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    • I Can't speak for that model but I have the Marantz SR 5011 and like you I bought it because it has pre out's over the previous one I had. Coming from a Pioneer Elite and before that a Yamaha I personally thought the Marantz and Pioneer sounded way better with my heritage speakers  than Yamaha I also thought the room calibration used with the Marantz and Pioneer seemed at least to me to make much more of a difference than on the Yamaha. I have been very happy with my Marantz and would definitely recommend the brand. 
    • I can't wait 24 hours, can you give us at least a hint?
    • I don't really think I would have that issue because my room is kinda on the small side as it is. Curious what you guys think. I found a pair locally from a guy he says they were manufactured in 1972 they have AK-3 crossovers and he says they are in cosmetically 9/10 condition and working flawlessly. He will not go below 3k I have tried for weeks and he wont budge. I haven't gone to check them out yet because they are like 2 hours away from me so if I go all the way down there I wanna go with cash in hand ready to buy. Do you guys think 3k is a good price if the condition and all that checks out? What do you guys think? Is 72 a good year, are the AK-3's a good crossover?    I have considered the fact that if I bought them and liked them I could most likely make at least half the money back selling the La Scala's I have so that's definitely a plus.  
    • I am relisting finally after having to settle some personal matters in the Northeast.  Original Owner selling these beautiful speakers.  Hardly used and in a closet for over (4) years because I have too many speakers.  Excellent condition but pictures will show a slight impression left on top by a vinyl cover I used to protect them.  Hardly visible!   Comes with Original Boxes, Packing and Instructions.   Prefer local pick-up in Palm Harbor, Florida but will ship at buyers expense.   Selling Price is:  $2,000. for the pair..................
    • Thanks to the information in this thread I bought some of these horns, even without an intended project. They are nice quality ABS plastic. I just connected one to the right channel and it sounds good.    
    • Ok - I'm making my final decision in the next 24 hours.  You'll either see a for sale at $1600 for all three or I will end this thread. 
    • Thanks HDBRbuilder for the info.   John, they look the same as they did in my 2005 post unfortunately.  And I guess they are pre 1962. Anyway to pin point the date?   I just want to get these setup and start listening to them. I'll get to improving the cosmetics hopefully soon. I'll also try to get some pictures posted once they are installed in my system.   Thanks for all the replies.   Regards,   Joe             HA!!   I haven't been on this site in so long looks like I posted pictures back when I got them, 2005. Can someone confirm the date? looks like they are 1962's? Here's the old post, I hope.    
    • Bump for an old thread. 2007 - 2009   Still like the picture, wish we could get the others.
    • Is there a pic of the paperweight?
    • Find a friend with a Silverado and swap the truck