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  1. I had a great experience with JEM Performance Audio for new, Klipsch authorized capacitors in my 1980/81 Heresys.
  2. Maple just popped up on Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/333904101723
  3. wuzzzer

    RB-75s on Ebay

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/333904101723 No affiliation
  4. EBay pretty much always has OEM woofers.
  5. I have most of the equipment for ice fishing but rarely go. I'd much rather be on the lake wearing shorts and floating in my boat.
  6. Bigtime. Here in Minnesota winters are way too long. I can't wait for the lakes to thaw so I can get my boat out.
  7. The OP hasn't visited the forum in over a year.
  8. I tried an Academy with my Heresys. I did not like the sound at all. While the Academy may be a great 'traditional' center speaker, nothing holds a candle to the Heresy center I'm now using with Heresy mains.
  9. You can get a pre amp with its own volume control for your turntable but the more devices you add in the signal chain you add more noise and distortion as well.
  10. It doesn't. Your sources have different output levels.
  11. Sorry, the way you phrased the question seemed like you were going to use two amps bridged to connect to two woofers and then connect the woofers to each other at the same time.
  12. If you're talking about using two amps to connect to both woofers at the same time, that's when kaboom happens.
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