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  1. I think they'll be great, especially with your taller ceilings.
  2. Why? It doesn't cost anything to be a forum member.
  3. wuzzzer


    I've actually never seen that movie.
  4. The only in-ceiling speakers should be for Atmos so definitely don't go with #2.
  5. I did a screen capture and a Google lens search of the image and the only thing that came up were ads for the ProMedia. Good chance it's just an image made for the ad campaign.
  6. wuzzzer


    Everything I used was owned by the store I worked at.
  7. wuzzzer


    It's funny. I used to feel underdressed without a watch. Now it feels really odd to wear one.
  8. wuzzzer


    Most days I don't need to know. 😉
  9. wuzzzer


    What a turn my life has taken. I was the timepiece specialist at a Rolex jeweler for nearly 20 years. Went to tons of training, sold some of the most expensive ($100k+) Rolexes ever made. Absolutely loved learning about watches. Owned a Submariner, two Datejusts and a Date. New management comes along and gives me double the workload with no extra pay and assigns me tasks that take me off the sales floor but keep my sales goals the same. After about 6 months of that, sayonara. Took 6 months off of work, sold our house, moved an hour away to an area with tons of lakes. Sold all my Rolexes. Started a commercial/residential cleaning company. Almost 4 years later we now have 8 employees, almost 100 regular clients and I work 10-15 hours a week.
  10. The model is KG 5.2. Why do you want to sell them if they're some of the best you've heard?
  11. As long as all the drivers work, $350-500.
  12. My 80 and 81 pairs have the inputs at the bottom from the factory.
  13. I would leave dynamic bass off if you're using a subwoofer. Turn the crossover on the sub as high as it'll go so that the speakers provide the crossover point. If the sub sounds too boomy that way, try adjusting the sub's crossover between 80 and 120Hz.
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