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    • Bob in a Cadillac, that sounds about right. I guess I am in good company with Bob taking inspiration from automobiles for paint colors.     Have a look where the shadow and light meet, looks to me like orange peel. I don't have one right in front of me to inspect. It's a huge no-no with a car paint job to have orange peel but with an amplifier or anything else for that matter it gives it an almost textured look. I am not negatively putting the paint job down as like I said they may have intentionally painted it that way, I just can't make out if it is indeed is how it looks in pictures. I try and get my paint work on chassis smooth like a car but maybe a little texture isn't a bad idea. You can also see runs down at the bottom where the metal is folded over to meet the bottom cover.  
    • While I'm up there with that magnificent trio:      
    • Whooo Hoooooooo! Goto 1:57     Go for the throat `Canes!! *5 - 1  Hurricanes vs Bruins  end of the first
    • Doug's program is beating the bushes for new music to listen to ? I  find a lot of good stuff on movie sound tracks
    • That's kind of funny Bob Carver picked this color for his amps because it matched his car I believe a Cadillac? 
    • Get a Crimson 275 😜 I think they will be coming down in price on the secondary market real soon.
    • Good LP from a couple of studio musicians, easy stuff, got a good used copy long ago.    
    • Maybe it's just an illusion of the paint in pictures, lots of modern paint with metallic base coats have a lot of depth to them. I really like the color of these amps even though I am not a huge red fan. When I see cars with paint I really like I write down the paint code and have them make me up spray cans of it and I use them to paint chassis. I have two from BMW I really like together, a metallic blue and metallic white. I paint the end bells the white and chassis blue. I am a fan of the industrial green color Altec uses but I have heard several people say they hate it. I see the vast majority of gear is either black or silver which makes amps like the 275 stand out against them, the color just has a nice pop to it.   I don't know why more companies don't come up with nice color schemes for their equipment instead of the standard black or silver.
    • Success. Man these little pieces (probably 12 oz each) plumped up like fillet mignon! That backstrap is now my favorite cut. Almost forgot to snap a shot of this lean meal I had.  
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