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    • I purchased my KG4s in 1985 or 86. I was stationed at Rhein Main Air Force Base and we had a tech exchange on base that sold all the latest and greatest camera and hifi gear. They were cheaper than the Klipsch with nice wood finishes because they were painted black. I didn't care because I was a broke E2 Airman. As I mentioned in a previous post those speakers are all that I have left of the wonderful gear I collected over the 4 years I was stationed in Germany. Years later I stripped the black paint from the cabinets and discovered one walnut and one oak finish. So, they must have been painted to cover some sort of flaw in the finish. Or so I thought.    I had recently purchased a beat up Pioneer SX-580 and was thoroughly enjoying those speakers again. But Friday I noticed a small tic or vibrating noise from the left speaker below 70 MHz at higher volumes. Closer inspection clearly pointed to the lower 8 inch woofer and I started researching online here to learn more about what my options would be for replacing the driver. I pulled the driver from the cabinet and discovered that it flatlined on my voltmeter. So no continuity meant a dead voice coil which meant I had no repair options and I would have to replace it. Then I first noticed what you see in the pictures. It's not a k-8-k! It's the 4 ohm k-9-k. Jeez, I wonder how long it's been dead. Why didn't I notice anything amiss before now. Back in the crazy days I drove those speakers hard with a Yamaha M60/C60 combo. I'm so confused. Was this speaker always wrong? Maybe someone snuck over my house somewhere and swapped the 8K out? But if they were that brave I doubt they would've been nice enough to drop a different Klipsch driver in its place. If it was a mistake at the factory how long should a 4 ohm driver last in that setup? I went back and pulled the other 3 speakers but they all are marked correctly and read close to 8 ohms on the multimeter.    If anyone with more expertise, knowledge or stronger logic could offer some theories I would love to hear it! Anyone experience something similar? Anyone from Klipsch care to comment?    In the meantime I have to locate a proper Klipsch k-8-K
    • You will love them.  They are dead quiet and sound great .    Those are lower gain and perfect for Klipsch speakers .   Be sure to post your impressions.  They are built like a tank.   Enjoy!   
    • Last summer I ordered from Klipsch 2 sets of replacement pads (1 walnut/1 black) for my walnut HP-3's when I was got the feeling that Klipsch was discontinuing the HP-3's and wondering about availability of replacement parts.  When I finally was able to actually talk to someone to order them, I asked if they were discontinued and the rep said they weren't being made anymore, maybe they'd come out with a new model sometime in the future - not going to hold my breath on that.   Guess we should be glad they actually produced the HP-3 for sale.  The HP-1 and HP-2 they displayed at a couple of shows with the HP-3 never made it past that.  
    • I have no issue adjusting / checking bias.  I use the VHT bias meter when I check my amps bias.   Makes it super easy and safe.   Although I really do appreciate not having to do that with my Quicksilver headphone amp as it it self biasing .   
    • Looking forward to seeing the new consumer Jubilees.  They should be out soon.
    • Klipschorns or Jubilees may be the only upgrade.  I don’t even think Cornwalls can produce the same bass as the KLF-30.
    • Welcome , this is one of the better forums out there......   not just for all things Klipsch .    Good resource for general info , much friendlier place than Audiogon thats for sure.    
    • I think an active crossover/DSP unit would be a big draw for all Heritage. I don't see powered traditional Heritage speakers as being in demand for quite some time.
    • I think an active crossover/DSP unit would be a big draw for all Heritage. I don't see powered traditional Heritage speakers as being in demand for quite some time.
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