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    • I would be interested ------what is your location  are you close to NY  -------------What is the asking price ? do you have  pictures of the tags of the speakers  , these are usually found at the rear of the speakers and are there any scratches or dings on the speakers
    • I am getting ready to post subs separately; however, I am going to briefly try the whole 9 speaker system (including the authentic reproduction RSW-15s) for $1645 OBO. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
    • Well thank you, I am just a part of it all. Everyone there knows I am not a painter, I get it mostly on me and everything around me and sometimes where we want it. But I am getting better at touching up, I have alot of practice. It is exactly why I go to the museum in what I call pre painted clothes, we worked that day and I never changed, that shirt only has a little paint on it, for now.   It did need a refresh but mostly just cosmetic, clean, repair and repaint or refinish. But it overall is in good shape considering it is 100 years old this year.   To us that is the goal, PWK deserves a nice museum, to create a product which is a luxury item in a small town and keep the company growing for over 75 years makes a great story and says alot about the man who did it all.     .
    • I would advise on starting your own thread. Pictures, location, and asking price will help. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
    • My left speaker had a low level hiss and the subwoofer has the low hum mentioned.  The jack that came with speakers has lots of pops and hissing sound when I plug into my laptop.  Using an aux cable as suggested  seems to have resolved the left speaker hiss but not the subwoofer issue. Turning off subwoofer volume reduces but does not totally elminate the issue.  
    • Im interested in the Gaia to go with my Terminator 2.  What are “BNC clock cables”? Do most go single I2S cable from Gaia to Dac? I’m confused about the terminology. thanks, Ted
    • Thanks for your input, bmoran. I have zero experience with tubes so you're that much ahead of me. I hope you'll continue to post.
    • I purchased R-41M bookshelf speakers last June and theyve been working as great channel speakers but recently stopped. They have a very loud crackling/static noise with audio being inaudible. Im not sure what to do, I changed the wires so i figure its not a connection issue, theyre connected through banana plugs to my Sony STR DH790 and not sure if what the issue is. I sent the reciever to Sony and they told me everything works fine on their end, but find it doubtful both speakers blew at the same time without any catalyst.. Any guidance?
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