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  1. Cody_Mack

    wedding, hospital, birthday...

    Prayers for healing and comfort, Bruce
  2. Cody_Mack

    CF-3 pair black ash in Houston $400

    Naw I'm just drooling...have not contacted him. If I had an account on that site I would, however...
  3. Cody_Mack

    CF-3 pair black ash in Houston $400

    When he replies tell him Rick is on his way over to get them...
  4. Just a shout out to those who purchased the candied jalapenos at the Pilgrimage on Saturday. I did not sell what I had hoped, but did pull in a few bucks. Remember all profits go to the Klipsch Museum of Audio History, to help fund the effort that a few of our own, here on the Forum and other groups, are stepping up to make happen. I still have some jars for sale, and can easily put them in a one-rate box to anywhere in the con US. They are $5 per jar. In fact, Adrian in Cal should be getting his care-pack today, and Joseph on Monday. My goal with this batch is to make $200 for the Museum. PM me if you would like some. I will try to do better with notifications next year. Rick
  5. Cody_Mack

    2018 Pilgrimage Swap Meet and For Sale Thread

    So you'll let go a pair of them? 😜
  6. Cody_Mack

    No Longer for Sale! Heresy WO - Nice!

    Well thanks to @muel, and my thoughts as well, these WILL be going to a graduate; and that graduate is my very own daughter who is graduating college this coming Saturday. I'm not going to get what I need for the speakers and stands, so what better than for them than to stay in the family! Congratulations, Allison, you did it! Of course that won't be her only gift; Mom is at the Galleria as I type, probably looking for an over-priced designer purse or the like So read 'em and weep, boys and girls; these are no longer for sale! Rick
  7. Cody_Mack

    SOLD - Khorns in Houston

    Thanks Erik. Maybe I could have profited a couple hundred, but I think it's only fair to pass along at the same price, if that much, especially to this awesome group of fans. It's like renting them for free! Take care, and hoping you and wife enjoying your new digs! Rick
  8. Cody_Mack

    No Longer for Sale! Heresy WO - Nice!

    Yes! That's what I've been telling folks at work, and on the neighborhood site. They ain't buying it, though...maybe I worded it wrong.... "Forgot to add, don't forget that music-loving graduating son (or daughter) headed off to college. You probably do not agree, but he/she would love to have the baddest speakers in the dorm...Ha!" For sure; an excellent graduation gift, and a gift that could last another generation and beyond with proper care!
  9. Cody_Mack

    No Longer for Sale! Heresy WO - Nice!

    Weekly bump for these nice WOs. And as of this morning, Wifey has approved the extra funds I'm needing to finance that new power amp and pre/pro, so I really gotta move some surplus! Again, these can be handed off at the Pilgrimage in May. In addition to that trip, next weekend (3-May) we are traveling to Columbus, MS for our daughter's college graduation, and I think I can make room for them. Our usual route is I-10 from Houston to Hammond, LA, then north on I-55 through Jackson then NE to Columbus. Rick
  10. Cody_Mack

    Bottlehead Straight 8 Arrays

    The infamous Straight 8 line arrays created by Doc B and Paul Joppa. Sold in kit form, and now retired. I purchased the partially completed kit and finished, and later built the Version 3 crossover for it. They are pretty efficient around 95-96 dB, but note the nominal impedance is 16 ohms. They worked very well with some vintage tubes, and also my MC250 with its autoformer and 16 ohm taps. Local pickup or I can deliver a distance from the west side of Houston. May have room for them in May en-route to the Pilgrimage. $625 obo Rick
  11. Cody_Mack

    2018 Pilgrimage Swap Meet and For Sale Thread

    Considering letting these go: Mac MC250 Scheduled for Delivery In Bodcaw! Bottlehead Straight 8 Line Arrays with outboard V3 Crossover Those Fine HWOs I have for sale in Garage Sale Belongs to Daughter now... Custom 24" Stands for said HWOs Ditto! Rick
  12. Cody_Mack

    2018 Pilgrimage Swap Meet and For Sale Thread

    I need a pair of musical subs for a smallish room. Still have those 18s? Rick
  13. Cody_Mack

    Synthesis Audio

    Thanks thebes. Actually I need to update my signature/gear...I can't figure out how to do it. Yes the EL84/6BQ5 is a very nice tube. Lots of midrange detail but with some punch in the low-end, too! As far as vinyl, I have an excellent Bottlehead Seduction phono stage that way out-performs both turntables that I have (nothing fancy). Had a gentleman over to audition the Heresys for sale and he mentioned he had this amp. He was trying to low-ball me on the Heresys and when I wouldn't budge he offered the amp for trade (plus me giving up more cash). Like you said, I don't need the amp; was mostly curious because I had heard some fine Italian-made amps. Here's what a guy on a Facebook page said about the amp: "The Synthesis Ensemble is a fine amp (used to work for a dealer), BUT it is an older series (ca 2005) and is VERY picky on tubes..... You have to have 8 matched tubes or things can go terribly wrong. Bias is not user adjustable (unless you're a tecnician) and the amp does need some TLC every two years or so. Inother words, you need a good (and closeby) distributor." I sold the Khorns last week, and I have two pair of 1983 Heresys; the fine WO pair is for sale in the Garage Sale. I'll probably keep the other pair long-term because I purchased them new in 1983. But what I am gearing up for now is the pair of CF-4s I scored from rockhound! I will probably pair them up with a bad-*** high-end SS power-house amp! At least that's what the experts here are telling me to do...ha! Rick
  14. Cody_Mack

    Center for CF-4?

    Do tell, please... I am looking for, not the grandest of sound, but the most musical sub to mate up with my CF-4s (when I finally pick them up) in a smallish room. Have not yet heard them so I don't even know if I need/want a sub. Rick
  15. Cody_Mack

    Synthesis Audio

    I'm guessing that will be a NO Rick