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  1. Rb-75 for 2 Channel Music

    The internal connectors on many speakers (including Klipsch) aren't that secure. I had one come loose on an RF-7 woofer just from laying it on it's back. It's not a bad idea to open up your speakers once in a while and disconnect and reconnect the wires like you did. Probably strips off any potential oxidation and the like.
  2. What size sub

    How big is your room? How loud do you usually listen?
  3. Ummm.... http://www.klipsch.com/products/rc-64 http://www.klipsch.com/products/reference-center-speakers?model=rc-64-ii http://www.klipsch.com/products/rc-64-iii-center-channel-speaker
  4. Problem with RP-450CA (Help)

    I believe it is what's called a 2.5 way design. Not all the woofers handle the same frequencies. I guess if you sat close enough and paid attention you may be able to audibly hear that.
  5. Heresy w/SUB

    My dual SB-2000s impress me more and more every day. Between amazing output at the 20Hz range and detailed, musical bass they really complete the package.
  6. A Speaker That Klipsch Should Make

    From my experience in the speakers I've owned: 2 way: RF-25 RF-7 KG4 3 way: forte II Chorus I Quartet I prefer the sound of a two way speaker. The imaging and overall soundstage seem better.
  7. I hate that commercial. We watch streaming and that one plays every other commercial.
  8. Replacing Capacitors

    I think he's saying don't wait until they're old or leaking. You can upgrade even new crossovers with better components.
  9. Chorus ii - missing passive radiator magnet

    $90 is well worth it. Glad you found a great solution.
  10. Just to mention my user name has three Zs in it. Make sure you type it as wuzzzer not wuzzer if you want to ping me.
  11. You need space inside an enclosure for anything involving a cone type driver like a woofer. A horn loaded setup doesn't need cabinet volume, per se. The space needed depends on the driver used. Several parameters are in play to determine that.
  12. Is a PC12-NSD for $325 a no-brainer?

    The PC12-Plus is a great match to the sub you already have and an excellent price.
  13. Sell the Axioms and the 990 preamp. Use the funds to get a receiver or preamp. The 990 was great back in the day but doesn't have any modern features like lossless audio decoding, Atmos or even HDMI for that matter.
  14. Enough receiver for now?

    For RF-7 mains you'll want a stout amp that delivers at least 200 watts per channel and can handle low impedances well. RF-7s have a minimum 2.8 ohm impedance and that's what sucks the power from an average receiver. The Outlaw amp you're looking at should work very well. Amps don't necessarily ' age' like receivers do. Get a great amp and as surround technology changes and improves you can simply change your receiver or preamp and keep your main amp. Get a receiver or preamp that has the features you want and as long as it has at least preamp outputs for front main speakers you'll be set.
  15. The Klipsch pro series would work well if you had a bigger room. Looking at the dimensions you posted in another thread you want to stick with the Reference series. Thinner cabinets will work better in your case. Just be patient. 99% of the speakers I've had over the years have been from Craigslist or Facebook marketplace. Examples: forte II $275 Chorus I $50 RB-5 II $100 KG4 $100 SC-3 $50 Funny thing is the most I've ever spent for main speakers was $1,000 for used RF-7s about 10 years ago.