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  1. Well ok, quite the road trip from Houston! Good luck on your project.
  2. Where are you located? I have a partially assembled kit as described herein that I would let go. Rick
  3. Will trade Baldwin tube amp - you ship, I ship. Rick
  4. Very nice amp; heard one with a pair of open-baffle duets, Hawthornes. A guy in Houston, Brad (on Audio Circle) had one. I will reach out and see if he still has it. Rick
  5. I'm guessing SS won out? I love tubes, but I am also really loving clean POWER these days. The Will Vincent Baldwin amp sounds wonderful with the CF-4s, but I keep reaching for the volume control, trying to find that slam I get with the Parasound SS monster!
  6. Well, is a work in progress, so I'm sort of embarrassed to show it off right now... it's tiny room for a setup with these massive speakers; in fact you could almost call it near-field! Plus I am also having to store some of my other toys (for instance, pair of kg4 in boxes, my second subwoofer kit parts, etc. But, oh the sound... Rick
  7. Love my newly acquired CF-3 V1s! Not a lot of difference from the 4s. These (Epics) are the first speaker that I have had (or heard, really) that brings out that awesome mid-bass people rave about. I never really liked (boomy) mid-bass until I heard it done properly. I listened to the 3s in the sweet spot for a few days and then moved them to rear duty in my all Epic 5.1 (soon to be 5.2, using Dayton Audio subs and kits). Killer HT, I'm telling ya...! Rick
  8. Anyone know what "RV" is in the model code of KG4s, as in KG4 WO RV? Serial # is 8821710 Rick
  9. Nuttin'...not even the first Craigslist scammer! It's not that terrible is it?
  10. Excellent condition, top of the line Synergy sub does a great job in small to medium sized rooms. Local pickup in Fulshear, TX. Can deliver a short distance in the Katy/Houston area. $225 obo Rick https://houston.craigslist.org/ele/d/fulshear-klipsch-sub12hg/6839278262.html
  11. Experience with this amp? https://www.parts-express.com/yung-sd500-6-500w-class-d-subwoofer-plate-amplifier-module-with-6-db-at-25-hz--301-514 Rick
  12. Sorry I didn't have time to read the entire thread, but I'll just say that two of my favorite Jazz guitarists are Randy Bachman and Jeff "Skunk" Baxter; oh, and make it three, with Steve Howe
  13. Oh, those stereotypes....LOL...although she wanted to sing cowboy music, the rednecks railroaded her out with, "we ain't havin none of that!"; in fact I enjoyed two of my KD Lang CDs just last night...and a Blu-ray concert last weekend...
  14. Yes, please. I am not yet that much into classical, but I am a gear-head and a tech-head; that is, I love music but I also listen from a technical and mechanical point of view...yep, I am one of those that listens to the equipment and the skills that go into producing the media. I get a kick from those that boast, "it's all about the music and nothing but the music!" And I say well why don't you listen on a boom-box then? Rick
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