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  1. RF 3.1 System in Houston

    A co-worker has the following for $800 obo. West Houston/Katy area. Pioneer/Klipsch Surround Sound (2) Klipsch RF-62 ii towers (1) Kipsch RC-52 ii center channel (1) Klipsch KW-100 sub-woofer Pioneer VSX-42, 7.1 channel receiver Pioneer AS-BT200 Bluetooth adapter Aprox 4 years old, no issues, never over-driven – sounds great. Includes remote, antenna, sub-woofer cable and speaker cables.

    Yes, the boogie-woogie guy, AND the Jazz band. Rick
  3. Klipsch crossovers

    Not a loose wire, but a spare wire, connected on the other end to Tap 4 on the autoformer. The squawker is currently connected to Tap 3. So it appears the crossover is correct, or at least close, for this setup using Crites tweeters. Bob suggested I go with the A/4500 crossover. Looks like he has added an inductor in the signal path of the squawker, and changed the tweeter cap value as well. Rick
  4. Klipsch crossovers

    Now that you say that, the Type A is exactly what I have in there now. I am not liking the way it sounds; can't get any serious bass, and the mids and highs are just so-so. The network was built by a reputable member of this Forum. Not sure of the motor-run capacitors, but he said he prefers them. For the mid cap it is a motor-run 3uF paralleled with a 10uF Sprague. I know, I know, I should contact him! Rick
  5. Klipsch crossovers

    For 78 Khorns with Crites tweeters...do I keep the Zener network? Need to build a basic AA from parts I have. Rick
  6. WTB: Grills for kg4

    One dollar! Each
  7. WTB: Grills for kg4

    Good to know, both points... Rick
  8. WTB: Grills for kg4

    I'd settle for hand-made; when can you start? Rick
  9. WTB: Grills for kg4

    They use pegs to attach.
  10. WTB: Grills for kg4

    Scored a mint pair but alas no grills. Rick
  11. KLF Home Theater

    The KLF-30 is a 3-way, so that automatically gets my vote! Disclaimer: I have heard neither. Rick
  12. New Listening Room, and New House

    Excellent, Dave. May stop for a visit on the way to Hope and Nashville (AR) in May. Rick
  13. Heresy Upgrade Kit

    Yes, was just trying to clarify @USNRET's dilemma with different terminal cups on HII.
  14. Heresy Upgrade Kit

    H1 also removable back 👍