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  1. RP-280F crossover

    That's generally what's recommended. Never hurts to play around with the frequencies a little though and see what sounds best to your ears.
  2. Weight Capacity of the RP-450C

    You won't have any problems. Just put something under the tv so it doesn't scratch your speaker.
  3. Suggestion for HT Receiver

    Imo Onkyo to Denon would be a lateral move. Marantz would be an upgrade. Also as willand stated your room will have a bigger impact on sound than amplification will unless there's something wrong with your amplification.
  4. Listening to my XR-57 with some classic Elton John and everything sounds fantastic.
  5. Nope, throw it away. Bob says so on the installation instructions. Make sure to let us know your impressions! The Ti diaphragms I have made their journey from a pair of forte IIs, then a pair of Chorus, then KG-4s. Pretty awesome that they're so versatile and an amazing bang for the buck!
  6. My forte IIs were like that. I flipped the horn upside down and it fit flush. Looks like that's not a possibility on your Cornwalls though.
  7. Chrous III's....ANY chance at happening?

    Didn't the Chorus 'replace' the Cornwall? If so, highly unlikely.
  8. I'm still enjoying my SA-XR57 that I've had for several years. Finally got around to getting a dedicated CD player (a cheap Sony 5 disc changer at that) and have to say that the sound using KG-4s with titanium tweeters is pretty awesome. Really liking the Panasonic for HT use as well. Of course using the digital inputs in the Panasonic is a must and fortunately the model I have has two optical, two coaxial and one HDMI input. I've been enjoying listening to my favorite CDs all over again. Yes, I still listen to CDs!
  9. @ Members / Posters You Miss

    Well thanks! I'm back and will be around.
  10. If you're selling these yourself this is the wrong section of the forum. You'll want to post in the main For Sale area. Alerts is to tip people off when you find a good deal on something and want to pass it along to others.
  11. SOLD - Walnut Klipschorns in Mass

    Wow, anyone would be fortunate to end up with those!
  12. I did have Bob Crites build new crossovers for the forte IIs but that was before I changed the mids and tweets to titanium. I thought they sounded fantastic all together. Last I heard an RF speaker was the RF 7s I had a long time ago. Can't really write a valid comparison since the amplification and other components I was using was pretty sub-par and it was a while back.
  13. Yes! Haven't really done anything HT related for a couple years so I've been off the forum grid for a while. Doing a little downsizing.
  14. Heresy II, Cornwall II, Quartet, Forte, Forte II, Chorus, Chorus II, and KLF Series. It is the OEM diaphragm for the Heresy III and Cornwall III.