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  1. Leaving tomorrow. Let me know if I can be of help!
  2. Leaving tomorrow. Rental car is a Nissan Altima. So, not a ton of space but still may be able to help out.
  3. Rain. Rain rain rain rain rain! Enough already! Actually it's supposed to be in the upper 70s into the lower 80s and dry starting Saturday.
  4. I've read the past posts about doing this. Anyone try doing this recently? I love a very detailed midrange and am very happy with what the soldered lug drivers in my 1980 Heresys provide. But, always looking for ways to improve the sound. Can the screens be replaced if they're removed? I read that some have had difficulty removing them and have ruined the screens in the process. With the value and scarcity of the soldered lug drivers I don't want to do anything to them that isn't reversible or would decrease their value.
  5. Audyssey very commonly comes up with random crossover points. Just run it then change everything to 80Hz.
  6. I've never seen that model, something about it looks very odd. Does it have a panel anywhere with input level, crossover, etc settings? It has red and black inputs like it's a passive subwoofer and I don't know what that plug above it is for. Doesn't look like a power plug.
  7. The 504 is the new model, the 450 is the previous model. They'll mostly be used but some dealers may still have one laying around.
  8. Aw man why did I think you were closer to MN? They'd be mine in a heartbeat!
  9. Just posted in the Lounge: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/185994-pony-express-minnesota-to-upstate-new-york-and-back/
  10. In September my wife and I will be driving from west central Minnesota to upstate New York for a trip. We'll be traveling the I-94, I-90 and I-80 route. We're renting a full-size car (Ford Fusion or similar) for our trip. If it would help a forum member out, I might be able to transport an item that they would rather not ship. We won't have a ton of space, so something like an amp or small speakers like Heresys or smaller may work out. Send me a private message and I'll see if it is something that we can work out without disrupting our travel schedule too much.
  11. Awesome. Now, time to head to Google and search as I suggested above.
  12. Reminds me of my Gran Turismo days. After driving that track hundreds of times in a video game it would be awesome to experience it in real life.
  13. Just Google "Klipsch serial number decoder" and you'll find several websites that will provide you with that information and more.
  14. I'd suggest the 62 or 250C over the 25C. The larger centers such as the 504 and 404 can easily handle the weight of a TV set on top of them if that helps.
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