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  1. wuzzzer

    Got my first biking shirt today - thoughts?

    Wind chill of -19 right now. I think I may have to wait a few months to get out. 😂
  2. wuzzzer

    Got my first biking shirt today - thoughts?

    eBay. Klipsch sponsored a race a few years back with Make-A-Wish and 24 Hours of Booty. Also has Klipsch Music Center, Energy and Jamo logos.
  3. Looks like I'll have to blow the dust off my bike and do some riding this year.
  4. wuzzzer

    The Grant Tour - Season 3 4K UHD

    I watched the new episode last night. Well, technically this morning starting at about 1am when I got home from work. Superb as always. Really looking forward to this season!
  5. I have it built into my receiver. I've never used it. Maybe I should.
  6. wuzzzer

    Center channel list?

    Like most things, if you line them up by price you'll line them up by "lowest" to "best". Do you have a pair of main speakers you'll be matching a center to?
  7. wuzzzer


  8. wuzzzer

    Crites CT125 Tweeters

    What do they fit in?
  9. We have one for a lamp that works really well. BTW @capo72, how's the CD player working out for you?
  10. wuzzzer

    Home Theater Advice

    Definitely go with the Reference Premiere line. Worth it for better sound and better appearance. Put most of your money in your front three speakers. You can always go with used surrounds from previous Reference generations to save some money. They don't have to be exactly matched to your fronts.
  11. wuzzzer

    New Reference Line Crossover Help

    It all depends on your room and how you like it to sound. Some raise the center speaker crossover a little above 80Hz so that voices don't have as boomy or throaty of a sound. You'll just have to experiment and go with what sounds best to you.
  12. Welcome! It is very easy to change to titanium. I have them in my Heresy II speakers also. I did not change anything in the crossover. I think they sound wonderful. Before you change them I would take out the midrange that has the distorted sound and put it in the other speaker. It could be something in the crossover causing the distorted sound and not the midrange itself. If you send a message to member BEC he should be able to help you with the filter information. Ciao!
  13. wuzzzer

    Heresy III’s on the way!

    Found my excellent condition Heresy IIs for $100 last year. Obviously couldn't pass that up. I changed the mids and tweets to titanium and am having the crossovers rebuilt at the end of next week. It would be interesting to do an A/B comparison with a set of IIIs.
  14. wuzzzer

    New to Home Theater | Placement Question

    I prefer them lower than that. I think 1 - 2 feet above your head while seated is recommended.