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  1. Congratulations. We wanna see the Klipsch room and setup!!!
  2. I think this would be a great idea! Especially since I’m a Jubilee newbie!
  3. We will leave very early Thursday am and can’t wait to see friends old and new! Drive safe everyone. 11 hrs each way for us! Prayers for everyone’s safety before during and after! Indyklipschfan.
  4. Meaning after a tight screwing in there was no ring! Good to know.
  5. could a second Crown D75A power the lower ends?
  6. If you're checking out the options let us know.. and new pricing too.
  7. You forgot to add, she will bring a good Pizza too!
  8. For Home Theater try the settings for all of your speakers at 80Hz. (I know just trust me). Also let the receiver set the sub cutoff again at 80Hz (don’t run the sub at 80 but put it as high as it goes. Again the sub will be cut off per the Marantz.). Do this. Live with it a few days and don’t change it. THEN get back to me. I think you will be blown away. Now for straight two channel, of course, run them full range. Trust me, then get back to the forum with your thoughts!
  9. I work in a call center "environment." I want and need these! Keep me from going to the dark side... w / B@$E Noise cancelling and a good fit... It's Klipsch, I am in! Please rush me a pair ASAP!!! I will write reviews and help others to lead a path to your door!
  10. I will say it before it arrives and he goes WOW!!!!! I WANT ONE NOW!!!!!!!
  11. Do not be afraid even to save yourself some major money and get some decent lamp cord at Home Depot for Speaker wire. I promise you, it will not kill you! Make both sides the same length. Have your "friends" come over with esoteric $2,000. cables and see if you can hear tell a difference..My guess is, you just might be surprised. And, you will have enough money to go our to dinner, buy some more stuff.. Buy stuff for your other half, and keep him/her happy too. OK, the "cable snobs" can pelt me now!!!!!
  12. That 510 horn would be real nice on a La Scala top for real!!
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