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  1. Server: You want sauce on it? Me: Shouldn't need any, right? But go ahead and put some on the side. Pun aside, I would like the recipe... Rick
  2. Cody_Mack

    WTB Phono stage / Completed got Puffin

    Nice! I have a plain ole analog Bottlehead pre I was gonna offer up...never mind... Rick
  3. Cody_Mack

    KLF-20s in Houston

    CF-3s and you spotted it too, Jerry!
  4. Need a center to go with the CF-4 fronts and KG4 surrounds, and other Heritage that I might roll in and out. Honestly, the image is so spot on with just the CF-4s, downright spooky sometimes, you would swear there is an invisible center speaker there. But I know it can be better, and I am finally watching more and more video. Located in Houston Rick
  5. Cody_Mack

    For You Altec Heads....Houston Alert

    A pair of 601A Duplex. I don't know a lot about these, but I heard a similar pair (15", 605x I think) in an open baffle and it was pretty awesome driven with a single-ended EL84. Rick https://houston.craigslist.org/ele/d/vintage-50s-altec-lansing/6679319529.html
  6. Cody_Mack

    KLF-20s in Houston

    Exchanged a few emails with the gentleman, mostly just talking gear...nice guy! He is close to me so I could check them out for someone. Also spotted something nice in the background... Rick https://houston.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-klf-20-speakers-dual/6695111293.html
  7. Cody_Mack

    DYI Klipschorns

    Nice work; maybe you should change your moniker to Saw722! Rick
  8. Cody_Mack


    I keep coming back here...been lusting after one of these since I first heard about...let me talk to the better half... Rick
  9. Cody_Mack

    KG4 replacement?

    I would say Heresys on stands with a musical sub (or a pair), but that is about the same footprint as the kg4. I think sonically you would have a pleasant improvement. If budget is limited look for a used pair. Rick
  10. Cody_Mack

    Chorus II Cap Update

    You da Man, Jimbo. And will reciprocate some more of that Cowboy Candy back at you!
  11. Cody_Mack

    Chorus II Cap Update

    Sorry I couldn't find in search. Looking for a 6.0 uF cap for Chorus II midrange but closest is 6.2 from Parts Express. Do I need to be at exactly 6.0? I know I can add two in parallel to get there; possibly using a higher-grade on the smaller value for possible improvement. It still may be impossible to get the exact value, so what is the tolerance in this case? Also what is minimum voltage rating? Asking for a friend ( I really am...cause I own CF-4s ) Rick
  12. Worth it! They are such awesome speakers; like no other Klipsch that I have heard...in a good way! Rick
  13. Cody_Mack

    Single Heresy in Houston

    And I was just about to ask if the C7 is still for sale...
  14. Cody_Mack

    Single Heresy in Houston

    Perfect for that Heritage center channel you've been looking for...pretty good condition and price, too! Not far from me, so if someone seriously interested I can pick it up and store it if needed Rick https://houston.craigslist.org/ele/d/vintage-klipsch-speaker-1980/6664831160.html
  15. A brand new pair of Mahogany CF-4s, updated and refined with Roy's present-day magic, the first pair to roll off the line! How 'bout it, @Chief bonehead ? Rick