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  1. Please check where you posted this then repost in an appropriate section. 🙂
  2. I have never heard a Klipsch 2 way speaker that I prefer over a Klipsch 3 way speaker.
  3. GLWS. I know what you mean about not using them to their full potential. My THTs can push 120+dB and I think the loudest I've ever listened to them is around 100dB.
  4. Had some more listening time as I was mowing the lawn Thursday and they do a fantastic job of blocking out external noise even though they’re not active noise cancelling models. Listening to Atmos and spatial audio tracks with them is pretty cool. I don’t know if these are specifically designed for that but they sound great with everything I’ve thrown at them.
  5. Man, I can’t believe no one’s grabbed this yet. The best small center speaker for any Heritage setup.
  6. Awesome! I used a bunch to seal the backs of all 5 of my Heresys. That stuff works great!
  7. Yep. Do a search for “vertical Cornwalls” and you’ll see tons of posts about them.
  8. Haha. Looks like I’ll have to do more giveaways!
  9. Would you like a pair of metal Klipsch pro badges?
  10. Congrats on having the closest guess! My parents have been married 59 years, their 60th anniversary is coming up October 13th. PM me your address and I’ll get the amp out to you next week.
  11. Wide dispersion speakers aren’t recommended for an Atmos setup so between the two the RP-500SA would be the better choice.
  12. Heading to NW Wisconsin next month for a week of fishing with my brother. Used to go up that way every year but we haven't been in that area in about 10 years. Can't wait to go. The fishing is always fantastic.
  13. There have been some close guesses! If no one gets it exactly right I'll go with whoever is closest by 5pm central time tomorrow (Friday).
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