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  1. I'm feeling lazy tonight so I'll just post the link to my CL ad: https://stcloud.craigslist.org/ele/d/alexandria-klipsch-rs-7-surround/6935555742.html $300 for forum members. I do not want to ship these at this time so you'll have to pick them up in Alexandria MN. Otherwise I do go to Saint Cloud fairly often so any Twin Cities buyers can meet me there.
  2. I would do the forte II. You'll spend twice that for Heresy III and IMO it wouldn't be worth it at all.
  3. They were made in 1990. The woofer in the back is passive. It is a two-way design. Most KG4s sell from $150-300 depending on color, condition and the market in your area.
  4. I found this video when looking for a tutorial on soldering new caps in crossovers:
  5. After having the new caps in for a week I can say that I am pleased. One thing I notice is more detail at lower volumes. When I run test tones between the speakers they sound identical now. Before one always sounded a little quieter than the other. I could also hear a difference when cymbals and high-hats would pan back and forth on various songs. Just so happened that the quieter one was the one with the leaky and rusty caps. I guess for the first time doing anything like this on my own I'm pleased with the end results. Btw, this is the video I looked to for a soldering tutorial: As luck would have it, they're doing it to a pair of Heresy!
  6. ...you wake up at 5am with a stabbing pain in the middle of your back that's so bad it takes you about 15 minutes just to get out of bed. I guess turning the big 44 last month has me heading downhill.
  7. Still owning a SHO by chance?? I went from my 93 to a 97 then to an 11. Had the 11 tuned by Torrie @ Unleashed Tuning.
  8. This description of the Sonicaps is one of the reasons why I chose them:
  9. http://www.soniccraft.com/product_info.php/arizona-capacitors-blue-cactus-20uf-200vdc-p-5188
  10. Not drastically but there's a definite improvement. I did one speaker first then switched the balance between L and R while listening to some music, especially mono. The speaker with the new caps sounded louder and had slightly more detail all around. Looking forward to doing more listening soon. Is there any reason at all to save the old PIO caps? Does anyone want them?
  11. I ordered @BEC's network rebuild kit for my Heresy with Type E networks. The kit included four 2uf Sonicaps, four mounting blocks and four zip-ties. I also ordered two new midrange horn to driver gaskets. I've done basic soldering before but this was the first time I've done any on a crossover network. It wasn't very difficult at all. The old gaskets in the midranges were much stiffer and felt more brittle than the new ones. The Sonicaps replaced the old paper in oil caps that showed signs of leaking. I had consulted @Deang about what he recommend for caps but the ones he recommended were about four times the price of the Sonicaps. That was quite a bit more than I felt comfortable spending. Maybe if I were updating LaScalas, Khorns, etc. Everything is all buttoned up and I'm thoroughly enjoying some Dark Side of the Moon... ...and so are my neighbors.
  12. It would definitely be a nice upgrade and it is the center that matches the 8000s.
  13. What's the model # of your tv?
  14. Most tvs with RCA outs will have an option in the menu to toggle the audio out through them on and off. You want to turn that option to On and set the volume to Fixed, not Variable. Let us know if that helps.
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