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    • can  You post a Picture of the Klipsch B-2T so was can finally see what it looks iike
    • As long as the risers are closed, they should do no harm to the sound.     But if you think the HF section on your Scalas is too low, maybe you should get a nice reclining armchair or love seat, and get yourself down to squawker level.     I don't like reclining sofas, because the middle seat doesn't recline, due to the lack of a place to put the control lever.  However, there are some love seats that are just as wide as a sofa, and have two extra-wide cushions, instead of three regular-width ones.  Then you have full-width recline action (reclination?, which makes for a pleasantly large near-horizontal viewing area.  Some of the powered sofa-width love seats even have a separately-operated headrest section, which you can raise up so you don't fall asleep.
    • Replaced the Aiyima with the PA5 I got today. Was out picking up studio equipment I got from a friend who's moving to SC. Used my Pink Noise CD to set the gain to match the Aiyima (jiggling between 83.3 and 84.1 db). With no other adjustment I listened my usual test CD's on the Edgar Horn Titan II's with Seismic Sub (full horns all around). This amp seems to tilt everything to a different "room curve" favoring the BASS in a very strong fashion, whereas the Aiyima seemed to favor the high end with more ambience. But man Amp graps hold of the BASS and thumps your chest. I got a new DB meter and used it in A mode (not C) to do the gain adjustment. After female vocals, sax, guitar, and the drum solo on Take Five by Joe Morello on Dave Brubeck's classic, the kick drum transients were nothing short of amazing and I ended up reaching 111 db peaks with a Totally EFFORTLESS sound and total lack of strain and distortion. This is a keeper for sure! I'll do some enhanced listening on a different day since I'm tired from moving stuff up and down stairs and I fell on the ice twice. Unhurt, just sore muscles. Canadian born, I'm a former hockey player so ice doesn't bother me but moving heavy photo gear does! All for now. More later!
    • Although I didn't brave the weather, just for giggles I put my La Scalas on some dollies that I had laying about. They raised my speakers 5" off the floor (not 3" like the AL5 risers).   I didn't do a before/after test with REW and my UMIK-1 so that my observations are based solely on my hearing/perception. And ... I'll be the first to admit that my hearing likely isn't as discriminating as some others on the forum, so that my observations may not be entirely correct.   I may have been seduced by the novelty of the change, but I thought the speakers sounded better: I thought that the music sparkled a bit more. But, if there was an improvement in bass, it was pretty modest.   @Bubo may have explained why I thought the speakers sounded better.   I'll definitely be building risers for my La Scalas (and replacing the gaskets on the bass bins). Until then I'm going to leave them on the dollies.  
    • Well, that is if you haven't pressed the Post button yet.  It sometimes happens that you type something, and then wish you hadn't.  Since the minimum you can post is a period ("."), I've sometimes resorted to that, then pressed the button.  However, if, instead of pressing the Post button, you press the Back button on your browser, taking you to your previous page, that post you wish you hadn't typed up disappears.  Then, you can have another look at that discussion by pressing the Forward button on your browser, or go anywhere else instead.   This may be old news to many of you, but I just noticed it a few weeks ago, so I'm posting it here for any other Forum members who may be unaware of this.
    • I would like to hear your thoughts when you're finished. It sounds really interesting.
    • Did the company you ordered the PRV horns form not have the other PRV products?   The screw-on 2” adapters and the drivers?
    • PA subs are often not suitable for home/hi-fi use, because they don't reach into the lowest octave or two.  They're not intended for accurate sound reproduction in a quiet living room, they're designed to get everyone dancing/pogoing/swaying, etc.  The lack of extreme bottom end is intentional, because in live sound applications, with unpredictable audience numbers and locations in a club setting (some on the dance floor/mosh pit, some at the tables or bar), the lowest bass notes just muddy up the sound, rather than conveying pleasantly and accurately what the artist is doing.  Even if the subs in the concert system can go very low, the sound person will usually roll off the deepest bass, in order to keep the sound clean and clear.   Although I can't quote anyone right now, Forum members experienced in sound reinforcement (SR) have mentioned this here a few times.
    • It's a definite maybe.   Positive in that the hiss from the miniDSP has been banished.   Maybe in the subjective part. The sound is almost clinical now, not quite as warm as the NAD. Soundstage is maybe not quite as good. After a few days I'm getting used to it though. Solo piano is stunning. Badly recorded classical choral is really bad now.  The measurements are almost identical to those made with the NAD and any difference is down to slight movements of furnishings.   At this stage I won't go back to the NAD.
    • @Dave MacKay, if you’re ever headed up this way my door is open to you as well.   There is a pretty strong Canadian Contingent of the Klipsch Community and it seems to grow weekly.    I saw your photo beside your La Scalas and the THTLP you built, the excitement was palpable, lol.   Cheers!
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