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  1. Really, really good for how small they are. I used a set for a really long time at our office until I downsized to a The One.
  2. Post in the Garage Sale section for the best results.
  3. A third 5.2 would be the best center.
  4. There’s no use for a separate amp with The Sixes.
  5. If you want to tackle anything crossover related, contact JEM Performance Audio or forum member DeanG.
  6. I tried an Academy with my Heresys and hated it. No two-way design will ever match a three-way design.
  7. I can guarantee that no one on here is going to have that information.
  8. Don’t bridge the amp. Most amps don’t like lower impedance loads while bridged, plus their THD goes up.
  9. Welcome. There’s a sticky at the top of this page with that info.
  10. Trim or gain, same thing. Just wanted to make sure you weren’t in the positive for that. Try turning down the gains to -5dB for each channel and then see if you get the same distortion at higher volumes.
  11. What level do you have the output trim level of your speakers in the receiver’s menu?
  12. Depends on new or used. My best friend gifted me my Sony receiver that decodes 9.2 but has pre-outs for 2 of the 9 channels. I know he paid $500 or less.
  13. Two subwoofers are always better than one. Yes, you’ll need a receiver that can process 9 channels of amplification. Just realize that some 9 channel receivers only amplify 7 channels and you’ll need a separate amplifier for the remaining 2 channels.
  14. There was a Tangent model that was essentially a ported Heresy. I don’t remember the exact model number, though.
  15. You can use it with any device that has a 3.5mm “headphone” output.
  16. FA means there is an Atmos module built in the top. Not worth it in my opinion. The “ceiling bounce” does virtually nothing compared to a true Atmos setup with in-ceiling or height speakers. The Reference Premiere is a step up from Reference, but truthfully if you’re used to Bose anything from Klipsch will sound significantly better. I would budget $2,000 for all speakers and $500 for the receiver. It’s a great time to buy, Klipsch has some awesome sales going on right now.
  17. The CDT series will be timbre matched the best to your front speakers. If you do those, I’d recommend the R-5800 as your side surrounds.
  18. As long as you don’t hear distortion you’ll be fine. That said, I was never happy with how the 805 I used to have sounded for 2 channel. It’s definitely built for theater use.
  19. Equilateral triangle, speakers should be toed in aimed at you.
  20. I have a 5.2.2 setup. Atmos speakers in the ceiling. With movies the effects are significantly better than configuring it as a 7.2 setup. If your receiver is Atmos capable, just configure it that way. You can switch back and forth to see what you prefer if you want.
  21. Surrounds don't go in the ceiling, Atmos speakers do. You'll just need to configure your receiver to be a 5.1.2 setup with the .2 being in-ceiling or height, whichever your receiver will allow. The most popular in-ceiling speaker for this application is the CDT-5800.
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