit-feedback

    Reading that, seems I need to orient my KV-4 vertically, just like his big brothers, CF-4s. Now I gotta re-design my new rack (that I'm still designing)... Rick
  4. Cody_Mack

    FS: RP-160, RP-140, SVS and Emotiva

    Chorus II, of course!
  5. Cody_Mack

    FS: RP-160, RP-140, SVS and Emotiva

    Oh ok, I was thinking it would be 300 wpc like the XPA-2. Am in the hunt for a friend, and I'm sure he wants at least 300 wpc. However, I should pick this up for the rest of my HT! But I really want to get some decent sub(s) first...
  6. Cody_Mack

    FS: RP-160, RP-140, SVS and Emotiva

    The XPA-3; what if you don't use the third channel...any harm done? Rick
  7. Cody_Mack

    DIY kit-feedback

    I actually have picked up a KV-4 from a Forum member; however I have to modify my equipment rack (raise the TV up 5") for the center to fit in its proper place. I'm sure it's going to add much to the system, but at the moment the phantom center works very well. Rick
  8. Cody_Mack

    DIY kit-feedback

    Phantom center = no center? I have mine set up like that and it is amazing how well it works when set up right! Using CF-4s front and KG4s rear. I am also looking for a budget sub and that Dayton setup looks promising for my very small room. Good luck! Rick
  9. Cody_Mack

    Pony Express Central (Shipping Discussion)

    Anyone going from Houston area to DFW area this weekend, or early next week? Have a couple of small tube amps that I’d rather send by car than shipped. Rick
  10. Cody_Mack

    A/B Comparison with Cap Update

    Strictly talking about updating the caps...because they are old. My friend brought his Chorus IIs over and my first impression was graininess in the mids and highs....thought maybe cap "update" was in order. Bottom line, I guess if it doesn't sound worse, then at least you have the peace of mind on caps for another twenty years. Dave, side by side and playing only one at a time, switching back and forth, is what I was suggesting. Rick
  11. Cody_Mack

    ooh ooh that glow!

    Bass has authority and the midrange is glorious! That Lyle Lovett album has great dynamic range and the system is showing that in spades!
  12. Cody_Mack

    ooh ooh that glow!

    My new to me Vincent Baldwin is showing off glowing in the dark...and sounding just glorious pushing the CF-4s. Lyle Lovett, on Joshua Judges Ruth says, hell yeah! Thanks @joessportster Rick
  13. Cody_Mack

    A/B Comparison with Cap Update

    I did a cap change on my Heresys a few years back and got scolded for not doing A/B in between...Coulter are you there?..LOL
  14. When doing updates/upgrades ( I know many don't like to use 'upgrade'), how do you set up the speakers to compare old vs. new; that is, replace caps in only one and compare the two? I would think side by side and send a mono signal one at a time. What say you? Rick
  15. Cody_Mack

    New member... just joined!

    While he stirs the pot...