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    • Thanks. So many different subwoofer¬†brands used this amp, and now schematics around. Good kept secret, more secret then some gouverment documentsūüėĀ
    • Fauci says there's 'no doubt we have been undercounting' the number of people who died from COVID-19 Dr. Anthony Fauci, said Sunday that he's not surprised new data shows the COVID-19 death toll has likely been severely undercounted.¬† A new study published earlier this week estimates that more than 900,000 Americans have died from COVID-19, nearly double the amount recorded by health officials and trackers. https://www.businessinsider.com/fauci-no-doubt-undercount-covid-19-death-toll-2021-5 http://www.healthdata.org/special-analysis/estimation-excess-mortality-due-covid-19-and-scalars-reported-covid-19-deaths Country Total COVID-19 deaths Reported COVID-19 deaths United States of America 905,289 574,043 ¬†
    • It may be time to relax indoor face mask mandates, Fauci says Dr. Anthony Fauci says federal guidance on wearing face coverings indoors may change soon. Sunday on ABC News, Fauci was asked whether it's time to start relaxing indoor masks requirements. Fauci replied, "I think so, and I think you're going to probably be seeing that as we go along, and as more people get vaccinated." https://www.cnn.com/2021/05/09/health/us-coronavirus-sunday/index.html
    • Bubo, it started when I had a music teacher who also gave me piano lessons. I was 15, it was 1974, he had a MA230. Ok, with Bose 901 but at least the old Alnico version. Despite the speakers, the Mc sound was burnt into me.¬† Regarding your question, brands like Grundig and Dual were very popular and successful after the Second World War in young West Germany. Grundig was a bit more for very normal people, Dual was a bit more refined but affordable for almost everyone. That was the mono era and Grundig made very nice tube radios for the kitchen and living room. Televisions, too, of course. Dual has always been a pure audio brand. I got my first mono record player as a gift from my father in 1966 when I was 7 years old, a very simple Dual, the lid was the loudspeaker. I loved it and listened to all the Beatle, Rolling Stones and other singles. In 1972, my father bought a stereo system, which only did a small circle of people in Germany at the time. He had dreamed about it for a long time. A¬†Sansui QX 6500 receiver with Dual turntable 1219 and Braun TG1000 tape recorder and Sansui SP2500 speakers at the front, it was a pseudo 4 channel system. . ¬† Because our house was occupied by American army¬†in 1945 as an officers' mess, my father had early contact with jazz music. He was hired as an interpreter by the Americans at the age of 15 because he had learned English at school; only a few children could attend a grammar school. Some of the military had record players and jazz records. That was the start and he this to him new sound. Grundig became less popular when the Japanese conquered the hi-fi market for the masses in the early 70s. Dual managed to hold on, primarily with record players. We subsequently had a 701 in the family, it was the first with a direct drive. I personally liked Thorens more. Back to Mc and Klipsch. At that time it was a very illustrious small circle that could afford something like that in Germany or even knew what it was. Since the mid 80s there has been a hifiscene that knows what these brands are. Mc stands for very high quality, but there is also a lot of expensive competition, also US brands were successful like Mark Levinson or Krell, later when tubes refreshed in the market also Conrad Johnson or Audio Research in addition to the sand amps. Klipsch Heritage series has always had a dedicated but small fan base, but most hifi lovers prefer a more comfortable and visually and acoustically pleasing loudspeakers with higher WAF if you know what I mean. Those who have money like to buy Sonus Faber or things like that. Klipsch is also quite well represented among these people with its Hifi series of slim towers. One must also take into account that most homes and living rooms are really smaller here than in US houses which is an issue to get a KH e.g. But I think that types like new Cornwalls or¬† Heresy spaeker could get a renaissance. I don't know how Dual is doing today, Grundig is not relevant in the hifi scene and the younger generation does not know the brand any more at all. I have¬†a positive feeling that a new generation is about to rediscover real and good sound which is associated with bigger speakers, horn speakers‚Ķthe opposite of now still popular¬†small bluetooth cubes. My son is of course a bit influenced by his father who built his first horn soeakers at the age of 16 and a KH bass unit when beeing 19. But he and his friends are very open minded to rediscover good sound when visiting my place at home.
    • Of course a¬†person of Dr Fouci's character and expertise understands what's going on in India! Saying he "forgets the poverty " there is idiotic, imo.
    • 2006¬†¬† or later¬† AK-5 for 4k$¬† is a Fantastic, given away deal¬† ----Khorns 1989 --AK-3¬† 4k$¬† is a very good deal -¬†¬†
    • yes errors happen.¬† after¬†re-reading that thread i wonder how many people have kd15¬†passives in their chorus 2 & dont realize they are different?¬† might be¬†a good idea to at least update that thread so hopefully the people who¬†posted that they did it & future readers see it & know it's not correct...¬†i know i would want to know¬†about it.¬†¬†¬†¬† ¬† Also chief says above that the chorus drone can be ordered from klipsch, is this correct? is it newly available?¬†¬†i never got confirmation on that question.¬† ¬† ¬†
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