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  1. Lining the inside of Cornwall IIs

    Mine are exactly like that.
  2. Lining the inside of Cornwall IIs

    My 1990 Heresy IIs have some gray foam in them that looks to be about an inch and a half thick. I believe I've read that if you do add something like that it's only necessary to add it on three sides. Top or bottom, left or right and front or back.
  3. Are these original Heresy II woofers?

    For reference, my newly acquired Heresy II with an April 1990 build look like this:
  4. I bought four angled doorstops today and am tilting the Heresys up with them. They sound really good that way. Smoother sound all around.
  5. Just saw those online. They'd work but I don't like how they look at all. I'm going to try the doorstop idea first as a cheap start and see how they sound.
  6. I like that idea. I'm assuming the slanted risers are attached by screwing them to the speaker base? I wasn't too thrilled about drilling into the cabinets.
  7. I'm going to put them on the floor and find something to prop the fronts up with and see how that sounds. I know they'll sound different in our new place that has a much wider room, taller ceiling and more open floorplan.
  8. I'll be using my SVS SB-2000s. If I didn't have subs I'd definitely put them on slanted risers for the improved bass.
  9. Right now I have my Heresy IIs on stands that are about 26" tall. Moving to a new place and want to use those stands for my RS-7 surrounds. Should I just get another pair of stands for the Heresys or should I look into the factory style slanted risers like Bob Crites sells? I'll be sitting approximately 8 feet from the Heresys which will be spaced the same distance from each other. I want the sound to appear to come from in front of me, not below. That's my main hesitation with the slanted risers.
  10. Best place to check is to call Klipsch's parts department.
  11. RS-7 removing vinyl finish question

    Thanks all!
  12. My newly acquired black RS-7 speakers have the vinyl peeling in several places and some scratches on the tops. Has anyone ever completely removed the vinyl from speakers like this and then painted them? I would just do a basic black paint. They don't look terrible but my wife and I are moving to a new place that only has one living room so they'll be on 'display' more than they are currently.
  13. Pioneer Elite SC-LX501

    Great deal! Lots of receiver for the 💰.
  14. Now part of the family!

    Welcome! My best friend has KLF-30s and they are some sweet speakers. In my opinion the Crites' titanium diaphragms are a nice modification, especially in a two-way design like your KLF-10s.