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    • Mornin' All   I have the house today. Wife needs to go into work.   Board meeting. Bet there will be a lot more questions than answers at this one. Being as schools are paid on head count, there gonna be a need for clarification on remote schooling I'm wanting to take a cruise today. Shoot some pic and see if I get any photos out of the bunch. Thinking I'll not go to the lake.Out to where I cut wood. One of the prettiest places around. The road follows a little stream. You get to drive through it several times. Having a brain fart and can't remember the name.   guess I need more coffee.  that I am guessing is a sure sign I need more.    
    • Thank you for your reply,   These are the prices at my country:   R-N602 Zwart 500 euro R-N803D 700 euro   For that price I could also buy a sonos amp, is there something else that is a little bit cheaper? I don't need any bluetooth, spotify or multiroom. Just an RCA input and if it's possible a sub line out. And I wan't a good quality amp for these speakers.   I'm thinking about a amp without net features but still has treble and base levels. Then it's maybe a bit cheaper?   Thanks   Dion
    • What did he say? Could you repeat that?
    • Got a set of these in yesterday and here are my initial listening impressions and  have not measured anything yet. Restoring a set of KPT-456's with the 1132 Klipsch driver running the 506 horn. Decided to put the new N314X-8 on a ZXPC 10 x 18 horn using the 1.4" to 2" adapter PE sells (which by the way was a very nice casting) and take a set of KP-450 HF crossovers from another restoration project to use with them. These things are really light compared to other drivers of similar output used here.    Female vocals and all types of percussion magic was my first impression and keep in mind the 456's with the 1132's were on a purpose designed setup. These N314X's were on a cobbled together thing just so I could hear them. The detail is really nice and while listening to some Sheffield big band music just sitting there blown away with the sound. Hugely detailed and clean compared to the 1132's on the 506 horn.  I also tried these on the 904 two way factory Klipsch crossovers and they were superb there and all the 510 horn with the DE-75 driver sour notes and crackle instead of cymbals was gone and replaced with great sound. I have had a couple of songs where there were some strident sounds but I am leaning towards the music being the problem. These same songs also do not sound all that great on the S-MWM's either. The KP-450 and 456 crossovers cross at 650hz and the 904's at 900hz. On either crossover and crossover point the drum snap and horn blat and classical music to rock all sounded really nice with the N314X ZXPC horn setup..   This is the best sound out of a set of 904LF type bass bin + an HF horn I have had in this shop and these are not dialed in with a crossover built just for them nor bi-amped with a Xilica so I have no idea what their true potential is. Today I try them with the S-MWM. Don't know how low these N314X's would safely crossover so I will probably set the xilica to 650hz instead of 450 where it is now with the 1132 drivers. If what I expect happens today I will be pulling the 1132's off the S-MWM's and sticking the N314X's on there and ordering another set to experiment with. I don't have a lot of time to fool with this right now but next week hopefully I can get down to some actual measurements. I will fiddle with the crossover point too as I would like to get it down to around 500hz and since I will never go anywhere close to full output I expect I can get away with that. I bust a set of diaphragms up they can be replaced so that would be irritating but worth doing just to see. 
    • Accurate up to a point. They added 241 deaths from care centers, but another official used a number above 600 in the Flemish parliament (yes, we have many parliaments in Belgium), and for now it is unclear if those 400 have been added to the official number or not. Apparently, counting the dead and registering them in the correct way is a complex matter, these days. They hope to bring the correct numbers in a couple of days.   It is my theory that the Flemish and Belgian government are trying to 'sweep the number of deaths in care centers' under the carpet for two reasons: 1) to avoid a panic among the relatives and the care workers and 2) to not be held responsible politically for the tragedy that is happening  right now in the care centers, which is: the old people are not tested, not treated, not given the care they deserve, while the health care workers are not given the proper protection (masks etc) Belgium has chosen, not for the 'herd/group immunity', but simply to not take care of the most vulnerable group (the 80+ group, with a 15% death rate). The local government (Wouter Beke) blames the federal government, and vice versa. While the people are dying...
    • It's funny stuff and when I had some pieces in a burn pile there was a semi fibrous mass left over that could easily be crushed but it did retain it's shape though the fire. Two sets left now for anyone who is willing to do a pick up on them.
    • ok - how about these numbers ---from  the Brussels Times  ---accurate or inaccurate   https://www.brusselstimes.com/all-news/belgium-all-news/105230/coronavirus-belgium-surpasses-2000-deaths/
    • Since they are 71s you should check air tightness. My 72s had air leaks I fixed by pouring glue into areas where I heard the leaks. You have to seal the woofer port and then put woofer access door back on except for the one screw that goes into the air chamber. Then put low air pressure in there to hear the leaks The old glue is cracking and leaking air. 
    • Okay thanks Vinza! I just offered 600 euro's and otherwise I'll stick with my X1300w for now.
    • These numbers  are wrong. There is little or no testing in Belgium as we speak. We simply don't have the tests nor the capacity to test large numbers.  Even people who have all the symptoms, but in a mild form, or not tested. The Belgium government made 12,000 test available for old people living in resting homes, but there are 70,000 people like that, and it is unclear if these tests will the used on the elderly or on the personnel looking after them.   According to the Belgian official corona expert, Dr. Van Ranst, the only reliable number for Belgium is the number of patients diagnosed with covid 19 that are in Intensive Care. This is a graph showing those number up to April 6th (and you can see that the we have managed to flatten the curve):  
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