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  1. WTH is a voice coyle?? What's the story of those speakers? Tons of spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors on that tag.
  2. It was 54 degrees warmer today than last week. The sad thing is it was only two degrees above freezing today.
  3. Woofers are definitely not original. Check eBay or post a wanted to buy ad in here for the parts you need.
  4. One thing I always do when I buy old speakers is open them up and disconnect and reconnect each driver wire several times at the driver and at the crossover network. This will give a good connection and will help remove oxidation.
  5. How do you have them connected? Did you verify that the metal jumpers are connected correctly?
  6. That model typically sells for $75-125 for the pair.
  7. 20s usually go for $400-700 depending on condition. The KSW subs aren't really worth much on their own. If in excellent shape I'd list everything for $750 or best offer.
  8. When it comes to amplification, too much power is always better than too little.
  9. Temperature finally at 0 after being in the negatives the past few days. Got about 5 inches of snow Friday into Saturday then winds up to 50mph blowing it all around. Supposed to be 31 Wednesday. Might have to break the shorts out.
  10. It should be fine unless you have a huge room or are turning the volume up near its limits. What do you mean by the sound goes away? Do you lose all sound? Have you checked all speaker wires to make sure no wires are touching each other or any metal part of the receiver? Have you ran the Audyssey setup? Has it always been doing this?
  11. KLF-20, just like it says on the labels.
  12. How would I know that? I've never had an RC-7.
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