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  1. The model is Icon XF-48. https://www.klipsch.com/products/xf-48-floorstanding-speaker
  2. Bigger room and/or to keep up with the RP towers.
  3. Best thing to do is look up the manual for that receiver and it'll walk you through everything.
  4. Sometimes you can find a single on eBay, craigslist, etc. Or you can buy a pair and sell the leftover speaker.
  5. More available power is always better than not enough.
  6. I had recently acquired an RC-7 center speaker with the plan to use it in place of the soundbar in our main floor living room that's primarily used by my wife. I knew it was a big speaker and I should have measured where it was going to go because after I got it I knew it wasn't going to work. So, I put it up for sale on Facebook and Craigslist. Got an email through Craigslist a few days later from a gentleman who said he'd buy it. He lives a little over an hour from me. He stopped by the next day and I had it set up and when he first saw it his eyes lit up and he had a huge smile. I had no point of reference as to his age but I was surprised to see he was probably in his 70s. We chatted a bit and he told me that he's always wanted a really nice Klipsch home theater. Then he said he's terminally ill and recently moved into a home his brother owns because he's letting him live there for free since he can't work. I was surprised how positive he was despite his situation. As we talked more he mentioned that he has a nephew who likes Klipsch as well and said "my nephew is going to end up with a really nice setup." It made me happy that through this hobby I was able to help the gentleman with his lifelong dream.
  7. I had them at just below 12 o'clock on the dial.
  8. I had dual SB-2000s with my Heresys and really liked the combo, especially for music.
  9. Did you not see this posted at the top of this section? https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/196239-please-read-before-posting-here/
  10. It's pretty common for labels to be torn, fall off, etc. There really wouldn't be any point of faking a speaker like that. I would make sure you can listen to them before you buy them. Also make sure the passive radiators in the back of the speakers aren't torn as they're difficult to find replacements for. I wouldn't hesitate from buying a pair just because they were missing the labels.
  11. If you constantly move or switch your stuff around, banana plugs are a convenience. Otherwise bare wire always provides the best signal transfer.
  12. It's also from over 2 years ago.
  13. If you're going to go with Atmos speakers your surrounds should be direct radiating like the 500M. If not, a wide dispersion design like the 402S is a good choice.
  14. Start a new thread, you'll get better results.
  15. There is an RP-8000F II also. The Reference Premiere (RP) is much better overall than the regular Reference (R) series.
  16. I use an APC power filter, got it used really cheap. I use it mainly as a power strip. I'd check to see if APC makes what you're looking for.
  17. Probably Technical/Modifications.
  18. It'll help if you post in one of the correct forum sections. This section is for reporting technical issues with the website.
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