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    • Does anyone have the exact angle for the top and bottom?  I'm assuming that if the horn could be made including a top and bottom that would continue those angles it would be of some benefit and I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm still waiting for the drivers to arrive and spoke with the CEO this morning (he actually answered the phone) and explained that they are behind due to the volume of orders as well as the CES show and my order would ship by the end of the day today.  Just planning ahead so if anyone can chime in, great.
    • https://chicago.craigslist.org/nch/ele/d/lake-forest-custom-pro-built-klipsch/7054606285.html   What?
    • Is there a schematic for the AA mod in the post from JohnA quoted above?
    • Could be made by adults. While not wanting to justify the practice, we need to remember that the cost of living is often much lower in many other countries, i.e., the Philippines for example. My older son was working at a Seattle's Best resto in Manila. Over a 9 hour shift he made about $11.00. Quite unfortunately, that can put food on your table there.
    • Joe,    If you can locate the bias resistors to the Finals tubes, that go from the Final's tube's cathode tube socket pin, to ground, you can determine the bias from Ohm's Law. Voltage reading divided by the resistance in Ohms, is current drawn across the resistor, stated in Amperes.    I don't know what type of Finals tube you are using.  But you could go on line and download a tube data sheet which will show you, which pin on the 8 - pin octal socket is the Cathode , which may be designated on the data sheet as " K ".   From a general perspective, our listening experience with Dyna Mark 3 based amps ( Paoli 60Ms, etc. ) over the years was such, that we never kept them, longer term. YMMV.   If you,, or a trusted local friend has a very good DIY capability, I can suggest a few simple conservative mods, that keep the basic Curcio, etc circuit fully intact - yet will improve it ( better definition and dynamic contrasting ) , and parts cost, exclusive of shipping, is $12.00 to $21.00 for both amps.   Jeff Medwin
    • Thanks @Marvel Question remains is this what OP is talking about? Or some other magic sauce. Or is it a prank?
    • Yes.  But since your bass bin phase was taking off at 210 Hz (a bit too low for the K-402 with BMS 4592ND), it was better just to deal with the phase growth at that point and cross at 450 Hz, about at the same phase growth as the stock Khorn, but without the extra 360 degrees of phase growth due to time misalignment in the passive crossover Khorn bass bin (about 6' long) to midrange horn (about 28" long) :     Chris
    • Just got it and sent a reply
    • @CanadianAndy   Congratulations! I hope you are happier with the LG system.    Should your new system not be all you expected, please update this thread so readers do not mistakenly believe that it is an ideal replacement for the BAR 48.
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