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  1. wuzzzer


    There are two answers to your question: Yes. No. Please give us more information. 🙂
  2. Hmm. Let's see. Original post was from 2013. The seller posted in 2014 that they sold it. You do the math.
  3. Wow, where did all that stuff about alcohol and getting vaccinated come from?? I never posted that. 🤔
  4. Mine turns off then back on as well. I just turn it off with its remote. ARC can be really buggy. I'd suggest connecting your TV's optical audio output to your soundbar.
  5. You'll get about 1.5 decibels more output. The speakers don't optimally require 150 watts. That's their maximum power handling. What don't you like about how they sound?
  6. I wouldn't pay more than $3-400. They're nice speakers but not so nice that NIB would command a huge premium.
  7. My woofers look just like that as well.
  8. Sold. Thanks @blair234me! Great to meet you and enjoy!
  9. I was 2 1/2 months old. 😊
  10. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/zz-top-bassist-dusty-hill-dead-obit-1203694/ 😥
  11. Post a wanted to buy in the Garage Sale section of the forum. 👍
  12. No. The tags will say right on them what they are.
  13. Thanks for confirming this 18 years later!
  14. It will affect the sound if it isn't fixed. I repaired a small tear in a Chorus woofer by covering the tear with tissue paper on each side and using rubber cement to paint over it. It didn't look pretty but it did the job.
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