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  1. You said you were using Apple Music so I assumed you were streaming audio from that app. If you’re using a PC, a USB DAC connected between the PC and whatever amp or receiver you decide on is the way to go.
  2. All this Young Frankenstein talk made me search for the movie on my Amazon Firestick the other day with no luck finding it. Then I remembered I had it on DVD so watched the whole thing. Hadn’t watched it in years. Lots of laughs in that one!
  3. The Alerts section is for notifying members of items you run across that you’re not affiliated with. If these are yours, repost in the main Garage Sale area along with pictures.
  4. Hate to be the first to say it but that RCA unit is very inadequate for your Khorns. Not in terms of power as a 3 watt amp will drive you out of the room with the sensitivity of your speakers. If you really want to do them justice, do a little browsing on the forum for recommended amplifiers. I wouldn’t worry about the dust, but I’d recommended unscrewing and tightening all the input/output screws that you can see. This will help give a much better signal path between all the components. If you want to use the RCA to just test it out, connect speaker wire to the RCA’s L and R outputs on the right side of the picture you posted them to the input connections of your speakers.
  5. If that receiver were in good working order it would power your 8000s with no sweat and have plenty of headroom to boot.
  6. It really depends on your needs. If you’re only going to listen to 2 channel music, a decent modern 2 channel amp is going to be a lot more expensive than a well cared for vintage one like the h/k that The Dude mentioned. As far as I know, Bluetooth won’t give you a lossless signal so if you want the best sound, a streaming device capable of high-res audio plus a DAC of your choice + an integrated receiver/amp is all you’ll need.
  7. Lots of stores didn’t care about matching them up when sold, especially raw unfinished models since they didn’t have veneer that matched up anyway.
  8. Because then the subwoofer handles frequencies below 80Hz which is what it is designed to do. 👍
  9. Yes, it’ll be fine. Don’t worry about trying to make them 8 ohms.
  10. The title says sold and the OP hasn’t been on the forum in over five years.
  11. I'd suggest reposting down in the Garage Sale section - you might get more views there.
  12. There’s several threads stickied in the forum with historical data such as this one: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/212916-klipsch-heritage-series-historical-reference-data-v4-–-27-january-2016-by-groomlakearea51-with-additional-information-from-the-historian/
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