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  1. wuzzzer

    Want to buy: Used Fortes near Minneapolis

    John, I saw a pair on the Mpls craigslist go for $100 last week!! 😨
  2. wuzzzer

    Just received The One

    Depends on your main speakers. The sound is great but in my opinion not the same as a speaker designed for that purpose. Plus, apparently it has an auto shutoff feature. If you're listening to it via the provided 3.5mm headphone input it turns itself off after 2 hours. I don't believe the Bluetooth input does that. That was the only negative thing I read about The One in reviews.
  3. wuzzzer

    Just received The One

    Went with the walnut finish. Thought it would look better in person than black (it does). It is slightly narrower than a Heresy and about half as deep. The sound output is awesome! I have it sitting on top of one of my Heresy IIs right now, kind of 'corner loaded' and the bass is amazing for the size! Grilling some steaks as we speak and will bring it out on our patio to enjoy some tunes outside. I could see this being a great alternative to a sound bar and many other similar applications. Of course I bought it from @MetropolisLakeOutfitters!
  4. wuzzzer

    Dual SVS SB-2000 review

    I listen to more music in 2.2 than I watch movies with my dual SB-2000s. They fill the bottom end extremely well. Very tight bass. I bump up my crossovers to 120Hz when I'm listening to music. That setting works perfect with my Heresy IIs that sit on 24" tall stands.
  5. wuzzzer

    Polarity of K-53 Titanium Mid Range Diaphragms

    I just used a small flat screwdriver and slowly opened up the positive connector until it fit. Forgot to mention that in my previous post.
  6. wuzzzer

    20% off Ebay today only

    I used the code and bought titanium midrange diaphragms for my Heresy IIs. Saved over $30! Bought them from Simply Speakers. Also bought titanium tweeter diaphragms from Bob Crites through eBay but, as mentioned, the code only was valid for a single purchase.
  7. wuzzzer

    Klipsch Gear

    They just redid everything. On the Facebook Klipsch Owners page Christy asked recently what items people wanted to see in the gear store.
  8. wuzzzer

    What model is this vintage klipsch speaker?

    Why do you think they are Klipsch?
  9. Yes, take the most passive approach to a problem you're genuinely concerned about: post on an internet discussion forum. There are direct emails and phone numbers that you can find easier than it was to join this forum.
  10. wuzzzer

    Lining the inside of Cornwall IIs

    Mine are exactly like that.
  11. wuzzzer

    Lining the inside of Cornwall IIs

    My 1990 Heresy IIs have some gray foam in them that looks to be about an inch and a half thick. I believe I've read that if you do add something like that it's only necessary to add it on three sides. Top or bottom, left or right and front or back.
  12. wuzzzer

    Are these original Heresy II woofers?

    For reference, my newly acquired Heresy II with an April 1990 build look like this:
  13. I bought four angled doorstops today and am tilting the Heresys up with them. They sound really good that way. Smoother sound all around.
  14. Just saw those online. They'd work but I don't like how they look at all. I'm going to try the doorstop idea first as a cheap start and see how they sound.
  15. I like that idea. I'm assuming the slanted risers are attached by screwing them to the speaker base? I wasn't too thrilled about drilling into the cabinets.