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    • That's good stuff......  I use that exact fertilizer on my lawn which consist of some bermuda (can't kill it) and mostly zoisia (aka Emerald Zoisia or King Ranch turf). It will not kill the bermuda, but will eradicate weeds, clover, dandy lions, dollar weed, etc.. The zoisia loves it and thrives on this Scots Southern blend.  Whatever you do, don't apply the fertilizer to wet grass (☹️) or wet plants, the area must be dry...... you should water afterwards.   I started using Scots Southern Fert. about 3  or 4 yrs ago and the lawn has thickened up considerably, won't allow weeds or crab grass to take root.
    • Watch this guy, his videos. Don't buy anything yet, just learn the special stuff on St. A like Fert, etc.    
    • Not a problem. The difference isn't big enough to worry about, or hear. If you get your ears tested, there's a good chance there'll be more than a 3-5% difference between them.
    • Can you seriously buy them from Klipsch still?
    • This is indeed a very very beautiful song. The album " Mr. Stromy Mondays Selection" is very rare and not available in Europe...but in the States , Greensburg / Pennsylvania. I have just bought it. Only the shipping to Germany takes 3 weeks. I have time and am very grateful to have received this rarity. Many Many Many thanks for this tip @Dave1290  You´re a ..
    • I understand your comments, and appreciate them.  The Mil Spec wire ( m22759/11) is of very high quality construction.  Multi stranded copper, each strand silver plated, teflon wrapped. As a private party, one can source this wire at SURPLUS prices, easily.  Try eBay, or perhaps best, Apex Jr. in Southern California, Torrance, CA., at reasonable prices, on a cost VS performance basis.     I never set-out to build this preamp the way everyone else does.    It has got what "I" want it to have internally, such as each B+ node is double series SHUNTED, and each B+ node will also be double Final Filtered ( L1/C1/L2/C2 ).  Imagine a phono preamp that draws 180 mA., 70 mA. for the audio circuit, and 110 mA. for its SHUNTING circuitry.    Jeff     
    • Whoa there pardner. Hit that St..Augustine with some fertilizer, get it up between 2 and 4" and it will choke out bermuda.   There is nothing legal anymore that will kill Bermuda but safe for St..Augustine.   Everything in this article is consistent with my experience.   How much shade do you have. Bermuda will not grown in shade and St..Augustine will fill in.   You are going to have to use fertilizer, there is an organic manufacture I can get you name of,  if you don't care, use recommended.    You will have to spray for cinch, it's a fact of life with St. A, so if you are thinking you can go chem free it ain't gonna happen.   https://thrivingyard.com/st-augustine-vs-bermuda-grass/   Get a soil test kit and send of to A&M, they will give you recomendations for down the road.     
    • it could end up like this though ....  
    • Richie ... if he passes on that offer ... there is guy in New York named Newman -- he has experience dealing with these kinds of sticky situations. I'll warn you, they sometimes have unintended consequences.   
    • hi.  i have a set of kg4's that im going to replace the caps on, the values are 3.0 & 8.0.  the brand i planned to use dont have a 8.0, only 8.2.  my question is will the .2 difference be a problem since the ones i will use are 3-5% tolerance vs i assume 10%+ for stock ones & many other brands.  10% variance would allow them to be 8.8 on the high end & 7.2 on the low end in theory, & the 3% would keep them to a max of 8.5 & a much tighter tolerance overall.  based on the numbers the 3% 8.2 should be ok, correct?  any opinions are welcome.      
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