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  1. I'm looking for a clean pair of AA crossovers to upgrade. Thank you!
  2. I would like to change the topic of my garage listing to include the word sold. How do I modify it? Disregard....I figured it out. Now to see if I can delete this post.
  3. What specific caps would you use when replacing the original caps, whilst preserving the original sonic characteristics and perhaps improving the sound?
  4. Type AA crossovers upgraded by JEM Performance Audio. These are the only Klipsch authorized upgrades available for these crossovers. Just completed a couple weeks ago. $250 plus shipping.
  5. Can you please explain the difference in these two types of caps?
  6. I just got my JEM upgraded networks today. I kept my original '79 networks intact so I could compare the sound. I'll try them out tomorrow.
  7. Thank you for your reply. I think that's exactly what I'm going to do although I am not really disappointed in the La Scala's bottom end. While they don't go super low, the bass that they do have is very fast and accurate to my ears. I just need to figure out which sub will blend in with them the best. Any suggestions? Accurate music reproduction is my primary focus.
  8. Jefe

    1957 Khorns for sale

    If there another forum more appropriate for this post?
  9. Jefe

    1957 Khorns for sale

    The thing is, relative to how expensive new "audiophile" speakers are and how amazing old Heritage speakers sound in comparison to anything else on the market I think they should be worth a lot more money. Many would say I overpaid for my La Scala's but I just bought a pair of speakers I will probably own for the rest of my life.
  10. So beautiful....I wish I had corners for them. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/cph/eld/d/phoenix-klipsch-1957-klipschorns/7256435804.html
  11. I just removed the drivers from my La Scala's and they are very dusty. The previous owner had sandwiched some type of fabric in between the drivers and the cabinets and they trapped a ton of dust in the horns. Best way to clean them and any other advice would be appreciated.
  12. Does the sub filter out the low frequencies before sending the signal to the amp? And is there anyway to be able to adjust the volume of the amp and sub simultaneously?
  13. Is there any degradation of the signal to the amp when you go through the SVS first?
  14. It does have a sub out, but I think it only works if I use the onboard DAC. I'm using an external DAC.
  15. Looking to buy a non upgraded pair of AA crossovers.
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