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  1. Do you live in a suitcase? What you have is already pretty small.
  2. The KG 2.x series was designed as the matching center. If you can't find one of those the 450/504 are excellent but will sound different than your 4.5s.
  3. Well, in the case with Rolex and many other brands they sell, the items are purchased from sources other than the actual brand. As a result no factory warranty is present. The brands have no control over it.
  4. Awesome! In the future, feel free to start your own thread. The General discussion or Two Channel sections will probably get more attention with posts like this.
  5. Are those the ones @Shaun K has now? If so, I saw them when I bought my Heresys from him. Didn't get a chance to listen to them but they sure looked nice.
  6. In that case I've heard of several people who were underwhelmed by the R-34 and returned it for one with larger woofers.
  7. I don't have much experience with tubes but if he already doesn't like tubes with horns I'm not sure that's going to change. Some people just don't like how horns sound.
  8. Will the RP-500C work? That would be a much better match than the two you listed. 502s=best choice for surrounds.
  9. I've had three of theirs and they all were fantastic.
  10. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/ele/d/mound-monster-vintage-horn-speakers/7149581962.html I think they look beautiful. Curious how they'd sound compared to Cornwalls. I've got tons of room for monster speakers in our new place so I'm thinking of upgrading from my Heresys.
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