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  1. wuzzzer

    Fs: Heresy II signature model

    Dang. I'd love a single as a center.
  2. wuzzzer

    behold, the Wraptor ;) (truck graphics write-up)

    Looking good my man! I'm finally Ford-less for the first time in 20 years! I guess we're a Jeep family now.
  3. wuzzzer

    Pair of Heresy II on Craigslist

    Unfinished ash would indicate Heresy III, if they are truly unfinished ash that is. Previous generations would be birch raw.
  4. wuzzzer

    Need Help with 7.1 setup

    Wide dispersion designs like the RS-42s are recommended as side surrounds over direct firing designs.
  5. wuzzzer

    Chorus II Too Big?

    Short answer, no. Long answer, I had Chorus Is, four 15" subwoofers, a pair of KG4s and a 70" tv in a room that same size.
  6. Guys, I asked for the thread to be deleted. It was going down a road I hadn't intended it to go. Let's just let it go, please. Thanks.
  7. wuzzzer

    What were Chorus cabinets made out of?

    I didn't mean to call anyone out, especially a forum member. Accurate info is always good though.
  8. wuzzzer

    What were Chorus cabinets made out of?

    This is why I ask... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F223453712666 Looks like they changed their description after I sent them a message. Originally the description emphatically stated that the entire speaker was plywood and there was no MDF to be found anywhere in its construction.
  9. wuzzzer

    Sub Connection Options

    You can use two y splitters. Connect them to the pre outs on your receiver. Then you'll have two cables to connect to your sub and two cables to connect to whatever your pre outs are currently connected to.
  10. No it wouldn't. The RP-8060fa has separate inputs for the tweeter and for the woofers in the main part of the speakers that are completely separate from the Atmos speaker inputs. Having said that, PK09 I don't think you have enough channels on your amp to connect everything the way it is so I wouldn't even go down the bi wire or bi amp road.