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  1. Bob has three options: Buy the components and install them yourself. Send him your crossovers and he'll install new components. Have him build completely new crossovers.
  2. K5SS thanks for the clarification. The attached picture confirms what you're saying.
  3. wuzzzer

    Forte III single - $399

    Looks better than I could have done!
  4. wuzzzer

    Thoughts on using this receiver.

    My SC-LX501 is a refurb'd unit from accessories4less. I love it. The 901 is a massive upgrade over the 501 so it should work great.
  5. wuzzzer

    New HT speaker options

    I would change a couple things: Put the RP-250s as your sides. The RP-140SA are Atmos speakers that aren't designed to be use as actual surround speakers. Go with the RP-160m for rears. Side surrounds should be a wide dispersion design, rear surrounds should be a direct radiator design. Your RF-7IIs are massively more powerful than the R-10SW sub, even having two of them. At minimum I'd go with two R-112SW or two R-115SW subs.
  6. I don't know why Klipsch designed that series of Synergy speakers that way. I wouldn't do it myself, it wouldn't be stable enough. It would be better to put them elsewhere. Can you post a picture of your front stage so we can suggest the best placement?
  7. wuzzzer

    surround speaker's

    Those will work fine. Also consider the surround model (that ends in S) as surrounds. They will spread the sound around you better than the Monitor, or M, series will. Remember, for 5.1 you want side surrounds. 7.1 adds rear, or back, speakers. Welcome to the forum!
  8. wuzzzer

    My experience with Klipsch KLF20

    Unfortunately the KLF series has suffered from poorly sealed cabinets due to glue failing over time. There are several writeups regarding sealing the cabinets and the extremely positive results that people have had in doing so. The back panel especially is the most likely to fail. Any kind of cabinet issue like that will result in a lot of the lower bass output to be lost.
  9. You're one brave man if you refer to your wife as wide!! 😂
  10. Forte I and II both have rear passive radiators.
  11. wuzzzer

    Does anyone know shipping dimensions?

  12. wuzzzer

    Pretty oiled oak LaScalas

    Looks like the tag says BR.
  13. No such thing as an RC-7 III. You'll want an RC-64 III if you add a center.
  14. wuzzzer

    Subwoofer and Forte III?

    Yes. I've never tried the other ones but don't really have any reason to.