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  1. Gone. Didn't think they'd last long.
  2. It was $1,699 in 1972. Confirmed recent eBay sales have ranged from $850 to $1700.
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/274789318429 No affiliation. Not too many pictures but looks like very good condition from the ones that are on there. [Edit] Seller also has Chorus IIs for $999 BIN.
  4. I know. Shipping costs would put them above what I'd want to pay for them. The local pickup price is very fair.
  5. Sorry about the passing of your grandfather. Glad to hear you are keeping and wanting to take good care of what you inherited! With the bluetooth connection, just to be on the safe side, I would turn the volume down all the way on your phone before you start listening, then gradually raise it to the volume level you want to listen at. As long as you're not hearing any distortion you won't be damaging anything.
  6. Currently using it as a 'soundbar' with our livingroom TV. My wife wants to change to a regular soundbar. I'll probably be going with a Bar 40. I bought it a couple years ago from Cory at Paducah Home Theater. It's walnut. I have the original box, power cord and a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cord. Both the bluetooth and aux inputs work great. Battery lasts for a long time even at high volumes. A preowned one sold yesterday on eBay for $125 plus $37.74 shipping. I'd sell mine for $150 shipped. Not 100% sure I'm selling yet, my wife is still debating. 😒 Just gauging interest. PM me with any questions. 👍
  7. wuzzzer

    For Sale Heresys

    Repost in the main Garage Sale section. The Alerts is for sales you're not affiliated with. 👍
  8. I always liked AudioSource gear. I had one of their graphic equalizers with a spectrum analyzer back in the day that I loved watching dance to the music.
  9. Most listings these days are free unless you do a featured ad, subtitle or other addons.
  10. Nothing, it didn't sell. You're only charged if an item actually sells.
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