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  1. 1. The center speaker is supposed to be localized, its main job is to center voices on the screen. The 450C is an amazing center and will match perfectly with your other speakers. 2. I would start by adjusting the output level and see if that helps. Also, go in the menu of your receiver and turn off anything labeled Late Night Mode, Dynamic Sound, etc. 3. You have an awesome receiver. Spend some time getting everything set up with it.
  2. https://www.amazon.com/Procol-Harum-Live-Union-Chapel/dp/B00025ETD2
  3. Neither of them have been on the forum for over three years.
  4. RCA doesn't work that way. It's a low level pre amp signal. There's no "wattage."
  5. Only thing I'd ever upgrade my 81 Heresys to would be Cornwalls or LaScalas and you better believe the soldered K-55Vs from the Heresys would come along for the ride.
  6. They sold for $2,650 with about 25 bids in the last couple minutes of the auction.
  7. Holy moly. That's some serious coin. Incredible how any of the sub $2k bikes just look so basic.
  8. Thus the reason why I drove about 200 miles round trip to get it.
  9. I was fortunate, at least I think so. My new bike originally sold for $1,600 about 15 years ago. I paid $250 for it.
  10. This has everything you'll need:
  11. Phantom=no center. I wouldn't bother with the KV-3. The only desirable KV center was the KV-4.
  12. RC-7 center RS-7 surrounds
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